Dec 31, 2018

Seeing dots and pink spots

I was browsing Pinterest this morning and came across a lot of really sweet smalls for Christmas.  This one made me smile through the lingering but mild headache.
I purchased the dot linen a while back, also the checkered, and haven't come up with a chart for them.  I do love this guy!  Wonder who designed him.
Made my Nona's onion pizza.  Simple pizza dough topped with sliced onions (not sweet) tossed in a good olive oil, sprinkled with oregano, salt and pepper.
Packing up the decorations today while Mr. Bud snores the morning away.  He has had only two accidents inside in the years we've had him, but to prevent future I am insisting he go outside for a bit late afternoon.  If it's cold or rainy (which is the only time they come inside), he can use the box in the garage.  It's much larger than the one in the house and I plan to sprinkle catnip in it.  He loves that stuff.
 As for the house I referred to, I don't have a phone to photograph it, nor would I.  Their massive home with red lights in every window, red lamp lights, red house light, red garage lights, 5 red spotlights, and blue and purple lighted treetops with green trunks, is their choice.  Red is nice, but the theme is lost in the excess.  Could be what they love, could be what a special needs person inside loves.  Maybe they have small children who get to choose.  They display it proudly and any jet flying over appreciates the guidance.  Personally, I saw pink for an hour after.
Have a happy and healthy 2019 everyone!
Edit - Thanks for the tip on the "bell" to subscribe.  When I click subscribe, it changed to subscribed so I assumed that was it!

Dec 30, 2018

Things that make me nuts

Hope your holiday was enjoyable and your loved ones are well. 

I've been shamed by friends into getting a phone.  Which one?  LG?  Samsung?  iPhone?  What carrier?  Verizon?  AT&T?  No contract?

About Flosstube …. Teresa Kogut has a new one as have others over the months, and although I subscribe I never receive a notice.  How come?  Do you get emails or notifications of new videos?  What am I doing wrong?

About Instagram …. I started viewing the photos of people I follow, and they only go back a day or two.  If I click on their icon or name on the right, I am directed to their stories.  So I need to click on their icon over their photo/post and do this for everyone to see what I missed in the last week?   Many posts mention a blog, webpage, or site to go to for more info or a source and I can never find it.  I click on the arrow to view the entire post but the writer does not offer a link, only to go there.  WHERE?  Are links not allowed in posts?

About Blogger ….. Because I am not Google+ and do not want to be, I can't leave posts on blogs that are, can't see their profiles, can't get their email address, can't leave a message. 

New Year's Eve I am planning on doing what I usually do.  Nothing.  In the afternoon we will take a ride to Dunkin for the last day of the $2 cappuccino sale.  Then we'll ride around for one last time in the expensive home developments, and I'll make fun of their decorations.  That's not nice, but contrary to what you believe, I'm not.  I can't help it!  Everyone has their own style and memories of Christmas past that they may want to continue.  But a million dollar home that looks like a whorehouse in Disneyland, ya' gotta wonder.  My bad.  None of my business!

Have a great new year, please be careful if going out!

Dec 27, 2018

It's rude to ignore a gift

So down the steps I go.  He paid a lot for this candy from our local chocolatier Philadelphia Candies.  We don't have a Macy's, we don't have a Sears, we don't have a K Mart, but we have TWO chocolatiers, both excellent.  Now.  What's more important?
Top layer is gone, bottom soon to follow, probably within hours.  He went through the expense and trouble for me, I can't let him down.  It's best to get these over with as soon as possible.
A friend remodeled her kitchen many years ago (well … decades) and I took her painted plywood cabinets to install in our basement.  Candy safe is in the corner.  At the time, I was a gung-ho gardener canning beets and peppers and such.  So we bought the cheapest gas stove we could find and moved the old fridge in, and then I quit canning.  We still use the fridge for extras and the stove for larger gatherings, the cupboards are full of canned goods, the bottoms with those extra baking pans and punch bowls, crock pots, large coffee pots, and things I never use.  My sister has a huge cut glass punch bowl and tray with all the cups, hard to find that size, but no where to sell it around here.  Maybe I could check with caterers?
Above the freezer is my Coca Cola mirror.  That was long before colonial style caught my eye.  I have a Pepsi too but it's not as big or as nice.
Yesterday morning I took advantage of the gloom and enjoyed the lighted tree. We stopped at Kraynak's for the big sale and I found a perfect prelit tree, but it was only in the large 7 1/2' size.  I'm used to smaller trees and that tree will be a lot larger in my room than it looks in the store.  I'm ready to take it all down but Mark wants another week so it will stay.  He got his way with the black handles on the cabinets but I didn't admit to him it was because of your advice. 
I went to Walmart to exchange the kids' jeans for size and although their website did not show them available locally, there they were.  All three!  So that was taken care of quickly and I was the second in line at Customer Service for the exchange.  As I turned to leave, there were at least 12 people lined up.  Luck was with me!  In and out in 20 minutes the day after Christmas.
Dinner tonight with friends, doc appointments, and a warm weather forecast for Friday. 
Hope your week ends well.
Thanks for visiting.

Dec 26, 2018

Soggy shoes

Hope your Christmas was special.  All went as planned here, but my sister is very pale and not looking well at all.  Even though she has not done any shopping or meals, she is very tired, but her tests are all normal.  We'll be getting together at her house Saturday when her great grands come and tear apart the house.  She will do anything when they are involved, whether it's advisable or not.
I do like the baskets with burlap ribbon and will hopefully remember this next year. I wonder if wrapping a strip around the galvanized pieces would look odd.  Since there are four large ones, I'm thinking it would.

If you look closely, you will see a pair of moccasins outside the door.  They weren't a part of the plan, but Bud decided to let loose an entire day's worth of wetness at our front door.  Inside.  For some reason, litter boxes are not his thing and I can't trust him since he roams.  Mark is not happy about his shoes!
 With hardwood floors and no way to prevent urine from seeping between boards, we really need to develop a plan.
Meanwhile, they enjoyed their Christmas.  Three brat cats.  I carefully touched Missy, and picked up Nitzy for a minute.  She flinched and pulled back, he looked like I was close to losing an eye.  Flea meds today if it rains, otherwise they won't come in.
And I found the biggest bags EVER at the $ store.  They're huge!  So much easier to transport the kids' gifts.  I used to wrap but really, do they care?  Nope.  Just get to the gift as soon as possible.  I bought several for next year since they are the only I've seen this size.  There's three pair of boots in boxes, a pair of jeans, and pajama pants in this bag!  I sure do miss all the stores that closed locally, really limited options now.
 So relieved the headache is gone. I plan to relax and do a little shopping this week.  Maybe I will get back to the sampler I started.  Where the hell is it?
Thanks for visiting!

Dec 25, 2018


T'was the day of the Christmas and all through the house
there was good food and good gifts for family and spouse.
But if Krampus was there, he would be using his switch
to punish the piggishness of the overindulging bitch.
The holiday tradition of cookies cakes and treats
was not handled well by the gal addicted to sweets.
So here she sits bloated with tight pants and waist,
upset with her gluttony, the display was a disgrace.
So all that is left is secured in the basement,
while hoping to find other healthy replacements.
But like a forbidden love that can't be relinquished,
the craving for chocolate is hard to extinguish.
Should she try on the jeans she can no longer wear,
or stand in the mirror totally naked and bare?
That should do it!  It's impossible to deny,
the treats she is stuffing go right to the thighs.
And look at the stomach from back front and side,
the shock on her face is almost as wide!
She thought she could handle a few now and then,
but soon realized it was happening again.
Will power is necessary to reach a goal,
but that will never happen until she has control.
Chocolate consumption can't be gradually decreased,
to stop the addiction it must be totally ceased.
Damn it.

Dec 24, 2018

Merry Christmas

Wishing you all a joyous day.

Simple this year, ham & swiss, philly steak sliders and pasta salad.  Christmas day will be our requested garlic chicken breasts and cheesy potato casserole with salad.  That's it.  No intention of running around trying to find things for a large dinner at the last minute, but since I am better, I can certainly have them over for a simple meal. 
My thoughts are with our friends in Las Vegas, dealing with their loss.  His mass will be the day after Christmas, his absolute favorite holiday.
Merry Christmas to you and yours. 
Embrace the joy, shut down political talk, and celebrate your loved ones as if it will be their last Christmas.

Dec 22, 2018

To the ER and back

Yep.  It was so severe I could not take it any longer.  Way too sudden and severe after hours of no pain so I decided it was time.  Thank goodness the CT scan showed nothing but a few bitchy areas and one very large crabby spot.  It seems that the fire I made last week to burn all the extra wood, and the thick smoke that I had to turn away from, irritated my sinuses to the point of them rebelling.  They are filled with fluid (?) which is why Mucinex did not work.  They are trying steroids and nasal sprays, no more Advil, loaded me with meds while there, along with an antibiotic just in case.  I have a Medicare advantage plan so this trip by ambulance will cost a goodly amount.  But that's fine.  I save every month on the policy so it evens out.
I wanted to show you a photo of the doors we made to replace the ones on the new cabinets.  We used MDF panels instead of poplar since we already dished out a bit too much on these custom pieces, and it's much more stable.  If these fail, we'll worry about it then.  And I also think the black handles were a bit much and will try a painted knob with a thin black colonial latch.  'Ya think?  The planks are much more pronounced, the others were barely noticeable.  Mark likes the handles so I'll compromise.  Six months with them, six months with painted shaker knobs.  Hmmm.  Now where did I put those handles …..
Four year old Sophia is a pink fanatic and wanted a truck and a horse. I searched and searched, came across a line called Lori Dolls and found her the perfect one.  There is a horse trailer that goes with it called Hoofing-it but it's been out of stock everywhere.  Hopefully we can get one with a horse soon.  The truck has 6" dolls and horses with other accessories, found them through Target.  Never heard of them before but I don't have little ones, (just that big 80 year old and a skinny 75 year old). 
I hope you're all well and not stressed about the holiday.  I plan to finish up a few items for gifts, wish I had the time to just browse the bargains but this week was not conducive for that.  In a few days, the day that people prepare for many weeks in advance, will be over.  Just like the prep for a wedding, it is unfortunately over in a day.  But I hope the spirit continues.  I will be thinking of Frank's family and how they will manage.  Our hearts are very heavy.
Stay safe, hug tightly.

Dec 21, 2018

My nasty head

Thank you all for the emails asking about my headaches.  I thought there was improvement until yesterday.  This morning we were informed of our lifelong and wonderful friend's death from an auto accident last night.  Couching, sneezing, bending, turning, all bring on severe pain, and so does crying. Maybe that's why it's so bad today.  No dizziness, no nausea, no light sensitivity.  The pain traveled for four days but has settled on my right side and temple.  If this continues, I will go to the hospital and hope a CT scan will be done.  Thank you all for your concern.

Dec 19, 2018

Who won?

Random scrambled and chose the winner...
Lynda Ruth Bowers #47
Please contact me Lynda!  You have until Friday evening.
There were 92 total entries with comments and emails, thank you all for participating.

Sorry I am so late.  I never get headaches and have had a severe one for four days, was unable to start the long list on time.  I plan to call the doctor tomorrow.

Again, thanks to all and my apologies for tardiness.



Dec 18, 2018

With two cats in the box

See the nicely padded large cuddly empty soft hut?   See the brats trying to squeeze into one box?  Looks like Missy is left out.
She eventually got in and a quick smackdown took place.  They all got a little catnip and as I was crushing it in my fingers to sprinkle, they almost took my hand off.  After some tail chasing and carpet rolling and water spillage, Nit proceeded to harass Missy.  He gets aggressive when the buzz wears off. 
Don't we all.

Dec 16, 2018

Is it Friday yet?

No you dipstick, it's Sunday!  And I apologize for forgetting to post the Christmas Giftaway.  So here's the offer.  $30 gift card at 123Stitch, open to all.  You can get the 2019 Book of Days or anything you want.  I hope it's something you love!  Please leave your entry in the comments with initials since there are several Debs and Marys, your email if you want, or make sure to check the post on Wednesday the 19th at 8pm EST to see if you won.  If you're no-reply and didn't offer your email, you have until Friday the 21st at 8pm to contact me, otherwise, another name will be drawn.  And of course you may email me directly with your entry.

Carole received her wallet in the mail, no money of course.  But she doesn't have to go through getting her driver license and store cards replaced.  We know it was his girlfriend, found out other things are missing, but trying to get someone that deeply cares about her to believe it is difficult.  We can offer her help, but if she is in denial we are wasting our time.
If you are looking for another organization to donate to this season, check this site.  Found them a week ago, new to me.

Dec 13, 2018


I  think not.  After not being used for several months, this is what happened to the tightly closed bottle of Liquid Stitch.
I will be using Aleene's Tacky from now on.
And this is what Woody Woodf***er is doing to my house.  Again.  We filled and sealed all the other holes before staining and thought we were in the clear.  This time, it's the little Downy.  Regardless of Flicker or any type of pecker, they are classed as migratory and are protected.  I've called the PA Game Commission about poachers, hunters too close, bait piles under tree stands, hunters on posted property, hunting after dark, and I was totally ignored.  But if we harmed a feather on this little guy, I'm sure they would show up. 
Maybe I can grab him with a net from the second story window and buy a bird cage.
And yes, that is blue sky!  Can't believe it, but it's a beautiful day of sun and a little warmth, unfortunately, Jason is not here again.
Even more frustrating, my nephew's girlfriend was the only one in my sister's house yesterday, and her wallet is gone.  I gave Carole several hundred for food and gifts and she had planned to go out today since she is starting to feel better.  Gone now.  After months of seeing things that raised my suspicion, I am now convinced she is on drugs.  She stopped her one and only credit card, the cash is gone, so no shopping now for anything and the new card will be here in 6 days.  License and all other store cards need to be replaced and she is furious, although my too trusting nephew is finding it hard to believe.  She of course is denying it. 

Dec 12, 2018


Still simple.  Still fresh.  Instead of my usual bough, I wanted to use my HUGE basket.  I sprayed it a few years ago with a protective finish when I copied a Pinterest photo .  Still one of my favorite Christmas doors.

With the newly stained house, everything is very dark and the dark blue basket is hardly noticeable so I opted for the bough.  Until …. I thought of a way to add a bit of red for attention.

 I purchased red burlap ribbon and tied it around the basket.  Also used a very cheap craft store basket (I sprayed dark blue) and did the same to our main entry. 
Since I paid a fortune for the new door and it is not glossy paint, I did not want to add a hole for hanging and have the greens scratch the flat paint.  So I used one of Mark's two way hooks to hang it from the light.  I'm more than satisfied.  Who would have thought?  Your eye is drawn to the two spots of red in all the darkness.

I will offer the Christmas giftaway Friday, probably a gift certificate as before so anyone can enter without me worrying about shipping international.

Split pea soup with smoked ham hock in the instant pot tonight.

Later, stitching buds!


Dec 9, 2018

Just a little more

After going through a large bin filled with stitched Santas, I chose a few of my favorites to hang.  I forgot all about these Koguts.  First year the Schoolers are benched, but I didn't bring all of my trees down from the attic so there really isn't anywhere to hang them all.

Wonder how long they will stay there.  Maybe they will move to the iron hooks on the doors and Postman will grace this wall.  That's a good idea.  Hanging on doorknobs are the stitched gifts I've received from generous readers.  So what will I offer this year?  I'm thinking of the 2019 Book of Days from NeedleworkPress.  I've never seen one and haven't found much online other than it being a datebook sort of calendar.  Are there little articles, stories, sampler photos?  I guess I need to order one to find out.
Have a good Monday.

Dec 8, 2018


How's it going?  Are you freezing with a white dusting daily?  I am.  And I've become more sullen, nasty, impatient, intolerant, crusty, morose, and all those other adjectives you can find in the online Thesaurus.  Never had this feeling at the holidays before.  On top of that, sadness that our friend Jamie Burch from Cricket Bug Corner blog (and Scott) lost their son last week.
A brief recap of recent events.  Carole is sick, being treated, cannot stop coughing.  My brother had the same and is recovering.  My nephew had the same and it's lingering.  He is depressed, has been, and has me worried. 

The shelves for the cabinets did not fit and we had to trim each and every board's corner, center front, and center back to fit around the standards (the long metal pieces that hold the brackets).  Took forever.  I will never do custom again.  Why didn't we just complain and demand corrections on everything?  Because Dominic has had a difficult year with his wife's diagnosis and just as important, it is not worth the delays and pickups and chance of it not be corrected.

Because of other large excavating jobs and the weather, Jason has not shown.  I had to pay to have the pallet of stones returned because I knew they would be in the way until ?????  So as soon as Mark left for an appointment, I started moving the old flagstones stored beneath a large pine tree.  They are around 40# each.  I balanced myself on slimy mud, bent sideways to get beneath the tree, and tried to yank a stone I did not know was embedded.  It did not move, but my body did in two directions at once with a snapping noise.  Seems the cartilage that attaches your ribs to the sternum can tear.  I am better, but it will take some time to heal.  The damn midriff brace is pushing the fat below my waist instead of up to my chest.  But I'm sure that is not the reason I needed to visit Kohl's with my coupons to purchase a size up again, in jeans. The sixteen foot area will not be filled in anytime soon, or maybe Jason will eventually show and fill it all with pea gravel so we (and guests) have a safe and level step down.
A new solid white stray will not leave and really tore up Nit today.  I hope the mobile vet can come next week to check him.  He will not use a litter box and is just as nasty as Missy.  Some ferals just refuse to adjust.
Haven't felt like decorating much and with the cold weather, decided to hang a bough on the door and call it a day.  Not even hanging the PS Santas this year, but it wouldn't be Christmas without the boys.
Hope all is well with everyone.
Thanks for the visit!
Annual Christmas giftaway coming soon.
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