Nov 29, 2016

Is it possible?

After I posted the bells mystery, Carole and I were talking on the phone when we both went silent at the same time.  Oh my God, she said, you gave us Guardian Bells at Thanksgiving.  I responded that the same thought crossed my mind at the same time.  We aren't believers in charms and such, but what a coincidence.  I sent Carole home with a praying angel bell, and Chris with the fireman bell for his car. I found them on Pinterest, they are pewter, made in the USA, and come in a little sack.  So nice hanging on a doorknob, keychain, car mirror, mine is on a long neck chain.  They are supposed to be a gift in order to "work",  but can't we count gifts to ourselves?
Google Guardian Bells and you will find the original site and others that carry various designs.  They are also called ride bells and are hung on motorcycles. Rude Dog Leather (a biker shop) has them grouped by theme and offers a nice selection in each group with free shipping on the $10.95 bells.

They've been around for a long time but are new to me, thought you may be interested if you've not seen them either. Only 1 1/2", great for that hard to find exchange gift with the few dollar limit, and so many design options. 


Nov 28, 2016

Every time a bell rings....

Last night, after responding with the other volunteer firemen to a fatal accident, Chris was exhausted and upset.  His glucose was 390 at 9:30, and he decided to not add any insulin through his pump since he was going to sleep and that's when his glucose level drops drastically.  He told his girlfriend on a phone call that his number had risen to 580 by 10:30.  He goes to sleep, thinking with that high of a number, he will certainly be safe until morning.

At 3:00 AM, my sister is awakened by bells ringing.  Soft ringing bells. So she checks her alarm and it is not going off, nor is it set.  They continue.  She gets out of bed and walks into the kitchen, no clue where the soft bells are.  Checks the television, the cell phone, the answering machine, and then decides to wake Chris (upstairs) to see if he is maybe playing a game on the phone or watching a movie.  So she calls.  And calls.  And calls.  At 3 AM she hesitated to call Mark and tried to climb the stairs herself, all the while, terrified of what she would find.

Many diabetics get pretty nasty and almost violent when they are in this semi conscious state, their brain and body is not working properly without the glucose.  When Mark went again two days ago, it was the second time he was catatonic, this time his muscles were rigid, fingers curled, mouth clenched.  Mark had to lift him and get him upright to administer the gel and it took quite a while for him to awaken.  He was headed for that state again, the third time in 8 days, when Carole reached him.  He is very strong and she was concerned for her safety but finally got him to slowly drink a quart of orange juice.  If she had not awakened him, he would never have survived several hours till morning.  The pump is obviously infusing too much.

I am going with him Thursday to meet with the pump people, the girl that makes adjustments to his insulin pump, and the (hopefully) doctor.  This is so ridiculous.  It is either malfunctioning or they have an inept aide making decisions she should not be in charge of.  I will be nice.  I will be open to explanations.  And if they aren't accommodating, I will be like a Full Metal Meno in their gut.

My question is....... where are those bells and who was ringing them?


Nov 26, 2016

My bad

Geez.  This design is adorable so why am I messing with it?  I'm tired of using the overdyed reds which have been the majority of recent stitches.  Why not a green suit?  Maybe striped pants?  Green pants and hat?  In order to try this, I needed more leg room.  So I raised the pockets and jacket, but also enlarged his boots and took a few pounds off.  To have a different colored hat, I had to break it off from the jacket, but then added more forehead.  And a taller hat.  See what I mean?  My manipulation of the box labels has turned into a bad habit.  Not sure if I will stick with the original, all one color, or try to make him quirky.  How silly am I to mess with a design from Teresa Kogut???  So ashamed.  No chocolate for me!

Nov 24, 2016

A handsome fellow

I love a nice beard.  Such a difference in this fellow, very glad I removed the 613.  The 644 didn't have enough contrast either so I finished using 822.  Because 3864 is more subdued than other pinks I've used for the face, it blends more with neutrals and I think a lighter beard will be necessary.  That's OK.  I prefer that, even on the more primitive Santas.  I also removed the white I added around the eyes. 
 One more design from Teresa Kogut and that may be the next start.  Did you know that Teresa is having a sale on her Etsy site?  Use this code for 20% off this Friday (BLKFRI2016), and 30% off Cyber Monday(CYBRMON2016).
After the oven failure, the stovetop also died.  So now we have no choice but to look for a new one.  We will check with our (wonderful) appliance repairman but with these digital panels, there is usually no repair possible, just replacement which is a huge amount.  But the dinner was wonderful.  This was the best turkey we ever had.  Fresh Honeysuckle White, no hormones, no antibiotics, only 3% solution added.  We kept hearing from others that they always cook and carve the turkey the day before.  I couldn't imagine it being moist and tender reheated, but because of the commotion with the range we took a chance.  Wow.  How nice to not have to make that mess with the carcass while trying to prepare the rest of the meal, especially when your kitchen is small.  So we let the bird cool completely, then carved, layered it in a long casserole with College Inn's turkey broth.  Added a little more broth before slowly reheating tightly covered.  It was very moist, tender, delicious.  I guess the broth kept it juicy and I was totally surprised at how good it was.  I think carving after it cooled (over 2 hours)  made a big difference also as the meat held its juice.
While my brother was here, we tried to corral Nitzy for a worm pill.  My brother is excellent with cats and with pill popper in hand, he slowly approached while I held Nit down on the chair.  Before I knew it, I heard a table shaking, glasses rattling, and a cat flew over my shoulder.  Better luck next time.  But the little monkey was happy with a shipping box.
Sneaked out after to hit a few sales.  Macy's wasn't bad at all, JCPenney was pretty crowded, Kohls was packed, and Sears was empty.  Just bought the few items we went for, didn't browse. 
Hope your Thanksgiving was special. We did a lot of reminiscing and also talked about our cardiologist whose funeral was yesterday.  I told you a few months ago how shocked we all were to hear about his devastating diagnosis.  He did not last very long, age 59, and doctor to all three of us. Born in Spain, an only child, so kind and gentle, three daughters left behind, and an entire community's loss.  We never know what tomorrow will bring, and end.
Thank you for all the comments about my prior post.  Just in case you are wondering, the pumpkin pie kicked in as I moved up to #137 in the checkout line.  Thankfully, the disturbance was felt by me but heard by no one.  Also thankfully, the line moved very quickly.  I think the outdated pumpkin was fine, it may have been the evaporated milk.  I saw the bottom of the can in the recycle bin, decided to check it, it was 2011.  I must have emptied the new can down the drain instead of the old one found in the basement cabinets.  I found lots of things down there as I played with the gas stove. 
Enjoy your weekend.
Thanks for visiting.
Note to Blogger - what the hell?  Who wants to see a page of old posts?  Get the dashboard back with our Reading List.

Nov 23, 2016

Off to a great start

In order of happening.

1. Preparing to make the pies, only to find out that the Walmart clerk gave my bag with 3 large cans of Libby pumpkin to the person next in line.  We usually check to make sure all our purchases are off the turntable.  We didn't.  Go to the nearest store to spend another $10?  No, because of #2.

2.  I've been off balance for two days and taking Antivert, which puts me to sleep and aggravates the crabass condition.  No driving.  Husband is golfing in 45 degrees, and searching for more pinecones.

3.  The pies are made with outdated cans of Libby's pumpkin, that weren't ballooning, so they should be good.  This because of #1 and #2.  I drank the filling so we should know before anyone else eats them if there will be an intestinal disturbance.  I've got 24 hours for testing.

4.  Not realizing that an all black digital panel means the oven died (refer to #2), I am staring at it, wondering if it has reached temperature yet.  No it hasn't.  But if you pound on it, blue lights will come on before again shutting down two minutes later.  Two years old, add that to the $10 pumpkin loss and we are now at $2210 plus tax.
5.  Now the pies are in a basic model gas stove in the basement, which means I am going up and down the stairs to change temp, cover crust, check for done, while dizzy, sleepy, painful ankle.  Don't forget crabby.

So far, the day is just splendid.

6. I am having the dinner here tomorrow.  But Mark will be home to run up and down the stairs, carry the heavy bird, and take care of all those foody issues.  I'll be sticking close to the bathroom.

7.  Missy is somewhere in the house, and I can't find her.  That little monkey is such a stinker.

8.  The large order of Christmas gifts I place online, expected today, can't be tracked.  They don't have a record of it since it was sent to the wrong distribution center.  I'm sure it will show up before Christmas.

9.  Google changed my dashboard again and I have to click a link to get my Reading List of blogs.

The good news .....  I am still here to experience all this aggravation.  Family is still here with me.  I found a great face color for stitching.   The snow melted.   And I have online friends like you.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Nov 22, 2016

Well, I thought I was finished

But the 613 has to go.  From a short distance, there is no definition of the skin, brows, and beard. I used the same thread as charted but it doesn't look it.
 Not sure if adding a 3/4 stitch of white around the eyes was the right move, but regardless, it has to go. 644 or 822 may be the color but I won't know until I pull the floss.  The linen color really has nothing to do with it.  So disappointed.  I tried several darker and lighter shades for the face but nothing created enough contrast.
But the bright spot, I learned about 3864 which was never a contender for fleshtone.  I'm so glad I finally made a trip to JoAnn's and purchased this color to follow the chart because I've always disliked the very pinkish face color of my PS Santas.  This shade is perfect.  Pink but not really, tan but not really. This will be my Santa face color from now on, no more pink predicaments.
And as we think about our blessings at Thanksgiving, I have a request.  Stop the fricking hate speech.  I am sick and tired of hearing about division from people that insult, name call, and CREATE even more than we have experienced these last several years.  I know people that voted for Trump (one is my 92 year old aunt), some lifelong Democrats in their 80's, that have given to others their entire life. They do not deserve to be called racists, idiots, ignorant.  It is their right, just as it is yours, to vote their choice. If you want your right respected then start respecting theirs. Those that call people dividers and haters can't see that they are the same. If the outcome was reversed, and Trump won the popular vote, would you still insist the electoral college be thrown out?  Please don't divide your friends and family over this.
Rules for this year's holiday - turkeys free of hormones and antibiotics, dinners free of politics, guests free of insults, children free of hateful displays, hearts free of hostility.
Thanks for visiting.
Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

Nov 21, 2016

What is it?

Hope all is well with you and yours. 
I saw this photo on Earlene's Facebook post.  Liked them, thought they were very long pine cones with the scales scraped off.  So I tried with mine.  Extremely hard to break or cut through, could not get a nice result.  So many different cones from different trees so I'm sure there are some that are more accommodating to having their scales ripped off.
While golfing last week Mark found these under a large evergreen and brought a few home.   Every one on the ground looked the same so we wondered if they fell from the tree like this or a bunch of OCD squirrels chomped them all to match.  The end scales are very thin and easily removed so I'm assuming they are the result of a squirrel banquet.  But from what tree?  My spruce and pines are much heavier and shorter than these.  Any help?
I've been running into town for appts and blood work which are very close to JoAnn's.  But each time, I have failed to remember the 3864 DMC that I need to complete his face.  I am anxious to finish and may just use the pinks.  I changed his belt and moved his left eye over one stitch.  I'm thinking a half stitch or two of white around the eyes may look better, but I won't know until the face is done.  Haven't decided color of the tree's sack yet.  The beard called for 613 which I used but on this fabric, I think I would have liked it a little lighter.  Nothing stopping me from changing that but again, won't know until we have face time.
We'll be having Thanksgiving here, just the five of us.  I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving.  Hope your day is filled with love and your turkey is free of hormones.
Thanks for visiting.

Nov 18, 2016

Santa progress

Hello people.  How has your week been?  Ours included sis and bro for Nona's risotto dinner that once again confirmed the fact that we should have purchased a gas stove.  This smooth top with heat settings to 10, boils on number 2 and Low is more like number 5.  So naturally the rice stuck and burned including the saffron.  The next day, Mark once again had to rush over to Carole's because Chris would not wake.  He is type1 with a pump, and so many times has his glucose drop like a rock.  This time, he was catatonic but the paramedics came in time to revive and raise his number.  He's been checked into the hospital to observe these sudden changes and they are baffled.  If we had an endocrinologist locally, it would help, but they come and go.  A nurse (the only one around here) that was trained in his pump settings does all she can, but most times the changes are incorrect which caused this last crash.  Carole can't climb stairs (Chris has his rooms on the second story) so she just calls Mark when she feels there is a problem, and this time, he would have died if we weren't home to take the call.  The paramedics would have been there sooner and sometimes, I could just smack her.  She always blames Chris for this.  He really can't live alone with this condition and it happens at least 3 times a month, sometimes critical, always during sleep. There is a separate sensor (that requires hours to charge) that will alert the patient to a high/low reading, but it is not loud enough to wake him and usually he is already entering a stupor from the rapid drop.  Hard to feel vibration or hear the alarm when it is muffled by a mattress and bedding.  His glucose registered 27 this time.  His last hospital stay it was 720, because of the pump malfunctioning.  He recovers within hours but this is so scary for all of us. 

Santa is coming along nicely.  I tried two things to help with the thread issue.  First, I started using the beeswax and thread heaven which made it much smoother and it went through the linen much better.  Secondly, I went back to my sewing method. 
When I separate the floss into two strands, I also take another two out and turn them upside down to thread for the next run.  I would do the first half cross until the thread ended, then do the return for the final cross with the upside down thread.  This way, the shading that I ended with, is the same that I am starting with to return.  The shading I began with on the first cross, will be the shading I end with on the return.  So it seems that the shading will align itself, and here's the result.  The pants were done one full stitch at a time, the coat is being stitching with the sewing method and I think the shading is good.  Using 3364 for the green and I love it with this red.

He's looking pretty good but I am wondering if I can continue with another Santa.  Getting tired of the red and the next one is a little rotund, lots more red. 
My Black Heart pattern came in along with more small pieces of linen, some 35 count.  The Dolphin is nice and dark, love it.  I have several Tin Roof now and they are pretty consistent except for one that is greenish (but very nice) from a different order.  I try to add a new color when I order and this time it was Tiger's Eye, a really nice pumpkin.
It will be warm and sunny today, the last one before the cold hits.  I'll be outside as much as possible, washing windows and blowing leaves.
Hope you have a great weekend.
Thanks for visiting.

Nov 14, 2016

That wonky stag

 Changed the carnations/flowers to something more poinsettia like. I put a red bell around his neck but it was too cute for such a primitive piece.  I considered the 1721 date stitched vertical to his left with a corner border top right. I really think that would look great, but when I'm done, I'm done.  The sparkle wore off halfway through all the backstitching.  I'll pull the seams in closer and he'll be fine in his solitary quirkiness.
Fall 2015 issue of Sampler Antique Needlework Quarterly

I plan on purchasing an external hard drive this week.  No one has been able to tell me why all my backup was corrupted.  Everything downloaded to a flash drive from the recovery backup, but they won't open from there.  Maybe combining meno with crabass creates an electrical phenomenon.

Someone asked about making labels for boxes and they are no-reply.  Yes you can photograph or scan the piece.  Open it in Paint and then copy and paste and move sections of the stitching, lining up the linen weave, to piece together areas that would fit into the size label you need.  Additional sizing by height and width can be done in Paint also but you have to pay attention to how it changes the weave.  Color adjustments made in Photo Gallery.
 I found a dozen journals at the bottom of the container that held my boxes and will do a few of those soon, maybe four more boxes. 
Hope everyone was happy with their purchases, thank you again.


Nov 13, 2016

Checkerboard Stag

I am ridding my drawers of excess linen and recycling the stitching magazines.  The years of SANQ that I had in digital files were lost, and I have no idea why all that was saved is corrupt.  So I quickly browsed my issues before tossing in the bin and came across the Checkerboard Stag sampler (Fall 2015). 
This is not the full piece, there is another mirrored stag on the left side.  The specialty stitches are easy to do and I really like the entire project, but decided to do one stag as an ornament.  The greenery in his mouth will be darker and the flowers will look more like a poinsettia (I hope) trying to make this a Christmas theme.  I would like to stitch the sampler in the future, but honestly, I am not feeling the desire for a needle in hand.  Trying to keep it going with these smaller projects.
He worked up very quickly and will be a handsome fellow when backstitched.  I wish I would have used a more grayish brown thread but I followed the chart this time.
 He may need a red border or piping for some pop.  And as I'm stitching it, my heart is aching for the deer that has been wounded by an arrow.  They are still here searching and I hope they find him and end his suffering.  Happens every year.  One of this year's fawns is missing from the group but we know he was killed on the highway.  I am fearful for Blondie in these coming weeks, our very large doe.
It will be back to Santa when the stag is finished.  I'm wondering.  Could the difference I'm feeling in the cramped thread be from the brand?  I had no problem with the DMC area and realized that it started when the thread changed to WDW.  The linen is the 32 I've used many times.  Do all the overdyed brands begin as DMC?  They should all be the same if they do.  My Sullivan seems to have a tighter twist and appears a little heavier.  It doesn't really matter I guess, just curious.
Husband is out buying cinnamon bread. 
Sun is shining through the cold air.
Have a good week.

Nov 12, 2016

Thick or thin

Greetings all.  Another weekend upon us, closing in on Thanksgiving.  I predict that next year, black Friday sales will begin at Halloween.  Drives me nuts.  I've been doing Carole's Christmas shopping which I've done for years, and did get a few bargains  The childrens' Vtech activity desk deluxe has been sold out around here for weeks, so I searched online.  Found it at Barnes and Noble, on sale for $41.21, got a code for additional 15% and free shipping, total with tax of $38!  Deal.  I always check for coupons before buying online.
On to stitching.  Started Kogut's Country Santa.  The chart states the stitch count as 82 x 113 which is what I used to calculate finished size and choose the fabric count.   The recommended 30 count finish at 5x7 is incorrect.  You need 32 count to obtain that size.  So that is what I chose, Confederate Gray.  But that's not correct either.  After counting the graph myself, it is only 70 x 101 which means I could have used 30, even 28.  Too late.  I usually double check the chart's count but didn't this time.  He'll be a little smaller than I wanted for a sack and now I'm wondering if I should start over on a different piece.
I really like 32 count except for one thing..... I don't like it.  I have a lot of it but it always creates the thick/thin dilemma. Using two strands as I am, makes it harder to stitch because of thread thickness in that tighter weave.  But using one strand, looks too sparse.  It's a no win situation.  Using the sewing method on 32 seems to go more smoothly but completing one full stitch at a time is cramped.  Maybe it's my imagination because I do not like the full stitch method, necessary with overdyed floss.  His boots are regular floss, sewing method horizontal and then vertical, didn't notice any drag.  One strand would not have covered well at all and I feel the red coat would be the same.  This is why 30 count is always my first choice, two strands are perfect as is one strand on 35.  But 32 is a bugger if I have to do complete crosses.  My options - start over on a 28 or 30 ..or... use the sewing method and forgo the look of overdyed.  There's always that grown-up option for any situation.... put my big girl panties on and deal with it.  The thing is, I always have big girl panties on and it doesn't seem to help much.  It took me a few days to choose the color and I don't have another Confederate, 123stitch's order is on its way so I can't add.  Time to throw a few Dove in my coffee and think about it. 
Have a great weekend. 
Thanks for visiting.

Nov 9, 2016

Get your Fob on

Greetings folks.  Lori Andrews emailed the photos of her fobs and I wanted to show you how darn cute they are.  Santa, snowman, reindeer and angels.  And look at the very top, love that shoe, spider, pumpkin.  Cute!  Please excuse my fascination with these.  I have no shops, no shows, and I don't browse online shops unless I'm looking for something I saw on your sites.  I've seen a few beaded fobs but they were pretty nondescript, not as fun as these.
 I didn't realize the variety of beads for seasons and holidays. So I googled scissor fobs and saw ends with stars and hearts and needle threaders and fish and coins and wow.  Endless.
Lori sells at a shop but if you are interested you can email her at
These three are from a Focus on Finishing post from eight years ago. I put mine on the Lift 'n Snips since those are used often and I can now easily find them in the group. I know I bore you with these things that are so familiar to you, but there are a few stitchers out there like myself who don't get to see accessories and all the do-dads available.
I got the errands done this morning but forgot the cinnamon bread.  TOMORROW.  Sending Mark out for a few things because my sprain from four months ago is acting up.  It's the peroneal tendon that goes up the outside of the leg and let me tell you, it hurts.  Once again, the business that had the slurry outside their door that caused my fall, has no contact with me.  Asking only for the co-pays I shelled out, clearly their negligence, and their arrogance is just as bad.  Unfortunately, I didn't take photos of my skid marks or my cement covered clothes and also didn't get the name of the gentleman that helped Mark to get me standing again. Yes it takes TWO men for that task.  And yet, I'm getting cinnamon bread.
Thanks for visiting.

Nov 8, 2016

What is THAT?

All the boxes are packed and shipped, went over them three times, double checked the list, confident that all is correct!  Good thing because this time, I have no extras to replace errors. 
I've had this column for a long time, thinking I would do sampler labels and different colors. Not sure if that will ever happen but if it does, wouldn't that look great?  But if that does materialize, I would sell the set because although I enjoy seeing the finished product, I don't want them any more!
I've been working on the ready to croak dinosaur laptop until the sales were over and I had everything set up.  What I didn't realize, is that the new sneaky one stole some of the emails.  When they are imported from the server to one laptop, the other laptop doesn't get them.  It must have its own timeline and do it automatically.  Lori Andrews from Get Your Fob On sent me a photo of the sweetest fobs with Santa beads and I wanted to show them to you, but that email was lost in the crash.  Lori, please send that email/photo again.  And Pam G., still waiting for you to contact me.
So today, before we went out for errands and voting, I'm looking in the mirror and thinking what a mess my hair is.  I mean, it has been since birth, but it's too long and weird.  I've had friends know it was me sitting in a restaurant when all they saw was the back of my head showing above a booth.  That's how messy it is.  Well.  I saw something else in that mirror.  And I took a tissue and tried to wipe it off.  Again.  Again.  Harder.  Upon closer inspection, OMG!!!  When did I get nose hair?  First the eyebrows fell off except for a few hairs thicker than a coat hanger, three of them migrated to my upper lip, and now - in my nose?  What the hell?  Everyone was intent on their voting machine and I'm thinking, what the hell?  I had to get groceries for my sister and as the clerk was slicing the Guggisberg swiss, I'm thinking - what the hell?  This is big.  I wasn't expecting this, not happy about it, and now I'm on nasal watch for a wire.  
I received my two new Kogut Santas, haven't decided which to start.  I won't get my Black Heart for a few days and I ordered more linen.  Why..... I don't know.
Have a great week everyone.
Thanks for making the sale a success. 
Cinnamon bread.  The best cinnamon bread, small, tight, rolled in sugar, Hermitage Bakery cinnamon bread.  I don't have any.  But I can't stop thinking about it so tomorrow morning while I'm doing more of Carole's shopping, yep.
Thanks for visiting.

Nov 6, 2016

Sale reminder

Hello helloo hellooooo.  Hope your weekend was splendid.
Just a reminder of the sale starting shortly at 8.
Preview of items.
The FOR SALE tab will appear for your clicking enjoyment under the header photo at 8. 
That's what I'm hoping!


Nov 5, 2016

Windows 10 .... I give it a 4

Good grief.  I had to download Windows Essentials to get a decent mail program back.  And also Photo Gallery.  I removed Microsoft Edge and made default to IE 11.   Inspect Element, the idiotic html codes that I don't understand and no one needs is constantly popping up, as are ads.  I can't scroll, I can't save a website to the start menu or the taskbar, and a lot of other annoyances that were totally unnecessary for Microsoft to incorporate. I used to have the Blogger dashboard and Pinterest a click away.  And where is the File Edit View toolbar?  They say that Windows 10 is now a "service".  Maybe for the high tech users.  I am buying a new hard drive for the deceased Windows 7 laptop and having the touchpad fixed.  The email program from Essentials is the same as 7 and I was able to transfer contacts, which wasn't happening with 10's default program.  Thank goodness I can get emails on the new one now. I don't back them up so all were lost, even some from the last few days.  Pam G., I have not been able to contact you and still cannot!
So instead of finishing three boxes, I have been spending more hours on this crap. 

Anyway, thought I would show you the boxes for tomorrow, unless I get a few more painted.  There will be six corner sets, five hornbooks, and probably just these five boxes for Sunday's sale.  I still have the large 3 box set and a few larger hearts to make for another time.  I think this will be the end of the sets for a while.
Nitzy hid in the corner.  Poor little guy hadn't heard such offensive language in a long while.  Well ....  the Jay Z concert.  Nit is the skinny version of Bud who is turning quite plump.  I leave the food out because the three of them show up at different times, which allows Bud to consume 24/7.  Missy and Nit haven't made me bleed in a while, but the worm pill is coming soon along with another round of flea meds so I'll keep the peroxide handy.
Sorry for the electronic rant.  I go through this too often don't I?  I'm just relieved I was able to get some of Windows 7 features installed while disabling some of 10's.  And in the meantime, a bag of Mounds, a bag of Almond Joy, two bags of Snack Factory's dark chocolate crunch pretzels, a sundae from Burger King's drive thru, and two pounds of red grapes are now missing.
Back tomorrow for the sale!
Have a good evening.

Nov 4, 2016

Santa's Hike + sale time

Found fabric from a pair of wool shorts that I used to wear in the winter, with tights, on thin legs, normal thighs, average butt, long before hysterectobelly.  Back in time when estrogen was plentiful and jawlines were tight.  It's the closest blue I can find to this odd linen.  I was thinking of a sack finish but don't know if I want to bother.  I'll set him aside until I have a few more new Santas stitched and see which finish would be best for them. 
If the new charts come in the next day or so, I will continue with the Santas but if not, I need to pick a small sampler.  And if you're wondering why this guy looks different, I left off the side greenery.
The sale of a few boxes and corner measures will be this Sunday at 8pm EST.  I will post that the sale is open and items will be on the FOR SALE tab beneath the header photo. It's not there now, but hopefully, with any luck, and cooperation from Windows 10, barring any hot flashes, it will be.  Same instructions as before, sales will be through emails only since most of you are no-reply.
Thanks for visiting.
Have a good weekend.

Nov 3, 2016

Thank you for the help

Located the Kathy Barrick chart, Black Heart, and once I saw it I realized I had seen it before.  Always check her wonderful designs and when I saw this..
I liked it.  But it didn't have the impact on me as it did when finished like this...
Now I HAVE to have it.  So I guess every aspect of needlework can make a difference in its personal appeal.  Dark or light linen, bright or muted colors, the finish.  All can be adapted to our preferences and entirely changed to be the difference between - it's a nice design ... or ... I can't live without it.  I've seen several designs that I liked, did not purchase, and then they appeared online as a finished ditty/sewing bag that made my socks roll.  Carolina Stitcher's finishing posts usually have something I would purchase after seeing her magic worked, but not before. 
I plan to purchase this Black Heart, use Charcoal linen, maybe a dark red, maybe even a lighter shade.  It looks like Kathy chose floss colors that will work with just about any linen.  I should probably go directly to her Etsy page, but there's always that temptation to throw another small linen piece of a new color in the package.  Do I need that?  Absolutely not.
My husband said I would not have been injured had I continued in the rain, just a jolt maybe and it would have shut off and thrown the breaker. Doesn't explain the plug coming out though.  But he also added, "please don't plug it in and stand in the rain just to prove I'm wrong". 
Home from Mercer, Greek spaghetti for dinner.
Have a good day folks. 
Thanks again for your help!

Does anyone know

who designed this heart?  Never saw it before and LOVE it.  Maybe it was a club piece, but since I only see new designs on your blogs or Pinterest, I have no idea.  Thanks for your help!
I had an angel with me this morning.  We are taking Carole to Mercer (again) this morning at 10 so at 8, we were outside trying to get the leaves blown before the heavy rains come.  I always use the large gas powered push blower but Mark had it so I was using the hand held electric. Well, it stopped.  Only then did I realize that there I was in the rain, holding on to a high velocity electric machine!  The handle is plastic but I don't know much about conductivity, and since I was standing in wet leaves, maybe I could have been juiced?  Or just had my A-fib corrected.  The plug became loose and cut the source, which is very strange since there was a lot of slack in the two extension cords.  But, if it hadn't, I would have continued.
Thanks Dad.

Nov 2, 2016

Coming this weekend

I only have seven sets and six hornbooks left, may have a few boxes by then also.
They are still curing and I prefer not to pack them for a few days, so the sale will open Sunday.  I will let you know the time beforehand.
It's so warm and beautiful today.  My sister just left and I have an hour before the leaf blower and I do our dance.  Sitting on the swing with a (finally) workable laptop browsing the Essamplaire's charts (having a sale) is about to happen.  Then the leaves again.  But honestly, do I need any more charts?  My desire to stitch has changed these last months and I already have large samplers I doubt will ever be worked.  I'll look anyway.
Santa is not finished because the slit thumb is still swollen and very painful, but improved today.  Mercer again tomorrow and I'll get another cabbage from the Amish, make another batch of halupki for the freezer, but will be a little more careful trimming the leaves this time.
Have a great day.
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