Jan 24, 2020

Slowly I stitch

Step by step.  Inch by inch.

Step by step.  Inch by inch.


Jan 21, 2020

It did help

but unfortunately, only after I screwed up.  When I sewed my row to help with alignment, I started it at the edge of the grass.  Why?  That wasn't even close to the edge of the graph.  So using it to count down and start my motif section where it should be worked perfectly.  But counting in from the edge was a huge error.  Thank goodness I caught on two birds later.  It looked odd, and since I'm not referring to the finished piece photo, I didn't realize it at first.  I was so happy my method worked and I didn't have to be concerned with the errors above, I just hummed along in ignorant bliss.  I altered this photo to show where they were initially,
and this is where they are now after the correction.

Can you imagine what would have happened had I not caught this and positioned the other motifs off of them?  Holy crabass.

My floss bags on large ring have been a mess, even though in numeric order.  So I moved them all to the booklet style and that was another mistake.  The rings are extra large but there is too much floss in my bags, or too many colors.

So it stays open all the time, but I guess that's OK.  What am I doing wrong?

As a last resort, I plan to move the bags to the stand Mark made for me and honestly, I would love to make these to sell because they are very nice to use.  This one is the short version but the very tall one is better because it secures beneath your seat cushion.

We drove to Boardman today to browse the huge selection of golf shoes at Gold Headquarters, and I wanted to visit the With Needle in Hand shop.  For the third time, this clueless old lady failed to check their website for hours.  They are closed on Tuesdays, and I should have remembered that from the last two failed trips!  Oh well.  Mark got his shoes and we stopped at two Italian stores and came home with pounds of chestnuts to roast, the last of holiday figs, and aged Asiago and Fontina that are not found locally.

This happened today.  First of all, this sweet cat is the one being driven away and attacked by Petey, both have injuries to face and ears, possibly elsewhere.
And then there was this.  A show of dominance?  An exercise in tolerance?  There was no fight, and Nitzy blocked the exit a while, then went inside the shelter when Petey left through the back.  That poor boy looks inside the door several times a day and wants to be a part of the brat pack.  Missy still will not accept him at all.  I found a pile of what looked like angel hair pasta on his patio area and realized he is loaded with round worms.  I called the vet for an OTC liquid to add to his food and explained what I saw in the vomit.  He won't prescribe anything for worms or a sedative because he hasn't seen him and I can understand that.  There are online products that may offer some help.
My sister was in Urgent Care yesterday, she has cellulitis in her toe and foot.  Being treated with antibiotic and hopefully this will take care of it and it won't lead to a more serious treatment.

Pretty soon, it'll be February and onward to spring.

Thanks for visiting!


Jan 18, 2020

This should help!

Hi folks.  Spending the weekend at home because of weather, and I came up with what I hope will help me with the motif placements.

I started at the bottom of the grass and highlighted the graph into five rows.  Using a bright thread, I wove it into the margin matching the graph.  This should allow me to check the position of the motifs along that left edge.  It's difficult for me to see the linen threads and I am very unsure of myself.  Counting off of them will be much easier and I can be more confident that my placement is close to the chart.  

I've been using my new Oxo duster, and these old bentwood stools took only minutes.  They were always a PITA because of the tight curves and this duster took care of it all.  Happy dance.  I've been looking for new stools for quite a while but since we have only one furniture store and they have ... well.... nothing that I like, I am forced to order online.  I don't know about you, but I prefer placing my rear on the seat to test comfort and not have to assemble, but I have no choice. I guess cushions can always be added.

I sprayed a lot of the Feliway on a mat inside the carrier, and Bud handled the vet visit much better than before.  He did cry, but only a few times and actually laid on the mat instead of pacing.  Even at the office, he was afraid and anxious but not like before.  I hasn't worked on their favorite napping spots in the house, but I do believe it helped in the carrier.  We are trying the tiny cut of Valium to get Missy manageable but there is always a chance it will have the opposite effect.  Carole took Valium once and felt like she wanted to crawl up the walls.  We'll see.  He's on an antibiotic and his heart is not doing well, so we are also to give him 1/8 of a 81 mg aspirin every three days.  No more.  That is very difficult to cut into such a small piece.  He should start to feel better in a few days.

I was gathering fabric to make my own little thread catcher/holder, and found uncut corduroy to work really well, as did velveteen.  I was working on a pattern to make one with two sides, two colors, one for dark threads and one for light.  Not sure I will go any further.

Hope the weekend is going well!

Jan 17, 2020

Corner doors

Hey!  Just wanted to show a few tiny corner units that I think are really unique.  Extending Grace is a lovely shop in Hubbard Ohio and I saw this on their Instagram and FB page featuring their offers, so I did a little searching and found other examples on Pinterest.  

Have you ever seen this done?

Cut an old door in half with a miter or straight cut, add some thick shelves, and what a great unit for a small corner.  Never saw this before!   But if we find a door and try it, I have to remember to cut one side shorter by the thickness of the wood so when it overlaps the other half, they will be the same depth.  Our table saw does not have an extension so cutting this length on a miter would be tricky.

Getting ready to head out onto the bad roads with Bud.  He remembers the carrier and is hiding.  This won't be pleasant for him but it's necessary, he needs antibiotics.

Thanks for the suggestions on Ann.  Haven't made a plan yet but I need to soon because I can't do any other motifs until I figure out if all will need to be moved.  I'm thinking that should be the case, and I can go back and correct the culprit later if I choose to.

Have a good day!!


Jan 16, 2020

Full blown crabass

Yep.  I am.  My testing is complete, seeing the doctor this afternoon, another (the third) slow developing auto immune disease is confirmed.  Slow developing.  Sure.  Full blown high numbers within months, just like the other two.  I don't care how many nurses post their opinions on FB, I have three doctors, a law firm, and thousands of patients that have been compensated for developing auto immunes from a vaccine.  The odds?  Extremely low, one in one million estimated, but not everyone associates or recognizes it could be the cause.  Guillain-Barre is the most common, and happened to Frank's mom.  Again, the risk is extremely low.  But am I ticked off?  Furious.  This not only affects me for the rest of my life, it affects my health coverage and drug coverage. 

I'm not the only one feeling poorly.  Budman is sneezing, very bad eyes, I am sure he has a respiratory problem.  We're taking him in tomorrow morning and unfortunately, the spray I bought to calm them is not helping.  This is a mobile vet, and he will come here to check Missy and (hopefully) Petey.  I am taking photos to show their size so he can determine what portion of a Valium pill is needed to calm them down so he can handle.  He will also pass the photo on to other vets for a possible ID.  Petey is doing fine, slight limp, his paw injury drained and he's back to himself.  But he does have some other injuries from fighting.  He sits and watches the birds, does not even try to hunt, and I wonder if he has been declawed.

My eyes were bad yesterday, but my errors are making it difficult for me.  I am used to a row of alphabets!  My first error was leaving a row off the chimneys, raising the house.  When starting the second page on this side, I spotted another.  This (butterfly?) should have one row between it and the grass.  The motif was split between two pages but I stitched it entirely from the first.  What the hell did I do?  It was not as charted, the eyelet areas were wrong, and when I frogged the top part and stitched correctly, it doesn't fit.  I had to leave off the top row.  To match/balance, I left the bottom row off too. 

And here's the math question for you so I don't have to interrupt my pounding sinus headache for something productive.  How many rows do I need to compensate before stitching the green parrot beneath?  Three seems too easy an answer.  Can't judge placement from the tree because that was a mess and may not be proper either!  I think my best solution is to frog the entire butterfly (again) and start over.  Leave two spaces beneath that funky grass and I should be OK.  It looks easy to be off when motifs are all over the place but I'm concerned that starting with three rows may lead to a disaster by the time I reach the bottom area, I'm sure there will be more. What say you????


Jan 14, 2020

Over one epiphany

Hello people!  I'm stitching the over one!  Slowly, but making progress.  I remember Barbara sent photos of how she stabilizes this type of stitch with a loose weave gauze on the back side.  Do you think I could find something similar to use in my mess?  So I am following the notes and tips that I've received from other helpful stitchers.  And it took a while for me to realize the easiest way to remember the rules.

What finally drilled its way through my thick skull, is the intersection.  That's all I need to see in order to lock the stitch and prevent that disappearing act.  My 1 and 2 cross is always the same direction, the loop behind runs the same as the intersection's linen thread.  If it's running horizontal, my thread from 2 to 3 does also, same with vertical.
Since the sewing method doesn't work with letters, I am doing one full stitch at a time.  If the end of the prior stitch would be the beginning hole for the following stitch, 1 and 2 are reversed but they are always top right bottom left.  And if I am wrong, please tell me.  I won't yell.  I had written instructions that I followed before which I saved, will look for this evening.   My biggest issue is forgetting what to do, which direction, the back leg, but this simplified it for me since it applies to one stitch at a time.  In fact, this may be what I did before, but do not remember.  One of the benefits of forgetting, everything seems new.

This brain breakthrough does not mean my stitches are neat, even, or acceptable, but since I can barely see with magnifiers these tiny PITA messes will not be noticed.  But they aren't disappearing behind the linen!  I did have to frog a few and that took longer than stitching.  The H is not as charted and will stay that way.  I wasn't paying attention.

I wanted to show you how you can change the look of a project you see online if you'd like to use a different color linen.  This Merry Wind Farm reproduction of Ellen Spedding uses linen that I don't care for.  So to get an idea of how it would look with a light beige or tan fabric, I saved the photo to Photo Gallery and used the fine tuning option, changing the slider for color, tint, and saturation.  I can now see if the change would be to my liking.  I tried a light gray too but prefer the beige.  

Last night, I was shot out of my chair by the most awful screaming.  It was Nit.  The newest orange/white stray that Petey is after was at the back door.  I never heard anything that loud and terrifying from a cat.  I chased it away but he/she has been hanging around, eating the deer's corn, and checking out Petey's houses.  I don't want another, and I do NOT want him hurt by mine.  I can't imagine what the neighborhoods in town are like where ferals are such a problem, the fights have to be vicious and there is no help for the injured and infected.  This may be mating season because this morning, there are two other cats sitting on the deck looking in.  Missy.  She is spayed, but that doesn't stop them I guess.

Hope your week is going well.
Thanks for visiting.

Just saw a comment that offers another thread catcher mat.  She is currently sold out.

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