Jul 31, 2015

...and the funnel...and Ruth

Hiya.  Forgot to show you the wooden funnel I got too.  Never saw one of these either.  The stem appears to be broken at the tip, very thin wood there but the rest is substantial.  Very fine turning grooves, barely visible.
I wasn't going to take it but Mark thought it was nice so it's mine.  I decided to keep the monster bowl.  I tried propping it against the wall on top of a cupboard but it's hard to stabilize.  It's much bigger than the top of my stool but I will eventually find a spot.  I plan on cleaning it with Murphy's Oil Soap.  The funnel is pretty clean and I read that they were used for cider instead of metal which reacted with it.  I'm sure they had other uses too.
I don't care for vegetables but I do like this.
Cut the sprouts in half, brown cut side down in large fry pan with minimal oil.  Add some (3/4 - 1 cup) chicken broth and golden raisins, a little sugar if needed, a little salt, cover on low until tender.  Just roasting them in the oven at high temp, cut side down, is good too but Mark loves these.
Ruth.  Aged.
 Of course I changed some colors, moved the large vase over one, changed the base of it, added green for the leaves, and then moved up the Ruth box.  I wasn't going to stitch it at all because I didn't like it just hanging there by itself.  I could have added some motifs or border along with it at the bottom, and depending on the finishing, may put it back where it belongs if I need more height to the piece.  Not sure what it will be yet.  The large vase is stitched over 3 and once I got the first row done (I started with the vase top edge) the rest was easy because I followed their placement.  I used two strands instead of one that is called for.
Have a great weekend!!
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Jul 30, 2015

Bowl me over

Greetings pals. A short post with photos of one item.  My new purchase.  It's sitting on a 38" wide table.  Yowza.
I have never seen a wooden bowl this large.  It's huge.  A few cracks within the bowl but nothing on the rim.  The top lip is worn down where it was always handled but most of it isn't. 

It was at an estate sale on top of a very high large cupboard.  No one saw it but my brother's friend.  So they brought it down and put a price sticker on it but no one wanted it.  There were no primitives, mostly traditional pieces, so he made an offer after the sale.  Bingo.  The inside is dirty and dusty, anxious to see the wood after cleaning. 
The last bowl I bought was the largest I had and I thought it was huge, but you can see how much larger this one is.  It's almost too big.  The stitchery smalls wouldn't even show, just sink to the bottom.

It certainly catches your eye, too big for end tables, the desk, and I'm wondering if it's too high and large for the table.  Not bad in the photos, but in person, it's looks disproportionate.  It will be a good trade at an antique store if I can't find a suitable spot.


Jul 29, 2015

First impression

Hello people. 
Received my GPA's (Giulia Punti Antichi) Ann Spence today.  Never have I had such a comprehensive and easy to read chart.  The chart is in several pages printed on both sides, quality bright paper, and it's not only in symbols, but color.  Color!  So easy to see where you are and when the color will change.  I am so impressed and thrilled with this, my first chart from her.  Clear instructions and SO much more.  Although huge, it would be an easy stitch because of the chart's quality and appearance.  I was surprised that the work involved and quality of print is comparable in price to some B/W one or two page charts.  It takes a lot to impress this crabby fusspot, but believe me, I am.

I started Ruth's over 3 flowers and vase, using all the color changes I made in the body of the sampler.  There is no green charted but I plan on using it around the flowers and for the leaves.  One thread is supposed to be used for the over 3 but I am using 2 threads.  On 28 count, one would barely be noticeable.  I also didn't pay attention to the chart and stitched the right edge incorrectly.  That's OK.
Really hot here for a few days and we are almost done sanding/painting the cedar single swing, the 5 foot swing, and 2 high back chairs with 2 coats oil base black.  I mentioned that I had considered red and his head whipped around so fast I thought his neck cracked.  "Ohhhhh no.  Don't say it.  Don't even think about it."  I don't know why he gets so crazy when I bring up paint colors, do you?  I would never change it after all the work but red would have been fabulous.  Wouldn't Bud look handsome on a red chair?

End of July.  END OF JULY.  Can't believe it.  Enjoy the last few days of it as I prepare to start bitching that summer's over.

Thanks for visiting.

p.s. On the no-reply question - if you join Google+ it automatically changes you to no-reply and you must revert back to a standard Google profile to change it back.  An easy way and an explanation of the settings is here.  If you want to stay Google+ and no-reply, go to your Profile, check Show my Email address so it will be visible on your profile page if you want people to be able to contact you.


Jul 27, 2015

Good grief

I opened a can of worms.  Better than a can of whoop-ass I guess. 
Thank you so much for all your help!  Jeannine you found what I couldn't and I thank you.  Kathy, Misi, Lisa, Sherry, Kathiquilts, a big thank you to all of you, too.  I wanted to reply with my gratitude but I can't!  You're all no-reply so I am thanking you here. 
My can of worms opened when I visited some of the sites recommended.  No no no.  I am not changing over to farmhouse style.  Industrial farmhouse. The uncluttered unique look.  The look I couldn't look away from.  The look I am searching for online.  NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!  I'm not finished with all these projects and I'm dreaming of a different style.  Can't do it.  Yet I see a change a comin'.  And my mixed up brain cannot handle it. 
Some farmhouse and industrial can certainly be mixed with primitive, but I don't know about sparse colonial.  Look at these birds from Antique Farmhouse.  This is not me.  But I love them.  And these tin hearts.
And then there's Gershwin and Gertie and isabella sparrow that Jeannine pointed my brain to.  I know there are many many more I will discover if I search on this wicked device.  I need to step back.  Far back.  Take a deep breath, some chocolate, a towel for the sticky body, and an iced coffee.  Unplug.  Try to forget.  Keep in mind that the DEP is demanding sewage lines that will cost you $200 per month for the rest of your life plus $5000 in tap-in fees, new windows and siding are needed, your sister needs a car.  I shouldn't even buy the bee skep.  But I just spent another $100 on wool I'm not even using so why not this?  Once the can is opened, the lid can't be put back on. 
I need a pill but I can't swallow them.  I've not forgotten that Glenna (Eye of the Needle) posted "indecision=paralysis" and that is so true. Thinking about incorporating this style will set me back years.  I don't know if I am a true procrastinator or if my lack of decisions causes my immobility.  Projects, as you know, have been hanging around too long.  So has menopause.  At least the hot flashes have changed somewhat.  Now, instead of a rapid spontaneous combustion, it's a slow burn that sneaks up on me until I'm on fire and soaked.  Is it hot in here?  Is it getting warmer outside?  No.  It's your body on a #2 burner slowly rising to the #10 boil.
I'm leaving now.  My sister dropped off her tops for me to remove the stains.  I told her a hundred times, a drop of Lestoil for any grease, butter, oil.  Bar keeper's friend for rust spots from the washer. Biz for anything else.  I even gave her the products.  When people ask me if I have any children, I tell them yes I do, she's 77.
Later pals.

Jul 26, 2015


Does anyone know where I can purchase this tall bee skep?   I've seen them recently on a few blogs and Gable House Goods header. 
Searched online and haven't come up with anything.  Help!!
Not only have I been purchasing charts I will never stitch, I have been buying more wool for projects I've been planning for a year!  My interest in stitching is still waning and I may start the wool soon.

 But not before I finish Sally Fiske!  Must complete her before my mojo takes a break.
Have a good one!!

Jul 25, 2015

Peas in a pod

Greetings folks.  This is my slow progress on Ruth.  Vase and flowers to the right and I'm done.  Yes of course I changed a few colors.
But I wanted to show you Barb's work (Village Folk Art).   I am just so impressed with anything she creates.  Here are the Peas in a Pod.  Is this sweet or what?  She dyed the velvet to that pea shade and it's perfect.  Maggie Bonanomi design from her Thistle Down Moon book.
Then there's her fraktur (watercolor) and acrylic painting.  Love those pears!

Punch needle, cross stitch, wool applique, she does it all!  You probably have seen her work on her blog but I am just amazed that no matter what she does, it's that good.
And now something for Vickie.  Pink at night.
 The petunias are finally picking up and just glowing in the dark.
While working on the hoop last night, I found that flipping it onto your chest is the easiest way to run the thread ends.  Backwards is best!
For Ronda - you're no-reply so I'll answer you here.  That hoop is made by Lacis, available at JoAnn's online (coupon eligible), Amazon, and other craft sites.  I got mine at 50% off, didn't want to spend a lot just to try it out, and the hoop comes with it.  For additional larger hoops, Lacis website is here.
Beautiful days this past week, found a new Italian store in Boardman Ohio, finally checked out a new Subaru Outback.  My husband is attached to his old Explorer and having a difficult time with choosing a new vehicle. 
Have a great weekend!  The last one in July.  Can't believe it.

Jul 24, 2015

Grey Roots Video presents .....

the Hoop and I.  Attempt #2.  I deleted the first video from my tablet and didn't realize it was synced to all else and it disappeared. ????  Made a new one today.
(Edit - rec'd emails that the windows file won't play on iPads so I added the .mp4)
.wmv for windows

.mp4 for iPad

Jul 21, 2015

My head needs examined

She just did a post entitled I NEED A SMALL and with all these large projects in her stash, that she already vowed she could never stitch, and all the pain in the butt borders she hates, more so with little leaves off a vine, with so much fabric that she can't hold it, the dipstick just purchased this.
Ann Spence 1801 by GPA
Stitch count 269 x 424.  Pardon?  269 x 424.  So on 30 count it's 18" x 28"?  Yes you berrybrain and you bought it anyway.  Not only that, look at that border!  It's viney and has little leaves and it's 424 stitches down and then 424 back up.  Have you no shame?  Why do you keep buying things you just have to have yet know they will sit in your stash?  Oh Marly you're a real pip.

My husband is hitting the little ball into 18 holes tomorrow which would be a good time for me to do some lone shopping, but I much prefer taking advantage of having a quiet house to myself.  Perfect time to browse online for more samplers to add to the never-to-stitch pile.

I received my hoop stand and tried it.  Love the flip over!  I need to have it between my legs and a bit off the sofa in order to center on my lap so this model instead of the shorter base one is much better for me.  I found it very comfortable to angle it up and high, much less neck strain, easier to see since it's closer.

My left hand has to be beneath to push the fabric up in order to use the sewing method but I'm still playing with it.  I also like the unobstructed space beneath. All in all, for less than $25 including the nice thick hoop, I'm happy with it.  Originally I planned on ordering the 12" or 14" hoop for it but that would bring it too close to my chest, even though I don't really have one.  We'll work out a way to adapt it to a floor stand since the two piece adjustable post can be removed if I decide to use it all the time.  But maybe I won't adjust to it and prefer to stay with in hand stitching and Advil.

The sun is out again after a torrential rain, first we've had in a few days.  That break gave me an opportunity to fertilize the petunias since they dried out a little, but I think they are too far gone.

Have a great week!!
Thanks for visiting.

Jul 20, 2015

Shopping with men

Why?  Why would we do it?  Because they retire and want to tag along. 
I grabbed a pack of the dishcloths I always use, put them in my cart.  After spending 15 minutes looking at the towels and finding none that match, taking a stroll around the next aisle, I return and place the cloths back on the shelf.  Yes, I knew they no longer carry the towels that match, and wasted time looking for them anyway.  So what?  Yes, I knew I wouldn't purchase the cloths if the towels weren't there, and they wouldn't be, but you never know. Grab them and hold on to them until all resources and hope are gone.  Then put them back.  The look on his face with his hands in the air told me he just doesn't understand the concept of shopping.
There is always a huge mess in Wal-Mart when it comes to ladies underwear.  Sizes are all over the aisle, styles aren't together, and it takes quite a while to search for the aqua labeled hipsters with the wide band.  Michael Jordan and I both prefer Hanes.   Especially when you have to keep buying a larger size, it gets expensive if they are $4 a piece. I choose hipsters because the band digs in creating that final 6th roll for my personal 6-pack.  Not quite the abs 6-pack that is preferred in today's society, but my own nonetheless.  Looking for size *, size *, size *.... "here they are" he shouts.  So proud of himself for helping and expecting to move out of the long stint in the ladies' gotchies aisle.  Not so fast old man.  That pack has a pair of black in it and that funky bright green.  I want the pinks, blues, and grays.  "What?  Why?  You aren't going to walk down State Street with them so what does it matter?"  Little does he know.  Because if I ever have a desire to do just that, I want those colors.  I wouldn't, but just in case.  Again, does not understand.
We left after 60 minutes with no cloths and no underwear, less time than trying to hit a little ball into a hole 9 times.  At least I walked away with my money, more than I can say for him.  We're both looking, estimating, roaming around with a cart searching, changing stance, strategizing.  You pull a club, stand there with it for a while, study it, put it back and take another, focused on achieving your goal.  I don't see much difference.
Enjoy your day.

Jul 18, 2015

Drum roll

Hi all.  Guess what?  One of the does that waits for food, decided to walk over to the back garage door where I exit with her goodies.  While she was waiting there, next to the garden, she became impatient and jumped the fence to eat the lettuce, swiss chard, tomatoes, peppers, and peas.  I looked out the window around 8am and saw her within the fence, ran out, she casually jumped out and stood there.  She wouldn't leave until I fed her.  My neighbor has three huge unfenced gardens and they don't touch his, never did.  He uses several motion activated water bursts, not a gentle sprinkler, that he purchased at our local garden center years ago.  Works for him except for the occasional groundhog that's beneath the leaves.  We've had our garden chewed to the ground with the exception of tomatoes, usually by the fawns every year.  This year, tomatoes too.
Anyway, I don't like this tall drum.  I don't know why but it bugs me.  Maybe it's the bird.  Something.  Now that I see the photos I think it may be.  The second photo isn't bugging me as much. So I think EBay will be getting it soon.  Why EBay?  Because I have no clue pertaining to price.  The framing shop I used to mount needlework for is now also selling small furniture and decorative pieces.  She asked me to start painting Santas again for her shop or to bring anything I'm currently doing, and she is very fair with seller fees.  Patti's husband is starting to downsize her antique collections and found a shop that is thrilled with what he has.  Lots of smalls, choppers, bowls, crocks, and treen, perfect for fill-ins with the shop's large pieces.  I am going over this week to see if there is any I would like to purchase before it's gone.  Right up to the end, Patti was joking about her collections...."don't use my mashers for kindling!".
Answering a few emails - the compression slip-on is an elastic tube that comes on a roll.  They measure to your knee and cut it off, comes in S, M, and L with even compression.  I wear it half way up my leg and fold it back doubled on the foot, thinking it makes it tighter but I'm probably wrong.   Yes the ice cream was good but the bowl was too small.

The wing nut tightener is slotted to slip over the wings, giving you a larger surface to grab for adjustments.  Sondra suggested plastic knobs with interior threads as replacements and my scroll frame sets have lots of them, including this stand from K's. Never used the frames or even noticed the knobs. They will certainly make it easier.  Thanks Sondra, I will keep them and send the frames to Goodwill with the metal wing nuts.
My sister kept telling me about a crock pot corn that she takes to parties and everyone loves it.  So I tried it.  It's good but not as fabulous as she claimed.  Well....the 2# bag disappeared at one two person meal, so maybe I should rethink this.
Very simple...
1 two pound bag of frozen kernel corn, thawed
1 8 oz. brick of cream cheese
1/3 cup sugar.

Low temp for 4 hours.  If you leave it longer, slide the lid open a little so it doesn't get soupy.  Picture the corn in a white cream sauce when it's done.  That's what it looked like before we ate it all.

  Still stitching Ruth's sampler and enjoying the easy project.
Have a beautiful weekend!
Thanks for visiting.

Jul 17, 2015

A bad video

Hello!  I've been feeding the does for a while now and they allow me to get pretty close to them.  One I can almost hand feed.  I tried to do a video of them and the fawns, but it wasn't a good idea to balance the tablet, a jug full of corn, and a bag of bread, while swatting mosquitoes.   So here's a not so great video of part of the crew that I feed.   They didn't stick around long because I was doing things out of the ordinary.

Jul 15, 2015

A wing and a nut

Hiya.  Middle of July.  Seems like only yesterday I was complaining of it being July 1. 
Well, I ordered my hoop stand.  Decided on the Lacis since it has a larger base to sit on and that's the direction my thighs are going.  Also because of the flip.  I never thought about the ease of flipping the hoop over to run the end of threads through or start a new one.  Holding the extra fabric in hand may be difficult but turning those wingnuts isn't fun either.  Painful!  I don't want to loosen them to enable the hoop to flip to the back side and then tighten again for every thread, so I think this is the best fit for me.  I'll wait until it comes in to try out before ordering the larger hoop.  Small projects will still be hand held and the hoop will only be for larger projects or any with too much fabric. 
While looking for that old thick wooden hoop, I came across the number of scroll frames that I inherited.  This one from K's creations is great but I doubt I will ever use it. 
What I will use, is what I found in the accessory bag.  This patented simple and ingenious wingnut tightener.  What a blessing to use - so much easier.  I tried it on large and small nuts and it fits all sizes. 
Until the hoop comes to help with Sally Fiske, I started this little primitive piece.  Ruth's Sampler from Goode Huswife.  Because of its early look, I chose a burlap looking 28 count and will age it when I'm done.  Should be a quick and easy project, no border, large spaces, easy error hiding if need be.
My foot is still swelling bad enough that I still can't get a shoe on, only adjustable strap sandals.  The compression slip on that the doc gave me is gone.  How is that possible?  I only took it off to wash it, sleep, or shower.  It was clean and the last I remember was two days ago removing it in the bathroom before the shower.  It's gone.  We tore the house apart, even looked in the attic stairs, it's gone.  This happens way too often and it ticks me off.  I will stop tomorrow and see if I can bribe them for another one.  Until then, I need the waist high which is really hot.
I hope your week is going well and it continues through the weekend.
Take care and stay safe!!

Jul 13, 2015


Boy when I get something in my head it just rolls and rolls and bugs the crap out of me until I settle it.  I have so many things to do this morning and I'm searching for hoops.  First off, my trip to the attic was a safe success.  This is it - the standard quilting/embroidery stand.

And this is what we plan on doing to it.  I can't get it close enough to me on the sofa so we'll try what I have typed in the photo's bottom.  It may make it tipsy but I don't think so.  We'll leave a space to allow the top to move freely without binding on the bottom.
While searching online I found lots of options for the type I want - sit on it.  I saw some really nice ones but can't see how they would be secure just resting on my lap and I don't use a table.  Do not like this one because the clamp is over the hoop, and to tighten it enough to hold it from moving, the linen would be pressed.  But you have the option of using any hoop.
So here are the two I found (other than some international beauties), both with 10" hoops.
Lacis is online with JoAnn (coupon applies) and Nordic Needle also.  Another brand name is also used but it appears to be the same piece.  I like the way the hoop is attached but I would probably sit on it between my legs instead of the side.  Depending on how big my thighs get, the hoop may not reach my lap.  The dowel goes into the stand and can be turned to the angle you prefer before tightening.  There should be other hoop sizes available to slide into the base but I haven't found them yet.  Edit - just found them here in 12" and 14".

The second is handmade on Etsy from Kenhoops.  Both can be adjusted for height but Ken's gives you more stability and angles. The base is heavier and wider, works with table or sitting.  With the wing nut on the hoop, I think other sizes could be adapted and countersunk to accept the bolt.  But will the wood on the arm right beneath the hoop edge be in the way?  Nah.  Pull the stitching down toward the center.



Jul 12, 2015

I need a small!

Certainly not in clothing size, but in stitching size.  I've made enough errors in the border while continuing Ann to realize I need to calmly set her aside for a bit.  Sally Fiske was back at home plate and while working on her once again, I started wondering what I could do to help with the arthritic hands.  That's a huge piece of fabric to be rolling and holding.  I've seen a few videos and comments on blogs about using a hoop while still utilizing the sewing method of stitching.  My desire to stab and jab only surfaces for rotten people.  I have two frames...wait...did I give the big one away?  I have a very heavy wooden hoop....wait...did I give it away?  I have a very large oval hoop on a floor stand for quilting, in the attic, unless I gave it away.  Am I the only one losing her mind?  Do you doubt yourself more and more?  Can you still get up from a chair without looking for something to push off of or grab on to?  Why is everything on my body getting bigger and looser except my esophagus which is shrinking?  I'm sorry.  Got off course.
On Patricia's Stitching Samplers blog, her July 9 post featured a video of a stitcher using the sewing method while hooping it.  Methinks it's possible!  There's hoop for me yet.  So now I will tear the house apart looking for the fricking frames and hoops that may be long gone.  I do believe the quilt stand hoop is still in the attic because I surely would have remembered the fall when trying to bring it down.  Since Sally is such a large piece of linen, it may fit in that monster.  If I could still do my stitching method, what a blessing this would be to not have hand cramps.  And with both hands free, I could help direct the needle to the right spot from beneath.  Does blood wash out of linen?  If this doesn't work, I need a small.  Quick.  I don't even know if I have any that weren't previously stitched OR that I gave away.  I'm going up to the attic now.  Hope to be back soon and not on the injured list.
Have a good Monday!!
Thanks for visiting.

Jul 10, 2015

Should it stay or should it go

Greetings stitching buds.  The sun is out today and will also be tomorrow.  Yay!  Almost half of July gone, Kraynak's is putting up the shelves for the Christmas items, Pat Catan's is a sea of orange and brown for fall,  sweaters were on racks at Macy's....I'm not going into any more stores for a while.  Not only for that reason, but they must have changed sizing again because the last two increases I was forced to buy are now even smaller.  It didn't matter how high I jumped, my ass would not go down into those pants.  I think they're using shorter zippers. Those big girl underwear that I had to buy last year?  The elastic screamed until the little threads broke. 
Do you always stitch from your chart or do you follow the chart photo?  I'm a visual stitcher and like to follow the photo on smaller pieces.  If I don't color the chart's graph, I waste a lot of time even though I use markers and guides.  For Ann, I had the photo in the Magma's pocket and wasn't seeing it often, but when I pulled it out last night was disappointed.  I should have been looking at it because I prefer the flower and birds in the photo to the chart.
 Will I remove it all and start the flower over?  Haven't decided yet and since the initials on each side don't interfere with spacing, I have time.  I like the look of a more primitive sampler so maybe it will stay.  When the bottom is completed, then I'll know what to do.  Something tells me it will stay and maybe just the birds will be redone. 
We are still having problems with Yellow Cat, another fight last night.  And we've seen a new very thin tortoise color, small, possibly female, hiding in the woods.  This is getting ridiculous.  In town there are loads of strays and everyone is seeing more and more in the suburbs too.  What a shame.  My brother has another groundhog he's feeding.  The goofy thing runs up the driveway whenever the screen door shuts and actually gets on Ron's shoe for food. 
I plan on enjoying the weather this weekend, slathered in bug spray, before the storms return.  I have dryer sheets everywhere so strong that I get a headache but mosquitoes are not deterred.  Tried everything but ended up with the spray on my clothing.  ThermaCELL is a fabulous device and truly works, great for setting out during outdoor festivities.  It takes 15 minutes to warm up (it gets hot!) before creating the 15'x15' bug barrier zone, doesn't work well if you're walking or it's windy.  They even have lanterns with lights for camping.  The only drawback is having to replace the butane cartridges and scent pads, but still worth it when bugs are this bad. Did I ever tell you that my uncle was the second person to die in MN from West Nile virus (mosquito bite)?  They didn't even know what he had until it was too late.  Did I ever tell you that I jumped into a pool in FL and pulled out a baby from the bottom that no one was watching?
Enjoy your weekend!
Thanks for visiting.

Jul 8, 2015

Cloudy with a chance of rain

Really?  Here we go again!  Are you overheated and dried up or waterlogged and chilly?  Is there anyone in between?
This little fence sitter looks like she's guarding the yard...
 but obviously not.  Finally had some blooms on the geraniums and the sweet potato vines (which love water) were enormous.  Hmph.  Is that how you spell that sound you make while blowing air out like a snorting deer?  Since I was feeding the 4 mama deer all afternoon in the backyard, this must have been the fawns sneaking around the front.  The little buggers are running and playing all over the place.  Must have been in the garage too because the corn is everywhere, and these flowers were at the garage door. 
My stitching has been frustrating.  I am a stitcher of letters.  Flowers and motifs that require constant chart checking make me nuts.  I am a sloppy stitcher, carry over threads too far, and go up down and sideways.   Therefore, the corners of the crosses are pulled one way or another depending on the wrong turn my needle is taking.  Adding another color is a crap shoot because it may split that stretched corner thread, go beneath it, over it, any way it can to get into that little hole.  Do I care?  No.  So sad.  I know I should but I don't.  Such  a relief that I don't like the fancy elegant samplers because they wouldn't be when I was done with them.  Just because I like reproduction or primitive style that is missing stitches, misaligned, misspaced, misbalanced, mismatched, misspelled, doesn't mean my stitches should be misshaped.  I made an effort this time to prevent that.  Didn't last very long but still doesn't look too bad. 
If I would have studied the chart before starting, I would have seen that the lightest color is in the large flower, not the one in the border flowers.  All that time wasted on changing to the 758 and it's not even in the flower.  Thought for sure it would be since it was with the red in the border. 
A few other things - I still can't figure out messaging and answering on Facebook.
If you ever want to search a blog to find a particular finish, recipe, or tip, use the search box at the top left of any Blogger blog.  It's word specific but still quicker for me to use.
And.... I didn't stitch that wallet.  Our favorite wallet gal Ann did. 
Remember the It Stays roll-on that glues your sling backs and keeps your straps in place?  I bought a new bottle and loaned it to Carole since her split neck blouse kept drooping.  Worked great but she can't remember where she put it.  Don't you hate when that happens?
Hope your week is going well. 
Thanks for visiting.
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