May 26, 2017

Lone star

I chose to stitch only the star from the chart, on 32 count Gunmetal linen.  This lazy stitcher didn't want to fill in the blue so this fabric does the trick.  The alphabet could still be done in 822 or 676 on this color and I think it would look really nice.
My plans for finishing?  I want to use the same linen on the back, outline stitch the star shape and fray the edges of the linen.  It will be very small and I doubt I could sew right sides together, turn, and stuff.  A small square ornament would be fine too.  But I'm showing it now because something tells me it may never be seen again once I start the finishing.  It's been a long time since I've set a match to any linen, but my moods lately indicate the time is drawing near.

Enjoy your weekend.

My apology

As I was stitching the Gold Star chart this evening, I realized the chart on the blog post was not the final.  It's OK but I enlarged the gold star and saved it, then somehow managed to post the wrong one.  I'm sorry!  The correct one was posted on the FREE tab and I corrected the one shown on the blog post.
We are so ashamed!!

May 25, 2017

How many times

do I go through this process of sorting linen?  Too many.  It seems the organization plans last as long as a Dove chocolate within sight.  For some inane reason, even though I am fairly sure stitching is ending, I almost ordered more fabric. 
I saw Homespun Elegance's Simply Red Sampler and do need it in the stash, so I thought adding a few pieces more wouldn't hurt.  I filled the order previously but obviously did not send it (???) so removing the extra linen was possible. 
Going through the stash I see that I DO have 35 count in raw which surprised me.  The written inventory would have clearly shown that fact, but where the hell is it?  And guess what else I found? 
TWO pieces!  So I filled the smaller zip envelopes and have the tags visible front and back, making it easier to keep them neat.  When I had them all rolled they would be pulled out and a mess ensued.   I love these pouches.
The 32s and 30s are in the large size , but I still have the greatest amount to sort, 28 count.  I no longer like that count.  When I started dyeing my own, washing, and drying, some did shrink to a tighter weave.  Not sure if I will attempt that.
Some look very tight, I guess because of thicker threads.  The BOAF (Linens by Design) in Meadowlark and Sparrow are 28 but look like my 32 count piece. 
It's another dark rainy day and I may finish the inventory while watching the baby vegetable plants sink deeper into the mud. 
An added note about the glue method.  The trick is pressing the bottom fold, creasing it to where the seam will be. I always did this when hand sewing too.  Creates a perfect guide to spread a thin line of glue so the closure is directly on the crease.  You don't have to fold the backing over the fill either, just push it out of the way or add a thin strip of muslin over it to keep the fuzzys away from the glue.  Here's the way mine looked.
We haven't identified the birds that nest on our downspout every year.  They are two shades of brown, not large, the nest is mostly mud and moss and a real snark to remove when they leave.  Looks like the babies are pretty well packed in!
Have a good day folks.

May 24, 2017

The lazy close

Greetings!  My furnace is still running!  Days and days of more rain coming so Mark is planting the garden today, in the mud, before it turns to swamp.
Several of you asked over time about gluing the seam instead of hand sewing. My closing seams never look good, always a little open and thread is usually visible.  Pushing the needle through linen and backing is also hard on my arthritis, so glue to the rescue.  Many posts ago I told of the brand I always used, but no more.  I switched to Aleene's Tacky and find it superior in many ways.
Since I fuse interfacing, it is easy to fold over and finger crease the edge to the inside, and once measured correctly (with the Dritz sewing gauge Sherry, found on the notions wall), I fold and press the backing too so it is creased and ready to close. 

Most times I pull the backing fabric over the fill because it gets in the way of the glue.  Using an artist brush or any narrow applicator, apply the glue directly beneath the crease on the back's fabric.  Push the overlap/fill down inside so the creases line up, use the little clips to hold. 
The clear side has more grippers which indent the fabric so I use the red side on the linen, the very very edge. 
Only takes a few minutes, remove, and then push the fabrics toward the seam to release any outside fabric that may be caught in the glue.  Done.  Any missed spots or corners?  Add a tiny bit with a toothpick and clip.
Perfectly neat seam with no gaps or wonky threads.  The piece is already steamed lightly to create the density, and I will add a little more fill for the bottom corners before closing,
then use a long and sturdy needle to push it in place from the back.  Just stick it in at an angle and bend back to move the fill.
That's the way of the lazy stitcher.
I have all Vista Bubble Gum petunias but also purchased one in the new brighter pink.  It also kind of glows at dusk.
Have a good day!

May 23, 2017

The chart

if anyone would like to stitch.  Approximately 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" on 35 count. 



May 22, 2017

Miniature #2

Hello people.  Just finished the second tiny and I think they are still too large for my feather tree.  But stinkin' cute regardless.  The threads are dusty and muted and even though different from the first mini, they look the same.  Here they are together.
I used cotton candle wick braid for their hangers after lightly washing the package and dipping in my tan dye. 
I will post the chart maybe tomorrow.  Once again, I am feeling like stopping it all including the blog.  This minute, I am saturated in flash sweat and they are starting to get to me again.  The diet, being hungry, and not losing is adding to my bitchdom.  Yes, I have moved up a notch or two from crabass.   I gave it two additional weeks and nothing has changed so I am moving on to my own plan or low carb.  The WW Simply Filling plan that allows all meats, is a little deceiving.  Not all cuts of meat are allowed without points and everything needs to be looked up and counted.  Moving on.  A good plan for many, but not for me.  Yes you can have anything you want, but the rest of the day becomes very limited and that can be applied to any diet plan.
Be back with the chart in a day or so if anyone is interested in stitching it.
Have a good day.  My furnace is still running.
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