Oct 22, 2017


Greetings once again!  Bud and I are back in the house, showered, snotty nosed, and craving a Jamoca shake.  Just want to mention that the SOOT has come and gone before.  Doesn't happen when I'm mad, only for something that touches my emotions like a Hallmark moment.  I did try more soy, OTC herbals, and anti depressants.  When caring for mom years ago, one of those meds helped me deal with moods, and when doc ordered them for me again six years later, they had a completely different effect.  After a few weeks, I had a hard time managing anger.  A simple incident could set me off to over reacting.  I stopped them and haven't tried any others.  It will pass as always.
So.  Anonymous Roann's number was drawn for the red sampler.  Hey Roann!  Thanks for listing your email - I will contact you shortly.
Thanks everyone.  Have a great start to your week.
Just bought Lori's Blue Belsnickle.

Graphics, HRT, diets, and SOOT

Well that's a title ain't it?  My sinuses are exerting pressure on my brain so if this post rambles on, so sorry.  Trying not to take any meds of any kind while my kidneys are studying for their test.
I am tired of seeing the bracelet ads on Pinterest along with others, are you?  And I do not like the new format where the information of the photo is not always listed beneath.  But I happened to spot a few pins that piqued my interest of an Etsy site, Marys Montage.  Great digital graphics to download and print.  So many for Halloween but also items like these..
I found many for tags and cards and journal covers that I can print on cardstock including Christmas designs.  I don't browse Etsy so maybe there are others with such graphics but why search when I am thrilled with these?  I'm assuming once downloaded they can be opened in Paint and sized in page setup to my preference.
I wasn't going to bring this up, but I am.  Sitting outside enjoying the warmth, feeling chatty, and Bud doesn't want to listen so I'll tell you.  I've about had it with this menobullcrap after 15 years or so.  My friend from Nevada has been on hormone replacement patches for years.  So I asked my doctor if the hype about BC in the family really excludes patients from this and she said no.  The evidence does not support the claims after years of controlled groups, and was never a high enough dose to cause an issue.  Hmm.  PATCH SMACK ME!!  Nope.  I'm too late.  Seems you must start the therapy at the onset of meno, not years later.  Damn.  Fifteen years too late after believing the unfounded hype.  As with caffeine, bacon, butter, good carbs, eggs, and everything else.  Recent studies have found that the saturated fat causing breast cancer claim is also debunked.  But all of this depends on who did the study because there are some groups that still believe the incidence is higher with HRT, and others that claim studies done with groups taking nothing at all, showed the same rates of cancer.  None of my family or friends with the diagnosis ever took hormones.  My PCP insists that a plant based diet will stop menopause symptoms, prevent cancer and heart attacks, and keep you out of a nursing home from dementia.  Really?
My vegetarian cousin whose family had no incidences of any cancers, was diagnosed with it in her 50's, and then went on to a facility at 64 because of frontotemporal dementia.  My father ate everything, including high fat and non-healthy foods, had the heart of a 50 year old, the mind of a 30 year old, and at 89 a doctor killed him.  Two examples where diet cannot change your genetics.  A healthy diet is of course important, but everything in moderation sounds good to me.
What I really wanted to bring up and got off track about is that I have been once again experiencing SOOT.  Sudden Onset Of Tears.  From commercials, songs, cute babies, crying children, roadkill, stupid TV shows, cemeteries, military, patriotic verse, WWII (that's not new), dogs riding in cars, and those Cadbury fruit and nut bars that Bertie got me hooked on.  There's more but I don't want to get all soggy right now.  My nose is red and running enough without another meltdown, but the good news is that they don't last long at all.  I think the SOOT car became unhitched from the menocoaster and once the ride comes back around, it will reconnect and move on to its hills and valleys.  I never bought a ticket for this ride, but would sure like a refund.

Starting a little Christmas stitch this evening.  Be back with the winner later.

Thanks for listening!!
(and check out Marys Montage)


Oct 20, 2017

Short and sweet weekend giveaway

Yep.  October's end is coming near.  Damn winter better move as quickly.
I haven't mentioned that I am having difficulties with my arms.  The doctor thinks (and I fear) that my neck is worsening and causing this.  But I also have an impinged shoulder, whose pain is dwarfed by bicep tendinitis.  Wowee that's a strange thing.  The pain starts in the tendon, radiates through the bicep, intensifying during the two minutes in which you drop to your knees.  Sometimes it just makes you grab that flabby wing and doesn't get worse, but if it does, you have to wonder how that much pain could come from hanging skin and weak muscle.  I can't take the steroid pack until I get the kidney function test, which I failed to do when getting the mammogram.  I picked something up when I took Carole for tests, even though I foamed my hands at every dispenser in the place. The other pain in my ass is gone.  The one I've had for over two years of trying to get workers here.  The contractor's recommended framer that was to be here Wednesday did not show, nor did he call.  I'm done.  Minor issues compared to what others face.
So guess what?  I'm having a giveaway.  Again.  This sweet little pillow has not sold along with a few other items and I decided to offer it instead of the box I had planned.

It's a nice rustic linen in a medium tan, backed with the burgundy starred fabric.
6-3/4" wide x 4" tall adaptation of a sampler I can't remember.
Drawing will be Sunday evening 10/22 at 9 pm EST, US only please.
Leave your entry in the comments with your initials or name, or you can email me.  Keep in mind I can't contact you because of no-reply so please check back to see if you've won.
Enjoy your weekend.

Oct 18, 2017

Skinny mini board

As usual, not the best photo quality.



Oct 17, 2017

We have a finalist

After experimenting with various display options, I think my original idea will be the best.  At first the wood was narrower which also reduced the lollipop, and it just didn't balance well when the sampler was added.  I think once stained and aged, the larger piece will work out just fine.  And if not, it can always be cut down a little.  Right now it's only 4 1/2" wide.  Still a skinny mini!

I considered transferring this to a graph and offering the chart for sale, but it may end up like my first attempt at selling my design.  Crabasses don't handle rejection well so it's best to avoid it!
Carole's mammo was clear, my gyn visit was good, mammo and kidney test Thursday.
Have a good humpday!

Oct 16, 2017

Busy busy

Greetings!   Hope your weekend went well.  We had friends come in from Nevada and enjoyed some time with them.  The rest of the weekend was leaf blowing and painting. 
We finally heard back from the contractor, with apology, and he offered another name and phone number for the siding/windows.  So I called, he answered, and is coming out this week to take a look and offer suggestions.  I made clear that it will not be vinyl, silence on the phone.  We'll see.  But whether it be him or the contractor, spring will probably be the time frame. 
So I went to work with paint brush in hand, and did the doors back to the original color before they faded to a light gray.  What a difference.  At least the house is presentable until the work can be done. 
 You can't see how bad the cedar is from the road (except for one side) and with the doors and their trim a solid paint color it looks so much better.  The weathered cedar planks on the front door were weathered to a light beige and I didn't want them dark but it was all I had on hand.  I love it. 
The only color I have is the flag, rust, and a seasonal flower.
Mammo and doc week for my sister and I.  Hope you all get your boobies checked annually.
Have a sweet day!

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