Jun 23, 2018

Button button

who wants a button?

If anyone is interested, this group of 20 Christmas buttons is $12 including USA shipping.

These two cards are from 1988 and I'm assuming the design is named at the top.  December Snow Lady and April Snowman.  I can't find either chart and they are way OOP.  If you have them, here's your buttons!  If not, they can be used on other designs.

These two cards are $8 including USA shipping.

The Leisure Arts hard cover Christmas books are going to the library.  I asked about Media shipping and was told I could not because I am not a business.  I'll try a different post office.  Remember the mail carrier I had that refused to mail my items and delivered to the wrong houses?  I am happy to say she is no longer my carrier.  She got a promotion.  Go figure.

Anyway, before the library gets them I am offering them for the Priority medium box rate of $13.50 ($14 with Paypal) USA, you can have all four.  One book has the Postman Santa. 

 One book has the Postman Santa.  They are in excellent shape.  Each has the date and note of the gift written on the first page, all to Pat from Ron (brother and SIL).  Email if interested please.
I will offer 5 of the little heart boxes soon, three red and two white.
Enjoy your day!

Jun 22, 2018

Just muslin please

County Curtains is no longer.  So I started searching online for rod pocket top natural muslin curtains.  Etsy featured a lot, in dark prints.  Doesn't look like natural muslin to me.  I have a full bolt of Osnaburg which is a great fabric for curtains, but darker and flecked.  I want unbleached muslin.  So far, no luck in my search and since they would be very easy to sew by machine, I will probably make them.  I found a few styles other than my usual plain & simple with angled hems and higher ties.  Rather than spend the time and money to make a sample, I just used the Paint program to crudely envision the look.

My standard has always been the far left and will probably continue to be but the center style is something to think about.  The prairie style on the right looks a little too country for my taste, but after transferring that section to all windows in a full photo, they look pretty good.  So another decision needs to be made but not for a while.  My old sun-worn curtains will go back up for now.  The only problem with the prairie style is the need for lining.  Hemming an angle such as this would not go quickly and I'm sure I would have problems.  But making them myself would allow me to customize this style.  Plenty of time to think about it which is never a good thing.
Spending a quiet and very cool day on the laptop gathering photos to show Sam.  Much easier than trying to explain what I would like.
And a bit of good news.  I mentioned a while ago that Carole's friend's son was an addict and not able to find help without insurance.  I did a little digging (no idea why people can't do this on their own) and found a source for him to investigate.  He has been in treatment since June 4 and doing well, four more weeks before release. His drug use did not start with opioids, it started with weed and cocaine, as did his friends and most others we know of.  Wanting help is crucial for recovery, but his wife and kids are not interested in supporting him.  This has been going on for years, and most recently several Narcan saves.  He has stolen and lied and manipulated far past their tolerance level and there is no going back.  His own father gave up and could not take the continual stress of wondering if his son will die this day, hurt someone, go to jail, or be killed.  I hope he has the strength to accept this and continue recovery for himself.   
Have a great start to your weekend.  Give out more hugs!

Jun 21, 2018


Hello folks!  Thank you for all the birthday wishes and greetings.  There were 82 entries in all, just as many emails as comments.  After my arthritic fingers typed in all those names, scrambled and numbered, Diane Dotsko was the name matched to the number chosen.  She entered by email so I can notify her directly.  Thanks everyone!  I was surprised at the number of entries, maybe I should make a few more boxes!
I plan to take it easy tomorrow.  The staining is completed, now to put the deck back in order and replant a few flowers that were slightly damaged.   Window interiors need painted but I plan to take a few days to myself.  No more running back and forth for paint samples and painting test boards.  We did have to make several more trips to Sherwin Williams, though.  The original estimate we were told of 13 gallons ended up being 23!!

Thanks again for participating in the offer.  Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Jun 20, 2018

On a roll

Decision!!!  Urban Putty (Sherwin Williams) for the largest room which will have higher wainscot.  Just a little darker than the walls, very neutral, I want the wood to stand out without taking over the room.

The old dining room (very small) will be Bleeker Beige (a Benjamin  Moore color mixed by Sherwin Williams), the color on the top left.

And a little darker Windsor Greige (Sherwin Williams color on the top right) for the parlor trim.  All walls will be the same Sherwin Williams Neutral Ground #7568 but in Behr Marquee.
Neutral, light, still colonial, but could be farmhouse or anything else.
Except for the wall color, all were mixed by Sherwin Williams in satin finish.  I prefer Marquee from Behr but their interpretation of these colors was too yellowish and darker.
Happy dance.
To prove how nuts I am about moulding and color, when Rose was running through the ship screaming for Jack, most people were focused on the rushing water and perilous situation.  I was admiring the moulding and paint on the walls. 
I couldn't wait for another scene in the first class passengers' hallway.
Sam would be able to recreate this look with perfection as would his brother.   Without caulking!
Have a good one.

Jun 19, 2018

Blast from the past

So what could I offer for my birthday giveaway?  I wasn't pleased with the large berry.  Something about it screamed big ass to me.

I didn't like the way the journals refuse to lie flat.  You can't trust paper mache.

 So it will be one of my boxes.

You have your choice of the Mary Antrim 4" tall round,
or the 5" round Bugle Boy.
I think this is my favorite label of the dozens I've done.
Your choice of one box and inside will be the little wood heart box.  The lid pivots on a wooden dowel in the base.  Red velvet bottom.  This is the interior of the 5".  I have no idea why I lined it with script.  The 4" is not.
Both are aged and primitive, waxed and buffed.
Here's the problem.  I am getting comments emailed except for those with AOL or Yahoo email addresses, and anyone Google+.  I wanted to congratulate Karen on her Weight Watcher goal but can't even view her profile because I am not Google+.  So I will need to check this actual page for entries but you can also email me direct to participate.
I will draw a name on Thursday evening at 10 pm.  Please include your initials (especially for anonymous), specify Mary or Bugle in your entry, and check Friday for the winner.  I cannot email 99% of you.
Sorry, USA only.
That's all folks!

Jun 18, 2018


Unexpected tiny flowers on an unknown plant.

A toad looking for relief in the unbearable heat.  I gently hosed him off with cool water.

With thunderstorms looming, the staining is happening.  Depending on weather they will finish tomorrow.

Disassembling and cleaning the pain in the ass outdoor onion lights.  Soon to be on Craig's List as I locate a new style.  Great on a lighter house, not too noticeable on ours.

And Mark used the old windows' cedar trim to make a really nice bench, enough left for another one or small table.  The palm sander did a fine job removing the old finish and smoothing the wood.  Sam was impressed that we had very little waste for removal.

What's happening at your place?


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