Aug 31, 2013


Like I don't have anything else to do...........Charlotte mentioned using her tags as Christmas ornaments so I ventured into Christmas tree lane (my attic) and had to try it. 
With all the work and mess I have here, like a little kid, I had to do it now. 
I can't figure out why the queen of Procrasti Nation couldn't put it off like she does with everything else.  But no.  Now I have several small trees in here, their storage boxes and bags, and one 3 footer decorated for Christmas on the last day of August.  Putz.
I think I'll grab my Spiderman pillow and rest in mom's La-Z-boy for a while. 

Aug 30, 2013


Hi everyone. 
Here's a snip of the randomized list, and the number drawn was 69.  Jenny!    I have your email and will contact you for your tag design choice and address.  Once again, thanks to all who participated.
Right now I have two wild cats that snuck into the house and with all the furniture items shoved into piles, I can't find them, catch them, or remove them!!!
Will be putting things back into place tomorrow including the kitchen cabinets. 
Still not up to par but my Spiderman neck pillow with the little squishy beads feels SO good.  I'm even sleeping with it.  It's for kids, but the adult sizes are too bulky and this smaller size is just perfect for support.  I don't know what the tiny bead pillows are called but they smoosh around to form and fit your body and I love to play with them.   Great comfort too.
That's all.  I have to search for brats now. And what is that blinking colored dot in the photo upload?  Have to wonder if I'm seeing things!
Enjoy your weekend's start.  Hope to show more of Thankful in a day or two.


Aug 27, 2013

Not another giveaway!

Yep.  Happy happy.  My car will be back on the road in several weeks!  So thankful that it will be fixed instead of junked. I am feeling a little better after a chiropractic visit, my sister made our dinner, and the final coat will be put on the floors tomorrow.  Happy happy.  It took me a while to find this little bugger, but I did, and since everything else is packed, boxed, thrown, covered, or lost, this is it.  Not much, but hey - it's free.  I  removed the rusty wire hanger and now it's a little pillow, not perfectly finished, but hey - it's free.  If you would like this cardinal, leave a comment on THIS POST ONLY.  I'll throw in a tag of your choice, and draw a name Friday (8/30) at 9pm EST. 
The boys are napping after a rain shower.
Make sure you leave your initials or email!
Have a great hump day!

Aug 26, 2013

Hopeful that Thankful is a lucky charm

Hiya!!  I heard from the shop and if the frame isn't bent - my car will be fixed!!  YAY!!  Getting my hopes up too soon maybe.  He hasn't looked at the front wheel to see why it's sideways.  Doesn't sound good to me, but I'm hoping Thankful is a lucky charm.  Tomorrow I will see my regular doc and maybe I can be fixed too.  Gets worse every day! 
 Here's Thankful's progress and one other color change so it's more visible on the dark linen.  I have several errors but as always, the beauty of a reproduction is you can't tell!!  I'm not following the instructions for using one thread vs. two threads in many places.  My head isn't up for much detail so I'm just using 2 threads, but following some of Thankful's missed and half stitches.  So far, she's a joy to work on. 
I will take Mark to work tomorrow and drive his monster to look for the JCS issue that has NFF's Matilda Hornbuckle.  Just love her. 
That's all.  Got all the tag orders completed and in the mail, which took all day, so I need to get a few things done around the house.  I'll grab my ice tea and chew a few more Advil before I get started.
Thanks for visiting!
Note to CountryKathy - you're no-reply so I can only direct you to the bean posts.  Just type in "beans" at the upper left corner of the blog, hit enter, and you can see several posts showing bean progress.

Aug 25, 2013

Shopping cart is tag ready

We'll see how true that is!  I worked on it this morning after a few glitches and it seems fine now.   Continue to let me know if it isn't working properly so I can throw a fit.  I've been wanting to scream since Wednesday's accident and need another excuse.  The 82 year old that hit me has no one, and I couldn't scream at him.  He seemed so lost and afraid.  The police had to take him home with his walker because there was no one to call, and he was afraid to go to a hospital.  Turns out he is a friend's daughter's neighbor whose sister took care of him and she passed away 6 months ago.  He will certainly have his license revoked (and should) and his car is totaled too.  How will he get his necessities and meals?  It's obvious he is not well.  I asked DeAnn to please tell her daughter to call Social Services to come visit him.  He really needs some help.  As for the teen thugs that beat the 89 year old WWII veteran to death for fun, they need to be taken off this earth along with anyone else like them. Can you imagine how frightened and defenseless he felt?   Oh wait - the national news didn't want to mention it. They feel the thugs are victims of society and we should forgive them.  If I hear that crap one more time, my scream will be heard across the states.   I wonder if they would feel the same if it was their father that was alone and beaten, or their daughter was the rape victim that had Clorox poured down her throat to kill the DNA and then left to die in a garbage bag, or their son was shot in the back for no reason while jogging.  Whether the cart works or not, there's no stopping the scream now.  Sorry. This is a stitching blog and only menopausal rants should be inserted now and then.  Technically, this may be.  My emotions are wild, my head is pounding, I want to scream or rip a wall down, I'm soaking wet, tears explode and then fade.............I'm claiming menomadness as the reason for posting this rant instead of hitting delete.  Begging your forgiveness but sometimes it helps to take it out on the computer. 

Aug 24, 2013

Two finds

Greetings!  Hope your weekend is going well.  I just wanted to show you my new finds.  This is the first. 
I love anything with drawers and this little beauty flew into my hands before I even saw the price at my antique market.  Nineteen bucks.  YAY!!!  It's sitting on top of my floss box and I haven't decided if I will paint it to match, or leave it alone.  15" wide, 8" tall, 6" deep, perfect for GAST threads.
My second find is a stitching spot.  I made a hole in the mess and plopped into mom's LaZboy.  Damn.  What a comfortable chair compared to the more-my-style pieces I'm used to.  
 And here's some of the other colors in Thankful. 
 I changed 613 to 612 and 612 to 611 and 3023 to 3787.  Usually, I choose alternatives before starting the project, but I don't have time to mess around.  While stitching the chart's colors, if something is too similar to the linen color, I will try a darker shade at that time.  No sense wasting time picking new colors that I will inevitably change again.  This method is going to work well for me since I am stitching the change right then and there and won't want to remove it to try another shade.
The tags will be getting the Cart button today (Sunday), and I hope you will have some patience with me.  I don't have a work area and when the finishers come back for the floor's final coat, I will have to leave again because of the fumes so it may be a few days before I can ship.
Once again, put the # of the design you want (followed by cord or ring) in the text box above the Cart button, and change the number of tags you're ordering (after hitting the Add to Cart box) in the quantity box and click on "update".  You can change or remove any item before checking out.
Back to my hole in the mess.  Thank goodness my neck warmer is red or I would never find it.  BTW, I didn't want to go to the ER for my numbness so I called the auto insurer and they recommended Urgent Care.  The very pleasant doctor gently touched each of the vertebrae in my neck and claimed that I am fine.  ????  I stated that I have spondylolisthesis in C3 and C4 and I am concerned that the accident may have moved the vertebrae further into the spinal canal causing the jaw and arm tingling.  No, you're fine, no need for an xray or other tests,  just muscle tightness.  Really?  I hope you're right, but put that in my record, that I requested further evaluation and you felt it wasn't needed.  Then sign it.  I'll have my chiropractor order it for me.  Putz.
Thanks for visiting and welcome to new followers!

Aug 23, 2013


Hiya.  Thank you so much for your kind words, thoughts, prayers, and advice.  I thought it appropriate that Thankful Davis become my sampler choice.  I threw back a few sheets and found her with all the floss, ready to go.  Instead of suffocating on the horrific fumes, I sat outside and started the stitch. 
 I then realized my neck wasn't going to be cooperative but I couldn't wait to start.  Something tells me I'm going to love stitching this one.  This type of border is easy without a lot of color changes and small elements and won't be a problem at all.  This is all I could do without a break.  The linen is 28 count, unbleached, and feels like burlap.  That wonderful uneven brown tone that hides chocolate finger prints very well.  My kind of linen.
My floors are almost dry and I like them.  Not as amber as I expected, and the grain shows distinctly, not encased in the varnish.   A very close match to the existing floors.
Now the clean up begins.  The walls need painted, drywall sanded, baseboards installed, but one thing at a time.  The most inconvenient task is complete.  We're debating another finish coat, but maybe later.  He said a quick scuff and one coat will take no time at all.
I should be back to having good lighting and a comfortable seat tomorrow. 
Thanks for visiting and again, for your kindness!


Aug 22, 2013


Hey.  What's happening?  Is your cat food in the bathroom, your fridge in the dining room, your dining room in the parlor, your food in the basement, and your socks full of stain?  Do you know under which sheet awaits your stitching project?  Did you waste hours having floor stain custom matched, only to have them then tell you that they won't be getting any in until Friday afternoon?  Did you want to rip the face off an arrogant and nasty manager?   Did you go elsewhere and have it mixed beautifully, come home and find out that it looks orange in your home and not as it did in the store?  Did you run out to get more of the dark walnut to add to it and have an 82 year old make a left hand turn into you as you were proceeding through the intersection and total your 10 year old favorite car with only 40,000 miles on it?  Are your arms and jaw numb?  Are you afraid to have an MRI and hear bad news?  Do you have any idea what to do for a vehicle since 10 year old cars are worthless?  Did you know your "deluxe" auto insurance has no allowance for a rental?  Did you go home and stain the flooring because the floor pros were coming to topcoat it in the morning?  Did they tell you it would be dry in 2 hours and they would come back for the final coat at noon?  Did your floor not dry at all?  Did you have to take the never used front door off its hinges to get into the house because it's now the only way in?  Did you get mad enough to walk on it anyway and stick to it?  Did you find out that the final coat has AMBER in it which will make your floor orange since it was custom mixed to match the already amber adjacent floor?  Do you have a choice of clear?  Are you fuming that you didn't know this?  Did you know another product can't be used over this first coat because it is a two step finish and you have no choice but to have a pumpkin floor?  Do you have a headache, feel shaky, stiff, bitchy, and hot? 
 WELL DO YOU?????????
Then join me in a toast to being alive, and being able to accept the foul balls that we are thrown.  As foul as they are, they would feel like over-the-plate home runs to others dealing with much more, so swing away and be thankful.  
Until you get the results, and then be mad as hell.  Be thankfully mad. 
It's OK. 
We can be both.
Embrace your day! 

Aug 20, 2013

Swimming in the Menopool

Hey.  How are you?  How's your brain today?  Me?  Well.....
First off, the tags.  Hopefully I will post the Cart button this weekend.  As I was getting the code to add it this morning, the floor man called and is coming tomorrow to sand.  That means, the kitchen (including some base cabinets, the fridge, the entire living area, and the new area must be completely rid of items.  This is half my house.  I will need to start staining as soon as he leaves, and then start the finish coats before bedtime for three nights so it dries overnight and we can walk on it next morning.  Having the pros do it will leave me trapped upstairs for the entire day, but I will consider it. So I won't have an area to print and ready the tags, let alone pack for mailing.  This should be finished by Sunday so let's set that as the date.  Remember, these are not made yet, so you can order any design - all will be available, until the supply of wood runs out.
On to the swim, which I don't do because of claustrophobia.  My head beneath water unable to breathe sends me into a panic.  So let's say I'm drowning in the menopool, not swimming.  Yesterday morning, I took my large Oikos out of the basement fridge along with a dozen eggs, set them on the counter, and came upstairs without them.  I guess the raccoons will be dining on greek yogurt and scrambled eggs tonight.  I did bring up the klondike, but set it down to answer the phone and found a melted mess this morning.  I cashed Mark's paycheck and didn't remember that the white envelope contained $$$ and put it in with the items to burn.  Good thing he asked where it was.  These are just a few highlights of the last 24 hours.
  I wanted to start this sampler from Essamplaire last night.  I opened the pack and found the chart - nothing else.  Where's the color codes?  Searched and searched - found nothing, threw a hissy fit.  As I sat there fuming, I glanced at the cover page on the floor.  Have no idea what raving lunatic threw it there.  And look at what is printed on the back of that cover.
What a putz.  But in the meantime, I decided to pull out this one until the missing page could be found.
I guess I'm up for a border.  I avoid them at all costs but for some reason, am drawn to these two.  Both close in size, some specialty stitches, which I can substitute with cross if the mood is rotten.
Ed showed up a little while ago and is putting the final coat of mud on the walls, and will sand after the floors are sealed.  Since there is no one local that finishes hardwood, I had to take a chance on this company, wish me luck.  I can't wait until furniture can be put back to where it was.  Since I can never find what I'm looking for when there is order, you can imagine how frustrating it is now.  But soon it will be over!
More proof of his name - Nitzy. He never figures out that he doesn't have to stand in the dishes to reach the other side.
Well, this was certainly long and boring.  Thanks for visiting.  I'll be back after the dust storm.

Aug 19, 2013

Tag notice

Good morning.  I posted the tag designs on the Box/Tag page for you to check out.  I'm trying something to make it easier for me.  I will have an Add to Cart button from Paypal that will allow you to order while it tracks the inventory.  You will put the design number(s) that you want in a text box beneath the Cart button along with "cord" or "ring",  BUT when you get to the cart page, you will need to increase the QUANTITY to the number you are ordering, otherwise, you will only get one.  Just click into the quantity box and change it.  If you're only ordering one, no change is needed, just the design #. 

Example - you want 2 of #4 - you enter 4-ring (or cord) in the text box and you need to change the quantity to 2 in the cart.
If would want #3, #10, and #12 for a total of three tags, you enter 3-cord 10-cord 12-ring into the text box, Add to Cart, and increase the quantity to 3.

The cart will automatically add the correct shipping and you can delete or change any item, just go back and change the text box or quantity.  For now, this is USA shipping only.  International needs to be package rate since it is not a flat and each country is different.  The other thing - it will be a day longer in shipping because I have blank tags ready for labels, and will make them as you order, sealer needs to dry for a day.  Rather than guess what you would like and have them ready, this makes more sense to have you choose instead of taking what's left.  I have forty tags and a few set aside for special requests (like the Ghoul tag) so this should last for a quite a while.  You have time to browse and note the number of your choice, and email me if there is an older design you would like and it isn't shown.  The new printer has made this a real chore and I've spent days correcting the tint!   I will send out a post when the sale opens but with 40, no need to rush!  The choice of hemp cord is shown in my header photo, and the snap ring is 1".  Remember to specify after the # (14cord 3ring) your choice of hanger.  I think it will be pretty easy - better than trying to check availability through comments - let me know your thoughts.  Confused?  Do you have any idea how long it took me to figure this out???  LOL!!  I think it's fairly easy but email with any questions you may have. 
 Enjoy your day!
p.s.  My new sampler is different than the ones I was considering.

Aug 18, 2013

Mom's favorite bird

Hope your weekend is going great.
I added the brown border and did the neck's wreath in turkey stitch instead of the colonial knots, added a little rusty bell, and rusty wire hanger.
The turkey stitches are cut very close to the fabric.  Next one will be knots on a darker linen.  DMC 3777 for the bird.
Homespun Elegance "Merry Cardinal" from 1998.

Thanks for visiting!

Aug 17, 2013

What's the point?

Sharp as hell, that's what.  Hiya.  I'm bringing up needles again.  I haven't rid the drawer of all the different sizes in my attempt to simplify just yet.  There has been a kitchen table in front of that spool cabinet for over a month, so I'm using the variety of sizes and brands found in my pinkeeps. 
 Let me tell you, this one can be a really nasty prick.  I had little bleeding thumb pricks from a very sharp eye, and now found one with the point end doing the same.  Being purchased over 20 years ago I have no idea the brand.    Here's a close-up of the pricker (left) and good girl (right).   I thought all embroidery needles had blunt tips, but this one is definitely a sharp. 
 I kept having trouble with the needle splitting the linen threads but it wasn't until it found its way into flesh that I realized why.  Yikes. 
I first thought it might be the linen itself causing the problem. You can see that not only is the bottom thread split, but the upper stitch is also.  I use the sewing method when stitching and move along pretty quick so maybe some of it is my fault, but I've never had this happen so frequently and easily. 
I felt no resistance when the needle was violating that weave.  My thumb holds the floss away from the next stitch and kind of guides the needle.  Rarely does the needle end up under my nail but this one would certainly cause a whimper.  Into the trash it goes. 
 I probably shouldn't mention this because my husband thinks I'm nuts, but here goes.  Years ago, there was a large starving and injured dog found in the local garbage dump, eating what it could find.  Well, I don't care what animal may be foraging, I wrap duct tape around the needles, secure them to styrofoam or cardboard, wrap it again, to make sure it doesn't get into a morsel of food scraps.  Same with glass, fish hooks, anything small and sharp.  OK, so I may go overboard but suffering animals rip my guts out and I don't want to be responsible for inflicting even more.  When I discarded my old straight pins, I put them in a plastic box and wrapped tape around several times.  After approaching those Amish women in the parking lot to offer them my quilting supplies and needles, I thought it best to not do that again so I threw them out.
I finished the cardinal and will show it off next time.
Thanks for visiting - enjoy the weekend.

Aug 16, 2013

A bean of a different color

Hi all.  For those of you stringing beans for garland (or future soups), I thought I would show you my two.  These beans were purchased at two different markets but both are called green beans.    One dried more shriveled and kept the green color, the other is also dried but lightened to a tan and didn't curl as much.
No way to know what the next string will be!  I prefer the lighter for garland, but I'm pleased with the results of both.
I guess green is not always green, but a bean is always a bean.  You have my permission to quote me on that.
So there you have it.  Leather britches and I still have no idea why they were called that back in the day.  They may feel leathery but they don't look like britches.
That's all folks!  Just showing off my beans.

Aug 15, 2013

A tag dilemma

Greetings.  I'm in the process of finishing some tags and can't decide how to offer them.  Do I list the labels and have you choose, then complete them?  Do I complete a variety and what you see is what you get?  Do I offer the old with the new which is WAY too many choices?  Do I limit the folk art because it's not what you would want?  Do I consider Halloween and Christmas tags?  Do I have a problem with chocolate?  I threw that in there because I wanted to be able to answer at least one query.
But first, I may be closer to finding the Santa charts because this little ditty showed up.  It's a darling little Christmas cardinal, only 1 1/2" x 3 1/4" inches on 32 count and I started working on it until I make a sampler decision.  Put a rusty star on it and it's always a favorite.
My husband is off today and getting in my way.  Good grief he'll be retiring soon.  I told him to start making new friends and taking up new hobbies.    My hips are big enough without another person being attached to them.
Here's the new house tags.  A little fussy for my taste.
The folk art offers.
And holiday?
Here he comes again.  I need to find a project that isn't so involved it makes him balk, or so simple that it requires little time, or anything that needs a helper.   I'm going to hide out in the sewing room. 
Thanks for visiting!

Aug 14, 2013

Bad photos - good choices

Hiya.  How's your week going?  Are you needing a jacket in the middle of August?  The way this month has been progressing it may snow in September.  I know, I know.  Many most of you like frost on your pumpkins. 
I've been working on tags and only came up with four new house labels.  It seems the sampler or alphabet tags aren't as popular so I didn't work on any, but still may because those are my preference.  And I'm in control.
PS's Old World Santas were to be the next project but I can't find them.  I really got some things in order the other day but the Christmas charts are ?????  So I went through the samplers and decided on several, then started weeding out fancy borders, over one stitching, and motifs.   Simple and quick seems the best choice with all the house disorder.  The sanding companies are coming today for estimates and they both claim to be dust-free.  Although the photos are bad, I like the choices. 
R&R's very primitive and quite different piece.  The colors I choose will be more prominent.
R&R's Lydia Tyler.  Beautiful colors.
R&R's Mary Ann Bradbury.  Small yet several different stitch styles.  Calls for flower thread but I will use DMC.
Hoping to finish the tags today and will start stitching this evening. 
Look who snuck onto the deck for a snack.  Bud was sound asleep 10 feet away.  And this is something you don't see very often.  A groundhog lounging on your fence.

While working outside, some sort of flying critter flew into my hair (which many mistake for shelter), so I had to brush it.  With my hair, not a good idea.  It's best to leave it alone.   Never did find the bug. 
 I went for a haircut the next day and the only change is that it's a shorter bush now.  She didn't find the bug either so it must have suffocated or found its way out.  Now my hair goes out to a point and comes back in so I have a bevel head.  It feels weird.
And look at my second bean string.  Love the color!
 The sander will be here in a few minutes so I better start watching for him.
Thanks for visiting!  Enjoy your day.

Aug 11, 2013

A day without fringe

Greetings!  Are you enjoying the weekend?  Our weather has been too cool for summer, but very nice and sunny.  Today there was no fringing around!  I tried to get the rooms into organized chaos.  Did a fairly good job, enough that there is a definite path to follow without tripping. 
I had a little time to start a few of these, but the new printer is spitting them out in different hues than the prior machine.  Lots of adjustments and I'm thinking - just start over.  I had quite a few of the folk art labels sized and ready but never got to them before Niky's Creations featured hers.  I waited and waited before offering mine.  Honestly, I like hers!  She has a scalloped border and aging around the edges.  Very nice.  She may offer more and her Etsy site with other goodies is here.
Started a few of these.
And offered a second chance.  The fraying fringe would not have bothered me, but I planned it as a gift and didn't want it to come apart in someone else's hand.   So I tried again.  And guess what?  I'm still not happy.  I never really cared for the fabric frame so I will take it apart and use this print on the back, maybe attach a hanger.  It would have been quicker to just stitch another but I dyed this linen for those threads and have no more.

Company just came.  Skinny Limper is allowing me to walk very close to her with the bread.  She comes several times a day and waits until I see her and offer her corn.  Big Daddy doesn't seem to mind my presence either.  The mosquitoes are taking advantage of my flesh so I think I will head back into the house, or switch to the single swing and start flying.  They can't land when you create as big a draft as I do.  I used to have a large standing fan that kept them away too.  Have NO idea what happened to it.  It's not easy to lose something that large, but if anyone can, it's me.
Have a great start to a new week. 
Thank you for visiting.

Aug 10, 2013

This little hairy bastard

Can you tell I'm not in a good mood? 
Here's the finish, filled with walnut shells, backed with a darker greenish taupe linen, with both linen colors variegated with the floss in this darling fringe, and if I wasn't done burning the wood it would be ash by now. I wasted DAYS that I could have put toward a sampler.  I wasted three pieces of linen working on the back which is impossible to neatly attach when you don't turkey through both sides at once.   This hairy little bastard has tried my patience more than Lucy and that ***** bird design put together.  I've tried to keep my cool, have patience, take a deep breath, but my breath is now fire. 
  I was about to attach the trim over the stitching on the back, when I saw this.  I don't know if it happened when attaching and removing the backing stitches, or probably when releasing the linen threads for fringe, but these pulled off.  Could I fix them?  Probably.  Do I want to devote more time to it?  Hell no.  Will I ever do fringe again?  Yes.  But I'll find a different way. 
But look at my leather britches.  The beans are almost completely dried and I hung them with my sweet potato garland.  I think they will eventually turn brown but that will take more time. 
The other string that is drying much more slowly, is continuing to lighten.   Happy happy.  No yellow wax beans at the markets but I'll keep looking.
So what's next?  A break.  I want to get these tags finished, do a few boxes, stitch a Santa, and think about the next sampler.  Right now, it's best I do nothing because when I get upset, it stays for a while.  In this case, with all the thread splits, knots, tangled loops, six strand pile-ups, and frogs choking at every turn, I should have probably released a little steam from this pressure cooker now and then.  The bigger the explosion, the longer it burns. 
Thanks for your concern over my foot, which is back to normal size and feeling much better.
I hope your weekend is safe and enjoyable.  Thanks for visiting!

Aug 9, 2013

Show me the pictures

Good day to you.  Thank you so much for the encouraging comments!  The majority of stitchers do their own thing and that's good.  My sister in law always rolled her eyes when I pulled out a wrinkled piece of linen, rolled and scrunched to work in hand, from an open top canvas bag with Dove wrappers in the bottom.  "Don't look Pat"!!!  "It's like an accident", she would say, "you shouldn't look but you can't turn away".  I loved my Proper Pat.  I miss her.  And I'm glad that there are a few Proper Pats around to scold once in a while.  Makes me feel like a naughty girl and at 62, that's refreshing!  Thank you all again.
The older I get, taking more time to reach a goal seems unnecessary and I'm always looking for shortcuts.   For instance, this book.

A wealth of information but I don't want to take the time to read about quilting, crewel, needlepoint, tatting, and all the other early needlework. I want pictures. Not black and white little ones, big colorful close-ups. This book is old, stamped with a library stamp, yellowed pages, some with small tears. I don't want it. Give it back to the library? Will someone buy it again?
Before I forget, Yankee Candle has a BOGO sale on large jars/tumblers right now online. Great deal! Coupon code TREAT through 8/11. Stock up for Christmas gifts.
To make you feel good about your homes being a little disorderly....
But the installation of the floor in both rooms is now complete. Most of it is covered with the upside down carpet strips to prevent stains. I still would prefer not to sand and we need to get the areas stained and finished quickly. 
I have four of these very sturdy bentwood stools and they will be replaced with two of something more colonial.

And looky looky!  I've been feeding these two warriors closer and closer together.  Torrential rains and really smelly canned food led them both to a makeshift shelter.  Harmony!  Briefly anyway.
I had my contractor cut new tags for me since I still can't find the others.  They need sanded and stained but at least I know where they are.  Today - not sure about tomorrow.  And the new bean string is turning lighter each day.  I have no idea why and I wish I knew which local farm they came from. 
Rite-Aid had Dove on sale this week so I stocked up again.  Now I need to hide the bags from myself which is a thinly veiled attempt at control, because I have to make a note of where I hide them or I will forget, and in case I lose the note, it's best to hide them in plain sight. 
Thanks for visiting!  Have a wonderful and safe weekend.

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