Jul 15, 2018

Blending styles

Guess who needs a doctor right away?  Budman.  His sneezing and coughing Friday led to horrible eye issues and malaise.  I hope the doctor will have an opening tomorrow.  Missy will probably be next and she is the nastiest of all.

While looking for inspiration on Pinterest, I came across a link to a wonderful farmhouse blog,
Liz Marie.  Her husband is a veteran and they have a spectacular farmhouse in Michigan.  When you visit her site, you must scroll down and there will be posts to click on with resources and inspiration.  Many posts.  Just keep clicking "next page" and you can stay busy for hours.
Another that I haven't had time to fully investigate is Thistlewood FarmsBless'er House has a lot to see and this link shows the before and after of her colonial made fresh but not actually farmhouse.  When there are so many distracting ads I go elsewhere, and many decorating blogs are loaded with them making it hard to navigate.  Most have the subject pages listed under the header and that helps.  Pinterest is still a great source but most times it's only a photo with no information, and I enjoy reading a post about colors and sources.
There was a message in reading some of the sites and that is, just because it is a trend and you like it, does not mean you can live with it.  Don't steer too far away from the style that melts your heart.  Adapt, refresh, maybe lighten, but keep the core of what you love.  Not easy, but neither is getting the entire look when you mix in comfortable upholstered pieces.  Just painting walls white will not allow for the look we see when browsing online, it's much more than that.   I don't want farmhouse, I want lighter, cleaner, austere, a little colonial a little primitive, a lot less clutter.  But viewing these farmhouse style sites gives me ideas and inspiration for rooms that can be adapted and used for either style. 
Mid nineties today, should finish the front deck.
Have a good day!

Jul 14, 2018

The checklist

We all have them.  Mine are rarely reduced.  But this year, oh baby.  Finally have the windows and siding done which was a huge bucket dripping over my head.  I finally made a decision to stay with wood rather than composite for the front deck and to not wait for Sam.
Stain color for it is also chosen although it will be months before the wood will be ready for it.  Decided to scrap the landscaper's ideas for my own and have that in place.  They of course prefer lush and attractive whereas my taste is plain and simple. 
Decided on the style of wainscot and minor trim changes.  CHOSE A WALL PAINT COLOR.  What?  That's right.  CHOSE A WALL PAINT COLOR.  Well, basically I gave up.  It's such a waste of time because until the entire room is painted and all other old colors are covered, the casts and undertones you see are sometimes caused by comparison/reflection.  I knew I didn't want a yellow cast but all others seemed pink.  I found Valspar's Promenade to be very neutral, and also BM's White Dove which was the winner. Lighter than I wanted but so what?  Another waste of time to try these samples for trim work until the walls are done. 
The Brazilian cherry rocker I was lucky enough to purchase many years ago was finally coated in Danish Oil for protection and it looks wonderful.
And of course, Nitzy was apprehended for a vet visit.  Quite a few tasks and decisions checked off my list this summer.
So I'm sitting on the swing this morning while Mark enjoys breakfast at the Italian Home club, and looking at the crow with his empty bucket.  Haven't had rain in over a week and he's patiently waiting for a fill. 
The loon hasn't had any exercise in that same time and is waiting for a breeze so he can enjoy a spin.  Nineties today and seventies overnight may bring a stray storm and both could get their wish. 
Now maybe I can settle myself and stop gorging on chocolate and junk food.  My wings can't spin because of my shoulder (which is improving) and my ankles have never fully recovered from the double sprains, but I must start doing some form of exercise other than moving my lips.  The sweat fest after the wood burning didn't cause a pound to drop because of all the fluids I had to take for replenishing.  But in time, I will lose.  Not quick enough for my summer pants to fit, but that's OK.  It's almost over!  Can't believe mid-July is here and before too long, summer will be gone.  As long as I'm still here to enjoy it next year.  As I get older, that seems to be more important.
Enjoy your weekend!
Thanks for visiting.

Jul 13, 2018

the Nitzy files

I haven't been feeling well at all lately.  Not really eating, barely drinking, very weak.  I've been on the sofa sleeping peacefully since 6:15 yesterday, and at 10:00 am, all hell broke loose.
That long and used to be lanky female, the one with the messy hair, started petting me gently.  I know she took a shower and got all cleaned up, but she still reeked like a lumberyard smokestack.   And not in a good mood, something screamed about not one pair of pants fit her fat ass whatever that is.  The gentle stroking took a startling turn when she suddenly grabbed me off the chair so quickly that I had no opportunity to dig into the fabric.  What the hell is that big thing?  She's putting me inside!!!  NOOOOO!!  What the hell are you doing to me?  I never saw this before and I don't feel well and you're shoving me into this cave?  DON'T SHUT THE DOOR!!  No no no!   I can see out but can't get out and I do not like this one bit.  Let me out or I will wail in my screechy voice!  Oh no.  It's moving.  It's moving!!  I'm flopping around in here trying to get my bearings while sticking paws out between these wires.  This is not good, not good at all.  We're still moving, moving, now what the hell is this?  I usually lay under this big metal box and I do not want to be put inside of it.  But they do anyway and then slam this huge door shut.  And here I am.  A prisoner in a hard box with holes.  What's that noise?  We're moving.  The big metal box is moving!  I'm howling like a banshee and she keeps telling me it will be alright.  Maybe for her!  What could possibly be right about this abduction?  Am I leaving my home?  I've heard her talk about how cruel people are to animals and they drive them somewhere and drop them off.   She sees this stuff on something called facebook and I know she doesn't like it.  I just continue to howl.
It stopped.  Then it would move.  And stop.  Over and over until it stopped for the last time and so did the noise.  They opened that big door and I was so scared, I didn't recognize anything!  Where was I and what were they going to do with me!!   Who is this guy looking at me through the wires?  They're talking about me like I'm not even here.  Oh no they're opening the wire door.  But I don't know where I am and don't want to get out!  She (the formerly lanky and currently smoky) grabs me and holds me while this other guy explains that his assistant was called to her father's death bed so she will have to help.  Help with what?  What are you doing?  Why are you pressing that thing on me?  I have a slight heart problem?  You're grabbing and squeezing me too hard!  Get that fricking light out of my eyes and that stick out of my mouth!  Don't flip me on my back, noooo, no, no, no!!  Why are you doing this?  What's a virus?  Herpes?  Contagious between cats?  So I can pass this to Budman and Missy and probably got it from that huge white cat with the black spots?  But I could have FIV and need blood work next week.  He's talking about all sorts of things for next week.  Let me stay in smokestack's arms and away from this guy.   OWIE what the hell was that?  Did you shoot me?  OW!!  Again?  Who the hell are you man?  Please let me go back into that hard box pleeeease!!   I promise to stop howling!  Good good here we go.  We're leaving.  Wait wait.  Did I hear him say to COME BACK???  You mean those next week things are HERE and I have to do this again???  Ain't happening bro. 
Back into the big metal box and she talked to me the whole time.  I didn't care.  Howling continued because I had no idea what was happening.  But she said we were home. Took me a while once that cave opened to realize my surroundings - home!  I made it!  And she's giving me treats!  I think I better do whatever she wants from now on so I'll eat the damn things.  Then I'll go outside and run far away!  Wait, she picked me up and hugged me.  She's putting me down and opening the door to outside.  She's not trying to hurt me or keep me captive.  Maybe this was a good thing.  Maybe I will just plop down right here by her swing, and stick around.  We'll know in five days if I'll be sticking around for a long while.  Until then, my bum hurts from being shot, but they brought me home.  Home.  I'm a lucky cat.

Jul 12, 2018

The baby on my mind

Months ago as I was leaving a local store, I made it a point to take a peek at the baby as I passed a stroller.   I get so emotional so quickly and I was in tears by the time I reached the doors.  I wondered who he was, did he have two parents, siblings, does he laugh a lot, was he in pain, and thought of him often. Today I received an announcement of a benefit for this same child.  Now I know who he is, and have seen the trauma inflicted to his tiny body by the necessary surgeries. 
The event is this weekend for the little guy and I'm assuming he lives in my township.  Can I go?  No.  I cannot.  I am tearing as I type this.  For some reason my emotions at times, for certain things, cannot be controlled and I certainly do not want to be a moosh moosh around others celebrating this child.  So I will just donate toward the activities or send the family a check.  And I can keep up with his progress and surgeries now that I know more about him.  He has a loving family and siblings, and I feel for the many children with difficulties that do not. 
Sitting quietly this evening.  The hour+ of intense heat from burning the 10 foot long cedar boards was too much and I didn't realize I could develop heat exhaustion.  Did not pass out, but pretty close.  It took a couple hours to stop sweating, even with a cool shower, air conditioning, and icy towels on my neck.  Still have the headache and that stupid Tylenol does nothing.  When will they develop a blood thinner that can be taken with Advil?
Nitzy is locked and loaded inside, tomorrow morning will be very difficult.  He will be crying to go out and I'm sure continue when he is in the carrier.   I hope he will attempt to use the litter box before we leave in late morning.  How this brat will react at the doctor's will certainly not be cordial.


My Annabelle hydrangeas never got to bloom after deer ravaged them the last few years.  This year we have blooms!   The soil is pitiful yet the Limelight hydrangea next to it grows stronger every year.  For some reason the deer always passed it over in favor of Annabelle.  Limelight flowers are massive on very strong stems and the plant is loaded with buds, anxious to see them mature.
Still loving my galvanized bucket covers. 
Mark made another bench, larger with three legs, from the old window trim, and has enough for a small three footer left.  The bottom side of these boards are terrible but won't be seen and does not affect the sturdiness.
The SilverBerry Vista petunia is doing very well and I hope to locate this color next year as a change for the barrels from the Bubblegum pink.  The Amish nursery we visit every year did not have very nice plants but I prefer one color in a pot (not easy to find here) so purchased them anyway.  I cut them back, took off the entire top, and within weeks they were full of buds. 
Mark is tearing off the cedar deck in the front and there is nothing that can be made from those boards.  Horribly decayed and rotted.  Between the deck, the furniture, and the siding, I can't understand why cedar is considered a good wood.  Even with preservative, the log furniture rotted away within 4 years.  My job is to burn the wood as it is removed.
When I got up this morning, Nitzy was sitting in a chair, off the sofa where he had been resting.  He ate a half jar of baby food and cried terribly to go outside.  Improvement!!!  We let him go out and he is sleeping in the shade.  I will make sure he is back inside for tomorrow's appointment. 
Have a great day!

Jul 11, 2018

A big part

of the recent stress has been Nitzy.  He has been going downhill for a week, not wanting to eat, drinking very little, not using the litter box.  He is lethargic enough for me to grab him which I did yesterday and he has been sleeping on the sofa ever since. 

He will allow me to pet him and he'll stretch and purr, no areas are tender at all but he seems to be uncomfortable in certain positions and walking.  He is very thin and stayed around the deck for a few days, I grabbed him several days ago but I didn't know he was sleeping in the litter box right by the door, and he escaped when I came in.  Now that we have him again I got my brother's carrier and called all the local vets.  Friday we will take him in, nothing sooner.  I bought chicken and turkey baby food, he ate half a jar.  He has had conjunctivitis for a few weeks.  Mobile vet has openings next mid-week.  Might be able to squeeze him in tomorrow to a vet very close (less carrier trauma) but she wants $45 for the workup and $150 for an exam, then rabies and other shots before treatment.  They said all told, close to $400 before diagnosis depending on blood work.  Mark thinks there is some improvement this morning.
The other stress is the stupid fricking paint.  I chose the color and bought the paint, started doing a wall and it's pinky peach.  The sample jar was not.  I think especially in lights, the increments of tint are so minuscule that breaking them down for a half pint may not be possible, so they are left out.  Then I compared the large sample chip to the smaller one in the Whites leaflet and there it was.  This color was very peachy in the booklet, but a different shade on the larger.  Back to White Dove, very very light, but neutral.
Here's Farrow and Ball's Shadow White wall and Drop Cloth trim.  Ohhhhhhhh baby.
Sam informed us that he can't come back for some time so we bought what I call a poom poom.  Air compressor nailer.  It will help a great deal when we are screaming at each other as the wainscot goes up.  They are quite loud and will hopefully come on at the same time the obscenities are hurled. 
I noticed my sister is having difficulty breathing again (bonehead will not go to the doc) and my cousin with dementia in MN had Hospice called in.  My cousin in CA that is left side paralyzed from a massive stroke developed a large clot in the groin and was successfully treated, still in rehab for a few more weeks.  Even on "blood thinners" it happened and the dose she is on now is very dangerous.
Hope the week is going well for you!

Jul 9, 2018

The tiny berry

Hi stitching buds.  Things around here have been .... well .... kind of stressed for a number of reasons.  But I did manage to stitch the little berry from Pineberry Lane's Petite Stitches free designs. 
I used 32 count instead of the recommended 36 so it wouldn't be as small but holy bull balls it's still tiny!  In keeping with my bad habit I changed the chart slightly. Do I take a chance that my fat crooked painful fingers will be nimble enough to construct this 1-1/2" design into the tiny whatever you call it?  Sweet little berry on a ribbon? 
Ms Peppercorn was kind enough to leave the Pinterest link for these free designs.
Budman was keeping his cool.  He and I are both having weight issues.
Hope your week goes swell.
Thanks for visiting.

Jul 6, 2018

The new windows

Didn't we just do this?  Yep.  But the replacement sashes have been shipped and they will be replaced next week.  Decision time for the paint.  The longer I wait, the lighter I go.  Can't believe it.  I moved up several shades on walls and trim.  Krissy sending me this photo did not help because .... well .... it's cabinets and good golly I just may do it.  This is the softest white I have seen and of course the same paint would not look like this in my dark north facing kitchen. 
I even saw that Pat Gaddy (http://www.picturetrail.com/oldebittersweetfarm) redid a bedroom and it is Valspar's Clean White and Cloud.  Seems the light movement is upon us.  But the colonial colors are still much loved making the decision difficult.
  Another change is from the paneled walls and vertical board wainscot to painted shiplap.  Yep.  Joanna would be proud.  Horizontal is easier to install and right now, I am all for whatever gets it done.  Sam can't come for a while since he ran into problems with the large restaurant he is remodeling.  We can handle some things until he gets here.  Besides, I am no where near formal so beautifully paneled walls and mouldings would not work as well, especially in small rooms. 
As for stitching, I hate it.  Some days I do not want to pick up that needle.  I still can't figure this out but should not be surprised.  Just because moods have settled somewhat, does not mean my attitudes have.  I saw the little berry from Pineberry Lane in the Petite Stitches freebie and will do that this evening instead of the sampler.  I tried to find it on the website but things have changed.  When I went to PatternMart which has it, my anti-virus blocked the site with a warning. 
Heat is gone and beautiful days ahead. 
Hope all is well with everyone.
Thanks for visiting.

Jul 5, 2018

The absolute final big ass box

Greetings folks.  Hope you all had an enjoyable Fourth of July. 
I almost burned this biggie but decided to offer it after finding a box to fit.  Eliza Pomeroy is 7" tall and 7" wide.  The box with her is a 4" to show size (not included).  Price will be $15 including US shippingSOLD
The last set of corner squares, your choice for the 3", sampler or queen stitch.  High gloss finish on acrylic.  $11 includes US shipping which costs as much as the squares. Sorry for the poor photos, I just can't get a clear image or reduce the glare.  SOLD

Please email if you would like to purchase.
A few samplers are next.
Have a good day.

Jul 1, 2018


Hello people!  Hot hot hot today.  Please tell your idiot neighbors to get their dogs in shade with lots of water.  And if you see a dog in a hot car, some states allow you to break the windows without penalty, many more have the bill pending.  Finally!
A quick note on the comments.  The fix from Jo does indeed work, but I was wrong.  AOL and Yahoo customers will not come through.  The fix is for all comments left, but Google is still snarky about those two carriers.  I saw a comment on the dashboard from Kelley who is AOL and it was not forwarded to email.

Now about those leftovers.  I threw them out, and shortly after retrieved them.  They are from the corner squares I made a while ago.  I do have one last set that I made yesterday to offer but the time involved with cutting and sanding and printing and gluing and spraying isn't worth it.  Also have two 3" singles and after running a cord through the hole, I hung them from a little magnetic hook on my sewing board.  Hmmm.  What if I turned these into magnets?  If it would work, I could attach them to sheet magnets, but most fridges are no longer magnetic.  So before I go through all that, what are your thoughts? 
In another file this morning I found a huge Eliza Pomeroy for a 7"tall and 7"wide box.  The biggest I sold was 6".  Don't even have a shipping box for her.  I don't remember if I made an error or planned to do a set.  Regardless, I hate to see her destroyed.  I may paint this box and offer her.  Hobby Lobby breaks up their sets so I could possibly replace it.  My plan was to cover the large stacking 10" to 5" set with paper, but have not found paper large enough.   The corner square 4", 3", 2" set in the center will be offered also, last one.  The two labels for 6" boxes in the front are in the burn pile, and that will take care of the rest. 
So please let me know your thoughts about making magnets from the last of the squares. 
Should I just throw them on the burn pile?  Maybe only use the sampler bits and not the bargello and queens.  Uh oh.  This usually happens after I write it out.  Decision made.  I will choose only my favorites, and keep them if they don't sell.  
Thanks!  That helped!

Jun 30, 2018

Holy cowpies!

Geez.  I was a few minutes late posting the For SALE page, and I couldn't keep up with marking things as sold!  Thank you so much.  Makes me feel really good that after all this time, you still like the boxes.  Thank you again!
Does anyone want to guess how the stitching is going?  Anyone?  .....  I heard someone shout "frustrating", give that gal a skein of floss!  In my constant attitude of knowing it all, I did not pay attention to the chart.  Usually the space between eyelet letters is two stitches, but these are only one.  Thaaaaaaaat's right.  One.  Not four threads, two threads.  Since I am not sure I will have enough of that color, I had to carefully remove the threads from those big ass letters, instead of my usual snip and pick.  Do you have any idea how that irked me?  Not only did I make the error because of cockiness, I had to be gentle!! 
After viewing several Flosstube videos, I was reminded that just because I don't want any more little pillows or wall pieces, doesn't mean I can't stitch them.  So many stitchers have a hoard of finishes resting in drawers, rolled in cloths, stashed in stitching bags.  So if I see something that I think would be nice to stitch, it doesn't mean I have to honor it for life with a display.  That's a freeing thought.  And it doesn't have to be samplers and santas!!
Enjoy your weekend!  I plan to sit outside and sweat.

Jun 29, 2018

Easier to choose colors

when there are only four.  The top flowers will be 3777, her name is done in 3787, and the alpha will be GAST Soot.  My skein is more blue than gray, used, and I'm hoping there is enough for completion.  The green stem stitch and leaves will be chosen after more is stitched.  Maybe a very light green would look better than what I'm planning, so I'll wait to see. 
 I have several smalls done on very dark linen (my usual favorite), and the designs are not too noticeable because of minimal contrast.  I didn't want that to happen here, and I debated between a lighter tan and this 32 count unbleached Belfast.  After the first row is stitched I will step back and see how this looks before proceeding.
My favorite dark linen pieces had plenty of color for contrast and stand out easily.
Dorothy Allen by R&R and  Barrick Sampler's 1848 (abbreviated). 
Household tips - put your Bar Keeper's Friend (the best thing on earth for stainless steel sinks and pots) in a Parmesan cheese container.  So much easier to use than the canister.
For wood filler and spackling that always dries out, lay plastic wrap (heavier the better) over and press down on to the material to seal. Cleaning the excess from the sides and sealing the material allows it to stay pliable for much longer.

Have a good weekend!

Jun 28, 2018

Saturday sale

These boxes will be for sale starting Saturday at 7pm.  No prior sales.  Will have better photos and prices then. Tall one is 5", round Bugle is 5", 1776 is 4".
The sliding lid wood hearts have white wool in the red ones, and red velvet in the white ones.
This is an older 4" box, with the rough paint finish in black, and a printed fabric REALLY primitive label.
Details Saturday.  Mainly because right now, I can't think clearly.   
Have a good day.

Jun 27, 2018

A fix that works

Greetings everyone.  Hope your week is going well, I know it's going fast!  Just wanted to mention that I tried the other comment fix found on Jo's blog (here) and it works perfectly.  Thank you Jo!  My first attempt failed because I did not Save after deleting my email but when I went back and did it correctly, it not only works but brings the Yahoo and AOL comments through which I didn't get before. 
Thanks for the suggestions and links and help with my curtain search.  Vermont Country Store does indeed offer some of the most popular curtains from Country Curtains.  Jane's Plain and Simple are not muslin, but an easy care blend of the style I have now and come with tiebacks.  Decisions decisions. 
Why stitch a reproduction if I am going to change it?  Because I can.  And for most of them, I do not care.  She had her shot and made it the way she preferred, now it's my turn.  The larger samplers like Lucy Redd and Sally Fiske have only minor color changes but a small piece like Ann Greanawalt, quite a few.  On a higher count linen, Ann would do nicely on a hornbook style mount, but I may move the top flowers directly above her name and abandon the top alphabet.  Perfect for a door or knob hanger size.  We'll see.  The other change?  I picture it stitched in faded blue (like GAST Uniform Blue) with rusty red flowers.  Again, too many colors is distracting to me.  The more I envision it my way, the more enticing it is to pick up that needle.
I hope to have the velvet inserts done today in the little heart boxes and will offer them this weekend with the last three sampler boxes.  Yesterday was such a fudged up day I wanted to scream.  But Mark said it would not be much higher of a pitch than my usual speech. 
Have a good day!!

Jun 25, 2018


Seems to be the current trend.  I visited Sharon's blog (Moosecraft) and then checked her sale (EBAY) and was impressed with how much she's letting go.  Then I clicked completed listings and saw even more that already sold.  She's not the only one from what I'm reading on many blogs.  It's hard.  But sometimes freeing.  And necessary. 
At this current time, I don't even want my samplers on the walls.  Never felt like this before but maybe it's the aftermath of a wicked menopause.  The hot flashes are less frequent, the moods have leveled to a more consistent bitchiness, and I now need a panty liner everyday.   My tastes have changed, but from something I've enjoyed most of my life?  Why the hell are all these little pillows everywhere?  Everywhere!  If I gather them to fill a bowl I only see the ones in the front so they're spread around almost outnumbering the empty foils from Dove.  I know the alphabet, do I really need to see it over and over?  Good golly Miss Meno what has happened to you!!  How could you take a perfectly unpleasant hyperactive skinny female and turn her into a big hipped nasty sloth that needs a pad?  She used to wear nice clothes and lots of bracelets, now she wears stretchy pants and oversized t shirts.   Wake up girl!
My surroundings needing to be serene and clean and sparse has been coming for a long time.  Baskets and drieds from beams, loads of dusty looking wood pieces, quilts and throws and pillows, walls filled with shelves and dookies, have slowly been removed.  I've admired a shaker look and sparse decorating for some time now and maybe that has nothing to do with the menobeast.  I feel like a change is needed and everyone goes through that.  The beast years probably held me back with the moods and lack of focus.  The plan is for everything to come down and go into bins.  When the painting is done and furniture is replaced, only then will I know what will come out. 
There are a few items I know I no longer want and selling off will come soon.  Ebay?  Or here?  A few books and a few stitcheries.  But I know more will be coming.  Charts I will never do for sure.  Just have to decide if it would be best to do it all at one time.  Probably. 
Better buy another bin.

Have a good day folks.

Jun 24, 2018

The final box

One of my favorites from all the freebies I've charted and offered.  And I gave it away, so I plan to stitch it again.   I may keep this box for myself, but after a friend chooses her gift from these four, I will offer the rest.  Probably the same time as the wooden heart boxes.  I though it would look good with a grayish blue box and if another one shows up in one of my piles, I'll try it.  But I think I've exhausted the inventory.
The last week of June.  AUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jun 23, 2018

Button button

who wants a button?

If anyone is interested, this group of 20 Christmas buttons is $12 including USA shipping.

These two cards are from 1988 and I'm assuming the design is named at the top.  December Snow Lady and April Snowman.  I can't find either chart and they are way OOP.  If you have them, here's your buttons!  If not, they can be used on other designs.

These two cards are $8 including USA shipping.

The Leisure Arts hard cover Christmas books are going to the library.  I asked about Media shipping and was told I could not because I am not a business.  I'll try a different post office.  Remember the mail carrier I had that refused to mail my items and delivered to the wrong houses?  I am happy to say she is no longer my carrier.  She got a promotion.  Go figure.

Anyway, before the library gets them I am offering them for the Priority medium box rate of $13.50 ($14 with Paypal) USA, you can have all four.  One book has the Postman Santa

 One book has the Postman Santa.  They are in excellent shape.  Each has the date and note of the gift written on the first page, all to Pat from Ron (brother and SIL).  Email if interested please.
I will offer 5 of the little heart boxes soon, three red and two white.
Enjoy your day!

Jun 22, 2018

Just muslin please

County Curtains is no longer.  So I started searching online for rod pocket top natural muslin curtains.  Etsy featured a lot, in dark prints.  Doesn't look like natural muslin to me.  I have a full bolt of Osnaburg which is a great fabric for curtains, but darker and flecked.  I want unbleached muslin.  So far, no luck in my search and since they would be very easy to sew by machine, I will probably make them.  I found a few styles other than my usual plain & simple with angled hems and higher ties.  Rather than spend the time and money to make a sample, I just used the Paint program to crudely envision the look.

My standard has always been the far left and will probably continue to be but the center style is something to think about.  The prairie style on the right looks a little too country for my taste, but after transferring that section to all windows in a full photo, they look pretty good.  So another decision needs to be made but not for a while.  My old sun-worn curtains will go back up for now.  The only problem with the prairie style is the need for lining.  Hemming an angle such as this would not go quickly and I'm sure I would have problems.  But making them myself would allow me to customize this style.  Plenty of time to think about it which is never a good thing.
Spending a quiet and very cool day on the laptop gathering photos to show Sam.  Much easier than trying to explain what I would like.
And a bit of good news.  I mentioned a while ago that Carole's friend's son was an addict and not able to find help without insurance.  I did a little digging (no idea why people can't do this on their own) and found a source for him to investigate.  He has been in treatment since June 4 and doing well, four more weeks before release. His drug use did not start with opioids, it started with weed and cocaine, as did his friends and most others we know of.  Wanting help is crucial for recovery, but his wife and kids are not interested in supporting him.  This has been going on for years, and most recently several Narcan saves.  He has stolen and lied and manipulated far past their tolerance level and there is no going back.  His own father gave up and could not take the continual stress of wondering if his son will die this day, hurt someone, go to jail, or be killed.  I hope he has the strength to accept this and continue recovery for himself.   
Have a great start to your weekend.  Give out more hugs!

Jun 21, 2018


Hello folks!  Thank you for all the birthday wishes and greetings.  There were 82 entries in all, just as many emails as comments.  After my arthritic fingers typed in all those names, scrambled and numbered, Diane Dotsko was the name matched to the number chosen.  She entered by email so I can notify her directly.  Thanks everyone!  I was surprised at the number of entries, maybe I should make a few more boxes!
I plan to take it easy tomorrow.  The staining is completed, now to put the deck back in order and replant a few flowers that were slightly damaged.   Window interiors need painted but I plan to take a few days to myself.  No more running back and forth for paint samples and painting test boards.  We did have to make several more trips to Sherwin Williams, though.  The original estimate we were told of 13 gallons ended up being 23!!

Thanks again for participating in the offer.  Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Jun 20, 2018

On a roll

Decision!!!  Urban Putty (Sherwin Williams) for the largest room which will have higher wainscot.  Just a little darker than the walls, very neutral, I want the wood to stand out without taking over the room.

The old dining room (very small) will be Bleeker Beige (a Benjamin  Moore color mixed by Sherwin Williams), the color on the top left.

And a little darker Windsor Greige (Sherwin Williams color on the top right) for the parlor trim.  All walls will be the same Sherwin Williams Neutral Ground #7568 but in Behr Marquee.
Neutral, light, still colonial, but could be farmhouse or anything else.
Except for the wall color, all were mixed by Sherwin Williams in satin finish.  I prefer Marquee from Behr but their interpretation of these colors was too yellowish and darker.
Happy dance.
To prove how nuts I am about moulding and color, when Rose was running through the ship screaming for Jack, most people were focused on the rushing water and perilous situation.  I was admiring the moulding and paint on the walls. 
I couldn't wait for another scene in the first class passengers' hallway.
Sam would be able to recreate this look with perfection as would his brother.   Without caulking!
Have a good one.

Jun 19, 2018

Blast from the past

So what could I offer for my birthday giveaway?  I wasn't pleased with the large berry.  Something about it screamed big ass to me.

I didn't like the way the journals refuse to lie flat.  You can't trust paper mache.

 So it will be one of my boxes.

You have your choice of the Mary Antrim 4" tall round,
or the 5" round Bugle Boy.
I think this is my favorite label of the dozens I've done.
Your choice of one box and inside will be the little wood heart box.  The lid pivots on a wooden dowel in the base.  Red velvet bottom.  This is the interior of the 5".  I have no idea why I lined it with script.  The 4" is not.
Both are aged and primitive, waxed and buffed.
Here's the problem.  I am getting comments emailed except for those with AOL or Yahoo email addresses, and anyone Google+.  I wanted to congratulate Karen on her Weight Watcher goal but can't even view her profile because I am not Google+.  So I will need to check this actual page for entries but you can also email me direct to participate.
I will draw a name on Thursday evening at 10 pm.  Please include your initials (especially for anonymous), specify Mary or Bugle in your entry, and check Friday for the winner.  I cannot email 99% of you.
Sorry, USA only.
That's all folks!
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