Jun 28, 2019

Method change

Hi stitching buds.  Everyone OK?  JULY!!!  Damn.
When using two threads I have always threaded the needle by inserting the two ends into the eye, leaving a loop at the end.  So easy to secure the first stitch using that loop method.  But since I'm having issues with the two threads being uneven, I decided to try a reader's suggestion.  Her method is to insert the end of only one thread through the eye, and the two ends would need to be secured rather than using the loop.  But this allows the needle to tug on the thread evenly and the wonky stitches now lay flat.  The only downside for me is not being able to slip the needle off the thread when using it to frog or pull an short end through for one more stitch.  The other benefit of this method is not ever losing your needle!!  It's attached so the needle cannot slip off when setting your project down.  So I'm continuing on with this method even though I miss using the loop to start.
And that's all I have.  I was stitching last evening and when I turned my head to view the chart, the vertigo hit and hit harder than it has been.  I could not even walk.  So I am very drowsy and lightheaded from meclizine and trying not to move much.  Carole had to reschedule her tests until late July because Mark had a commitment and I could not take the chance of it hitting while driving (the car or her wheelchair).  I need to limit computer and stitching time this weekend and I hope the situation will end soon.  The Epley maneuver usually works for people, but if it doesn't, I may end up making this last even longer.  I would much rather endure pain than this feeling and nausea.
Hope you have a great weekend as we usher out the cold and wet month of June.  The heat and sun have finally arrived, we'll have a week in the 80's. 
Thanks for visiting.

Jun 27, 2019

Everything happens ....

for a reason.  Do you believe that?   Only when it fits a scenario?  Or always?  Not the first time for this situation, but certainly the most profound.

This morning ….
Carole has plans for a haircut, return home, out to lunch and then to see D'Auria.  I was to take her to that doctor but since his office is a short walk, she told me to stay home, she can manage.  Leaving her house for the haircut, the car makes a strange noise and keeps pulling to the left.  She calls, I tell her to take it to the garage and I will pick her up.  CANCEL your other plans.  No, not yet.  The gentleman we hired to fix some things at her house calls, he's coming, would she be there?  No choice Carole.  Someone is trying to tell you to stay home.

Two miles away …
Mark and I are sanding the blotchy deck to prepare for sealing.  I leave to pick her up and when I return, Mark decides we are going to Eastwood mall to pick up my boxes instead of waiting until Saturday.  I'm tired, covered in sanding dust, joint weary (that's when my joints scream - hey, we're weary), but he is insisting we go.  Now.   

If our plan for me to take her to the doc was not changed, she would have been gone.
If her car didn't break down, she would have been gone.
If the workman hadn't come on an unscheduled day, she would have been gone.
If she would have been gone, Chris would have died.

If we didn't change plans and were home, Mark would have answered Carole's call.
If Mark had driven over, checked on Chris, then called the paramedics, in that elapsed time Chris would have died.
If the paramedics weren't within a mile returning from another call, Chris would have died.
If they decided to transport instead of treat immediately, Chris would have died.

He was comatose, rigid. After injections and 30 minutes on an IV, he started to awaken, after one hour, he was coherent.  His sensor failed, and it's only a few months old.  Chris worked midnight, slept only a few hours, was to get up at 1:30 for golf.  If she was gone all afternoon, she would not have returned until after 4:00.  She called for Mark at 2:00, we left at 1:45, forcing her to call the paramedics who arrived within minutes.   They would have been back at their base had Mark gone first and then called them.  Usually he sits Chris up, tries to reason with his foggy brain, gets juice and a PB&J sandwich in him and all is well in a short time.  If he sees a more serious situation, the paramedics are called, and they are familiar with his case. 
There were a lot of minor daily happenings that all came together, if one would have been different, the result would have been devastating.  But look at how many needed to be in line for this outcome!  As they say, everything happens for a reason.  Could our family angels be the source of such events?

Jun 26, 2019


That room is still a mess, but I did find the magazine.  I had forgotten that I stuck it in a plastic folder to prevent pages from being bent by a where-the-hell-is-she-now sleeping cat.  The floss was already pulled but I did remove a few for the recent Santas, hopefully their location won't be as difficult to find.  If so, I will just stop at JoAnn's rather than get flustered.  My hot flashes are no where near the intensity of a few years ago, but they still come on with the slightest frustration.  In other words, almost constant.
And another find!  I don't know if any of you would be interested in purchasing the square box with houses, but a super sweet online friend found some for me.  She actually looked at her local HL and found sets of three and offered to ship them!  From the photo, I got the item number and located them online for ordering, they are not shown in the stock photos and that puzzles me.  Among other things. 
Since the sampler boxes have been done and done again, I don't want to get too many but I will definitely have a few soon.  I'm going to check my samplers (I know where they are being stored!!  YAY!) and see if there are any houses I can add.  The other labels from the corner squares of a few years ago may still be on the laptop somewhere, will check.  Those shiny little buggers were one of my favorite items.  For those that purchased, have they held up well??
Taking Carole for heart tests the end of this week and next.  Just like the ridiculous layout of the Diagnostic Center, the testing area is a long walk for heart patients.  Handicap parking is fairly close but the tests are a very long walk to an elevator and another very long hallway.  Waiting for a aide with a wheelchair could make you miss your appointment.  Much easier for me to grab a chair and make her bounce over the speed bumps.  Every time she gets into one, we start giggling about all the times she was airborne or lunged from a hand brake.
Have a good day!
I'll be sitting without much head turning.  The vertigo woes again.

Jun 24, 2019

Daith. Coffee. SUN!!

Starting the last week of June!  What???  Finally warm this week but rain and storms every other day.  We hit 80 (I think) Sunday and it was a blue sky day.  Almost unbelievable but it was the first time in a very long time, and I found out that I cannot drive because of light sensitivity on these days.  My glasses can't be any darker.  Maybe it will get better as I adjust to sun rather than overcast and clouds.
Finding more items that I don't want or need.  The Fenton bowl is very pretty and some times it's hard to let go of such niceties, but it's time.  And one set of S&P shakers is all a girl (who doesn't want dinner guests) needs.  Isn't it mind boggling to realize how much "stuff" we have and don't use?
 We met new girls in two of my doc offices and I noticed the Daith ring on one, a stud on the other.  Being curious and mouthy, I inquired with each of them about their experience.  Both, as the other two nurses I previously talked to, had debilitating migraines for years, preventing them from full time employment.  Since their Daith piercing, the headaches are mild and infrequent.  Both were done by the same man who has owned a local tattoo parlor for over 30 years.  Isn't that amazing?  I am seeing more of them, all with excellent results.
An article in my newest food magazine regarding migraines listed foods that contain tyramine, a known trigger.  Found in aged and fermented foods - salami, pepperoni, cured meat, aged cheeses, pickles and olives and kraut, smoked fish, nuts and nut butters, miso and soy, tap beers and red wines.  Well there goes dinner.
We didn't go out to eat for my birthday because … well … I can't.  Without saliva the food sticks to my teeth, even with sips of water, and it's pretty embarrassing.  I need to rinse my mouth out and swish around the water, not something you want to see in a restaurant or restroom.  So Dunkin Donuts was my choice of treat.  Our friend Coni mentioned a cold brew vanilla sweet cream from Starbucks so I had to try it.  To me it didn't taste any different than my (Splenda, cream, light ice) DD's iced cold brew.  More expensive and smaller serving, so I will stick with DD for my splurge, but maybe try one more to make sure.  My home made is better than both!!
For flavoring any coffee drinks, I use the Torani syrups (regular and sugar free) that I find at Walmart, and now they carry Starbucks flavoring also.  Doesn't take much, I prefer Hazelnut, but most times the coffee flavor alone is enough. 
I mentioned before about cold brew and this is the vessel I purchased for home.   I bought a set of eight 64 oz canning jars at my local Agway for a few dollars more than ONE on Amazon.  So I'm keeping the cat food fresh in several and gave a few away.  Considering a smaller version for a quart sized jar since one recipe makes quite a few servings.  There is always a little sludge that settles at the bottom because I don't use a coarse grind as recommended.  Because I'm a rebel.  And a bonehead.  It's strong and very good, I need the cream and ice to tone it down.  And I can have decaf  if I need to, not always offered in cold brew.  Lots of options and products for this method online.
Insert the tube, add your coffee, pour in the water, stir the grounds, and let it sit for 12 - 18 hours on the counter.  Remove the vessel and put your brew in the fridge.
That's my report for today.  Keep your fingers crossed that my berries don't end up in the Ninja as a smoothie.  I worked something out that is different, hoping it will be a success.
Have a great day!!
Thanks for visiting.

Jun 23, 2019


Hi folks.  I gotta say, this little box has my heart!  I considered keeping it and giving away the larger one!  But a deal is a deal.  I'm OK with it, love them both.  Random scrambled the email and comment entries and then chose …

 and that number was given to ….

Samplrmary I will contact you shortly!!

Thanks again for participating. Always fun to share something with blog buddies.
 I'm ready to scoop vanilla ice cream into a bowl, top it with chopped walnuts, and pour pure maple syrup over. 
 Have a good evening!!

Jun 21, 2019

It may be small

but it's still cute as heck. 
Before I show your offer, I just want to say that the sun is out!  For two days we will not have rain!!  Since it's been weeks of chilly temps and swamp conditions, it will finally feel like summer.  I have already used a large container of salt on the slugs, can't believe how many there are in my petunias, pots, ground cover, garden, everywhere!!  And here is my road and yard.

Back to the offer!!
I tried every search engine and craft store online, HL and Michaels and JoAnn, there are no 4" square tall boxes.  Create for Less has them for $24, they don't list quantity and I only need one.  So I've decided to keep mine and use it for storage in my bathroom.  But someone will receive a smaller version, the 3", if they enter the giveaway.  Leave your initials in your comment or name if anonymous, email if that's easier.
I will remove the moderating so you may see comments from the male troll.  In the photo you will notice that I added layers of cardboard in the lid so it sits high enough to not cover the labels.  You can see how heavy and sturdy these very old boxes are by the thickness of the mache.  
Drawing will be Sunday evening at 8pm.  I am sorry to restrict the entries to USA only after checking international shipping charges for a box.
Here ya go!  A tiny little box of houses for you.  
You and I will have the only two!   Mine's bigger but it's my birthday.

Happy day to all!!

Jun 20, 2019

It was to be

but I changed my mind!  Here is the 4" square box with a house on each side (4 3/4" high).  I planned on this being my birthday giveaway but I hate to give it up.  So stinking cool!

The box is from many years ago when paper mache was sturdy and rigid.  Pat Catan's is now closed and no one has the selection they offered.  So I have to come up with something else to offer, hopefully today.  If the damn cap fit, it was to be the berries.  There's still hope!  Maybe I will even find another square somewhere as I did these last few boxes.
I found two of the 8" x 6" and 3" high sturdy ovals and may sell one of them, will let you know when.
Be back soon! 

Jun 19, 2019

Still bald

There must be a secret or a trick to fitting caps to these berries and I don't know it.  The pattern for the top does not lay nicely, fit properly, and I've had it.  Spent a good amount of time working on my own cap pattern, and then put it aside.  Found a few odd sized very heavy paper mache boxes and spent a few hours and a ton of ink on a label for them.  But I love it.
Also worked on a 4" square and it will become a box of stitched house labels.  I found a few of my old squares and will add one to each side.  Will finish that tomorrow.  I will sort through the mess in the parlor and hopefully find something to stitch if not Ann.  This has been on my mind too, a gift from a reader friend.  I would love to finish it with piping as I did Beale's other round.
We'll see what tomorrow brings, other than rain.

Jun 18, 2019

My berries are bald

And I don't know if I can give them a worthy cap.  It doesn't fit as I expected, too much fabric, even though the berry is stuffed to bursting.  I guess I'll work it out but after those fricking little beads, I can barely see!!  And I may have sewn a few too close to the top.  So I'll wait until tomorrow to work on them and give my dried out eyes a break.  Which would also give the berries a second chance at life.  Their first chance expired an hour ago but they begged for mercy.


Jun 17, 2019

Rain rain go away

and DO NOT come again some other day!  The garlic is mush, the peppers are dying, the petunias are begging, the cats are confused.  At the first drop of rain or clap of thunder they are running to the house.  But today, they are so weird, cautious, unwilling to come inside which is unusual in cool damp weather.  Bud rarely goes outdoors anymore and sleeps all day, but I can't get him to come in either.   Yesterday brought severe storms and much damage (they think a tornado) in Brookfield Ohio, just several miles from us.
 Certainly nothing like the flooding experienced in other states, but this is mid June and we have been in the 60's and much cooler at night.  The ten day forecast is --- thunderstorms and rain every day.  This summer will be very short indeed.

As to why I don't have Mark do the low painting, he has a condition called accessory navicular which is an extra bone on the inside of the foot below the ankle.  When it acts up he needs injections.  Because of painting the walls, bending his foot while being on his knees, he needed another injection.  I don't want him in a position where the foot will be bending more than usual.  It may seem like I'm always painting, but all that talk about it was just that.  Picking colors and trying samples is a very long process with me!!  But I do have the formula now and glad I waited this long.  I am using Moore's White Dove Matte finish with 2.75 yellow tint (gallon) instead of 3.5 in the formula.  For my walls and lighting, it's good.  The north facing rooms may be able to take the full formula since they have less natural light, or I will ask for 3.0 or 3.25.  The trim being a darker white is a distinct difference giving me the colonial vibe, but light enough to feel like a white room.  Happy medium.  I may have liked the solid white, but this is a safer option for me.
Have a great start to your week.
Thanks for visiting.
Oh!  Birthday giveaway coming up but once again, have no idea what!!

Jun 14, 2019

Before and almost after

Baseboard is not removed, still the old color.  Wainscot is not installed.  But here are a few snaps of the before and almost after. 

The blue hutch - not sure if I will use black latch bar closures or knobs.

The built in cupboard.  The dark strip at the very bottom is the original color.  I knew if I laid there to paint it, I would not get up.  Will wait until we're painting the wainscot and do it then, suffer once rather than twice.  Thinking of using a flat dolly, laying on it, and have Mark push me around the room with the paint brush angled perfectly. 

The entire room.

The before, already pared down several times.
I still love the darker colonial colors!  But I am happy with the change.  Deciding which samplers or wood pieces will go on the walls won't happen until the other small room is finished. 
Have a great Friday!!

Jun 11, 2019


If only I could talk Mark into taking this cabinet outside, it would make the paint job a lot easier.  I found a spray can that is very close to the paint color.  Getting into those bottom shelves will not be easy, and the top area that was open has oil based paint.  Dammit.  Sanding and primer.  My hands and fingers are becoming more stiff and thick.  Two coats of the guaranteed one coat coverage and I still see dark blue through brush strokes.  The spray is matte but it's enamel, good enough for the inside shelves and door backs.  I didn't realize Mark was kerfing the hell out of the top door or I would have stopped him.  If I want to have it open, they will of course be showing but I guess that really doesn't matter.  Until I say it does.  Gotta learn to stop sweating the small stuff!!  Do you remember Country Living magazine offering furniture plans decades ago?  This was one of them.  I have another of a step back cupboard, not yet constructed.   Haven't chosen a new chandelier yet, something simple, four tubular black arms.  Will try to sell this one but where?  FB marketplace?
The antique yellow I considered is an oil base from Old Village as old as the cupboard but still good.  I do love the mouldings and wall cupboard photos in that yellow that really isn't.  It's not gold, maybe light mustard, it's dark without being dark, soft without being pastel, settled with screaming.   Not much left, certainly not enough for the corner cupboard but maybe this one. I took the knob off long ago to repaint but never did.  I know you're stunned to read that.
I had to giggle at Mark this evening.  He is always shaking his head about my paint obsession and never really understood how whites and beiges could be a problem.  He did not want the dark trim painted and is now impressed with the change.  But walking into the room at dusk, he yelled to me to come quick.  "Look!!  The damn paint is yellow!  It was white this morning!"  Ah.  Lesson learned buddy.  Time of day, amount of light, curtains, all make the walls change throughout the day and now he finally gets why I am nuts about yellow or pink casts. 
That's it!
Can you believe we're heading into mid June already? 
I can't believe I will be turning 68 soon!
Wonder when we will have a warm evening.
Thanks for visiting.

Today's project

In attempting a clean sparse look, I think adding a top door to the corner cupboard is a good idea.  I can keep the door open against the wall to feature inside items, or close when I want a simpler look.  The very dark blue will be covered with the same color as the trim (or maybe a colonial yellow), crackled here and there to show a little blue.  Not sure if I have H hinges left, and if I do will NEVER find them, so I guess I should just order now.

A black and white scheme.

I just washed this rug mat, put it on top of the grain bin, and of course, Monkey Mona (Missy) thinks it's a good place to nap.  I ran my hand across her back the other day and will not try that again.
Have a good day!!

Jun 9, 2019

Wayne's coat

Finally finished painting what was once the dining room.  Now for the wainscot which I wanted installed before painting, but it didn't work out.  This was my choice when Mike was here, but he said it was too much "figuring" for him.  We tried everything and could not get the spacing to be pleasing.  One short piece of wall from the window edge would require narrow spacing which I didn't want, and it's the section you see from the other rooms.  Balance was not to be.
The next option was vertical shiplap with top rail, too much fussing around.  The top and bottom would need a rabbet, precise cuts, and wherever the wall was wonky it would show.  It's also too similar to what we removed.
Horizontal it will be, but not like this.  Love it to the ceiling, but this is the common installation for shiplap wainscot and to me it is lacking.
So a wider top and bottom rail than this with a cap will be best for us, unless we can find a finish carpenter.  I'm not holding my breath, and we've been waiting long enough.  Seems shiplap is a common option for bathrooms!  I can't figure out why they cut a narrow top and bottom lap.  Couldn't the bottom board be brought up higher and the skinny top not needed?  Or bring the top rail down to the seam?   Maybe I'm too fussy.
As soon as I find Ann, I plan to start.  Drives me absolutely mad when I can't find things but emptying a room for painting can create havoc in another.  I transferred leftover paint to a small container for touch ups in another room.  I just did it.  Yet I can't remember the vessel I put it in nor where it is!!  I've searched high and low with no result.  All I've found is the container that held the paint before I moved it so I know I didn't imagine it all.  How can you lose something you had the day before?
Hope the weekend went well for you. 
I had to change comments to moderating because of a hateful troll.  They will appear after I review them, his will not be shown. 
Thanks for visiting.

Jun 7, 2019


The more I paint, the more I love it.  But I still love the colonial colors too.  It's just that I need simplicity and this makes everything …. so …. simple.  I don't know how to describe the feeling when I see the change.  Calming?  Peaceful!!!  This gorgeous basket was always lost in the display and now, without competition from clutter and dark paint, you can't miss its form and texture.
Walls will be a little lighter than this and although the photo doesn't show much contrast in the trim paint, there definitely is.  Wainscot hasn't been decided, either 5" horizontal shiplap with a wide top rail and cap, or the same run vertically.  Horizontal would be a much easier install so we may do that.  No one to help.  Mike won't be back to finish.
The sun is out, it's not raining, and it will actually be warm for a few days.  Finally.
Have a great day!

Jun 6, 2019

Baba's china

Hi everyone.  Been carting Carole to doc and labs for tests, searching online for her great grands' birthday gifts, and assembled one today.  Except for two results, cardio doc is pleased, so more tests the next three weeks and then a return to his NP.  As for me, my dryness has gone down my throat again and along with a very sore throat, I keep losing my voice.
Finally made it to the attic and haven't unboxed it all, but did manage to pull a few dishes out of Baba's china.  I don't believe there is a full set but I love it.  Not sure how it will hold up to daily use, the gold trim may be not be dishwasher safe, and with a stone sink and counter top, a minor bump could mean disaster.
I received a pattern today that was not what I expected.  The photo made it appear there were several slightly different patterns but there is only one.  And what really ticked me off, for a $10 pattern, it could use improvement.  The same pattern is in several reduced sizes on the BACK of the original.  So I still need to make copies!  I can't cut out any of them without ruining the one on the back side.  I'm disappointed and expected something other than a few pieces of copy paper.  At the very least, the reduced sizes could have been on another sheet.  And it's not even the pattern I wanted.  Oh well.  Buying online is usually a surprise.
Hope your week is going well!!  I'm going for pizza tonight.  I've been cutting sugar and white flour but have had more bad days than good so I'm having pizza tonight, and pasta this weekend!

Jun 3, 2019


I enjoyed reading about your sentiments on family china and traditions.  When I moved Mom in 18 years ago, I had a large set of Pfaltzgraff Folk Art.  The weight of the dishes was more than she was used to and not comfortable for her.  No where to sell the Pfalzgraff and too heavy for mailing, I donated to the domestic abuse shelter for families starting over.  Perfect option for no longer used crock pots, pans, kitchen items and dinnerware.
My sister once scolded me for donating items that belonged to our parents.  Just because Mom had it, didn't mean she loved it and would not have discarded if she could afford to replace.  When she got to choose what to bring here, I was very surprised that she didn't care about most of her items and wanted new!  What about my grandparents, who came here from critically poor villages?  They were so glad to have anything and would never consider replacing items unless they were no longer usable.  But if a friend or neighbor was in need, they would offer what they could, even if it meant they went without for a while because they all knew what it was like in "the old country".  When my grandfather got off the plane from a trip back to his village after Baba passed away, he dropped to the asphalt and cried.  My mom and aunt ran toward him thinking he was ill.  He was sobbing and kissing the ground.  No luggage, no shirt, no shoes, no watch, no wallet, he left behind everything he could for the people in his village.  An undershirt with holes and pants with tears and no belt were worn on the plane.
So I need to make a decision whether I want to emotionally hold on to dishes, or offer them to someone who would use and appreciate them.  It's a hard one because they were a gift from my parents.  I need to look in the attic and check if those dishes are usable.
I like the old dishes pictured here, I only have one or two pieces.  But maybe I will be surprised when I open the attic's box!  I think it's time to have dinnerware that I enjoy seeing and caring for.  I think Mom and Dad would want that too.

Jun 1, 2019

No help

There I am with no room left to empty more cupboard items, painting while not being able to see clearly, trying not to bend too much so the dizziness doesn't start again, and these two just watch.  Once in while they would walk by just to fly a hair or two on to the paint.  Bud is a little large for the box under the table but that's never bothered him.  My clappers came in it but I haven't had time to play with them.

And of course the more I put on, the more it doesn't look like the very large piece of paneling my paint sample covered.  So I plan to take the little sample jars and add to the gallon until it's right.  Flat paint looks fabulous and the same color with a little eggshell sheen turns into a yellow cast.  One way or another I will fix that.
When I picked up my floss at Michael's, I checked for paper mache boxes and found none.   Hobby Lobby only sells sets now and I only need one for an Eliza label that I recently found.  I am offering the label for a $5.00 123Stitch gift certificate if anyone can use it.
Eliza Pomeroy is waxed and ready to glue to a 6" high round box only.  I have a Bugle Boy too for a 5" round lid and can't find that size either.  Not sure if I will hold on to him, he was always one of my favorites.  
If interested, email me rather than leave a comment since I can't reply.
How's the weekend going?

China. The plate not the country.

When I was married, the tradition for brides was to choose a china pattern, flatware, crystal, tablecloths and such.  Bridal registries are the greatest idea since hair dye, but do couples still want china and the good stuff?  I don't.  I haven't used it for many years for several reasons.  The rim of the plates make the serving area smaller (probably a good thing), I have to be careful when handling, and I don't really care for the pattern.  Same with the dark green crystal.  Maybe that's what it boils down to …. appeal.  So what do I do with it all since I am trying to rid the house of unused items.
The only young couple in the family would get it after my demise and I truly believe she would either break them to use pieces for a mosaic or glue some God awful crap to it for another craft project.  So what?  I'll be gone and at this time, have no plans for haunting her.  Yet.  Looking at Macy's site (our only local source) and seeing the very low sale prices, it's not as expensive as I thought. and finding a buyer for used pieces would drop the price considerably.  I'm sure some patterns are costly but I'm looking at my range of quality which is Buckingham by Sango and still available on Replacements.com.   The more I write about this, the more I think I should buy new dinnerware that I like!  I certainly don't need a dozen place settings.  Choices mean decisions, not good.
I have no idea who the crystal is by and am less inclined to use it than the china.  Maybe I will make a few calls to Ohio shops and see if any vendors would be interested.
My goodness are they dusty.  I took the doors off the china cupboard for painting and need to remove and wash it all which I used to do every six months.  When mom was living here, spring cleaning ceiling to floor had to happen that often!  My aunts felt the same.
The cupboard also holds every size of pie plate I could find.  I have some small ones and these 5" ruffled edge are too sweet.  Sizes range from 4" to 12" and although rarely used, these I want to keep.  It's pie, baby.
Many years ago everyone used their "best" for family dinners as did I, and I'm sure many still do.  Do you use it every day?  How many of you have china packed away and just can't bear to dispose of such items because of sentiment?  Just curious!   I have a few pieces of one grandmother's dishes, all crazed (crackle finish from age), lovely small floral.  Is it safe to use very old pieces that have crazing?  Was lead used in them 100 years ago?  I think I'll visit my attic and see what I have.  But I should first finish the project I started since the cupboard's contents are spread throughout the room.
Happy June!! 

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