Oct 30, 2014

Eliz Laidman

Good day everyone.  Here she is, Eliz Laidman from Threads of Gold (available here) with the dark stain over the crown and other areas as I saw in the original.

If you plan to stitch this sampler, there is one error that I found when studying the original's photo.  The center crown on the chart is missing the bottom.  She is an easy project with no speciality stitches or over one.  Staining was done with my home made black walnut juice that has been kept in my fridge for two years.
  Dabbed in some spots and splattered with a toothbrush in others.  Dip the brush and tap once or twice to remove excess, then test on a paper.  It goes everywhere but I control it by covering areas with wax paper.  The quicker you flick, the finer the spray.


Until I have these rooms finished, I'm just using tacks to hang the samplers.  I doubt if they will ever be framed, but you never know.  When I see old unframed needlework it is usually sagging in the center and quite distorted.  Weird me likes that look.  But to protect these until I am sure they will not be framed, I use this method at the top to keep them from stretching.  You've seen it before, but here it is again on Pomeroy.
Line up the margins and press top and side hems.  This is usually where I would want the piece wrapped around the mat board if framed.
Now my fabric has even support across without fusibles, easily undone, leaving plenty of fabric for mounting if I do so later.  If there is too much side fabric, I trim but still leave a decent amount.  I run a machine basting stitch along the top and sides which is also easily removed. The bottom needs to be fringed or just hanging without a hem.  If it's hemmed, the weight of the folded part doesn't allow it to hang flat.  For a really heavy piece, stack two tapes before stitching.  Some of my samplers that will never be framed have the fusible interfacing at the top which helps but you still get a little droop which is fine with me.  The corners are extended a few inches down from the top and an extra square is fused over them.  I use a stiff one that is cut to the width I need, not the fusible hem tape.  Yes, I know, this bothers some stitchers but I don't care about 50 years from now and I believe linen will outperform and outlive anything other than fire.  Fusibles can also be removed by heating them again under a pressing cloth which softens the glue and peels away.
What's next?  A stitching break for a few days or until my stiff hand is more comfortable.  Until then, I'll be readying boxes for a sale and working at Carole's so I probably won't be back until next week some time.
Have a great weekend!
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Oct 29, 2014

Window washing

Greetings!  How's your day going?  Ready for a boring post about how happy I am with my clean Dawned windows?  And a beat up piece I found at the antique mall?
Our storm has come and gone, left a mess, but the sun is starting to peek through this chilly day. Before the downpours, I worked outside all day with those damn chores that pile up.  After years of smeared and streaked windows (and cussing), I tried a different approach several years ago and am very pleased with the results.  Between the road's gritty dust, the leaves and the lawn tractor kicking up a dust storm, my window washing was always time consuming and frustrating. 
One year I filled a bucket with hot water and Dawn, covered a scrub brush mop with an old terry towel,
saturated it without wringing, scrubbed down everything, hosed it off before the soap dried, left to air dry (you can dry them with another thick towel over the mop)
and they shine.  Clean clean clean, no residue.  And no ladder needed.  They were hit hard with the rain last night but still look great.  I can go over them with my glass cleaning microfiber rag, either damp or with a squirt of Cinch, but that's quick and easy, may not even do that.  The dirt and smears are already gone.  I've tried so many types of cleaners, natural and not, but I went through rag after rag and still had film/smearing.  This works for my dirt and doesn't take long. I love Dawn.
Stopped at the antique place and told them to get more beat up pieces.  I'm tired of all the glass and silver!  I saw this before and passed on it, but bought it today thinking it would fit nicely on the back of the commode but of course it does not.  It was made from a wooden box stamped Trojan Powder Allentown, PA.  Odd hexagon shaped nails with flat heads.
Trojan is a type of dynamite and several workers were killed in an explosion in Allentown in 1914.  I saw a few early antiques elsewhere and just shook my head at the prices.  So if I see something beat up and reasonable like this piece, I get it.  I like the look, not concerned about authenticity.  Long ago I purchased a type of spinning wheel that I hadn't seen elsewhere.  When I tried to sell it, I couldn't even get what I paid for it.  So it stays here.  Maybe I'll take a few snaps and someone can tell me more about it. 
I finished the sampler last night and will show her next time. 
Have a great day!
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Oct 28, 2014

And then there was one

One of the fawns.  No idea what happened to mama.  We saw the other fawn on the highway, but if mama was hit elsewhere, someone could have picked her up.  Many times they continue to run into the woods severely injured, then again, there is a bowhunter behind my house so we will never know.

I worked yesterday on the winter condos.  Nice sloped overhang to shed rain and protect the entry, oak porch floor, and detached garage with step for Squeak.  He's still not family to them so there is a hallway between the triplex and garage.  I finally realized why I wake with a sore throat and headache.  It's them!  Every evening when they are finished gallivanting for the day, I let them in.  The next morning my head is a mushroom.  Foam was half off at JoAnn's so they have an extra set of "matresses" beneath the sherpa fleece pad.  They love it.  I also line the bottom with bed protectors (vinyl backed quilted pad) to help with dampness from the cold.

Ran into a slight problem on Eliz.  Started another card of Uniform Blue and it looked different when stitched so I removed it.  There is much more blue than gray in this one.  I don't mind that it is darker, but the blue is too strong.  The top skein is Soot, more gray, and blends better.  What to do?  Use one strand of each.  Two lines to finish and I think my solution will work fine.
Warm temps followed by thunderboomers and COLD temps for a few days.  Several trees have not shed so we'll be busy for another week with leaves.  Mark ran the lawn tractor to mulch and pick up, but it's so wet he just tore up the yard so back to the Little Wonder.  That's the brand name of our blower and it's true.  The only thing I like about fall is the colors.
Have a great day people!
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Oct 26, 2014

The finish is near

Hope you're enjoying what's left of the weekend.  Last one in October!  Damn.
Eliz's fancy alphabet is complete and the bottom section should go a little quicker.  No dividing bands, just verse.  This sampler is a little bigger than I expected.  I plan on staining it in the same areas as the original. 
 When I was searching for the original photo, I came across the webpage of Blesssing Hill Primitives.  She has some very nice items on her pages, like these, some of which are sold.  I'll be anxious to see what will be offered on her Primitive Christmas page
Since she offers a PinIt button for Pinterest, I took the liberty of pinning some of her items here from her Gallery page.  Very nice site you can find here and then click on the various pages for items. 

 She stitched a shortened version of Eliz on Aida with three different blues.  Great idea.  If you want a monotone to not be monotonous, use several subtle shades of the same color.  I think hers looks great.
Now I have to verify that Gentle Art threads are colorfast before I drop some stain on them.  If they aren't, I will use Nancy's method of a light touch using an archival ink pad.  Much of the stain is in the bottom portion of the sampler - maybe I should do that now before I complete the stitching. 
Thank goodness for Advil, heat, ice, and compression.  I used to wear a lot of jewelry and scarves, but the older I get, my accessories become aids.  Strapped on, hanging from, or wrapped around.
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Oct 24, 2014

Hit me like a ton of bricks

That's what it felt like when I received Mary Lamin.  Why?  I've seen the design before and liked it, contemplated purchasing, forgot about it, waited to include it on a larger order, forgot about it, then it hit me.  I need it I want it.  Now.  What up with that?  Then I opened the envelope and fell in love.  Seeing a chart in person is a luxury many of us do not have and no matter how good something looks online, it's always better than expected when the mail comes.  A tough decision will be coming, whether she or Mary Spinney will be the next project.  Harriet Hazlin did not arrive and is on backorder.
This afternoon the sun is shining and I'm going for my injections again.  Every two weeks.  It will be a nice ride (I'm making Carole take me) taking the older road along farms and foliage. 
Many of you recommended throwing stuff out the window, but her cape cod has windows only in the back, directly above a triple picture window, in front of which she sits.  Can't get out the door either without passing her.  I'm keeping some family items and her fancy glassware, utilitarian items, wearable coats and such, but after all is fought and won said and done, I am getting estimates from companies for the cleaning.  So far, two agencies said they will not move furniture and will not rinse walls after washing (she has an oil furnace).  I'm still making calls.  Her son is worse than she is and would keep everything because someone may be able to use it one day.  He has had ADHD since childhood and goes from one thing to another without completion - I would get NOTHING done!  His son's girlfriend has a little boy who has been getting disability checks since he was three years old for being "hyper". No medications. Smart kid.  He told me he is disabled and gets $650 a month for it until he's "legal", plus free "tooters" and "rappers" if he wants them.  I assumed he meant tutors, and wrap arounds but that's not how he spells them ..  he turned five last spring.  Compared to how Carole's son was growing up, this disabled kid is no where near hyper, distracted, unfocused, forgetful, learning deficient, overactive, uncontrollable, emotional, reckless.  Chris was.  He's better as an adult, but still distracted and lacks focus.  Not the best helper!
Enjoy your weekend.
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Oct 23, 2014


 Jane Ballard arrived yesterday, beautifully wrapped with paper and ribbon, packaged well.  She's a big one.  I unfolded the chart, and unfolded the chart, and then unfolded the chart.  Twelve sections on one sheet!  I'll be folding to 11 x 17 sized sections, or 8 1/2 x 11,  or 8 1/2 x 14,  while standing at the copy machine in Staples.  Some smart ass will hold up a smart ass phone and film me wrestling with it. Folding and unfolding trying to get all the pages, until a temper tantrum erupts and a piece of paper larger than a sixth grader goes flying.  I wonder if they will have audio.  Hope not.  This won't be easy and I need to be careful so I don't damage the chart.  I color them, use highlighter, make notes, and do a bit of damage to the original which is why I copy more involved samplers.   Even if I didn't, this would be too unmanageable for me and my Magma.  My Magma and I.  Might be a song in there.

Here's progress on Eliz - got to the unusual letters and the thread's shading is coming out better than I expected.  Working on her a little at a time.  I'm really exhausted from pushing and pulling that machine up and down.  My sister's did me in too.  I can't even explain and don't want to. Suffice it to say that when I went to the second level of her cape cod to check out storage space, I was speechless.  Wearing heavy knee high rubber boots, I made at least 30 trips up and down carrying heavy loads of "stuff".  Two days of this and only a small dent.  Didn't even begin to clear her first floor bedroom or treat the fleas.  Came home and worked on the leaves afterward so I am really beat.  Many of us have attics and basements filled with items we don't want to give up, but when is it too much?  Just because we have the room for storage, does that give license to pack it full?  If we don't need it, don't use it, why keep it?  Because our moms taught us to never throw anything away?  Donating is not trashing it.  Let it go!!!  Everything I brought down, she had to "go through".  NO.  If I am working my ass off to clean (I would need a high pressure fireman hose for that and I already have the boots)...(a fireman would be nice too), I will determine what goes.  Sheets and blankets that don't fit your bed - gone.  Mom's tablecloths that are stained - gone.  Books from school - gone.  Afghans, comforters, clothes you never wear - gone. Your son's, grandson's, and ex DIL's old stuff - gone. Junk - GONE!  Her heart valve and knees have prevented her from climbing stairs for many years so if it's been up there that long, she hasn't needed it, she hasn't missed it - GONE!!  I honestly don't know if I can continue because it's overwhelming and she is too involved and slowing me down.  This is not a weekend project.
 To treat my aching body, I fried myself two day old donuts which I haven't done in quite some time.  You see that shine?  That's a thin crispy crust.  Heaven.
Mark is off Thursday and Friday so I'll relax a little and maybe go for a ride to enjoy the sunshine that is forecast.  Carole got her monitor's report and they are still leaning toward the AV node ablation.  Family doc recommended a trip to Cleveland Clinic, I say Pittsburgh.  We'll see.  She wants to wait a while before making an appointment. That's right Carole.  Wait until the middle of winter when the roads are covered in ice and snow is blowing sideways, and then ask your afraid to drive paranoid panicky directionally challenged menopausingly bitchy sister to be trapped in a car for hours while she preaches about your messy house.  A trip to remember.
Enjoy what's left of October and have a safe weekend.
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Oct 20, 2014

Busy as a B

Greetings!  This will be a boring post about the chores that are keeping me too busy and tired to stitch. All about me.  Bitch bitch bitch. It starts with the leaves and several days this week will be cleaning jobs at my sister's house, and spraying for fleas.  The cats were always treated and have been gone for weeks yet she has them everywhere. Why now and not before?  The bombs are too toxic and leave a residue so we are trying a spray and I'll wear a mask.  Food grade diatomaceous earth will be sprinkled into the carpet after it's completely dry.  Cheap, non-toxic, effective.  But most of my week will be taken up with cleaning.  I'm not kidding - it looks like an auction house.  I tried to explain to her that your eyes are taking in the surroundings and when there is too much to process, it's very hard for your subconscious to be calm.  The more you have in your bedroom to stimulate areas of the brain that we are unaware of, the less relaxed you are.   I'm not referring to decorative pieces or furniture, this is "stuff" that should be put away.  Lots of stuff.  She admitted that when she walks into her room she gets anxious because she wants it to be organized and neat and it's overwhelming.  Exactly. That's why she has trouble falling asleep!  It should be a calming, peaceful scene, not clutter and distraction. In my sewing room, there is so much around and unorganized that I feel edgy and don't want to spend much time in there.  That leads to hurried sewing and frustration instead of patience. I purchased a slew of stacking plastic boxes with hinged lids and will get to that room this winter.  Ugh.  Winter.
I've been in the woods sawing and removing the large limbs and branches that were thrown in, plus all the small pieces.  A large fire is in my future.  In addition to chores, I'm trying to get boxes ready so not much stitching going on.  It's cold and raining way too much.  Can't cut the grass which is making leaf blowing difficult.  A trip to Dominic's is also on the schedule for him to remake all the pull outs since they are too tight.  Still with me?
 While I was washing clothes, I attempted to lighten my new overdyed black jeans.  Black black black.  Really black.  Not what I wanted but I have to take what I can find in a 34 inseam that fits. So I hand washed in several solutions and not enough dye was released so like a dummy, I used a little bleach thinking it would create a grayish black.  Nope.  My black black jeans are now bronze.  They're a nice color actually, but not what I expected.  {tap} {tap} Are you there?
And soon my Hallmark channel will be nothing but Christmas movies.  Boo.  I want half hour GG and Frazier on during the night not 2 hour movies.  I'll be switching to another network or channel, probably TV Land.  My laptop is failing and a backup plus file transfer needs to be done this week before I lose my labels.
Mama deer and her remaining fawn have changed since they lost a family member.  I can't approach them any longer and miss tossing the bread and seeing them so close.  I also see a path into the woods from the road behind me so I know there are hunters on POSTED property without permission.  Don't tell me to call someone, this community does what it wants.   HELLO???  Anyone left out there?
And that's what's happening here.  Working and bitching.
I got my buckets and rags ready, tall rubber boots on (no flea bites), mask on my face, ready to go.  This is when I usually run into a township police officer.  Never fails.

Have a great day!


Oct 18, 2014

Two more for the stash

Mary Lamin
 Homespun Elegance
Harriet Hazlin 1869
Sampler House
Nice, huh?
A long while ago, someone asked me for this tiny journal that was in a photo.  Who was it?

Have a safe and enjoyable weekend.

Mine will be cold.  From the weather?  Absolutely.  But also from the ice bags on my knees.


Oct 16, 2014

Tougher every year

Greetings!   This Fall season is harder than last, and it gets worse every year.  It's the season my age shows more than any other.  After using the blower and raking, which I love to do for exercise, my damaged knees are killing me, arthritic hand doesn't close, and lower back is miserable.  Ah...Fall.  I hate it.
Because of the right hand stiffness, I'm not making much progress on Eliz.  I worked a little last evening and as you can see, found a length of threads that are the same shade throughout!  Got to use the loop and half cross sewing method in the dividing band.  Had to hold the stiff linen down with my pincushion.
About the Panera soup....a reader tried that recipe and said it wasn't as good so I searched for more and found another very similar here.  The Panera's website has recipes and I found one for curried pumpkin soup that is also similar (here) and I may add squash to it and give that one a try too.  I don't bother peeling and cubing the butternut squash.  I wash, cut in half lengthwise, then crosswise and put them in a roaster at 425 until soft and scoop out the flesh.  If it has a lot of moisture I let it drain in a colander.  Most is mashed and put in baggies for the freezer.  You can buy it in the freezer section already to go too.
Today will be doing my floors and taking a break from outside work except for an attempt to clean up the mess from the tree cuttings.  Two of the 60' ash were at the edge of the woods and we told them to trim off the limbs, and then let the trunk fall since a thick hairy poison ivy vine was attached.  Well they didn't.  They let the entire tree fall and it is a mess with limbs sticking out everywhere and it killed everything in its path.  The second tree, without my permission, they cut down an oak and a maple to allow it to fall.  I am furious.  They should have asked me and if it would have cost more to do it differently, fine.  But to remove two large healthy trees at the wood line was uncalled for. We didn't realize it until all the bucket trucks and chippers were gone.  The small limbs/sticks from the other six trees were raked into the wood line edges on top of smaller trees and growth, killing them and making a real mess.  I will try to remove them in the next few days.  My husband is telling me to let it go since it is done and nothing can change it.  Not always easy for me to do, but good advice.
Did a little decorating... my heavy as heck new wheelbarrow.

Front porch mums.
My front door has no pumpkins or mums.  Empty tub, drab and dull, that's what I like!  I use a length of rebar, pound it into the ground a foot or more, and slide the tied bunch of stalks on.  After all those winds, it's still standing proud.
Did anyone take a look at those scissors?  I browsed a little more - they have a pair with a witch!  Several with a crucifix too.  Never saw those before.  I'm excited that Jane will be arriving soon, but I don't know why since she will just be put with the others I won't ever stitch.  You never know though!  Maybe one day I will tire of smaller simple projects, get an Ativan refill, and go at it.
On a sad note, one of the fawns that allowed me to get so close and came twice a day for their food, was killed on the highway yesterday.  I was hoping it wasn't mine, but only one came this morning with mama.
Hope your day is going well.
Thanks for visiting.

Oct 15, 2014

Happy Birthday Sis

Today Carole is 76 and she is lucky to still be here.  It's already been seven weeks since her event.  There's 13 years between us.
I was browsing Silent Stitches to order Jane Ballard - the sampler I have always wanted, will never stitch, but have to have.  You can't copy any of the website photos or I would show a few, but if you have a thing for scissors, check out their Scissors page.  I also found a few designers unfamiliar to my aging mind.  
One is The Traveling Stitcher, her blog is here.  I like her Long and Lean A&E and the new M A Badger 1870.  The photo is of the antique and I'm loving the red. 
Today is calm and wet.  Lots of wind yesterday and a ton of leaves to blow, but I may end up with the rake since they were pounded into the grass by the rain.  After I make another trip to the Pet Store.  Squeak is eating anywhere from 4 to 6 cans of food a day.  And fussy!!!
 I can't stop craving Panera's Autumn Squash soup and found a copycat recipe but haven't tried it yet.  The recipe is here.  I've seen others but they didn't have the pumpkin and I think that's what I'm loving in its taste.  I've never used curry and bought the small jar of Tone's brand to test it out.  Farmer's market Saturday and I'll grab some butternuts, roast, and freeze them for future soup.
All I got today!
Have a great day and thanks for visiting.

Oct 13, 2014

Two old men and a sink

After a few mishaps, limb whacks, black eyes, sore backs, and cuss words, the sink is here. 
 It's heavy.  My brother needed ice over the lump on his forehead, a bandaid on his torn cheek, and my husband needed the back massager and a few Advil.  It didn't look that big in the woods but it was half covered with dirt on the edge of a ravine.  So here is the cast iron bottom leaning against the tree, still filthy, and almost 5 foot wide.  It has some rust on chipped edges but most of the porcelain is intact.  Two hole high back and good size drainboard.
 What will I do with it?  I can't use it in the kitchen, I don't have an actual laundry room, so we may build a support with wood legs (with casters!) and put it against the house off the deck. The sink can be filled with flowers in the summer, gourds in the fall.  I have no idea how we will lift it onto a base but we'll figure it out.  The dolly did most of the work coming out of the woods and it was slid out of the car to the ground.  I'll scrub it after the tree guys are gone.
 Squeak is trying to figure out what it is while Budman does his yoga moves. 

And that's my sink rescue! 


Oct 12, 2014

Learning to use overdyed

Good day to you.  Weekend going well?  Mine started early Saturday with the sounds of chain saws and shredders.  Eight of my huge ash trees are dying because of the Emerald Ash Borer.  Too bad our yard is still a swamp and the trucks are tearing the crap out of it.  But I have to say, whenever we need to hire someone for outdoor work, I luck out and get really good looking young guys.  Hard working too. 
I don't often use overdyed threads, mostly because I never see them and ordering that type online is a shot in the dark.  When I got Harry Tyler's Lion from Heartstring, I purchased several skeins of the Uniform Blue.  I love that design and really want to stitch it, but every time I pull it out, the alphabet pulls me back.  Maybe that will be the next project, I'll order more blue.  Anyway, since I'm not familiar with overdyed stitching, it never occurred to me that my way of starting a new thread would be wrong.  Well it is.  Now that I have two sewing methods for full stitches, I though that would be all I had to change.  While working on Eliz last night (using two threads on 28 count), I noticed that one end was very dark and the other very light. 
Certainly not the color placement it should be.  How could I get the light to dark variance when they are both in the same stitch? 
 I have always used the loop method when starting a new thread - folding over one long thread, two ends into the eye and then through the loop behind the fabric to secure instead of having tails.  No can do!  When I fold the thread, the shading doesn't line up and it just doesn't work.  Now I will use two single threads from the same piece and the varied shades will line up, the stitches will reflect the variance.  You know what I mean?  Of course you do, but I hadn't a clue.  But of course if I see a piece that when folded, lines up with the shading, I'll use my loop.  I'm set in my ways and do NOT like change!  There's a difference between experienced stitcher and knowledgeable stitcher.  I've been stitching samplers for over 30 years, but still lack many of the tricks, tips, and basics.  I'm still learning. 
On my way back from my injections Friday, I came across a farmer selling dried gourds he found in the barn's attic.  This was what he had left and wanted rid of them, I got a good price.   Their dried skins are still on, not cleaned at all, and I haven't decided if I will or not.  Maybe just a good brushing with stiff bristles.
You saw the inside - this is the outside of the finished fridge cabinet.

I also wanted to mention that if anyone would like the Sampler/Antique Needlework Quarterly but shipping outside the USA is costly, you can get the subscription digitally for $21.97 here. Access to two years' prior issues included. You can print the charts or view them on the screen while stitching, even enlarge them. 
So that's it boys and girls!  Oh.  I'm sorry.  According to a school in Nebraska, we have to be gender neutral.  No more ladies and gentlemen or boys and girls.  The kids must be addressed as purple penguins or campers, and not line up as boys and girls - instead, by their preferences such as Summer or Winter, bikes or skateboards.  And what if the kid likes Fall?  Or doesn't bike or board?  Aren't you excluding them?  I'm tired of hearing about agendas instead of education.  Just call them KIDS or CHILDREN instead of making the majority feel there is something wrong with them for being who they are. They are also rethinking gender bathrooms and locker rooms. Make one gender neutral and leave the current set up for those kids that are uncomfortable without privacy.  I don't know how an 8 year old would feel, but as a 63 year old, it's confusing ME!!
Have a great week purple penguins!!!

Oct 10, 2014

A new start

on 28 count natural linen as the original, with Gentle Art's Uniform Blue.
.  Eliz: Laidman from Threads of Gold. 
And the top of the fridge cabinet with dividers.  I didn't paint the insides of these doors because, well, I'm done.
Have a good weekend!!!

Oct 8, 2014

Mary Spinney arrived

with several rows completed. The Ebay description stated such but I didn't know the extent, and I wondered if I should remove and start fresh, or continue.  Comparing the piece to my samplers, I can see the difference in stitches. But after putting a few in of my own, not noticeable at all.  Mine are just as bad!  The linen is just too open and I can't get a uniform flat stitch (this is nothing new-just thought I'd pretend that it's caused by the fabric).  The top gold band is missing two rows but I don't care.  My very first reproductions were done exactly as instructed but I was young and impressionable.  Now, I do what makes it easier and enjoyable to reach my goal of the early style I like.
Love the olive color of the linen but that's all. The kit states 30 count, another page states 28, and it feels like 25.  Sheer enough to see the lettering on my keyboard.  I don't mind the lower count but I like thicker threads in the fabric. You can't run a tail two stitches on the back without it being very noticeable.  See the thread hanging from the stitches beneath the V in the first photo?  Still glad I happened to spot this when searching for Mary Monier, which I didn't win (it sold for $38). I have several pieces of R&R's 18th Century Sea Glass (♥!) I could use instead but they're 13 x 18 and may be too short.   Although I love these pastels on the green, the more I see it, the more I think I want the Sea Glass 32 count with more neutral pastels.  Why am I never satisfied?  I guess my age is showing.  When I got to the stage that doctor appointments became my social life,  I started to thin out possessions that are nice and I used to love, but no longer want to settle for nice.  I want what I want.  Nice is great but spectacular is better.  I still may continue on this linen as it is, but the thought of the other will nag me.  We'll see. 
Right now I have a tummy ache from a bag of Mounds. I can't pass up a sale! There won't be any candy left by Halloween. This happened last year and started the weight gain of my personal mounds.  I need help.  And after pushing the 200# leaf blower, I need the brace back on my old knee.  They have greatly improved but one spot is still painful.  Oh.  One more thing.  I found a bunch of Santa cards and thought I gave them all away.  I'm sure I mailed to the winners - did everyone get theirs?  I want to start painting boxes for sale and should start keeping records.  In a very large binder.  Fluorescent orange binder.  Taped to the TV.  With brightly colored duct tape. Glow in the dark duct tape.  And a flag.
Enjoy your day!
Thanks for visiting.
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