Sep 30, 2015

The pants dance

Hello folks.  Enjoying the Fall weather?  Our beautiful week is over and dreary rain has moved in along with chilly temperatures.  October.  What a bitch.  Anyway, I've decided to keep at Sally which isn't that far from completion.  Foolish to quit now, but I plan to work on a smaller project at the same time and trade off.  I'm a one project to completion stitcher but I did take a short break for a small recently and I handled it better than expected.  What I expected was to continue finding smalls in order to avoid going back to the large.  So now I'll try the small one evening, and the large the next and see how that goes, afraid to put Sally aside completely. 
I forgot to mention that the day we came home from the car exchange, the lamps flickered for a moment, and shortly after I smelled my mom.  Distinctly.  She never really wore perfume but always had a lovely scent which was unmistakably hers.  I felt my parents telling me they were pleased.  And here we go with the weepies again.  I do have her Evening in Paris talc, still full, and for some reason cannot locate the little blue cologne bottle.  For decades they sat on her dresser, even when we brought her here, and I've kept them together ever since.  But it's gone.  My mom always saved things "for good", as did my grandmother, thinking they may never be replaced.  Neither had any spare money to spend on themselves, whatever little they had went for the children's needs.  I inherited that "save it for good" philosophy unfortunately, and also their lack of money for replacements.
Most of you are probably smarter than I am and sit down to put on your pants.  I do the pants dance.  Standing, right leg in first and then I raise the left, expecting it to easily enter the leg opening as it did all those prior years of youth when hormones were plentiful and limbs were limber.  Sometimes it makes the leg opening, most times it doesn't.  This starts the pants dance.  Hopping on the right leg trying to keep balance, hunched over and holding onto the pants, tapping the left foot on the floor after every failure. I really get a good rhythm going.  This dance move has me hopping and tapping while my body continues moving to the right until a wall intervenes.  This is my own style of hip-hop.  Why the hell don't I give in and sit down? 
Maybe next month.
Have a great week and thanks for visiting.

Sep 29, 2015

The never ending sampler

I think we've all had at least one. 
 Whether it's boredom, a slump, continual errors, or a chore to stitch, some projects we want to be over just drag on.  Sally Fiske is an easy stitch, but I am so tired of needing to complete her, that it has become a necessary chore during a slump.  Double whammy.  Add to that being a crabass and it's a triple whammy.  Even though I am not feeling the love for the needle, Ann Spence 1801 in all her large glory, is on my mind.  Why would I ever consider another large project right now? Christmas projects may be a better choice. 
Bitchy for me is being nasty about a situation, crabby is being displeased and complaining about everything.  So naturally my stitching is affected too.  I think the car, kitchen, and computer are contributors.  The Windows CD is coming tomorrow and I will install the new hard drive too.  My car left yesterday and Carole is thrilled, filling it with Il Divo's magnificent music.  For me, I hate the new one.  No open trays or storage, very cramped.  My purse went on the passenger floor which left Mark with very little room.  If I bought instead of leased, I would have the option to change.  So I ate a tray of Keebler's Pecan Sandies and a bag of cashews.  So far.  What right do I have to be crabby about trivial things when so many are dealing with real issues?  The refugee situation is so heartbreaking and then what do I also think about?  The thousands of dogs and pets that were left behind to suffer.  I remember many years ago, watching the videos of people fleeing on trains and their dogs running alongside trying desperately to keep up but ultimately left behind.  So in addition to crabby, I'm also very emotional.  Who isn't??  Snap out of it!  Now that I wrote it down, maybe when I read it I will wise up. 

Still waiting for Dominic's final work but we decided to install the new dishwasher before the custom panel for its door is finished.  That metal contraption can break your arm if you're not careful.  Without the weight of the door panel, it won't stay open to load and snaps shut like a shark's jaw.  Bud got a new box from it.  He was ill from bites (Yellow Cat) and the infection is almost gone.  We are setting up the condos in the garage where their food will be dry and they will be safe all night.  Nitzy and Missy are actually going in there to eat which is a huge step.  Mark just checked on them and found Yellow Cat in the garage eating their food while they surrounded him with hair on end.
I just saw an ad on TV for Menopause the Musical play.  What's to sing about?  Did you ever break into song during the moods, flashes, weepies, nasties, and don't-touch-me moments?  I've yelled and screamed but never in tune.
Thanks for visiting.

Sep 27, 2015


Damn.  I double checked it all and the chart was fine - until I saw it posted.  If you made a copy of either, do it again please.  The pumpkin was missing a few stitches and the word moon was not over enough.  Sorry!

Sep 26, 2015

October Moon x 2

Both charts are posted under the FREE tab.  I stitched the smaller one and although the bird would look great in wool, it was a little too detailed for me to fuss with it right now.   Hope you like it.


Sep 25, 2015


Greetings folks.  Worked on the smaller of the two charts and thought I might include some wool as many have been doing.  Instead of stitching the crow, I added black wool to try my hand at applique.  My first cut out isn't that great but I'll resize the chart in the copier and get a better outline. 
Here's what the piece looks like on unbleached linen with the wool.  Not sure which color thread to use, dark gold or black.  I still may stitch him but I really don't want to.  Yes, my desire to stitch is continuing to erode.  The larger design has "moon" down the right side with another larger pumpkin.  All I have to do is list the colors and symbols so it will definitely be ready by Sunday, maybe tomorrow. 
We stopped at Agway for Indian corn and holy crap.  Look at the size of this new hybrid!  The cob itself is 14" and they are much bigger than any I've ever seen.  Will wire them together for the front door which right now has the long neck gourds displayed. 
 Patti and I always joked that it looks like House of Gonads.  Since my neighbors don't get the primitive style and have no idea what's hanging on my door, I can see their interpretation.  Best remove them and hang the corn.  Wonder what they will think those giants represent.
That's all folks.  Will post the 2 charts this weekend and I'm sorry about the delay. 
 Have a great weekend.


Sep 23, 2015

What the hell day is it?

Geez.  This isn't an October moon, it's a menomoon.  What happened?  This mood is new and dark, like I'm in a Bette Davis movie, sometimes Baby Jane and sometimes Sweet Charlotte. 

Between that and having the dizziness problem again, I haven't completed the chart.  Just the fricking moon on the fourth attempt.  I may just do the vine and a few leaf colors which would give you a good idea of the colors and such, and all may be for naught because you may not even like it.  I only took 1/4 of the Antivert so hopefully I will be able to stitch this evening. 
Tomorrow is my last day with my car and I'm hoping I'll be OK to drive.  My sister can't wait to get it and I will miss it so. I love that car, the liftgate window that opens, the comfort, the visibility.  The car I asked "what idiot would be seen in that color", and then bought two weeks and 57 hot flashes later, the car that allowed me to find it in the lots without missing a beat when rushing home to take care of mom, the car I took her to all her appointments in, for ice cream, the car I drove to her funeral.  Oh here we go!  Now the weepies are starting.  What the hell!!!!  Anyway, as expected, I leased the sunset color Escape with the chrome package that will be in tomorrow.  And as we passed the pearl white Forester on the road this morning, I had regrets.  Expected.  Nothing new.  Just the pattern of a person who lacks decisiveness.  That's why I asked for a six month lease but the shortest they offered was two years.  He snickered a little so I messed up papers on the bastard's desk when he left for a moment.
In other mundane news, no calls have been returned about computer repair so I am still cussing like a sailor (which I think is an insult to our Navy) every time I have to hit a key four times to register on the old one.  My sister is driving me nuts about the registration and plate transfer, new insurance, and basics of a car trade that she should be doing on her own.  My brother had to say goodbye to the kitten with the bad leg as it left for a shelter in Erie.  He took such good care of him for over two weeks and has always kept the stray that is "not right" for fear of others' abuse.  His Peanut was relentless in attacking and hurting this little guy so he had no choice.  My cousin in MN has progressed greatly in her dementia and may have to leave the wonderful facility and move to a mental facility.  So sad and upsetting.  So while Mark is golfing I will make a cup of coffee and relax outside.  Not in the swing though, I'm dizzy enough.  I bought mums to replace the summer flowers but they don't fool me.  My season is over and I'm crabby as hell.  Maybe a bad case of crabass sent me into the Bette roles. 
Enjoy your day
Thanks for putting up with me.

Sep 20, 2015


Hello hello.  Unexpected happenings so the chart will be a little late.  I've also decided to stitch it first and correct errors.  Already did once and changed the moon and its colors.  I'll work on it this evening and have it for you Tuesday.  Promises, promises. 
Budman with the Bubble Gum petunia.
Patti LOVED fall decorating and white pumpkins.  These two items were hers, my little slice of Primitive Patti.  Hard to believe it's been months since her passing.
Have you ever seen a fawn growing antlers?  A fawn!!  He just lost his spots and he's sprouting on that sweet little head.
My landscaper will be back in a few weeks.  Since you enjoyed the view, I'll get one without his hat.  We've used his company for years and joke around, very nice guy.  I told him there was a contest between bloggers for the best looking landscaper and after accusing me of pimping him out, he laughed and agreed to pose.  I'll admit to him I just wanted to show him off.
Have a great day!
Be back in a few.

Sep 16, 2015

What's up?

Greetings folks.  Not having computer access whenever you want it has created more free time.  Amazing how much time we spend on devices, and I'm still in the dark ages without a cell phone. 
Anyway, while I was watching Raymond reruns, I worked up a design for Fall, don't want to stitch it, but thought you might.  I enjoy charting something different but if it's not a sampler or santa I just don't want it.  That's why I gave away all my pears.  I pictured a bright moon and leaves on a very dark linen.  It needs a little tweaking and when I pulled colors, I chose bright autumn.
Too much?  Bright leaves, bright moon, bright pumpkins, all else black.  There won't be a model to view and if you like it and want to stitch it, your fabric could be a blank canvas for your favorite fall shades.  I'll have it for you over the weekend.  I have no idea why I enjoy charting but not the result.  Odd duck ain't I?  It's like inventing a recipe without cooking it - could be good, could be yucko. 
So what else have I been up to? 
Stuffing hot peppers with cooked sausage and rice for the freezer.  The peppers come out better if I leave them raw, and I add the spaghetti sauce when I bake them.
A little bird watching.
And some landscaper watching.

For two days.
No car decision.  No computer repair.  Hope to resolve those issues soon.  Sure I will.
Missing a lot of posts and updates, but not the crap on Facebook.  Ever since Harry Reid admitted to CNN that he lied on the Senate floor about Romney and Koch, I have'd and'd everything I've seen.  Was surprised that more than half of the posts are fabricated or distorted.  More surprised at the number of people that pass it on and never check the facts.  That, I do not miss. 
If you'd like to take a shot at the untested chart, check back this weekend.
Hope you're having a nice week!

Sep 12, 2015

Oh that vase

Hello people  The old computer is fired up and running right now so I thought I would bitch a little.  More.  But I also want to thank you for your help in my color decision.  Valid points! 
The color matches 783 and yes I use that thread!  Yes I have doubts about the longevity of its appeal.  Yes I want to find it in the parking lot.  Yes I am tired of the drab colors filling the roadways.  Yes the hesitation means I have doubts.  Yes I do love that spark.  So today, this day, for these hours, I'm getting a white Subaru.  My salesman asked if there is a menopause manual for men. 
How many times can I screw up a vase?  Anyone?  The only thing correct is the spaces between it and the tree.  The handles were low.  The vase height was wrong.  The handles didn't match.  Now the vase is too high.  I've decided to remove the top row of blue and leave it as one line instead of two.  The rust color needs to go across the top and once again, the handle is off.  They should be one row above the vase rim and right now they are even.  Well one is.  The other is on hiatus again.  It's not coming back until the vase is filled and I know exactly where it goes.  I doubt the linen can take any more stitch removal.
Today was Antiques in the Woods at the Shaker Woods grounds.  It was so freaking cold I had two jackets on and was still freezing. 
 Not sure if the weather or the Porta Potty from hell was worse.  I have claustrophobia.  When I shut door, the tiny mirror at head height startled me.  Wasn't expecting to see a face.  If I was 20# heavier I doubt I would have fit and my knees on these long legs were an inch from the door.  The slide bolt to keep the door shut and let others know it's occupied was really tight.  What if I can't get it back open?  I will panic in an instant.  Plastic everything and I had to wonder if it would hold my weight while I pulled myself up, or would I pull that door off its plastic hinges.  But wait, where do I grab?  Good grief how will I get off this thing?  Could I push down on the paper holder without breaking it off?  Which would be worse?  Breaking a plastic crapper or screaming for someone to lift an old lady off the pot? Thankfully it didn't break.  The show was not as good as prior years and I found a small wall box for $21 that I just paid $35 for at James Creek.  Same maker.  I purchased an old piece of wood to make into a sign and a short garland of some sort of hard hickeythings.  Stopped at Jimmy's (Italian store) on the way home. 
Came home to the turkey clan, growing, but still very small for this season.  Blustery winds, more like late October, and the furnace is on in my house. This was the first year for it to run in late June and now early September.
If I have the gumption, I will go to Staples tomorrow and see what can be done to save the computer files.  I have the first two disks of backup but since it wouldn't complete the task, there may not be anything usable.  I would consider a Mac if I was willing to spend that much but just can't right now.
This laptop is starting to get hot so I better stop.  Enjoy your weekend and stay safe.
Thanks for visiting.


Sep 10, 2015

Before the old one croaks...

no, not me.  The other old computer that is hanging on by a thread.  Haven't worked on replacement yet because I have too many things that require decisions and I can only do one at a time.  The biggest?  The vehicle.  I need your opinion, yes or no, would you drive this car?  It glows in the dark.  It looks like an 18K gold bar dipped in orange juice.  I like it some days, others not so much.  Since I can't return it, my mood at the moment will make a decision that I may regret.  Not one salesman at five dealers had anything nice to say about the color other than "unique".  What say you?

Sep 9, 2015

Another one bites the dust

Laptops.  Damn.  I can't believe another hard drive died.  All I do is browse, shop, blog, and email.  This Dell refused to complete backup/restore the last several months so I've lost my patterns, contacts, and photos.  Between that and summer's end, I'm as crabby as can be.  I indulged in one of my favorite comfort snacks, cinnamon/sugar toast.  Lightly toasted, smeared with butter, loaded with cinnamon sugar.  I don't know when to stop so comfort became uncomfortable according to my waistband.
Let's see.... then there's the rash/poison ivy that is driving me nuts along with flea bites.  I have a tremendous reaction to them and Mark has not one bite.  But of course, no doctor can see me for a few months.  By then my hands, feet, and ankles should be healed from the bites and scratches left by three ungrateful cats.  Another round of hit and miss flea meds.  When I snipped the top off the vial, it squirted onto my shirt and a drop flew into my eye.  No ill effects.  Let's brother found another indoor kitten that someone threw away (or out) with a damaged hip/back leg.  Of course, no agency would take it, most wouldn't call back, the shelter as usual refused another cat, and his three are chasing it.  All of his were strays with problems, just like mine.  He finally found a woman that deals with Erie PA shelters (about 2 hours from here) that will help in a few weeks. The fourth kitten she was taking in after rescuing them from the hot pavement at a mall, died, so she has an opening for this little guy.  So friendly, so playful, uses the litter box, about 6 months old.  I am so tired of having local agencies that never ever help with strays.  We don't have one vet office that helps them with reduced costs either.   And finally...."did you get a car yet?" is asked every day by both siblings.  NO!!!  Dammit.  It's hard to spend that kind of money or make a decision on something you really don't want or like.  I think the only solution is getting her a lease, but she doesn't want a small car.  Her back problems, you know.  Can you tell I'm not in a good mood?   My emails on the tablet are labeled in categories and GMail needs it's own app - won't come through my other account like on the computer.  I have no idea what I'm missing currently, anything prior to today is lost forever, so if I was to reply, it ain't coming.  Sorry. 
It's time for a trip to the basement where the Dove is stored.  AND.....speaking of the basement.  Our electric bill has risen dramatically in recent months.  Bumping our heads trying to figure out why and finally remembered that we changed the pressure switch on our water tank from the well.  That wouldn't do it but the dates were lining up.  For some reason, the ballast in the tank deflated and the well pump was running for every drop of water.  He put the tire gauge on the valve - nothing.  So we pumped the air in and inflated the ballast to the proper pressure and now it's back to normal.  Who would have thought?  So glad we found the problem.
Sorry for the crappy post.  I won't be back for a while and don't know if I will replace the hard drive or get a new Windows 10 machine.  Until then, stay safe and enjoy your stitching.  Make some cinnamon sugar toast and a cup of tea.  Fall is coming.  Dammit.

Sep 6, 2015

It's over!

Hello people.  Labor Day.  The holiday that I associate with summer's end.  I will be sticking around the house whining.  Hoping you will be participating in whatever you choose for the day. 
I am drug sensitive.  Doctors don't believe me and think it's a fallacy.  I knew the loss of balance with dizziness was coming on so I took less than one half of a 25 mg. Meclizine (Antivert).  I can not function, wake up, concentrate and this is day two.  Normally I am groggy for a day and get over it but the last two times have had prolonged effects.  When I had a biopsy that took 20 minutes, I was out for hours after the "conscious sedation".  One OTC Benadryl tablet knocks me out too.  Two days of antibiotics and I am doing the seated cha-cha (yeast infection). I think they better start believing me!
Progress is still slow on Sally's house and honestly, I have not been in the mood to stitch for some time now.  I am moving forward, but I am losing interest.  So why the hell am I still seeing charts and wanting to purchase them?  I made an error on the lower windows and front door because I was not paying attention to the chart.  Once I get the pattern in my head, I assume the rest is the same but this is so not true in reproductions.  The windows flanking the front door are to be one stitch narrower than the rest and I failed to check that, so instead, mine are the full width of the others.  Instead of removing those stitches, I took two stitches from the door's width to keep the design around it the same as the chart.  This messed up the over 4 rice stitch at the entrance (green) so I only did rice at the edges.  I also thought the X's (to signify rice) meant to use the color assigned to that symbol (DMC 3371) and had to remove it all. 
I have another kitcheny thing to show you.  When we had the standard sink base we had the tip-out trays behind the false fronts at the top.  Since we no longer have that style, we installed the thin, removable and washable trays inside the doors.  Very handy and thin enough to not interfere with the doors.  They are low cut and don't hold a lot, but having the brushes and scrubbies handy is nice.
And in all the years of gardens, we have never had the fawns eat the large zucchini leaves and also the zucchini themselves.  So surprised to find them inside the fence since the rest of the garden was terminated by them months ago.  The plants covered this area and we had three zukes left before this.
That's it folks.  Hope you're enjoying the long weekend. 
Thanks for visiting.

Sep 1, 2015

The sink base

Hello people.   It's been a while since I bored you with kitchen stuff so I thought it was about time to do it again. 
Not sure if I showed you the finished sink base.  It was a standard base until we easily modified it to accept the soapstone farm sink. 
This color is SW's Curio Gray, an old historic color that they still have in their fan deck.

 The other cabinets are a little lighter and very neutral.  Behr's Riviera Beach.  I did a dark Minwax walnut stain on the edges, then a coat of dark cranberry.  You can see the red through the chips and the stain on the edges.  The same stain that covered me and half the kitchen a few days ago.
We went to Volant for Amish farm goods and stopped at the antique shop and James Creek.  I found this 8" wide x 34" old wooden oven peel.  The tapered end is delicate and so very thin from use.  I needed something long and narrow for the side of the fridge and this is perfect. 

James Creek looked very nice, better than a month ago, and the shop was filled with Fall colors.  Since Homespun Weavers have changed to a more limited and modern line of wovens, I grabbed several small pieces at 40% off.  When she told me a month ago that the colonial lines were discontinued, I should have grabbed the larger cloths then.   
We stopped in River's Edge to see Wendy (Judy), who worked at JC for many years and was a joy to visit with.  I have always called her Judy since that's exactly what she looks like to me.  A Judy. 
And speaking of discontinued, I'm sure you've all heard by now that Sampler & Antique Needlework Quarterly is finished.  The fall issue was its last.  I just renewed for two years.
That's it.  Still car shopping, narrowed down to another Escape or Subaru Forester.  The Escape comes in a wild gold called Electric Spice.  That may be the deciding factor since I am used to, and want, a car easily seen in the parking lots.  I've helped many elderly folks that I found roaming the lots find their vehicles and am not ready to become one of them.
Have a good week.
Thanks for visiting.
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