Jul 23, 2019


There were over 20 readers that wanted Yellow House!  I scrambled and pulled a number, it matched Mary McMaster.  Sorry to disappoint the others, did not expect that many requests.
This is the Sheepish Designs McCarthy sampler.  I did mine on a unbleached linen that is very gray and dull, do not like it at all.  Emails only.
The holes are shown here and the crease is worn, a few marks centering the over one verse.
If I ever get the gumption to remove it (the thought of mounting again is holding me back) I will dip it in a bit of yellowish tan dye.  I know some of you just fell off of your chairs.  The unevenness is the reflection from the other wall and it doesn't look too bad in this photo, but it does when hung with the other samplers on warmer linen.
And while waiting for Carole's heart testing at the hospital, I got a good start on the corrected Polish piece and finished it last night.  Much better.  Just in case you plan to stitch it, please download the latest chart.  I changed it so many times and this final one looks more balanced and better than the others.
Again, I'm sorry for all the changes.  I didn't plan it as a freebie, just as a gift, and I appreciate Alice's help with the proper lettering/slash.

I'm sitting on my swing with a light jacket!  It's chilly without the sun and such a drastic change.  I have my home made cold brewed iced coffee and it is divine.
Have a great Wednesday! 

Jul 22, 2019

Two charts

Sheepish Designs Yellow House Sampler
Sheepish Designs McCarthy Sampler
Both are original publications and both have been stored in a binder and have 3 holes.  Back then, I discarded charts I completed since selling was not practiced so I wasn't concerned with markings or condition.  The holes are in a stitched area but those missing stitches can be easily recognized from the border pattern.  Neither can be sold so I am offering to you rather than tossing.  

First will be the Yellow House Sampler.  I'll contact the new owner Tuesday evening and post the McCarthy chart then for Wednesday.

If you'd like the Yellow House, EMAIL ONLY so I have a way to contact you.  Click the address below, it should work.
p.s. Cinderella is back in her castle since it has cooled off. 

Jul 21, 2019

I can always shut the door

The power returned but the nearby lightning strike fried the compressor in her air conditioner.  It's very old, the repairman does not know if it can be replaced.   That cost would be bad enough but if a new one is needed, our estimates here are over $2000.  Wonderful. 
So it looks like she will be staying here for a while until it's ordered, repaired, or replaced.  Her house is only 73 but she claims she can't breathe, and the temperature will rise as the day progresses.  I don't have a heart problem so I can't relate but she is always overheated and humidity makes her breathing worse.  I'm sure it does, it did for my MIL, but it doesn't seem to bother her when she is sitting outside watching the great grands play.  So I offered to buy her a tent.  Proper etiquette would have been "no thank you" instead of the snarky response.  I told her she could borrow my bracelet.  She did not take that offer graciously either.
Mom's bedroom has a TV, recliner, queen bed, private bath, and separate controls for heat/air.  And a door.  I have the key.  Poor Cinderella.
For the first year, I cut the hydrangeas at the right time!!  They always wilted within days but after reading a few tips, cutting them when they are just starting to dry is perfect.  They are staying beautiful and turning that green that I love.   A pop of white that would not have been noticed if I had not cleared out the clutter.  It may come back after all the rooms are painted, but I doubt it.

Have a good day! 
Keep an extra key handy, just in case a mean sister comes your way.

Jul 20, 2019

Fabrics for Santas

Greetings folks.  I sure hope you and your critters are handling the heat wave.  It is hot!  I sat outside on the swing for an hour and my body adjusted to it rather quickly.  Coming into the cool house actually felt chilly.  My sister (who cannot take heat to the point of breathing trouble) has lost her power since 7am, will not be fixed until their estimate of 6pm SUNDAY!!  Today is the worst day of the heat!  Only 16 homes were affected by the loss from the torrential rains and bone shaking thunder early this morning.  We are fine and I need to straighten up a bit because she will be coming here later to stay until tomorrow evening.   I told her to purchase bags of ice and throw them in the fridge and freezer so she doesn't lose it all but of course, she won't so we will have to get them.  She can get in her (MY!) car and pick them up here.  The understanding when I gave her my beloved vehicle was that it was to be kept in her garage.  Instead, it is outside always with the sun baking the paint, the oak's tails and leaves eating the paint, because it's more important to have the great grand's plastic big wheels and the rest of Toys-R-us inside.  You have no idea how that frosts my butt.  She has more excuses than the Kardashians have injections.
I haven't been stitching because of another two day bout of vertigo but today I am fine.  I decided to choose fabrics for the latest Santas since I found them last week in the floss basket.  I forgot all about them so as usual, I get excited all over again. 
Here's the center area of my petunias.  You can see how full they are from the pruning.
Even after all the cuttings and damage from the June rains, these Vista Silver Bells are outperforming all the others.
I had to stop in a vet's office to pick up pills for my brother's cat Peanut, who became very ill very quickly with some sort of infection.  It's been two weeks and she is recovering but still needed more meds.  I stood at the counter for over 15 minutes waiting and listening to the most gut wrenching howls and moans from a dog with a head injury.  I could not take it and crying without producing tears burns like hell.  I wanted to ask if he would be OK but I just couldn't get any more words out. 
I stopped to drop off the pills and also this little jar of heaven for his birthday.  We don't buy gifts other than little treats and since he loves figs, he should love this.  I do!!  New to me and fabulous on a cracker.  Problem is the jar's contents seem to vanish like magic.  I don't know why. 
My sister will be coming soon.  She is very upset about her friend's 40 year old daughter being diagnosed with uterine and breast cancer.  Physicals every year, but the tumor was cantaloupe size.  She is coming home today but needs chemo to start next week and breast surgery following.
I hope everyone is having a pleasant weekend.  Don't sweat the small stuff.  You never know when the big stuff may come.
Thanks for visiting with me.



Jul 17, 2019


The biggest they have ever been.  The garden is the worst it's ever been.  Some thrive, some suffer.

They are with the irises and peonies in an area where sand was dumped.  Still poor soil, but no where near as bad as the hard pan clay near the house.   Many have broken stems because of their weight after a rain.  I'm holding this one up for the photo.

Budman in his new favorite spot.

Jul 16, 2019

Polish patience

I don't have it.  Nor the Italian!  I am so sorry!  A reader kindly informed me of the correct way to write God bless our home.  When seeing this translation many times online, the mark over the Z was there but I did not see the diagonal slash on the Ls.  So once again, the chart is changed!!  And I think my needle should stitch another, as charted, no more changes!  I was in such a hurry to chart and stitch this that I didn't give myself time to really look it over.  So the second line is 2 stitches wider with the slash added, the bottom area is wider to balance it more.  I think another symbol or floral border would be nice and when I stitch again for Carole, I may do that.  But after SEVEN changes to the chart in directions and stitches, that's it!   I apologize for jumping the gun and making so many changes after the original offer.  I will have to change the photo too once finished.
Mark was golfing out of town today so I took advantage of that and ripped down some drywall.  Some women shop, some tear down walls.  The doorways were taped off with drop cloths because let's be honest, drywall dust is worse than flour.  It's a toss up as to which sticks to sweaty skin more, and I was tempted to throw a quick cake recipe together to test it.  I don't need cake.  Yes I do.  Anyway, I need to get into that room for floss because I just may change the color to 321 or a different red.  Why?  Missy (a.k.a. Monkey Mona), that's why.  She got up on the chest next to my chair and started her own floss toss.  My fault for not putting it back in its bag.  Rather than buy new ones to utilize the notebook, I thought I would use a punch to add the side holes to my existing bags, but it doesn't work since the plastic has no body.  Paper beneath didn't matter, it still would not cut cleanly.
So there you have it!  Ann must be put aside for another quick project and I won't be able to settle myself down until I do that.  This little design takes very little time so not a big deal.
Mark drove by to check on the lush elderberry bushes and someone cut them all down while clearing that small area.  I have no idea why!  It's not easy to spot those tiny berries once the bloom is gone so finding them now will be next to impossible.  Sure hope we do because although a royal PITA to harvest, our favorite pie.
Have a great hump day!
Again, my apologies!
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