Jun 30, 2017

Messing with perfection

I should be flogged with 20 skeins of floss.  You know by now that I change many charts because
a) I prefer other colors
b) I don't like the linen
c) I want an easier stitch
d) I want less clutter
e) I am too lazy for its entirety
f) all of the above

But to change a Nash?  Polly has been bumped aside until this is completed which should be very soon.  I'll do the fill work while sitting outside.  I changed the linen from the gray to brown but am using the threads.
So what did I change in the design?  The top.  I love stitchery in heart shape, but not so much little hearts in a design.  See the row at the top in the light pink?  The red line is where the top border moved down and covered the hearts except for the bottom stitch which I covered with white.  I like it, more me.  I will probably move the dogs a stitch higher.
My friend is in a new house and I gave her two linen towels, one red, one gray.  Each has a large hand embroidered crab at the bottom.  She won't ever forget who they are from.
Have a great weekend.

Jun 29, 2017

I am directionally challenged

and can get lost on a one way street.  This won't help at all, but ain't it sweet for $15?
My birthday gift to myself.  Yes, I am cheap!  They had one left and I may get it for Carole.  She's really down in the dumps about the nerve block not working.  Found her favorite purse hidden under a pile at Kohls (in metallic!) which cheered her a little.  Maybe a rotating rooster will bring a smile.

Where the hell did June go?

Jun 28, 2017

Working .....

An easy and fun project.
But I am really stretching the linen, even though it is stiff, may need the hoop since this is a long sampler.

Polly Cole - Lori Rippey

Jun 26, 2017

Next up

Polly Cole from Lori Rippey.
One thread over two on 32 count that I dipped to a light tan.  Two color changes to a smidge darker thread for a little more contrast on the linen.  This is my kind of sampler.

Have a good warm day, not in the 60's like me.
More rain and possible storms predicted, the waterlogged garden just can't get a break.

Jun 24, 2017

Winner winner

Hi folks.  I was very surprised to see 520 likes of this design on Facebook's PSS. Samplers usually get around 150, Santas more.  Several of you asked why I don't sell these little designs of mine.  Plain and simple - my first design I offered for sale was a huge disappointment.   I just don't think it would be worth it.  Hundreds of hits when a new chart is posted, but that could be because it's free and doesn't mean it would sell.  Others have scolded me for offering "too many" free charts, small or not.  I cannot see any reasoning behind their thoughts, but whatever it is, they are entitled to their opinion. 
Random.org chose the number of Penny Duffy.  I will be contacting her shortly.  Thanks to all who participated.

Tablecloth tunic?

Still holding on to the family's old Quaker lace tablecloths.  Destroying these beautiful pieces is not an option.  So hard to find all the little stains, most were removed with Biz and Lestoil.  Can't say enough about Lestoil saving a lot of clothing for both of us.  Those grease spots from a splash of olive oil or butter, salad, anything with fat or oil, are gone.  I use full strength, just on the pesky spot, wait a few minutes, and rinse before throwing in the washer.  Works like a charm.  Removes all the true grease from work clothes too. 
Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has ever sewn a tunic from vintage lace or tablecloths.  I saw this when browsing the sale at https://www.shopcarols.com/, and thought maybe the tablecloths could be put to use in clothing.
I like that style in lace and they range from boho to elegant (mine would be towards bo and ho).  Maybe I should just try adding the scalloped edge of the cloth to a shortened loose t-shirt or chambray blouse turning it into a tunic.  I have enough lace to attempt inserts like this also. 
If anyone has tried this I would appreciate any suggestions. 

Jun 22, 2017

What took so long

for me to realize that there was an easier way to sew a finish when using interfacing?  A few years ago I posted about the method a seamstress recommended, which was to cut the interfacing to fit inside the seam and then fuse.  I didn't do that for long. 
I went back to fusing first, then sewing the seam.  Why?  The last two projects had clean edges to follow so I just had the presser foot ride along the stitching before fusing.  A light bulb was shining above my frizzy head, then exploded when the flames from a hot flash shot out. 

(I went for a haircut today. Looks the same only shorter.)

So much easier to see the pulled linen thread, the Frixion pen line, any guides for a straight seam.  After sewn on the three sides, I fused the interfacing extending it past the sewing line.  So much easier!  Why didn't anyone tell me?  Better yet, why didn't I realize this before?  All that measuring and marking, unable to see the guide through the facing, was wasted time.  If there is no border, I will still have to run the Frixion or pull out a linen thread, but following it will be much easier, of course, SINCE I CAN SEE IT!  What a putz.
Covered the stitched seams and corners with the fusible after machine sewing.  With only three sides sewn, it is easy to square the piece before fusing.
Pressed open and clipped corners as usual.
Turned out and then pressed the bottom hem, ready for gluing with Tacky.
Ta-Da!  Stuffed, glued, done.  Much easier.  I have a few more recent pieces to sew and will follow the same method.
 All those times I was struggling to see the guide and it never dawned on me to apply the fusible after.  And I was close a few years ago!  Except for cutting it to fit inside and not including the seam allowance which appears to make a nice crisp edge.   Let it go crabass. 

Jun 21, 2017

The 66 giveaway

Greetings stitchin' buds.  Giveaway time.  For my birthday.  I wish I would have used labels for my posts because it would be easier to determine how many giveaways I've had.  Just curious.  The pears alone were 9, plus stitched pieces that I still look for until I remember I gave them away.  And charts, santa cards, sampler boxes, linen, just about everything but chocolate.  Which by the way, my nephew bought and just dropped off, two pounds of melt-a-ways.  I have STILL not lost another pound and this will certainly do me in. 
You know the routine - leave your initials or name in a comment on this post only, or send an entry by email (click on the postcard top right), name to be drawn by Random on Saturday at 8pm.  US only please.
Backing is blue denim.
It's little, it's primitive, and it's free.



Hello hello hello!  Sorry I didn't get this posted yesterday.  It was sort of an ishkaboobled day but even if it wasn't, I couldn't get the scan to work so I could compile the chart for posting.  The chart is listed on the FREE tab beneath the header.
I stained the edges with coffee Range archival ink pad and a soft touch.  It's primitive!  It's small, the backing is blue denim, and I hope you like it because it is my birthday giveaway to you.  A separate post is coming for that.
I will make another for myself. 
I finished the Simply Red sampler and will show that next time, but wanted to tell you what I purchased from Lori Rippey.  Have you seen her latest release Polly Cole?  If I don't work out a chart for another mini sampler, this will be the next project.  Just can purchase the e-pattern here.

(The only bear I ever made.)
That's it for now.  Be back with the other finish and also the giveaway very soon.
Have a great day!

Jun 19, 2017


The card that I fell in love with and wanted to replicate in stitches, but my piece is smaller than I had planned.  I just couldn't manage to work those six rows of solid red any further.
 Next step is finishing into an ornament or cupboard tuck.  I want to age the edges like the card in addition to other areas, probably with a soft brush and an ink pad rather than dye.  I tried 680 (dark gold) for the year, it looked good, and I was surprised at how it changed the feel of the piece.  Pick a color woman!  So I chose the lighter but you can do it in the blue, gold, beige, whatever would look best on your fabric (mine is Tin Roof that I dipped in brown dye).  I guess I should post the chart first .... tomorrow if anyone is interested.

Jun 17, 2017

Minnesota Loon

Hello people.  Summer is finally here after several days of very warm temps.  I've been doing a little stitching outdoors on the swings, hard to believe it's the middle of June already since the furnace was still running two weeks ago.
During one of my parents' visits to relatives in MN, mom went to a market place where an older gentleman was selling his wood works.  She fell in love with this whirligig loon, and it stood proudly in their back yard for so many years. 
The wings are held several inches away from the body, all wood, and I've never found another like it.  We finally repainted it, made a replacement wing for the broken one, and are surprised at how well this has held up for over thirty years.  The body rotates with the wind so you never know which way it will be facing.  Prominent against the green background between the two black swings, welcome back loon!  I've missed you.
As for stitching, the chart I made up has been changed five times, I think it is ready now.  Of course the chart wasn't changed until after I stitched that area.  Looked good on paper and I wanted it wide and low but my mojo was pooping out and I kept downsizing. 
For some reason, the 822 has been shredding like crazy.  Even when removing only one stitch, it would shred when pulled out.  Tried another skein and it is doing the same thing.  I'm using one strand on 35 count.  Still not pleased with the 1776 numbers but close enough. 

I'm following my big house method of fill by doing the first half of the cross horizontal, and then completing the cross vertical.  Really nice fill that way without seeing "rows" and the back is very neat and stable on a stretchy linen.  Turning the project upside down for every other row in order to use the sewing method in the right direction is a lot of flipping.  Hope to finish this soon, and it may be even smaller by then.
Hope your weekend is going well!
Thanks for visiting.

Jun 15, 2017

Jeanne B

Sorry, you are no-reply.  But I can tell you that the crow stand is available here
http://shop.pallensmith.com/garden/folk-art-crow-bird-feeder/.  I received a discount but can't remember why.   I think Pine Cone Gift Shop (Ohio) on Facebook also carries them.  I messaged them twice last fall for information on items and never received a reply, but give it a try.  I'm sure there are other shops that carry them also, maybe a garden center.
P Allen also has a pair of cast iron crows which I'm considering.  Left outside they would rust nicely or the black would be nice too.  Price is $38 for the pair, 10" x 6" each.  ???  Didn't I just declutter the deck area?
Hope everyone has a nice weekend.
Edit - just saw the Country Sampler Girl's Club Nash release.  OMG.  But I don't do clubs because I prefer to choose my linens and colors and most are not samplers.  But isn't this wonderful?  I may have to join for the very first time in my close to 66 year life.

A little more info

Several emails regarding what I posted yesterday so I will offer more information on this situation.  TRE stands for The Retail Equation.  Many large retailers, home stores, electronics, use their service and it is a tiny % of people that are affected.  The main reason is because of return fraud which is costing them exorbitant amounts of money.  Understood.  But if I was given the opportunity to defend my actions, they would clearly see that none of my returns were without receipt, done within weeks of purchase, and many times there were ten items included in a purchase and only one item returned.  Purchases are not included in their activity lists.  JCP probably has a policy that you are only allowed so many returns within .... seven years?   Whenever my aunt requested new pants, and I knew she wore a 16 short but she insisted on 14 petite, I brought home several of each size in various brands.  I always told the clerks the situation and that there would be returns and they never warned of the possibility of this situation, mainly because no one has heard of it.  TRE tracks everyone's returns for participating merchants, and only affects about 1% of shoppers, but if you are in my position of years of buying for so many family members, it could happen to you.  The reason I am ticked, is how it is enforced.  Yes, I can dispute which will take a while and I will do so just for the sake of record.  I don't want there to be any doubt concerning fraud.  You don't need to be concerned about this happening to you unless, your returns add up to their limits.  Someone suggested to use check or cash, but when making a return with either of those choices, your driver license must be scanned.  TRE has your identity and those returns are also tracked, so that scan will show your status.  No getting around it.  I will give my nephew's son the pairs of shoes and have him exchange them for his size using HIS driver license. The specialty shoes ordered online aren't available in store but at least the others will be used. .
I've calmed down, make out a check to pay off my JCP card, and will close my account simply because I cannot take the chance in the future of this happening again.  I need to order clothes in tall, only online, and that's a crap shoot with today's sizing and quality that it won't need to be returned. 
My sister's epidural was extremely painful which her excellent doctor said was normal during the procedure.  Sciatica pain was excruciating while the medication was put in place and lasted about five minutes.  That was Monday.  Today is Thursday.  She is worse than before the epi and in tears.  We are hoping it will take effect soon and give her relief.
When I am upset, I declutter.  Seems to make things calmer with less distractions.  So I removed the wheelbarrow, several pots of flowers, birdhouses, dookies, and the clutter in this spot outside the kitchen window.  I like the simplicity of it now, and there is more impact with the focus on one large plant.
Hope you all have a terrific day.

Jun 14, 2017

Some information

Hello folks.  I received a card in the mail and loved it, decided to change somewhat and chart it, and am now stitching it.  Almost finished with Simply Red too.
Will probably share the chart with you or maybe finish in time for a birthday giveaway.

The boys have been pretty warm with the high temps.

Nitzy has been destroying our bunny population and I am so angry.  He was raised wild, nothing I can do to change that and keeping him inside is disastrous (IF he will even come in).
The information I wanted to relay ....
Have you ever heard of TRE?  It is a company based in CA with customer service in India that can stop you from returning items to your store.  NO warning of this anywhere from JCP that states clearly, all unused items can be returned with receipt within 45 days.  Not so.  Because of buying for my nephews, aunt, and sister (plus myself and husband and children's gifts) many items were returned.  I am the family shopper that everyone relies on and I do know how to get the bargains.  My card is used to make it less confusing.  Well it seems they go back SEVEN years and add up your returns, then give you a warning that you can no longer return items. So far this year I had 3 returns/exchanges in May and one in June, but prior years are counted. There is no 30 day leeway or 2 week notice.  The "warning" takes effect right then, no more returns.  So now, I am stuck with 5 pairs of sandals for the Type 1 diabetic with bad feet and two pair of shorts that do not fit properly.  This is costing me several hundred dollars.  NO WARNING.  NOTHING from JCP to let you know this is even possible.  JCP referred me back to India and I must file a written dispute form, they will forward to JCP, and a determination will be made if being a caregiver and assisting those that cannot visit the store is OK with them.  There are no motorized carts, no wheelchairs, no chairs to rest if needed, no carts for stability.  Good going JCP.  I used your store exclusively for mom, dad, aunts, uncle, sister, brother, nephews, and children.  Your "report" from TRE counts EXCHANGES as a return.  So anything changed for color or size is classed as a returned item.  Very unfair.  If I would have known, I would have kept the colors (I didn't know he had them already) and not used a simple exchange toward my allotment!  I understand a lot of fraud happens and this is mainly what TRE follows, but it is not always the case.  So now will I be reported to retailers as a fraud risk?   You need this service?  Fine, but the way it is handled and customers treated, is not acceptable. You have no idea how ticked off I am.  With Macy's and Sears gone, JCP is all I have here so I will need to go out of town. 
Adios JCP.
Am I the only one that gets a headache when livid?

Jun 11, 2017

Simply Primitive

on Simply Red from Homespun Elegance.  But of course, it's not red as it should be.  I love the size on 35 count, perfect for hanging, simple to stitch, and primitive.  Two colors were changed from my original choices.  The numeric and additional alphabet at the bottom will be one color.  Linen is Tin Roof. 
A few years ago, we waited a length of time for the best stone guy in our area to do our front steps.  As you can see today, we need someone to tear out and start over.  He doesn't do small jobs now, only large installations of patios and brick pavers, so we have no idea who to trust.  The company that shoots concrete beneath to raise walkways and landings, is uneasy about this being separate pieces so I am not wasting money there.  No one comes to the front door, but I think it should be fixed.
Jehovah Witnesses used to come to this door, but haven't been here for many years.  Before removing all the shrubs, we had two pyramid shaped evergreens, one on each side of the door.  Before I could answer the bell, I saw them leaving at a brisk pace.  Hmm.  A few days later when cutting the grass, I saw something different about the shape of those shrubs.  Further inspection showed snakes coiled around them both like Christmas tree garland.  That's the last time any religious group knocked on my door.
HOT today!  Mark is golfing.  I will play outside all day.
Have a good one!
Thanks for visiting.

Jun 8, 2017

After the fact

Do you always regret getting rid of things, or just some times?  Most times?  It wasn't until I received the newsletter from Rebekah Smith that I realized those tall tiny boxes were for wool applique.  They were old and much better quality than what I could get today.  Too late.  Those were burned.  I saved one box from each of the wooden styles that went to Goodwill.  They were just the unfinished lightweight wood I found over the years at craft stores, some small, some large.  So today I decided to paint one and I really like the result. 

I may add a black wire latch to the front, maybe a base with feet. 
I'm sure if I would have kept them, they would still be taking up space in my cupboard, serving no purpose. 
But I would like another.
Sorry Lisa, I can't respond to your question, you are no-reply.

Jun 7, 2017

Once again,

I am changing the colors.  This time the change will be from mono to multi.  Originally the plan was to use a dusty blue instead of red, then I pulled the green linen with light thread, now it's something else.  It's always something.  I would like to add a blue or green to this mix, may switch 3830 for it.  Or not.

On Monday I have to take Carole for an epidural at the hospital instead of the doc's clinic, they said to plan on a four hour visit.  A single color project would be a good choice for my Magma so I may do this sweet design both ways.  Or take a book.
Her landscaping is finished and Mark planted two tomatoes (Sweet 100 and Sugary) in a large pot for her, surrounding it with chicken wire to keep her raccoons out.  All I have to do is transplant the Bubblegums into 12" pots for better health and we are finished there.  For now. 
Still no bull's eye ring around the tick bite so I think it will be fine.  Since both my doctor and the clinic are following the new protocol, I will follow their advice and just watch the area.
Thank you for the suggestions for my grieving pal.  I visited the store and she was not in at the time (customer service) but several employees that know we talk, offered an update.  I mentioned the idea of a memory box and it seems, she already has one.  Seven foster children over the years, one died at 16 in her care. 
It is predicted to be 90 degrees this Sunday.  I still have the furnace on in the mornings and am wearing sweatshirts!  Never before has it been this chilly for weeks into JUNE!!
Hope you all have a good hump day.

Jun 5, 2017

Wait and see

and hope for the best.  That's what I was told about the nymph deer tick.  I asked for the Doxy shot, Urgent Care nor my doctor has it.  I meet the requirements on the CDC site, but the newest protocol is wait and see.  First of all, the nurse at Urgent Care said it is too late to receive the shot because this is the third day since removal.  Well, that's within 72 hours isn't it?  No.  It seems she believes 36 hours are three days.  The second incredible tidbit of information was that the tick needed to be on me for more than three days.  (there's that 3 day mixup again)  I replied that if I knew when it attached, I would have removed it then, not 3 days later.  So how would a patient know it has been on them for three days?  Hey, there's a tick embedded in me sucking on my blood!  I'll remove it in a day or so.  But the CDC states 36 hours which is NOT three days.  Hmm.  I was started to think I was wrong and there are only 12 hours in a day. No wonder I never get anything done.  So, I was told to wait until I get the bull's eye rash larger than a half dollar, a fever, and aching joints.  Then see my doctor and get a blood test and antibiotic.  If any of you are concerned about or encounter a tick, here is the link published recently with the information.
Now I have a question.  The woman at Kohl's I always yak with and is a very giving soul that has had many hardships and heartbreaks, recently lost her husband and then two days later, her challenged daughter.  I want to give her something, a wind chime, a garden stone, wind art, what?  Nothing so big that she feels awkward, nothing too personal since we are not really friends.  I had searched for a locking diary for someone else, not to be found except one online, and I wonder if that is appropriate. 
As I was packing my craft room to take to Goodwill I found several sizes of wood trunks.  Mine is pretty primitive and I never got around to attaching the latch.  Is it a good or bad idea to make one for her as a memory box?  Too personal?   What do you think?  I'm at a loss here.  She is also dealing with her son's near death accident in which both his legs were crushed around a tree, still isn't able to walk after 18 months.  A massage?  WAY too personal but I will bet she could use one.  Any suggestions for me would be appreciated.

Yes I am getting rid of all the wood boxes, drawers, trunks, you name it.  I am tired of all these "I should do this and sell them" items that are never worked on.
Have a good day folks.

Jun 3, 2017

Blast from the past

Hello hello hello!  I answered several emails asking to see the sampler that was used on the heart box, but thought I would post the link to the Pumroy finish if anyone else is interested.  I haven't found many photos online except mine so if you'd like to see the entire piece, here's the link.

It's always something

Gilda Radner was right. I haven't been feeling well for about a week.  I was working at my sister's house to prepare for the landscaping on the only hot day we had over a week ago.  When I came home and sat down for a cold drink, I felt something on my neck beneath the mess of hair.  I smacked it and it fell on to my white tee, clearly a live tick, the large size found on dogs.  Last night, after two days of hives, my neck and shoulder was itching so I checked to see if more were developing.  A very tiny speck was in the center of the bump and after multiple magnifiers, it was a deer tick.  A nymph.  The stage that is more likely to transmit Lyme.  It was dead yet still embedded, so I don't know if I killed it with the tweezers.  Regardless, it may be why I have been feeling off kilter and that would mean that tiny, smaller than a poppy seed speck has been on me for a while.  I doubt Urgent Care will do much other than tell me to see my own doctor which would be several days from now.  I'll wait for the antibiotic until then.


Jun 2, 2017

Heart box


Red paint over black 7 1/2" paper mache heart box with printed label.
$18 includes FC shipping in the US.
Please email to purchase.

Heart box for sale at 9 pm

Just one.
A recent trip to Hobby Lobby resulted in a heart box.  This label is not quite the same as the others, still Eliza Pumroy but not manipulated.  I couldn't find the original file until after this one was completed.  I know there were several of you that wanted a heart and they were sold so when I come across the correct size, I grab it.  Red aged paint over black, 7 1/2" across.  Price is $18 including first class shipping in the US only.  Sale will be at 9pm in another post.

Decision made

I tried the two strand tent and it would look really nice, but I am not as good a stitcher as I could be so I am not satisfied.  The time it is taking is longer than doing a regular cross and my floss is always in the way of seeing the linen.  Usually I stitch left to right, for over one I am following instructions that move right to left.  I need more practice to prevent the floss from lying in the way of my next stitch.  But right now I am not ready for this, and I realize now that the Summer School series is not a project I should attempt.  I will do Simply Red over two.
Another reason for this decision is wanting it to be a little larger for a door or knob hanger.  Haven't chosen the linen or thread yet, it may be this green, Tin Roof, or the Chestnut.

Miss Patty Planker showed a fat killing exercise video.  I told her if I try it, it will kill more than fat.  I made it through 30 seconds and stopped to ensure survival.  It was touch and go for about 10 minutes after.  She is doing so well, it gives out of shapers like me some hope that with small steps, we can get there too.  Or at least close!
Hope you have a nice weekend.
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