Jul 23, 2014


Thank you to everyone that offered to help with expenses and for your support and advice.  I am so touched by your caring and compassion. The Humane Society called this afternoon and set us up with another vet that would see him tomorrow to assess the baby, and do whatever would be best for him.  He purred and climbed my t-shirt, touching my face with those little paws, and took a little baby food from my finger.  He wanted to be in the house and held, unlike our other ferals, which had me puzzled.  I think he was part of a litter from a pet, not a stray, and they dumped the kittens when they thought they could survive on their own.  As with all idiots, they were wrong.  This evening, around 9 pm, he passed.  The baby is gone. 
And I will be too for a while.
Thank you all again so very much.
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A baby on my doorstep

Hi.  Not a good day.  I've been seeing the St. Jude commercials which tear my heart out and have been boo-hooing a lot lately.  Well I'm really bawling now.  I came home this morning and went to the back to feed the deer before entering the house.  I looked at my patio door, and there was Budman lying on one side of the door, Nitzy on the other, and I kept looking and looking at what was between them.  Was there a fight that left a pile of hair?  No.  It was this.
A kitten that hasn't been weaned, is sneezing, coughing, and has eyes filled with pus, and a body filled with fleas.  Not good.  He is crying constantly, trying to curl up (or nurse) from the two boys and I am afraid they will hurt him.  So far they are hissing and swatting.  I called the shelter, they won't take him because he has a respiratory illness, and is not weaned. I have never once had an agency or even our shelter, take a stray, injured, or sick animal for me.  I called three other agencies and for one reason or another, will not take him.  I called the vet for euthanizing and they won't do it without an "exam" of $50 first and then the injection is $150.  Another will not treat unweaned kittens.  I know agencies are full, lack help, and certainly lack funds to help everyone, but I get so disgusted. 
 I don't know how much longer he will last, but we'll do everything we can to keep him comfortable.  I gave him baby food mixed with water but he didn't know what to do, he drank a little Catsip, but he kept choking or coughing.  We will do what we can for him and end his suffering if need be.  Yes I am an animal lover, but over the years I've had to accept that I can't save them all.  As selfish as it may be, I do not want to take in such a baby and try to treat him (if I can even find a vet that would) only to lose him anyway.  Nor do I want another cat with neighbors threatening to poison.  I hope his litter mates are not suffering.  He is so tiny.  But I am glad he ended up here so he won't be alone.

Jul 22, 2014

Jul 21, 2014

Heart and template

Chart and template are available in the FREE tab under the header photo.
Just right click and print.  The template will probably print a little smaller so you can save and open in Photo Gallery, print full page.  Problems?  Please let me know.

To hang --- or not.

I took two threads out of my linen to check for the crinkled warp, and they looked the same to me.  Maybe a different piece would be more noticeable.  It's not that I plan on doing it properly, I just wanted to see if I could tell.
And now for a story.  For some reason, I have a momma crow and 2 young hanging around my patio.  They haven't shut up in weeks.  All day.  Caw caw caw!  Right by the open windows and although I love crows with their goofy walk and even their call, it's getting on my nerves.  I don't know if I ever told this story so forgive me if I'm repeating.  Many years ago, I pulled into the drive thru at my bank.  The back of the building is where the cars get in line along with the parking lot.  Adjacent property is a vacant grassy area and a house farther down.  When I pulled in, I saw several crows milling around one that was flat to the ground, his right wing completely extended.  They were making a lot of noise and circling him.  I assumed he was hurt and the wing was broken.  No one else got out of their car, probably because they had better sense than I did.  I hunched over, slowly and quietly approached the bird from the back, feeling like I was in a covert operation but without a ghillie suit.  I got within two feet of him.  As I extended my arm to grab him, his head turned, he let out a blood curdling screech while pulling in his wing and took flight just missing my face.  Scared the crap out of me.  That's a big bird!!  I think my move was similar to one seen in Psy's Gangnam video. The damn bird was just airing his armpit.  I guess the others were squawking that break time was over and trying to get him to move.  The people at the drive thru tried not to laugh as I walked back to my car, but I knew.  I knew.  This is one of the bad things about having a bright color car that you keep for 10 years. 
People remember.
Have a great day.
Hope you like the heart.

Jul 20, 2014

I ♥ you

For you.....
a heart freebie.
Will post the chart and details Monday.

Jul 19, 2014

Is this really July?

Hi everyone.  How's your weekend starting?  Ours is dark, damp, raining, and some evenings I need a sweatshirt.  My aunt turned her furnace on a few days ago to take the chill out of the house.  Mid-July!!!  The brats have been staying in at night again.  Rarely do I see them during the day, but come 10:00, the are peeking in the door.  Budman of course never leaves.  Squeak was AWOL for a few days and ate a pile of food this morning.  He'll always be a very thin cat but there is much improvement.
Here's where I am on the heart and I hope to finish it today.  Very quick stitch.  I'm using the newly dyed linen and glad I am.  I'm not so sure that this is the one for Sally.  Sometimes the linen gets softer when wet, dyed, smacked, thrown into a dryer.  It still has body, not quite as stiff,  maybe just a little too soft for my coarse preference.  When I remove an error and the threads smoosh together and leave a space, it's too soft for me.  Best find out now before starting Sally.
As for the paint, I learned something else yesterday.  Different grades of the same brand of paint (Behr) use different bases and take tint differently.  The reason it did not match was because I used the Premier series and decided to use the Ultra for the final coat.  This Ultra series used three tints that were completely different than those in the Premier gallon. There was no way to get the same color unless they mixed the Premier base.  The Stix (water based) primer I am using over oil, was offered at Benjamin Moore's as the best for over oil.  At Sherwin Williams yesterday, I was told absolutely not.  You MUST use an oil base primer over oil and then you can coat with latex paint.  Two top quality dealers with different information.  Drives you nuts.  The Stix is sticking just fine.  I cut a straw to lay on the inside top of the door/drawer, stuck duct tape to the inside, folded it over for a tab, and this is how they will stay until the paint is cured so they don't stick to the frame. 

 I'll be staying in today, as will "others".  If you look closely you can see she is still giving me "the look" even through the smallest slit.  She loves the catnip cardboard and although a tiny little brat, she will knock the boys off it.
 My Budman is a happy camper.  I'm not.  Two horrific stories of abuse (child and animal) on the front page today.  Both will recover physically after extended hospital stays and surgery on the dog, and I hope the young boy responds well to counseling.  Unless the child dies, punishment around here is minimal for neglect and abuse, and this 24 pound 7 year old was a month away from that.  The mother and grandparents are charged, and the other 3 siblings are fine.  They are back at home.  Once again, no one checked on this child who was taken out of school.  If you are so inclined, a prayer for his healing.
I hope the heart design ends well and I can share it with you.
Until then, have a safe weekend.
Thanks for visiting.
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