Nov 30, 2015

Information listed

Hello people.  I just listed all the boxes, prices, and sizes on the Sampler box page HERE.
Because of the limited quantity, I decided to forgo the Paypal cart and take orders as received.  If there is something you order and it is gone, I can see what it is and let you know if I can do it in the next batch.  I wouldn't know that with the Paypal cart.  Any questions or errors that you see, please notify me before the sale.  Thanks!!!

Nov 29, 2015


Very limited supply.
Please email any questions - link at top right.
Sale Monday night at 8.

Is this really Sunday?

I'm sorry.  I am a day off as usual.  It's the newspaper's fault.  I can tell what day it is by what supplements are included and they have been loaded with the same everyday.  But it is Sunday isn't it?  I will be posting photos of the boxes ready throughout today and tomorrow night (Monday) at 8pm the sale will be open.  I will post beforehand.  There will be another batch later in the week after I talk to Staples.  Again.  This HP Officejet Pro is way off on color.  I use my photos, they print yellow/green cast and way too dark.  I scan, it's much too light and washed out.  I copy, dark and bluish.  I'm taking some labels into the store to print on the floor model and if they are better, I am asking to switch out the machines.  I've had so much trouble and wasted hours and hours trying to lighten them.  So what's good will be tomorrow.  No other boxes were available at the shop but I am keeping a few unfinished for any special requests. 
My sister is still very sick and we've been running food and soup over plus once again, I am running around for her grandkids' and great grandkids' Christmas gifts.  When you don't have a lot of money, you appreciate and must participate in these weekend offers and I got almost all that she wanted.
I haven't been browsing many blogs or Facebook these past two weeks but happened to spot a decorated door on a brief browse of Pinterest,  Couldn't help myself, had to copy it.  Of course my neighbors were laughing and shouting "it's Christmas - not the 4th of July".
It may stay, it may go. 

Well, I have work to do so I'll see 'ya tomorrow.  And what day would that be?  Monday?  I'll make a note and pin it to my sweatshirt.

Nov 27, 2015


The question mark.  Unmistakable in form. 
Odd when it's sprouting from your head.  My wild mess of dyed steel wool does what it wants.  During recent surgery, somehow they tried to tame my hair before the cap and I ended up with several chopped pieces. This one has defied all products and pops up at will.  For the first time, Mark tagged along to a few sales Thanksgiving afternoon.  He was in such shock from the crowd at Walmart and subsequent stores, that he failed to mention the question mark escaped from the hair comb.  I think it may have happened when I bent over to locate a certain size of jeans from boxes in the main aisle, and several thousand people rammed into my rear while my head hit the display over and over.  We found the sizes and left.  They advertised opening at 6pm, but the enormous parking lot had overflowed into the adjoining plaza and people had filled carts way before that, standing in lines waiting until 6 to check out.  Once home and changing into my standard uniform of sweats, I wrenched my neck removing my sweater.  When I was pulling it over my head, somehow the sleeve of the turtleneck underneath was pulled inside out and caught in the sweater.  Panic attack.  My head was stuck between the sweater and the turtle and as I fought to release my arms, claustrophobia took over.  In that struggle I felt something pull in my neck but I made it out!  The sweater is now large enough for my sister to wear. 
We didn't have Thanksgiving dinner because Carole came down with a terrible cold, and the next five days have other commitments, so maybe next weekend!  I paid a lot more for a fresh turkey and it ended up in the freezer anyway.  
The boxes will be listed Sunday morning but I haven't figured out how yet.  I may do it in two batches if I can get labels made for the other size.  I will post the time tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon and let you know for sure.  One more trip tomorrow to see if any boxes came in, but I doubt it.  Maybe future offers will be BYOB.  Buy Your Own Box.  I'll send the label.
Have a great weekend everyone.
Thanks for visiting.

Nov 26, 2015

Thankful for..

family, friends, health, and you.  For people that care for elderly and children with kindness and compassion.  For angels that help and rescue animals.  For medicines that prolong life and bring comfort.  For St. Jude's.  For Shriner's.  For judges who have the decency to punish those that inflict harm. For dedicated police that protect the public.  For our military that protects our country. 
And for a new printer even though ALL labels need readjusting for clarity and color.  And for chairs that are where they should be.  Or maybe it would be best to look before I park myself.
And chocolate.
Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving.

Nov 24, 2015

A Santa I forgot

Hello people.  How the heck are you?  We'll enjoy nice weather this week, and I think I will get the outside decorating done. 
I put a sprig on each door, no bows, and drop bunches of cut greens into galvanized tubs.  Boom.  Done.  I like the grapevine tree on the front deck as I did last year so that will be easy too.  As much as I would like a live tree there, it never materializes.  My house looks the same every year, the only difference may be which tubs are used.  Do you have a set theme and use the same every Christmas or do you try to do something different?
I did some research on printers and will pick it up tomorrow morning.  I hope it supports Windows 7 and there will be no issues with installation.  My current is out of warranty by only 9 months and they have already stopped making models that take that cartridge, and I won't be able to purchase it much longer either. I also stopped at the shop again and they informed me that they may NEVER get those boxes.  Their scanners are showing "not available".   
I found quite a few CD's from years ago and discovered many forgotten images on them.  One that I hope she doesn't mind my sharing, is the last Santa I painted, for Sampler Farmer Carol.  The online albums of her fabulous samplers inspired me to get back to stitching.  I studied them, made shopping lists, discovered new designers and old favorites, enjoyed her gracious tolerance of my questions, her help and advice.  I wanted to show my appreciation and was also itching to paint one more Santa (on gourd).  
She was involved at one time with Handwork and stitched models for Carriage House so I included those leaflets along with a roll of linen in a burlap sack.  When I saw the photo, I wanted to pick up the brushes, but I gave it all away several years ago when I stopped painting.  If I remember correctly he was about 7 inches tall, maybe 8.
Maybe one day in the future... but I seriously doubt it.  I am NOT an artist and without training, it was difficult and frustrating once the project became detailed.  I don't have that patience any longer.
We got our bird for dinner, a fresh one.  I was surprised to see on the labels that the frozen had 8-12% injected solutions.  The fresh had 3% and no antibiotics.  AND - I found dry cottage cheese!!  After years without a source, we will be making sweet cheese pierogis for Christmas Eve this year.  I tried with regular cottage cheese and it wasn't the same so we are thrilled that we can once again make them, first time since Mom passed.  Our Christmas Eve dinner was always cheese (and potato) pierogis, smelts, cole slaw, beet relish, and Christmas Day was the Italian dinner. 
I hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving.

Nov 23, 2015

I WAS working

until this happened.
My last HP printer failed right after warranty and like this time, I had just spent over $80 on ink cartridges.  After the recent wasted printing that ended up striped, I assumed the black ink cartridge was defective and purchased another today.  There is no black at all.  This model doesn't allow access to the printheads for cleaning and after following all instructions for remedy, nothing worked.  With nothing to lose and torque screwdriver in hand, we went at it.  The printheads were a mess so we soaked as recommended on DIY sites, twice, put back together, twice, failed to print the black.  It's necessary unless you're printing pastels.  So now what?  Do I buy another HP that uses the same cartridge so I'm not wasting $80 again or look elsewhere and pay double with new ink?  Either way, I have two sources, Walmart and Staples, both limited on inventory, and may have to order whichever one I choose.  Can't use a color copier (which isn't as sharp) for the labels because they are printed on heavy cardstock.  In order for Staples to print them, they need to be in a .doc file and I have no idea how the clarity and color would come out.  I need to think and eat chocolate.
I will post the few boxes I have this week, and also post the date and time of the sale beforehand.  Krissy, please email me using the link at the top right.  If anyone has questions please send directly to me since the majority of requests are from no-reply readers and I cannot answer you.  If you receive posts by email, you probably don't have that link so.... email address
Be back soon with details, news, or a painfully nasty rant.

Nov 22, 2015

I am working!

But progress is slow. Today started off great with my favorite Gas House Eggs but went downhill from there.  Our version of the dish is with Worcestershire sauce in the buttter. Either brush it on the toast or melt it in the pan for toasting.  So stinkin' good.  They now say butter is good for you but I always preferred it to the fake stuff.
 After sizing and cropping and the hardest part - tint correction - I printed the labels.  Little did I know that the new ink cartridges were printing in streaks,  The samples were fine so I just set up the files and let them all print.  I lost all the good card stock and half the ink, nothing was usable.  Anyway, here's a few that are finished, and I have no idea how I will present these since the Paypal link failed for many of you last time.
Only four of these, 6" and 7" round. Dark green.
This little 4" round is very limited until their shipment comes in.  On dark green.  Some will have labels from prior offers since they were good sellers.
The 4" tall oval that I have the most of.  This is the box I will be doing the script on.  I have others labels ready but I'm not sure how many choices will be included.  Etsy would be much easier but between their fees and Paypal fees, I would have to raise $1 or so.
Nothing set up for sale yet, just wanted to show a sample.  Many of you requested Mary Antrim again so there will be several.
Hope your weekend went well, have a great Monday!

Nov 20, 2015

No boxes but lots of bulbs

Greetings folks.  Stopped again at the craft shop for boxes, nothing.  They have been waiting for a shipment for two weeks and haven't received any as of yet.  They had a few round sets which I do not use but I was desperate so home with me they came. 
I took out some of the boys for decorating and happened to spot my Mary Beale wreath.  Perfect. 
Not a sampler box, but maybe I'll do a few Christmas themes.  These will be painted a very dark green.  I'll be working on them all this weekend and there won't be many.  I make the mistake of trying to compose too many labels instead of sticking with one or two.
Pat Catan's is having a three day sale with a 15% off coupon that was in today's newspaper.  The real deal - silicone bulb two pack for $1 each which is the type I use in the window candles. Cheaper than making your own for sure and no mess so I stocked up.  Also grabbed the very large rusty jingle bells for the trees.  I am a sale shopper especially for weekly grocery items, but when you load your cart and everything rings up at full price, pay attention to the sale flyer's date a little more closely.  To my disappointment, full price Pecan Sandies disappear just as quickly as the sale package.
We've decided on Thanksgiving meal, simpler for just five of us, and spaghetti lost out to the bird.  I'll be making our green bean casserole that is just so good.  You can find the recipe here along with the sweet potato casserole here.
I wanted to mention my recent first attempt at skinny jeans but I'm still in shock.  That name is a misnomer, they are TIGHT jeans.  Skinny doesn't enter the picture.
Have a great weekend.

Thanks for visiting and offering your opinion on the labels.

Nov 18, 2015

Your opinion please

Hiya.  Before I spend any more time on this concept, please let me know what you think of it.  Seems my likes are usually contrary to others.
Mark helped me in and out of the car today as I shopped for boxes at Pat Catan's.  None.  Zippo.  Nada.  Michael's is very limited and doesn't stock my sizes, Hobby Lobby the same.  I refuse to order without seeing them since every one has to be checked for defects and no one was able to tell me if they would be getting more in. 
I see I have a few new followers - hello people!  Thanks for tagging along on my menoride. 
So if you wouldn't mind - yes or no on the label.
Thank you much!

Nov 17, 2015

Changes continue

Hello people.  Hope everyone is doing well.  We're getting so close to Christmas and I'm still crabby about the end of summer.  Thanksgiving is next week and last year at this time, we were in a completely different state of mind, no dinners, no Christmas, no holiday.  This year there is much to be thankful for and our holidays will be celebrated.  I would rather have spaghetti than turkey but won't win on that one.
While trying out the new Bosch with Rack-a-matic (upper rack can be moved up or down), I stood in a twisted position and all of sudden, couldn't straighten.  Years ago I was at my parent's house every day and every year in the fall with a very heavy gas hand held leaf blower, no support, and that slight forward bend from the weight ruined my lower back muscles.  Any time I need to keep a slightly forward position, like at the laundry tub, it hurts.  This time, because of the bend but also the twisted position, something else happened.  I just wish there was a way to not make those noises that automatically spew from my mouth.
The flag on this design patterned three rows of red to one row of white.  Took it out and started over.  Because of needing an odd number centered, those three red stayed but I changed the other stripes to two rows red and two rows white.  I like it better.  I'm using the darker 680 for his coat, and I don't like the green for collar and cuff so......  another change coming.  I may use a fuzzy thread (if I didn't give them all away) but wouldn't a pile look nice?  Turkey stitch cut to a short pile. I may try a sample elsewhere in case I throw a tantrum.  If all else fails, one dark brown thread with one light thread will give me the tweedy look and the more I think about it (like just now), that may be the ticket.  I shouldn't be tempting frustration while teetering on the edge of a slump.
Have a good one!!

Nov 15, 2015

Boxing match

The large 8" square with modified Eliza Pomeroy and Lucy Redd.  
 My local supplier has crap as most paper mache has become, increased the price quite a bit, but I found two a few weeks ago that were nice.  Still have my tall ovals and some journals, but no label files since all was lost.  Twice. I thought these samplers would fit a square after some modification and I need to go through all my pieces and see what, if anything, I can do for the ovals.  I'll keep you posted if and when there will be any listed.  Since I am still homebound (not healing as quickly as expected), I may work on new labels.
I also lost the emails I saved that were to notify several of you about sales before the sale.  Gone also.  I'm sorry - contact me again.

Nov 14, 2015

A little humor

can't take away the sadness, but hopefully will bring a smile.


Nov 12, 2015

Next up?

Greetings folks.  I thought this Santa might be a good choice for another skinny sack.  This one would be 3" wide and about 8" tall, and since I like the sparse look, something holding a single greenery sprig is appealing.  The patriotic aspect is a plus. Not sure if this will be the next project yet, but it would be a simple chart to follow.  Since I have no shop to check out overdyed floss colors on my linen choice, I will use two similar shades of DMC for a little shading.  Too many times an order is nothing near what I expected, and I run out of the color in those limited skeins.
Of course I changed it.  I know making copies is forbidden but it's for my use of the design I purchased, to allow me to see better, to make changes, to color without defacing the chart.   I moved up the arms and flag, lengthened the flag and robe.  Cut and paste. (Original on the right.)
My husband is outside planting garlic right now, sure hope we get a decent crop next year because there's nothing like fresh garlic.  Well...chocolate, but we can't grow that. 
Have a great weekend.
Thanks for visiting.

Nov 11, 2015

After many changes....

a little finish.  I took your advice and used the 729.  Something still wasn't right.  I ended up leaving out a few things, adding snowflakes, giving him cheeks, moving the mouth, changing the colors, and here he is. 
A little skinny pouch to hold a greenery sprig on a cupboard knob.  Only 2 3/4" wide, he's perfect for a little accent.  As with many Santas, I make changes when the stitching is completed, after already making changes, which sometimes is the reason for the final changes.  Get it?  On this one, the face had a backstitched nose, no cheek color, and darker beard (3033 but I used 822).  I didn't see enough contrast so decided to make him more like the PS Santas.  Instead of removing beard and brow and face, I just went over the existing stitches with another color, since there is only a slight variance. 
Beards and light colors never seem to have good linen coverage so this warped method of mine also helps with that.  For the beard, I went over the 822 with white, two strands, only a half cross.  I could have done one strand and full cross but this method creates a little more texture to the beard.  At least that's what I tell myself.  You can see the small section on the bottom right that hasn't been "over stitched" yet.
For the cheeks, I used one strand of 407 over the 3774, full cross.  After removing the two red stitches for his mouth, I filled those in with white and added two red stitches above that, over the existing thread.  I know this is making some of you shake your head but no one - and I mean no one - pays attention to my needlework but me.  Once completed, I can't tell if I over stitched or not, wouldn't remember if I did, and don't really care.  As long as I like the look, it doesn't matter to me how I achieved it.  Does that make me an unorthodox stitcher?  We already know I am, but I'm also reckless and impatient and willing to use flames.  It's best I do what is the least frustrating for the end result.  I don't believe there are any set "rules" for needlework, just basics, techniques, methods, and good judgment.  What I did doesn't fit into any of those categories but I got a sweet Santa sack anyway!
So now what?  Another Santa?  A small sampler?  Back to Sally?  Call it quits for a while?  Haven't decided.  Lori's sneak peek of new designs certainly piqued my interest so maybe the spark is still there and instead of setting the flame to my linen, I can ignite my mojo.  A word I never liked.  Mojo. 
Thanks for visiting.
Have a great finish to this week.

Nov 10, 2015

The one color holdup

Greetings folks.  How was your weekend?  Ohio had quite a few really nice antique shows and I'll bet some of you snagged some goodies.  We had really nice warm days last week but I doubt we will see those temps again.
I picked up Niky's Primitive Christmas design last night and once again, tried a different gold thread that didn't stay in the linen very long. 
The recommended color is 371 and it doesn't show at all on my dark linen so I tried 833, trying to stay in the greenish golds.  Removed it.  Moved on to 729 which looks really nice, but I thought it might be too gold with the other muted colors.  Removed it.  Back to 833, started on the border this time instead of the hat trim, and it's barely noticeable.  Move up to 834?  Brighter 729?  My DMC 680 and 3829 look exactly the same and don't show very well either, also have more orange to them.  But who knows?  That may be the choice.  Since the border, star motifs, and band are that color, I'm stuck.  I've been stitching and removing on what should have been a very quick finish.  I guess I need to hit the gas pedal or get out of the car.  I've been idling WAY too long on a small project that is only displayed a few weeks of the year and would look good with any freaking gold!  Move on menoblock!  Geez.
From the tiniest to the biggest, birds through my windows.
 These wrens were squawking outside the window for days and for a tiny bird, they can be pretty loud.  Their usual lyrical call is not what they've been shouting. 
These guys have a quick cluck if you scare them but you don't hear them too often.  They are so comical to watch, running single file from the woods to reach the corn, still ten offspring and one hen.  They scratch the ground and peck as they move along, heads up only when you disturb them.  Not the prettiest birds by far, no color or special patterns, but I do like their variety of feathers.
Raining all day and I'm taking it easy this week.  Very uncomfortable, not feeling great because of antibiotics, and pain meds make me ill.  I don't know why my body isn't compatible with drugs, even Tylenol doesn't sit well.  Thank goodness for Advil because it's the only one that agrees with me. 
Have a great week!  Thanks for visiting.

Nov 4, 2015

Never ending mess

Geezowhizzers.  All I did was look through the drawers and packets for linen to send to Carol's friend and now my parlor looks like Walmart after Black Friday.  Why do I not put anything back where it came from?  I think once I reach my goal of actually finding what I am looking for, I get so excited that I skip away and don't look back.  Well I went in there last night.  Because time has passed since the incident, I can't remember where the items should be kept.  A while back I worked hard to identify the count, possible color, and had each drawer organized as to such.  Some of it is back in place, but most is a question mark.  Under that pile of fabric was ..... Niky's Primitive Christmas.  Once AGAIN, I am delighted with a new chart for the second time, since I completely forgot about it.  Hence, the Santa pants.  Should be a quick stitch and cute as heck. 
I've decided to work on Sally when I am recuperating next week.  No details, nothing serious (as long as I wake up), in fact, a choice not a necessity.  I greatly enlarged the motifs again and hope I can wrap them up next week.  The border later.  But anxiety has been taking a toll and after the stress of The Year of Carole, I needed something fun and simple. 
Looking through the PS charts I came across a few that I may have stitched but aren't sure.  I know I didn't do the Nutcrackers because frankly, they scare me.  I'm sure I can leave off the toothy backstitches and find a few designs that are more Santa like. 
These were originally stitched on Aida and I want to redo them on the 24 count fabric called for, over one, which I gave away.  When I sold the extra chart on Ebay I threw in the fabric.  But do I really want to do over one?  Nope.  If I choose a few of these I'm sure another count would work just as well.
I know I did a few of these but could find another in this series too.

Did I do Kris Kringle?  I could search the blog to find out but I am not keen on spending that much time on the computer.  I could search for the storage box and go through them but that will be Walmart after sale day all over again. 
I am definitely searching for a stitching journal today (online of course) and ordering one for Christmas and one for samplers.  Years ago there were many available but I haven't seen much to my liking, if any recently.  My SIL never stitched a thing without a record of linen count, color, threads, chart name, date, and most times a photo.  It makes good sense doesn't it?

And I thought Nutcrackers were scary.  I saw a video of Steven Tyler and realized.... that's my hair!  Haven't had a cut in quite some time.  I guess I'll have to wait a few weeks now.  Who am I kidding?  Doesn't matter the length, it's straight, wavy, frizzy, curly, soft, and steel wool.  I gave up trying to control it many years ago.

 Sorry if there are spelling errors.  Spellcheck died, probably after the first word of Geezowhizzers.  Hysterectobelly hasn't been included yet either and I have definitive proof of that word.
Enjoy your day. 
Thanks for visiting.

Nov 3, 2015

What's new?

Santa pants.


Nov 2, 2015

The old lady's cupboard

Essamplaire sale Nov 2 - 8   20% off all kits, books, charts, antiques.
There's a small scroll at the bottom of right hand column about it. 
Hello people.  All day yesterday I sat outside on my little stool and scrubbed an old cabinet inside and out.  I purchased it when we first moved here from a garage sale at the little farm house on the highway.  An elderly woman, short and round, was always outside tending to her front flower gardens.  Obviously painful for her to stoop and bend, but she used her cane and took her time.  I never had the opportunity to meet her, and when she passed the family immediately had a sale.  I entered the tiny house and made my way among the lookers, not for a sale, but wanting to see what surrounded her daily.  There was really no room to move around and after leaving the house I saw a few gentlemen sitting in the back garage.  I went to talk to them, asking for information about the woman who for some reason, I was sort of drawn to.  The woman lived alone and was not a very pleasant person from what they told.  (Maybe that's what drew me to her, crab to crab.)  I saw a cabinet on the wall and asked if it was for sale, they said no but for $10 I could have it.  What?  They removed it and Mark later went to pick it up.  It's been in my garage for 30 years, all the time wanting to clean it and use it inside.  Is it an antique?  I doubt it. 
But it has the flush doors that are mortise and tenon with a small beaded edge, and the flat panel is a 1/4" planed pine board, not plywood.  How do I know?  They weren't glued and the doors keep coming apart (rubber bands for now).  They must have used it to store oil cans and grease guns because it took forever with Lestoil and Simple Green to remove the layers. 
Now it's finally in the house and I'm staining a dark walnut after the scrubbing lightened the wood.  Quite large to hang at 36" wide x 43" tall.  Quarter sawn oak sides and shelves, very hard figured pine elsewhere.  Not a showpiece for sure, but I am still drawn to it as I was to the woman.  I purchased wrought iron handles and hinges but not sure if I will change anything yet.  I want to remove all furniture in my tiny parlor and have this on the wall or setting on a table, a farm table with chair in the center, and sampler walls.  I saw the Mary Goodburn sampler (All My Scattering Moments) and it got my attention so there is still hope.
My 20 times daily visitors are here now.  I didn't think they would eat grass seed but they were in the straw scratching away ever since we had it put down.  I guess I have to call the landscaper back.   Remember him?
Look both ways troop!  It's hunting season!  See that wide cleared area?  The gas company right of way which they cut down every fall, just in time for hunters to have a clear shot.  That's not why they do it, but it coincides with the season.
Have a good week!
Thanks for visiting.

Nov 1, 2015

And the box will be mailed to...

Cynde Marschner.  Please email your address to me Cynde, you're no-reply and I can't contact you.  Thanks to everyone for playing along. 
I'm having a hard time once again with Sally.  The tree next to the house (identical on each side) was stitched by a lunatic crab and she messed up three times on rows that affect height.  Count em.  Three.  So it's higher than the other side's tree and I don't know if it will be noticeable since the house separating them is so large.  If it is, I will rip out the entire tree and start over but want to wait until I get further into the other motifs for an overall look.  Of all the reproductions, this one had to have matching sides.  If it isn't noticeable, I will leave it, but it certainly kicked sand into the crab's eyes. 
I'm taking a break for a day or two, maybe work on some labels, but I'm getting to a point where I don't even want to look at new charts.  Maybe things will change and a few Santas will draw me back in.  How can you not want to stitch a Santa?
Hope November starts off warm and sunny. 
And stays that way.
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