Feb 25, 2020

What's coming!

Lots of buzz about the market releases and most of them have been shown on Instagram and other sites.  I view IG, not much else, but visited https://www.etsy.com/shop/NeedleCaseGoodies and found it easy to view all the previews.  I don't think all the designers are offering peeks, haven't seen BBD or Nash.  Check out what is featured so far if you're interested in pre-ordering.  I know what I want!!  NWP's primitive EF 1836 1837 is a real slump smacker.   Plum Street, Scarlett House, WTNT, and so many other gorgeous works.  Teresa Kogut has a boatload of new designs and seeing Newcastle Bouquet enlarged is stunning.  Heartstring Samplery's A Dog's Will broke my tough exterior into a weeping heap.  Maybe my memory fails me (a common occurrence) but aren't these releases better than any other year?  Direct link to the Nashville releases - https://www.etsy.com/shop/NeedleCaseGoodies?section_id=25477004
And yes, Arby's has had $1 deals for quite some time, 2pm - 5pm.  Snack size shakes, curly fries, and sliders.  I've been hankering for an Orange Julius and must pull out the recipe.  The orange juice may burn my mouth though, better stick with cool and creamy.


Feb 24, 2020

Motif a day

Is grass a motif?  I'm claiming it to be so.  A star, done in a darker yellow than called for, a green bird, grass, and the bottom of a human.

My plan was to finish the left side to the bottom and then complete the center A&E, but that doesn't make sense, does it.  Starting at the sides and working to the middle ....  who does that!   Me.  My reasoning, after the disaster on the upper tree, allows the tree limbs to be modified without notice if an adjustment is required.
Once I have the bottom trunk lined up with the top, I will move to the left edge and work in.  Any errors there can be hidden in the limb length, but if I complete the tree and err on any of the motifs, there is no where to go.  So that's the plan.

I had the shock of my life when I tried a pair of light patterned leggings yesterday.  I can't believe how large a certain portion of my body has become and I must get serious about losing it.  Really.  My doctor is adamantly against Keto and the amount of dairy fats/meats involved (but it works for many), I have no desire to try plant based and give up so much, WW is too involved and always needing to check foods, so I've decided on the old tried and true.  Consume less.  Moderation.  More of the good and less of the bad.  Simple.  As soon as the last three Jamocas are out of the freezer.  When we're out in the afternoon, we stop for Arby's 2:00-5:00 $1 shake deal.  Perfect small size for a treat so I buy 5 and freeze them.  One minute+ in my low dose microwave, a few stirs, a perfect cool evening treat that feels wonderful to my dry mouth.

American Country magazine (https://www.americancountrymagazine.org/) is supposedly publishing this year and there is a February shipping announcement on the website.  I emailed twice last fall to ask if my subscription was current so I don't miss an issue, no reply.  There is a number to text on the website so I did, no reply.  If anyone gets an issue, please let me know so I can find it online.  I would appreciate it!  I know she has dealt with a lot of health issues and I hope all is well, but I don't understand why I can't receive a simple yes/no reply.  I've been a subscriber from the beginning and can't find a single issue.  I know I got rid of my Simple Life and Primitive Place collection, did I also send out American Country?  If I did, let me know so I can quit searching.  I hold them dear as my Early Homes issues so I can't imagine what happened to them.

Have a good day!
Thanks for visiting.


Feb 21, 2020

Motif a day

The large blue vase is finished.  I did change the flower color from 3046 to 758 since the pale yellow is not pleasing on this shade of linen and barely noticeable.  I love 758 with the 930 series and I think it goes nicely with the other colors. 

Problem is, there should be space between them and the stag.  I've checked every motif placement and they are all correct!  Somewhere there is an error but I've counted numerous times and can't find it.  There's plenty of room to move the stag away from the flower, not sure I will.  This sampler is all over the place without rhyme or reason, but doesn't it bug you when there is a counting error that you just cannot find?  Time for a cup of Calm.

The NP that I saw the other day told me to calm down with a natural and safe product called Calm from Natural Vitality.  She also told me to deal with the loss and just get a wig.  Seems BP consistently over 135/85 (up to 165/95) can be controlled if I start exercising, cutting out salt, and not thinking about my hair loss.  She has a head of hair that could cover a bear and has no idea the emotional toll it takes when you are losing it all.

Calm is magnesium powder that when added to water makes a fizzy drink.  But you can't take too much because it will work like Milk of Magnesia.  Supposedly, it is a natural anti anxiety anti stress remedy that releases the excess calcium from muscles to relax them or yadda yadda I don't know.  I ordered it online from Walmart and it came today, haven't taken it yet but will start out slowly.  I go back in three months, but not sure if it will be at this office.

Have a great Saturday folks.


Feb 20, 2020

In my face

Well pelt me with M&M peanuts.  Why didn't I think of this sooner?  Instead of adding another aid to the supplies already surrounding me, why not use what's right in front of my face?

I stitched a piece of quilt batting to the arm of the magnifier to test, and voila!  It can hold all my shorts and singles without adding to the clutter, even when I raise the arm.  I will replace this with fabric trimmed thick felt to look a little nicer.

And once I sew a fabric bag to match, it will replace the plastic one now holding my glasses hanging from the arm's base.  But what would be even better is a huswife.  A few pockets for aids and tools, a perfect place to display and use such a project.  A few styles to think about ---

Nan Lewis Threadwork Primitives impeccable sewing.

Or add stitched pockets like this from Needlework Press (Eliza Tuck huswife)
Primitive and fabulous from Pam Gill (Primitives Past).

Handy, functional, less clutter.  If I order a Brightech for another room, this idea should work for it also.  I'm excited about a useful huswife on display.  Not all ideas come to fruition, but I'd like to give this one a good effort!

Now for those M&Ms.


Feb 19, 2020

Motif a day

Making progress.

A stag with a pink tail, short leg, and clubhoof

A plant without a top
 Precariously balanced flowers

 A nicely done floral

And the group in harmony with the green polka dot dog.


Feb 18, 2020

A little hole in a little drop

Mark suggested I get off my pity pot and have him drive me to the needlework shop in Boardman.  I filled my head with Toppik powder and decided to go.  And it wasn't Tuesday which is when I usually stop there, forgetting that the shop is closed.  She had a nice variety of charts and smalls, some reproductions, even HATS.  Saw many designers completely new to me, and this embroidery pattern caught my eye.  Isn't this sweet?  Sending My Love from Crabapple Hill Studio.  Not cross stitch but such a lovely project.  Other sayings are included for the banner... Remember Me, Hugs and Kisses, Friendship, and Thinking of You.

The owner is very nice and very helpful.  Unfortunately, a good customer was choosing colors and linens and I had to wait 40 minutes to pay for a few items.  She politely told me she only had one more project to choose.  I browsed while waiting to pay for my mini poms and found the thread drops.

  I was going to order the ones I showed you on Etsy with the extra hole but hadn't as yet.  This brand is sturdy but no lines for notes and no extra hole.  When I came home I searched for the hole punch and the drops soon became what I preferred.   That extra hole will hold the extra strands or any used threads without having to disturb the large knot.  One packet was punched, the others won't be until I see how it works.  I don't know why it wouldn't!! 

I recently saw two floss tube videos that show how to make your own in the first (with great ideas for material), and how to wrap your floss in the second (another great idea for storing).  And again, she pulls one thread at a time which boggles my mind.  I have trouble separating one strand from the six without being knotted around a hole!  But it works.  She is Cross My Stitches.

It's raining and gloomy today so I should be able to drive myself to the doc.  But my sweet hubs likes to chauffeur me.

Hope your day has some sunshine. 
But if it hurts your eyes, gloom is good too!!
As long as we have light.

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