Aug 4, 2015

Choices for Ruth

Greetings all.  Another nice week coming, now predicted for high 70's.  Mark is finishing up the second coat of oil base of the last swing.  We have one other chair in the attic, brand new unfinished, which we will probably keep that way for now.  We bought the swings locally many years ago and since then the high back cedars have more than doubled in price.  Doesn't bode well for replacing our cedar siding if it's risen that much.
I was trying to decide if I should just line and hang Ruth on the wall with the others.  Then I thought a larger kind of flat pillow may be something different.    With a little stuffing she would fit perfectly here and the black back shows her off nicely. 
The other option, since I have so much fabric left at the bottom, would be to fold it back and create a pouch with fringed back flap.  It would double as a display pillow but I could remove the quilt batting piece and have a usable pouch if I change my mind.  Two options for one finish sounds good.
Then I saw the Gable House Goodes post here and my plans melted.  I started searching the house for a piece of shaped wood or something I could dismantle to use.  And then it happened.  I lost Ruth.  Bad habit of setting something down when I am distracted and then .... where the hell is it.  Took me quite a while to find her again.  My mind was made up to do a board pouch, but I have a tattered old quilt from mom and it may be better to use those scraps for the pouch, making one for Carole too.  This one is just gorgeous fabric and color isn't it?  Well what of her creations is not? 
Have a great day!!

Aug 2, 2015


NOOOOOOOOOOO!  This is probably why I never have any Christmas items for sale.  I don't want to think about the coming seasons so I ignore them and then it's too late to start sewing or painting.  We've had two weeks of very nice weather and this week will be low to mid 70's.  Next thing you know, 40 at night and it's all downhill from there.
I started working on Sally Fiske again because I have to finish her now or I won't ever.  Kitpin was staring at me and I apologized, she would have to wait.  My new hoop (10") is not large enough for Sally.  There is so much fabric in my lap and on the sides that I can't get to the back of the hoop.  I took the large floor stand from the back of my car (should have been dropped off at Goodwill last week) and was grateful for procrastination.  Mark is going to modify it for me so I hope it will work out.

My brother's wife had many many baskets, most of which were handmade by weavers she knew, or from shows.  It was time to move them out so my car is filled for the consignment shop.  My sister took a few beauties and I only kept a few smalls, a very well made round, and a larger flat back which had hearts and houses stenciled on the wide band.  I used a soft wire brush and Simple Green - now they're gone!   When it's dry I may have to go over that band with a little stain but it's better than stencils.  Must have been purchased long ago. 
I'm concerned that my favorite shop in Volant, James Creek Galleries, may be changing too much.  Several friends noticed it and think it may be heading for closing.  I sure hope not.  The gal that worked there through several owners and many years, knowledgeable and a pleasure to visit, is no longer there.   We lost a shop in Vienna Ohio recently and except for Meander Hill, there isn't much anything around.  Especially for upholstered pieces and case goods.  Pine Cone gift shop is about 90 minutes and looks to be a nice place, but I try to stay away from any distance rides because of my neck.  Years ago there were several nice places in the Boardman area but I keep asking, no one knows of any now.
A peek into my pantry - Walgreen's had Dove on sale last week 2/$5.  Great price.  Can't pass up a bargain.  They must be making smaller bags because they are not lasting as long as they should.
Have a great start to your week.  The first week of the last month of summer.  I need a pill.
Thanks for visiting.

Jul 31, 2015

...and the funnel...and Ruth

Hiya.  Forgot to show you the wooden funnel I got too.  Never saw one of these either.  The stem appears to be broken at the tip, very thin wood there but the rest is substantial.  Very fine turning grooves, barely visible.
I wasn't going to take it but Mark thought it was nice so it's mine.  I decided to keep the monster bowl.  I tried propping it against the wall on top of a cupboard but it's hard to stabilize.  It's much bigger than the top of my stool but I will eventually find a spot.  I plan on cleaning it with Murphy's Oil Soap.  The funnel is pretty clean and I read that they were used for cider instead of metal which reacted with it.  I'm sure they had other uses too.
I don't care for vegetables but I do like this.
Cut the sprouts in half, brown cut side down in large fry pan with minimal oil.  Add some (3/4 - 1 cup) chicken broth and golden raisins, a little sugar if needed, a little salt, cover on low until tender.  Just roasting them in the oven at high temp, cut side down, is good too but Mark loves these.
Ruth.  Aged.
 Of course I changed some colors, moved the large vase over one, changed the base of it, added green for the leaves, and then moved up the Ruth box.  I wasn't going to stitch it at all because I didn't like it just hanging there by itself.  I could have added some motifs or border along with it at the bottom, and depending on the finishing, may put it back where it belongs if I need more height to the piece.  Not sure what it will be yet.  The large vase is stitched over 3 and once I got the first row done (I started with the vase top edge) the rest was easy because I followed their placement.  I used two strands instead of one that is called for.
Have a great weekend!!
Thanks for visiting.


Jul 30, 2015

Bowl me over

Greetings pals. A short post with photos of one item.  My new purchase.  It's sitting on a 38" wide table.  Yowza.
I have never seen a wooden bowl this large.  It's huge.  A few cracks within the bowl but nothing on the rim.  The top lip is worn down where it was always handled but most of it isn't. 

It was at an estate sale on top of a very high large cupboard.  No one saw it but my brother's friend.  So they brought it down and put a price sticker on it but no one wanted it.  There were no primitives, mostly traditional pieces, so he made an offer after the sale.  Bingo.  The inside is dirty and dusty, anxious to see the wood after cleaning. 
The last bowl I bought was the largest I had and I thought it was huge, but you can see how much larger this one is.  It's almost too big.  The stitchery smalls wouldn't even show, just sink to the bottom.

It certainly catches your eye, too big for end tables, the desk, and I'm wondering if it's too high and large for the table.  Not bad in the photos, but in person, it's looks disproportionate.  It will be a good trade at an antique store if I can't find a suitable spot.


Jul 29, 2015

First impression

Hello people. 
Received my GPA's (Giulia Punti Antichi) Ann Spence today.  Never have I had such a comprehensive and easy to read chart.  The chart is in several pages printed on both sides, quality bright paper, and it's not only in symbols, but color.  Color!  So easy to see where you are and when the color will change.  I am so impressed and thrilled with this, my first chart from her.  Clear instructions and SO much more.  Although huge, it would be an easy stitch because of the chart's quality and appearance.  I was surprised that the work involved and quality of print is comparable in price to some B/W one or two page charts.  It takes a lot to impress this crabby fusspot, but believe me, I am.

I started Ruth's over 3 flowers and vase, using all the color changes I made in the body of the sampler.  There is no green charted but I plan on using it around the flowers and for the leaves.  One thread is supposed to be used for the over 3 but I am using 2 threads.  On 28 count, one would barely be noticeable.  I also didn't pay attention to the chart and stitched the right edge incorrectly.  That's OK.
Really hot here for a few days and we are almost done sanding/painting the cedar single swing, the 5 foot swing, and 2 high back chairs with 2 coats oil base black.  I mentioned that I had considered red and his head whipped around so fast I thought his neck cracked.  "Ohhhhh no.  Don't say it.  Don't even think about it."  I don't know why he gets so crazy when I bring up paint colors, do you?  I would never change it after all the work but red would have been fabulous.  Wouldn't Bud look handsome on a red chair?

End of July.  END OF JULY.  Can't believe it.  Enjoy the last few days of it as I prepare to start bitching that summer's over.

Thanks for visiting.

p.s. On the no-reply question - if you join Google+ it automatically changes you to no-reply and you must revert back to a standard Google profile to change it back.  An easy way and an explanation of the settings is here.  If you want to stay Google+ and no-reply, go to your Profile, check Show my Email address so it will be visible on your profile page if you want people to be able to contact you.


Jul 27, 2015

Good grief

I opened a can of worms.  Better than a can of whoop-ass I guess. 
Thank you so much for all your help!  Jeannine you found what I couldn't and I thank you.  Kathy, Misi, Lisa, Sherry, Kathiquilts, a big thank you to all of you, too.  I wanted to reply with my gratitude but I can't!  You're all no-reply so I am thanking you here. 
My can of worms opened when I visited some of the sites recommended.  No no no.  I am not changing over to farmhouse style.  Industrial farmhouse. The uncluttered unique look.  The look I couldn't look away from.  The look I am searching for online.  NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!  I'm not finished with all these projects and I'm dreaming of a different style.  Can't do it.  Yet I see a change a comin'.  And my mixed up brain cannot handle it. 
Some farmhouse and industrial can certainly be mixed with primitive, but I don't know about sparse colonial.  Look at these birds from Antique Farmhouse.  This is not me.  But I love them.  And these tin hearts.
And then there's Gershwin and Gertie and isabella sparrow that Jeannine pointed my brain to.  I know there are many many more I will discover if I search on this wicked device.  I need to step back.  Far back.  Take a deep breath, some chocolate, a towel for the sticky body, and an iced coffee.  Unplug.  Try to forget.  Keep in mind that the DEP is demanding sewage lines that will cost you $200 per month for the rest of your life plus $5000 in tap-in fees, new windows and siding are needed, your sister needs a car.  I shouldn't even buy the bee skep.  But I just spent another $100 on wool I'm not even using so why not this?  Once the can is opened, the lid can't be put back on. 
I need a pill but I can't swallow them.  I've not forgotten that Glenna (Eye of the Needle) posted "indecision=paralysis" and that is so true. Thinking about incorporating this style will set me back years.  I don't know if I am a true procrastinator or if my lack of decisions causes my immobility.  Projects, as you know, have been hanging around too long.  So has menopause.  At least the hot flashes have changed somewhat.  Now, instead of a rapid spontaneous combustion, it's a slow burn that sneaks up on me until I'm on fire and soaked.  Is it hot in here?  Is it getting warmer outside?  No.  It's your body on a #2 burner slowly rising to the #10 boil.
I'm leaving now.  My sister dropped off her tops for me to remove the stains.  I told her a hundred times, a drop of Lestoil for any grease, butter, oil.  Bar keeper's friend for rust spots from the washer. Biz for anything else.  I even gave her the products.  When people ask me if I have any children, I tell them yes I do, she's 77.
Later pals.
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