Aug 30, 2014

Forgot to mention...

Forgot to mention in the prior post that if anyone likes boiled wool jackets, those scratchy fun ones, Land's End has 30% this weekend on everything including their boileds that you can see here.  Petite to Plus sizes, all styles.  I have one and it is a little scratchy but I love boiled wool.  Good prices on the sale items.  The wool is a blend but as close as I have found in Tall sizes.  Use code PUMPKIN and pin 1606 for the discount and free shipping.  These days it's hard to find a balance between lady fit and skank fit.  Their fit is wonderful, nice fabrics, great customer service, you know all this. 

12 Santas

I hope your week was better than ours.  No improvement.  Still on the dangerous drugs, still in Afib, now with ventricular tachycardia because of the Torsades.  Nothing is helping.  Three weeks before seeing an electrophysiologist, on the waiting list for cancellations, heart monitors next week.  Me?  Basketcase.  Once I get anxious, menomania takes over and I cry, flash, fixate, lose control.  Difficult when I'm trying to be casual about it around her.  Good thing I don't like the taste of alcohol.
Here's a look at the 12 Santas.  Each design has a correlating button, still available here, but my offer is for the chart card only.  We stitched them without the buttons or the verbal border, just Santa.  There is some writing on a few card backs, they're cute but not hard to find, not a great giveaway, but better than burning them.   Stitch count (including the verbal borders) is 58w x 82 h, 5.25" x 3.75" on 32 count.
If you would like the set, leave a comment with name/initials for no-reply or anonymous.  I'll be tied up again this week so let's say next Saturday at 8pm I'll draw a name.  I doubt there will be enough to use Random.  I hope to stay off the laptop until then but will check emails if you have a question.

Enjoy your long weekend.
Stay safe.




Aug 27, 2014

Giveaway plans

Hi all.  You've touched me once again with all your caring, concern, and encouragement.  She is no worse, and they are working on her meds to find an answer.  Her pacemaker is set at 80 and she dropped to 70 yesterday between the 150's.  Now she's afraid it's not working and no one there can find her settings in the records but told her not to worry. Figures. The stress and anxiety has caused my Afib and tachy to act up so I'm feeling washed out on the outside and racing on the inside.  Two appointments this week so someone will check it out.  Just talked to her and they said she will be home in a few days but her BP is still very high and so is the heart rate. ????
 I wanted to tell you that the giveaway for the Santa set I mentioned may not be until this coming weekend. 
 I don't have the desire or time to be on the computer and I'm missing blog updates. EBay following notified me of new listings and I saw Lori's witch head. 
An strong urge followed for needing a facelift. 
I have thanked you for your support and will continue to do so.  It really helps knowing people you've never met are kind enough to be concerned and willing to pray for your family.


Aug 25, 2014


It's 8:30 pm and I just came home.  She was brought into the ER and laid there for hours with no treatment.  Everything she went through was for naught.  Back in Afib and the erratic rhythm.  No cardiologist came, none in the hospital, nurses called off work, one wimp doctor who is afraid to talk, no info, no help, no meds, no food, no water, no room available.  I helped her to the restroom and they never came back in to hook her heart to the monitors again.  I tried but didn't have the code to turn it on.  Sixteen people have been waiting over 5 hours to be seen and fourteen patients need admitted and are waiting for a room.  I was asked to leave and I hope they get her into a room where she can be watched and treated soon.  I won't be sleeping again tonight, hoping the phone doesn't ring.  I had a bad feeling from the very beginning and didn't want to admit that I still do.
Thanks for your prayers and good wishes.

Eliza and I

Good morning.  This is all I have to show for Eliza progress.  Please excuse the wrinkles and disheveled appearance.  I feel like she looks and we're bonding. 
I am really going to like this sampler.  The symbols on the chart have been difficult for me to discern and a friend helped me sort them out but it was too late.  The border and dividing lines were to be 3828 and I chose 3021.  It looks good on the Copper Penny (???) fabric, kind of a greenish brown base with a tinge of copper.  With many letters being charted for the 3828 I'm glad the border is darker and contrasting and the piece won't be dominated by the faded red. Since the letters are not aligned I decided to leave in the band errors.  The right side border was removed though to line up properly. 
Carole is home and can't drive for a while so I'll be busy.  I stocked the fridge - do you have a hard time when driving a rotisserie chicken home?  I try to go slow enough to catch a red light so I can tear off a piece but it never works out.   The aroma drives me nuts.  I'm still chomping Tums and glancing at a bottle with a few Ativan inside.  Maybe all I need is one to break the clutch of anxiety.
Every time the phone rings I feel the grip!
Two nights ago I saw Bud (our sweet raccoon, not Bud the cat) step back from his bread on the deck.  When I looked to the side, there was a larger creature eating it, same color, but no mask.  Another cat!  Huge gray furball with white feet that ran when I got closer.  This is how the others became residents, eating the bread for the deer or coons.  I sure hope he has a home and it's not a pregnant female.
I'm giving away the set of The 12 Days of Santa from Heartstrings.  No buttons, just the cards.  I may use another blog to list things I no longer want but I will offer this set as a giveaway sometime this week.  Here's 7 through 12.
Have a great day!
Thanks for visiting.

Aug 23, 2014


Hi everyone.  I wasn't going to post until she was home but I opened the laptop to check on a delivery and saw your caring and thoughtful emails so I decided to update.  She was moved from Critical Care to the Cardiac Unit today, still weak and resting.  Much to my disagreement, they started another anti-arrhythmia drug with many side effects and interactions with almost every other med she is taking.  Since it lowers pressure and heart rate, they will all have to be adjusted again. I talked to the doc this morning, very young and casual, and he wants her to stay on it.  Her regular cardiologist is older, more conservative, and more drug conscious.  They need to keep her another day at least to see how it reacts, which could be life-threatening erratic behavior again.  The full effect is felt in one to two weeks so she is terrified of what may happen, but the doc convinced her to stay on it for a month at least and then see how she feels.  He's not concerned.  But they weren't with the first drug and look how that turned out!  Nor did they ever expect or see a reaction like hers.  Still not concerned? Which is worse - dangerous drugs or Afib?  My mother lived with it for 40 years along with a pacemaker. Taking a breath is very painful because her chest is badly bruised, possibly a few cracked ribs, from all the pounding and CPR.  Two nurses that were off duty Friday came in anyway to see her and told her they couldn't sleep that night after watching what she went through.  She said she actually felt life draining from her body, starting with her head and moving down to her feet, unlike anything she's ever felt. Not numbness, not pain, but like someone pulled out a cork and her body was draining.  The next thing she would remember is seeing the same nurse over her pounding her chest.  That nurse is one of the two that didn't sleep that night.  According to her records, this happened ten times.  We are fearful but will trust the doctor and assume all will be good.
I've been in a fog making a lot of mistakes on Eliza but am trying to keep busy.  Mark is gone this weekend and I started so many things, didn't finish one, and have a bigger mess than ever.  I decided to walk away from it and move upstairs to the sewing room. 
My purse finish wasn't working because there is a metal piece that is directly beneath the metal frame and you can't get a needle through to sew close enough to the edge.  I already had the shape so decided to line it and hang it.
I used leather, my favorite hanger, and hung it with my sampler sack.  I'll work on more finishing tonight.  Only a few pieces to do (that I can find) but if I start having problems, I'll quit.  Better to walk away than grab a match.
Thank you all again so very much for your concern and prayers. 

Aug 21, 2014

I had a bad feeling

and I was right.  One of the worst days of my life.  It's 5pm and I just came home for my meds and a rest.  Nothing but nothing went right.  The Diprovan in the sedation makes us both sick and that is what the anesthesiologist used so she was throwing up and dizzy upon waking.  But after the cardioversion her heart became erratic.  From 35 beats per minute to 250 in seconds.  Eyes rolled back, mouth fell open, tongue rolled back.  Paddles and chest pounding followed.  Over and over and over and over and over for several hours.  The Tikosyn medication was causing this and there was no way to get it out of her system other than waiting, but it was getting worse. Her Afib masked the severe reaction and once her heart went to sinus rhythm, all hell broke loose.  The last two times they used the paddles they had trouble getting her to take a breath. Realizing she wouldn't last much longer at this pace they rushed her into surgery for a pacemaker. They didn't rush fast enough for me - it should have been sooner. She is asleep from sedation and will be for most of the evening.  So far, so good, but she will stay in for several days while they try two other meds for Afib, both with side effects.  Just stop it!!  Let her heal.  Enough!!  I think when she is awake tomorrow, she will say the same.  We are holding our breath that the stress of what her heart went through today will not cause an event, and the pacemaker will continue working for a long time.
Thank you all for your good wishes and prayers.  Comments are closed and I won't be on the computer for the weekend.  I'll be back when she's home.
Have a good weekend and stay safe.

Aug 20, 2014

I have to tell someone!

Hey.  How you doing?  My sister is still being monitored, the medication did not stop the fib, and she will proceed with another shock tomorrow.  I have tried to talk her out of it but she listens to her doctor.  How many shocks can a 76 year old heart take? 
In my garage sit the two cabinets Dominic delivered yesterday and I just had to show someone. You.  The base cabinet will be great for my cookware, but the top pullout for utensils is very hard to grab.  You can see that the cutout is way up there and hard to reach.  We will have to take it out and cut that opening much lower so I don't keep smacking my knuckles.  One bag of Dove - gone.
This fridge cabinet, the drawings that we went over and over, will need to be cut.  That's right.  Cut.  He never took into account that after tilting to get it through the door, we won't be able to stand it because the angle of raising it will hit the ceiling. I never thought of it, Mark never saw the drawing, and Dominic (a cabinetmaker) never though of it.  So to clear the ceiling when setting it upright, we need to either cut 4" off the bottom and patch it once upright or cut off the entire top cabinet section and patch it with trim.  I can tell just by looking at things when they are off and I knew the two door openings were not the same.  I was right.  The left side is almost a half inch wider than the right door opening.  It is full of sawdust and very rough requiring a lot of sanding.  I can't tell you how badly I need a bonfire.  We had torrential all night rain again with terrible thunder.  Sopping wet out there, which would put out a fire quickly.  I guess that's a good thing.  Two bags of Dove - gone.
 Sorry I'm whining again.  But I've been disappointed so much, if I don't, I may explode.   As they say, don't sweat the small stuff.  Get it out, get over it.  Thank you for allowing me to do that.  Innocent people in our world are suffering terribly and when we get upset over trivial nuisances we need to step back, take a breath, open another bag, and exhale with gratitude. 
I think it's time to get out our saws and safety glasses.  I'm dressed for the challenge.
Have a great day!

Aug 19, 2014

The good stuff

Hiya.  Just wanted to say that I took your advice and bought the good chocolate.  I really had no choice because I ate the entire box of rock hard baking chocolate, and Walgreens has Dove on sale.  Can't pass up a sale.  So I thank you for encouraging me, even though I'm trying to lose weight, because today I'm making these.
Jalapeno peppers stuffed with a link of cooked breakfast sausage.  Really good.  And this year's crop - REALLY hot.  One pepper was too small and no matter how I smashed that link, it was hanging out too far.  So I broke off the end (it was already in the pepper) and popped it in my mouth. Olive oil on bread takes too long when flames are shooting from your non existent dried up lips. Only have gray fat-free milk. No yogurt opened either.  But my usual go-to heat reducer was back in the house!  Dark chocolate works wonders and is quicker than any other remedy.  Ahhh.  And just to make sure the heat stays away, I had three more.  The peppers  usually aren't as hot once baked.  We'll see.
One other strange thing.  I keep feeling something bouncing on my head.  I rarely brush my hair (it does no good other than make it bushier) and when I looked in the mirror to see if a creature had latched on, I found the culprit.  There is one goofy bunch of hair that belongs in the back and is now growing toward my face. 
So I wet it and put it where it should be...look's creeping back.....ready to fall...boom.
It comes forward with a little loop and falls down into my bangs.  It bounces.  So not only do I have errant eyebrow hairs pointing northeast, my hair is now creating it's own direction.  I tried everything, nothing kept it back.  It's like a slinky flipping forward.  I may cut the clump close to my scalp.  No one will ever know.
Back at week's end with a sis report.
Take care!!
Thanks for visiting.

Aug 17, 2014

New charts

Hello all.  The weeks are flying by.  I hope August has been good to you so far.  It will be over soon and now I will start counting the months until next summer.  Maybe next year we will actually have it.
It will be a busy week with appointments and sis's hospital stay.  She needs to be in because the medication for the Afib can also create an unwanted and dangerous rhythm.  She already has irregularities and with her valve problem, I think this isn't as casual as they make you believe.  Since the three shocks, it is pounding quite hard and she is going to talk to them to see if she should wait a week before proceeding to another.  So I probably won't be back until the end of the week.
These are my newest charts.  Sarah Harvey, Scarlet Letter.  Mary Edmondson, Pineberry Lane.  She looks to be a fun stitch, quick, and colorful.
The other three are all Threads of Gold.
Sarah Jacklin Goulsby
Elzabeth Roberts I
Eliz Laidman which I showed you before.
As for Miss Pomeroy, I have been one thread off in each dividing band and one thread off in the main border.  Maybe it's because of the 32 count instead of my usual 30.  Not much of a difference between the two, just one stitch per inch, but I think it may be the reason for my errors.  The only reason she hasn't been set to flame is the rain.  Yes, more rain.  The sun is starting to peek through now so we'll see how she behaves.  The last two times I burned something in my sink, the smoke detector went off so I am banished to outdoor fires on nice days.  I'll be getting my soapstone sink soon and will need to ask if it's OK to use as a burning vessel for smaller projects.
Thank you for all the good wishes about my knees.  There is improvement.  And about Sears.  The manager in his position as a representative of Sears, never called, would not return my call, and would not speak to me in person.  What a great company!  Through a call to the customer service line, I was told that he said I fell before in those shoes so it was my fault for wearing them.  Really?  The fall I had earlier was in the woods while wearing a pair of rubber boots.  My insurance called about the accident and they will cover it so I don't need to worry about that or have any dealings with this store.  I will never again buy anything from Sears simply because of the lack of manners and respect for customers that this clod showed.  He could have easily called to say they would not cover my medical expenses but hopes I am feeling better and Sears has made a mistake by having him as a representative of their company.
If I wanted to sue anyone, I could have easily done so when I was told I needed a hysterectomy because my biopsy showed cancer.  During the surgery, she went too deep and low, slicing through my bladder.  Another surgeon needed to be called in for repair and I wore a catheter for 4 weeks.  I was taking care of my bedridden mom at the time, needed to hire more people since I was not allowed to pull her up or position her for weeks.  The topper - pathology couldn't find any cancer cells.  Whoops.  We must have got your labs mixed up with someone else.  Everyone makes mistakes and my doctor came in and apologized profusely for the unnecessary major surgery and the additional bladder surgery.  My mom would not hear of a lawsuit when they allowed my dad to suffocate (he was claustrophobic) because they failed to diagnose a pulmonary embolism after a bad fall with chest injury.  My dental hygienist for ten years kept telling me "everything looks good" at my faithful six month cleanings. A visit to a new dentist led to perio surgery and two tooth extractions that couldn't be saved because of deep pockets and they were loose!  They both need replaced and can only be done with implants at $3500 each.  Yep, $3500 each.  Clearly, this was her negligence and failure to perform her licensed duties, not an accident.  I did talk to two attorneys about that, but they said if I'm only suing for the replacement cost and not a large amount, they don't want to be bothered and their fee would wipe out any gain of the smaller amount.  They told me to write a letter.  ?????  Small claims court said they would throw out anything related to medical.  No help and too late.  So I guess I have a lot of boxes and stitchery and goodies to make and sell but I doubt if I will come close to that amount!
Have a great week everyone.
Thanks for visiting.

Aug 16, 2014


August is half gone.  It's a beautiful sunny day.....for October.  I have the sweatshirt and heaters on and my aunt's furnace is running again.  Unbelievable.
The breakfast boys are making a mess as usual, with some after meal necking.
The remaining two cabinets were to be done yesterday, no call.  I hope this doesn't mean there were more problems.  My fridge is not large, and the new models stick out far beyond the counter, or they are counter depth with french doors, unless you get built ins for much more money.  I tested them in the store and don't care for that style.  First of all, if you are considering such and have cabinets around the fridge, the doors open proud of the cabinet.  That means, past the cabinet sides, so you need to have at least 2" on each side of the fridge to allow for the open door.  Mine is single door that is close to counter depth but 8 years old.  That's the expected life span of today's appliances.  Why?  Decades ago we didn't have the technology and mom's fridge lasted 40 years!  I had the cabinet made to fit it exactly and if it fails, I will buy a new compressor for it instead of another fridge.  The doors won't be covered with wood as I wanted. 
Do you make coffee using the pourover method?  I use my small Mr. Coffee pot with a regular size filter and it works the same.   Mine has the little hickeydo on the bottom than doesn't release the coffee from the brewing basket until depressed so I can brew it for a few minutes.  They say it isn't necessary, but I do what I want. There are many pourover coffee makers in all sizes and I like the Clever immersion brewer with it's coaster and lid, but also like Bonavita models with valves.  Melitta makes a porcelain one with a matching carafe but it has no valve. I can't decide which to order. When I need a full pot for guests, I pull out the large electric pot and fill thermal carafes but I do my best to avoid company.  The temperature of the water makes the difference and I use a Pyrex measure cup in the microwave for heating.  For good joe you need near boiling water and most machines are around 180 degrees, not enough.  Plus I don't want a monster sitting on my limited counter space.  So this option is great for me, and without the sludge I always got from my french press.  My cup is large so I will order the 12 -16 ounce model, and I definitely want a shut off valve.  So here I sit with my coffee deciding what today's plan will be.  I have a sneaky suspicion it will be something like this...
Enjoy your weekend!!
Thanks for visiting.

Aug 14, 2014

More finds

Good day to you.  Doc said the swelling in my halupki knees (yes they look like stuffed shriveled cabbage) needs to be reduced and bursa sacs on the kneecaps are also filled with fluid.  He recommended an entire month of Advil which should take care of the inflammation and he'll check me after that before ordering an MRI.  I highly doubt that surgery will be involved.  I didn't realize that knee damage takes a very long time to heal, up to 12 weeks, so I should be fine.  He was impressed that my full weight on 63 year old knees hitting stone tile did not break the kneecap.  Now that I think about it, was that a compliment or a comment about my weight?  There is still a possibility that something is torn, but I like his wait and see attitude.
We ran a few errands and stopped at the mall's antique store again because I left two items behind Tuesday.  Do you do that?  Usually I make the purchase because I can return it anywhere else, but no returns here so I have to think.  Even for cheap stuff.  
So here's my bracelet and I'm grateful it was still there.  Not old at all but that doesn't matter.  The clerk asked if this will be worn with my little black dress.  First off, nothing I have is little.  Second, after 28 years of blond Labradors, I have nothing in black.  Third, I don't own a dress.  When I play dress up, I wear a newer pair of jeans with a newer white shirt, and a better wool blazer.   The rhinestones just add a little sparkle.  Halupki knees and pierogi ankles aren't terribly attractive hanging from a dress.
The other left behind piece is this tall pewter creamer.
And the third piece that came home was just brought in today.  A beat up plank bottom with traces of red paint.  As with all my old chairs, you need short legs and a trim behind to sit, neither of which pertain to me.
The owners were going over surveillance footage because all the jewelry from a display case was stolen during store hours. Again. 
I decided to stay with Eliza Pomeroy until such time that she pisses me off.   We got off on the wrong foot but may kiss and make up.  If not, adios, ciao, hasta la vista, au revoir, give me a match.

Stay safe, hug hard, laugh out loud.
Enjoy your weekend - thanks for visiting.



Aug 13, 2014

A long day

Hello people.  Was at the hospital at 8 am for her 10 am procedure, which wasn't started until 1 pm and we left at 5 pm.  No food, no drink, she was tired and disgusted, especially after being shocked three times with no result.  Still in Afib and wouldn't budge.  Next week she will be admitted and meds will be tried while monitoring for two days, then another cardioversion, and if all fails, they are done.  With her aortic valve problems they don't want to do the ablation procedure. 
 We drove through Panera for her dinner and I got a cinnamon crunch bagel. After downing it with Very Vanilla soy milk, I still needed a dark brown fix.  I rid the house of chocolate because I have no control and really need to lose these extra pounds. But a desperate search found this. Good grief this stuff is as hard as a rock!  Almost broke a tooth.  Baking chocolate is certainly different than what I'm used to and not very good either.   
I didn't get my new charts in time for today so I grabbed Eliza Ann Pomeroy to take with me.  My copper penny (or something like that) linen isn't compatible to the charted colors and I changed them a while ago, but didn't have them ready.  I just grabbed 3021 for borders and unfortunately was off one linen thread when I came across to match the sides.  I may leave it since the sampler has many letters that are not aligned and no one will notice.  Several of the new charts came in today's mail and I don't know if I will start one or continue Eliza.
I stopped at my antique mall which is mostly fancy schmancy glass and furniture and found this sweet little bowl.  I have other smalls but never found one with lathe marks and lip.  I don't know if you can see in the photo how pronounced the rings are.  And so small!  Love it.

 Dominic called me to talk about the fridge cabinet because he just wasn't getting my drawings.  We talked back and forth and got no where on the phone, so I stopped at his shop.  Good thing.  He makes the side panels independent and sandwiches a separately built top cabinet between them on site.  What?  No no no.  The drawing is for one piece.  One tall cabinet with sides and a top shelf and cabinet.  If you put the cabinet in between the side panels, it would end up 3" wider than I want.  I ordered the doors for this size and that's it.  One piece.  He will do it but it will be the first time for him.  He is a skilled carpenter, but his kitchens are very traditional and mine is not - to him.  But it has become such because of the changes I had to make.
I have appointments and errands the next few days.  My sweatshirt will be handy and I can't even keep windows open in the evening.  Ridiculous summer and August is already half over!  It seems like just yesterday I was bitching that July was over.
Finish off your week with some good chocolate and kiss summer goodbye.
Thanks for visiting.

Aug 11, 2014

Still learning after all these years

Thank you CL!  I tried contacting you to thank you for the tip, but you're no-reply so I'm doing it here and sharing.  The only thing I can't comprehend is stitching left to right. I could only do your stitch by going from right to left!  Either way, I am grateful for your instructions because after all these years, never figured it out.  Here's what I'm talking about.
I use the sewing method when cross stitching which is going in and coming out in one motion.  Like this.  Stitching the first half and then going back for the cross.
I mentioned in the Threads post about this not being the proper way to stitch overdyed floss so she kindly instructed me how to use the sewing method while making one complete stitch at a time.  You probably already know this and have used it for years, but I never have.  I always went from left to right and it just never worked out without being awkward.  I tried doing it on my tiny new project and I actually kept messing up!!  What is wrong with me!! 

It took a while so I made this diagram and printed it for 3x5 size without the "fit picture to frame" option and it will stay on my board.  The older I get, the more I need visual aids.  It's opposite the direction I'm used to stitching and to start the next row, turn the project upside down.  I always thought that would make the crosses wrong but it doesn't so I turn it now all the time when it makes it easier and less bulky. 
Using the full stitch sewing method also makes a neat back with no bulk.  I wasn't using overdyed so I kept with my regular method except for this one row.
If you're wondering what this tiny project is, and you're probably not, I've seen so many stitched flags recently on Pinterest that I decided to do one.  I haven't seen a heart used but I don't get out much, so if there is something similar, sorry!  I didn't want to use standard stitches for the stripes so they are something a little different.  I will finish in no time and post it for you if you think you would be interested in another flag.  I may fringe the right side up to the stitches and attach to a basket or just pin somewhere. 
And guess what?  It's raining!!  We had two beautiful days of warmth and sun, rain today, storms tomorrow, cool forecast for the rest of the month.  Where can I register a complaint?
Sorry if I bored you again, but when I learn something or want to keep information, I post it.  Otherwise, I would never find it again.  I use that little upper left box, enter a term or keyword, and it's much easier than searching the post files. 
Have a great day!!
Heart of Gold chart maybe tomorrow. 
Thanks for visiting!

Aug 10, 2014

Winners and losers

Greetings all!  The sun is out and it's not raining.  But it's still cool enough in the evening to wear a sweatshirt.  I really feel cheated.  It's almost over and it never felt like summer.
I pulled an entry this morning for the threads and Gracie was the winner.  I emailed her and she also has a blog you can visit here.  Sorry I couldn't give everyone some!  The loser is me.
Since I got this little stone pot for the microwave, I've been popping that bread pudding in there WAY too often.  My sister uses one slice, I use two of the Nickles' 35 calorie Italian bread, 1/2 cup fat free milk, 1 egg, 1 Tbsp sugar, 2 drops of vanilla. Tear, beat, pour, smash, 4 minutes (mine is 700W), heaven.  And this morning, 2 donuts.  I need to stop this and I keep saying TOMORROW but that day was a year ago.
My sis is having another cardioversion Wednesday and my Magma and I will spend the day at the hospital.  She has a really bad cold though and if she is still coughing, they will reschedule.  My knee assessment is Thursday.  Some swelling has gone down but there is no change in the sharp pain of certain movements.  The better knee is starting to swell again.  Fat knees, fat ankles, what can I say? 
I ordered five new samplers recently, still holding out on Rebecca and Jane.  One of them is this design that I found in the Free Domain (no copyright) to use on my journals a while back.  Always loved it - didn't know there was a chart!  I'm hoping it comes in soon so I can stick it in the Magma.  One color thread so this will be an easy take along.  You can find it here.
 I saw the young man I mentioned before in McD's this morning.  He was sleeping in the same corner with different clothes on and I believe he was being truthful with us. 
That's it.  I plan on sitting outside and enjoying the sun today.
I hope your day is a good one.
Thanks for visiting!

Aug 7, 2014

Oldie but goodie - and free

Three quick notes.
First of all, in response to questions regarding the Gentle Art free chart that I completed for my little purse, I contacted them and they graciously gave permission for me to post it.  It is quite old!  The address on it was from 13 or more years ago, so I blocked that out.  You can visit their website for thread info and other free charts here.

And do you remember the ponies?  I still haven't worked out a finish but every time I saw it, I wished it was darker.  Yep.  Dunked it.  White threads and all.  Yep.  Dry brushed the stitch tops with bleach to lighten some outlines.  So risky, so stupid, so reckless, so me. 
And I have to mention something that's bothering me.  The other day I was approached by a polite young man in a parking lot asking for anything I could spare, even a dollar, because he ran out of gas.  I gave him a buck and told him the truth would have got him more.  Today, we were in McD's and while waiting for our coffee, talked to a very friendly woman also waiting.  We all eventually sat in a remote corner, where a young man offered her the higher table.  He was very polite also, and said he had nothing to do and was just hanging out there.  Lost his apartment, hadn't eaten, desperately seeking work.  He walks everywhere and had two prior jobs.  Father and step-mother lifetime military and don't want anything to do with him.  He enlisted and served a few years, felt it wasn't for him, and left. She helped him browse the online ads on her tablet, we had just cashed our check and offered him $$ and told him to apply where Mark works.  He can't without an address though and they only hire through an online service.  The lady also bought a gift card for him to purchase something to eat which he did.  When he went outside, the woman told me she didn't see signs of drugs, has a son with problems, and felt that we met and were all in that corner for a reason.  We're hoping it lifted his spirits to know others care and felt he was worthy of our time.  Not knowing what is the truth, what he is like, if he has problems, will weigh on me now.  Do I feel sorry and worry about him?  Do I forget about it because it was another scam?  So many times I have been approached with stories and I honestly don't know what the truth is, but hate to mistrust all these young folks.  If I don't try to help, I will always wonder if I should have.  But we got a few dirty looks from the employees when we were leaving, and we get along great with them so I have my doubts as to his sincerity.  I will have to ask next visit. 
And regarding the sampler prints, this is the link to Pixel's here and Jane Ballard is #82.  Just keep hitting the next arrow. 
BLT's and fresh Bodacious corn tonight!  Much better than Butter and Sugar or Silver Queen (former favorites).
Thanks for visiting!
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