Oct 31, 2019

Drastic change

Our warm and sunny days have taken a turn.  Could be because the 50 mph winds spun them around to face opposite.  Wow.  The rain was needed but the darkness and wind weren't expected.   It's really howling out there.
Such an odd look, hard to describe, sort of a bright colorful darkness.  A glow.  Impossible to capture with my little digital camera.
Petey was in his shelter all day, and stepped on to his patio area after dinner.  He left as he does in the evening but we find him in his box early morning.  Picky eater.  And I realized his cries are intermingled with hisses.  
The white area is roofing material that protects his box and the side is two sheets of plexiglass that slide open to get to his dishes.  I haven't been able to locate the barrels to cut in half but this box will do for now.
Once again we had not one costume show up at our door and I am forced to consume Mounds, Reese's, and Snickers.  Who am I kidding?  There is no reason for me to candy binge other than my lack of self discipline.  But since the bags are already close to empty, I will heed my mother's advice to always finish what I start.
Hope your NOVEMBER weekend goes well.

Oct 29, 2019

Bud wants to know

if you think he'd look good in a wide brimmed hat.

I worked on Petey's shelter today and it now has a full 4x8 roof including a good sized overhang to keep rain out.  I used corrugated plastic sheets, can be cut with a jigsaw, and ran then groves at an angle to shed rain and snow.  My brother cut a door in a Styrofoam box for him and once I pick it up, I'll pad the inside and add the new one.  Still concerned about his vulnerability of being in a small box with one opening, but it's the best way to keep him warm.  The large plastic bins work well but still need an interior box and overhang to keep it dry.  I am hoping the shelter could accommodate two boxes.  Bud spends a lot of time there and I think he would enjoy hanging with Pete.  We shall see!! 
Somehow, I received a ton of comments from July and August through email today.  I had an issue with not receiving emails but fixed it, maybe these were the ones I missed but why now?  Just to confuse me?  Make me think it's still summer?  Didn't work.  But we did have a beautiful warm day.  Mark added gutter guards from Amerimax called Hoover Dam.  We had high hopes, but there are already leaves stuck in its wire.
November is a few days away and all I can say is, we're getting closer to summer.

Oct 28, 2019

What I did between appointments

Closed the garden and canned the last of the peppers for more pepper mustard.

Brought in the last fern after giving the others to my cousin.

Chased a little brat around the house

until she fell asleep in her usual spot.

And ended the day crabbing about the early darkness.

What did you do today?


Oct 26, 2019

The Lacis site

For Nancy (no-reply), the sit on hoop is made by Lacis, available on many websites and also Amazon.
The reviews are not 5 star, but I haven't had an issue when used properly and tightened for stability.  The 12" and 14" additional hoops are available through Lacis's site.
I did not realize this company offers many items for embroidery and even acid free storage boxes for conservation, all sorts of tools, some types of linens, more goodies to peruse.  The Little Girl sewing and yarn work books, Mary Francis items/books, plus an odd selection of old book reprints.  I live under the rock adjacent to Lauren's (mine is bigger), and find these offers amusing and interesting.  Here's a few titles...
A Brief History Of Witchcraft (1867)
A Word To Women (1898)
American Home Cook Book (1854)
Christmas Entertainments [1740]
Christopher Cricket On Cats
Manners For Men (1897)
New to me, may be good for punch needle?  A wrist ball holder for spools.  Lots of goodies under Fancy Tools, plus sterling thimbles and cases, chatelaine items, tools of all sorts, probably what you see in larger needlework shops.  The disappointment is the size and or lack of photos for many items.
There's a lot of headings to click on here and I'm enjoying viewing the offers.  I'll hold up this rock as long as I can.  Sometimes, being oblivious is a good thing, as what is old hat to many is new born to rock dwellers.  Never bored, always something to learn and discover.  Rock on.
Enjoy your weekend! 

Up or down

Got my hoop!  It's a big'un.   I can keep the linen loose enough to still use the sewing method!  This will make it so much easier for me, and the spool huggers are still on because of the linen size. 

With the hoop over my lap looking down on it, the usual horizontal position....
Changing the linen position and swinging it around to lift to eye level (TV showing through from the wall) ….

Not sure which will be best for a hoop newbie, but I think the vertical position won't create neck strain so I'll try that first.

Should I use a water based sealer on the inside of the hoop where it holds the linen?  The wood is very smooth and I don't know if there is a finish.  Are they usually sealed?

When I push the hoop down …..
Have a great weekend.

Oct 24, 2019

Magic gloves

Yesterday I cleaned the cat hair out of their sherpa like fabric pads and wanted to share before discarding that hair ball.  The fabric back is close to a knit and easily holds hair, the thick sherpa pile is even worse.  Very difficult to remove from either side.  After using the vacuum the fabric appeared to be swept well, but this is what I got from both sides of two pads by using the "household" glove.  Works great on car interior fabric, can get in seat crevices much better than a vacuum attachment.  Even Missy's terry cloth towel releases more.

Most times I just swipe the furniture or fabric with the palm or edge but because of the nap decided to use my fingers as if scratching, amazing how much more was embedded.  The gloves get quite dirty in the process so after using, I add soap and wash them while still on my hands.
I've never tried the latex gloves used by health care aides but don't believe they would hold up to the rubbing.  They may tear from the friction, or may not have the same grab.  Nitrile gloves do not work at all. 
Try it!  You'll be surprised how much hair is removed.  I need to go over the same area many times but it's still quick and easy to use my hand and much more efficient compared to a tape roll or vacuum.  Worked just as well for our dog's hair.
Hope your week is going well.

Oct 23, 2019

More popular than my sampler!

Wow.  Entries are closed!!  I got way more requests for the magazine than my finished Henry VI!!  Jan R in GA was chosen by Random.  Sorry I didn't have more to offer!
Except for appointments every day next week, things are settling down a bit.  No real stories.  My cousin is awaiting knee surgery so no browsing, shopping, steps, walks, could be done.  It's hard (with dry mouth and lips) to talk from early morning to late night, and no one including my sister offered to have them over, even for a few hours to give me a break.  Everyone came here for dinners so they could visit with the other cousins. The contractor that installed our windows and repaired the siding (the OUTSTANDING finish carpenter) came to do our crown moulding and change the front door.  We had to tell him it was not a good time which killed me.  We've waited almost a year for him and had to turn him away until next spring.  When you have piled furniture in a room to clear others for painting, have a total mess, need to rid a bathroom of personal items, have no idea what their food likes are, rushing through stores, it's not as relaxing a visit as it should be.   If we had known of the visit, our schedule and preparations would have been out of the way so accommodating this sweet family would have felt like a welcome party rather than a chore. 
I found this last week, would like to try having the medal replaced.  Since the only remaining relative is a nephew, not sure they will.  My brother was not permitted to request medals from our uncle that were lost, so I'm assuming this will be the case.   He was killed in the war, never married, no children, parents are of course deceased, but I will inquire.  When another cousin filed with the VA for replacement of her father's medals, she waited a year, called, was told by a snotty female that they don't have to do anything they don't want to.  Really?  So she checked with our local VA (very helpful and wonderful employees) for assistance and was told the same, they do what they want and she may never get the medals.  That federal worker, as others with tenure, can't be fired so where is the incentive to do their job?   Are they ever going to correct this ridiculous protection and waste of our tax dollars?

Oct 22, 2019

Country Home

A quick notice about the Country Home magazine published quarterly.  It's not a primitive magazine, not completely vintage, it's a mix of ideas.  I am renewing my subscription and in doing so can send a year to a friend free of charge.  If you're interested in receiving this publication (must not be a current subscriber), please email me (click the following or top right)
and I will pull a name if more than one.
No cost to you or me!!
And a note to travelers.  Do not surprise relatives or friends with an extended visit unless you are staying at a hotel.    


Oct 15, 2019

Henry's new home

I didn't use Random, just strips of folded paper this time.  I grabbed, unfolded, and Truus was written inside.  If you're still in the Netherlands, I have your address.  Thanks to all for entering.
Carole had no improvement in her heart function so he increased meds and added another.  We will take her back in three weeks and six weeks.  Mark was on a golf outing this past weekend in North Carolina.  They drove 12 hours all night, the condo wasn't ready until 3pm, and they never got to take a quick nap before golfing 36 holes.  Three days later they drove the 12 hours again, so today's four hours in the car and all the walking at the Clinic has him totally exhausted.  We took her to dinner on the way home (it's her birthday), came home and changed clothes, hit the sofa, and struggled to keep our eyes open.  The phone rang.  Our house guests are already in town instead of Thursday.  So we will be darn busy with the sudden visit and meals, I may not get to the post office this week Truus.  I will let you know when it is mailed.
Thanks for your advice on the hair issue.  Sharon thank you for the info on Ferritin.  Mine is low but the accepted levels with this lab are 8 -220 so it wasn't caught.  At 40, it may be a contributing factor but my doctor said no supplements, get the iron from plant based foods (she pushes the diet constantly).  I already eat the majority on the list she suggested so I will look into a supplement on my own.  Also will start Viviscal which contains zinc, another low number, and check into Saw Palmetto.  I use a powdered product called Toppix to fill in the shiny scalp.  I tried other brands and like this one best.  Redkin also makes several products for texture and thickening hair appearance which my cousin loves.  Thanks again!! 
  Have a great week everyone!

Oct 14, 2019

Change of plans

Just found out I am getting house guests again in two days.  Tuesday will be all day in the Clinic so I have lots to do in a short period of time.  I am moving up the giveaway to Tuesday night at 8pm instead of Wednesday.  Doesn't look like many of you are interested so I may not even need Random.
I am also offering a free year to Country Home magazine which I get for a friend upon my renewal.  That will be next week, remind me please!!
And if anyone can give me some advice on products for hair loss, I'm all ears.  My once thick coarse head of wild hair has been falling out this past year and is continuing.  Handfuls.  So upsetting, been tested, no answers.  The top is actually see through to the scalp and is getting worse, Toppix helps the look but I need to do something before it's gone.  Been taking Biotin and D3 and B's for many months.  I know of women that used Rogaine, one had more loss and no growth, another stopped it and became worse than before.  Next step - I am considering an appointment with a follicular transplant doctor if it doesn't stop. 
If you still want to enter the Henry offer, please do so on this post only...
Enjoy your day.

Catching rays

A sunny day in the warmth of a leaf pile.
He's easy to spot now, but come winter he will blend right in with the white crap.


Oct 13, 2019

Simple, flimsy,

but a sweet finish.  Fusible interfaced, lined with muslin, reckless hand stitched edges.
A piece of dyed something or other slipped through the top for hanging.
3" wide x 8.5 with fringe.
Want it?  Speak up on this post!
Cleveland this week among other appointments so let's say Wednesday evening at 8 pm Random will do its job.  As always, most are no-reply, so check back for results.
Please include initials since some may have the same first name, or if you are anonymous. 
Thanks buds.


Oct 12, 2019

The never ending finish

Every few months I come across the ponies and try to line it properly, and attach the sewn straps.  This wool is not felted, but still heavier than my usual finish.  The blue ticking lining I chose would add even more bulk so I planned to use the dark brown silky stuff.  Which is no where.  I must have included it in the fabrics I donated.  Then again, it could be hidden in a pile.  Stiff fusibles on front and back still allow the pouch to open so much the lining is visible several inches down and it sticks out far enough to hit it when passing.
A leather closure, a button, small buckle, I don't know.  Attaching the straps to the inside back makes it fall open more, the sides cave it in, and the inside front makes for a wonky hang.  I even made a second strap which would solve the problem but it looked like my mom's old needlework purse.   I wanted to sell this but I don't think it will be a good enough finish to do so.  Maybe if I sewed the opening shut!! There 'ya go!  A pouchless pouch!  For now, I will set it aside while I get the sewing room in order.
How long has a not quite finished finishing project hung around for you?
Have a great weekend!

Something like this...

Chart will reflect changes from removing the 646 and reposted later today.

Oct 11, 2019

Much better

It was the 646 that was offending Henry.  The 730 does very well with the 632 and I like the center wording one color so I did not correct my error.  The next line (my crown) will be 730 and the bottom area will be the 3371 used in the top.  Or do you think the bottom should be the 632 and not another color change because of its small size?  Stitching is slow because of another flare up with my eyes.  But I'm getting there!!

Have a good day!

Oct 10, 2019


I think I like the original better, but still a few changes.  The crown with red rubies looks better than the first burgundy velvet one, but I also think the 730 in the crown should be the 832.  I made a mistake in the color of the second line.  I mistook the x for a + but I don't think I would like the charted 730 in the body either.  I will remove those few words and use the 646 instead. 
I am stitching this lengthwise instead of two separate pieces.  The fabric (which I am having difficulty seeing) is either 30 or 32 count and the second chart will be a continuation.  This will be a narrow band, probably fringed at the bottom and a top hanger.  The first one I stitched may be … what's it called?  Flat fold?  Slightly padded with a fabric covered backing that can stand, the second piece will be attached with two center ribbons to make a standing open book.  Maybe.  One of them will be a giveaway and the other probably sold.  First I should finish them!  And the finishes may not turn out to look like what I am expecting so why even mention them?  Isn't it terribly irritating when I get ahead of myself? 

Oct 8, 2019

More changes

I should never offer a chart that I did not stitch.  Made a few more changes.  So do I change the charts to reflect this?  Or not.  Sorry.  But maybe my original colors would be better?   The more I look at it, I'm still not sure.  I think all words should be dark brown.  Time for the Paint program to show me.
Petey was IN the box this morning!  Here is Bud watching him eat from the back,
and Nit watching them both from the yard.  He won't get any closer without an attack.

Oct 6, 2019

Right from the beginning...

I changed colors.  In my defense, this was quickly worked on back in February and I just went with my standard go-to floss and had not stitched it.  But once I started working on it I wasn't happy and thought a deep rich purplish something or other would be nice.  And what goes better with that than bronze and blue-gray?   I guess the others will change as I go along.
And ….  Petey's back!  He is checking out the set up, but Bud and Nit have decided it's pretty damn nice and have taken up residence.  We're working on a plan for better protection with a condo feel so no one feels left out. But we need to give him time to adjust to the first phase.  Old man Bud always spent the majority of his time inside, but now looks for Petey and prefers being outside within sight of him.
Hope your weekend went well.   Mine was spent canning hot pepper jelly and hot pepper mustard, but neither were a success.  One was completely my fault.  Oh well.
Thanks for visiting!

Oct 5, 2019

Oh Henry

Hiya folks.  Just wanted to apologize for not posting the Henry VI charts on the FREE tab.  Melinda asked if it was still available and I had no recollection!!  Cannot believe how bad my memory is, did not remember it AT ALL.  So I searched my blog pages and found it, realized it was never posted to the tab.  I think I was waiting for someone to stitch it and share the photo with me so I could offer a finished view.  For some reason, the first page was originally listed as 40 stitches wide and the second as 38.  ????  So I removed one stitch from each side of the dividing bands to make it 38.  On 28 count over two the stitching would be 2.7" x 3.4".   With the linen margin, this may make a nice needle book front and back.  Ya think?
I haven't received the 14" hoop yet so maybe I'll work this, see what it looks like stitched.  It was taken from the words of Shakespeare's Henry VI.  Chart to print is under the FREE tab.
“My Crown is in my heart, not on my head:
Not deck'd with Diamonds, and Indian stones:
Nor to be seen: my Crown is call'd Content,
A Crown it is, that seldom Kings enjoy.”
I could barely get in and out of the car today, wish I could take Advil.  But the real pain is about Petey.  He was watching me move the wood to construct his shelter, and then he left, and has not returned.  He was here every day for three meals and slept in the pile of straw.   We're hoping he is just a little put off by the change and will be back soon. 


Oct 4, 2019

A Petey kind of day

Hiya stitching buds.  I just found out this week that I can transfer Flosstube to my TV!!  Wowee!  This is so nice to see those samplers and projects much larger.  And I can still speed them along by moving the progress bar, some are just way too long and I lose interest. 
Mark has a golf outing all day.  So I started early to build Petey a temporary shelter.  I've tried several already, all have failed to coax him inside, even the very open ones.  Mark will have a fit when he sees what I did.  He doesn't understand that I still want to attempt heavy work, even with the joints and bad neck.  I wore heavy gloves while sorting the wood and gathering the bricks in case of spiders and I received only two bruises.  A few seven foot 4x6 treated lumbers were soaking wet from being on the ground, much heavier than I expected.  Yes I'm sore and need a trip to the chiro but I did it and that good feeling is worth it.  You all know what I mean!   
Voila.  A Petey palace.  During the day he can be found snoozing on the stack of this wood, so I'm hoping that the new arrangement will be sort of familiar and he may enter the box.  We'll need to get some exterior products for a full roof and a nicer box, but not until I know he will use it.
Of course, Bud had to inspect and is currently inside the box.
I would prefer the box opening face the house but it would be susceptible to weather.  I have a panel I just painted to close in the side half way but I want him to get used to this first.
The weather  has changed to very cool from very warm, and the colors of summer are on their last days.  Hate to see them go.  I am surprised at the massive moss baskets on light poles throughout local towns still thriving.  Usually the tunias get leggy with fewer flowers, but they are packed with color from top to bottom.  I asked a merchant about them and she said the city waters them daily from a truck.  They must have time release fertilizer. 
Carole's friend told her to leave the ferns outside until the stems are bare because the smaller birds take shelter in their dried leaves.  Really?  I'll give it a try, but doubt it's true.
One of our favorite meals tonight, this time in the Instant Pot.  Roast beef  with a delicious and easy gravy.  The meat is cooked until tender in red wine, paprika, garlic powder, and Worcestershire.  While slicing the roast, a can of cream of mushroom soup blended into the liquids makes a fabulous gravy.  I made the roast yesterday, juices can be skimmed of any fat, won't take long at all to heat and add the soup.
Enjoy your weekend!

Oct 3, 2019

Lacis hoop

I had several emails asking how this hoop can be turned and raised for less neck strain.   I showed this before but it would take a while to find so ….
It's the only sit-on one I have but I'm assuming they are all made similar.  I've never used the Qsnaps or anything like them and I like having both hands free when using an aid.  Doesn't make sense since I prefer stitching in hand does it?

I had to put a weight on the paddle that would be under my thigh.  If only my thigh was this light.  There's isn't a half inch of wood showing when I'm on it.  Anyway, the paddle rotates, the hoop's leg can be raised or lowered, and the hoop itself can also rotate and flip.

This would be the standard position, hoop over my lap.

By rotating the hoop and lifting it, it is up much higher.  Difference is the hinge of the hoop is in the back for lap stitching and in the front for higher stitching. The hoop's leg can be lowered if it's too high.  You just need to tighten the wing nut that holds the hoop to the leg to hold it in place.  You can see my work is now upside down from the lap position.
This nut can be removed to change to another size hoop.  It comes with the 10", 12" and 14" can be purchased with the flange for inserting in the leg.  They can be ordered from Lacis, the 14" was $26.50 with shipping.

Access to the back by just rotating the hoop.  And this is more information and photos than necessary or wanted.  But I am thorough and annoying, in other words, thoroughly annoying.

 I like it, and probably could get the same features with other brands.  But I had a JoAnn coupon and free shipping!!


Oct 2, 2019


A small acknowledgment of the season change.  It sure is different when the trim is white.  Is it the camera setting that makes those photos of white interiors so inviting?  It doesn't look the same in my home.

A nut garland of some sort....

and another in the window.

Even the peg rail looks bland.  I have no idea what these pods are, bought them many years ago and still love them.
If you were wondering why I had the guts to photo the "motif", I yelled for Mark to stop working outside and come in, and had no intention of letting this intruder out of my sight.  I made that mistake on a hairy wood monster once, and was not comfortable until we found him again.
After my friend's visit, I decided to get in step with the rest of the world and buy a pair of leggings.  I wore them out in public and felt like I was wearing pajamas.  And I didn't know that they stretch out enough to be bunched at the ankle and turn from waistline to hip hugger.  I found several really long tunic tops/sweatshirts online at Kohl's and they cover it all or I would not have worn them.
Hope your week is going well.  Mine is hot, which ends Friday.  It's over.  So I bought three huge mums at Giant Eagle for 3.99!  Who could pass that up?  I have to take Carole for heart testing tomorrow and will stop on the way home since she will want them too.  It's not that I want more, but dammit I can't pass up a bargain!!  Even when my pants are sliding down.

Oct 1, 2019

Morning dash

I'm sitting in my chair, glance to my right, and wonder why I never noticed that Safrona Ager had a dark irregular motif.

It's amazing how mobile a painful hip can become on short notice.

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