Jun 28, 2012

Eliza who?

Pumroy!  Hello all.  I chose the underdog!  Actually, I pulled threads and chose linen for both and may work on them at the same time.  Something is drawing me to her but I've already had to remove all the stitching in the top border.  Did she run into Lucy up there?  Although the wonderful chart has the stitch count, I couldn't find the total height and width numbers and I counted wrong!  Starting in the middle, I worked my way right and it was fine.  Left, not so much.  There was a fabric margin but not enough for comfort.  Will I be adding my own stitch count for borders in future charts?  You betcha.  Why didn't I think of this before, especially since the reproductions almost never have matched borders.  Here is the fabric - 32 count Lt. Mocha Belfast (doesn't look it but it had the original shop tag), and floss - which are much brighter than I've ever worked with.  I love the samplers rich in colors on light ground but they're not my usual stitch.
I think this is going to be an interesting piece to work on and I like the fact that although it is close to 30" long, it is narrow so rows are quickly completed.  If you want to see more of the piece and photos of the original, visit her blog here and scroll down to almost the bottom. 

 Another reason I chose her first is after reading Eliza Jane again, I realized the four sided border is Queen stitch.  Because I've never been able to do that stitch properly in addition to it being my least favorite, I'll have to work out a substitute but Pumroy is ready to go!

So there will be only one queen around here and unfortunately, it's not me.  It used to be, but now it's Missy - see her under the flowers with her royal attitude?  
And I thought you would like to see the last of the BOAF boys.  Major changes. First off, he is charted for a gold metallic coat, which I changed to DMC 783.  Stockings and cap were to be a bright yellow and orange,  I used the red 304 and green 989.  I've been seeing quite a few of these on Ebay and this gold one went for $8.50.  Not bad considering some of the prices recently.  So my set is complete and I can start looking through the Prairie Schoolers for a few others.  That's it for me.  It's going to be very hot and humid here for a few days, and my heart goes out to the western states with the devastating fires, and Florida's flooding.  Those fires are so upsetting to us animal and nature lovers, and having to quickly evacuate and lose everything to a fire is horrific.  I can't imagine how the firefighters can deal with the temperatures plus the additional heat from the fires.  Have a safe weekend and I'll talk to you soon.  Thank you so much for visiting!

Jun 23, 2012

It's official - 61!!

Hello young people.  That includes youthful old people.  Two things before stitchery talk.  My friend Patti, who many of you said a prayer for, gifted me with her beautifully stitched patriotic ornament and a round box with one of her label creations.   I think she should start selling!  You also see Ann's gift (which I've moved many times) with the jar filled with my chewable calciums.  Great way to keep them handy, and I keep taking the basket off because I love looking at the perfect weave.  To fill the spot I originally placed it (and may return to) one of my boxes fits pretty good too.

 I'll be done with Santa soon and need to chose a sampler so here's my choices.  Both of which I think would be excellent projects after my struggle with Lucy.  The majority of my reproductions are from The Scarlet Letter, but these two new purchases are Threads through Time.  My oh my.  I'm sure you already know how wonderful these instructions and diagrams are.  Huge easy to read chart with stitch counts circled, colors noted, quirky areas outlined.  Eliza Pumroy has more types of stitches than I expected and lots of borders, but with this type of help, I think I can manage.  What do 'ya think Lucy? 

 The Eliza Jane Stiles isn't as large but is still a 4 page graph with very detailed written instructions including areas to pay special attention to.  Those areas that I usually assume are repeat stitches, which technically they become, because I have to remove and repeat.  I just realized they are both from young girls named Eliza.
This really made me happy - both graphs have the stitch count of each section of border!  See the numbers circled?  And areas that could create errors also circled.  My kind of graph!  This is why I'm feeling pretty good about starting either.  If I have more problems right from the start, I'm not sure if menomaniac will appear.  She looks like me, but I can't trust her.   I'll make my decision and choose a linen tomorrow......oh no.  The linen drawers.   Count?  Color?  Cut it?   The Pumroy colors appear pretty bright so I'll pull everything first and there's always the possibility of changing a few.
That's it.  I'm ready to close with a photo of my doe eating one of the dozen hot dog buns she consumes daily.  So I did the spell-check.  Menomaniac is still not in there.  Neither is menobrain or hysterectobelly.   Who do I write to about this?  As far as I'm concerned, these are actual conditions more identifiable than the slang currently being included in our dictionaries. 
 Hysterectobelly is REAL I tell you and ask any woman over 50 if she knows what menobrain is. 
I'll stop now.  Have a beautiful Sunday, stay safe, and thank you so much for your comments and visits.

Jun 21, 2012

A winner!

Hi everyone.  First off, Random.org chose Melissa as the basket and hook winner.  Congrats!  Please email me with your address and choice of natural or dark and I'll get it in the mail ASAP!  As I was working on the Santa, I was thinking of other ways to use this as a stitchery display.  Santa looks good and the basket could be filled with greenery.  A floral design and filled with flowers hung on a door.  A Halloween piece filled with curly willow.  A wide linen band with a name....oh just stop it.  Second, thank you all for the birthday wishes.  It's almost over!  Third, Gold Santa had an accident.  It seems his boat was two stitches off course and the frogs jumped in and sunk it.
After the frogs were gone, I wondered why I just didn't add two rows of green and make it a bigger boat!  Oh well, we're back on track. 

I wanted to show this shepherd's hook.  This is how mom liked her hooks - a grapevine or ivy garland wrapped around it.  We cleaned out the shed and I found this one.  This looks great in the fall with a garland of autumn colored leaves and a pot of bright mums.

I'm done.  Have a great weekend and thank you again for the well wishes and birthday wishes.  Much appreciated!  Thanks for visiting and to all who participated in the offer.

Jun 20, 2012

Show and Tell

Hiya.  Just wanted to show a few pics so I'll try to keep it short.  Jill at Purple Peacock stitched my freebie with some changes and I love it.  I never saw a rocking pincushion before!  And check out the scissor pocket on the back.  Is this cool or what???  Looks like a peacock needle minder at the top too.  Great job Jill!

Here's Malabar finished into a pillow.  And my haul from this morning.  Sorry to say the Olde English Shoppe is closing and now offering 30% off so I was glad to visit them this morning and grab a few items.  The top wall unit and small right are theirs along with the darling strawberry.

The two wood boxes are from an antique shop in Volant that I visited for the first time.   I left James Creek (with a basket of course) and she said go across the street and up a little to the yellow house.  So I left the shop and started walking in this heat and barely made it up the steep hill!  I really need to get in shape.  What a wonderful shop - a little bit of everything and lots of vintage.  Cottage House Antiques. 
Then I stopped at the Quilting Bee in New Wilmington and got a few fat 1/4s.   James Creek is having a Colonial Festival Saturday with Kathy Graybill, Michael Treharn, Ginger Cazan, Black Horse Floorcloths, a blacksmith, colonial cooking, rug hooking and more.  This is the monster basket I came home with.  You can see how large it is compared to the one Lucy was in.  I was a happy girl.  Unhappy about a wonderful shop closing, but happy with my cheap self for actually making purchases.  I promised my sister I would get new counter tops for her kitchen and bath (bad timing with mine being done) so I was trying to pull the purse strings tight.  Well, some times pulling too tightly causes breakage.  Hey.  It's birthday month - let 'em rip!
But let me tell you.....that wasn't the end.  I came home to find this on my doorstep.
 I couldn't believe it.  Ann from 1803 Ohio Farm Baskets (Hole in the Basket Primitives) had sent me a birthday gift with the sweetest card, telling me how much she enjoys my blog!  ME!!!  I was stunned when I opened the wrapping.
STUNNED!  Look at my gifts!!  I adore this pillow with its satin stitched spools, and love this design.  The mason jar basket couldn't be a more precise weave.  She actually fits the basket to the jar so well, that it doesn't fall off, but can easily be removed.  Look at the inside, the bottom, and check out that roping detail on the edge..

The amazing thing - how perfect it is for my new display cubby!  I planned on running a wire across the front of this and Ann's gift is absolutely perfect for it.  Plus, look how nicely the pillow fills out the smaller box I just bought along with my new strawberry.

Man did I hit the jackpot today.  Ann, I can't thank you enough for your generosity and your work is fantastic.  Such attention to detail and perfectly done!  Here's the back of her piece and Malabar, we both used the envelope method.  She made it special with buttons, and I lazied out with a row of stitches.   I'll be back tomorrow night with the winner of the offering.  
If you want to see more of Ann's work, check out her Etsy shop here.  Believe me, you will not be disappointed - superb quality.
That's it for show and tell boys and girls!  Enjoy your day!

Jun 19, 2012


Hiya.  Just wanted to show you Malabar Farm finished.  
 I planned on using these fabrics shown for the backing and pocket, but since I left off "Malabar Farm" at the bottom, it became a 6" square.  Uh-oh.  Before I sew it together, I need to make a trip to my craft store!   I'm willing to bet I'll find a 6" square box.  I really like this fabric and the entire project looks really nice with my dried oranges, so ......  I'll probably end up stitching it into a pillow.   But the craft store is Starbuck's neighbor.  Need I say more?

In addition to leaving off the bottom name, I added a little backstitching to the flowers - just thought they needed it - and the peacock's head comb is done in knots.  I used 32 count something, the recommended GAST Gingersnap, but changed to Evergreen for the centers, Peacock for the vase, and DMC 830 for date and stems.  The scissors - ??? - a piece of gray I found on the floor.  I didn't have but one of her chosen colors, so I just looked at the photo and used what I had that seemed closest to her design.
That's it!  I'm working on Gold Santa but am looking for  another small.  I also wanted to thank all of you for your well wishes.  I was adjusted by my chiropractor yesterday, although he can't touch my neck, and Advil is helping as usual.  The ankle was fine, but is now starting to hurt and swell even more.  It looks like I swallowed a  pierogi whole and it slid down to the ankle.  Halupki thighs and pierogi ankles. 
Have a great day!  Thanks for stopping by.

Jun 17, 2012

Not another offer!

Yep.  For how you patiently stuck with me and Lucy, your sweet and encouraging comments, and because even though I proudly display my Bitch Banner, I'm basically a nice person.  A gift for you!  Now don't get your skirts flying too high because it's just a basket.  Now lower it a little more.  It's not a hand made ash splint basket, but a cheapo-but-nice-to-display stitchery basket.  And I'll throw in the hook Mark made so you can hang it from your handrail bracket at the bottom of your stairs if you prefer.   This size is about 7 1/2" wide at the top tapering to about 6 1/2" at the bottom, and 11 - 12" tall without the handle.   And if you accidentally step on it or sit on it, it will break.  Trust me.  This is what it looks like with Frances Bliss, and hanging from the bracket.

You will have your choice of natural, or dark stain, shown here with my still waiting for ears to be painted rabbit gourd.  Poor thing has been sitting there for quite some time.  I'm sure the baskets can be painted with brush or spray if you would like a color or aged look.  Leave your name on this post only to enter.  Random will pick a name on Thursday June 21 at 9 PM EST.
Bonnie Olson sent me these photos of her amazing work on The Vierlande Winders' Keeper which was an online tutorial from Amy Mitten.  So much to take in!  Look at all the details, little pockets for the winders, the center opens for needles, drawstring lacing ending with the little stitched balls, and the tiny pinball.  If you want to see more detailed photos of the project, visit Amy Mitten's site.

Congratulation on a magnificent piece of work Bonnie!
I probably should have shown my wimpy stuff first.  I decided to stay with this 32 count (third start), and I spotted a small but bright yellow spot that wasn't there before.  At least I didn't see it, and I can't imagine how I would have missed it.  It won't come out, so I tried coffee staining over the area to hide it, and decided I will just continue on, age it more, and live with it. 
My birthday is this month and I almost didn't make it to 61.  I wanted to clean my parents' shiny black stone (which has grass clippings stuck all over) and put a 7-day candle in for Father's Day.  I went to the cemetery this morning with a bucket of water, a spray bottle with soapy cleaner, the tall heavy brass candle holder, a 12" tall glass candle, my keys, and a lighter.   As I was walking, I stepped into a deep hole that was hidden in the grass, twisted my ankle and went down, and couldn't stop it with my hands full.  I don't remember what hit, but my left shoulder and right arm are numb.  Did I worsen my neck or twist my back?  Don't know.  But my ankle is better and I was extremely lucky that the 16" long spike attached to the bottom of the candle holder didn't pierce me.  It never occurred to me until I started sinking it into the ground that this huge spike could have ended it all!  Yikes.  I came home, took Advil, hung my head to relieve neck pressure, and then got a chuckle from this.

Don't forget - this post for entries - state that you want to be entered - make sure I can contact you.
Right now it's time for more Advil - thank you for visiting - have a great week!

Jun 14, 2012

Moving on

Hello all!  Thank you so much for the comments on Lucy.  I honestly had my doubts more than once that she would ever be completed.  She will be framed but until then....guess what? 
 I went to a primitive show at The Hidden Den in Salem, Ohio last weekend and found this.  It's very large - 24 x 25 on the inside.  Now, I don't have to tell you where this is going.  I planned on it just taking up wall space in a bedroom until I was pressing Lucy and thought.....hmmmmm..

It will take me some time to decide on the type of frame I want so she can stay here for a while. 

I also found this cupboard which I adore.  It's very long (37") and narrow (12"), perfect for a sampler on the door. 

Eliza Pumroy was my first thought and if too wide to fit between the door's frame, I can always hang it inside with the door open.  It was my first visit to that shop and to Bridgewater Primitives in Alliance, Ohio.  Yowser.  I was in heaven. Over an hour drive from here and I will certainly visit again.  I took photos and will sneak a few more into future posts.

I'm not a fan of Facebook and its invasive practices, but I think you can find this shop there.  Lots of textiles, antiques, hand mades, large wood pieces,  great scents, with helpful and welcoming service.
After a wasted two days searching for BOAF's Gold Santa, I finally found him.  I knew he was in a clear pocket with the others but tore the house apart and couldn't find him.  Luck would have it, I dropped a Dove chocolate between my end table and the sofa arm.  It fell right into a canvas bag that is hanging from the table, and holding exactly what I was looking for.  See?  When I organize and actually have something where it should be, I still can't find it.  

I started Malabar Farm twice, and I'm still not happy with the fabric count. 
I don't have linen higher than 32 and I will search through them for what appears to be a tighter weave.  I know 32 is 32, but is it just me or do some same count fabrics appear to have a smaller stitch?   I actually considered over one on 25 count (did you feel a shift in the universe) but the holes in the linen look too big.  I'm really getting weird.  Aida is something I've used only a few times but I'm seeing quite a few pieces on 18 count, aged, and looking damn good.  I don't have any - no store around here has anything other than 14 count.  I plan on placing a chart order soon and will probably add a piece to the order along with a (gulp!) 35 count piece of linen.  AUGH!!   
I also don't have but one of the required colors and there isn't a DMC option, I'm too lazy to look up a conversion, so I chose my own.  The peacock is that gorgeous Gingersnap.  I have a few other things to mention but don't want to make this longer than it is, and really need to get moving outside. 
 I bought the cats a canvas fish filled with catnip hanging from elastic, hung it from the 2' shepherd's hook, and Nitwit is having a ball. 
Enjoy your day - which is already the middle of June - stay safe, and thanks for visiting!
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