Mar 17, 2019

That's better

Who doesn't want bigger berries?
What a difference from 32 count to 25!  Was considering an ornament finish but decided to follow its shape since it needs a top to the berry. I had a problem with the very small ones when trying to sew the outline.  This one, I filled in the edges of decreasing rows with a 3/4 stitch.  Now it has a more uniform edge to follow.
Magazines are posted.  I know you must have them or the DVD and they are always on Ebay but thought I would offer before recycling.
Have a great St. Patrick's Day!
I plan to eat only the green M&Ms.
Corned beef tomorrow but with the peaches.  OMG.  So good!!
No wonder my berry is so big.

Mar 16, 2019


A few SANQ will be listed on the For SALE tab tomorrow.  With postage and Paypal fees, probably $6 each total.  Maybe $5.  Depends on how well my brain works when I post it.



FALL 2014 and WINTER 2014

Frances Swartz part 1 and part 2 in these two issues.
 SPRING 2015 and SUMMER 2015
Summer issue (1816 Vierlande) contains part 1, part 2 is in the Fall 2015



FALL 2015 

  A nice sampler included in this issue and part 2 of 1816 Vierlande.


Mar 14, 2019

Revisit part 3

These two should have been on the under 6" post but it was fairly photo heavy.
Stacy Nash Handwork Club 1820 Redwork Pinkeep, and Stacy Nash girl's club Peacock Peacock.
More of Stacy Nash, County Sampler Love is All Pinkeep.  This one shown was a giveaway won by Julie, the second one I stitched in the same linen but the backing fabric is different.  I think.  And Sheepish Design Rosanna Pinkham finished with a felted wool pouch and blanket stitching.

Threads of Gold Anna Eliza Abe sampler.  The pink house's stitching looked uneven and wonky in the original so I stitched blocks going horizontal and vertical trying to recreate the look.  Lightly aged using Ranger Archival ink pad in coffee and a very soft brush.  One of my absolute favorites, R&R's Dorothy Allen.  The photo on the chart features very light linen and light threads, completely different look with the dark Sea Glass linen.  I have many charts that are not appealing at all from their attached photos, you sometimes have to look beyond.  Glad I did.

Another Stacy Nash, Malabar Farm Pinkeep and Scarlet Letter's Frances Bliss, offered along with Lydia Hinckley in one chart.  I didn't change six to sex, it was Frances!
R&R 1739 is another that doesn't catch your eye from the original's photo on the chart.  Love love love it.  May stitch again to sell.  The hanger is a strip of odd green wool that matches the DMC thread.  The other is my latest completion that I copied from a photo on eBay, no chart.  Can't get the colors to show well in photos.
That's it for smaller samplers.  So many others were stitched and no longer here, these are staying with me.  I do love the simplicity of marking samplers like Bliss, Hinkley, Allen, Robina.  If you love samplers but don't want to attempt a larger piece with motifs and elaborate borders, there are quite a few small projects out there.  Most featured here are OOP and some are really old, but there's always new ones offered.  Searching online without a local shop is really time consuming!  The first shops here carried Merrily Beams and those were the only samplers I ever saw before finding an ad in a magazine for The Scarlet Letter.  Later, two in Ohio were fabulous shops of linens and reproductions, that eventually closed.
I think I'm done!!
 I doubt I will do a post of the larger ones.

Mar 13, 2019

Revisit part 2

How could I forget my favorite needlecase and little basket top?  Little by Little's Quaker Blackbird chart snippets.  The linen was too short to complete the entire design and ended up a padded book with felt pages for my needles.  This time when I looked back at the post, it started with the horrific mutilation story of what I saw on FB that caused me months of sleeplessness.  Today, I saw another of suffering dogs in a pesticide laboratory and I won't be sleeping for a while again.   

Hinzeit  Floral Boarder Sampler (yes it is spelled that way on the chart). Fits perfectly in the 5 x 7 sliding photo box at craft stores.  I love that it can stand.

 Scarlet Letter's Lydia Hinckley.  Barrick Samplers 1848 Reproduction Sampler abbreviated version on Charcoal Belfast.
Scarlet Letter's ABCD 1817 Miniature Sampler done over two threads.  Merry Wind Farm's Ellen Ford.   Needle Work Press Martha Hards on Copper Penny with red thread.  I wish I would have used the called for blue on lighter fabric.

Pineberry Lane's Rebecca Hall done on a darker linen with many color changes because of it.  And R&R's Hannah Way, abbreviated.

Not samplers, but noteworthy smalls.  Carriage House Samplings Pennsylvania Redware and Spot the Horse (abbreviated) lined pouch.  Old photo, I have no idea where it is.

Most of these are hung on the iron hooks we installed on the interior doors, cupboard knobs, and door knobs.  This group averages no larger than 6" x 6" with the exception of the Hinzeit box.  Tomorrow will be a little larger.  As will I.
I'm not sure what's going on but when I looked back at older posts, even going back to draft for editing, the photos are just black boxes or little Xs.

Mar 12, 2019


Some smalls.  I wish I would have kept track of what I gave away which would prevent current futile searches for what I thought I had.  There's a lot of I's in that sentence.
Found a bag of smalls, some I failed to remember having, and thought I would do a little revisit of these quick, easy, and simply finished samplers. 
The tiniest was the berry I just finished but that was sent off as a gift.  Two actually.  The next would be Pineberry Lane's Chums, stitched by a sweet buddy, and also by me several times.  Just adore this tiny design.  Next is the peacock from my pinkeep design, The Next Step Sampler by Needle's Prayse, stitched many times on various colors and counts, and The Scottish Initial Sampler by Chessie & Me.  When looking up the designer from previous posts, I found out I had a $50 anniversary giveaway a few years ago.  How could I forget that?  I did.
The two mini samplers on top are under the Free tab, my design (not bad huh?) and the heart is one of several I did from a real oldie, #13 Cricket Collection, Quilting Bee Hearts.
And of course, the design that started the Pear series, Historic Needlework Guild's Pears Two.  Look at all the over one for the alphabet and center motif!  I was brave when I was young, back when jawlines were tight and hormones were plentiful.
Then there were 12 more pears, all relinquished in giveaways except for two, and a few more very small pieces that are gone for one reason or another.
Going a little larger is everyone's love, Mary Little.  I don't know what it is about this simple small but it always makes me smile.
Next in size is Harriet Simpson and H. Kessel, both Chessie & Me.  I gave away both charts so I had to find a post about them for an ID.  And what did I find in that search?  The Peaches and Cream pie recipe (here).  Damn.  I have the cream cheese, need to get a large can of peaches!  But Robina Leadbetter, I remembered is from Needle Work Press.  She is done on 18th Century Seaglass from R&R.  All with color and other changes don't 'ya know.
I'll save some others for another day when I have nothing else to show.  I started another berry and wanted a little more size to it, so I thought 25 count would be a good idea.  Sold it.  But I kept all the linen banding of various counts, one being 25, and am using it.  Another will be stitched on 28 and hopefully a third on 30, all to be hung together.  This linen banding is heavier than my burlap.  DMC 3777 may be the red this time, the others were more dusty.  I will probably change it to 221.
That's all this Sjogren's crabass has for you.
Hope your week started well.

Mar 10, 2019


I've decided to paint the hinges on the new cupboards, just too much for me, especially if I start decorating the walls.   I erased them in the photo to get an idea of the look before I actually start.  As simple as the Paint program is, it sure comes in handy.  Whether making changes to the photo from a chart cover before I stitch, or changes to furniture or rooms, a great way to see ideas before executing them. 
I had some touch up to do on the ceiling and even though I stored the quart can upside down, the rim still had rust.  So I decided to try something else.  I store several glass and plastic containers for left overs in stain and paint.  I don't trust the plastic to keep it really airtight, so I lined it with an ordinary storage bag held on by a rubber band, and poured the quart in.  I use the cheap spatulas for removing all the paint from the can before recycling and then tied the bag.  This should keep it fresh, no rusty lids, stored in a dark closet.  If I no longer need it, I can add some HDX Waste Paint Hardener to the bag, smush it around, and it's ready for disposal.  My container stays clean and ready for the next left over.
See?  Minutia.  I do love that word.  Unfortunately, it's all I have right now.  When sorting all that linen, it steered my brain to stitching one of the large samplers.  No way.  I'm not seeing the specialist for my eyes for two weeks and the constant application of drops makes the blurriness much worse.  Maybe just 15 minutes at a time between drops?  I kept the large pieces of linen and I can pull the floss, just in case.  For the size of these girls, I think a frame would be better but I gave them all away.  For just a small section at a time, my little sit on hoop may be the ticket.  Usually I roll and clip but I need to get a feel for the size first, and I would be wise to start the smallest of the group.  Wise usually doesn't win though.
Have a great day!!
Thanks for visiting my minutia chronicles.

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