Jul 20, 2018

the Nitzy files part 2

I should have known something was up.  I came in for dinner and they would not let me back outside.  So I decided to nap on the sofa for a while, but when I woke, I wasn't allowed to go into the garage!  My pad, man!  My favorite sleeping spot!  I wailed.  They didn't listen.  Instead they brought in my dad Budman to keep me company.  Some company.  All he does is sleep.  The lights went out, humans left, and I had no choice but to deposit hair on every piece of furniture I could find.
Morning.  Ah.  Let me out!!  I wailed, I screamed, I whined, nothing happened.   After an hour of the human with the hair putting me into the litter box (to no avail), I was picked up gently and then crammed into that plastic cave.  NOOOO!!  Not again!  Here we go, moving, trying to get my balance, and then back into the big metal box with doors.  Please don't do this to me!  My cries continued (I hear all cats do that in plastic caves) and she kept talking to me and telling me I won't be there long. 
We stopped.  We wait.  Then the hairy one's guy picks up the cave which I hate!  Do you know how scary it is to not be steady in this thing?   They opened the cave door and I was not falling for that again.  I'm staying inside!  The plastic was so hard my nails would not dig in as they tilted it for me to fall out.  Who's this?  Didn't my human hold me last time?  She grabs the back of my neck and lifts me off the table so my front legs can't touch and my back ones, barely.  What the hell is she doing?  I heard human mom say "I will hold him for you" but they said she was the tech and can handle me.  Tech you say?  Let me show you how I handle techs, whatever the hell they are.  While she's holding me in the air and the same man as before shoots me in the butt, I lift those back legs and flip her arm around making the man grab me too.  After a minute of petting, she does it again!  And he shoots me on the other side and it hurt.  I lifted my back legs off again to make her lose control.  I am only 10# but they said "very powerful".  Yes I am people.  While trying to calm me down and I'm back on all fours, I see the man getting a large pad from the cupboard.  Wait wait WAIT!  What are you doing with that?  She lifted me up all the way by my scruff and he wrapped me in this thing.  Somebody help me, I can't move my legs!  Oh God.  What is that?  He pulled my head back and shoved something down my throat!  I'm choking!  And shredding his nice mat while escaping their clutches.  I only made it to the big sink and fell in, nabbed me.  Wrapped me again for the second pill and I spit the first one out at him.  As I growled like a Tasmanian devil, I heard my human mom ask if he was sure I needed the second half pill.  He laughed and said he's reconsidering.  After several attempts, the 1 1/2 Drontal went down.  I got even though because his mat is shredded.  They put me back in that plastic cave as fast as they could and then sighed relief.   I don't know what Valium is but I will be getting 5 mg before my next visit, hopefully NEVER.  I heard the man say that if Missy is even worse, give the little lady 2.5 mg. before she comes.   I have a feeling it won't be like our Temptations catnip flavor treats.
On the way home she kept looking at me to see how I was after the trauma and I settled a little in my pitch.  And then she starts laughing when reviewing the receipt.  Seems I am not Nitzy, I am Mitzy!  Oh you people.  I just wreaked havoc on your office.  I am Nitzy the Nasty not Mitzy the Meek.  I really didn't know what to do when I came out of the cave even though it was my room.  She put down several Temptations and I ate them, she brushed me for a few minutes (even though I first ran from her), and then I was finally freed.   The first time this happened, I stayed close.  This time, I turned and walked away into the woods.  I am feeling better and it's over, and since I am back home and everything is the same here, I may come home for dinner.  But I am warning Bud that he is next!!

Jul 19, 2018

Primitive Place

GONE!!  Thank you!
Glad someone else will enjoy them before recycling.

Before I recycle these 26 magazines, if anyone would like them the medium flat rate box for shipping would be $13.50 (US).  Includes the current 2018 Summer.  They begin with Spring 2011, Spring Fall and Winter 2012, then four issues for each following year to current.  If you want them, please email samplersandsantas@gmail.com.   Mags are free, postage (US) is $13.50 Priority.
Brother received treatment at the ER and they changed the antibiotic he received from his doctor which was not correct.  Swelling is half way to elbow!  Still very red and hot but no worse today which is good.
Have a good day!

Jul 17, 2018

A very long day

Remember this guy?

Just can't let a year go by without hiring him!  When I had his business do my sister's home, his workers showed, not him.  When we had mulch delivered, his workers showed, not him.  Well guess what?  He came over yesterday and will be working on the front area!  His very self!  Yay!!  If it's possible, he and his man bun, dark tan, and a few wrinkles have made him even better looking.  So why is he doing the work instead of his crew?  Because two of his long time employees took positions that are year round, not seasonal.  The others had to be let go because they claim their weed smoking is medicinal.  Well you cannot operate machinery, drive huge trucks with trailers, and be sober enough to be careful digging around utilities.  If you cause an accident with the company equipment or vehicles, the company is liable.  Grow up people.  So he advertised for a month and there are no younger people willing to do physical work, or that can pass a drug screening.  His company is now downsized, no more patios or walkways, just landscaping and light excavating.  His only workers include a 20 year old who doesn't know the difference between a shrub and a tree (currently not feeling well so took a week off to rest on vacation) and a FIFTEEN year old neighbor.  Next week, this gorgeous hard working man will be here.
The boys are both recuperating while the antibiotics kick in, Nit goes back Friday morning and Bud returns Monday.  Doc said Bud is so congested he is not getting air through nostrils.  I do not have to administer the drug, both are getting 5 day injections.  Did you even hear a cat's nasal cry?  Sounded like kids in a schoolyard!  We couldn't help but laugh at him poor baby! He weighs 17# and for the first time ever witnessed him hissing. 
See the screws in the deck boards?  That's the back, and here's the front done with the Camo system.  Very glad we used it.  You can see tiny little screw holes in the edges of the boards, some face nailing with the same screws where required, but a nice smooth surface to stain and finish.
 Between cleaning up the sawdust and putting away tools, me brother kept me on the phone and we ended up heating a meal and taking it to him, then running out to Walmart to pick up antibiotics the doctor called in for him.  His oldest cat has not been feeling well and he has been giving her meds.  Today, when he came up behind her to pick her up for the dose, she was startled and tore into him biting him twice.  The worst is on his thumb that has a ganglion cyst to be removed next week.  Within two hours his entire hand was swelled, he went to the doc for a tetanus, and an hour later he couldn't use his hand.  All the way to the wrist the swelling and pain are severe.  So we took the food down and offered to get his meds so he wouldn't have to drive with one hand.   The cat had an appointment tomorrow for a shot but he cancelled because he can't get her into a carrier with one hand, and driving is not advised.  Ice hasn't helped and he has Raynaud's so that isn't a good idea anyway.  His hands are white and like ice in 90 degree heat.  I don't know if that contributes to the bite reaction or if it relates to the cyst since it is close to it.
My nephew is having problems with his insulin pump (his sensor came off at night, paramedics again - he was THIRTY!) and the doctor left town, the PA left town, and no one is here to prescribe supplies or change settings until November.  This area is really getting to be a dead zone.
That's it!  Ready to sit down and read the new American Country magazine received today. 
What the hell is Hallmark doing with the night time lineup?
Have a happy hump day.
Thanks for visiting and your well wishes for the boys.

Jul 16, 2018

A nifty decking tool

Greetings!  Update on the boys - Nitzy has improved and will be trying to avoid capture for his Thursday appointment.  Doctor had emergencies today and with an overloaded schedule can't see Budman until tomorrow morning at 11:30.  I have amoxicillin which is what they will give him, so I crushed the flavored chewable and dissolved it.  No way it's going down even with the dropper.  He is so congested and miserable I don't want to make it worse for him but will try again later.  On top of it all he is very annoyed that I will not allow him to go outside.
Mark and I are working in 94 degree high humidity against a black house that radiates heat like an oven.  Taking breaks but it's terrible.  We bought a tool at Home Depot for wood decking that hides those nasty screws.  Some warped boards still need to be pulled in before securing but I love the fact that those top side screws are hidden.
We got the Camo Marksman Pro-X1 which gives a 1/16" gap between boards for treated lumber.  There are other models for composite and larger spacing, videos on YouTube.  Still need a few face nails in odd places but this will make it so much nicer and the reviews on the tool are very good.  The tool was $40 and the large pack of screws another $50 but well worth it.  Lowe's price was higher and we didn't have time to search for online prices.  For the 5/4 decking we went with the longer screws and if a board needs replaced, the screws are removable. 
Good stuff!!  Break is over and my sweat will ruin the laptop so ...

Jul 15, 2018

Blending styles

Guess who needs a doctor right away?  Budman.  His sneezing and coughing Friday led to horrible eye issues and malaise.  I hope the doctor will have an opening tomorrow.  Missy will probably be next and she is the nastiest of all.

While looking for inspiration on Pinterest, I came across a link to a wonderful farmhouse blog,
Liz Marie.  Her husband is a veteran and they have a spectacular farmhouse in Michigan.  When you visit her site, you must scroll down and there will be posts to click on with resources and inspiration.  Many posts.  Just keep clicking "next page" and you can stay busy for hours.
Another that I haven't had time to fully investigate is Thistlewood FarmsBless'er House has a lot to see and this link shows the before and after of her colonial made fresh but not actually farmhouse.  When there are so many distracting ads I go elsewhere, and many decorating blogs are loaded with them making it hard to navigate.  Most have the subject pages listed under the header and that helps.  Pinterest is still a great source but most times it's only a photo with no information, and I enjoy reading a post about colors and sources.
There was a message in reading some of the sites and that is, just because it is a trend and you like it, does not mean you can live with it.  Don't steer too far away from the style that melts your heart.  Adapt, refresh, maybe lighten, but keep the core of what you love.  Not easy, but neither is getting the entire look when you mix in comfortable upholstered pieces.  Just painting walls white will not allow for the look we see when browsing online, it's much more than that.   I don't want farmhouse, I want lighter, cleaner, austere, a little colonial a little primitive, a lot less clutter.  But viewing these farmhouse style sites gives me ideas and inspiration for rooms that can be adapted and used for either style. 
Mid nineties today, should finish the front deck.
Have a good day!

Jul 14, 2018

The checklist

We all have them.  Mine are rarely reduced.  But this year, oh baby.  Finally have the windows and siding done which was a huge bucket dripping over my head.  I finally made a decision to stay with wood rather than composite for the front deck and to not wait for Sam.
Stain color for it is also chosen although it will be months before the wood will be ready for it.  Decided to scrap the landscaper's ideas for my own and have that in place.  They of course prefer lush and attractive whereas my taste is plain and simple. 
Decided on the style of wainscot and minor trim changes.  CHOSE A WALL PAINT COLOR.  What?  That's right.  CHOSE A WALL PAINT COLOR.  Well, basically I gave up.  It's such a waste of time because until the entire room is painted and all other old colors are covered, the casts and undertones you see are sometimes caused by comparison/reflection.  I knew I didn't want a yellow cast but all others seemed pink.  I found Valspar's Promenade to be very neutral, and also BM's White Dove which was the winner. Lighter than I wanted but so what?  Another waste of time to try these samples for trim work until the walls are done. 
The Brazilian cherry rocker I was lucky enough to purchase many years ago was finally coated in Danish Oil for protection and it looks wonderful.
And of course, Nitzy was apprehended for a vet visit.  Quite a few tasks and decisions checked off my list this summer.
So I'm sitting on the swing this morning while Mark enjoys breakfast at the Italian Home club, and looking at the crow with his empty bucket.  Haven't had rain in over a week and he's patiently waiting for a fill. 
The loon hasn't had any exercise in that same time and is waiting for a breeze so he can enjoy a spin.  Nineties today and seventies overnight may bring a stray storm and both could get their wish. 
Now maybe I can settle myself and stop gorging on chocolate and junk food.  My wings can't spin because of my shoulder (which is improving) and my ankles have never fully recovered from the double sprains, but I must start doing some form of exercise other than moving my lips.  The sweat fest after the wood burning didn't cause a pound to drop because of all the fluids I had to take for replenishing.  But in time, I will lose.  Not quick enough for my summer pants to fit, but that's OK.  It's almost over!  Can't believe mid-July is here and before too long, summer will be gone.  As long as I'm still here to enjoy it next year.  As I get older, that seems to be more important.
Enjoy your weekend!
Thanks for visiting.
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