Sep 18, 2018

Extra extras

After counting the charts sold, putting them in recipient piles, double and triple checking, even stuffing the mailing envelopes of buyers, I kept coming up with several charts left over.  This was driving me nuts.  Who would have thought that some designs were duplicates?  Never dawned on me!  I finally got it straight and I hope when you open your envelopes, the right charts are in there!!
Bud is enjoying what is left of warm sunny days. 
The last of our tomatoes aren't ripening properly yet aren't green enough to fry.  The final zucchini was picked.  All that's left are hot peppers and I have no intention of canning this year.  Stuff and freeze, saute with onion and sausage, chop and freeze for chili.  Chili.  Damn.  It's coming way too quick for me.
I tore off the rail and wainscot for two days figuring if I can't decide on a second color for all the trim, do away with it.  So I did. We planned on changing it to a different style anyway so once the walls are painted, maybe we will.  But it sure looks minimalistic and clean cut without it.  Even with 37 color samples on the walls.  So maybe we won't.

Went to the cemetery today to add fall flowers and a candle to my parents' grave.  Today is their anniversary.  As always, when removing the stationary vase liners filled with silk flowers on each side of the stone, I am concerned about hidden spiders.  I keep a large bag in the car to hold them just in case some creepy would escape into my car.  When we got home and I asked Mark to remove the flowers from the inserts, he found nothing.  Until he decided to shake the bag.  Inside was the biggest fricking spider I have seen in a long time.  Needless to say, he is no longer with us.  If that bag wasn't tied shut and he entered my car, either the vehicle or my heart would have crashed. 
Hope everyone is safe and getting through the result of Florence.
September is more than half over.  I'm like a spoiled child having a tantrum.
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Sep 16, 2018


This may take a while to get back to everyone with their purchase and shipping.  Please give me a day to work it out.  I had 17 emails that were clocked at exactly 8:00 so I had to take them in the order they appeared.  I thought the box sales were confusing!!  I'll do my best to notify you which of your choices were available as the sale progressed by tomorrow evening.  Thank you very much!

PS sale at 8pm and pumpkin zucchini bread

Greetings folks.  Just wanted to pass along the recipe and also remind everyone that the sale starts tonight at 8pm EST.  I posted instructions and time at the beginning of the PS page for purchase when I listed the photos/prices.  I've received many emails for many charts and it seems there are favorites that almost everyone is asking for, but I only have one of each.  As I mentioned before, to be fair, I am waiting to take the requests from the emails that come in order after 8.  Since requests have been coming even before I posted them, I really can't honor early sales or the charts would have been gone days ago before I even listed prices.  There are so many emails that I may not be able to answer them all and specify the sale start time. I did not realize how many stitchers are interested in the old PS designs.  While going through them to verify I had the correct photo for each, I took a closer look and they are really nice!  Especially for the number of designs they offered in one chart, a real bargain. .  Don't forget your address so I can reply with postage for the charts that are available per your request.  If you are international, I have no idea what postage would be so the starting at $2 rate would not apply.
I've used both of these, and both are very good.

I make my own pumpkin spice blend by following the ratio on the can of Libby's pumpkin and store it.  For either bread, I use 2 1/2 - 3 tsp of it.  I like the stronger pumpkin flavor when using the entire can and only 1/2 cup oil or butter, but I then have a heavy bottom to the bread.   My friend spread this into two 8x8 pans instead of bread pans and it came out fine so I may do that next.  I also use the 2 full cups of shredded zucchini. 
That's it for now.

Sep 15, 2018

Well that took forever

It's been two days of fooling around with these charts to get them listed and obviously too cheap for the time involved!!  You can view the charts by clicking the Prairie Schooler page link below the blog header photo.  Not sure how that works for those of you using a phone.  Sale starts tomorrow night (Sunday).  I need a treat.  Will post the pumpkin zucchini bread tomorrow.  Nite!!

Sep 12, 2018

I'm not a featherweight

I saw Vonna's post about sewing machines, namely, the vintage Singer Featherweight.  It looked like mine.  So I opened the case and thought it was.  But it wasn't.  The darn thing is heavy!  I checked the model numbers and mine begins with AG 516.  After WWII, the numbers start back up with AG 526. 

But still, it was mom's and she treasured it.  I do think they are pretty with the stenciling and the fancy silver.  I have attachments for it but I use my other machine, not quite as vintage but still an old metal model.  And I still have the black Singer toy in box and it works.

Another reason I am not personally a featherweight ....
fried green tomatoes.
Crumble Feta cheese over and drizzle Ariston balsamic.  I have reduced balsamic to a syrup and it tastes just as good, but Ariston is handy, already a syrup.


I was going through the linen and came across the Birds of a Feather pieces that I need to figure a price for.  Do not want.

As for the PS charts, I was bombarded with requests for purchase from the entire lot to individual numbers.  I haven't priced them yet and will post a sale date, and let you know then.  Not easy because some of the charts are getting a low price and some quite a bit higher.  This Sparrow linen sold for $30 + ship for a 13 x 17 piece!  When items are no longer available it makes it more difficult.   Hopefully I will work it out this weekend, I know I keep saying that, but my sister still isn't doing much for herself even though the doc was very pleased with all her results.  She has a habit of milking it for all its worth.  She has never ever talked about after she is gone, but she sure has been doing that lately.  She's getting rid of things, giving items to family members, calling friends she has neglected.  Weird.
Anyway, for sure this weekend I will let you know about the chart sale for PS, the samplers another time.  It will probably be here and on my Facebook page. 
There isn't much I can do to help those in the path of the storm, please be overly cautious and take no chances.
Pumpkin zucchini bread this afternoon.
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Sep 10, 2018

Budman's 2 cents

I don't think he wants me to sell the Prairie Schoolers.  For those of you asking, these are all OLD charts starting with #9 and going to #88, but not every leaflet in sequence.  In case there is one you've been looking for, here are the numbers.
9   10   13    14   16   17  19   20   21   23   24   25   28   29   31   32   35   36   37   38   41   42   43   44   45   47   48   51   53   56   58   59   62   73   80   88
Many have Betty's name written on the front in black marker.  Still not sure if I will use EBay, but it's so easy to print a shipping label from that site rather than email back and forth for info for this number of charts.  I'm sure most of these old ones have already been stitched or are in a stash and Ebay would reach a greater number of stitchers.  Who thinks I will get disgusted with the amount of time involved and take them to Goodwill?  Raise your hand ... I know you're out there!!
Air conditioning in 90 degree heat three days ago and the furnace is now running along with three days of solid rain.  It should stop Tuesday.  Let's see how I make out with the wheelchair in windy rain today for her doc appt.  There is never a handicapped space open.  She will be getting her flu shot and sometimes I wonder how much protection it offers.  Last early spring she was the sickest from influenza than ever in her life.  Several stitchers were too, and many had the shot.  They start the vaccine production so early that it doesn't always contain the right strains which is what happened last year.  We still get them, but with today's advances in medicine why can't they offer more current protection with second doses?  Or something. 
Have a good start to a great week.
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