Nov 30, 2012

Oh my

Hello to everyone on a sunny Friday.  Holy crap.  Thank you thank you!  I certainly did not expect the response I've received and I'm so loaded with emails in addition to comment sales that my head is spinning.  Please give me a day or two to sort it all out for sales and requests.  I will email all buyers with their box #'s and ask for payment choice, either check or Paypal and your zip code.  Paypal users will be sent an invoice to make it easier.  I hope to have everything completed and packed for weighing so I can give you combined shipping this weekend.  I'm not sure if the repaired computer was the problem or Blogger had a hiccup, but I had one heck of a time staying logged in, comments weren't allowed even though the settings were correct, the deleted old comments from the March sale showed up again which made it look like boxes were already sold at 7, and several other issues.  Guess what?  Etsy.  I may raise the price a buck or less to pay their fees, but it would be so much easier.  And Karen (#1 and #7), please send me your email address.  You are "no-reply" so I can't reach you.  And Penny - you asked for #21 - I can't reach you either.
I need to get busy and make a few more boxes before packing so I won't be getting much stitching done.  I did do a quick design for the Christmas pear, not as involved as the design I lost, and hope to have it stitched for you Sunday.  
Thank you again.  I'm a little stunned, which is not one of the menomotions (menopausal emotion) I encounter often.  I can't tell you how much you all mean to me, by reading and following my blog, helping me with stitching issues, listening to my menorants, and encouraging me with your support.  Just know that you've made a world of difference in many ways and I am grateful and thankful for all of you.
Talk to you soon.

Nov 29, 2012

Box sale is on

Hi everyone.  Major issue with Blogger.  I deleted all the old comments from prior sales on that page, and they showed up again.  I had to delete each one again and now it's working fine.  Sorry for the problems. 

Nov 28, 2012

A few more boxes and the Beale finish

Greetings!  Hope everyone is doing well.  First off, the finish.
, If you decide to do this chart, they are a several errors but easily figured out.  One that I didn't see until it was too late is the top of the lion's mane.  There should be a green stitch to the right of the left ear as on the other side.  I followed the chart and after checking the photo, realized the error but it's staying. So now what?  The chart shows the  finish with a pleated ruffle and covered button in the center.  I would really like to create that soft, sensual, plump, curved shape that I love so much.  The donut.  Something tells me I will be purchasing a few tomorrow.  I don't know who invented it, but God bless them.  I really need to think about how to sew this because I would like the center open.  I'll probably be reinforcing with mylar to hold the shape without a lot of bulky fill.
The bottom area where the stitcher's name should be worked out nicely with two larger words.  There weren't many appropriate five letter words to balance with peace and I thought unity worked with the lion/lamb. 

 I chose three fabrics for the backing until I realized (about 30 seconds ago) that I would prefer velvet.  Piping would be nice too, but I have to wait until the frustrations from technology calm down.  This will certainly test my patience and I don't want to take any chances.
Remember no way Hannah Way?  She was lost for a long while but I found her the other day.  But what's next is designing the Christmas Pear and getting it stitched in a day or two.  Too much going on at one time!  I added this 4", 6", tall oval, and set of 3 to the box page.  Thursday will be the day for purchases and I'm listing the photos ahead of the sale because many of you wrote to say you've missed out before.  I can't take orders because I've had problems with availability, especially the 5".  I was planning on Thursday at noon, but they changed my injection and testing to 10:45 so I'm not sure if I will be home by noon.  I better say 7pm to be fair, just in case there is a problem, and I will open the comments to include anonymous readers for the sale.
Right now I better get out the graph paper and try to remember the pear design, or maybe just start over.
Have a great day tomorrow, stay safe, stitch happy.
Thank you all for everything.

Nov 27, 2012

The good mood is fading fast

Good day all.  Good mood - not so much.  I have wasted 4 solid days with labels.  Some were printed out months ago but the majority that I lost or transferred have been frustrating.  The colors are printing in awful hues when sent from the new computer.  I've wasted over $50 in ink and half a ream of card stock trying to correct the mess.  I'm done.  I have more blanks but I put them away.  If you are interested, check the Sampler Box page under my header.  I will open comments on that page for sales Thursday morning.  I may do more, but I really need to cool off.  The new tall oval is what I am interested in working with.  I would like to do strawberries for the top with simple alpha labels.  The photos were coming out weird when downloaded to the computer, Blogger wouldn't let me upload to post, and Picasa rejected half of them.  AUGH!!!  Some of the photos are a little off in color so if you would like another, just email and I'll take a few more.
 On top of it all, this is what I've been seeing in the mornings.  White crap.  And I was reminded of another reason I hate winter.  I'm nice and warm, a flash comes along and I become soaked, then I'm chilled.  Being wet in the summer temps doesn't cause a problem like the stupid fricking rotten frigid temps of winter.  But surprisingly, my mood really hasn't returned to the snarky wild woman my family knows well.  Really?  Anyway, I'm tired and going outside to burn a lot of paper and card stock, come in to a cup of coffee, and finally sit down to finish my wreath.  I'm glad I chose this design instead of another santa.  Love it.  I can also catch up on blogs which except for three or four, I haven't read for days.  Oh!  I have to work up the Sampler Pear design that was lost and stitch it before December 1.  Maybe tomorrow.  Tonight it's just me and Mary Beale.
Hope you survived the shopping weekend.  Thank you for taking time to visit and stay safe. 
Talk to you soon.

Nov 23, 2012

Silk winner!

Hi everyone.  Hope your Thanksgiving was enjoyable.  The winner drawn for the silk thread is Carol from Stitching Dreams.  Many times in the previous giveaways the winner did not have a blog, but Carol sure does!  I'm sure you're all familiar with her fabulous monthly bowl of ornaments and wonderful finishing ideas.  Thank you all for participating.  I didn't remember until this evening that I had changed my settings to not allow anonymous comments and I apologize for that.  I am loaded with spam daily and it was getting to be too much. 
Not much stitching happening because I've been busy with boxes.
I plan to have them all finished this week but there are so many I may have to do it through Etsy.  Otherwise, it may be too confusing.  The remaining sets of 3 will be available here but probably not the individual boxes.  I plan on stitching right now and relaxing the rest of the evening.  It turned very cold and s*** is predicted.  Can you hear my good mood shattering???
Thanks for visiting and to all who participated.  Hope to be back with the wreath finish in a few days.
Stay safe and happy stitching.

Nov 21, 2012

Face off

Hello world.  I'm still in a good mood.  Has the earth shifted on its axis?  Geez.  The sun is once again gracing my area with a beautiful day and warmth.  Aside from finding more outdoor chores to take advantage of the weather, I found a few more box sets, and returned the smaller ones.  Well constructed, but I wasn't pleased with the size.  Shipping to and from was more than the boxes!  These may be the last of the sets and I will probably be offering them next week as orders. 
Now for stitching.  I wasted the entire evening on the angel's upper body.  There are lines of gold in the dress that didn't make sense (to me) so I removed them and will just keep the straight line down the center bodice.  But I'm also having problems with the face.  Charted would look something like the left, and my changes are on the right.  She made end up somewhere in the middle.


This is my method for trying a design change before stitching.  I use graph paper that is the same size or an uncharted area of the original, and lay out the stitches.  Then I position it over the area to see how it would look.  Decision time is near.
Do I like the smaller letters with four words, or the same size letter as the other areas and just one word?  I'm thinking one.  The other side could be Unity, or Love.  After last night, I'm anxious to get this completed.  Her charts are hard for me to read and I had a heck of a time and had to remove the bodice several times before changing it.  Following details in a small area has always been difficult for me, even with multicolored highlighters, but when I can't seem to make sense of the placement, I just spin my wheels.
After the dentist this morning I stopped at the antique shop and found a few more pewter pieces and decided to bring this home with me.  It's been there for quite a while and had a bunch of horns and hunting gear in it.  I emptied it all out and really need to clean it.  My FIL's house had several of these nail kegs filled with old rusty nails but I couldn't lift them and certainly couldn't use my hands to remove the contents. 
I'm still having a few computer issues and Jamie, thank you for the great suggestion.  I never thought to just run down the blog list of ones I follow!  Here's something I can't figure out.  I have always clicked on your name from your comments and I am taken to your profile page.  I can't email, follow, comment, or see any posts.  I've tried everything and even searched under your blog name and nothing comes up.  Is it because you are Google+ or something?  Just wanted to say thanks for the great idea, but you are no-reply and I can't get to your blog!!  So I'll thank you here.
Have a great Thanksgiving everyone.  I'll be back Friday with the silk floss winner.  Stay safe!

Nov 20, 2012

Cloves and comments

Greetings!  First off - answers to several emails about studding pears. I buy my cloves in small bottles at my local grocery.  The name is Spice Supreme and you can find them online by searching Spice Supreme Whole Cloves.  To make it easier, I'll give the link to one online grocery company where you can order these.  You may need three jars since they reduced the size again to 1.75 ounces, but maybe two is enough for one large pear.  Many have the heads missing which is common unless you order the top quality super pricey.  Those cloves are used on the pear's bottom and I also keep them in a bowl which the pomanders sit in since they are just for decoration.  I only use Bosc pears (or oranges and lemons) and I don't coat with spices.  If you want to, don't until it's completely dried.  The other thing I wanted to mention is if you are asking a question, I'm more than happy to reply. Except you may not realize when commenting or clicking to email, your Blogger settings apply.  Here's two ways to change that if you would like.  First - if you want your comments/emails available for replies, click on your name in the top right corner of the dashboard, then click Blogger Profile (or just go to your Profile page).  When the page opens, click the orange Edit Profile on the top right.  Check Show my email address.  Make sure you hit Save at the bottom. That's it!  Another way to have your email available in your profile - click your name, then Account Settings. Click Edit profile directly under your name, then Change contact settings, check Allow for email/messages from your profile page. Since we're talking computers, the tech came and I'm really happy with him. I have a clean slate, no additional programs, and none of my files could be recovered.  My fault since I tried a recovery disc when he failed to show for the first appointment. Pear charts are lost, all Favorites, photos, blogs, emails, scans and labels.  I may still change Mr. Smarty pain-in-the-pants 7 to Vista.  A very simple trick he showed me to correct the viewing size of blogs and webpages.  You probably know this but I'll tell you anyway.  On your Menu bar at the top, click View, go to Zoom, and make sure it is 100% or increase to whatever % you want.  It stays that way!  No menu bar?  Right click the very top and check Menu Bar.  Now that it's over, again, I'm sorry if I missed a request, failed to post your finished Pear photos, or haven't visited your blog.  It will take a very long while to build up my bookmarks again.  I relied on those easy clicks and can't possible remember all the blog names - I stored hundreds!
Here's the link to the cloves - sorry - got off track.
You can find them in bulk on Amazon and other sites too.
I did get a little stitching time and need to decide on what to have in the bottom vines.  It is charted for your name on the left, and "her work" on the right.  I don't like to have pieces other than samplers with names and it would be a difficult fit anyway.  Because of the lamb and lion at the bottom, I'd like to use Peace, so maybe Peace Love on one side, and Unity Hope on the other.  Same amount of letters so it should balance and fit.  Well I'm glad that just popped into my head because I've been wracking the brain for a while and couldn't come up with anything!  
I hope those of you that celebrate Thanksgiving have a wonderful day with family and friends.  There will only be a few of us, which means - more pie per person!!!
Thanks for visiting - stay safe!

Nov 18, 2012

Look what I got!

Hello people!  The sun is still shining and the tech kid is coming this afternoon.  Thought I better do a post to let you know.  The next post, whenever it may be, could be from my yard while sitting in broken glass.  Nah.  I'm still in a good mood.  Yesterday, Mark took me to various shops we never visited before, all a disappointment, and I yakked the whole way.  Never shut up.  He just kept looking over at me and saying "uh-huh".  When we came home, look what I found in my mailbox.
I absolutely love it!  Loraine from Sew Be It won the pink giveaway and made this for me.  Because of my computer problems I haven't been visiting blogs and didn't see her photos of the others until today.  Aren't they fabulous?  Thank you so much Loraine!  It's now in a bowl of gourds and walnuts but I really like it against the black plate too.
Here's my meager stitching progress.  My brain is already trying to process the task of making this into a wreath.  The pattern has a button in the center, but I'm removing the center to make a wreath. 
Anyone that is drying pears with me - here's mine.  Already hardened and almost completely dried.  These were more ripe when I studded than usual and they dried faster than ever.  Not sure if that was the reason, but I found a few more nicely shaped (taller and thinner) to work on this week.  Hmmmm.   Maybe one of these would be a nice offering?  Better yet - get the damn programs back to what I understand so I can redo the pear charts!
That's it!  I'm hoping this young man techie knows what he's doing.  Lots of horror stories out there about computer repair.  I'm going to have him work on this one - my only one left - to change the OS so if you don't hear from me for a while, you'll know why!
Enjoy your Sunday, stay safe, a big welcome to new followers, and happy stitching!
Thank you for visiting!

Nov 16, 2012

What a difference a day makes

Greetings!  I just wanted to tell you something that is a little different.  I'm in a good mood.  Really.  The tech never showed or called, my computer is gone, no recovery yet, but I did make an apple pie and eat half of it last night.  That's when the euphoria started.  I'm sure the pie wasn't the reason and I'm assuming it's just the other side of the menopausal mountain.  Maybe looking at things in another light helps too.  For instance - my loss of all emails, contacts, files, and photos is something that a few generals and the CIA would have given anything for.  Yet it happened to little ole me instead of a few powerful men!  It's all in the way we view events.  So I'm sharing my good mood with you in a little offering.
 These are 66 five meter skeins of YLI silk floss, a few opened, but the majority are not.  I rarely stitch over one or on higher linen counts and won't ever use these.  Not a popular brand, but they are very old and maybe not even available.  Regardless, if you're interested, please leave a comment on this post only, and I will receive them through Mr. Smarty Pants 7.  I plan on giving it a week and then either upgrading to 8 or downgrading to Vista.  Changing the font's size for viewing in Control Panel's Display didn't seem to help with internet sites.  I found a little trick online that helps a great deal.  Hitting the control button along with the + will enlarge the page I'm viewing and using control with - will reduce it.  There's already chocolate smears on the control key so it must be getting a lot of use.   I haven't been stitching since I've been fiddling with the laptops but hope to this evening. The sun is shining, I have half of a pie, a bag of chocolates, and a lot of work to do on labels.  A lot.  But work is good for the soul and being able to do it is a blessing.
Please leave a comment ONLY if you are interested in the floss.  A name will be drawn in one week on Friday the 23rd at 8pm.  Thanks for visiting!

Nov 15, 2012

I am woman, hear me whine

Hi everyone.  Hope you're all doing well.  Several things happening here that have me snarky.  One is the wrist, which was healed and doing well!  The other day...boom.  Worse than ever for no apparent reason.  But what has me even more ticked is the computer crash.  Complete and absolute with no chance of being healed.  Unfortunately, I was almost done with all the new labels after many hours of work over several days, and it failed before the backup.  I lost all recent photos, all emails, the new labels, and the next four pear designs.  Charted, not printed, and not stitched.  
This was to be January's and it's all I have left.  If I can recall the Christmas Pear and stitch it in time, I would rather offer that one first.  A tech is coming this evening to attempt file recovery but the HDD is gone for good so it may not be possible. 

We're still doing chores that are interfering with my bench and floss box being built.  One that was not planned and I thought would not take long, was removing the 5 outdoor lights which had faded to a light gray, and repainting.  Wrong.  Took much longer than I expected, but now they show up nicely instead of blending in.  And of course, I'm tired of them and would like something else, but these puppies were costly.  That's why I prefer to buy cheap.  For as often as I change my mind or tire of items, it allows me to give things away instead of holding on because of the loss.
I'm on the Windows 7 and really can't get used to it.  The display is either huge or tiny, the colors are masked by the stupid filter, and my printer will still not work even though the correct driver is installed.  The preview of my post is tiny and I can't get the Papyrus font to show.  Why?  Because it's not installed!  I have to go to those wonderful free font sites and download all my favorites that Mr. 7 doesn't include.  And everything has a pink cast!  I don't understand why I can't open a window from the top tab, why all of a sudden the entire page changes size, and so many other bugs.  Hitting the backspace key wiped out the whole post.  I really dislike it.   I am woman, hear me whine.  I wanted a Galaxy Note or Tab in the 10" but it looks like the $$$ will be going for this crash and attempt at file recovery. 
You know, for a woman that constantly changes, you would think that the program changes would be welcomed. If I had my way, I'd still be using XP!!!  This tech will be sorry he came to my door because I'm asking him to change everything that bugs me. 
So that's all I have and I'm sorry about losing my mail.  If you had requested a box or I was planning to email you with updates, I may ask you to do so again if he can't recover my files.  Ditto with any questions that I haven't answered.   We'll know tonight! 
Thanks for visiting, stay safe, talk to you soon.  And uh.....say a prayer for the tech.

Nov 11, 2012

Sudberry tray, a table, trees, and frogs

Hello all you wonderful people taking the time to visit with me.  Hope all is well.  My computer died yesterday, blue screen and all, then resurrected with a crazy beeping sound.  Maybe this is why I'm having problems printing.  Still unable to comment the majority of the time, but I think the new router is the culprit since it's claiming I'm offline even though I'm not. I have to make sure all my labels are saved so I'm thankful it's back on.  If you are interested in the Sudberry tray I showed a while back, click on the "for sale" page under the header.  Sorry-sold.
Since Mark is on vacation, we've been working on Fall chores (window washing, spouting clean-up, leaf blowing, grass cutting, furniture storage, yadda yadda) and I'm only stitching in the evening, between Bio-Freeze and heat wraps.  Here's where I am after removing the right side of the wreath's vines TWICE.  Now I can finally move on and get this finished.  

This is the new table I purchased with the wood bowl the other day.  It's had most of the paint scraped from it and I'm glad now that I finally brought it home after three days of indecision.

We had such beautiful weather for two days so I took advantage of the warmth and sprayed Dawn on the grapevine tree and hosed it off.  It's a much darker brown now without all that dust!  I should have made a smaller one.  I originally made this for the front deck, but never did put it out. 

While I was putting pots and tubs away into the garage storage, I decided to bring down a few trees.  I'm giving the others away and only using the small ones.  I decided on these seven.  Yes, seven.  Keep in mind, some are left as is, no lights, no ornaments. and all are small.  I'll be sticking them into baskets and crocks soon.  Mark was golfing and when I was taking the largest one down the steps, I went down two instead of one and got both shins.  Yikes.  Missed the incision by an inch.  I don't know why I'm concerned about the blue bumps from the varicose veins because they always blend nicely with the bruises. 
Our day started with Gas House Eggs.  We toast the bread first, then cut the hole, and spread with melted butter mixed with lots of Worcestershire sauce.  Sprinkled it on the eggs, too.  Our day would have ended with chocolate bars dipped in peanut butter sprinkled with crushed pretzels if a piggy hadn't chowed down all the Halloween candy.

Haircut again tomorrow and hopefully label printing.  I need to devote several days to printing and painting and since it's turning cold and rainy, that may be very soon. 
Have a great start to your week, thank you for visiting, and stay safe!

Nov 8, 2012

Progress, purchase, and pears

Hello!  Just a quick post to show you a few things.  I never know how I will come down from a menopausal blitz.  Sometimes it's a calming warm fuzzy feeling, sometimes it's a silly laugh fest, sometimes a boo-hoo day of crying jags.  With the recent upsetting news, this time became an urge to shop.  So I've been ordering more online stitching items and charts, and found a few items at my one and only antique mall. 
Here's two that came home with me.  I also purchased a single drawer little table that I will show next time.   This bowl has a nice lip and the sugar bowl is pewter.

I received an email from Sara, you can visit her blog here, along with a photo of the three pear designs.  Thank you Sara!   The next one is ready and is all verse, but I think I should try a Christmas design, so we'll see what shows up on the 1st. 

She also has a sweet finish of The Little Stitcher's free chart which you can find here or visit The Little Stitcher's great blog here.
 If you ever need to translate a blog that doesn't offer it, click on this site and save it to your Favorites.  Just copy and paste the web address you'd like to read and you're good!
To translate text only, go to 
to translate an entire website or blog, go to
And in case you are interested in studding a few pears, here's the 10 day progress.  You can see it's darkened and shrinking, and at this point still mushy.  It can be gently shaped at this point or even a few days later.

Now for my progress....

The angel's skirt is charted with a U symbol that I couldn't find anywhere.  It appears to be the same 355 that's in the flowers, but I used 3777 for a little more depth.  Real departure for me, but I enjoy these colors.  All in all, going pretty smoothly!  And I love it. 

I had the packing removed from the gum surgery, my ultrasound for the leg showed no clots and a successful surgery.  Now it's just 8 sessions of injections, two weeks apart, so I'm glad this is all behind me.  No change with my cousin, and thank you all for your concern.  She has been transferred to an excellent rehab facility in Roseville, CA, only ten minutes from her brother in Sacramento.
That wraps it up for me. Hope you all have an enjoyable weekend.
Thanks for visiting, stay safe!!
Happy stitching.

Nov 6, 2012

Change of plans

Greetings.  VOTE!  For my guy!  Long line early this morning and everyone liked my hoodless hoodie.  My plans for EVLA next week were changed quickly when a slot opened for this morning.  Since my leg was still mapped I was the only one that could be added to the roster.  I jumped at the chance to get it over with and had it done today.   Wasn't as painful as the first leg.  But it is now which is fine with me.
There was also a change in stitching plans.  I finally found the Santa charts that were missing (I forgot I gave a group of PS's away in an offering!) and this was lying beneath.
This kind of fits the bill of wanting to work on a sampler while adding to the Christmas decor.  I had Mary Beale's Sampler Wreath, never stitched it, and I believe it's gone forever.  It's been years since I've seen it.  No longer available but Mary's site still has this one and other ornaments,  I think.  If you've never visited her site, click here and be sure to click on Linda's trees to view the sampler trees.  I can't believe how many floss colors are required for this design but I'm ready to start.
My boxes came in and it's a win/lose situation.  The boxes are perfectly shaped, but they are slightly smaller than the ones I've always used.  Maybe this is why I can't get the others - everything else is being made smaller and this could be the new size.  Even my haircolor is now 1.84 ounces instead of 2.0.  Really?  1.84?  Here they are stacked among the others and you can see the little bit of difference, but they can make a stack of 6 because of the change.

I could use the same labels and no one would probably notice the difference if I had shut up.  This is the newest size and I love it.  It's the size of the bottom of the stack as a single and higher.  Can't wait to work on these.  Sending this shipment back would be costly and since I can't find them elsewhere, will probably keep these.
The wireless connection to the printer is still a problem, and if it wasn't so heavy, would have been out the window by now.
I'll work on fixing that or replacing it so I can get to finishing the boxes. 
Hopefully, I won't lose interest in the new stitching project, but lots of color changes make me nuts.  As I've said before, I'm a stitch wimp!

I hope all is well with you and yours. 
 Thank you for visiting.
Stay safe and stitch happy.

Nov 5, 2012

Not more hoodies!

Hi everyone.  I still have continuing computer problems with an uncooperative printer.  My boxes haven't shown up, I'm still unable to comment on many of your blogs, and I'm flunking verification like never before. Then there's Halloween which was to be Wednesday.  Much of the candy was gone before the trick or treat hours, but when no one showed, it was all gone by Saturday.  Which it turns out, was the day of trick or treating since they postponed it from Wednesday and didn't tell me.  I ran out and bought more candy, no one showed, I ate it again.  As for stitching, I completed two more new pear designs which I don't want to show until I post the charts.  I hope you'll like them.
 I decided to work on a Prairie Schooler Santa and will start on him tomorrow, probably the largest design in this leaflet.  I really don't look forward to going through linen for a sampler right now after the problems with the last choices.  What's kept me busy for a day or two is changing my hoodies again.  I didn't use tapes or binding or much time to do this.  SO much better!  No hood in the way of my purse strap and I can wear a scarf if needed.  Here's what I did this time. 
Folded the hood to the inside and started pinning while making sure it lays flat without excess.  This leaves a very short collar at the back which is fine with me.  The neck opening is larger because of the hooded style but I always wear a turtleneck or scarf so it's not a concern.  
Once it's pinned, I machine sewed with matching thread in the ditch on the right side using a basting stitch. Checking to see if it lays OK, I then stitched the top edge.  Using the basting stitch is important for all the areas, and keeping a slight tension on the fabric keeps it smooth.
 Then went back and stitched in the second ditch. Cut off the hood. The End.

Here's the finish and another that had pull ties. 
The neck as I said, is a larger opening with a short back collar.  But it looks neat, is much easier than trying to make a regular collar, and no more hood in the way.  The pullover hoodies I changed last time are working out great, but the pink jacket I changed to a regular collar will be redone to this shorter version.
Mark is off for two weeks and we'll be getting some things done around here, my EVLA surgery is next week, and the second round of injections is this week.   I worked up a plan for a bench that will help with the stitching clutter and am anxious to see it made.
I hope the desperately needed help to Sandy victims starts soon.  What the heck is going on?  All talk and no action?  I understand that not everything can be done at one time but no help at all is unacceptable.  
Thanks for taking the time to visit with me and welcome to new followers.  Sorry for not having more to show.  I'm so disappointed that my sampler start didn't work out.  My mind is also on my dear cousin who suffered a massive stroke last week.  She moved to CA but we talk all the time and laugh much.  My sis and I have so much fun when she visits.  She can't move, can't speak, and our everyday tasks have become a blessing when we realize how lucky we are.  She is aware of what's happened and can do commands with her left hand, but nothing is improving.  Being in pain and able to express that, treat it, or deal with it, is still a blessing compared to being a stroke victim. 

 If the computers and router cooperate, I'll be back in a few days.  Until then, stay safe, be thankful for everything you feel, and every stitch you make.

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