Jan 31, 2016

One more row

and Martha will be done.
Another small will be chosen soon.  I still have those two big girls in my mind but it's not the right time. 
After working Virginie to fit a square box, I tried Sally.  Got her reduced to fit but not sure if I can work the photo to be clear enough.  I am planning on purchasing a nice camera and want it all automatic.
Earlier today we went to my sister's for her grandson's birthday.  I baked the cake as always, and this time made one of my favorite icings.  The first time I made it was many moons ago for the Italian Love cake.  That cake takes a lot of ricotta and it's fabulous.  I like light and not overly sweet icing and this old standard fits the bill.  One small Jello instant pudding (chocolate) beat with 1 cup of milk for 2 minutes, then fold in 8 oz Cool Whip until blended well.  Love it and I always have the items on hand.
We came home and husband started cutting a rotisserie chicken for use in recipes.  Men.  No matter how many times I tell him to put a wet dishrag under the cutting board, he doesn't.  The board moves and slides all over the place!  Put the damn wet cloth beneath and it won't move, but no.  He'd rather mumble about it sliding.
It's so warm and wonderful today even though gloomy.  I need to take Carole to doc appt's this week so I'm glad there will be no snow.  I told her to drive her car to my house and I will take the wheel from there, rather than picking her up.  I can't wait to be behind the wheel of my old Escape.
I put the six red boxes on the Sampler Box tab this afternoon and there will only be six.  It takes me quite a while to two coat and varnish the interior and then three aged coats on the outside, the sealer, then the wax.  I can't just slap a label on it so no additional orders will be taken.  Sorry.  I get so many requests after an item sells out and I have usually obliged but I just can't keep doing that.   If I see a big demand for a particular item, I will try to have a second offer, as a batch.
Enjoy your day - stay safe!

Jan 29, 2016


Hello fellow stitching buds.  Have you drooled over Amy's blog yet?  I haven't had time to peruse the entire site but am planning on doing so this weekend.
A few things.  Thanks for letting me know about Googlegate.  Those naughty techies.  I guess those dropped can still follow by email notifications.  They already made 95% of you no-reply and now they want to force out, as the doctors say, noncompliants.
This is to Debra and Deborah who asked about purchasing a box.  You are no-reply so I cannot respond.  For any information about anything, you must use the email link at the top right column in order for me to reply.   I am making a few more boxes to fill your current requests but I can't take any more.  So Debra, please email me and let me know which you would like.
Now for the sneak peak of a sample label on an unpainted box lid for March.  I couldn't wait to show you.  I love this sampler, pass it every day on the wall, and never thought to use it.  Hopefully, boxes will be in by then.  I ordered a fabulous chair in Ohio and think there may be a Catan's close by and will check it out.  The green in this piece is the 500 series and that's an odd teal so I don't know if the box should be a dark teal, or dark brown.  I'm leaning toward brown, my favorite shade that the paint people quit making.  I went all over looking for the last few bottles with no luck.  Need to mix my own I guess.  As you know I have issues about color.  Browns can be too gold, too red, too cute, and you already know I am a wacko so I'm sure you will understand and humor me.
Mark was planning on golf tomorrow, to be 48 degrees, but the white crap came down today and may not melt on the greens.  Get in the cart with a leaf blower and get it off people!  You only have to do it 18 times.  I received this joke recently and got a good laugh.  The crab has mostly left, leaving me with a clown.  I used to have a decent laugh, not great like some, but mine.  Now I am laughing for almost no reason starting out with a little air sound, then silence, while distorting my face until gums are fully exposed and cheeks are almost covering eyes.  Looks like I'm having a facial spasm.  This is new.
One day on the golf course, a golfer accidentally overturned his golf cart.
A very attractive woman, who lived in a villa on the golf course, heard the noise, came out onto her balcony and called out to him,
"Hey, are you okay"?
"I'm fine, thanks," he replied.
"You look  frazzled", the woman said,  "Come up to my villa for a drink and I will help you get the cart up afterwards."
"That's mighty nice of you," he answered, But I don't think my wife would like that."
"Oh, come on," the woman, a gorgeous brunette in a sexy bikini, insisted.  "I can see you've cut your head. It could be serious. Let me take care of that right away.  I'm a nurse". She was very persuasive....and he was weak.
"Well okay," he agreed, but added, "But my wife won't like it."
After she bandaged his wound, she gave him a most welcome brandy. They talked a little about golf and he discovered she was an avid golfer with a four handicap. When he confessed to a weakness in his putting, she gave him a putting lesson holding him close and intimately as she did so.
Finally he confessed, "I feel a lot better now, but I had better get going. I know
my wife is going to be really upset with me being here with you."
"Don't be silly! the woman said with a smile, She won't know anything. By the way, where is she?"
"Under the cart," he replied.
Enjoy your weekend!
Thanks for visiting.

Jan 28, 2016

Goodbye George

Breaking up is hard to do, but sometimes, it's necessary.  One of each.  Flag, and no flag.  No flag is on aged parchment paper with black interior, flag is on aged paper with tan interior.

All new boxes will be $16 including shipping.  I figured it out (finally) and added the Paypal fee and the cost of the box onto the $12 box and realized it wasn't enough. Email me if you are interested in either.  Red boxes are ready and will be posted beginning of February.
Two things - is there a forum or group that has said something negative about me?  A friend emailed to tell me to check my followers, since they dropped over 50 in one day, the day I posted about the George box.  Still dropping.  That seems very odd to me.
Second - Nostalgic Needle's Strawberry Thief is on Ebay and it's one I had not seen before.  Backstitch outline filled with tent.  Not for me but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy studying the work and design.  So I Googled it to see if I could find a better photo of the chart.  Holy crap am I glad I did. 
It led me to a blog Thread in Hand that I will certainly spend hours days browsing.  I briefly scrolled June July and August 2013 and I couldn't get enough.  Cases, caskets, Amy Mitten, boxes, the mermaid mirror, and just so many stitcheries that can knock your socks off.  Most of her work is new to me since I only look for samplers and miss all the wonderful designs that I would not attempt but love to see.  Stunning items. It will take me quite a while to view it all but well worth the time.
This photo is from one of her posts.  Check it out if you haven't already.
Sun is out.  Reubens for dinner. 
Have a great day!
Thanks for visiting.

Jan 26, 2016

Wasting time

Hello folks.  My plan to offer six boxes a month started off poorly.  February's box was going to be George (for president's day), our first president elected by the new Constitution, and also instrumental in the document itself.  Then I thought red would be more appropriate for Valentine's Day.  So George moved to January with no related reason for that month.  I have wasted days on end working on this three layer design,  and I still need more work to now shorten the width.  Before I go any further, can I ask for your opinion once again?   
There is a subtle suggestion of our flag as a background on ivory parchment paper, the beginning of the Constitution, and lonely George.  Cornballishness?  Certainly not related to stitchery but I've wanted something patriotic for quite a while. 
Working on Martha with the 300 thread.  It looks fine, no reason other than nitpickiness to change the color now.
We're warming up this weekend and Mark is waiting for a phone call to golf.  We got my car back from the hospital and I finally found a tube of O'Keeffe's for my hands.  Everyone was out.  Good stuff - thanks for the suggestions.
Hope everyone is doing well.

Jan 24, 2016

Copper penny

Hello people.  Hope those of you that are snowed in are safe and warm.  The wind looked vicious in the continuous news coverage.  Whenever I see people stuck on highways for hours my first thought is always, where is the bathroom?  I would never make it!
This is Martha, in the series of offers that included little Robina Leadbetter that I stitched months ago.  And just found when decorating for Christmas.  My forgetfulness is still giving me double the excitement from my re-discoveries. 
Stitching with one thread only happened on 35 or 40, and that was only three small projects.  This is 32 but I thought the look was a little more subtle and stuck with it. 
Rust was my color choice but I think the 300 I chose is too red.  This little sample is 433 and it's more of what I wanted, so........ to be continued.
As for the copper penny linen, I love it.  It was used for Eliza Pomeroy and I only have a small piece left.  I purchased it at the only shop within a hour from me and she said other pieces had quite a bit of blue.  This one is perfect.
Just enough of the mottled bluish green with the coppery tone and here's a better look for those of you that are shopless and need to order online. 
So here's where I am, haven't removed the two thread portion and probably won't.  I'm sure there was a young girl stitching her sampler many years ago that did the same thing.  If not, an old lady in 2016 did.  But will I continue in this color since the 433 is calling my name?  Why didn't I choose it first?  The 430 series was in my bag from Sally and I had enough of those colors.   I can always do another small with it though, and just continue with the 300.  My house is dusty, floors need cleaned, drywall isn't finished, projects half completed, but thread color on a small piece bothers me.  I am so totally weird.  And another 5# heavier.
Thanks for visiting.

Jan 21, 2016


Martha Hards, a small marking sampler from Needlework Press was chosen from a pile of twenty.  I really want to do Ann Spence and Mary Elliott, both LARGE, and I am afraid the stitching desire may be gone before I ever get to them.  Maybe after this small project I will attempt one of them.
For Martha, I chose copper penny hand dyed, greenish bluish bronzy linen.  It's a monochrome sampler of blue on natural but I wanted something different. 
The only shop I have, a half hour from here, may have wool thread and I thought a rust wool would be a great option on this fabric but I need to start right now so I'm using DMC in 300.  The owner of the shop stitched the bag on the cover of SANQ (the one I modeled my sampler sack after) on osnaburg with wool threads.  It is fabulous.
Not sure if you can see the difference in my photo, but the right side top border and the F is using one thread and the rest is with two.  Not sure which I like best.  That's bad because any choice - chart, fabric, thread - paralyzes me and even after those are decided, I find something else to stall the process.  Then of course, I wonder if a dark blue would be better ALWAYS questioning my decisions and that drives me nuts. 
We missed the snow storm, just south of us.  Good thing because if I was any more crabby my shell would burst.  Hope those of you experiencing it stay safe.
Thanks for visiting.

Jan 20, 2016


...and the gold medal winners in the Brat Olympics, Feline Division,
Synchronized Snoozing catagory....

Carole's tests were within normal limits, kidneys are still doing good with double doses of Lasix daily for over a year.  She's lucky.
And I finished six boxes for the February sale.
Rough finish over black, black interiors.
I'm working on January's half dozen, bassackwards as usual.  And speaking of "bass", mine does not fit into my new skinny jeans.  Never got to wear them before skinny became skin on bologna.  There's a fine line in that style, no wiggle room, and spandex only goes so far.
Starting to snow again.  Just came back from Carole's errands and shopping.  Our usual winter task since she can't get down and back up her luge track on a steep hill driveway.  Mark's 4 wheel drive can most times, but on ice, we have to park on the road and walk that hill.
Stay safe!  Enjoy the week.
Thanks for visiting.

Jan 18, 2016

It's all over but the mailing

 WOW that was intense!  Thank you all, you got bargains!  That doesn't happen too often for stitchers.  Hope you are as pleased with your purchases as I am, I think you will be. Good thing I had them in individual bags marked with their number.  Good thing the number was embedded in the photo because I messed up and was off one bag number after 22.  Twilight zone moment until I realized my mistake and all was corrected.  It was hard letting them go.  So will my next project be a PS Santa?  We'll see because putz here gave away many of them.  I need to check my stash.  I had a few favorites of that group and some weren't Schoolers.  Question is, what do I stitch them on?  I really like the neat look of Aida, gave that away too.  I may have a small piece of 18 left.  Margaret (A Sampler of Stitches) gifted me with a P.S. on Davos and maybe I should continue with that.  I need to choose something soon.
Just wanted to say thanks and the seller is pleased that they went to homes of needleworkers.  He had two large boxes of other pieces, not all Christmas, and they sold at the estate sale.  There were so many others and downsizing was necessary.  I believe these were the last she stitched and were never displayed.
It's very cold here, good day to go through the stash again.
Stay warm!
Thanks again.

Jan 17, 2016


Hello hello.  Just a reminder about the sale at 7 this evening. 
Haven't chosen a new project after looking through many charts.  I would like to finish Mary Kitpin but the border and a little over one stitching seems like a mountain climb that I've not trained for.  I need as simple as can be, straight lines and alphabet or my slump will slip further.  Now that I've mentioned a mountain climb it reminded me of what we learned at the echocardiogram.  My sister had a very nice technician for many years who did not administer the test last week but we saw him in the unit. She told the new tech how nice the man was and how she enjoyed speaking with him.  He told her that this man's wife has been ill for the last 30 years and just this past August, they lost their son in a climbing accident in Utah.  He was only 40 and fell 1800 feet to his death when training for a Mount Rainier climb.  Tragedies happen to good people every day and we never know who will be the next victim.
We're having a blizzard right now so I'm crabbed out.  The deer don't seem to mind.
And the brat pack, one of which put holes in my sweatshirt yesterday, are snoozing.  We had another upsetting incident.  The cats were in the house, and the yellow and gray (tight collar) must have been in the garage looking for ours.  There is blood and fur everywhere and especially in a corner where items were knocked over.  I don't know what to do about this and didn't even hear the fight. 
 Dinner is ready - Steeler's half time. 
Enjoy your evening.

Jan 16, 2016

Slump shopping

Greetings all.  Another weekend, January is flying by.  Spring items are already coming in to the craft store.  For the first time ever, we have a large flock of robins.  I was seeing one or two in the yard when we had the warm December, but the other day my crab apple tree was loaded with them.  No worms to be found, very cold temps, I don't know why they are still here.

I ordered just a few items last week even though I am still somewhat slumpy.  No charts and no desire for new charts.  But I can't pass up my favorite linen and thread color.  Uniform blue from GAST and these skeins are perfect, gray blue, no purple.  Two pieces of Rook, not as dark as my original but very nice, coarse feel just like I prefer.  Nothing like that unusual piece I gave away.  Also got a piece of Abecedarian which isn't in the photo, because after being in the house for a few hours, it's lost misplaced.  Decided to do 35 count since I am loaded with 28 and 30.  And my first mini pom pom trim!  They are SWEET.

I checked Facebook today and what do I see?  A video of a dog lying in the street after being run over and another dog covering his body and not leaving him.  Not one fricking car or bike stopped.  There are a lot of cute photos and videos to click but I always seem to open the link at the wrong time.

I had several emails about hanging samplers without frames.  Originally I used horsehair braid to insert into the top hem and it's fine for small light pieces.  But after finding this much stronger flexible boning, I feel it's the better choice for larger projects.  It prevents the linen from stretching and sagging from it's own weight when tacked to a wall.  Many photos of old needlework pinned on the corners, sagging in the center, appeal to me.  But.  What if I decide to frame later on?  Not sure if that stretched linen would go back to shape, even if washed.

Finishing the edges of an unframed sampler is easy with a Dritz sewing gauge or my vintage Gajit.  Just set the gauge and line it up with the stitching, folding under the edge while finger pressing followed by the iron.  Coarse linen presses so crisp I didn't need to run a line of stitching for a hem.  I never fold it too close to the design's edge making sure the pressed edge wouldn't show if ever mounted for framing. 
I left the mantel and wall bare after Christmas décor was removed and thought it was the perfect place right now for Sally.  I saw these large black plates somewhere and loved the look, bought four, now I don't want them.  That's me.
If you plan on buying any Santas Sunday, please state in your email request if you are using Paypal or check since the price is different.
Enjoy your weekend, stay safe, eat cake.
Thanks for visiting.

Jan 15, 2016

Santa sale info

If anyone is interested in purchasing any of the stitched pieces I am selling for a friend, please go to the For SALE tab under the header photo.  I've listed price and information and all the pieces for you to browse.  The sale will be through EMAIL only and start at 7pm EST on Sunday the 17th.  Any questions on size or backings, please don't hesitate to email (link at top right column).  Any errors you find, please let me know. 

It was hard for me not to buy them myself, and although she was an excellent stitcher, the uniformity surprised me.  It's the Aida.  How can you not have a nice stitch when the fabric prevents that tension I have trouble with?  They really do look great and compared to some of mine, I can see the big difference.  Would stitching on a higher count linen help me with that?  I believe it would. The lower the count the looser the weave the more opportunity for wonky stitches.

I just got a few new Land's End mock necks and even through the fleece jacket, these three holes appeared.
And if you look behind the brand new ruined shirt, you see the culprit.

Little brat.

Jan 14, 2016

Adios Sally!

Hey!  How you doing?  Hope you're not having to deal with anything right now, but if you are, hoping you have support to get through it.  Have you ever sat quietly and recalled the difficult times in your life, some that you never thought you could handle?  But you did, and each struggle made you stronger.

I couldn't wait to post this, and while Mark is cooking sausage, bacon, peppers and onions for our scrambled egg and peppers subs, I am typing with greasy fingers.

Sally is over, done, complete, finished, concluded, ended!  I seriously doubt that she was the reason for the vengeful return of the flashes, but I am keeping fingers crossed.  I don't know where they are coming from now that things have calmed down.  So here she is.  A few changes, not many.
Some details....
I bought several yards of the Dritz Flexible Boning at JoAnn's with my coupon for hanging.  Sally may end up framed because of her size, but for now, I removed one thread of linen for alignment, folded over and machine sewed a hem just enough for the boning, and slid it in.  I had to first press it with a medium hot iron over a heavy cloth to get the bend out since it is stored on a spool.  I've melted it before but was lucky this time.  If you cut it to size and leave it alone for a day or two it usually straightens itself and pressing isn't necessary.
 And that's the end of Sally Fiske.  Now I can finish listing the Santas for sale which will be under the new For SALE tab.  I think the sale will be Sunday and I will let everyone know a day before.
That's it for now!
Say good-bye to Sally.

Jan 11, 2016

Flash in the pen

Flash in the pan is a phrase used for brief success that is not repeated.  Flash in the pen is when your hot flash radiates heat to your linen and makes your Frixion pen marks disappear.
 Working on the stem and satin to complete that vase and I'm switching stitches to meet my mood.  I can do the stem easily, but when a circle is to filled, should they follow the curves or be straight?  I did the ovals and then after outlining the bottom, filled it with satin.  No one will know the difference.  I had to re-pen the vines on the right too, and they are finished as is the complete border.  The piece is not pressed and not lying flat which is why it looks so wonky.
 I will start photographing the individual Santas for the sale and will set up a separate page and offer them some time this weekend.  I'll post the time and date.
 We're pretty cold here.  Nitzy is in his favorite stretched position and Missy is being a brat as usual.  My scratches are healing. 

 And we have another cat hanging around.  Beautiful fluffy longer hair, gray with white chest and nose, flea collar embedded in his neck.  We tried to get close but it's not happening, and I don't know what will occur when the brats see him on our deck. 
Tomorrow I take Carole for an Echocardiogram, the next day we take my nephew (stoned on Valium) for his claustrophobic MRI, afternoon is my DEXA scan, dentist on Thursday.  Busy week.  With one car since we took my new vehicle into the body shop this morning.  Mark pulled out for a left hand turn and didn't see the EXPLORER coming from the right.  Both are OK, cars are hospitalized.
Have a safe and warm week!
Sally will be done shortly and I can't wait.

Jan 9, 2016

Waiting for dinner

so I thought I would show a few pics.  First off is the change in Sally.  I kept the green in the side border, removed the yellow, added darker rust.  Switched the green and rust in the bottom ... stems and flowers? .... and it looks better.  You can't see the green very well but on unbleached, it's hard to see a lot of colors. 

Had kielbasa and cabbage soup yesterday, sort of a sweet and sour dish.
The lovebirds snoozing.  Once her eyes open she is upstairs, downstairs, in the basement, everywhere!  Picked her up to take her to the garage and she tore me up again.
Hunting season is coming to a close and some of the herd made it through.
Take a look at what we call our majorettes.  White go-go boots.  Blast from the past, no?
And to top off the stuffed cabbage meal, one of my favorite quick and easy desserts.  This is the filling for the peanut butter pie and I save some fat and calories by skipping the graham crust.  Drizzle a little chocolate over and it's heaven.  Third cup peanut butter, one 8 oz cream cheese softened, 1 cup powdered sugar (confectioners), beat together.....then quickly blend in one 8 oz Cool Whip.  Done.
Company will be here shortly - made the make-ahead mashed potatoes so no last minute rushing. 
Have a nice weekend!!

Jan 7, 2016


Yes I know I'm rushing things.  But I was working on a box for January and realized that February is the red month.  Never did a red box, this one is over black, distressed finish, red sampler.  Needs tweaked yet but I'm fairly sure this will be the offer for next month.  But you know by now that I can't be trusted and my decision making is like riding a Tilt-a-whirl, spinning while going in circles.
I would like to make available a few boxes each month of one design. That way I'm not overwhelmed with shipping and trying to match designs to orders.  You should be getting tired of them by now so the coming months may be different in some way, either paint color, maybe fabric, maybe lined, or I'll get frustrated and not change at all.  We'll see how this works out.

Jan 6, 2016

Fading borders

Hey.  What's happening?  We're a little chilly here in PA, and crabs prefer warm weather.  So chilly that the Nit Boy came in to snooze with the Bud Man.
My border, after I got my rhythm, managed to end up on the right row.  Amazing.  The tiny design within it, is barely visible.  Even the bottom's green thread fades into the linen.  I am considering changing them to the rust or bright blue, maybe even the yellow.  Instead of removing the four stitch design I may just outline those with the darker color.  Have I ever done a reproduction as it was charted?  Yes!  All of my first sampler kits from the Scarlet Letter, but I was a youngster then and afraid of my own shadow.  
The going is slow because of my thumb, which cracked.  Too much detergent and lack of hand care causes my hands to turn to Velcro in the winter, a form of eczema, treated with hydrocortisone cream twice a day.  Which I didn't do and the thumb cracked.  Extremely sore and hard to heal so pulling the needle is pretty uncomfortable.  But little by little I am getting her done.
See how the border colors fade away?  Rust.  It needs the rust.  Hopefully the thumb will heal so I can do the stem stitches to finish Sally.  Oh.  I have to complete the stitches in the house, only one small section on the left is crossed.  Keep forgetting that. 
I received my Belfast Tumbleweed, a very nice sagey kind of greenish something. Still not as stiff or as dark as I like it but a very nice shade.  That's R&R Sea Glass on the right. Ordering unseen browns online doesn't work for me because too many have a reddish undertone which I do not like.  My Rook pieces should come this week and although not as dark as my original (gifted from a friend and I'm forever grateful), they should be a good shade, not like the last piece I received.  Did I have a giveaway for that?  I think I did.  So even though I haven't crawled out of the slump yet, I am ordering linen.  No new charts (and there are several I plan on selling) because this climb is more difficult than before and I have to decide if going to smalls is the best option at this time, forgoing the larger samplers.
I had a few questions from no-reply'rs and can't remember what they were so I guess I can't answer right now.  And as for the Pringles, I love chips with chocolate.  Pretzels and chocolate.  I even dip hot French fries into chocolate milkshakes.  My personality is that of a crustacean but my eating habits are more porcine.
Hope your week is going well, stay safe!
Thanks for visiting.
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