May 25, 2019

PITABP giveaway

Pain in the ass bird pillow.  You want it?  When I stitched this years ago, I had many errors to deal with and then my finishing method caused the fabric to be cut short.  I can't recall details nor do I want to, but the fringe is right up to the stitching, machine sewn to the fabric.  Hopefully, if no pups grab it for play, it will not fall apart.  Anyway ….  I love the green fabrics and ended up with this 5 1/2" x 7 1/2" pillow.  And I don't want it.  Do you?  If you're in the US, leave your initials in the comments or email me.  Will draw a name Monday 5/27 at 8pm.  If I remember.


Have a great weekend!!

May 24, 2019

Almost purple

Hello folks.  My sister visited the doc yesterday and he confirmed what I told her last Friday, she is in congestive heart failure again.  And of course, she has nothing in the house including toilet tissue and was "planning" on shopping one day soon.  So I've been busy picking up her prescriptions and necessities since she can't.  I told her to cancel her lunch yesterday and dinner tonight with friends, she obliged.
My doc appointment was to include a pneumonia booster and I said "are you nuts?".  She stepped back and smiled, said I was right in not taking it.  One more time - the nasal flu vaccine has a tiny amount of live virus, the injection is dead.  I received the injection.  It's not the vaccine itself that caused my condition, it's the body's reaction to it.   The immune system creates antibodies to protect against those viruses in the vaccine and certain cells go into action.  In my case, that action went overboard and started attacking itself, which is autoimmune disease.  Am I going to try another shot that may stimulate my immune activity again?  No, but that's my case.  It's rare, and no one vulnerable should forego vaccines that could save their lives.
So about the purple.  Walmart, JoAnn, Pat Catan had none of the newer colors, nor did they have anything under #150.  So I tossed some purples and found them too much on the strong gold of the linen.  I ended up with the not-really-a-purple shade of 315, which when compared to the red does look violet.  I'm very pleased with it. Decided to put a few patches on his bag and will use black backstitches over them.  Maybe.  I'm not happy with the coverage on either of these 35 counts with one thread, but I can't use two.  After I finish Purple Pants I will pull another 35 linen for Blue Man.  Then on to Ann.
Got sidetracked a little and haven't worked out an item for the giveaway yet.  Soon!!
Happy Friday!!  Wait.  Is today Friday?

May 23, 2019

More options!

I am so glad I purchased the DMC collection guide.  Not only are the 100 series included that I missed, but the 35 newest colors too.  Since they are listed by color family and I was not familiar with all of them, I checked the linen against the columns of blues to make sure 3768 would be best.  And there it was on the opposite side.  A gorgeous plum color (29) that I would never have seen, also 32 at the bottom left.  The purples seem to look better than the blues on this linen (which is Straw, not Havana), and I plan to choose one of those and use blue on Santa #4.  JoAnn does not carry the new colors unfortunately and I will need to place an order.  I know it's important to visit your local shops but both are 45 minutes away and I don't want to spend almost 2 hours to get a few skeins of floss.  It's still hard to visualize the color without having the skein in hand but I love 29 on this linen.  Will it be too dark?  We'll see!  I don't think the 844 I started for his boots is dark enough, will switch to black.

I may be having a small giveaway this weekend!

May 21, 2019

Golden Boy

with a touch of purple.  A little change in his beard length, his hat, a few berries to the tree, and a sackful of errors.

On to Blue Boy.
I can only stitch for short periods at a time and I know 30 count will be easier. 
Took Carole for blood work today, she is still out of breath, taking more Lasix and will see the doc on Thursday.  There is no one else to help out.  Her only son works and is a volunteer captain with our fire department, my 75 year old brother takes more of my time some days than 80 year old Carole.  Her grandson works at a facility for troubled boys almost an hour from here and has three little ones of his own.  My only local female cousin (my age) has dementia and calls me often, is starting to need help herself.  Her husband died young and they had no children.  On her wedding day, her daddy died on the dance floor from a massive heart attack right after the bridal dance.  My husband's sister died young, all other family members did too.  So there you have it!  When I say "small family', it's true!  Because both sets of grandparents came to this country alone, neither of my parents had any aunts, uncles, cousins, or anyone else in this country.  And I do not mind at all if a comment is left for me or an email voicing concern.  I am always touched that you care!
I got my DMC booklet today and I love that all color families are together making it much easier to search for the perfect blue.  I do wish the threads were loose, but it's very nice and BIG!!  I ordered the very large rings and needle case for $5 to save shipping charges of $9.

This little brat has given me nothing but trouble for three days trying to catch her for the flea meds.  Last night I was outside before midnight saving a mouse from her cruel play.  The little guy climbed up the rusty leg of the my planter and hid in the petunia while I distracted her, Missy could not figure out where it went.
That's it! 
Thanks for visiting.

May 20, 2019

If loving him is wrong,

I don't want to be right.  Before I start big girl Ann, the last Santa stitch will be repeated.  Two different linen colors and coats.  One Santa position will be reversed.  Can't help it.  I love this little guy!! 
 Using 35 count again to be the same size as the other, hoping to breeze through wearing 3.50 lenses without much difficulty.  If not, I will change linen count to something easier.
First on Dolphin with gold coat.
Then on Havana with blue.
When you're in love, you sometimes go overboard.  But they will be spaced out on the tree and not noticeably repetitive, especially because of the difference in fabric and coats. 
Carole has been having trouble with her breathing and rather than listen to me, she has held off visiting Urgent Care or the ER for her congestive heart failure.  This started Friday.  The great grands come every Sunday and to feed and sugar load them is more important.  Her lungs can fill so quickly, but when it comes to the little ones, she is maddeningly unreasonable.  So instead of an IV Lasix and home to rest, she will end up being admitted and I will spend two days at the hospital again.  She's calling the doc today, now that the kids are gone from Grandma's Toy Land, and they took home pulled pork sandwiches, pasta and meatballs, cheesecake and cookies, because no one stops playing long enough to eat.  Drives me nuts.

Enjoy your Monday!

May 19, 2019

Candle sale

Greeting folks!  I signed up for sale notices from Yankee Candle and somehow almost missed this one.  Today is the last day for a 3 for $39 large jar candles.  They are out of a few of my favorites but I ordered anyway because I can exchange them at the Ohio store for the scent I want.  Can't pass up the large tumblers for $13 each!  I am really surprised at some of the candle prices elsewhere and if I don't like it, I'm stuck with it.  At least with Yankee (especially with a sale) you can exchange if you aren't happy.  Good deal.  My favorites for summer are Sage & Citrus (out of stock but I will exchange for at the store) and Lemon Lavender.   Holiday Bayberry is the best Christmas candle and Balsam & Cedar a close second.  The promo code is 3FORMAY.  Any more than 3 are charged at the sale price of $13. 
Enjoy your Sunday!

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