Oct 31, 2016


If I hadn't been tied up with sorting stuffed cabbage for family and freezer, the sack would have been done.  I'm sorry I didn't go brighter on the stars but maybe that would have been too stark.  A darker green on the sack wasn't visible, maybe backstitching will accent them.  Then again, have a piece of candy and don't worry about it.  Wait until it's finished!  May just be enough contrast, muted, not eye-catching. 
 I love dark linens, but doing a design like this can really create problems with color.  In a sampler, anything goes, but I didn't even consider the sack when choosing this linen.  From now on, I will try to choose floss before starting.  Not many color options and this odd Gunmetal blue was a bugger.  Charcoal Belfast would have been a cinch.  His cane will just be a brown of some sort.

Took the laptop back to Staples and a very nice tech checked it and said .... you need a new modem from the cable company.  After hours and hours, no one from any of the other tech help mentioned it.  So I went to TWC and changed to a new modem, the new laptop works.  Unfortunately, I can't receive emails, comments, updates.  The only thing I'm receiving is heartburn.
Not one little trick or treater again this year.  We remember when the streets were filled with kids, we saw very few for the last 10 years.  On the way home from getting the modem, we did see a small group in town, a teenage mother was costumed and had an infant in the stroller. 
I worked on a few sets, thought I had 10 left but I only have 7.  One is very colorful and being a drabby crabass, you would think I wouldn't like it.  I do.
Hoping to get them attached and sprayed tomorrow but we've got to take Carole to Mercer again and then Apple Castle.  THE best cider.  But we haven't visited White House Fruit Farm in Ohio (http://www.whitehousefruitfarm.com/farm-market) for a few years, maybe they are as good or even better.  Both have apple orchards and make their own, White House is much larger with wonderful varieties of condiments, popcorns, veggies, everything. 
Bud's worn out from raking leaves.
Have a good week. 
Thanks for visiting.

Oct 30, 2016

Am I the only one

that's not a big Halloween fan?  Maybe being witchy all year makes the day feel like all the others.  If you have fun and enjoy the "holiday", be safe!
From Wikipedia...
Halloween is the evening before the Christian holy days of All Hallows' Day (also known as All Saints' or Hallowmas) on 1 November and All Souls' Day on 2 November, thus giving the holiday on 31 October the full name of All Hallows' Eve (meaning the evening before All Hallows' Day).

I got the camera hooked up to this old croaking laptop and it worked.  After changes galore, I decided on 3011 and 832 for the bag with stars.  It looks pretty darn good, but horrible in the photo.  Shouldn't take too long to finish now that that is settled.  Lots or errors in the sack so far, so I decided to count/stitch vertical instead of horizontal, which I did to count/stitch the stars.  See how obvious it is when I use two directions?  Too bad.  Not taking it out again and my fault for not remembering that this is bad idea.  Should be finished soon. 
It won't be easy because my extra sharp paring knife went into my right thumb when taking the thick rib off the cabbage for this...
But I'm anxious to get him off the Magma so I'll take a pill and move on.  Did I ever tell you that I sliced the top of my finger off on a mandoline slicer?  I grabbed the piece and stuck it back on, taped it, babied it, and it stuck!  Unfortunately, I didn't pay attention to the way the fingerprint lines were positioned.  Looked weird for a few years but eventually, it corrected and except for the perfectly round ring from the scar, my print rows are back in sync.
We're going to have a few warmer days this week so I will try to get the corner squares sprayed (outside) and finished.  I only have nine or ten left. 
Giving haircuts and rides this week.  I hope the new laptop will be in before Wednesday and the setup will go smoothly.
Happy Halloween to all - stay safe.

Oct 29, 2016


Are you kidding me?  I've lost too much time with electronic device failures and issues.  I remember changing the desktop to October and in a few days, it will be changed again.  Do you use Circa Home Living's calendar desktops?  Love them.  You can find the current month and all future offers on their blog.  Just click on the photo, then right click, Set as Background.  https://circahomeliving.blogspot.com/
After two days of my new computer, trying desperately to get online, hours with Belkin, Microsoft, searching Windows solutions, trying so many different fixes...... none worked.  Staples gives 30 days of free tech service with purchases so I tried them.  He finally gave up and said to return it to the store.  Days wasted.  You have no idea how wild a crabass looks when she is frustrated.  Now that I know I am done spinning my wheels, I can relax a little. 
 So what do I do?  Remove Santa's beard and start over with another color.  Much better.  I am having trouble choosing a color for his sack since the dark linen doesn't allow my preferred colors to show.  Burlappy tan would blend with his coat's trim and I am leaning toward a gray green.  I've seen this design completed and all with a lighter linen than I am using.  Looks great.  Hope I didn't make a mistake.  I just ordered two more of her Santa designs, Country Santa and Primitive Santa.
Everything from October was lost, even what was saved became corrupted, so if there is an order I failed to ship, an email I haven't answered, please let me know.  And I can't remember who it was that offered the address of a stitcher needing supplies.  Could you please send it again?  It pertained to a group on Facebook.  It reminded me that I had requested to join two other sampler groups (Facebook) and .... I guess I'm not wanted!  That's OK.  I'm not that enamored with Facebook and its made up stories and false information and boatload of nasty.
November.  Golden Girls and Frazier are gone until January!  Time for channel surfing.
Have a good weekend.
Thanks for visiting.

Oct 25, 2016

And now....

it's the computer.  Saturday the newer Dell laptop with it's second new hard drive, passed on to the recycle heap at Staples.  So very good of them to offer free recycling for printers, computers, cords, peripherals.  It happened during the work on the latest group of corner labels, and everything in that file became corrupt.  I went back in and retrieved my contact list, pictures, and favorites.  But the computer I am typing this on is emergency backup, not reliable.  No sense transferring anything until I get a new laptop.   I can't email without contact lists and I can't show photos either.  Shopping for another is not something I want to do.  HP is out and that's what the majority of stock is, maybe order another Dell, or get a cheap one since it seems they have all needed drives replaced in short time, paint comes off the keys, and the touchpad bar sinks in and quits working.  Well, that may have something to do with my very light touch from my menomanhands.  I would probably crack a touch screen.
Marti has no idea what a blessing her chocolate was!  It never made it to the basement where I keep the stash (pretending that the trips up and down the stairs burn those calories).  The wrappers I thought were brown, are in fact black.  Once I got further into bag, some were orange background.  I have a colorful mess of little red, black, and orange foil balls throughout the first floor which delights those damn cats. 
As for the Santa that you can't see, I am disappointed that the thread's shading is not even noticeable in 3/4 of this skein.  It appeared to be on the card, but not so once the thread was laid out.  I like the color, but the areas are too pronounced between very light and very dark.  Removed some, added a darker thread, but it doesn't look random and is a stark contrast.  So I've decided to use the brown Ranger ink pad and get the look I want when his coat is completed, before the beard and lighter threads are stitched.  Just a light touch with a soft artist brush to create a slight variation.  Not sure how it will take on the reds so I'm saving the floss scraps for testing.
Have a good week everyone.

Oct 21, 2016

The fricking Fall giveaway winner

and a few other things.  First things first.  Paula's name was chosen as the winner, her entry was through email.

I can reply to your entry Paula and will do so soon.  Thanks to everyone that entered.
Do you remember the Death By Chocolate Zucchini bread?  Just wanted to tell you that yes indeedy it freezes well.  Came across it while searching for something else and it was wonderful.  Had my doubts about freezing because of the sort of dry and crumbly texture but it thawed moist and luscious.
I received two items in my mail today and both were a surprise and a delight.  Just so I don't run out of my stress relievers, Marti filled my jar with dark brown treats.  Packed in orange and black with a matching card!  Don't know what I did to deserve this!  Thank you so much Marti.  I think the dark brown foil wrappers will be less conspicuous than the bright red I leave everywhere.
And another gift from Lori!  Even though the poor girl had her order switched with another, she's gracious enough to send me this.  My first beaded fob.  Love it!  The sweet owl bead in pink is a reminder of my accomplished stitcher SIL, lover of owls, a pink warrior gone too soon.  Thank you Lori.
Two wonderful surprises today!
I had a few minutes to peruse The Attic's newsletter and my eyes popped when I spotted this.   This is the Ann Marsh Sewing Roll from The Examplarery.  Kit form and completely filled with stitches.  Absolutely stunning, not something I believe I could stitch.  The kit is pricey because of the materials involved, and for some reason, silk and I do not play well together.  But I just couldn't stop thinking about this remarkable project.  Odd isn't it, when I can't even get a chubby Santa finished?
I'm still trying to get the last few (and I mean few) boxes completed, journals, and whatever else is left.  
Working on Santa this evening after removing much stitching because of an error.  That's OK, nothing new, and I didn't lose my cool. 
Have a great weekend folks.
Thanks for visiting.

Oct 18, 2016

Plan B

No sale.  Not enough to fuss with.  I will make more and if they don't all sell, that's OK too.  So instead and until then, if you would like either of these sets, you know the drill.  Leave your initials in a comment on this post to choose ONE of these sets, your choice.  If you are AOL or Yahoo, please email your entry because they do not come through and it takes quite a while to check entries from the blog to see if any are missed. OK?  Email link is at the top right column, if you receive this by email and do not visit the blog, click this to send ....
Giveaway number ....  ?????  Does it really matter? 
We'll just call this one the Fricking Fall giveaway.  OK?
Your choice of the rose color,

or green color, tied with a tan ribbon.
Not shown here because they would be stacked and you couldn't see the squares.  OK?  If you don't want to use them as measures, you can hang one on a basket or stitchery bag, a knob, you get the idea right?  OK.

I'll draw a name by Random.org whenever the hell I feel like it.
Sorry.  Today we are showing reruns of Day of the Snark.  I am wearing my Release the Snark bracelet from Lauren and as you can tell, it's working.
Let's do Friday night at 8pm. 
Supernatural is on Thursday and I don't want to miss Sam and Dean.  OK?


Oct 17, 2016

And for the last time

there will be a small sale this weekend.  I only have a few sets, a few hornbooks, maybe some of the journals I found buried in the closet.  Mark wanted to cut more acrylic but I think you've probably had enough.  If I could settle my brain and choose one or two designs it would be much easier.  But I can't.  This is the last one I made today, I love it, and I'm keeping it.  If there are many of you wanting sets, I may continue but .....
As for the sale, since there are so few, I may do an Ebay thing for three days.  So many tell me that they aren't able to get to the computer at the time of the sale and I always receive many requests for early sales. When I have a good inventory that's fine, but not this time.  Last sale was a total of 73 pieces, this will only be maybe 10. 
Santa is not going very well.  I thought I was pulling a thread from the darker pieces but obviously not.  There is a large area of the same shade instead of the variation I was hoping for and I was waiting to see if more progress made it acceptable.  I think the more I fill in the more noticeable it is.  If this continues, I will remove a few rows and stick in darker threads because so far, not acceptable.
Sorry to be boring you with all the square posts but I had fun choosing and matching, no one else to share it with!   And from the various options I showed, you can see that my lack of decisiveness applies to everything I do.
Thanks for visiting.

Oct 15, 2016

Bristle feather trees

Hiya.  Visited Meander Hill in Austintown today.  It wasn't planned but when I saw their post of two 20 year old DR Dimes red crackle bowbacks for less than half of the new price, I told husband to get the keys!  As you know, I am directionally challenged and can get lost in a store.  So he drives while I white knuckle.  There was construction and detours and orange cones everywhere.  I almost had him turn back.  Anyway, the chairs came home with me.  The store is decorated for Christmas and lovely.  Lots of great items, two floors in a converted barn.
Now for the tree.  I've been asked every year if I know of any place that has the type of tree that I have my ornaments on.  Well, this year, Meander has a 50" and a 72" bristle feather tree (not real feather of course) and they will post photos of the tree on their Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/meanderhill/. It was really difficult to not purchase another tree that I do not need.
I asked if they would ship and they do have some trees still in their box so if you would like one, please message or call them.  Very nice trees, the 6' is $75.  Reasonable for this style and very hard to find.  Just thought I'd let you know!

Oct 14, 2016


I'm out of acrylic and won't be doing any more.  Maybe in a few weeks.  These are the wallet series.  This first one's middle should be much darker green to match the others but I decided to keep it for myself instead of working it more.
This set looked good with the bargello or the queen, I chose queen. 
Because I am.
I love the darker background with the stag also.


 But from the beginning, customers and husband agreed, this is the best.  Made for Ann, (who hasn't received it yet!) with a piece flaunting her initials.

They need to cure a few more days and will be leaving my home Monday.  Since the printer is not as sharp and these are tiny stitches, I used a high gloss finish to accentuate detail.
Several readers were kind enough to inform me that I did in fact give away the October freebie.  Whew.  It's a relief to know that there is sometimes a valid reason for an item to be missing.
Feels good to take a break.
Thanks for visiting!!
Enjoy the weekend.


Excuses excuses

for not making good progress on Santa.  How long has this been going on?  Why can't I let it go and just ship and settle?  Three packages were mailed to correct my error and the missing one.  I am still disgusted with the print quality, and I must stop this and move on.  How can something so frustrating be so much fun?

Carole's birthday is tomorrow and I planned on making a roaster of stuffed cabbage, but her back is so bad she prefers to stay home.  After taking her for the license renewal, she will go back on the heat, her driver (moi) will take her to the chiropractor Monday.   Mark is still finding mushrooms and met some other fellows in the woods.  They started talking and when he mentioned pizzarelles, the guys went nuts.  They had tasted them and the few people that have old man Joe's recipe, aren't talking.  Mark told them how to make them because life is too short to not enjoy all you can.
  Here it is if anyone is interested.  They are like the zucchini cakes and we've adapted this to other veggies too.  Also on the recipe blog.  The mushrooms can be sautéd separately if you want to release their water.
 Middle of October.  Damn.  I came across this photo and it took me a while before I realized it was a freebie from me.  Then I wondered where it was.  Did I have a giveaway for this?  Too lazy to start searching through the blog so someone let me know please.  Then I can stop wasting more time looking for it (not the chart - the finished piece).  Where has my mind wandered off to?
Have a great weekend.
Thanks for visiting.



Oct 12, 2016

The slow Santa

Hi folks.  Is everyone happy it's cool?  Well I'm happy you're happy but I'm a bigger crabass than usual.  Get with it Spellcheck - crabass IS a word.
I told myself to never have a sale with variety.  Too many items to keep track off and the probability of error is high.  I did pretty darn good until this last sale and two orders were switched.  Another was delivered according to tracking, but missing. 
And I need you to check your Antrim sets (peacock) to see if the middle square's hole is drilled.  I know I spotted one but can't find it now!  Did we drill it?  Did I misplace it?  Did I mail it?  Good thing I hadn't finished all the bargello requests and could use a few blanks to replace the errors.
Carole's mammo was good, no need to return for one year.  She is relieved to say the least.  Her surgeon is fine, nothing serious, and she will see him the end of next month.  The doctor that performed her surgery was asked to leave this hospital (executive decision) so he is back in Pittsburgh and his patients here are heartbroken.  Wonderful man.  Between my appts and hers, we got the inside scoop.  My mammo was moved to next Monday.  Make sure you are all getting yours!
I took my Santa to work on while waiting at the clinics and because Carole was in a wheelchair (with electric brakes!) they kept moving us.  Once I got everything organized and started to stitch, I had to pack it up and move again.  He should have been completed by now and after these last items are mailed, I hope to make better progress.
The overdyed red that I chose has more of an orange tinge than the bluish reds.  I like it on this fabric because the other reds were too cool for the cool linen.  I changed the belt to black and need to pick a color for the sack.  I don't use overdyed very often and therefore, a misstep.  I should not have filled in on one side of the belt and then picked up the other side.  If I would have moved along the entire row, the shading would have lined up.  Noticeable to me now, but once the rest of the coat is filled, I'm hoping it will appear as if the light is hitting his overhanging belly.  Good thing I realized the proper way to use this thread or the coat to the right of the center trim would have been completely different.
Mark is at the farmer's market searching for the last of the tomatoes, and also more jalapenos.  We were going to make the jelly but decided on the cowboy candy.  That will be the last of the canning.
Have a great day everyone.  Check your boobies.

Oct 9, 2016

What was I thinking?

Taking a break from print work and decided to make a path in my tiny parlor, aka stitching stash disaster of a room.  Missy/Midge/Monkey runs in there and in a matter of minutes, she is tearing into floss and fabric.  There is so much dust on the floor that you can see where she is sliding a fat quarter of linen, which helps clean the room.  My orders placed online the last few months have been for small pieces and eighths, all in dark shades, so I organized them by count instead of color in see through files.  To my surprise, 35 carries the most pieces!  How the hell did that happen?  I guess if a piece I wanted was not available in my comfort zone of 30, I upped the count just to get the color.  The 30 file is the least, 32 (which is acceptable) is running a hair under the big girl file of 35s.  The lone little file of 40 is because I could not pass up Dames of the Needle's Redwood.  Yep.  The big 4-0.  Worth it.  Even if I don't stitch it, the color is spectacular on it own.
Do you have a favorite color of linen?  Mine may be the 18th Century Sea Glass from R&R, followed by Dolphin, Antique Copper, Tin Roof, 18th Century Brown, and a few nameless dyed by me. I think my 28 count inventory may be moved to the sewing room.  I will keep a few pieces here but have always preferred the 30.  I do not need all the fabric.  Much of it is dyed and I'm not sure of every fabric's count, not something I could list to sell.  But I am finally selling my Land's End 8 Tall shirts and 10 Long Dockers that were never worn.  I expected to loose 5# and fit into them.  That was a decade ago and 5 turned to 40 in the opposite direction.  I may go with Ebay.
It will be a busy week, my doc appt. tomorrow.  Taking Carole for her mammogram Tuesday. My mammo Wednesday.  Taking Carole to Mercer Thursday to get her driver's license photo (which expires on Friday).  She didn't even mail it in yet to get the photo card to take to the center.  I'm hoping AAA will be able to take care of it and she can get the renewal before it expires.  If you wonder why I have to drive her everywhere, it's not that she can't.  They don't enforce handicap parking space violations and people park where they want, she can't walk any distance.  Our heart center and lab are both ridiculously long walks both outside and inside.  So she needs someone to drive her, drop her off, and get a wheelchair inside.   I told you the devastating news of our cardiologist's fate, and she was called Friday to cancel her appointment with the breast surgeon for her yearly exam.  He is now also suddenly on leave because of an unexpected diagnosis.
I hope you've had a nice weekend.  Mine turned way too cold for me!
It seems like summer was so long ago.
Thanks for visiting.

Oct 7, 2016

If only

I didn't want to purchase a third printer to be disappointed again. 
So many options.  Choose one, make it the middle.  Choose another, make it big.  How about that little 2"?  Then start all over like shuffling a deck of cards, change position, change size.  This is addicting.  But I must stop for there is no future! 
Clean the damn house woman!

Oct 5, 2016

A cure for the banging basket

Do you like a basket on your door?  Do you use one inside or outside?  Do you tire of the basket banging and swinging every time the door opens?  Do you slam your door hard enough to knock that basket off?  Well folks we have a cure for that banging basket.  No more scratches in the paint finish.  No more contents bouncing out.  Whether you hang from an over the door hook or the back of the peep hole, I have the answer for you.  Call to order now.  But wait!  If you call within the next 5 minutes we'll throw in 10 more free.  Just pay a ridiculous handling fee for each one.  Call now!
Just kidding.  But I did finally solve that problem.  Very.  Strong.  Magnet.  Yep.  See that rusty square inside?  Since most of the doors today are steel, a strong magnet will secure the basket to the door even with a slam.  I don't know where we found this magnet but it is industrial strength!
Now I can fill it with gourds that won't be rolling on the floor whenever it opens.  If you have wood or fiberglass, I got nothing. 
Except for a few orders, all was mailed today.  Advil is wonderful, is it not?  For some reason, I was able to walk on it this morning.  But I did keep off of it for a while, gave me time to think, and I've come to a decision on the siding. 

This type of siding that is on the garage will be painted a muted red.  New garage doors, same paint.  We will replace the windows with aluminum clad double hung in red.  The trim will be replaced as will the doors.  The siding will wait until spring, and be replaced where needed with boards from the side.  Stained the dark gray or maybe a greenish gray. 
With new painted window trim and corner boards, the contrast to the weathered siding will probably look nice.  Wait.  .....   RED?????
Good grief.  Does the anti-inflammatory dull the brain along with the pain?

Oct 4, 2016

A little setback

Sorry.  I got six packages ready for mail today and accepted by the post office, but something happened to my knee and I can barely walk.  It's the same area that was affected by the fall two years ago, only worse.  It's the outside of my knee along the joint.  I need to stay off of it for another day and they will see me Friday.  If I don't finishing the packing and mail tomorrow, for sure they will go out Thursday.  I'm sorry.  I usually mail right away but once again, when I offer several types of items and orders are a combination, it takes me a while to double check that I have the right items in the right boxes.  I can't work on the new ones either because the printer is upstairs in the craft room and there is no way I can make the stairs.  Packing material is in the basement!  So is the Dove chocolate.  I'm screwed.
We didn't get canning done either because Mark was picking mushrooms all afternoon.  His grandfather and father were pickers and Mark shares the bounty with friends.  I remember his grandmother's house (she spoke little English) with strings of mushrooms drying to be put away for soups and ethnic dishes.  What a year for mushrooms.  Over the weekend he chopped the sheephead fine, sautéed with fresh garlic, diced sweet peppers and onions.  Wonderful.  Fabulous!  I ate a lot, also used the mix in an omelet. 
I'm chewing my Advil and following with a chocolate to kill the taste.  I missed walking this summer because of the two sprained ankles and now it looks like I won't be walking this fall either.  I just wanted everyone to know that I will be getting their orders out very soon.

Oct 3, 2016


Well spin me around until my hair goes straight.  That's how I feel today.  Thank you so much!  All gone plus a few more.  So that everyone gets the items they ordered, I put each name on a paper bag and like trick or treat, grabbed your items and dropped them in.  We had over 30 hornbooks and several of each of the square sets.  Packing tonight, shipping labels tomorrow, bought more ink, and more acrylic.  I sure hope everyone likes their purchase. 
We still have more peppers to can so it will be a busy day tomorrow.  With the jalapenos left, the thought of Cowboy Candy was appealing.  But I decided not to make them because of the amount of sugar.  They are sweet hot, addictive, on cream cheese and crackers.  A few wouldn't hurt, but I am a pig and would eat way too much at one time.  So we'll use the ketchup/vinegar recipe for the final canning of the year.
We've had enough rain that I had to remove the crow's bucket.  Poor guy was getting top heavy.  Something I will never have to worry about unless you count big hair. 
As for the eyeliner, the bottom is almost completely gone and the top is still lightening.  At first, everything is very dark and heavy because some of the ink stays on top and as your skin heals, it encases the ink but not all of it.  So always expect the initial week to be stark.  She charges for touch ups and so far I have had two on the brows and although I hate to spend even more, will need it for the liner too.  No it did not hurt.  Some of her clients squirm and are anxious but the eyebrows were worse than the liner.  The numbing cream works well and this is not traditional buzzing needle tattooing.  It's called Soft-tap.  Doing my non existing brows was the best thing I've done.
That's all folks.  Just wanted to thank everyone and say hello.  October is here, and as soon as I have time to sit and relax, I will be so ticked off.
Enjoy your days!
Thanks for visiting.

Oct 2, 2016

The thorn in my side sale!

Sale is in the Sampler Boxes tab beneath the header photo.

Hiya.  Just wanted to let you know that I will have a few more boxes in the coming weeks.  I did find more printed labels in folders and was working on heart boxes when the disaster struck so I can use those until they are gone.
If you like them, we will make more of the corner squares, and I would love to try more with the antique wallet snippets. 
Buying ink tomorrow!

Oct 1, 2016


There may be a few other items I find along the way.  Not sure if the photos will be any better than these.  Camera is not flashing.  Well pickle my cukes, that's a big surprise.  Tomorrow, who knows?  Fridge?  Washer?  Computer?
Keep in mind that these are all hand made, hand cut, hand sanded, hand slapped menomood thorns in my side.  They won't be perfect especially after this prior month of mishaps.  My bonfire warmed me on a chilly day and I had not one regret.



you can make an excuse for errors.  I could say, that putting this bargello upside down allowed more red to show in the corner.  Truth is, that had nothing to do with it.  I wasn't paying attention.  Not once.  Three times.  And now I am out of ink.  Really.  Bone dry.
She's such a sweetie that I don't think she'll mind too much.  The set is a gift for .... well.... you can figure this one out easily.  Just in case you were going to make a purchase Ann, I thought I should let you know these will be coming to you shortly.  I had planned on sending them out sooner but with all the ishkabobbledness, I didn't get them finished in time.  And since I am apologizing publicly, I hope you'll forgive me for the glaring error.  I'm sorry.  But the red area in the corner does look better!!  And I have no ink for another.
Why can't I go out for more?  I had eyeliner tattooed Friday and I have the cream on (and in) my eyes, no contact lenses for three days, no driving, no public displays of grease eyes.  And I need a break from the printing woes. 
Have a good day everyone.

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