Nov 10, 2019

Veteran's Day

With gratitude, respect, and prayers for those serving, have served, and especially those that never made it home.  Young men sleeping in far off lands, away from family and loved ones, many whose grave sites were never visited.  Alone for eternity, surrounded by fellow soldiers of the same fate.  Mothers and fathers and spouses never got to touch the stone bearing their name, the memorial of their sacrifice, kneel on the hallowed ground to pray they did not suffer, and honor their short life.  

To all veterans, here and abroad, for your service and sacrifice, thank you.


A single nut of two trees

Guess who the nut is?  When I had a house guest, I removed my stitching bag and all chart pages to another room.  The messy one that all the extra furniture is in.  When I was able to stitch again, I put the project back by my chair, and the second group came to visit.  Moved it again.  Since that one was unplanned, it was a mad dash to ready their bedroom, remove our personal toiletries, and rid the house once again.  Well I must have just grabbed and stashed because all was stuffed into the bag, no magnetic board, no Magma.

Seeing the chart papers only, not a full photo, I did not remember there are two trees.  The trunk was almost completed, only two branches on one side, so trying to stitch the other tree branches onto it was, shall we say, frustrating.  It was only once that I used the wrong page but that was enough to create chaos and throw it all off, never realizing the placement was from a different page!!

I now have the correct page in the Magma, and added colored numbers to others to make it easier for my frazzled ishkaboobled brain.  I originally kept them loose and together because I was continuing on to the next page rather than leave a motif or word half done.  I do not like stitching this way and prefer to have the entire project on one page, I don't care if it's 5' long.

A few other charts I will be offering soon.

And I came across this oldie from Ewe & Eye.  It's sweet isn't it?

I am considering an Essamplaire purchase of this tiny needlebook.  Would I ever stitch it?  My goodness you can spend an afternoon browsing their offers! 

But today it's cloudy (I can drive!) and I plan to visit Michaels and Joann's for a little shopping.  I think I've only driven 5 times since this diagnosis, light sensitivity is unbearable.  My doctor(s) is backing me on a lawyer getting involved, haven't decided yet, but I am so miserable and will be for life so I am giving this serious consideration.

Hope your weekend is splendid and snow free!!


Nov 9, 2019

Coming up for sale

Essamplaire (some OOP) charts, never used, never will be.  I will decide if Ebay, here, or FB Samplers Through Time.  I am not a member or aware of any other group for selling strictly samplers.  Much easier through Ebay but .... probably just here.  I will offer these Tuesday evening 11/12, may add a few before then.
Photos are all crooked because I was too lazy to remove from plastic sleeve and was getting a reflection.  Prices will include shipping and be reasonable as always, but if you are international and interested in any, please let me know and I will adjust the shipping.

Lise Bagg - I would need to change the colors and tone this down, maybe all red or rich blue?  The chart states 12" x 5" on 30 count.  The stitch count is closer to 80 x 180, not 120 x 240 as the chart states.  The dividing bands over the large eyelet alphabet are both done in tent stitch.  I'm out of here.

The S.S. Sampler - If I center the words and change the dividing band to a solid color beneath them, this would be more pleasing to my dry eyes.  I have not found a stitched example online done on a softer shade of linen which would also help, but I don't want to bother changing anything.  Did I just say that? 

Mahala Jane Hamilton - GET OUT!!  Could not stitch a border like this.

Mary Margaret Mallet - this border could easily accept placement errors, but it's still a border.  Adios.

Betsy Gill - not a thing wrong with you Betsy, but I don't like stitching script letters.

Elizabeth Jane Turner - a beautiful sampler that I know I will never start.

I know it's not necessary to explain my reasons, but it helps me to relinquish rather than hold on.  After seeing the Instagram photos of stitchers' stash and enormous collections of charts, mine are one drop in a full bucket.  But I am not interested in storing items of no use to me.  I've been mentioning chart reduction for quite some time, I need to follow through!  I feel better now.


Nov 7, 2019

Plant a tree

 A fricking scrawny tree.  A tree of your own imagination.  Where you can create the shape.  Where branches meet and trunks are vertical.  Where leaves don't overlap fruit or flowers.  Where pesky tree frogs fall to the ground.  Where stitches are only done once.  OK maybe twice.  Where headaches and eye strain are things of the past.  
Plant it far away in another galaxy.  
Stupid fricking tree.

I am no longer using the hoop because of how many times I needed to flip it over to remove more stitches.  I think the 14" was unnecessary but with the linen firmly attached to it, it makes an awesome frisbee.  That baby can sail across the room.  

Why don't I move on to another area?  Because I know I will have to go back to it and would rather get it over with so I can move on in a calm, collected, relaxed, stitching mode free of frisbees.  I am certainly not worried about a few branches being off and many small errors will remain.  But when it gets out of hand, the trunk is twice as wide and veering right to connect and balance the branches.  Following an irregular pattern is something I have always had trouble doing, now even more because the continual eye drops and blinking don't allow me to keep my place on the chart.  I've decided to stitch four, stop, count, and fill in those completed squares on the chart copy.  Wish me luck.

Have a great weekend!

Nov 6, 2019

Petey update

He's accepted the beat up styrofoam box over the brand new one.  But since it is well protected, I guess it doesn't matter.  

He was in his house soaking up the sun this morning. With all the padding it's comparable to a memory foam bed.  He's not running from me as much but the hissing continues.  

If I start sliding the panels he will bolt, but just reaching behind them with a food dish is OK.  He didn't seem to mind the camera!  The back area is open, just the front has panels for protection.  When he wants more food (or a different brand) he will sit on his patio and stare at our house until I oblige.  His full body stretching upon leaving his abode makes me think he is quite content with the accommodations.

I have no trouble locating his whereabouts and with the leaves down, can see him wandering in the woods too.

There is another cat lurking around for two days, similar to Missy's colors.  Please NO!!!


Nov 4, 2019

K's Creations

Hello folks.  I am tired of moving this K's lap frame, do not want it.  I asked the shop in Ohio if they would consign it, no reply, so I am offering it here.  The scroll frame is 13" wide, the base adjusts to 22" (you can purchase dowels in the larger sizes).  There are additional wood pieces and some sort of clamps, nothing I am familiar with.  Accessories are still available as is this classic from K's.  I would like a $10 123 gift certificate, and the rest would be postage.  If anyone is interested, I'll check for a proper box and cost to ship to your zip.  If  shipping is too costly, no problem, no obligation.  

I'm not sure what these clamps are for - maybe to attach Qsnaps or other styles to the frame?  

Went to Cleveland again today, saw the pharmacist that works with the doctor.  Excellent idea since they know more about interactions and side effects than docs do.  It would be impossible for them to have those details about every drug available, pharmacists do, and we learned a few things of importance.  She changed one of Carole's drugs and informed us that they may not be able to increase the beneficial medications to help her because her BP is just going too low.  She will call Carole next week to check her body's reaction to the change.  We go back on December 6, I am having surgery to remove excess bone growths from my toe on the 4th.  Hoping there won't be much pain, Mark can wheel her chair, and I can hobble behind.  I'm a nervous wreck on the road (and I'm in the back seat) so I am praying there will be no snow that day and for future travels.

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