May 20, 2019

If loving him is wrong,

I don't want to be right.  Before I start big girl Ann, the last Santa stitch will be repeated.  Two different linen colors and coats.  One Santa position will be reversed.  Can't help it.  I love this little guy!! 
 Using 35 count again to be the same size as the other, hoping to breeze through wearing 3.50 lenses without much difficulty.  If not, I will change linen count to something easier.
First on Dolphin with gold coat.
Then on Havana with blue.
When you're in love, you sometimes go overboard.  But they will be spaced out on the tree and not noticeably repetitive, especially because of the difference in fabric and coats. 
Carole has been having trouble with her breathing and rather than listen to me, she has held off visiting Urgent Care or the ER for her congestive heart failure.  This started Friday.  The great grands come every Sunday and to feed and sugar load them is more important.  Her lungs can fill so quickly, but when it comes to the little ones, she is maddeningly unreasonable.  So instead of an IV Lasix and home to rest, she will end up being admitted and I will spend two days at the hospital again.  She's calling the doc today, now that the kids are gone from Grandma's Toy Land, and they took home pulled pork sandwiches, pasta and meatballs, cheesecake and cookies, because no one stops playing long enough to eat.  Drives me nuts.

Enjoy your Monday!

May 19, 2019

Candle sale

Greeting folks!  I signed up for sale notices from Yankee Candle and somehow almost missed this one.  Today is the last day for a 3 for $39 large jar candles.  They are out of a few of my favorites but I ordered anyway because I can exchange them at the Ohio store for the scent I want.  Can't pass up the large tumblers for $13 each!  I am really surprised at some of the candle prices elsewhere and if I don't like it, I'm stuck with it.  At least with Yankee (especially with a sale) you can exchange if you aren't happy.  Good deal.  My favorites for summer are Sage & Citrus (out of stock but I will exchange for at the store) and Lemon Lavender.   Holiday Bayberry is the best Christmas candle and Balsam & Cedar a close second.  The promo code is 3FORMAY.  Any more than 3 are charged at the sale price of $13. 
Enjoy your Sunday!

May 18, 2019

Weekend guard

Certainly not the greeter.  Unless you like to bleed.

May 16, 2019


I decided on a trim color for the what once was a dining room.  Not sure what this very small room will be, maybe with its good light, a place to stitch.  But after tossing around solid white everywhere, I decided on two shades.  I still prefer a colonial look with trim being a different shade than the walls, and don't want to overpower the small rooms with darker colors.  Besides, I have too many favorites in beige/tan/neutral.  My nephew's son painted three bedrooms with my changes!  So I started today with White Duck for the trim, White Dove (with a little less yellow tint) for the walls, both very neutral without yellow or pink. There is a subtle difference in the whites which shows well enough to not be a solid white room.  Farmhouse is fabulous with all white, as is traditional and colonial if there is plenty of trim and moulding, but neither apply to my house.  No looking back, I burned the paint sample cards.  Once all the dark is covered, it may be too light for me, but I welcome a change, and whatever it is, it's fricking paint.  Get over it!!
I also ordered the DMC color guide.  Because.  That's all I got.  How can I find the new colors for possible substitutions when my JoAnn selection is limited?  I can't stitch without changing a few colors!  Besides, in store lighting makes the floss look very different.  They are grouped by color family in this new guide and I will no longer have to go back and forth with my supplement cards.
The rain has stopped and this is day two of sun so I am working on the flowers and repotting into liners for buckets and tubs.  Rain and storms for the next few days are possible so best get my large rear in gear.
Have a great day!!

May 14, 2019

A new week

I hope it's better than last.  And I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day.
I finally gathered my floss bags and put them back in my box so I can pull the many colors for Ann.  My nasty habit of not returning floss to it's rightful home creates a time consuming search when kitting.  After all was is order, I was missing three colors.  Could be a Missy issue and the bags are behind or under furniture.  One of the floss colors is 154.  ?  I thought it was a misprint.  After searching online I found that 150 -169 were released years ago and I was unaware, maybe during my long break from needlework.  How odd that none of those colors were used in any project until now.  Maybe because most of my samplers charts are older?
When I offered the huge bags of floss to you, I assumed I had most of the colors because my old large guides started with 208 as did my inventory.  So I went back to that post and saw that I did not claim to have them all.  Whew. 
These are my DMC guides, one ending with 3708, another with 3799, and three supplement cards.  I tried locating a card of the 150-169 and found none offered.  But I did find that DMC's site offers actual thread guides of all the colors.  Is it worth it for me?  Probably not.  I am boring and have my favorites, not feeling like I'll be stitching that much anyway.  But for as often as I change thread colors, it may be helpful to have all in one book rather than pulling out several cards.  As you can see from my samples, I've used them a lot.  I like the loose threads because I slip the linen or other thread colors beneath, sometimes only using two strands for a sample.  It appears the newest book has them wrapped.
If you would like an up to date color guide with actual thread samples, you can order here  Reasonable compared to other sites where I've seen as much as $65 charged.  The booklet includes "454 + 35 NEW solid colors and 18 variegated DMC Six-Strand Floss colors".  Shipping is 8.95 but if you spend $30, it will be free.  I'm assuming it's been available for quite some time.
The threads and linen are ready, I am not.  I'm losing interest in stitching Ann, my eyes have taken a bad turn again as has my mouth.  If you've ever bitten into pizza and had the hot cheese slide off and burn your lips and tongue, that is the closest to what I am feeling 24/7, along with eye burn.  Several of you mentioned that you were hoping the meds were helping.  I'm not taking anything yet because my diagnosis is not limited to Sjogren's.  Through testing, he found more than we expected and is more baffled than before.  Not sure what to do, what to expect, when the avalanche will hit, but my numbers are off the charts and it's coming.  The medication he recommended is widely used but the one possible side effect is losing your vision.  With the unusual circumstances involving this case, I am not sure I am willing to take that chance even though it is remote, and I haven't made the decision yet.  Do I help prevent the worsening of this and the onset of another disease but risk my eyesight?  Do I wait for the avalanche at which time I will have to take the drug, maybe too late to help?  Only I can make that decision and it's a little daunting.
Hope you have a better week.

May 10, 2019

Another mishap

Are your JoAnn stores like mine with fabric bolts stacked against the wall?  Do you slowly walk along that wall, eyes moving up and down, top and bottom?  Do you ever look to your left or right while browsing thinking there may be an obstacle along the long open wall?  No?  Well you should, just in case there is a guy on a 10 foot high ladder changing a light bulb.
I have not started Ann yet because I knocked my equilibrium off a few days ago.  Happens rarely but it is a nauseating and miserable few days until balance is restored.  The Epley Maneuver helps many but I was just too sick to comply this time.  The drug makes me very sleepy and lightheaded so bedtime has been early.  I think I'm on firm ground now so I searched for linen. 
This is the 28 count drawer where I found a 30 count Rook, but too small.  Two pieces large enough but I really didn't want to bleach unless necessary.  I checked the fabric kitted with the other girls and found the color I wanted in a piece larger than required which switches me into whining about wasting fabric. 
I hate cutting into large pieces as much as I hate left over.  This was dyed by me and I seriously doubt I would ever (or want to attempt) another dyeing session with the same result.  A very nice warm brown/tan, not too dark.  But why the hell would I save it when it's the color I was hoping to use?  Bonehead crabass that's why. 
I went to Pat Catan's after the doc and they are unloading their warehouses, sales galore.  Lots of items sold out, tons of card stock and fabric, square mache box sets.  I purchased two sheets of the mylar blanks (stencil material) for only $1 each.  This material is perfect for lining a drum finish or a pouch, even ornaments that you want to be structured.  It can be against the fabric or sandwiched between fill/batting.  They received word that the store will remain open as Michael's which does not compare to the selection and prices Catan offered.  The employees are already looking elsewhere because they were told wages will be the same as for new hires (which they will be), hours will be limited to a max of 16 per week.  Some of these people worked there for over 10 years and were full time, many are over 65 and need to work.  This will all take place in August.  Honestly, I was never impressed with Michael's selections or their prices. 
Visiting the Amish again this weekend for a few 4 inch pots.  When I was sick, Mark drove back out there and bought me 3 hanging baskets of the darker Vista petunia I wanted.  It looks so much darker than what I had before!  It's a damn flower.  They're all beautiful so suck it up.  This was last year's plant.  
Hope your weekend brings some smiles.
Thanks for visiting.


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