Sep 23, 2020

Page 3 - boom Page 4 - boom

Rit dye - boom

Red removes green - boom

Surgery - BOOM!!


A few more tags coming

We cut about a dozen tags for ...... floss?  baskets? knobs? totes?  A smidge higher than the others and half have a tombstone top.  Since I will be sitting with ice on my foot for a few days, I plan to play with the labels but I adore this one, my last stitched small.   If I have too much trouble with color or something else, this may be the only one offered.  For the price and what I get for my time, I'm in the hole as they say, so the least resistance and time and ink the better.  
Isn't this sweet?

These are the others, but the heart is not coming our very nice.  Thinking - maybe a Halloween image on the tombstones?

Carole was getting better and now worse.  She is on antibiotics (one that I am not familiar with) and steroids so I hope we see improvement in a day or so.

September is over a week from today.  NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!  I am so loaded with appointments and tests scheduled for October and November (a new malady they have not yet diagnosed).  And not one new hair sprout yet!

Later pals.


Sep 22, 2020


Hi folks.  It's cold.  I'm ticked.  Surgery tomorrow morning again.  I sure hope he doesn't put a pin in, and I offered a nut roll and bobalky if he doesn't.
I went to Michaels for the 70% sale and was surprised at the cost of framing.  The samplers were not that large and I did not choose elaborate frames, but because I mounted myself and don't use glass, very reasonable.  I won't have to secure the piece, cut a backing, glue the dust cover, and add a hanger.  Good deal.  So if I can walk Thursday, I plan to take several more in to test options.  Of course they don't have the variety of a framing shop, but if I only find a few to my liking that's progress.

As for the BBD project that I adore, I don't know if I should frame or roll.  To test the look, I rolled the Mylar and inserted, it unrolled to hold the sampler so I could ponder that look for a few days.  I cut and use this product for my drums although I have used crushed shells before. 

 It makes a straight side and once filled, holds the shape perfectly.  I bought a few sheets before Pat Catan's closed, but I would think Michaels carries it too,  Used for cutting templates and stencils.


In cleaning my closet and searching for pants that fit, I see this hanging behind a door.  I forgot about it!!  Obviously have not finished it along with the red wool pocket behind it.  I hope to.  If I am pleased with the finishing I may offer it.  If I get frustrated and am not happy with my work, it stays.

Have a great day!!


Sep 20, 2020

Warping and wefting

Nine petunias of pinks and whites peek through the brush where they now rest as they slowly fade away.  Always a sad chore to see them at their end.  Petey sleeps beneath this shabby table during the day so I'll keep the impatiens until they frost.

I don't remember if I mentioned the tire that was filled with these flowers.  It seems the tire was sort of self healing itself wherever we drilled drainage holes, even though they were large, and the plants were drowning.

I'm making progress on the stitching, had to reweave two threads into the linen.  One slub was several inches long and nothing more than fuzz, could not hold the stitch so I removed/replaced it.  Some dyed linen threads look checkered because the color did not take on the thread beneath the cross over.  Am I making sense?  Because of  that I pulled the extra thread for weaving from the same direction as the removal (top to bottom warp) and pulled it until the lighter areas were beneath the weft and now showing.  That always confuses me but you get the idea.  This small piece has no selvage edge so depending on how I hold it, weft could be warp and warp could be weft.  See?  I know nothing.
The new lighting is SO much better throughout the kitchen and family room.  My paint choice has changed because of it and I no longer like this pink.  Yep.  No more yellow tone to everything, my new linens look very different, as does this Putty.  Yuck.  I may dip a bit when the project is completed.  It's not the Putty itself, it's that shade of pink on it.  Very pleased with the change.  And only $36 for a set of 4 from Home Depot, easy as screwing in a light bulb to the old cans to install.

But mounting Lucy has been a bear.  This is the fourth time I have cut the foam and I also washed and dried her which did help with a little shrinkage.  I back stitched a guide around the perimeter which should help me in my final attempt today.

Carole is not worse, taking OTC meds, seems to be a very bad cold.  She always develops a horrid and persistent cough but it seems to be calming down enough for her to carry on a short conversation,  We switched easy meals from Lean Cuisine to Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers.  Much less sodium and very tasty, we stocked her for a week or so.

I ordered a second spool, she still has a supply.  I requested a slightly shorter one this time and it would still work for Bethia but I have other plans.

Hope the weekend has been good.  Mine is cold, furnace running for days.  What happened to the warm Junes and Septembers?

Rest in peace RBG.
Most of us at half of your age did not come close to half of your mind.

Sep 17, 2020

Page one - boom

I am loving the large type easy to read pages.  And page one is finished.  I did change the 842 to 543 but all else is as charted.  Never would I have thought to use this brash pink but oh my, it is fabulous.  Many times the color in skein appears stronger than when it's incorporated into a design.  Still bold, but somehow not offensive.  Like some people.

The EF was to be rice stitch which I enjoy doing, but the time between reading the instructions and executing the piece was too long, and I forgot!  I've made so many placement errors, having a really hard time visually on this WDW linen, mostly with the lighter thread.

There are tiny over one stitches throughout the tree to soften and round the inside corners, but I am not doing them except for the hanging fruit.  Those tiny elements are much nicer with the over ones that round the shape. 

Our family room and kitchen have "pot" lights throughout.  I have a friend that would get excited and assume the term was a new delivery method.  She can't live without it.  Anyway, another term is canned lights but 40 years ago they were pot.  Long metal straps between studs hold them securely and without removing the drywall, they aren't coming out.  We found a replacement that is such an easy fix.  LED that are very neat looking, sealed, with an option to change between five types of light.  No wiring, they have a base that screws into the existing socket but the old metal liner and rim need to be removed.  So glad we came across these before painting because that light will make a big difference in brightness.

And we may need a window replaced because I am fairly sure that's where this laptop is headed.

My bone head sister is refusing to get Covid tested after coming down with a terrible cold the day after a doctor visit and flu shot.  I always keep her cabinet stocked with OTC products and know she had several bottles of cold meds but claims there are none, so Mark delivered a fresh supply.  I tried to tell her that catching this early is key but she swears it's just a cold.  Both of our parents were hard heads so there's not much wiggle room for reason.

Have a great day!

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