Mar 30, 2014

Who wants Hannah Haines??

Hi everyone.  Got snow?  I do.  Several inches that will melt in a day or two, and I plan on celebrating it as being the last. 
I will be finishing Hannah in a day or two and since there is interest in finding this OOP chart, I thought I would offer it.  A little more border and one more line of stitching ~ decision time. 
Frame?  That would be nice.  My wonky style pictured it as a sack with an end flap and big black button, perfect size for my rulers.  And then I happened to set down my 10.1 tablet after cleaning the screen.  I've been looking for a pouch and this sampler's size is perfect.  But do I want a padded pouch for it or a stand?  A stand, which I haven't found locally since the majority are for iPads.  They are available online so maybe I will order and make the pouch to hold the tablet in its stand.  Or not. 
And here's some news - I think I finally have a cabinet maker!  After 18 months of waiting for broken promises from four carpenters, this gentleman named Dominic (my dad's name), is meeting with me Monday morning in his shop.  Here's the catch.  I can't have what I planned.  He will only make the three cabinets I purchased doors for, won't install, won't come out to the house for measurements, won't do the fridge cabinet, won't do the large corner pantry cupboards in the new room.  At this point, I don't give a damn.  I just want things back in order, painted, completed.  I will never get what I wanted or the changes I drew unless I order an entire new kitchen.  My cabinets are solid wood, I like them, I refuse to replace the entire lot in order to get a few additional.  If Ed can't come to help us, we will be doing the additional features ourselves.  Am I disappointed?  Yes.  But it's just a kitchen and I will accept what I have and let it go.   Right after I mail this sweet thank you note to the cabinet makers that failed me..
"Just want to thank you for telling me to purchase custom doors from my cabinet company in order to save you time and setup. Your dishonesty caused me to pay a load of shipping costs. I also appreciate your efforts to feign integrity by making promises you failed to keep. Your lack of respect for customers waiting months only to find out you now refuse their calls is unparalleled.  Since your business has reached the top of these negative ethics, your work probably reflects the same . I will be happy to tell others and encourage them to tell their friends, too.  Word of mouth is certainly important in any business."
Don't mess with Mother Menopause.
Anyway, if you would like to have Hannah Haines in your stash, leave a comment on this post, initials if anonymous, and Random will choose on Thursday at 8pm EST. 
Have a great day!!


Mar 29, 2014


Good day to all!  I am loving my big needle and big linen while sitting on my big....!  Scarlet Letter kits began my journey into samplers, most were on 25 count, and they are still many of my favorite finishes.  I haven't used that linen for years but felt Hannah needed it.  And it's so easy and quick!  I am using Black Crow and Cinnamon GAST and have two fabrics that would be perfect if I want a zippered pouch finish.  On 25, it measures 10" x 3 3/4".  Lots of inquires about this chart, know what's coming!!
Have a safe and fun weekend.

Mar 27, 2014

Another quick and comfortable sampler

How are you?  Still waiting for spring aren't you?  Don't hold your breath.  Been busy with appointments and more family health issues, but wanted to quickly show my new project.  As usual, I had several samplers chosen, one of which was Scarlet Letter's Fanny Hancock and when she popped up on Pinterest, I thought that was the sign.  But last minute, I decided a wonky little primitive piece would be better. 
  Meet Hannah Haines.
 This sweet sampler is from Hands to Work.  The alphabet is not the ordinary and I chose 25 count unbleached linen because I prefer primitive/early looking pieces on a coarse higher count.  Another very easy and quick stitch.  Fun!  I'm not quite ready for a more involved project.
A reader directed me to a blog and website that is very interesting.  I haven't had time to check it out other than a quick browse and you may be familiar with it if you like embroidery and historical stitchery.  Their website, Thistle Threads, is here and will direct you to their blog and other interesting information, historical work, instruction, sources, and more with every click.  Thank you Mary!
After a run under the vacuum, this brat pad shows another reason for not allowing them to roam the house.  These cats are filthy!!  No hair on this, and just take a look at what else they leave behind.  I have a lot of these protective pads left from caregiving and they really come in handy.   Time for another load in the washer.
Enjoy the weekend, stay safe, be comfortable!
Thanks for visiting.

Mar 25, 2014

For the second time..

Lydia Hinckley!  And I wouldn't even mind stitching her for a third time.  I will remove her partner Frances from the mount board and sew them both for hanging.  I don't want a lot of color on the back so I'm using two different neutrals and will age the linen a little before sewing.
It's so hard to find fabrics that I like locally.  I do have three quilt shops within a half hour but only one carries Moda (limited choices) and I seem to like their designers best.  Most of the fabrics I see are for quilts (guess that's why they are called quilt shops)- bright, floral, colorful.  I like muted, simple, and drab.  I have to go for scans Thursday and Friday may be another golf day for husband so the web will be my shopping guide.  No I don't like to drive any distance by myself because 1. I am directionally challenged and couldn't find my way off a one way street, and 2. I'm a white knuckle driver waiting for another old fart to smack me.  Yes I have a GPS but that bitch has an attitude and we don't get along.
All your purchases were mailed yesterday and I thank you.  I hope you like them!  Here's a few things I learned yesterday. 
1.  Never sell ALL your inventory - keep a spare in case of a finishing accident.
2.  When waxing the finished product, remember that it can get slippery.
3.  Never wax an item over a sink with water filled dishes.
4.  Put the dirty dishes where they belong - in the dishwasher.
I'll be 63 in a few months and still learn something every day.  We went to the Social Security office and my husband signed up for benefits.  He'll be 66 in July and this visit really drove home that we are "seniors". Without pensions, it will be a change. The majority of our friends and neighbors are retired teachers with 100% salary for pensions (all over $68,000 a year PLUS full social security), and they still complain even though they are making much more in retirement than when working. ?????  He's still not sure when he will leave the job, no earlier than July, but maybe not until January.  I guess it will depend on how the fish are biting.
The sun is shining and temps in the 50's are coming my way for the weekend (after a snow dusting this afternoon).  My CA cousin is in rehab for a few more weeks after her six bypasses and I thank you all for your well wishes and prayers.  The surgeon is amazed, never thought she would make it through the surgery.  My MN cousin in the nursing home doesn't understand the concept of a gift, and the beautiful pink journal and card weren't received with joy as I had hoped.  So sad.  So quick.  A vibrant, world traveling, honored teacher, can no longer understand the world in her early 60's.   Embrace each day, learn something new, be grateful for your thoughts.
Stay safe - thanks for visiting.

Mar 23, 2014

Sale started!

Click here to go to the sale page or the tab under the header.

Journal notice and a comfort stitch!

Good morning!  How's the weekend going for you?  I have cats in the house, snow spitting on my house, and this in my bag...
Give me stiff lower count linen, a size 24 needle, and I'm happy.  Ahhhhh.  This is me!!  Scarlet Letter's Bliss and Hinckley are two of my favorite small samplers.  So quick, easy to stitch, and simple in design, perfect when you need a comfortable project.  I've been wanting to stitch Lydia again since she left home in a giveaway.  I had a wide frame chosen for Frances but I think both will be sewn and hung from a peg or cupboard.  This chart was sold the end of February on EBay and looked like a newer print version.  Mine is from 1983.
A few journals will go on sale tonight at 8 pm EST, and there won't be any more of this style.  I receive emails scolding me for not posting at the sale start to remind you so I will! You will choose from the drop down menu which design you prefer.  Click on the Journal tab under my blog header to go to the sale page.  If you are redirected back to the sale page, that means they have sold out.  I've been searching for others and found a few that can be ordered but they are nicer than these paper mache and will be more in price.  I have decided to offer these for $10 including shipping, US only.  Shipping can't be combined because more than one jumps to Priority weight.
There are not many available so please don't order more than two.
I need to remove this 40 compression stocking and take a quick shower.  I have the full length with the hip panel and waist belt but still need the glue.  Friday it will come off until injections start again.  Wearing latex gloves to get it back on helps tremendously.  The first time I ever wore this heavy compression and removed it, it bunched at the ankle and I was losing circulation to my foot!  Could NOT get it off but eventually I stood on the end of it while pulling my leg out.  Summer is coming - don't forget to buy a bottle of It Stays for your sling backs and top straps. 
I'll leave you with a video I saw on Karin's blog Countryfolk Keepsakes.  She is so funny and her work is wonderful.  I'm a country music fan and totally clueless about current pop artists.  I'd heard of Pharrell so clicked on, and can't stop bouncing.  Hope it gets you smiling.
Clap along if you feel that happiness is the truth!

Mar 22, 2014

Crabby. Really crabby.

Good day nice people.  It's me.  The crab.  We all have those days when we are just crabby, don't know why, don't care why, but we snap and claw at everything.  Sometimes we come out of it rather quickly, sometimes it lasts for days, sometimes it embeds itself and stays a lifetime.
I've been frustrated with stitching lately, contributing to the snarky mood.  The little project that I expected to be an easy stitch has not been. 
 I made so many errors in placement and removed one side twice.  My bad habit of following the design from what I've already stitched bombed.  This is a reproduction, not symmetrical, and my failure to count correctly and follow the graph has made me want to stick that needle elsewhere.  I doubt if I will continue.  3022, 3829 (or 420) and 926 were my chosen colors and the inner straight line border was going to be left out.  I had to change the bottom because it was off one in the width and I also didn't follow the graph in height.  Putz.  I think it's best to stick with my alphabets and let the rest go for quite a while.  If the next project starts poorly, a fierce slump is inevitable.
Do you have trouble chewing the stems of asparagus?  I do.  I use a peeler but prefer slicing and sauteing rather than the usual method.  Garlic and salt, a little oil/butter and much easier to chew.  Good grief I'm getting old. 
 The brat queen is still tearing up my chair but they are spending more and more time outside now. 
I think tomorrow evening I will post the journals on the Journals page/tab, and you will have to choose a label number when ordering.  Instead of making them up now, I will have them ready and affix your label choice when ordered.   A post will let you know when the offer starts.
Enjoy your weekend!  Thanks for visiting.


Mar 18, 2014

The new little project

Hello people!  How the heck are you?  Did you forget anything today?  Did you make a mad dash to Walmart's restroom?  Did you buy the wrong size jeans again?  Did you catch the clearance display before it fell over after hopping into it trying on the shoes?  Did you not learn the valuable lesson from last week about hopping on one foot in stores? Did you come home with a good cup of coffee?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, you're having a good day.  Regardless of the frustrations, we can still smile and enjoy the blessing of being able to experience the daily grind.  Especially after putting the horses in the stable.  As the saying goes, I feel like I've been rode hard and put away wet.  I need to change the top slightly to accommodate the shape and outline of the bag I would like and I just can't do it right now.  So I've moved on to a sweet little project to get back in the saddle stitching groove.
This is free design from Beth at Heartstring Samplery that you can find here.  As soon as I saw it, I decided it would make a very nice eyeglass case.   Remember these?
I was trying to determine if 32 count would be the correct size and I think it will be.  35 may work too, but I would prefer having a little room inside.  Instead of the flaps, I will use a Velcro dot inside to hold it shut, or maybe a strip of backing fabric to secure on the backside.  Or nothing at all.  I'm using very dull colors except for the birds and hope to enjoy stitching this evening.  What a treat it will be to actually have a chart to follow and know what the design will look like instead of winging it!
I ordered the new laptop from Dell because they still offer several with Windows 7, which I appreciate. I called/checked locally and found only 8.0.  Dell has a few great 15" and also my 17", plus all-in-one and desktops.  My husband's new golf bag is coming today and he's excited.  Last year at this time they were already golfing because of the mild winter but even with our warmer temps, no one is near ready to open.  My leg zapping is Thursday and I should be feeling fine Friday so his group is still making calls to find someone willing to let them play.
Here's something I just noticed.  When you are typing your post and you have the ABC spell check button on, it doesn't show errors.  They only show when you are finished and THEN click it on.  I could type nurhtydgih and it will not highlight that error.  But if I shut it off, then start it, it will catch it.  Hmmm.  Did not know that.
Now that it's getting a little warmer, this sweet face is coming to the door again for treats.  She is so gentle and calm, not like the maniac that comes with her.  They all have a different face and attitude and this sweetie has been coming for three years.
Shredded pork sandwiches with cole slaw tonight.  My treadmill is rusting and my seams are straining. 
Have a great day!
Thanks for visiting.

Mar 16, 2014

Journal preview

Greetings.  It seems there is an error code that is not fixable when trying to change or add pages to blogger.  I've tried everything.  I listed a few journals for you to see under the Journals tab, which used to be something else but it was the only way I could post.  I may have problems listing them with the cart button, we'll see.  Right now I only have 8, the order hasn't come in, and I hope to know soon of the status.  I may stick to these four labels since the time and ink involved in sizing others is too much of a task for my horsed-out brain right now.  I've had several emails about this offer so I thought I would show you what's coming up.  I think the price will be $12 including US shipping.  Any more than one will outweigh first class and need to be priority so I can't combine costs.  No orders yet - just a preview.  Feel free to give your opinion, likes, or suggestions.  I'll let you know a few days before the sale.  Thanks!!
And if anyone wants to know what the sherpa thief opossum is up to, he has decided to make that box his home and takes the deer's bread inside it and dines.  It's warming up at night, downright balmy compared to a month ago, but the brats want to stay in.  I think I've created little monsters.  My brother said they can sleep soundly and feel safe inside, instead of being on alert when outside.  Makes sense.
Hope the new week will be a good one for you.
Thanks for stopping by!

Mar 14, 2014

My bowl runneth over

Hi all.  How the heck are you?  I think asking if you're ready for spring would be silly.
I want to show you what I bought today.
The biggest bowl I own!  This will hold a lot of stitched bowl fillers for sure. I hedged on the purchase for quite a while because it was split across the middle and glued, the lathe swirls are barely visible and worn smooth, and I wasn't sure if it was really old.  I'm not knowledgeable enough to recognize an antique from a newer piece, and the look is what I'm after not authenticity, so I guess it doesn't matter.  Someone used Danish oil or varnish long ago and I may sand it to a dull wood finish.  I knew it was large but didn't realize until I got home just how much more than my others.  It measures 17 3/4" x 17" across and 5 1/2" high.  But for $37.50, not bad?????
I'm working out the bag shape for my stitchery and am considering adding some vines to create more of the shape many antique colonial bags are.  But I've had enough of this piece so would prefer not to continue.  Trimming the edges in wool - is there a wool tape?  Do I make my own?  I don't want to.  I guess before this HP monster dies, I should search the web.  The new laptop will be ordered tonight and I'm all backed up and ready.  I insisted on Windows 7.  It wasn't that long ago that I had to learn it, hated it, got used to it, and refuse to do it all again. 
Time for a cup of coffee and a cookie a walk on the treadmill.
Have a great weekend - stay safe - stitch happy!
Thanks for visiting.

Mar 13, 2014

The end is near

Finally!  What a difference the outline is making.  I'm trying to imagine it as a bag with a scalloped top trimmed in brown wool.  I considered a wallet type finish using the horse part as the flap instead of the back.  I love the design as a whole and don't want to hide those posies and berries in a folded piece so...........probably a pouch of some sort.  Being so tired of this piece and all the split linen threads, I'm not sure it will be sewn into anything for a while.  But if I don't do it now, it won't get done.  Either way, you won't have to look at this l...o...n....g project for much longer.  It is pretty though!  Certainly not a sampler and I doubt if I will ever stitch another piece that is not. 
More snow and ice Wednesday night and I have to go to Ohio for another leg mapping this morning.  EVLA again next week and then I am switching to another doctor.  It's a long story.   And I'm really ticked off.
Another reason to look forward to spring and warmer weather is this little girl.  A less than five pound magician.  Get out!!! 
Squeak is sneezing and has runny eyes which is not good.  I can't get an antibiotic for him without them seeing him which is impossible.  Getting the meds into him would be also.  My brother will try contacting the lady he worked with before for strays and see what she suggests.
Stay safe.
Thanks for visiting.

Mar 11, 2014

My God-wink

Hello people.  Are you having as warm and sunny a day as I am?  My garage floor will be cleaned of the gravel, salt, and road spit from this long snowy winter.  Tomorrow, snow, and freezing rain are forecast but today, working outside will be a blessing.  This post has nothing to do with stitching, just a note of how sometimes, things fall into place perfectly.  My MN cousin that is in a facility because of early dementia, loves butterflies and the color pink.  I always felt that those who believe they are not heard or can't understand why they are not in control, benefit from writing their feelings in a personal journal.  While returning a pair of shoes at TJMaxx, I decided to use the restroom at the back of the store.
 As I passed through the aisles, I couldn't believe what I saw.  A beautiful, soft, pink journal and next to it, a note card of gold glitter with a butterfly in pinks.  Who sent me down this aisle to see them?  They could not be more perfect for her.  I got a chill thinking she must need them or I wouldn't have been led to them.  When I got home, I used a thinned coat of ModPodge over the glitter (which isn't dry yet in this photo) so it doesn't end up everywhere, and I will include a little frame in her gift box.

 As I laid the items on the table, the sun came through the window and hit the card.  Oh my.  It turned into a glorious sparkle of many colors and is just gorgeous!  The colors change with each angle and we've all seen this before, but I held it and turned it and watched the colors change like a little kid.  More importantly, it made me smile.  I hope it will do the same for Sandy.
Wishing you a day filled with color and sparkles,
a smile and a God-wink.

Mar 10, 2014

Dirty books

Happy Monday, if that's possible.  It is. 
 Any day we are still here to complain is a happy day. 
I've had these fabric covered journals for years but their bright fabrics were too much.  Yesterday when trying to rid the house of clutter, I came across my pan for dyeing with the Rit bottles inside.  My journals were on the pile of .. I want but don't use.  Hmmm.  I mixed two dark colors and started brushing it on.  Didn't work.  Remember the sofa I want to dye and haven't yet?  The protective sizing on most all fabrics needs removed in order to accept the dye.  I mixed a little Dawn with water and sprayed the sofa, and had to do the same with the journals.  I still plan on testing a taupe shade on the back of the sofa.  After the fabric dried, it worked, so I brushed on the dye, dapped excess, and put them in front of small heater to dry quickly.  Then I used the Ranger ink pads and rubbed them over the edges of the fabric and the papers.  Dirty little books.  As I said before, if you don't like to dust and aren't a great housekeeper, primitive is the way to go.  No one knows if your items are supposed to look dusty and dirty, or if they actually are. 
The large red one is the color these all used to be.  The covers are pretty sturdy and didn't warp much because of the quick drying.
Not very interesting but it's all I got because I'm still in a horse race.
I talked to CA yesterday and Marcie is up and walking (difficult with the right side paralysis), talking, and doing well.  Her sis Cheryl is also a patient now.  She developed pains Friday, they found her EKG to be abnormal and her catherization is today.  Their brother had his first heart attack when visiting us 10 years ago.  I guess it's a given that everyone in my family will end up with a heart problem.
I'm off to the races!  You have no idea how badly I want a match. 
Have a good start to a great week ~ thanks for visiting.

Mar 8, 2014

Damn big jeans

Good day all!  Hope your weekend is off to a good start.
Our weather was just gorgeous Friday, and we stopped at Kohl's to see if they had jeans in Long length, a size up from my current size up.  I wore a lighter weight jacket but added a scarf for the chill.  I managed to walk out of the dressing room with a giggle, but what occurred inside, could have easily ended differently.  If it had, the following article could have appeared in my local newspaper. 
Officials were trying to piece together what happened to a woman found in a Kohl's dressing room.  Several pairs of jeans, in what appear to be a larger size, were found scattered on the floor, yet she was wearing no pants.  A scarf was wrapped tightly around her neck, drenched in sweat.  Her jacket was pulled half way down her arms in what appears to have been an attempt to remove it.  Officers investigating the case have seen similar scenes take place during what is called a "hot flash".  This condition causes some women to remove clothing in a quick nonsensical frenzy, grasping, tugging, tearing, until cool air can reach the skin.  The woman resembled a local resident that police encountered a few years prior, wearing red rubber boots and carrying a hatchet.  They concluded the investigation and released the following statement ... Hopping on one leg because her fat ankles prevented easy removal of the larger size yet still tight jeans, the flash developed.  Trying to rip off her clothing, her arms became stuck in her half removed jacket making it impossible to release the scarf which was snagged on the jacket's button and tightening with every move, until she choked herself, passed out, and fell into a heap in the corner.
It didn't go that far.  I didn't pass out.  And thank goodness the other rooms were empty.
If any of you are wondering what happened to the prior post, I offered linen for postage and deleted the post when it was gone to avoid confusion.
I have to tell you what happened last night.  My raccoon buddy came to the door for bread and while throwing a piece to her, I happened to see the opossum in one of the cat condos.  I tried everything to get him out but he wasn't budging.  A half hour later, the cats were hunched up and watching something so I went to the door and saw the opossum outside of the box with the sherpa pad in its mouth.  He was shaking it wildly like a dog with a toy!  Then he started walking away with the pad so I grabbed a broom and a pair of slippers, following him at a fast pace on the slippery lawn.  It was dark, but I could see the pale sherpa moving toward the woods.  He tried to pull it under a barrel but couldn't so I smacked the broom against a tree and he ran a few feet away.  I grabbed the pad and left him there but felt so bad!!  Maybe it was for a future nest or he just wanted to be warm.  So I'm making a box with some flannel bedding and will leave it behind our shed.  I sure hope he doesn't come back for the other six pads.  The little thief.
I wanted to show the flower I enlarged.  I'm pleased with it finally!  Pretty good, huh?  The original stitches must be very small because I can't get that much detail.  I still believe the background is entirely stitched since most antique wallets are, but mine won't be, nor will it be finished the same.
Thank you all for the prayers and well wishes.  So far so good!!!
Enjoy your weekend.
Stay safe.
Thanks for visiting!

Mar 6, 2014

When it rains...

at least it's not snowing.  Hello people.  Hope you're all doing well.  I had to ask Mark to hide the matches, just in case a hissy fit consumes me during this stitch. It has taken me three nights to remove that center wiggly leaf, even though it was not fully stitched.  I'm ready to start it over and have been stitching some of the light outlines for a break.  What a difference they make.  And since the 500's are gone, the entire piece looks better.  The right side flower change in size is much better and although I still love this, I am so tired of working on it.  I know if I stop for a short time it will turn into years.  That's just how I stitch.  One at a time, and never look back.  I guess thinking about other issues doesn't help with concentration and that's necessary when trying to recreate from a blurry photo. 
The recent sudden death of my cousin's husband was bad enough, but I got a call this evening from Cheryl, his widow.  Cheryl's sister Marcie is the cousin I posted about that had the massive stroke and they are very close.  I held a giveaway when she was finally released from a nursing home and returned to her family. As soon as I heard Cheryl's tone I knew something was wrong.  Marcie had a massive heart attack shortly after the reception following the funeral.  Here's the strange thing.  Her toe had been bothering her and it began hurting so bad that she had her daughter transport her to the hospital after the dinner.  As they left the ER, she vomited, slumped, and was making a gurgling sound.  Still in her wheelchair, her daughter turned it around and pushed her back into the ER.  She had six bypasses done that night and would never have survived if she was not at the hospital for her toe at that exact time.  Is that strange?  Has Cheryl's husband become Marcie's angel and made sure she was there?  Cheryl said if her sister died the day of her husband's funeral, she would have to be buried too.  Marcie is talking and coherent, the docs are amazed, and if no infection or clot develops, she will go home in 10 days.  And here, my brother's lungs are not responding to treatment and he had more tests done today.  My sister is still out of breath but no worse, and doing fairly well. So there's more on my mind than usual, just like many of you that have family concerns.
I haven't had the time to look for a new computer, and I am receiving four of every email, many sent to junk folders but aren't, and the spam from this blog is overwhelming.  So I am closing comments for a while to see if it stops, but you can still email.
I'm sorry for not keeping up with everyone but my attention and focus is elsewhere.  I can't tell you how many bags of Dove's dark almond have been inhaled consumed this week.  I had to buy jeans in a larger size.  Not good.  Even with the larger size, there is no room for the stocking I need to wear after more leg surgeries in two weeks. 
So I'll be back in a few days with I HOPE the finish.  I have a few ideas for finishing and may need your help in deciding.  And in answer to some emails, yes, I will be offering the journals soon.    Until then, stay safe ~ thanks for listening.

Mar 4, 2014

A new journal?

Greetings.  A quick post to ask for your opinion.  The paper mache journals that I label have been out of stock for months, and I believe the new ones will be smaller but the cost larger.  If they ever get them in.  So I came across these in limited supply and wondered if this type with the attached pen and spiral binding would be appealing. The paper is not lined and they measure 5 x 7 including the pen.  Your thoughts please!

The last several mornings, I found the back room jail where the cats are held to be empty.  Somehow, they are escaping and roaming all night but can't get back in once they are out.  It better warm up soon! 
Enjoy your day!

Mar 2, 2014

What a week

Hello hello hello. Hope all is well! We brought Carole home yesterday and she will have the cardioversion done in 3-4 weeks after meds to reduce the clot danger. She is still getting fluid in her lungs and this could be partly due to kidney problems. So we wait. Thank you again for your prayers and well wishes. We got a call from cousins in CA that one's husband died suddenly from the same symptoms for which Carole was admitted. Of course that increased anxiety, and added sadness. He was a great guy that was so much fun and a perfect fit for the family. His wife is the sister of Marcie, my cousin I posted about that had the massive stroke.
Not much stitching this week. I did manage to remove and re-stitch all the flowers and now they are softer and much more appealing. To me anyway.
What's left? Enlarging the left flower, finishing the right, all the white outlines, and changing the center leaf to the blue series.
I know I will receive emails telling me that I am way too peculiar particular, but when you've put this much time, effort, and study into a piece, you want to be pleased with the result. The 500 series doesn't look bad, but I want the 920's and think they will look a good deal better.  It wasn't until the colors were stitched into this teal linen that I could see how they worked together. The other issue was trying to keep it narrow while still trying to follow the original. I couldn't use the same branch angles fearing disproportion and now that it is near completion, I could see that the left flower is off in size. To tell the truth, at times I considered selling it because I am SO tired of it and I'm sure you are also. But I think when the white outlines are in place, I will love it. For some reason, whether it's the new needles, the linen, or me, these stitches are some of the worst I've even done. So uneven. The floss of the first half of the stitch keeps bunching up when I finish with the top cross, I'm still splitting linen threads all over the place, and I don't care. Never have I really been concerned, and never will I ever have, stitches as perfect as those we see in Kathy Barrick's models.   Using white floss is the only time I really railroad or put extra effort into nicer stitches. But color gets to me. So I'll be plugging away again and hopefully have a peaceful week. Except for this.....
And also because my second HP laptop is dying after 1 year and 1 month. I've been having problems and am now getting warnings of imminent hard drive failure. I will never buy another HP laptop. I haven't been reading blogs or viewing Pinterest except for a few minutes one afternoon and hope to catch up in the next few days.   I ran CHKDSK and it tied up the computer for four days.  My old old laptop with the new hard drive will not open blogger or Pinterest and I don't have my email accounts set up.  I'll be switching everything this afternoon.  If you're in western PA, look out for a hurtling laptop.

Wishing you all a stress free week ahead, and a peaceful Sunday.

Thank you for your good wishes and prayers, and for taking time to visit.
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