Feb 22, 2019


A few clarifications now that I am settled down.

My sister lives on a wooded road with few houses.  The state line is around the bend.  There are three houses, hers in the middle perched on a high hill.  Her steep drives leads behind the house, you don't know if there are cars or activity until you reach the end, and then you have no where to go without several back-ups to turn around.  The back of the house has much glass and there is no way to miss someone approaching.  She has left the sliding patio door unlocked many times and always felt safe because of her location.  The house next door which is somewhat visible when leaves are shed  (and was for sale), was broken into several months ago.  When they realized no one was home, they tore the back door off it's frame.  She started to lock her door but does not always do so when Chris leaves the house, which is many times throughout the day.  Sometimes he is running down the road for a short meeting, going next door to help, racing out to a fire call, or getting firewood from the lot. 

Her pacemaker has a house unit that monitors her and it was connected to a landline phone which she kept strictly for that purpose.  When Verizon raised their home rates to around $100 for a landline, she cancelled the service (two months ago) and the pacemaker company sent her a new device that is wireless.  Vince tried the landline which was disconnected so texted Chris not knowing if he was at the house.  Since Chris is a fireman and knows the police, Vince knew he would handle it.  Chris lives with Carole on the second floor of her cape cod and takes care of the house and yard, some of her bills, and since he has had so many close calls from his low glucose during sleep, needs her to call Mark or paramedics when he can't be awakened.

It was his girlfriend that was close with Carole and there almost every day, that stole her wallet, his coin collection, class ring, and other items that are missing. After a few days of her denial and crying, he broke up with her and hasn't spoken since.  When you are trustworthy, you don't feel others are not.  When you don't lie, you don't feel others aren't truthful.  When you don't steal, you don't think others would.  Honest people do not see the opportunity of others that are not. 

Carole does not remember if she locked the door when she came home, and if she checked to make sure it was unlocked for Chris, or if it needed to be unlocked.  Yes he has a key, but their Andersen patio door has already had three locks replaced.  That is their main entrance and those locks have not handled the continual use, I don't believe they are meant to.  The period of time between when she came home and when Chris called before coming home was maybe an hour, ninety minutes at most.  They could have walked the steep hill and looked in the front porch window and saw the purse hanging at the back door.  If they found the door to be locked, don't know what they would have done.  Her car was parked at the back porch, Chris's other truck was also there.  They didn't care.  No one knew I gave her money in advance of her appointment.  She stopped here on the way to the restaurant to pick up other things I had for her and I gave her the envelope. She has a metal box where she was to put it, but was tired when she came home and planned to do that later in the evening.  Her small purse is a cross body and never removed when out since she needs hands free for the walker.  The thieves would have taken whatever cash there was, even if it was only $10.

Her road, without lights and lots of places to hide, is no different than the other areas around here that are being vandalized.  In-town homes are also broken in to but not as much as the more isolated areas.  No one can watch her home for comings and goings because Chris has two red trucks and you cannot see their cars or much else from the road.  They walked from the bottom and took a chance.  This drug epidemic is becoming a nightmare.  We had a woman OD on heroin in a grocery store restroom to be found by an employee.  Can you imagine?  Others in their car with babies in the back seat.

Seeing the purse in the tree hit us so hard because it was like a blatant display of a personal violation.  That was not their intention when it was thrown, but it was not only eerie, it was the shock of realizing someone had actually taken it.  We all assumed she had put it somewhere in the house and it will eventually show up.  Amy was a very personal betrayal especially knowing Carole's financial situation, but that didn't make her untrusting of others, she is not like that at all.  But this did for all of us. 


Feb 21, 2019

Seething ...

definition … anger than can barely be contained.  My shock and flashback to The Blair Witch Project became seething rage, until I exploded with expletives that would make a rap star blush.  If that's possible. 
We know, have known, have friends with family members, that are addicts. Were any of them hooked because of a doctor, a pharmacy, or medical issues?  Not a freaking one.  I'm sure there are, but I do not believe that for the majority of young people.  Regardless.  Remember my nephew's girlfriend who stole my sister's wallet of several hundred dollars?  She knew my sister has a hard time financially and we need to help her.  Didn't matter. 
Carole went to dinner with friends Friday night, came home, changed clothes, and emptied the little Valentine gifts from her purse.  Following her routine, her keys and wallet went into their designated pockets and the purse was hung in its usual location. Saturday, Carole was in a panic thinking she left her purse at the restaurant, they said it was not turned in.  But how could she drive home, unlock the door, empty the candy and change, if her purse never made it home?  Impossible.  She has been tearing the house apart for five days, notified credit companies, bank, applied for replacement SS card, pacemaker ID, and AV node ablation cards, driver's license, registration, car insurance, new car key fob and house key.  What happened to her new purse?
Back up to a short period of time after she arrived home Friday evening.
Being hard of hearing, her TV is quite loud and sometimes, even with the noise, she will nod off for a minute or two.  Chris called to ask her if she wanted dinner from the club, he was coming home from the bocce court.  She unlocked the sliding patio door on the back porch for him.  He soon called again to tell her to lock the door because the neighbor texted him that a car was parked in her drive at the bottom of the hill.  So she did.  Vince (the neighbor) texted again to say that he went over to them in the darkness (with his gun) and approached the vehicle.  They had car problems and Vince being the good guy, helped them out and they went on their way. 
Today we installed a new kitchen faucet for her and as we drove down the steep drive and pulled away, Mark slammed on the brakes.  He looked at me in a strange way and said "I found her purse" as he pulled off the road and jumped out of the car.  What?  I got out and we stood in the middle of the road staring up into the trees, feeling like we were in a horror movie.  Can't explain the emotion, fear, shock, and uneasiness I felt.  There, hanging twenty feet in the air, was her purse.  Perfectly positioned with its long strap, hanging across from her house in the trees, the eeriest sight you can imagine.  Stunned, we drove back up the drive to tell her that those men came into her house while she was there, and stole her purse.  Mark needed a long pole and ladder to dislodge it. The wallet was emptied of the hundreds I gave her for the tooth extraction, all else intact.  Cash.  Cash.  No credit cards, no keys to steal the car, no bank cards, they only wanted cash.  Drugs.  Again.  I am sick and tired of making excuses, feeling sorry for, giving benefit of doubt, for people that steal from family, friends, strangers, elderly.
They were not having car trouble. They walked up the drive in the dark, on to her porch, found the door unlocked and entered.  Her purse was at that door and they would have been hidden behind the wall from where she was sitting IN THE NEXT ROOM.  As they left, they tossed the purse, how it got that high up I do not know.  It was visible from her window once Mark pointed it out, hanging so high among the limbs, it gave her shivers as if she saw a ghost.  I can't explain the ghastly unnerving feeling of seeing it there.
I've had it.  I will not trust a car broken down, I will no longer trust a person at my door, I will call police for anything I see. 
And my pistols are now loaded you sons of bitches.

Feb 18, 2019

Linens leaving

Hi.  What's happening?  Winter!  That's what's happening. 
I need to get rid of linens and so much of them are unknown.  Dyed by me?  30 count?  I have no idea except for the smaller purchases.  The yardage once cut lost its identity unless I marked the selvage edge.  I will probably be listing the Linens by Design (Birds of a Feather) on Ebay because I am not familiar with pricing for items that have been off market for a time.  Smaller piece of Meadowlark and two pieces of Sparrow, which is gorgeous.
It looks like very dark brown crushed velvet.
One piece is 28 and one is 32.
Meadowlark is 28.
It's a rather heavy but soft linen with thicker threads, tightly woven.
That wonky center piece is an interloper.  It is not blue, it is not purple, it's somewhere in between with some shading.  Is it mine?  Did I purchase this online?  I think it's both, I dyed a purchased mottled/shaded/variegated fabric to a color that was not accepted by my phobia.  An outcast poor thing.  And then there's the 32 count dot.  Not sure how many others will make the list but these for sure.

Went for blood work today after they scanned my leg for clots, all is well there.  The two week wearing after the treatment and the subsequent ones will have me in compression until May.  The stockings really do make a difference in how tired you feel from standing.  Once I found the secret to donning them, they are really not a problem.  Latex gloves that doc offices use grab the hosiery even from against the leg and allow control for pulling.  My favorite body glue (It Stays) keeps them up.  Because my legs are so long the thigh highs are too short, I get the ones with the hip panel and waist belt.  Kind of like chaps without a holster, without fringe, no studs, not leather, just old lady flesh colored stockings.  Oh baby.  An older woman in the waiting room was thrilled when I told her about the glue.  Her bra strap falls and she is having her son order from Amazon tonight.  Great stuff as I mentioned before, for keeping plunging necklines in place, sling backs on, bra/spaghetti straps in place, and compression hose from rolling.  Washes off with water, no staining. 
Steaks tonight!  Another pound tomorrow.
Thanks for visiting!

Feb 16, 2019

Oh Sally

Thanks for your help in locating a chart.  I found zilch when I searched for either, even when correcting Crafts to Cratis.  Following the given link to the Museum site I was smitten with Sally.   My last project was done from a photo, another attempt with Sally?  I love the colors and placements but do not care for pieces with more width than length.  Yes I'm weird but you already knew that.  The bluish grayish fabric is necessary for me to love this, I can't picture it on unbleached or light.  Maybe when I can see again!
I was going to call the needlework shop in Boardman to see if she would be willing to take my Dazor on a consignment.  It's over 30 years old I believe, the Circline model with the large weighted base and removable arm, plus a spare replacement bulb.  I used it maybe three times for stitching, four times for splinter removal.  I should really think about it though since they are quite expensive and I may one day wish I had it. 
Stopped at Pat Catan's for a few things and the parking lot was full.  Many items dwindling to a few remaining, paper mache boxes are almost gone.  They have the three heart set for 4.99 and I should have purchased just to have since HL and Michael's offer very few.  But I just got rid of boxes!  Also passed up a beautiful scarf of peacock feather design for Carole ($4.25!!).  Why didn't I buy it?
Left the store and traveled up the road to DD for another $2 cappuccino.  While waiting I see a monstrous SUV pull up with Impeach Trump stickers on it.  Oh no.  Please don't let me be in the middle of another uncivil and immature exchange, I just want my drink.  He comes in and orders two donut holes, one bag for each.  He pays for them and heads to the door.  I received my drink and needed a stir and napkin which are on the condiment display before exiting.  He's standing there, so I wait to the side of the table.  He asked for two bags for the donut holes because he emptied the trays into them.  Took all of the sugar packets, all of the syrups, all of the jellies, salts, peppers, Splenda, and every last creamer.  You son of a bitch.  You're driving a gas guzzling monster of a vehicle that cost upwards of $65000 and you bought two holes just for the bags so you could steal!!!  They are there for customers to use with their purchases, none of which are usable on your cheap ass donut hole, not to fill your cupboard!  
If I didn't have a 40 compression stocking to my waist hindering my Muhammad Ali dance, a brace on the other knee, chapped bleeding lips preventing me from shouting the marital art attack warning KIAI!, and both hands occupied with wallet and drink, I would have decked him. Sometimes I excuse people's behavior, sometimes I want to flatten them.  And sometimes I'm glad my body is unable to fulfill that wish, and my brain is smart enough to stop my mouth from spewing. 
Hope your weekend is going swell.

Request for info

Hi.  A reader asked for help in locating two samplers, neither of which I could help with so I thought maybe one of you could offer a source.  If anyone can, please let me know.  She checked with Scarlet Letter already.  Thanks.
First sampler, Sally Crafts dated 1808, supposedly held in PA Museum of Art.
Second sampler Sarah Maddock dated 1810 from The Pennsylvania Collection.


Added note - the B in the Henry VI (HB) chart is for his surname, Bolingbroke.  Took me a long time to locate that information!

Feb 15, 2019

Henry VI

Here ya go.  As with the other charts, click on chart to open in new window, then print, otherwise it will print very small.  Any problems or errors, please let me know.  Would love to see any finishes!!  I will move these to the FREE tab eventually.
I think attaching each of these to the end of a ribbon or braid would be a really nice display instead of doing the second one on the back.  These last three smalls are a good size for ornaments and along with the other two small samplers I listed would be a good start to a little sampler tree.  So I thought about doing seven more, one a month, as I did with the pears.  And then I thought ... nah.
Hope your Valentine Day was sweet!  Took Carole to the dentist for the pre-extraction visit and it will be a total of $521 to pull that damn tooth!  One tooth, nothing but a Novocaine shot, simple extraction, and I was floored.  Then she found out from the xray that the other tooth her dentist filled two months ago for $190 still has a large cavity and may break off.  That really ticked me off.  He is a wonderful guy and good to his patients but that's two fillings for lots of $$$.  One needs done again (IF it can be saved) and the other broke off two weeks ago.  Add them up and we're talking close to a thousand dollars for someone that can barely afford her utilities.  Mark treated us to cappuccinos at DD and Carole got the Girl Scout flavor Coconut Caramel.  OMG.  They also have Thin Mint and Shortbread.  I get the regular, no flavoring.  Came home to spaghetti and then Chris brought these...

Trying to get my daily fruit quota.
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