May 31, 2018

The walker that ran

Hey hey!  How fast did May fly by?   Too fast.
I got a chuckle from Carole yesterday.  Compared to the close-to-dying days she has had, it was still a good day, but she had a few mishaps.  
She drove to Tyler's ball game, usually she sits in the car to watch but it was really hot.  So she had Matt get the folding chair from the car and she sat under a nearby tree.  So many small children running around unsupervised and she was getting really concerned.  Until she got hit with a stray ball.  She's bruised but a few inches over and it would have struck her pacemaker, which she is 100% dependent on because an idiot doctor did an unnecessary AV node ablation.  It is just under the skin and we're sure a hit would affect it.  If it stops, so does her heart.  When she realized what could have happened, she was really upset and will not be going to any more games.
When she returned home, she used her Rollator walker as she watered flowers at the top of her driveway. (I showed a picture of her luge track drive before.  If you don't make the bottom turn to the right, you kind of go over a little cliff.)   She removed the watering can from its seat and off it went.  She felt like she was in a slow motion skit as she watched it fly down that drive, then lost sight of it once it rounded the bend.  Her biggest concern was it crossing the road and causing an accident.  Chris was cutting her grass and saw it ripping down the drive and panicked, thinking she fell. 
Once they calmed down and he retrieved it from the mailbox post, she started making hot sausage patties on the grill for him, and a small steak for herself.  She was so looking forward to that steak, had not indulged in a while.  His patties were almost done so she moved them to the side and went to the kitchen for her steak.  She has two female Baltimore Orioles that are psychotic and one buzzed her as she stepped outside, the steak slid off the plate on to the ground.  Nothing was going to stop her from having that steak, so she picked it up and went back in to wash it off.  When she got back to the grill, it didn't seem as hot and of course, it had run out of gas.  She put Chris's sausage on the plate with her steak and headed back into the house once again, but this time her foot slipped out of the shoe and her knee crashed into one of only two steps.  Yep.  The steak went flying and the airborne sausage patties couldn't save it. 
She decided to sit in her rocker and watch Expedition Unknown for the rest of the evening. 
Smart move.

May 30, 2018

Are you kidding?

Take a look.

Take a closer look. 
Check out the black dust in my neck folds and around my glasses. 
My hands and clothes are covered with it from doing this..
They see that I am sanding in 90 degree heat, black dust is stuck to my sweaty clothes and skin.  My feet are black!  And they pull into the drive and ask if they could see the inside of the house.  Sure. Let me strip naked and hose myself off out back first, and then check to see if there is a for sale sign in my yard.  Nope.  Don't see one.  
Are you kidding me????


May 29, 2018

Cover your pots

Hiya.  I purchased large 12" black plastic pots to transplant from the smaller ones usually sold with the hanging baskets.  But I don't like seeing the plastic.  Inserting them into galvanized buckets is a solution but those heavy metal handles do not hang from a hook well, and I am always concerned about the weight load.  So I think I've solved that.

We found 3/16" metal rod and after reaming the handle holes slightly, inserted it through to the other side. 
The handle weight on one side makes it tilt a little so I slipped a few small stones in the other side to distribute weight evenly.  Since we drilled holes in the bucket bottom there will be no weight from held water and the plastic hangers will take the load.

Pretty pleased with the result.

Much better!!

Have a great day!


May 28, 2018


Hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday weekend.  Our dinner went well, except for making a pig of myself.  The ham and swiss on Hawaiian rolls were fabulous.  I added more Worcestershire to the poppy seed sauce and they were so good.  So now, I am 3 pounds away from where I was last year before losing 20 pounds.  How stupid is that?  I knew it was coming back, I said it was coming back, yet I continued grabbing that chocolate.  It's a good thing I hate the taste of alcohol because I have no will power whatsoever.

I want to sort of clarify what I was crabbing about.  No one ever asked us for financial help or the car.  We offered.  And after talking to Mark about it, he said to continue as we have been, it's none of our business what is done with the help.  He thinks it's OK to have some fun, splurge a little, enjoy your life that could be over tomorrow.   I should loosen up and follow that!

This is the Silverberry Vista petunia, the same series as the Bubblegum.  It has a pink center and is not pure white, but white.  The Amish lady told me about it last year and said it blooms as much or more than the pink. 

I stuck with my plan to have less this year until I saw two $5 impatiens baskets at Home Depot that match the pink perfectly.  And that's it.  The geraniums for the front won't be put out for a few weeks, until the painters are finished.  It looks like it won't be done this week, rain predicted for several days. 

My peonies are starting to bloom and I'm sure the coming storms will flatten them.  I looked for a support stand but didn't find one.  Maybe I'll just tie them together to the fence.  I saw a yellow peony posted on Facebook and it's very pretty, but I'm not interested in even preparing a spot.  When your dirt is clay and loaded with tree roots, it's a hassle to dig and amend.

I followed a tip from you and soaked my feet every night to speed up the Baby Foot peeling process.  Success!  Thanks.

Hope your week goes well.

Thanks for visiting.


The day

Memorial Day.  Yes it's the official kickoff of summer.  But it's not all hot dogs and chili sauce, burgers and fries, ice cream and sodas.  Getting together for enjoyable times with family and friends, is also the day to remember all the young souls from decades ago to present day. 
Many never came home to rest, no grave for loved ones to visit, no family to be laid at their side.  They rest among those that fought with them.  I listed the American military cemeteries in foreign lands a few years ago.  You can see the list here.
Whether on our soil or others, honor them all today with gratitude.
When you're having a bad day, think of them and try to imagine what they endured.

May 27, 2018

Cat fight or hair ball?

I'm afraid there may be one or the other this afternoon.  I'm having family over for sliders, funeral potatoes, pasta salad, and peanut butter pie.  It's not really pie because instead of the added fat and calories of the cracker crust I just spoon the filling into dessert cups.  But there will be more than food discussed and I am in a pickle.  Too long of a story, suffice it to say I am ticked off and hesitant to give Mark's old Explorer to nephew's son as promised.  There should never be a condition when you are gifting, but this is not a small gift.  Trying to help someone financially and finding out how it will benefit someone else (in this case his human leech FIL) is making me want to rescind the offer.  We could easily sell this car and use the money to help with the house repairs.  My sister is livid that I am considering this and not giving the promised vehicle to her grandson.  I started giving her several hundred a month to help with her expenses and found out a few things I am also upset about.  But what do you do when your intention is to help?  I've decided no more cash, I will chose two utilities to pay for.  But what difference does that make?  She will still have that amount extra every month and do what she wants.  This will not be a pleasant get together. 
Anyway, speaking of cats, look how much I got off the upholstery with my Playtex living glove after vacuuming it.  This works so well. 
Even the smooth back of the chair had quite a bit that didn't get into the vacuum.  It's amazing and pretty darn quick to do.
I am tired of going into Walmart and finding bare shelves.  This never happened before and I'm wondering if they reduced the work force since the raises were given.  So I go online and order, ship to store. 
The cat food came in a box with a ridiculous amount of packing paper.   So I uncrinkled it, rolled it up, and I have plenty for my own use. 
I like this stuff!  It's perforated to tear every foot and great for shipping instead of Styrofoam (which I also save from shipments!).  Yes, I am a recycler.
Mr. six foot level is coming back next week to finish the inside window trim and until then, what a mess.  Hopefully the painter will be out too. 
Yesterday, the teacher at the end of the road had his annual end of school party, lots of people.  He absolutely hates teaching and will retire at 53 in two years with his salary and full benefits.  They all got their guns out and were shooting for hours, it was quite loud!!  Their home is gorgeous and secluded on 5 acres with a fabulous in ground pool and firepit along the woods, the other houses are not very close.  Hopefully it will be quiet today and tomorrow.  His school graduated 45 kids this year, last year it was 31, one year it was 14.  Our friend teaches math and has 5 - 9 kids in his class every year.  Yet, the union and board members will not approve a merger with neighboring schools.  Such a huge waste of money for the lowest performing school in the county.
Hope the weekend is going well for you.  Wish me luck at the dinner!

May 25, 2018

Taking her lead

Greetings folks. 

First of all, the cookies notice that blogger noted would be shown on all blogs, I don't see.  Maybe because I block most all ads, I don't know.  I also don't know what to do about it, and have found no information regarding the absence of it. 

THIS POST on Three Sheep Studio gave me the idea of how to save one of my favorite soft capris.  Rose thought her embroidery on the jeans was "back to the 70's" but I saw quite a few jeans with the stitchery last year so what was old is new again.  I used to paint florals or applique fabric stars to mom's clothing to cover the multitude of coffee stains, but this boo-boo on my hem needs Rose's fix.

Somehow, bleach must have dripped and the hem on the outside of one leg has a white area.  I used the Sharpie pens to color it in and now I will find those elusive needles and try my best at freehand embroidery to cover it.  I'm sure I could find a pattern to mimic in the old books I have or better yet, online.
Certainly will be wonky since I am not adept at hand embroidery, not even close, but it will be better than this.  Hopefully!

Enjoy your day.

May 24, 2018

My hero carpenter

Couldn't be more pleased with his work.  He is meticulous, which takes time.  This took all day. 
We may do the interior window trim ourselves since he is running out of time, and that's OK.  But with only three more boards to replace, I think he may finish it all.

I read a post on FB from (can't remember who) about the school incident.  Little did I know that when scrolling I accidently hit the smiling face (reaction, emoticon, whatever) and did not know until I checked the activity on my page.  I immediately deleted the reaction but it must have been on that post for a while.  If this was your post, I'm sorry, it was certainly not intentional.  I also found other posts with emoticons that I did not intend to leave so I guess I better be damn careful when scrolling.
I blitzed through Walmart for a few items and spotted Dove dark chocolate bags for $3.  The bill for these few boards of cedar was much more than expected and I realized that I must pull those purse strings even tighter.  Well heck, I have to save wherever I can and the more I buy the more I save.  Right?
Chris posted that to burn off one M&M candy, you need to walk the length of a football field.  I should be in Utah soon.

May 23, 2018

Two weeks behind

Hey.  Do you have really rough skin on your tootsies?  I drink plenty of water yet have always had dry and sometimes cracked heels, even Amope doesn't help much.  So two years ago I tried Baby Foot.  It worked great for me.  Your feet turn into ugly peeling paws for a few days but so worth it.  I should have done this two weeks ago but forgot.  There are several tips in the Amazon reviews that are helpful.  I keep the booties on for 90 minutes instead of 60, and it's important to soak your feet first to soften the skin allowing the gel to penetrate.  You can't walk on the slippery plastic booties during treatment, but I put socks over them and slip my feet into Mark's shoes to shuffle along if necessary.  I think Target carries it but you can find it easily for various prices online.  
About those slugs.  I haven't seen any yet and think the nights are still too cold for them.  Checked again this morning and couldn't find any.  I use Vickie's method of control, sprinkle them with salt.  I put it in a Coke bottle and drill two larger holes in the lid.  The smaller lid gives more control to cover them rather than sprinkling it everywhere.  I feel really bad about it but they destroy too much.  I also slug hunt with a flat blade edger.  They are usually in the grass early morning and evening as they move back and forth, and I drop the blade on them to make it quick and painless.  The salt is used when they are on leaves and stems (they instantly melt into a messy pool of orange).  I hunt them all the time around the house but not if they are close to the woods. It's amazing how many there are.  I found another torn leaf and wonder if the workers may have hit them with the ladder's foot as they carried it past.  He's coming tomorrow to finish and we'll let the caulk dry over the weekend before washing to stain.  There have been issues with the doors and paint, more annoying than drastic, but having the work done perfectly by this pro is way more important.  So glad we found him and although he is not taking any new jobs, he is willing to work us in for other projects. 

Chris is meeting with doctor tomorrow morning about the new pump and insurance, Carole has been having some edema so I told her to get to the doctor and have him listen to her lungs.  CHF can cause that fluid to build so quickly.  I'm getting my aunt's cast aluminum dutch oven today.  I have dad's and love using those old heavy pots.  The lids also make them perfect for baking the round artisan bread loaves.  Just what I need.  I am having such a difficult time stopping the chocolate (I start with that intention every fricking morning) and bread would not be a good substitute. 

Have a good day folks!


May 22, 2018

Hosta help

Greetings.  I know many of you are gardeners with vast knowledge.  I don't have a green thumb, it's brown from chocolate.  Today I noticed that one of the Blue Angels is damaged and thought I might trouble you for your thoughts. 
The furled new growth has been chewed half way down, the leaf directly behind, and half of the leaf in front.  I thought it may be the deer, but this is only one area that is further back from the more accessible leaves.  No prints in the soggy ground either.  I did not see a caterpillar or large insect, but I didn't want to delve deeper into the plant and find a spider.   What should I look for?  This is in the middle of the row, no other damage.
Any thoughts?
We're having two good weather days at the end of the week so I called the painter and .... oh no.  He hired new people.  Another business that can't depend on employees and does not tolerate drug use.  So I am pretty damn nervous about inexperienced individuals wielding a power washer on my already brittle siding.  I will have a talk with him before they start with the understanding that any damage will need to be replaced by him.  It was understood previously that high pressure will not be used, but any pressure may be risky.  Then again, I may find them to be top notch and better than expected.  Yep, it's a crap shoot.  The trim will be stained with the house, this is just bare cedar right now.
Another disappointment today when we went to choose the new garage door.  If I had not mentioned that the paint will be a charcoal brown, we would have been in trouble.  The door I wanted is a barn style with cross pieces.  We have vertical grooves on the garage siding so I want something simple, not raised panels.  Well guess what?  They assume you will use a light paint or choose one of their colors, and don't mention that using a dark paint will void the warranty on any door that has added detail.  The overlay pieces (whether steel, composite or fiberglass) will warp and detach if dark and in full sun.  Good thing I asked.   Now I am limited to purchasing a base and adding material to create a door, or a completely flush plain steel door.  This should be clearly stated in any brochure, catalog, and online.  Granted, most people go with the standard light colors offered, but some of us may paint our preference.   I do not want the wood grain stained look which is a lot of maintenance with full sun exposure.
Worcestershire pork chops are almost ready, and I've yakked enough.  Aren't you tired of this crap I keep spilling out?  Sorry.  It will end soon.
Thanks for putting up with my mania and any hosta help you can offer.

May 21, 2018


for the siding to be replaced, I sure hope he finishes this week.
There are only three dozen boards being replaced, maybe a few more.  We got an estimate to replace one side of the house which has the garage attached so it's not even fully sided, and the cedar alone would be over $8500.  Ain't happening.  So we'll just enjoy the warm weather, wait for our guy, and hope for the best.  By the way, he has a six foot level.  My hero.

Two additional issues with the door.  One door, many headaches.  They ordered a bright silver sill which shines like a spotlight on the dark house.  When the sun hits it, the light beam is enough to guide alien spaceships.  With black hinges, bronze weatherstrips, bronze sweep, why the hell didn't they order the bronze or black sill?  Now I have to paint it.  The door also came in with 2 3/8" backsets.  Standard is 2 3/4" which is what our door locks are, so we had to purchase a new set for over $100 that matches our others.  They are older Emtek and not adjustable, wrought iron knob and bolt.  Damn.  We have rags in the predrilled holes and a board secured across the interior.

Sometimes we have to put our heads together to come up with solutions.  Sometimes we use the other end.

Either way, I still am baffled by raw bacon being better for you than smoked.  I know nitrates in processed foods are not good for you, but if a rodent had a choice of nitrate or non-nitrate poison, would one be better for him than the other?   Like a stick of dynamite wrapped in red paper is better for you than the blue paper.  Why be concerned about nitrates being bad for you, but not the raw bacon itself, the diet, and the smoking?  Certainly a risk for a pace-maker, triple bypass coronary patient.  But I guess many of us are guilty of choosing our poisons by preference. 

I do choose the leanest slab for my order at the market and indulge in crumbled bits on my salads.  I do eat too many sweets.  I did smoke like a chimney years ago.  Too many of us wait until our health has a crisis or diagnosis to change bad habits.  But once they develop, we have to be reasonable about diet modifications.  I know several people that felt they had their "pipes cleaned out" so there wasn't a need to change.  Everything and anything in moderation will not harm you.  Or maybe some think they will die young anyway so what the hell.  I don't think anyone should tell others how to live or eat, even when we are upset about their choices.  Personal responsibility is just that .... personal.  But personally, I would love to smack a few knuckleheads. 
It just seems that as accountability for your actions has left our country, so has responsibility.   From looking at FB and other media, the rage and lack of compassion for others has become an epidemic, the brutality of fighting, the name calling and screaming, the hatred for those that don't agree with them.  Yet they call others haters.  When you hold yourself accountable for your actions you also respect yourself.   How people were raised and what they have endured, desperation they have felt, lack of love and belonging, all contributes to their self respect.  How difficult it must be, or maybe even impossible, to change the emotional development of the brain that was formed so long ago.  I enjoy seeing young people at work and doing an excellent job, or having fun while being responsible, or eager to learn and pursue their goals.  But in my area, I am seeing more of the opposite, with attitude.  And I am torn between blaming them, or blaming their home life.
A recent article claims that allowing babies to "cry it out" produces more adrenaline, affecting areas of the brain, which results in short tempered and sometimes violent individuals.  The child's brain is still developing and forming and absorbing significantly until 3, and continues on for years after.  When I see these young babies and children being treated so horribly, I wonder what personality traits are forming that will affect them for life.  And it seems to be getting worse with each generation's lack of understanding of the responsibility of raising children, the rampant drug use, and the casual attitude toward their welfare. 
Holy crap.  What the hell was that?  One thing leads to another.  That was a good song.  Is there one titled Time to Shut Up?

May 19, 2018

Excuse me ..... what?

The couple came today to take our old windows.  She is in her early 50's and talked about how all her prior boyfriends had six kids, her daughter has six, her step daughter has six.  She is on disability and can barely catch her breath, has a wheelchair, a scooter, and a power chair.  She is on pain meds for a previously broken back, had hips replaced, recent by-pass surgery, stents, and type 2 diabetes.
Their truck reeked of smoke and two different cigarette packs were on the dash along with a bag of candy.  She weighs around 300, and won't buy her bacon at my local meat market.  She only eats fresh slab bacon because the nitrates in smoked bacon are bad for you. 

May 17, 2018

A little door info

Greetings!  Are any of you thinking about changing an exterior door?  Here's something I found out the hard way.  Do not accept the "standard" size of 32"x80" or 36"x80" if you are replacing an existing door.  Always ask for the rough opening.  Standard doors' rough openings will be 2" larger than the door (a 32" wide will have a RO of 34").  If the RO is not 2" larger or has a 1/2" increment, adjustments will need to be made to the framing, slight, but a pain in the ass.  Not the case with most doors, but of course, with the one I chose.  I wasn't told this and the fiberglass door with composite jams (no more finger jointed peeling!) needed to have a 2x4 removed from the framed opening and smaller lumber installed, which changes the exterior trim also.  This means the edge of the siding doesn't line up either.  Goody.
SOOOOOOO glad we have this professional and know these bumps will be solved correctly.

May 15, 2018

The red cape

Yep, the red cape I've been showing is for sale in MA.  You can click here to view it and the interior.  I enjoy browsing homes for sale online and taking a peek inside from the quaint to the elaborate.

We just came from getting my flowers, had to go with the Vista bubble gum again, couldn't find the fuchsia.  The Vista series colors are bubble gum, fuchsia, and silverbells (left), all great performers.  Next year the newest color, paradise, will debut.  I did find a full basket of the silverbells color and brought it home too.  Geraniums for the front buckets with a few vines.  That's it.  No pots and tubs and others this year.  And this time, I'm sticking to that decision.
With all the hammering going on I played it safe and removed everything on the walls, and am loving the look.  I've always liked sparse with the focus on mouldings and paint color.  The windows have a light beige primer (old windows were gray) and along with the light and bare walls, there is a calming effect. When the curtains are back, maybe that will change the mood completely.  But I think the samplers will need to find a new place to hang out.  I may be selling a few when I get more organized.
I did check with Habitat for Humanity and the closest store is quite a drive from here.  That one doesn't take windows nor will they drive this far for pickup.  The stores offer very good used items but they don't take everything, the items are sold (stores are independently owned) and proceeds go toward housing projects.  Wonderful organization.  Another location in PA about an hour from here will accept windows but only in excellent condition.  The effort and calls and emails to find a local organization willing to take used items has become a hassle, and I plan to use CraigsList's free section from now on.   Sam (our contractor) gave me the idea because his worker listed the cement blocks they removed from the restaurant and kept them from a landfill while helping a farmer build a pen.
Hope the week is going well.
Thanks for visiting.


Two windows installed and trimmed yesterday.  When will he return?  Don't know, depends on the weather and his other jobs.  He's trying to work between storms and inspections at the other work site.  The interior projects I had planned will not be done anytime soon.  Contractor Sam is remodeling a restaurant and then building a massive home for the owner.  His brother, the best finish carpenter locally, is also booked until fall.  Summer passes so quickly, I better line up everything now.  I have complete confidence in both of them, totally impressed, so it's nice to be able to plan without apprehension. 
 When I found out that the old windows will be dumped, I decided for the very first time to try Craig's List.  Offered them for free in exchange for pickup and I had three hits within an hour.  I did not register or create an account and was able to delete the offer after it was fulfilled.  I've heard from many people that Craig's is a great resource, but a friend's son was murdered during an electronic sale.  Needing extra money he listed his devices and gaming, and lost his life.  It was about the same time that my sister's friend had a daughter stabbed 30 times by a stoned young man (nothing to do with Craig's).  Neither mother has recovered from their senseless and devastating loss.  I know you are supposed to meet elsewhere for the transactions but they already have our address and windows aren't something we can carry around in a trunk.  Besides, they're free so no money is involved.  I'm happy someone will use them.  Really irritates me to see remodeling jobs with dumpsters filled with usable vanities, sinks, cupboards, doors.  There should be a place to take reusables where people can get items, maybe not perfect but better than they have.  Offices are notorious for waste, especially medical when an incoming doctor didn't like the décor.  But what can you expect?  My neighbors won't even recycle glass and plastic.  Everything to the dump.  OK I'll shut up.
Guess how many chocolate dipped strawberries and melt-a-ways are left?   I am so upset with myself for gaining the weight loss back and now I'll be over that number.   Stress eating and pigginess.  I need to get a project started and hope I can do that today.  If my hands are busy they may not reach for more chocolate.  Maybe a little Santa.  There's too much going on here to start the larger project I had planned.
Another view of that lovely red cape.
Have a great day everyone!

May 14, 2018

Right off the bat

there are problems getting the old windows out before anything else can be done.  We're forecast with storms all week including this afternoon so I think this will take weeks to finish.  And to make matters worse, his two workers decided they aren't working today.  He called someone else but Mark may end up being the helper.  He said this is common with the young men he hires.  The garage door company came out Friday to measure and said the same thing.  The younger guys want $25 a hour (with no experience and don't know the difference between vice grips and pliers), or they don't show up for work, or they are looking at their phones all day, or they can't pass the drug tests.  He said his business owner friends are having the same problem. 
Thank goodness I remembered to remove all the framed/glass samplers from the walls because they're 'a rockin'!
The boys can't figure out what's going on, but whatever it is, they are not happy.
I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day.  My nephew brought over a pound of Melt-a-ways and four massive chocolate covered strawberries.  Since I tell people that although I am 66, I have a 79 year old child, my sister (the child) bought me a Mother's Day card!  Smart ass.
And for a little eye candy on a Monday...
isn't this wonderful?  Love red houses.  This is a side entrance between house and garage of a cape for sale (thanks Pinterest).
Hope you have a great day!!

May 11, 2018

Winner winner

but no chicken dinner for capecodgirl565.  Vanessa, I have your email and will contact you soon for address.  Thanks everyone.
  I wasn't distracted by the big level at all.  'Cause he ain't here.  Trying for Monday, but the entire week is forecasting storms so it won't be done, I'm sure. 
We've been to every Amish greenhouse from here to Volant - beautiful full baskets of petunias but all mixed colors.  Yes those multi colors are gorgeous but not when I have several containers, barrels, and hangers.  Too much for my aging eyes.  A mass of solid color in the barrels doesn't compete with smaller displays, instead shows them off.  I saw something different that I loved, but it requires shade/morning sun which I can't provide.

No flowers, just beautiful soft yellow foliage.  She said it grows quickly and is very easy to care for so I came home with two 4" containers and will pot them for a shady corner.
This is a Golden Plectranthus.  Sounds like a dinosaur.  Maybe I should look for trailing foliage instead of flowers for the barrels.  Back to the nursery.
Hope you have a great weekend and a sweet Mother's Day.

May 9, 2018

Before I lose it

would anyone like the small trifold card for this design?  It is JBW Designs Miss Mary's Sampler 1796 and is a sweet little stitch.  I did not use the linen color recommended.  Please leave your name in comments or email me (at right) and if there is more than one request by Friday morning, I will draw a name.  Let's say Friday 5/11 at noon.  Mr. speak softly and carry a big level should be keeping me distracted but I'll try to remember.

Chris saw the doctor that will be leaving soon and he is making an effort to have the pump updated to the latest model, even though his contract is not up until 2019.  The doctor said it is not working well with the sensor he was given and was amazed at the number of times he was over 400 and under 40.  He will meet with the Medtronic team and see what can be done.   Fingers crossed.

May 7, 2018

It's starting

Got the call today, windows and cedar being delivered tomorrow!  Everyone thinks I am crazy to paint the new windows but it's what I've always been thought as anyway.  He is giving me a day to prepare, prime, and get a coat on the frames before installation.  The sashes rotate so I can install the screens and turn the outside in to paint later.  I know the painter can do it but this is so much easier without ladders.  We aren't having the back of the house changed since it faces north and those windows aren't warped.   Starting early tomorrow I need to remove the curtains and wooden rods, clear those walls of furniture on both floors and make a decent mess.  I was so hoping this could be completed by now so spring cleaning and cleanup would be done before summer, but the weather would not cooperate.  But it's happening!  And he has a really big metal square!  And a 4' level!  Yippe ki yay baby, he knows what he's doing!  Hopefully it's not for appearance sake only.   Wish us luck!

May 6, 2018

Still looking for a start

Hello people.  While browsing photos, I saw the one of my mom holding me and transferred it to a post for Mother's Day as a draft.  Well guess who clicked on the wrong post to publish today?  That would be me.   Sorry - this is the correct click!
Hi all.  Hope you're enjoying the weekend.  I didn't get my flowers yesterday.  The nursery we usually visit was mobbed and the baskets huge.  I've found being too large this early fizzles out by August so I prefer a dense younger plant, which other places had, but the baskets were mixed colors.  Next week I'll try again.  We did get the Golden Dagger and Inferno peppers, Giant Marconi and Mucho Nacho (large jalapeno) were too small to bring home.  But it was a sunny warm day for a long ride in Amish country with a warm donut.  Or two.
Still going through charts and trying to be mindful of the fact that I don't feel like stitching, so the design has to be easy enough to stitch, but not boring.  So I came up with these two.  Harriot involves freehand at the bottom, Ann is larger overall with very little over one.  There is another file of small and simple samplers that I will look through this afternoon, and although  I prefer them, I don't know where to hang them all.  But perusing the file will stall the decision for another day and the longer I can put off searching through linen colors and counts, the better.
This odd twin pocket piece (I split a reproduction sampler into two) no longer agrees with me and I will tweak my finishing a little and offer it for sale soon.  For those of you that inquired about the Betsy Ross machine, I need to check with my brother, he may have offered it to his dealer friend to sell.   I'll see him this week.
Carole is coming over for spitini, parmesan potatoes, cranberry walnut salad and lemon bread for dessert.  Chris will come too unless he's called out which seems to always happen on Sundays. 
We've found three doctors that deal with Medtronic pumps, all over 90 minutes away.  One does not have a good rating from some patients but does visit New Castle (about 40 minutes away) once a month.  He was at 54 yesterday morning and the sensor alarm did not go off until 40 minutes after that finger prick.  Now we know the delay in reading and warning is far too slow for his rapid declines.
Enjoy the day.
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May 4, 2018

Freehand and a Betsy

Greetings folks.  My brother came across a little working electric child's sewing machine called Betsy Ross.  It's green and comes in a red case.  My little Singer is not electric and I didn't realize some of these miniatures were.  Do I want it?  Nope.  I may ask the only shop we have here if they are interested.
I found a lot of vintage hooks and eyes on cards that are solid brass.  I'm sure someone would use them, maybe Amish, so I will take those to Goodwill.  A reader buddy wanted my Simple Life so the entire lot will go to a good home which I'm happy about.  Thanks for the suggestions to use Media Mail.  I was told that rate is for retailers or mailers, not general public.  Now that I know that is incorrect, I will choose another post office for information. 
I was thinking about the sampler I showed with the winding freehand border.  Not that I want to stitch right now, but I'm thinking!   Mary Hazlehurst had a freehand border of mostly stem stitches, can't remember the others (chain?).  It really wasn't too difficult because stitching the body first makes it easy to see placement and it's OK if it doesn't match exactly as the chart shows. 
The only part I did not enjoy stitching was the little leaves, too small an area to know which way to fill.  I'm sure it was because of being inexperienced since they are a simple shape and solid color.  Mary Elliot's border has petals and flowers that are made up of very small colored sections so I don't know if I would enjoy that.  Really getting ahead of myself, I didn't start or even decide on the design yet.
Contractor hasn't shown yet but I can imagine he is behind because of the very cold and snowy spring.
We've had a rough few weeks with Chris, three days in a row and this morning the phone rang at 5:45.  When I saw her number it brought back the nights of Carole gasping at the other end, unable to breathe and needing an ambulance, the feel of a hand squeezing my neck while Rocky Balboa was pounding my chest.  Takes my breath away.  It wasn't about her, it was for Mark to get there for Chris again.  The paramedics had to be called twice in a week because he was unresponsive and clenched, Mark knew it was best for them to be there.  At that point, an IV is necessary and he was brought around from his 42 low.  We need to locate a doctor experienced with his pump, no one is local, and this temporary and worthless endocrinologist is leaving.  I want to see if the Dexcom CGM can be used with the Medtronic pump, it would be much better because it allows his numbers to be monitored on several devices.  And the volume on the Dexcom alarm can be increased, I can barely hear his current, not loud enough to wake up a gnat.
Going for flowers this weekend, will probably end up with the usual.  And a donut.  Amish sell their fresh donuts there on the weekends.
Hope your weekend is enjoyable and relaxing.  Or exciting.  Whatever makes you smile.
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May 1, 2018

Some days

you can chase tail, fighting with it until you think you've won,
but then you just give up and realize it's a losing battle. 
But not always. Sometimes you just can't let it go.

I've looked through charts, handled my linen, almost started a large sampler, but my mind is elsewhere and relaxing is not possible.  I don't really miss the needle at all.  Whether I will start stitching again at some point, only time will tell.  It could even be tomorrow, but that will depend on how soon I can settle myself.

 I actually considered this one for a few days, simple and uncomplicated letters, until I realized the freehand border may be a threat to my sanity (or what's left of it).  Maybe work on the easy body and leave the border for another time?  Scarlet Letter's Mary Elliott.

Our weather has been warm and cold, more warmth coming this week.  But there is sun, finally.  Mark's been golfing and taking a few bucks from his buddies.  And the sun shining in allows me to see the errant M&M peanuts on the floor that jumped from the pile in my hand, grabbed from the cupboard next to this table.

My sister is very upset about her friend's adult addict son.  He can't afford the ACA insurance, would qualify for a subsidy for his family of five, but cannot afford the massive deductibles.  She is afraid he will die.  Did this start with prescriptions?  No it did not.  There is no where that offers free help, regardless of their ads making you think they will.  He's checked everywhere and payment may be lowered without coverage, but still not affordable.  I should have him talk to my friend's friend who paid $80000 cash for a house and vacations in Dubai for tips on how she stays on Medicaid for free.
See this pile of A Simple Life?  The local shop does not want them and shipping one copy would be $4 so after Paypal and Ebay fees, why bother?  They are going to the recycler today.  They are wonderful for those that like a dark and dusty look, but I like lighter, colonial, less clutter.

Have a good week folks.

Thanks for visiting.
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