Aug 20, 2018


Five years ago I posted my progress on stringing beans to dry for a garland, also called leather britches.  Don't know why.  But they do feel a little like leather, and I am ready to part with them.  One curly string of yellow, one straight yellow, one wonky green.  I can stick them in a large box for postage + $5 if someone wants the primitive strings.  A few may break in the process but they should travel without issue.  But right now, I've only been home from Carole's an hour, and I got a call that the doctor needs to see her NOW because she cannot get her glucose below 400 and finally called to let him know that.  So this afternoon will also be busy, tomorrow again with tests and taking her for a hair washing and cut, Wednesday and after will be more full days.  I may not be back because this is getting to be too much for me, but will answer any emails about the large angel (found another one) and the beans at the end of the week.  Something tells me the doc will be admitting her to the hospital today, which she will resist, but I could be wrong.  Because you have been so caring and concerned, I will update with any news or changes.  Thanks.


Aug 19, 2018

The many shades of white

are driving me nuts.  Even though we are putting off the actual painting, I am still contemplating colors.  I'm cautious because the photographs all look wonderful, but they are just that, photographs.  And none of the depicted colors actually look like that in your own home.  I don't want the stark pure white, the bright white, nor do I want the creamy white.  I want dirty dull soft white. After reading several sites about the pitfalls of all white, I learned that using one shade for walls and another for trim is recommended, even if both are too close to tell apart.  The difference by eye is not noticeable, but the effect is.  Moulding and trim work do not disappear into a sea of sameness, even though it is still as white as the walls.  Weird huh?
I was surprised that some Farrow & Ball color formulas can be mixed by Behr.  Most of the older colors and my choice of Shaded White were available, a more gray less beige with plenty of contrast for woodwork/trim paired with a soft white.  I haven't seen this shade anywhere, and I've been everywhere!!  One thing for sure, it is not the pinkish cast I see in almost every light beige and tan.  I am still not popping the cork for the look, and will probably use a darker shade of white/beige for the trim.  If our home was full of windows and bright light, yes, but it is not.  My attempt at this look will only be in one small room, the lightest in the house.
JL chose the yellow journal set so the stitcheries will be added to the others for sale.  It doesn't bother me at all to let them go.  Even losing some of the larger samplers would not be upsetting.  What's happening?  Of course there are some that I want to keep, and my favorites are still the simple, like Safrona Ager, Lydia Bond, Hannah Breed.  But seeing them grouped on the wall every day is too much.  It's strange.  Have you sold a portion of your needlework?  Did you regret it later?  I really don't feel I would.  More and more is being packed away, a fresh start later sounds like a good idea. 

Carole's fluid is not going down as quickly as we had hoped the new meds would cause, but any tiny reduction is welcome.  She was not gasping for air yesterday, still breathless, but not as severe.   Hopefully a few more days will have her more comfortable for Wednesday's surgery.

Enjoy the new week.  My leaves are already falling.

Aug 18, 2018

Saturday draw

Sorry I'm late but you probably didn't even remember the draw was at noon.  At Carole's all morning, slight improvement.  I put her compression stockings on and thank goodness for the latex gloves.  HUGE difference in being able to grab and pull them without pinching.
Anyway, can someone give me a hint about using Random.  After scrambling the names with the List Randomizer, I can't get to the number generator without printing the newly scrambled list.  Is there an easier way?  Email entries brought the total to 52, and this was the number chosen.

It belongs to Anonymous JL.  Please email me with your gift choice and address.
Thanks for playing along!!

Aug 17, 2018

Elastic waists can't always save you

Like when you hit a bump in the parking lot and your sister's transport wheelchair sends her airborne.  Or you are going down those steep curb ramps and she slides out.  Neck on the back strap, ass on the very edge of the seat, legs and feet straight out.  She looked like a large surfboard.  I was laughing so hard I could barely get her into the car, and grateful for my panty liner!  We've had so many close calls when I am driving those chairs.  At least the transport doesn't have the hand brakes like others we've used, which stop you on a dime while the patient lunges forward.  The transport's tiny wheels do not make for easy maneuvering.  The slob standing outside three feet away and watched me struggle to open two glass doors while pulling the chair over the threshold almost lost a grape.  The two women that would not even move out of the way while gossiping between the two doors, let alone offer assistance, got bumped by the chair pretty hard.  Did I say excuse me?  No, I said "I'm sorry I bumped your arm, I meant to run over your foot". 
Stitches were not removed because of the bloating, afraid the incision will open. Carole is 19# heavier than two weeks ago, all fluid.
These two cuties will no longer be living here.  The big girl angel is over a pound and a foot tall and if I find a box big enough, will figure postage if anyone wants to rehome her. 
Always loved her but it's time to move on.

Next week starts with tests and doc appt on Tuesday, surgery and an all day stay at the hospital Wednesday, back for more tests on Thursday, doc appt on Friday.   Then I will have one week left of summer and hopefully her recovery will speed up.
Enjoy the weekend.  Back with winner tomorrow.

Aug 15, 2018

My decision but your choice

Hello folks.  I've decided what to offer but the choice will be yours.  A stitched piece or a journal with square.  I'm not bothering with measurements and backing photos.  Let's just say they are smaller than 3" x 5" with a coordinating fabric.

a little sampler, no hanger, dark linen
about the same size, with a hanger, dark linen

more aged, no hanger

This journal is a set (5x7 and 3x4), covered in fabric, ragged raw edges, aged.  The 3" corner square is Anna Eliza Abe, primitive, double sided with a blue queen stitch.

The second journal is single (5x7), primitive paint and sampler label, inside label, and double sided 3" square.

Email me here-
if you can't leave a comment, otherwise, leave your entry on this post, initials please.  No need to state your preference.  Saturday 8/18  at noon I will have Random do its thing.
Oh my.  Typing in 8/18 was painful.  I can't believe how summer is passing me by.  I checked my desktop to verify the date and July was still on.  Circa Home Living's blog was the next stop for a wonderful desktop calendar.  This is August's. 
Be back Saturday. 

Aug 14, 2018

Decisions decisions

I looked through my house mess to find something to offer.  That sounds like I went through the trash but not the case.  I have all my stitchery down and other items stored in another room until the inside redecorating is done, several eons from now.   I found some items in the should-it-stay-or-should-it-go pile for a future sale.  But which should I offer?  So here's the choices and I may just say, let the winner choose, much easier on my noggin.  I may whittle down the choices. 
Items considered for the giftaway.

A Blackbird Designs fabric covered primitive finished journal set in aged yellow.

 One of these smalls.

Or my prototype set of corner squares.

Or my two sided single square.

Mark just ran over to Carole's with my Zofran, she is sick this morning and miserable.  It helped her greatly in the hospital but she never asked for a Rx.  Of course she didn't.  She kept telling them she was fine because she wanted to go home but she was getting the drug every 6 hours and did not think about life without it.  Not only from the surgery, but the multiple antibiotics are upsetting her stomach.  She will get her own Rx at Thursday's appointment.  The stones removal will wait until end of next week but her side pain today may be an indication that the stent or one of the stones is starting the backup again.  It never ends.
Enjoy your day!
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