Feb 18, 2017

Rosanna bag

Finished.  What should I have done different?  Used the dark green wool for the back instead of brown.  Why didn't I?  Good question.  No answer.
Made cording from the same 934 green in the border and blanket stitch.
Lined the front with muslin, stitched the top back of the wool with Alpaca.
Adorable, no?


These do not include the most recent 3800's, maybe a few.  I should have checked the higher numbers to give you an idea but it's already packed.   Each offer contains two bags as shown above.
Box #1

total of 246 various colors
many double and more brings total skeins to over 270
most are full skeins, some are used
scrappy scribbled note paper listing color numbers for reference

Shipping in Priority Mail Tyvek envelope for $12.00
No charge for the floss.
Email me if you are interested, let me know if Paypal or check

Box #2

total of 258 various colors
many double and more brings total skeins to over 270
most are full skeins, some are used
scrappy scribbled note paper listing color numbers for reference

Shipping in Priority Mail Tyvek envelope for $12.00
No charge for the floss.
Email me if you are interested, let me know if Paypal or check

Note - I would have to double check, but I think international shipping would be around $25.00 - but I can't guarantee that until the post office verifies my calculation.

Feb 17, 2017

An all day job

Floss.  I have a nice floss box, stuffed.  I have a bag of each color in a cupboard.  No longer do I want to keep these boxes of extras.  I will never use it all and am tired of storing it.  So I am emptying each envelope, some are full skeins, some are used, many are multiples, some colors are missing.  But I am sorting into two piles, putting in a bag, and will check shipping costs for them.  I hope this task doesn't take an entire day because my patience (unlike my behind) is very thin.
The Mr. Big Santa?  His fill is weighty to stand upright, over 7#.  The extra large box (higher cost) was over a pound not including the boxing fill.  Shipping to mid west was $45 and if the box was any larger it would jump to $63 from my zip code, so he is staying in PA.  The floss would fit in a regular sized box and I will check on those costs before determining their fate.

Feb 16, 2017

Pears winner

Oh my.  I can't tell you how it pained me to not be able to have a box for all of your friends and relatives experiencing difficult times.  I'm keeping the entries, just in case.  Seriously.  Through comments and also quite a few emails, I was asked to consider Patti and her mom (recently lost father and husband).  She must be a special person to have so many stitchers wanting this for her.  Patti's blog Winding Vine Wanderings is a delight and her faith is strong.  That faith worked for her (and her fans) because believe it or not, the number next to her name came up as the winner on Random.  So I hope this lovely lady and her mom enjoy their retreat and their boxes.  I want to thank everyone for the emails asking me to not stop the boxes, for entering this giveaway, and for all the kind comments.

On to stitching.
My first blanket stitch edge.  I watched several online videos for instructions on starting and ending this stitch, but none of them talked about threads.  I didn't know if floss, perle, wool, or what would be appropriate.  I went with DMC 3 strands.

The applique I see on sites is usually done with a contrasting thread, but with the dark brown backing and linen I wasn't sure if I would like that option.  How could I tell?  I didn't want to pull the thick threads out of the high count linen and leave a little hole so I had to know before I started.  Enter...Paint program!
It didn't look bad at all with the lighter thread, but I chose the dark green from the border because it outlined the pouch better.   Either would have worked and as usual, I'm questioning my decision.  Nah, it's good.  Good enough.  Good to go.  Good as gold.  As good as it could.
Snow snow snow here.  But this weekend and next week's beginning will be 50's, even 60!    Mark's finger will be well enough to golf and isn't causing him too much pain.
Enjoy your weekend!.
Thanks for visiting.


Happy day everyone. 
Started the 1739 sampler from R&R Reproductions and it's going to be great.  Very hard to make out details in the chart photo and I haven't found one photo of a finish online.  Guess mine will be the first.  The border looks blue but the charted color is green.  I've changed most to a shade or two darker.  Another one from my collection of their series of samplers from decades ago.  This one, from 1995. 
It's really primitive, uneven letters, a different alphabet style, simple but various stitches.  I did the outline first to help me line up the rows and also see the finished size.  Another possible pouch, it is less than 5 1/2" wide on this 35 count beige.  Yep.  Beige.  I never use lighter linen but this is a khaki sort of beige and for once, I pictured the piece on a lighter ground.  That's very unusual for me and I'm happy with it already.  The lighter threads would be easy to work on a dark ground but I just don't think it would do this wonky design justice.  Never did I imagine I would work on a higher count like this either but I am starting to really enjoy it.  The chart is 100 stitches wide so ÷ by 17.5 for 35 count it equals 5.71 yet after stitching, it is only 5.38.  I guess I'll find out soon enough if I counted wrong.
Spent the afternoon yesterday in Urgent Care because Mark was cutting drywall with the box cutter blade and ....         He opted for glue instead of stitches since he plans on golfing this weekend.  50's.  Yahoo.  Met his friend's wife there with her dad, and she is miserable.  She needs a hip replacement (two actually) but her ACA insurance rate rose to over $1000 a month and her deductible is $7000.  That's like another $583 per month.  She has to work to afford the monthly bill but can barely walk.  She just can't afford to have the surgery.  Remember my financially independent friend that paid only $100 a month with NO deductible by limiting her investment income?  She got a check in December for $640 from the insurance company for not spending too much on health care! 
Be back for the giveaway.

Feb 14, 2017

Pear share giveaway

Happy Valentine's Day!
For this final box giveaway, you will receive two boxes.  One for you, one for you to share.  You can offer it on your blog, or gift a friend, and please state in your entry who that will be.
The boxes are small, approximate 3 3/4" x  5" oval, 2 1/2" tall, painted dark brown outside, sealed mache inside.
Please leave your entry in the comments or email me directly if you cannot.  I've never restricted the giveaways before, but with the new international rates, I am sorry to say this is for USA only.
Starts today and ends Thursday at 7pm EST.


Feb 13, 2017

Mr. Big

What I found at my brother's.
Cinnamon Stick Christmas IX from 1994.
19" tall and 14" wide, embellished.
The size + base/fill would cost $20 to ship.  Any suggestions on pricing?
if all goes well with finishing and waxing, I will be posting the final box giveaway, with a catch.  If it doesn't go well, I'll buy Smith's hotdogs for the bonfire. Details tomorrow.

Feb 12, 2017

Sack it to me

Greetings stitch buds.  Hope all is well.
I must drive you crazy with these ponies, because that is the way they affect me.  First it was a bag, then a frame, then a pillow, then a box, and now back to sack.  Why?  The box lid was perfect.  Reason #1, Hobby Lobby did not have the round box I needed and it's not carried elsewhere except in a five box set (neither did they have the hearts). Reason #2, where the heck would I put such a large box?  It would take up a lot of space on an end table, bench, anywhere and I am trying to minimize clutter.  So I've decided to go with the bag since it can be hung on a door (how many times have I told you how I love those iron hooks on them?), window trim, cupboard, anywhere.  The problem is, how do I make it? 
I did my Sampler Sack (a large flop but I do thank the eleven people that purchased it) but the ponies are different.  Not really primitive, not sure of strap material, a little too large.  But I'll give it a go because these poor horses have been thrown around for a few years and they need to show themselves proudly.  Finding a cotton print backing that is suitable in color would be a PITA but I remembered the boxes of wool in the closet.  Couldn't believe it.  Look at this match!
But brown wool is still an option and provides more choices for the strap (leaning toward brown leather).  My inept finishing will make the determination - sack or pillow. 
Now for little Rosanna.  Definitely a sack.  I absolutely love this 35/36 count Mink from R&R.  Stiff enough to hold its own.  I may use a light fusible or just muslin lining.  Either way, I am going to attempt my first finish using a blanket stitch or something similar to attach linen to a wool back.  I have my Crazy Quilt Stitches book and others for reference.  To test how stable the sack would hang, I just pinned to the wool back and a thin leather strap, it passed the test.  Between the thick wool and the stiffer linen, no help required.  This is the felted wool piece that comes in a roll at Hobby Lobby, Michael's, most craft stores.

I think this will be a great finish for
her, my concern is for the ponies.  If this doesn't work, they may live forever in a drawer.
Have a good one!
Thanks for visiting.

Feb 11, 2017

The absolute last one

Yep.  All I have left are a few large sets and if the off again on again fricking printer works for more than 15 minutes, and I find all the lost files from the beginning, I may be getting rid of those also. 
But for the last one, I found a label completely forgotten.  It's from the Nash bag I donated to The Attic for their auction.  I hope they got a decent price and it made the new owner happy.
I am not any worse which is great.  Even went out to search for heart boxes.  I failed at finding them but that's not the point.
Also stopped at my local mall that is closing Sears and Macy's, the two largest stores.  Lots of people in Sears for the clearance.  Their merchandise is not bad, especially for kids and juniors.  But what young fashionista wants to say her outfit is from Sears?  They should have kept the tools as Sears and changed the name to The Market for everything else and KMart for the super store.  AND offered the discounts and coupons that other chains do.  Heck, I can't even find the Magic Extra Crisp sizing around here and now we are losing those two stores.
We finally purchased a new mattress and after putting it all together, it's counter height.  If Mark is tying up the kitchen space I could always chop onions on it. They are coming tomorrow to exchange the standard 9" foundation for the 4".  I could get used to jumping up on the bed but Mark doesn't like it.  When I had to switch to the expensive hotel at the Clinic, I literally sunk into a cloud on that bed.  I'm sure it's the $6000 model and I will not pay that.  How the heck do you cover the new monster  sized mattress with a comforter?  They are full/queen which ticks me off, no queen pillowcases with sets, so I may just get a king size and have it hang.  Better too long than too short. 
Hope your weekend is going well. 
Thanks for stopping by.

Feb 10, 2017


Sheepish Designs Rosanna Pinkham
with a few minor errors that turned into chart changes
on 35 count R&R Mink
that doesn't photograph well when you have a crap camera and no fancy phone.
My lungs are on fire, the cough is developing, a large cyst showed up on my palate, and I think I will be down for a while.  Hopefully that won't be the case and it will pass quickly but I think it's the same bug my sister had.
Received the Aztec Red gingham and it is a soft red, slightly lighter than the solid Aztec. It is a very nice fabric but not sure I want it.  Typical for me isn't it? 
Have a great weekend everyone.
Thanks for visiting.

Feb 9, 2017

A bright spot

on a snowy day.
Regarding the limp linen issue, Paula was kind enough to email with a product she uses and I found it online.  Magic Extra Crisp Sizing Fabric Finish. I will be looking for it locally but until then tried the Magic I had in the cupboard. 
Mom always wanted her doilies and dresser scarves starched so I've got three old cans from various companies.  I followed the directions to allow the spray to enter the fabric by running my hand over the sprayed linen to make sure it penetrated. 
Here's the difference in WDW 32 count Tin Roof.  One sprayed, one not.  This was sprayed twice and you can see the extra body just by the way it lays.  But I will still get what Paula recommended and try the sizing, different from starch.  Definitely made the linen stiffer, the weave more stable.  But what about creasing while stitching in hand or a hoop's mark?   Doesn't starched fabric wrinkle easily and stay that way?  This could be one solution to limp linen, will let you know the result of using the sizing.  There's still hope for all my small pieces of WDW gorgeous colors.

While I was putting away recent purchases I happened to see my ginghams in 28 and compared to the 32 Tin Roof (both WDW), they not only look the same count, but the 32 looks looser.  I guess this is why it's so difficult trying to determine count in unmarked stash.  I would have had these two reversed. 
Hope you're having a good day.  Thanks for the box purchases.  I may try to get a few more hearts this weekend. 
Thanks for visiting.


Feb 8, 2017

Sale on

Click the For SALE tab under the header photo. 

He's not a bell

but I gave him a few.  I don't know if you would want to be bored to tears viewing photos of how the Santa bell almost came to be.  Really, it would be quite easy to fabricate, but I really didn't want to bother.  I still prefer simple and for that reason, as I look at the completed piece before me, Santa will be bell-less when I finish this post.  I'm sorry sir, but I must rip your bells off.
I used a thin strip of green wool for the strap and also for each bell.  I love this color and can't remember where I got it, goes very nicely with his tree. 
A reminder also about the sale this evening at 8pm.  Not much, but I'm hoping to sell off these last few.  I must say, the red heart boxes ..... really nice.  They are almost 8" across so a good size.  After purchasing the fricking ink, the magenta print head clogged, and I wasted much time and $$ on trying to hold on to the best printer I've had.  So I doubt there will be any more heart boxes.

The internet has been off and on today so if I am late with the sale, I can blame it on that.
And to Mary Margaret, you are no-reply ... so I can't!  I believe those ornaments call for 9"x9" squares and the seller on EBay has it cut 9" x 17" so you could get two ornaments from one piece.  I got a double piece because I couldn't find it elsewhere. Whoops.  I just checked and she has sold out of the red.  You could probably order from Needlecraft Corner or request it through 123Stitch. All the info as to size and threads and buttons and such can be found on their site by clicking http://handsondesign.biz/12-days-hands-on-style/
Since this gingham appears very subtle, I'm sure using the solid Aztec Red from WDW would be just as nice.  And no, I'm not stitching them.  I am a linen hoarder and just wanted it! 
Later gator.

Feb 6, 2017

More checks

Greetings folks.  February.  Won't be long until we start seeing flowers at the garden centers.
I happened to spot something by accident today and it led to Hands on Designs' website.  You're probably already familiar with the new series of ornaments she featured this past December called 12 Days.  (The photo is from the website).  The linen is Aztec Red gingham from WeeksDW.  How did I miss this?  So I searched and searched, found some on Ebay and ordered a piece. 
Then I got confused.  After searching for more info, I saw the supplies on Needlecraft Corner and their linen states 32 count.  ???  I always thought the Weeks gingham was only 28 count.  Too late, already ordered.  I would have preferred the 32, if it's available.  EDIT-their error, it's 28.
You can read more about this series here http://handsondesign.biz/12-days-hands-on-style/.

While ordering the gingham, I tried to remember the difference between Zweigart and Wichelt so I don't order a linen that I am unhappy with.  Again.  I always thought Zweigart was mentioned as a coarse/stiff linen, but read that it is soft.  Wichelt has more sizing and stiffness.  But.  Although stiffer, the threads are thinner and the linen more sheer.  Zweigart is softer but the threads are thicker, less sheer.  So what the hell?  I can't get thick and stiff in one?  My unbleached yardage is thick, and stiff, and coarse, so maybe the natural/raw fabric has those qualities but not those that are bleached and dyed.  I don't know.  The last piece I purchased is a fabulous color from Wichelt, but it's soft, slippery, and shiny.  I hate shiny linen.  So if I rinse it, will the sizing be removed taking the sheen with it?  Probably be even more soft and limp after.  I give up.  Since I bought quite a bit of WDW recently, I will be using it for smalls.  It's too soft for me but it has a matte finish which is a plus.  Has anyone tried a spray starch on it?  I have an old can and it didn't work very well, maybe there is a brand or product that will add body?
That's all I got.  Confusion.  Nothing new.
Have a good day.


These are the last boxes, unless I find more when I clean out the other closet.  Offered this Wednesday at 8pm EST on the SALE page.
One of each.
Bugle Boy is 7", the tall rounds are 5", green sampler is on tall 4"x6" oval, little primitive is 4".
 Heart is 8"x8" on red.  May have two more soon.

 Will post a reminder before the sale.  No pre-sales.

Feb 5, 2017

Holding my breath

I think the old printer is working again.  Why?  I have no idea because I check every week and the black ink would not release.  Today - it happened.  This is the one that prints so much better than any other I have tried, including my new one.  I am still done with boxes but have journals to work on so I will spend the $125 for ink and hold my breath.
 Still need a camera.  Look how horrible these photos have become.
My cousin from MN is coming to stay for a week at about the same time my brother is getting his pacemaker.  He's a nervous wreck because his ferals each have their own space in his garage, porch, and house, none of which allow me near.  They are always secured at night and I think the only option is for him to lock them in the garage with their litter and food.  The only way to enter is through the overhead doors and they will bolt for sure if I lift them.
I had to remove the center area of Rosanna because of that one stitch over error which I failed to remember.  I'll show you what happened with the bell finish (not!) next time.  It would work, but I didn't want to bother.  Lazy daisy, that's me.  Mom wanted to name me Daisy, then Susan, settled on Marlene, and then called me Flossy.  My sister called me Morticia because of my long wild hair.  My brother called me Weed because I grew so tall.  Polish grandparents, Malinka.
Have a great start to another week already.  Geez. 
Thanks for visiting.

Feb 3, 2017

Kielbasa and butt bouncing

I had a few requests for the Kielbasa stew recipe which is listed on the recipe blog.
When I went there to see if it was listed, I spotted the Peaches and Cream.  Oh no.  Haven't made that in a while and hoping I can forget about it.  I really would like to give up sugar.  Seems to cause my heart rate to increase and I feel odd.  But I still have elderberries in the freezer for pie!  And six bricks of cream cheese for cheesecake!  And that fabulous fabulous chocolate zucchini bread in the freezer!  I failed to add that one to the blog page and will do that soon.  Can be found here.

And this may be silly, but I love it.  I can't help but bounce my butt and smile when I see it.
After all the hatred and disrespect for others online from the self-righteous, I have decided to stop following a lot of people.  This little ditty is a fun, goofy, innocent change. 

Have a nice weekend.

The final few

Greetings stitching buds.  I've been working on the final order for boxes.  These two little 4" rounds are really distressed, something I was always afraid to do when offering for sale.  I love them! The order was for larger boxes but I found these few smalls in the cupboard so I worked on them.  Really want to get the journals ready soon.

Rosanna needs the large center vase and flowers to be completed, hope to do that Sunday.
Have a good one!

Feb 1, 2017

Another little thing...

solved!   Right angles, sharp corners, inside edges, always a hassle to clean.  The letter openers, cuticle sticks, skewers, and anything else I used inside of a rag to reach those spots would usually poke through.  And then I found this.
This is a denture brush from the dollar store.  Who would have thought?  Stiff bristles that are perfect for corners.  My soapstone sink inside corners and bottom edge have never been easy to clean, including where the backsplash meets the countertop.
I bought five.  Best little brush ever!
Major error on Rosanna, but luckily the other side has a empty stitch spot that can accommodate the design moving over one.  Whew.  Good thing I continued with the outside border or I would not have found it until it was too late to correct.
February!  Soon it will be spring.
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