Nov 30, 2013

Finally finishing

Hiya. I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. We didn't have turkey yet. My sister's driveway is like a luge track and without a sled, she can't get down and we can't get up. So the FRESH turkey breast that I ordered, which was ice cold and rock hard (but "fresh" before they froze it), was thawed and is now back in the freezer pretending to be fresh for the second time.  I checked the Butterball hot line and it's OK as long as the meat was thawed in the fridge the first time and not on the counter. We thought we would have it today (Saturday) but the fricking snow and ice is not budging. Ridiculous. It was a wet heavy snow which melted beneath and then froze so no matter how it is plowed and salted, it's still ice. The first part of the downhill luge ride has large trees to bump which keeps you on the drive, but the right angle curve that you hit after picking up unbrakeable speed is a steep nose dive straight down an eight foot cliff.   Several times when cars went over, the tow truck had no way to hook them for removal because they were literally grill in the ground and trunk in the air. Eventually, sometime in June, I'll thaw the fresh turkey breast.  When we went to the cemetery today to place the 7 day candle on mom's grave (anniversary of her passing on December 1), the lane wasn't plowed and we were lucky to get out.
Ed hasn't shown up in weeks and I was planning on the trim being finished before Thanksgiving. Crown moulding miter cuts are not something we want to attempt. I brought a few small Christmas trees from the attic, walked past a dark room, and almost dropped when I thought I saw a four foot apparition. The outside light shone on the translucent bag over the tree and scared the heck out of me.

But I did make some progress on the last Santa pieces.

Interfacing is fused (and also to 4 different pressing cloths, now discarded) and the fabrics chosen. I've never used denim as a backing but think I may for the starry Santa. Tomorrow I will sew them on the machine. I happened to find the last three tiny samplers so they will be completed also.


 I started using this to clean the clipped tails off the back of the linen instead of tape like I used to.
   I never thought to use this before and it cleaned my ironing board cover of all those stray threads so much easier than my other brushes.  There are several around the house and I really like them, as long as I pay attention to the arrow on the handle.  So glad it was in my pile of fat quarters

My poor Squeaky sits outside in the evening while the others are looking out at him.  He eats a LOT, cries and cries, and peeks inside when I open the door, but won't come in.  I still haven't touched him and he is very aware when I am near.  I've been torn up by these three other brats enough to know that wild cats may look like they want petted, but don't force it.  Nitzy still draws blood when I try to remove him from a chair to go outside to his condo.  Bud is the only one that allows my husband near.  Eventually, Squeak will come around and hopefully they will all get along.  He's really grown and is getting larger than big man Bud.  He has his own padded house but stays in the open "lounge" area.
Enjoy what's left of the weekend and Random and I will return tomorrow for the drawing.  Stay safe and warm! 
Thanks for visiting.

Nov 27, 2013

Thank You

Hello people.  How is everyone?  Many of you are preparing for Thanksgiving and many of you are preparing to join the sale crowds.  Me?  I'm painting boxes!!  I want to thank everyone again for making my sale a success and since many of those purchases were gifts for others, I thought I would offer one just for you.  The red house was one of the favorites so I sat down at the computer and worked with it until it fit the oval.   It's now a duplex (the kids moved back) with other elements.  If you would like it, please leave your comment on this post, initials for no-reply and anonymous.  Random will generate a winner on Sunday DECEMBER 1 .......WHAT??????????  Didn't I just post about it being the first of November?  Oh well,  Sunday, December 1, at 8 pm EST.
This is what I saw last night and it continued.  And continued.  I guess summer's over, huh?  I knew it was coming and didn't want to look, but I stepped onto the deck for flash relief several times and couldn't miss it.  Time to give up the swing and put it away after I chip the ice off.
My husband got up an hour earlier to clean the driveway and deck for the kids.  He also blew a path for them in the yard.  Remember last year's cat race? 
So they were happy this morning to have their area cleaned of snow. Their condos are up on 6x6 beams and under roof so they don't have to worry about the high snow.  Poor Squeaky cries all the time and sits at the door as if he wants to come in, but I can't touch him, nor will he enter.
Lots of household chores need to be done today.  Hopefully I will catch up because we are both running out of underwear.  Of course we have spares!  But where the hell are they?  It takes less time to wash a load that try to locate them.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Be grateful for whatever we have in our lives.
It could always be worse.
I know it's a cliché but I'm not a writer, I'm bitchy, tired, have paint in my hair, dirty underwear, and whining cats.
But I am so grateful.
Stay safe.
Thanks for visiting. 
Leave a comment only if you want to be included for the box offer.
And here's the messy old bean soup recipe.  I think you can right click and print.

Nov 25, 2013

Almost done

Hi everyone.  It seems like I haven't read blogs, stitched, or done anything other than boxes for weeks.  But it's only been days.  Almost 60 pieces and I will finish them up tomorrow.  I want to thank everyone that made a purchase!  I understand many of the boxes are for Christmas gifts and I hope everyone will be pleased.  My local store hasn't had my favorite brand and paint color for weeks so Mark took me to Michaels and Hobby Lobby in Ohio where I found it.  Bought them out!  I also found the 20x26 piece of 28 count DMC linen in the tube for $8 .... $4 with a coupon.  I never saw it there so I inquired on my last visit, and now they have it.  Happy.  Tired.  But happy. 
 In between the boxes, I raked my large front yard by hand before the white crap came, and started repainting the trim because Ed will be coming this week for installation. 
These guys were not happy about the white stuff either, and now, almost midnight, there is a large ball of 12 legs curled up on my chair.
Mark made one of my favorite soups today while I was working.  French Market bean soup.  I love soups made with a large ham hock.  Lots of dried beans, the ham, some crushed tomatoes, barley, just a fabulous soup.  I am not a bean lover but this soup and that Rootin Tootin bean salad are two of my favorite dishes.  Go figure.
I have no idea how long it will take to catch up on posts.  I did catch a glimpse of Nan's new Christmas design and I love it.  Niky's Primitive Christmas caught my eye too.  When I have time, I will add other samplers, some threads for these projects, and get an order to an online shop that carries them all.  Not always the case, and it bugs me to have to pay shipping costs for several separate orders.  Rates are going up again in January by 3¢ for 1 oz. (49¢) and another 1¢ for each additional oz. (21¢) so shipping costs will increase again.
I have to untangle those legs and get the brats outside and into their bungalows. Off to bed! I'm so disappointed in Hallmark Channel's holiday lineup again this year. They play the same Christmas movies over and over for two months with no other programming. I need my 11pm hour Frazier fix and sure hope that programming returns.
Thanks for visiting and for making my sale a success.
Hope your week starts good and finishes fabulous.

Nov 22, 2013

Why did I buy this?

Greetings.  Cold rainy crap here today.  I have leaves to pick up after the high wind storm the other day and we won't be near 40 degrees for days.  It's 44 now, dark, raining, and my husband is on the golf course.  They just don't give up.
 I received an email complaining that I didn't post about the box sale today.  I'm sorry but I did say in the last post that the sale would start Friday morning.  There were a few problems and I hope they're worked out.  I guess if the item is sold, you go back to an error page.  Or something.
I don't have stitching to show but I did buy something that I'm now questioning.  A patched wooden shovel.  ??  Why?  I guess I will end up happy with the purchase but it was cheap and I sometimes get desperate for a more primitive item.  Very scarce around here.  Interesting though.
 I have to repaint all the trim because the Valspar we got was marking very easily.  Every time we put the level or square on it, a mark.  So I had a gallon of Behr eggshell enamel mixed and the finish is a soft sheen and very hard.   The crown is going up next week and I can't find a chair rail that isn't the typical profile, which I don't care for.  Too fancy, too many curves.  I found 1/2" stock and wanted to use the plywood cap moulding over, but it's 3/8, not 1/2".  I'll figure something out. 
Now that I've been away from stitching for a few days, I'm not sure if I want to start another Santa or a sampler.  Whatever I find on the floor will probably be my next project.  But right now, that would be a lot to pick from.  Had another chart slide.
Enjoy your weekend and stay safe.
Thanks for visiting!

Nov 20, 2013

Sale date

Hello people.  How you doing? 
Isn't this new little sampler adorable?  Anna Eliza Abe from Threads of Gold.  On my list!
We've had problems with the crown moulding and the trim's new paint is developing darkened areas. Between that, car problems and appointments, I haven't had time to check blogs or get the page ready for sales. Tomorrow I will try getting the Buy Now button for each box which will take quite a while, and the page will disappear until Friday. Friday morning it should be functioning and ready to take sales. If not, the roar you hear may send the Finding Bigfoot team to PA. Until then, no orders please.  Next week I will post some journals and a few more boxes.   The price for the rounds is $10 and ovals $12.  Shipping for one is First Class at $2.50 but more than one puts the weight over the 13 oz. limit and into Priority rates.  Much higher as you know. 
Heritage Mary and Frances - I'm sorry but you are no-reply and I could not contact you.
I have been trying to have a large salad for dinner in an attempt to rid the extra pounds from the 7 bags of Halloween candy.  I have a small flat shredder that I use for my Asiago cheese chunk to top the salad.  I was told that touching the cheese will eventually create mold.  True?  I always keep a small plastic bag on it for handling but I was close to the rind so removed it.  I touched the cheese.  I felt a little naughty.  But the shreds were not coming out!  I kept pushing it harder and harder into the holes and my short fuse was lit.  My husband was quietly watching sitting across from me.  I was pressing so hard that the loop handle was embedding in my finger and blood would soon be gushing.  I tried out my new cuss words, slammed the do-not-touch cheese onto the counter, and noticed something.  The grater was upside down.  I was trying to shred on the smooth side for what seemed to be minutes.  I said "I'm using the wrong #@*& side!"  Husband says "I know".  "WHAT?  Why the hell didn't you tell me?"  His reply - "I was afraid."  I often wonder if extreme cases of MENopause can figuratively move the "pair" to the female.  We become the aggressive hot heads and they cower during our tirades.  I like it.
For those of you looking for Frances Bliss and Lydia Hinckley, the charts came up on Ebay here.
Wish me luck on the page post!
I'm anxious to get back to stitching this weekend.
Thanks for visiting and enjoy your evening.

Nov 18, 2013

Box sale this week

Hiya.  Hope everyone is safe and not affected by the storms and tornadoes. 
For anyone interested in the sampler boxes, I will start listing the photos as I complete them on the Tags/Box page, and then add the Buy button (after I search my cavern for instructions) in a few days. This will give you an idea of what will be available and if there are any that you like.  Most of these you saw in my prior post, a few are new, and a few are designs that seemed to be your favorites.  I haven't decided if I will do any 3 box sets now.  I found a bunch of them in the closet where they shouldn't be, including the very large sets.
If I have trouble listing this amount, I may do it on Etsy.  Either way I'll do a post the night before the sale.
  These are NOT stitched pieces, they are printed labels.

Nov 16, 2013

Santa, again

Greetings!  I'm having a warm day in PA and I hope yours is whatever makes you smile.  Did you ever make a fool of yourself at the post office?  One of the winners is from Canada, and while I was buying stamps I asked if I could create a shipping label online.  He said yes, you can, but it's international and you will fill out a form also.  ???  What?  Canada is international?  We're attached to them!  There's no ocean to cross, I could drive there.  We're attached along our whole top!  As I started realizing what I was saying, I remembered that I had mailed packages to Canada before, and of course it's international postage!  I started smiling at my stupidity and he thought that smile was related to my joking around.  I'll stick with option #2.
So here's my latest Santa alongside the photo of how he is charted.
I changed the robe to 902, trim to 3829, pants and hat to 3011.  Dropped the toys again and did what I wanted.  The bag on his back was 610 and it was so close to the pants.  I used the new ink trick and ever so lightly brushed the bag with Sepia.  There 'ya go.  Instant color darkening.  I tested it on the corner of the linen and I am so surprised at how drastic the intensity is for such a light touch!  I also tested the stamp cleaner fluid to see if it would remove the permanent ink, and it did.  Then I washed it with a little soap and it was fine.  But I still need to be very careful because it's so much darker than other methods. 
 Speaking of that, husband cleaned the freezer and I spotted what I thought was a large piece of chocolate cake.  Well, as I watched it thaw and saw black liquid running from it, I realized it was my home made walnut stain.   Good thing I saw the liquid and put it in a container before the whole kitchen was stained. 
Doing leaves today again, and we are both exhausted.  Old.  And exhausted.  I made a new lounge hut for the brats with open fronts, lined it with pieces of my old wool carpet, and they are happy happy happy.  Angled from the wind and rain, plywood top extended for a porch, and an additional box for the new brat on the block.
I hope you all have a great weekend.  We're been so busy that I really haven't spent much time online and am way behind on blog activity.  So I hope you're all doing fine!  I worked on labels yesterday and will try to paint the boxes this evening, if my hand can hold the brush.
Stay safe!
Thanks for visiting.

Nov 14, 2013


Hey.  How 'ya doing?  Another week gone!  We've been busy painting trim and painting trim and painting trim.  The final color was darker than I expected after their fix and is very close to our current color.  VERY close.  I'm a little disappointed but I'll get over it.
I found these 12 days of Santa cards and now know what that bag of buttons was for.  These were probably from my SIL's stash because I remember her stitching them (and they were cute), and the buttons were from my friend's stash.  Mittens, reindeer, teddy, angel, stars, candy canes, hearts, gingerbread, and snowmen.  So there's my reason for not knowing what the buttons belonged to and selling the whole batch on Ebay.   I thought they were for Shepherd's Bush designs but I sold those charts and included the buttons, so these were extra.  The designs could be stitched without them.  Heartstrings also had 12 days of Christmas as a card set and they were cute too.  I may list these for sale on Ebay, but may be sorry later so I have to think about it.   Cross Stitch Stash has all of them and the other series of Santas. 

 I got an email from Christopher & Banks about a sale and happened to see this on clearance.  Witch tee!  This Halloween tee is selling out and only M and L are left.  Cute!
Getting to the point of this post - Random's scrambled winner is Jacqueline (no blog).  Uh-oh.  I hit the Random button again, and it's Anonymous Maureen!   Two offers are better than one.  So ladies, let me know what your choices are, and I will pack them up and get them in the mail, chocolate finger prints and all.  Thanks to all who participated!
I started another Santa from book 88 and hope to finish in a day.  Arthritic fingers from painting and ripping open chocolate wrappers has slowed my momentum, but I'm pushing along.
Another weekend upon us - enjoy it - stay safe.
Thanks for visiting!

Nov 12, 2013

Thank you Nancy!!!

Hi all.  First, I must say while clenching my jaws, I hate winter.
But I love the information that Nancy from Victorian Motto Shoppe shared in her post.
 My friend uses stamp pads for antiquing but never did I think to use a brush for control until I read Nancy's post. What a difference.
 You can use very light shading and continue until you get the look you're after, but the important thing - you can get right up to the floss without it seeping as dye, stain, and coffee does.  Or brush over the floss too for more of an aged look.  I took her advice and am so thrilled.
Here's the latest Santa from book 53 with changes to his hat.  The beard didn't have much contrast to the linen so I used my angled brush and very little ink, and added some depth around the beard.  On the left side, I just touched around the beard, and on the right, continued down the rest of his body.  I like the control, it's not wet, doesn't need rinsed, a little bottle of stamp cleaner cleans the brush!  This color is coffee and I have the black also to use on dark unbleached fabric.  Just test on the edge of the piece for depth and brush excess off on paper if necessary.  A very light touch of the brush on the pad is all that's necessary.
Happy happy happy.  Thank you so much Nancy!! 
I've been doing a little shopping - online so there are no "incidents"- but it was for all the family brats.  Wal-mart has a decent price on the pricey flea control.
These two are very much like me, and could not stand to be out in the white crap.
I found some Santa cards while roaming in my mess, and will show you next time.
Have a snowfree day and thanks for visiting!


Nov 10, 2013

Coming soon....

but until then, how about an offering?   And since I can't make up my mind, you can determine what it will be if your name is chosen.  Now.  I have a habit of not being clear so I will try to do better.  There are two sizes of boxes, three designs each, plus journals.  Any ONE of these can be chosen as your offer.  Not one from each size, just one.   The boxes are 4" high, oval or round, journals are approximately 6x8 and 3x4, offered as a set.  The labels are paper printed with photos of my stitchery or snips of antiques. So once again, you can choose ONE item of these following seven.  The photos are bad.  It's that time of year when you think it should still be light, and it's fading to dark. 

 If you would like a chance at this decision, leave a comment on this post, with initials if you have a popular name, and also if you are no-reply.  I will pick a name whenever the hell I feel like it Thursday Nov. 14 at 8pm EST.  OK?  OK.
The kids say hi.
I probably won't be back until then.
Have a good week!
Thanks for visiting.
Sorry for the bad photos.

Nov 9, 2013

An old school crab-ass

Good day to you all.  Is time passing quickly for you?  The month of October and all its colors quickly faded to holy crap it's November, now it will be the 10th already!  I remember when my family decorated a week before Christmas; years later people started mid-Dec., then the beginning, then Thanksgiving, now mid-Nov.  Back then, it was much more of a religious holiday to the majority of people, kids were in church every week (like it or not), and that aspect of life created a second and more dire consequence to our bad actions.   So to speak, there was hell to pay!  My cousin's son who was taught in school that we knew Pearl Harbor was to be bombed and welcomed it so rich people could make money, was also taught that there is no God.   Yes, they teach their beliefs here instead of allowing kids to form their own.  Recently, he told me that aliens put us on earth.  I asked him who created the aliens.  ????  No answer young man???  Go ask your teacher.  Please don't take yourself away from your phone, open some books, research, and develop your own thoughts.  Just go ask your teacher.  He has every right to his beliefs, but so should the student, so let them do some work and come to their own conclusion, whatever it may be.  Yes, I am ornery and in one of my weird moods this morning.   Even though we got great news that a biopsy was negative, I still couldn't sleep last night so I'm crabby.
Every year I would like to stitch this little piece from Plum Street Samplers.  I want to have family members' names (furry ones too) and the year of their passing instead of the 1726.  The body is over one.  It's small and I love the design, hate over one.  I'm sure I could do the names over two, relationship, a few words of honor, but I never do.  Wouldn't a small tree with these done in different thread color ornaments make a wonderful memorial tree at Christmas?  Or scattered on a larger one.  I need to leave this out so I can work on it during the year instead of waiting until last minute.
I started another Santa, the mid sized one in the bottom right corner.  I have black fabric but don't have the desire for eye strain so I used the same 28 count as the others.  This time, I'm using GAST threads for a little interest.  I don't have many of the colors and can't believe the difference when I ordered more of the same.  As to be expected, but difficult to order online.  I much prefer seeing these in person.  Several of the deep reds I received lean towards purple and I would have chosen something else.  The only brown I have is a rust and will use it for his bag - I think it will look grand with that soft green.
My Squeaky wasn't in the condo with the others this morning and I hope he returns soon.  It's a very sad day in my area because of a horrific auto accident that killed two local students and severely injured their teammate, badly injured two young children, and killed the man driving them. 
I wanted to go to a shop in Ohio having a Christmas show this morning, but since my neck doesn't turn as well as Linda Blair's did in the Exorcist, I can't get into a limited parking situation flooded with cars.  Probably not a good idea anyway.  I always shop early in the day but after the appointment we ran into Wal-mart around 5:30 and steam was coming out of my ears.  I can't take inconsiderate people blocking aisles, screaming names at their kids, waiting until it's time to pay before taking out their wallet, or better yet - get out the checkbook after checkout is complete and THEN start writing the store name and date, shouting as if they were at a football game, and other rudeness that seems to be the norm these days.  Yes, I'm an old school crab.  I believe in respect, manners, courtesy, consideration, a helping hand, and a smile for others.  But some days I would like to............
Is it me, or menopause?  Don't care at this point.  Just get the hell away from me!!!
Enjoy your weekend, drive carefully, hug hard.
Thanks for visiting.

Nov 7, 2013

Squirrels, seeds, and sampler slides

Good day!  At least I hope it is for you.  I spent the morning at Hobby Lobby buying fabric I did not need and another piece of linen.  I checked Michael's and my store doesn't have the Charles Craft linen, just the Monaco and Aida.  The DMC (Charles Craft) website doesn't even list an Irish linen, just Carolina linen which is a cotton/linen blend.  So why do Walmart and other places have the Irish?  
I didn't stitch yesterday because I removed the pumpkin from the front porch and took it into the woods for the squirrels.  I always break it open for them, but this time when I swung it into the tree, my body became a human tuning fork.  Tough pumpkin.  After the vibration stopped, I swung much harder, hurt my wrist, the stem came off, the pumpkin landed on my foot, I jumped up in pain, got my hair tangled in a pin oak branch, stumbled backward over the pumpkin, poked a hole in my palm from the needle like short branch I grabbed on to, made up a few new cuss words, and there you have it.  To make a long story short, my hand and wrist are really sore because of my squirrels.  If they want the seeds they can dig them out themselves.
Samplers have not been on my mind, Santas have.  But I'm looking ahead.  Well, not really.  I happened to throw the new linen into the stitching mess which hit my pile of stash creating a chartslide.  As I picked them up while incorporating my new words into complete sentences, I quickly browsed. 
 These Essamplaire charts caught my eye, but they may be too fussy for me right now.  You see Sarah William's hips?  I think she had too many Mounds bars because I had a similar reaction.  I need a simple stitch with all the house projects going on and thought Lise Bagg would be good.  Lots of nice bands, but I don't like the colors.  I may do the alphabet one color and the bands different.

But I may come across a Scarlet Letter or R&R chart at the last minute, which is usually what happens.  I have quite a few R&R small and simple marking samplers (really?).  Lise is short and wide instead of my usual long and thin so it would be something different for the display wall.  That's another problem.  How do you decide which cabinet to hang where, which samplers, which sconce, when you change things continually?  It's so hard to make holes in a freshly patched and painted wall.
I picked my trim color, or rather it picked me.  I am so tired of this that I took the trim's gallon in for adjustment, brought it home, and what it is, it is. 
So that's all I have to report.  My hand is better today and I will pick up some threads this evening.
Enjoy your day and stitch away!
Thanks for visiting.
Note to Heritage Hall Mary - you're no reply.  Please click on my email link so I can respond.

Nov 6, 2013

Three sizes of Santas

Hiya.  Here's my finish.  His coat trim was supposed to be cream 738, and the beard and moon in Ecru.  Not sure if I made the right choices in color changes.  I stitched the trim last so it will be an easy removal and something tells me it will be 738 when it gets to the sewing machine for finishing.
 And an idea of size difference. 



I want a few Santas larger than the ornaments for bowl fillers and shelves.  There are two that I like, a little larger than this blue one, in book 53 (bottom corners) and I want to do both.  Not sure if that is what's next - or another from 88 - or maybe #62 Kris Kringle.  For Cathie J  (you're no-reply) the Santas are all Prairie Schoolers and I refer to them by the book number instead of chart name.
My sister's car broke down again and I hope it doesn't cost me too much!  I took her to the church this morning before my therapy, to make pierogis.  Oh how I wish I could find dry cottage cheese again, our favorite type of pierogi and palacinke (nalesniki).  I like my dough better than the church's.  It has sour cream in it and is so silky, easy roll, and quick pinch!  Enough about food.  That monster machine hasn't helped with the girth increase from Halloween candy. 
I got the windows washed with Dawn and hose rinsed yesterday so today will be an easy wipe with Cinch and my microfiber glass rag.  The hose was already put away but I pulled it back out and left it stretched in the yard for hours so the woodpeckers could see it.  Hopefully they will remember and fear the jumping woman with the wild hair and jet stream.  Like they care.  They're at the top of the second story where the water jet becomes a trickle,  drumming a tune called Squirt Me If You Can.
Have a happy hump day - and Happy Birthday to Chris!
Thanks for visiting.

Nov 5, 2013

No leaves today!

Greetings!  Just came back from the chiropractor and will see the brutal therapist tomorrow.  Stopped at the antique mall and it is loaded with ugly old furniture.  
Really.  Packed!  I brought home this little milking stool that had been there for quite a while.  Some days I feel like buying something and this was the only item that appealed to me.  It's so small!  6 1/2 x 8 inches.  I think that's what I liked most about it.
 After several days of pushing that machine, today will be a break.  Tomorrow it will be warmer and the windows will get washed.  I hate that.  So how's your week starting? 
My mail yesterday brought the new issue of Simple Life and also this Early Homes.  Oh my.  A quick browse and I can see this issue is one of their best.  Many times the features are too formal but this issue is clean primitive.  I order from the publisher's website because no one around here carries it. This is the email and phone if you're interested and can't locate a shop.
Or call her at (978) 282-3170 during business hours, ET
My next Santa is the smaller one from book 58, that is holding the crescent moon and has stars on his coat.  I left the trim and the moon for last because I'm not sure of color.  The starts that will be backstitched on the blue will be the beard's color and the moon.....maybe a very light gold?  Will find out soon enough because I want to finish him this evening.
Just a reminder, if you are interested in anything from The Essamplaire, their 20% off sale on charts, kits, and books is on until the 9th.
I'm going to relax with my McD's coffee and make a plan of which room's mess I will tackle first.  Maybe a laptop toss out the window will be at the top of the list.  The touchpad is going crazy and pulling me down with it.
Hello and welcome to new followers!  I appreciate each and every one and want to thank you so much for taking time to visit.
Stay safe, enjoy your week!

Nov 3, 2013

Sack it to me

A piece of Mylar, (stencil blanks, plastic sheet, plastic canvas, flexible kitchen cutting mat) will be inserted to size if the greenery distorts it too much. 
 Heavy fusible on back, light on front.  I used the pulled linen threads to hang rusty jingle bells with the fringe, but removed them.  They may appear again, you just never know.  If you ever use stitchery to hold greens, make sure the stems are secured with plastic to prevent sap from staining.  I plan on using only one sprig, two at the most.
I'm on my way outside for about 6 hours of leaf blowing, but wanted to show you this. 
 Closer and closer!
EUREKA!! Eating together in the rain!  A long way to go, but it's progress.  Squeaky is not neutered, Bud and Nitzy are, but Bud is very territorial and attacked Squeak many times.  He cries a lot and looks in the door but I can't really get near him. 
When Bud was lying on his mat for his nightly scratching, my husband alerted me to grab the tweezers.  He saw the disgusting oval shape of a bloated tick on Bud's shoulder.  He held him down and I tried to twist and remove the tick, and it came off so easily. Too easily. 
Upon closer inspection......
It was a piece of a Cheeto.  I guess the floors need swept.
It's getting late and I need to stop procrastinating - the leaves are waiting.
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