Dec 30, 2012

BOAF Gold Santa

Greetings!  I had quite a few emails about obtaining the Gold Santa chart - this guy - and I wanted to post that there is a listing on EBay for 6 of them.  Please excuse the blatant URL show ~ I have a cold and pounding head so I don't feel like doing the HTML.  Several have come up recently and most sold for around $10.  This is a Buy it Now (6 available - 1 sold) for $14.99 but she is accepting offers too.
 I finished Sophia but haven't uploaded the photo yet so I will show you what I found at the antique mall instead.  It's a vegetable slicer.
The label on the back is the Home Vegetable Slicer Pat. Feb 22, 1898.
Neat huh?
 Homespun Samplar is having a 20% off chart sale so naturally I loaded up on R&R Reproductions' fabulous marking samplers for dirt cheap.  I bought a dozen!  Most of them must have been the last one since I don't see many of them still listed.  I have another very primitive R & R to start - Susannah French - until I decide on a larger piece.  Sophia is hanging on the side of my cupboard with Mary Oldfield.  Today anyway.
And of course, I have to mention the snow.   You can see the trails in the yard.  They're paths made with the snow blower so the cats can run around since the snow is too high for them.  They chase each other like it's a race track.  You can also see their condos.  And what's left of the buried wheelbarrow and greens.
That's all I have.  Just wanted to let you know about Gold Santa.  My head is pounding on my teeth and I may get snarky if I continue.
We wouldn't want that.  I got a shorter hair cut and once again my wild wire looks like a poisonous mushroom.  Making snarky faces right now just adds to the look.

 STAY SAFE - Best wishes for 2013.

Dec 29, 2012

Sampler Pear V

Happy New Year!

Hello to everyone.  I decided to post January's pear a few days early.  I think the verse is appropriate for starting a new year.  Instead of using mylar in this one, I chose a heavy weight fusible interfacing which also worked well to hold the shape. 
Hope you like it!
Wishing you all a happy and healthy New Year.


Thank you for visiting ~ enjoy your weekend and stay safe.

Dec 27, 2012

Mosey 'n Me designs

Well, just like a wedding, all that preparation, excitement, and work is over in a day.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!  We've been hit with that winter storm and ended up with  8-10" of white crap.  Between that and cookie hips, my mood has been bad at times, and the parents and families in CT are still on my mind. 

True to form, I decided on Christmas Eve to change the decorations and move the trees. 

I thought I would show you two completed Mosey 'n Me Christmas designs.

I visited their site this morning and found a few more Santas that I may order. This is one - isn't he a riot?  I love to have an odd guy mixed in with the traditionals.  There are a few more that I like and may order this week.

I just added this Mosey 'n Me  from Cricket-Bug-Corner.  Isn't he sweet?  I saw him on her blog right after I posted so I snagged him from her site before I pin to Pinterest.

Still working on Sophia and will have her done this weekend.  Very easy sampler to stitch if you like primitive style and want a simple design.

I'm trying to draw plans for a floss box today and hope to be working on it this weekend.  Not as easy as I thought it would be since the top will be too heavy to open without causing the bottom to tip.  Uh-oh.  I just came up with an idea.  Usually happens this way when I'm posting so jotting it down now would be a good idea before I forget.  I'll show you Sophia Waters later.
Have a great week's end and I'll talk to you soon!  Stay safe.

Thanks for visiting!

Dec 23, 2012

'Twas the night before Christmas

'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house,
not a person was ready, except for the mouse.

The stockings weren't hung by the chimney with care,
they were still in the laundry at the bottom of the stair.

The cookies are burned, the cards were never sent,
being this far behind was never my intent.

The trees were ready for ornaments and lights,
but I put off decorating for yet another night.

More time has been spent running to open the sash,
for cold air to come in and relieve my hot flash.

So if you don't get a gift, a treat, or a card,
it's not a personal matter - don't take it too hard.

The old fart is now nestled all snug in her bed,
She drank too much nog and it went to her head.

So she's packing it in and saying good night,
May your Christmas be merry and New Year be bright.

Dec 22, 2012

A Christmas chart for you

To all of you, I wish you a very Merry Christmas, a healthy and happy New Year. 
 Thank you for your friendship, encouragement, knowledge, and inspiration.

Dec 21, 2012


Hi everybody.  When I was finishing the wreath and looking through the old sewing basket, I came across the Gajit made by Pelouze from many years ago.  Completely forgot about this little tool and so glad I rediscovered it.  When measuring each side to center a finish for seaming or framing, I would try to remember - 3 little lines over from the 2" mark  ~ or whatever! 
This makes it so easy.  Just line up the point, and move the slider's point to set your distance.  Bam.  Easy!  Yes I know.  You've been using this or something similar and I'm running a mile behind in the dark.
This particular gauge isn't made any longer but JoAnn's has the Dritz version.  I was looking for safety pins and saw these on the notions wall.  How could I have missed them before?  $2.  Of course I bought two because I guarantee one will be lost.  I'll probably get a few more to keep with projects.  A simple tool to save time and make it so much easier to center or check spacing without having to remember those pesky little fraction lines.  
I'm still deciding on the next sampler and working on Sophia Waters (R&R Reproductions) until then. 

 She doesn't look like much on the chart, but I pictured it on dark coarse linen.  The very primitive style and multitude of errors will make a nice piece to hang from tacks with no frame. 

Page two of the instructions are missing which would have explained the chart notations, but I'm following the best I can and that's good enough.   
I chose 3031 and 3787 as the two colors on 28 count.  I have one 3787 that is very gray and the other is very brown; I chose the gray.  Here's Sophia's biography from the chart.  Sounds like she was a handful!
I hope everyone is well and will enjoy the holidays.  I used to love the store crowds along with the hustle and bustle.  How things change.  Now - I want to ram some folks with my buggy.  Ah.  Menopause.
Can't trust it.
Stay safe, hug hard, forgive most, and have a joyous and wonderful Christmas.

Dec 19, 2012

A gift for you and for me

Greetings to everyone.  I wanted to show you two very special and unexpected gifts that I recently received from blogger buds.  First up is this wonderful ornament with fabulous linen and backing fabric from the generous Shirlee, aka The Easily Influenced Stitcher.  This is my second ornament from her big heart! 
Thank you so much my friend, he is perched on my kitchen wreath where I see him throughout the day. 

Second is this beautifully made mug from Chris of Tot Hill Farm Stitches.  It's from New Salem Pottery and has such beautiful colors.  Thank you so much Chris!  How blessed I am to be the recipient of other stitchers' thoughtfulness. 

And now for your gift - Nicole May was the winner of the gift certificate.  A few emails were duplicates which is why the total entries were 158.  WOW!  Thanks to everyone who entered.  I started putting names into the scrambler earlier today and added any others that came in, so they were ready to be randomized at 8.

I will email you Nicole for your preference of shop.  Hope you find some goodies for yourself!

  To answer a few emails about mylar...  it should be easily found in the craft stores or fabric stores where they hang the wall stencils.  It's inexpensive and comes in several sizes.  I also found it packaged from many online shops, one is   It's also called acetate sheets, stencil blanks, or vinyl sheets. The flexible cutting mats that aren't too thick can be used too.  I've seen them at Wal-Mart and most stores that carry kitchen gadgets. 
And the fringe.  Yep.  Susan was right!  I watched a video on Turkey work and it sure appears to be the ticket.  My pillow is done on both front and back so I don't know how that would work out but I will give it a try.  Since I've been playing with it, I love the look.  If you'd like to see it done, here is the link to the video, just scroll down and click to start. 
I've been going through a hoard of samplers to choose a new start and as usual, can't make a decision.  A ratty looking primitive is my choice while I decide and I will show it next time, along with an old gadget that I rediscovered (well....found after several years) that is invaluable for finishing.
That's all I have!
Hope everyone is well.  Be back in a few days.  Or sooner.  Depends.  Moods 'ya know.
Stay safe!

Dec 18, 2012


Good morning.  Along with many others, I'm having a difficult time dealing with the recent tragedy.  Seeing the children's pictures last night was just...........  I had been in a good mood for some time and usually the hormonal aftercrash is somber and it came about the same time as the event.  I don't know if any other menopausal maniacs as myself, tend to fixate during these mood swings but it seems I am.  So last night, after seeing those sweet faces, I made a chart.  I don't know why.  Maybe since stitching is therapeutic, I thought it would help.  I may stitch this today, make it into a little pillow, and put it away in a safe place.  I can't help these families, but stitching a remembrance for their children and keeping it near, is the only thing I can do. 
Drawing is tomorrow - hope I don't forget.

Dec 16, 2012

Mary Beale wreath

Hi.  Sadness seems to be the only emotion I'm capable of right now so this post is to show the steps of the piped finish and not much else.  Once again, please don't think I'm showing this because I know more than you.  It's more of a reference for me and others can point out flaws in my methods and teach me other ways.  This was done on 28 count and perfectly fits an 8 inch round frame.  I may look for one with an easel back to set in a display, to see if I prefer it outlined with a dark wood. 
I purchased piping instead of making my own.  A plate was used to create a template an inch larger than the design.  Holding the linen and template to light, I centered and pinned, then outlined in chalk pencil on the right side.  Medium fusible interfacing was used on both front and backing, but the front was cut smaller since I didn't want it in the seam with the piping.
Holding the raw edge of the piping to the outline, I sewed against the piping with a zipper foot and basting stitch.  As with any piping work, I opened the tape and cut out an inch of the cord, turned under the raw edge, cut and inserted the other end to meet inside.  Folded the open tape over, pulled the raw edges to tighten around the inserted piece and sewed the overlapped end. 

I turned the seam allowance edges to the back and checked to see if the design was centered and made any adjustments to the piping. The backing was lined up and sewn to the front following the stitching line I created when attaching the piping.

I cut the thickest quilt batting to fit, and cut the mylar at least a 1/4" smaller than the seam lines with a hole in the center for sewing the button.  Originally I cut it the same as the batting, but when the batting puffed the piece, the mylar became too tight.  I rolled the mylar to fit inside, then slid the batting onto each side of it and adjusted by inserting a ruler to smooth it out. 

I didn't like the covered button because it didn't show up at all so I just looked in my button box and found a large very odd dark brownish green that went well with the colors in the design.  That may change.  I didn't want the hanger the same as the piping and will use a heavy twisted hemp that matches the linen.  I sewed a muslin prototype before deciding on creating a center hole for a true wreath, but it was just too small and piping was too crowded.  I left the bottom area open for turning and the mylar really allows a nice curved finish, same as I use on the pears. 
I also received a wonderful stitched gift in the mail and will show you next time.  I haven't figured out the fringe application yet (prior post), and Leanna was kind enough to offer the Larkshead Knot as a possibility.  Sure looks like it, but this seems to be a continuous stitch.  I hope to figure it out soon because I'm liking it more and more.  That's it for now.
Thanks for visiting. 

Dec 14, 2012

On the fringe

Hello people.  How's everyone?  Remember Mary Beale's wreath that I just finished?  Well I found it yesterday.  It was under a piece of velvet that was used to create two strawberry pinkeeps which were to be included with three sizes of rusty bells and a pack of red jingles along with a few Mary Beale ornament cards and a clove studded pear all nestled in a sampler box for the Christmas giveaway but the box couldn't hold it all so a larger box was needed which caused the contents to be removed on the verge of an impending flash demanding a trip to the bathroom leading to the misplacement of the strawberries and subsequent unsuccessful searches frustrating an older but sometimes very nice lady who decided to instead offer a gift certificate and unfortunately caused another misplacement of a special stitched piece in the melee.  So now she will be finished with a medium green piped edge.  I'm still very uneasy about cutting an opening in the center.  Flashes either embolden me or enrage me, neither of which are good when in the process of a tedious sew.  If I have warning I can walk away, but it's usually a sucker punch.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.
I came across this little pillow I received years ago as a gift.  It used to play Christmas music but the hickey must be broken.  Fringe and braid and cord are not finishes I use but I have to say, I really like this one.  She seamed on the outside and then fringed the linen to include it with three colors of floss on each side, and it's an edge I may have to try.
I'm sure it's not difficult and I can find instructions online.  Looking at her stitches, I can't figure it out.  Too much chocolate I guess.  And King's Hawaiian rolls.  I have no idea what design this came from.
 My taller Christmas tree finally has lights today and I love the look. I will do the other tonight for sure. Primitive and sparse unlit trees have their place and I love both looks, which is why I have so many trees. These lights are from years ago and are faceted glass giving a real sparkle to the tree.

This tree is still available through WebeChristmas and called a Bristle feather (fake) with stiff branches.  Yesterday I saw a 3' fake feather at Hobby Lobby for $25 - not sure if their 40% coupon works on trees.  The branches were a little too long for me but I've always snipped and taken "trimming the tree" literally.  I once removed every other row of limbs, shortened the remaining,  and then wrapped the trunk with burlap to create a more primitive look.  The large open areas created space for stitchery, stuffed animals, dolls, toys, fruit baskets, or electric cars.  I didn't want the tree anymore so it didn't matter.  The better quality large trees were donated. 
That's it.  I'm off to sew.
Greetings and welcome to new followers! 
Thank you all for visiting and enjoy your weekend.
Stay safe and stitch happy.

Dec 12, 2012

Your Christmas offer

Hello everyone. The sun is out and it ain't snowing. But my pants are tight and my roots are showing. Hey. You can't have everything.
But I did get another little tree done and bought more red bells! 

Decision made....
I decided on an offer that doesn't require packing or standing in lines at the post office, plus, it gives you the option range of primitive to elegant! 

Please leave your name on THIS POST ONLY to enter a drawing on December 19 at 8pm EST, for a $25 gift certificate at your choice of one of the following online shops. No need to tell me your choice until you are picked as the winner.
Down Sunshine Lane
Anita's Little Stitches
The Cottage Lane
123 Stitch

That's it! 
Thanks for participating - make sure you leave your name if you're anonymous and your email if you are no-reply.

Dec 11, 2012

Stuck in neutral

Good day to you.  I've been spinning wheels but going no where.  This lack of decisiveness along with procrastination can really slow me down.  Well, halt is more like it.  I've been putting off stringing the lights because it is not a favorite task of mine at Christmas.  I haven't found a sparse or more primitive looking pre-lit tree and too many friends have had a section of lights fail after a year or two.  Besides, my attic looks like a forest now. 
No lights, but I did combine my Prairie Schoolers on the 4 foot tree that is usually hung with old ornaments.  I bought more rusty bells in the larger size plus a few bags of the medium, and the little 3 foot may end up with nothing but various sized bells.  Red jingles were brought in for Christmas in a perfect size for ornaments so I bought a bag of those too.  For some reason, I'm just not into as many trees as I usually have but I'm still grateful for finding the last two at the end of 2011's sale.  Really not easy to find a sparse tree with stiff branches around here but I've managed several over the years.  Here's what I do to ornaments that I don't want hangers on.  It's the easiest way (for me) to convert from bowl filler to tree hanger.  You can knot each end of the pin to the back or string through and knot once at the top.

I'm not sure if anything else will get done, other than the dark chocolate cupcakes with whipped cream icing that I've been craving.

I am definitely having a giveaway and can't decide on what.  Gift certificate is where I'm leaning and will decide tonight and post tomorrow.  I need to put all the decorations and boxes away, bake my cupcakes, and start stitching. 
So with that, I'll close.  Thank you and a big welcome to new followers.  It seems since the computer fiasco, I just can't get back to my routine with blog reading and all my settings have changed.  Not to mention my loss of bookmarks and favorites.  That's what really hurt.  I train easily so I should manage a new routine soon, get back to my old favorites, and enjoy checking out all the new ones.
Thank you again!
Be back tomorrow with details.
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