Jun 19, 2018

Blast from the past

So what could I offer for my birthday giveaway?  I wasn't pleased with the large berry.  Something about it screamed big ass to me.

I didn't like the way the journals refuse to lie flat.  You can't trust paper mache.

 So it will be one of my boxes.

You have your choice of the Mary Antrim 4" tall round,
or the 5" round Bugle Boy.
I think this is my favorite label of the dozens I've done.
Your choice of one box and inside will be the little wood heart box.  The lid pivots on a wooden dowel in the base.  Red velvet bottom.  This is the interior of the 5".  I have no idea why I lined it with script.  The 4" is not.
Both are aged and primitive, waxed and buffed.
Here's the problem.  I am getting comments emailed except for those with AOL or Yahoo email addresses, and anyone Google+.  I wanted to congratulate Karen on her Weight Watcher goal but can't even view her profile because I am not Google+.  So I will need to check this actual page for entries but you can also email me direct to participate.
I will draw a name on Thursday evening at 10 pm.  Please include your initials (especially for anonymous), specify Mary or Bugle in your entry, and check Friday for the winner.  I cannot email 99% of you.
Sorry, USA only.
That's all folks!

Jun 18, 2018


Unexpected tiny flowers on an unknown plant.

A toad looking for relief in the unbearable heat.  I gently hosed him off with cool water.

With thunderstorms looming, the staining is happening.  Depending on weather they will finish tomorrow.

Disassembling and cleaning the pain in the ass outdoor onion lights.  Soon to be on Craig's List as I locate a new style.  Great on a lighter house, not too noticeable on ours.

And Mark used the old windows' cedar trim to make a really nice bench, enough left for another one or small table.  The palm sander did a fine job removing the old finish and smoothing the wood.  Sam was impressed that we had very little waste for removal.

What's happening at your place?


Jun 17, 2018

The berry

Greetings people!  A hot one on tap today.  Mark came down with something last night, not sure what, so I may have someone pick up the birthday cake and stay away from my sister.  Just in case.  The little ones bring in colds and coughs but that's not what this is.  Only question right now .... how big of a chunk should I leave here?  Someone needs to smack me silly to stop this weight gain from continuing.  I did it before, why can't I do it again?  Maybe the house project decisions are keeping me unsettled.  Decades ago, cigarettes were grabbed by a skinny woman during such times.  Then the switch came!
 This photo is from Pinterest (of course) and I did some research to find the designer and release date.  Back in 2010, this was the Strawberry Hill chart released from By The Bay Needleart.  It's not a Santa or a sampler, but that berry caught my eye.  Isn't it adorable?  They also show this scissor fob on their blog, this page. 
While the house is quiet, I plan to step away from figuring wainscot and paint (second guessing already) and pull out a small piece.  Maybe a freebie or maybe a sampler.  I still have several very large charts on my mind but now is not the time.  Will it ever be for me again?
Have a berry nice day!


Jun 16, 2018

Happy Father's Day weekend

to those long gone and still missed every day.  To those here with us to celebrate today. 
Starting today the temps are rising so I will take off the sweatshirt and just sweat.  Making pistachio cake with pistachio icing for Carole's great grandkids' birthday tomorrow. 
Nit is enjoying the warm day.  He has been allowing me to brush him.  Until he decides otherwise and wants blood.  It's a delicate balance.  I really enjoy sitting on the swing when it's hot.  Maybe because the hot flashes aren't as noticeable.  But the chocolate melts so darn fast.
I thought my squawking baby wrens had flown the coop, but yesterday saw a few feathers in the entrance.  One had been pulled half way out, blocking their hole, and mom couldn't feed, they couldn't get out.  Five dead babies inside.  So sad.
I finished one of the boxes with a red velvet pad at the bottom, still haven't decided on the giveaway.  
FB reminded me that I gave away the Fox stitch two years ago for my birthday offer.  I didn't even remember that and I think both of them were let go.  Explains why I can't find them.  Maybe this should be my stitch right now, and I'll keep it for myself.

Sherwin Williams 40% off this weekend forced me to stop the samples (those addictive little jars) and make a decision.  So I did.  Urban Putty won over Bleeker Beige.  That dark taupe on the right is the current color of the trim, this will be a huge change.  Walls will be a little lighter.
 Close enough to the putty I was looking for, different on every wall, green when the sun shines through the LowE windows.  Also made a decision on the wainscot and decided to use wide board, plain, simple edge.  The room is so small and certainly not formal, so the panels and frames I had considered would be out of place.  I decided to also change the doors on the built in cupboards to simple planks, and use black iron strap hinges and bar style latches.   The best news, the house building couple can't decide on a few details which gives Sam some free time ..... for ME!!!  YAY!!  He doesn't get the style at all but will do whatever we want.  I'm hoping that woman is as indecisive as I am and he can stay here for a while.  He's single and throwing in a few meals (he hinted) would be an incentive!
Have a wonderful weekend!
Thanks for visiting.

Jun 13, 2018

Mistaken identity

My laptop battery came in and I am very happy with it.  It was recognized by the device, came half charged, no special instructions required.  It is giving me 5 hours and from my research, the company stands behind its products.  Ordered from Amazon, SOLICE laptop battery for my Dell model.
Still sanding.  It only gets worse.  We're using 80 grit but should have tried 60 and just taken the wood down.  It's a real mess.  When Mark was working I had eight hours to do what I knew he would not agree with.  Now retirement is really screwing with me.  I have to wait until he's golfing and I only have a few hours.  He said we were finished with the sanding, I wasn't.  Today was finally warm, really warm, and I decided to throw on long pants to catch the dust, and fully zip a hoodie to cover my hair and upper.  Safety goggles, a face mask, completely covered in dark clothing with a hood.  Sweating like a maniac.  How the heck do you go inside to pee when you are covered in black powdery dust?  So I strip off the stuck-to-me clothes in the garage and make it in time.  I went back out and put the outfit on, donned my mask and glasses, covered my head with the hood and walked out of the garage.  I hear someone yelling "I'm calling the police!  I'm calling the police!"  My sister was in her car at the end of the driveway and thought I was a thief robbing the house.  Who else would be covered head to toe with a hood and face mask in 90 degrees?  But I assume she is having a heart related event and calling for help!  I run toward the car, she starts screaming.  Good grief.  Good thing I just went or I would have wet myself from laughing.
My brother found more of Pat's stitching accessories and we have a group of those ceramic buttons to get rid of along with all those brass findings for some cross stitch projects.  

 In the box were also bird buttons, shank style.  Mom would have loved these across her sweatshirt. 
Pat stitched a lot of Homespun Elegance that called for the charms, but why the heck did she have so many?  If anyone is missing a particular item, let me know, it may be in this bunch.
Enjoy the week!

Jun 12, 2018

It works

If you have a blogger blog and are not getting your comments emailed, try this until Google corrects it.

Go to your dashboard

click Settings
click Posts and comments
change comment location to Full Page
When you publish a post, view it on your blog and leave a comment, even one word, on your new post.
Directly under your identity, click on Email follow-ups and you will get an email for every comment posted after yours. 
Must do this for each new post.

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