Dec 31, 2017

Not running as fast as my nose

Hello friends.  My progress on Ellen Ford has not been what I had hoped.  My pounding head allows for very brief periods of stitching.  I am not crazy about the green and wish I would have used 830 instead.  As you can see, I changed direction of the stitches on the large Hershey Kiss crown's left side.  Usually it is not noticeable on 40 but it is this time.  Once I get to the house at the bottom, I will do the first half of the stitch horizontal and the second half vertical.  Makes for a really nice even fill with my tension issues. 
Since this 40 count is so sheer (as you can see from the white paper beneath) I have been careful with the back side's tails.  Pretty darn neat! 
Mark is going to Carole's soon and I am watching trucks run up and down the road with radioed dogs running all over the yards.  I have the cats in and am afraid to let them out.  PA doesn't allow hunting on Sunday but we think they are running coyotes. 
Poor Nitzy is very sick and after calling an emergency vet place in Ohio, they said his symptoms are almost surely from poisoning.  He was perfectly fine 12 hours before.  We can't really get near him but are keeping him in the house and comfortable, which is what they recommended.  He does seem to be a little better today and drank a tiny bit of water.  Hoping he can recover but if he worsens, we will not allow him to suffer.
Regular programming back on Hallmark tomorrow!!  I wish they would switch Frazier with Golden Girls.  Just can't get enough of that endearing yet pompous ass.
I hope you all have a wonderful 2018, the joy to celebrate the good things, and the strength to weather the bad. 
Happy New Year everyone!

Dec 30, 2017


I guess it's time to look back and see what projects were completed in 2017.  I am still in shock that the Y2K question was 18 years ago.  So hard to understand the passing of time, when some incidents seem like yesterday, and others decades ago.  I guess that depends on our emotional attachment to them.
I received a card and coaster from Krissy.  The card is Lori's (Notforgotten Farm) and will be kept for display.  Love it. 
The coaster's line is something I have been considering.  Watching carbs works, but when I slip, it's more like falling off a moving train.  What did I get from my family?  A pound box of melt-aways which after a week, have mysteriously disappeared and left behind little brown paper cups.  Lots of them.  All empty.  How could this be?   
 I wrote to thank Krissy and informed her that the laugh-your-ass off diet does not work, unless you count bladder leakage as a pound.
Since I am now sick either from the shopping day or the sadists at therapy, I have cancelled our New Year's Day slider fest.  Tomorrow we will (hopefully) go to Carole's and try the cranberry meatballs, candy bacon, and all the other goodies she has prepared.  All I am to bring is the "funeral" potatoes.  Hate that name.  LOVE those fricking potatoes.  If I am not up to it, Mark already has a list of what to put in the box I am sending for my pleasure.
Have a safe and happy new year!

Dec 28, 2017


Greetings folks.  We had no problem exchanging the tool set at Sears.  On to Macy's!  I miss having that store local.
Trying on coats there created some concerned looks.  An old lady with wild hair and gray roots kept grabbing her left arm and wincing in pain.  When I grab my arm in pain I also bend over as if I'm ready to hurl.  I'm not sure if the other shoppers were concerned about that or if I was having a heart attack.  After several attempts, even with his help, I had to stop.
  While Mark was watching TV in another room, I tried on an older coat (younger days, thinner hips) and happened to get stuck.  First of all, it was too small, and trying it on with a sweatshirt beneath was just .. well... stupid.  The delicate maneuver of slipping the bad arm in at the same time as the good one without his help failed, and the coat somehow ended up stuck on my head and covered my face.  I could not lower either arm because my head took up all the slack in the coat, nor could I raise the arms any higher to release the tension.  I started to panic and ran around with a full length coat covering my face while signaling a touchdown.  Not quite up all the way, may be called for a review, more like a cheerleader signaling the V for victory.  Mark looked at me as usual with that "what the hell" look on his face.  Couldn't pull it off the arms without breaking my neck, couldn't pull it off my head without breaking my arms.  I started laughing so hard, and although the bathroom was close, it was an unattainable goal.   
In case you ever see a woman signaling a touchdown with a coat covering her face and head, grab the hem and pull it up over the head to release the victim.  If she has claustrophobia, expect a panic until the coat is completely removed.
I'm taking several Tylenol and going back in to score today.

Dec 27, 2017


Hello all.  I'm sorry.  I didn't intend to boo-hoo or appear to be exploited.  It was just an example of a typical gifting session in this family.  I am 13 and 10 years younger than siblings, and the only one with technology skills although limited.  When asked if I have children, I answer yes, a 79 and 76 year old.  Many of you wonder why I put up with being the go-to efficient one in the family.  Because I am.  Rather than deal with endless phone calls of inquiries about stores, online offers, reviews, payments, and the constant issues with using technology, it's much quicker to do it myself.  But I am also Type A (well.. used to be but fading fast) and get a kick out of finding fabulous bargains with precision, exactly what is needed.  The frustration is because their requests are incorrect.  Carole is a Food Network junkie and her prior years gifts were for items she saw being used and just had to have, but when received, not at all what she expected.   This year, she was happy.
My brother the perfectionist doesn't even have internet service.  He prefers basics and donates a little too much to organizations every month.  The problem with him is, he obsesses.  I am on the phone for close to an hour at least once a day listening to the same thing over and over and over.  He has enough in his house for several antique stores (which he and my SIL planned to open before her second cancer diagnosis).  He's at the point of wanting to keep and display it all, which is creating quite a space problem.  Unfortunately, I cannot reason with him to get rid of the many items that are prefect for flea markets and vintage shops, and just keep his (too) many favorite collections.  If he passes before me, it would take me years to go through it all, literally.  And every item is spotless, clean, not a defect in sight.  Being the only family left, I do what I can and accept their faults, all the while reminding them that I have none.
 That information is always well received.
I received a sparkling gift from Catherine (I Love to Stitch).  She makes these light catching ornaments with tiny beads, mine is red, and I love it.  Thank you Catherine!
 We took a ride around the area called teacher's woods (most residents retired teachers), a development with huge beautiful homes.  The theme this year was outlining the dramatic roof lines with what appeared to be large white bulbs in a clear tube.  Absolutely perfect alignment so I doubt the bulbs were wire strung.   We may go riding in another exclusive area tomorrow before the displays are taken down.  But it is SO cold!!
We did have an icy dusting of snow Christmas Eve and temperatures are predicted to stay very low for a while. 
Since our mall lost its stores, a trip to Macy's and others is planned today since we have to drive into Ohio to exchange the tool chest anyway.  I can't believe Sears shipped this chest with obviously missing parts and a total mess inside. I still have difficulty dressing with my shoulder problem so trying on a few items may not be feasible.  I missed out on all the bra sales because of it.  You know I've had mishaps in dressing rooms before.  But this is minor and not even a blip on a screen compared to others so I'll accept the limitation and smile in pain.
I am having more difficult a time than I expected with the 40 count linen and had to remove many stitches to reach errors.  I was coming up one linen thread over instead of two, noticeable when looking over the work but not while that row was being stitched.  I need to go much slower than usual and that's OK because it is a small project, but I would never attempt a complicated or large design on 40.  Who am I kidding?  I wouldn't attempt them on 30 count either.
Hope the week goes well and you stay warm and safe. 
Please pick up any strays that you may see in cold temps and take them to shelter.

Thanks for visiting.

Dec 26, 2017

Gifting, schmifting

And so this is family ....

Carole - Could you find a nice pair of golf shoes for Chris?  His are in terrible shape and really beat up.
Carole - Could you get a good headlamp for Chris?  He could use one when going out to the shed or cleaning snow at night.
Carole - In answer to your question, yes, Chris could definitely use a new ShopVac.  His is missing a leg and very old.
Carole - Could you order Mexican jumping beans for Tyler?  I know he would love them and even though you told me they only live a few months and require care that he won't give, order them anyway.  They'll be alive I'm sure.
Carole - Could you order a boy's youth watch that is digital and has other features?  Not expensive cause he is reckless and not cartoony because he is getting older.
Carole - Could you order a Thomas & Friends mini car track?  No one is getting one for little Matt.
Carole - Could you order sleeping bags for the kids that have characters for the head pillow?  She likes Minnie and Peppa, he likes Thomas and Dash.
Carole - Could you order the tool set from Sears on sale for 199.99?  Just found out that's what Matt wants and that's the only one at that price.
Carole - I know you already bought the little ones clothes but they really need snow boots.  I can't stand seeing them in the snow with those old shoes and you always buy their shoes, know how to get a bargain, and you can order online because there is probably nothing left in stores since it is TWO DAYS BEFORE CHRISTMAS.
Carole - Could you tell Chris that I want a small bird feeder for the back window?
Carole - Could you tell Chris that I want a steamer instead of an iron?  A good one?
Carole - This is the wrong tool set.  Hmm.  Must have two for that price.  Could you carry these 340 pieces of metal in a case back to a store, hold it while waiting in line for customer service, and get the 450 piece one?  Are you going to therapy today?
Chris - Will you find a small feeder for me to give mom?
Chris - Will you find or order a steamer for me to give mom?
Brother - Could you look for insulated underwear that are heavyweight and all cotton waffle weave?  All my others are large because they shrink so even though I am skin and bones, order the large if you find them.  If you have coupons.  And they're on sale.  With free shipping.  Dark, not white.

And so this is Christmas...

Chris - Mom was wrong. I have two ShopVacs that I won in golf tournaments and the big one from Dad.  Matt's is missing a leg, not mine.  I don't need another one.
Chris - Mom was wrong. I have several of these headlamps, powerful bright ones, from work and the fire department.  One in the house, one in my car, one in the shed, and a brand new one.  I don't need another one.
Chris - Mom was wrong. I have two pairs of golf shoes.  Neither leak.  They may be beat up but they are comfortable.  I don't need another pair.

Carole - Only one of the beans are jumping!  The other ten are dead. 
Carole - Grandma bought him a BIG Thomas the Train track with cars and a big train that jumps.  He won't want this small one.
Carole - They don't want to smash Minnie's/ Dash's face on the sleeping bags. They won't put their heads on the faces.
Carole - Tyler didn't like the watch because he wanted one like his dad has. So the hours you spent looking for a non-cartoony youth's watch with a camo band were for what I wanted him to have and not what he wanted.
Carole - The 450 pieces in the tool set are all over the place.  Nothing is in its place, there is a piece missing, and the pivoting doors to hold the drawers in place are missing from the chest.  I certainly can't carry something this heavy so you'll have to drive 40 minutes and exchange it for another.
Carole - I love my birdhouse and this is a nice steamer!

Brother - Holy moly these large are enormous.  I threw the bags away and cut the tags off, didn't realize they were this huge.  Can't wear them.  Take them back?  Are they still on sale, with a coupon, and free shipping, to order a smaller size?

Me - to one and all, get out of my house. 

And so this is stitching ...


Dec 23, 2017

Wishing you

 Merry Christmas
may it be blessed and joyous

Dec 19, 2017

The colors of Ellen Ford

I've received several emails regarding colors of Ellen and the DMC equivalents to the Gentle Arts Simply Wool.  Here ya go.  From what I found online, these are the DMCs...

Harvest Basket is 612
Grecian Gold is 733
Forest Glade is 937
Dried Thyme is 3051

Two I could not find and just went by the photos
Chocolate - I chose 3021
Driftwood - I'm using either 640 or 3032

Since I had Dried Thyme from another project I am using it.  The GAST Buckeye Scarlet, I ordered because it is the main pop of this piece and simply gorgeous.  An equivalent was hard to find because most of DMC reds are cool (pink or blue) based and the GAST looks warm (yellow or orange).  The closest DMC I found in my Stitcher's Color Guide of actual (but old) samples is 817, it's a little lighter but the same tones.   I thought it would be 304 but that was way off, much too pink.
That's all I got!  I hope this helps.  They are what I found and am using but doesn't mean they are the only options. 
I came from therapy with a pounding headache and neck strain.  He really hurt me today and I feel it to the top of my head.  No pain, no gain.  But I am concerned with my neck problem and the reaction to this therapy.  I can't take Advil any more because of the switch to Eliquis and Tylenol does nothing for me.
As for my nephew's rip-off, he paid cash.  No recourse.  I found the owner's name which is common and there are several in this area.  I am letting it go mainly because there is nothing I can do.  They already have a bad rating (not members of the BBB either) and don't even care that people posted on the shop's Facebook page about receiving wrong items and not being allowed to return.  Maybe this guy is a real a-hole and will make me even more angry, so let it go, even though $56 is a lot to lose.
In a few days, they will be getting longer!  Good news!  Can't wait until spring.
Enjoy your day!
Thanks for visiting.

Dec 17, 2017

Out damned spot

Hello people.  How was the weekend?  Next week at this time, Christmas Eve!  As we say every year - already???  Yes.  And my sister is driving me nuts about gifts.  I have to search online, find best price, order, find in store, or pick up in store.  I hope tomorrow is the last day of this.
After much deliberation with an old lady who can't make a decision, and kept leaving the room to open a door for air, then going for another chocolate covered pretzel, searching for her water bottle, making bathroom trips (quickly!), letting cats in and out, and then finally pulling out all the linen in the 35/40 count drawer, I decided on the newest piece of 40 count.  That lady can sometimes be a royal pain in the ass.
The 40 count piece is WDW in Beige and so much thinner and softer than other colors I have.  Way too wimpy for me but I did not want to send it back for another try.  I used Mary Ellen's Best Press about five times to give it more body. 

This evening I thought I would have some time to get back to it and when I opened the Magma, I noticed a black spot half way down that was not there before.  I have no idea what it is.  The flower will be in that spot so I'm hoping it will cover it, if not, it's close enough to it to not be noticed. 
This Buckeye Scarlet GAST is fabulous.  What a glorious red!  I did buy a skein of the red wool to use for either the lions or the house but that won't work on 40 count.  I had a lower count piece but didn't want the sampler too large, and I'm still having issues with two threads on 32 count being heavy, and one being not enough.
Monday is a day filled with many stops and stores to visit, hoping to accomplish my goal.  Mark will drive since I can't turn my head without pulling my shoulder, and drop me off at the door which will save time.
I hope your week gets off to a good start.
Thanks for visiting!

Dec 15, 2017

Thumbs up!

Julia emailed to tell me about a solution to my thumb issue. 

Unbeknownst to me, there are finger covers for quilters called Quilter's Tips.  That brand is flexible plastic and one size for all.  The are meant to allow for a better hold on fabric and small pieces.
Another is Finger Cots sold in S, M, and L.  On searching, I found that these latex tips are available in 144 count boxes for cheap (medical category).  They do look like mini condoms, no?
I thought this may be the answer but with no where to purchase locally and not wanting to wait for shipment, I pulled out the box of latex gloves.  I use them for hair and linen dyeing, painting, detergent waters, and now ... stitching!  And from now on, a full finger or open ended piece will be keeping bandaids on whenever I have a cut.  Perfect.
The thumb was not snug so I cut off a smaller finger and it hasn't moved a bit.  It's not that my finger's soreness will be any better when stitching but I don't have to be concerned that the needle will enter the split, or be caught in a bandaid.  The ointment and covering are secure and the latex not only protects but gives me a good grab on the needle.  Thank you so much Julia!!  I may use this even after healing.
Since I thought today was Saturday, and it wasn't, I get to have two Saturdays.  Big deal.  My big outing was riding along when Mark drove Carole to her Christmas party and getting a pizza on the way home.  Can't even drive with this shoulder/arm. 
Have a good weekend!

A Simple Life

Greetings to one and all.  Just a quick post to offer you the newest issue of A Simple Life.  Sneak peak is here
It is more pioneer style, early, and not me.  I will mail it out for postage (US only) and that should be $5.00 for 13 oz First Class  (4.50 plus .50 in Paypal Fees).   I was surprised to see that the regular size flat rate Priority Mail envelope is now $6.65!
If you'd like this issue mailed in a manila envelope, let me know by email, link at top right. 
I have many back issues I no longer want to store and hate to recycle them, not sure but I may Ebay them for a very reasonable price. 
 Email link is top right for the newest issue.
Have a great Saturday!

Dec 13, 2017

Tap...tap ....tap

Hello?  Becky J?  Hope to hear from you soon.  Click the postcard at right to email me.

Kelly, can't reply to you.  I did not stitch the Santa pillow (Postman), he was a gift from my SIL.  I'm not that patient!
Just because she is a queen, someone decided that tree will be hers, not Bud's. 
She didn't want to give up the spot, so was sleeping while sitting.  She finally got down to grab some chow, and ...

There seems to be a little war going on.  I think I will need a bigger table.

We have a local Cycle Shop that carries parts and my nephew went down WITH the bulb that needed replaced.  She brings out two Honda bulbs for $56 for his Polaris, and he assumed they were cross referenced since she was holding the original bulb.  They were not, and do not fit.  He took them back and the bitch (manager) said "read the fine print, no returns".  But it was your mistake!  Too bad.  They will not refund his money.  I am so PO'd.  They don't care if they are wrong, or if what they are doing is against the consumer protection laws.  So what do you do?  Hire an attorney for $56?  Write an editorial in the paper about their service?  They already have a bad reputation and have done this to others.  Live and learn I guess, they will get away with it.
Last night started like this..
and ended this morning like this...

On top of that, therapy was brutal.  Needless to say, the snark has landed.
Hope your day has some sunshine.
And chocolate.
Becky - hope all is well - please contact me.

The Budman simplicity

 Bud.  The last lonely tree waiting patiently for ornaments, probably the dried oranges from Monahan.  Bud thinks it's fine as is.  We both feel the need for simplicity this year.
For those of you that like Yankee Candles, today only, large candles are 5 for $55.  Another nice gift for hostess or exchange.  They go really fast and a lot of fragrances are already sold out.
He's telling Missy to get out of the cold as she waits for entrance.  See her little ears in the center?  She is so small.  They are both in now, Nitiot (Nitzy) is still roaming and doesn't usually come in until night.  Their condos are in the garage with the litter and he gives me a hard time every day, having to chase him out.  He runs and hides knowing we will not try to pick him up.  Weird he is.
 And just to show you how unsettled and indecisive I am, for the third time, the mantel  changed.  I am needing simplicity and just can't take all the small items scattered around.  I had to wear gloves to protect the thumb, except for the feathers.
The boys were moved to a small cupboard top and I will add a few greens later.
Lots of errands today, before the snow comes.  In case I haven't mentioned it before, I hate winter.  Just so you know.
Enjoy your day!

Dec 12, 2017


that took a while!  For the first time, I had more email entries than comment entries.  The name chosen is Becky J.   I can't contact you Becky so please email me with your request, I'm assuming it will be 123Stitch since that is where your wishlist is! 
Thanks everyone for participating, hoping you all have a wonderful Christmas or holiday you celebrate.
I believe this ornament was a free chart but I can't remember.  Hope I still have it in my bulging file. 
Still no stitching, my thumb crack will not heal regardless of lotion and medicated creams.  Extended more today with more bleeding, just can't hold a needle.  I may go to Urgent Care and see if they will use the glue on it.  Thought I could buy it but haven't found it yet. 

This Santa has a beard of knots, really hard to tell from the photo.  The last several years' favorites were the slim, mostly PS Santas, but this year the rolly polly guys are making me smile.  Not sure whose he is because I sold/gave away most of them.
 Have a good evening!

Dec 11, 2017


Found another one.  I have no idea how she reached them hanging from a wall sconce but she sure did ruin them.  Since it's turned cold and snowy, the brats have decided the house is a good place to be, as long as we don't touch them.  Bud likes to sit on my lap, and I can sometimes scratch the other two, but that is not the norm.  I would like to order a cat tree for them but they are so filthy that I must have a cover over those carpeted rests.  I'm not sure Big Bud would even fit from what I've seen in the stores.  Seriously.  They love their cardboard boxes, maybe we can rig a stand for them.
I don't know where this came from but found another Santa, this one on teal linen.  Must be from my SIL.  Using brighter colors (especially teal) would not be an option for me, but to my surprise I love him.  Who would think that a bland, raw, unbleached, natural kind of gal would fall in love with aqua-man?  They say the older we get the more we need color, in clothing, shoes, cars, jewelry.  Why is that?  So our failing eyesight can see it?  To attract butterflies?  To stand out in a crowd when we get lost?  To keep us awake and alert?  Maybe a little color in our stitching would be a good thing.
I'm going for a pair of glasses after therapy tomorrow and wanted something a little larger which seems to be the style.  I chose a square-ish thin black frame and everyone likes the thick rounded tortoise shell ones that are smaller.  Not sure about that. 
Have a good day folks.

Dec 10, 2017

The Meander Hill tree

Julia sent me a photo of her tree that she had Meander ship to her last year.  I haven't been there for a month and want to go back and get that tree!!

She has some of the same vintage ornaments that were my mom's.  Still have a few.

A sale on For SALE

Greetings.  I have reduced the prices of the remaining pieces on the For SALE tab if anyone is interested.  Forgot all about them until finding them today and cut the prices quite a bit.
And I forgot to say when the giveaway ends.  Tuesday Dec. 12 at 8pm EST.  I've actually received more email entries than comments.  Some of you have mentioned that the posts are no longer sent to your emails.  I use the Reading List on Google for Blogger but have noticed that I am not receiving updates for quite a few sites.  And they are down at the bottom under "hidden blogs".  If I miss a day or two and want to catch up, there is no where to click "see more blogs" and I can't view past today.  Maybe because I am a Google+ holdout.  If you aren't receiving updates, just enter your email again in the right column.

While dusting the little parlor I found my Simply Wool skein in shreds along with several 221 cordings that I keep on hand for Santas.  That little sneak must have been in there.


It snowed.  Just a little.  But enough to tick me off.
Until I sat this Santa on the cupboard ledge I forgot about the Guardian Bells and what a great little gift they make.  When something is there all the time, you kind of absorb it and don't notice it anymore.  The same thing happens with messy rooms, after living in them for a while, they become acceptable!
Have a good one!

Dec 9, 2017

Christmas offer for you

Time for the annual gift certificate.  As before, you can choose 123Stitch, Anita's Little Stitches (great accessories and scissors) or any other shop that offers gift certificates.  The gift is $30.00 (USD).  You can purchase the usual charts/threads, but since it is a gift, choose something for a treat.  An accessory or dookie or scissor that you would not have bought for yourself. 

Enter on this post only and please include your last name or email.  With everyone being no-reply and many having the same first name, it will help me a lot!  You can also enter by email by clicking this link
Good news!  I found the other Kogut Santa.  He was in another box of stitchery I completely forgot about, including the checkered stag.  He is now in his rightful place in the Santa hutch.
I still get requests for the Postman Santa source.  It is the old hard cover Leisure Arts book titled Christmas Portraits.  They come up on EBay and Amazon once in a while.
Another of my favorites, the ho ho ho design, was also in the box along with several others not shown here.  How many more can I stitch?  It's getting to the point that I don't know where to place them and with simplifying more each year, maybe it's time to stop.

As every year, my exterior decorating is about an minimal as can be, but I feel it goes with the house.  If you've seen it in prior years, it's not much different.  Pretty easy to buy bunches of greens and just stick them inside of a tub.   I don't use velvet ribbon, usually jute upholstery webbing with the red stripe.  This year, I chose cranberry burlap on a roll and just knotted it. 
The contractor was here this morning with estimates for labor only, no materials.  I was very surprised at the hourly rate, but hired him on the spot after years of waiting for someone to work with us.  Well worth it.

I not only rearranged decorations, but also the beat up furniture from the family room.  Replaced with the parlor's pieces.  Not comfortable.  But glad I did because the material on the sofa allowed me to see that I can not live with a pattern.  I need subdued, not at all the fabrics I had chosen for a new purchase.
Hope you have a great start to the weekend.

Dec 7, 2017


I am enjoying the photos of Christmas decorating and stitchery, but not seeing as much as I would like.  I want to see more of yours! 
Here's more of my constantly changing and rotating items.
The only gourd I have from my painting days.
Where three Santas once rested. Anna Eliza Abe from Threads of Gold, a PS Santa, and Lucy Redd on the wall.

A beat up piece I found that now sits on top of the old table I use as a desk, with gifted stitchery except for the bottom needleroll.  It looks dusty inside the letter slots but it's not, just very dull wood.

The boys on the mantle (Birds of a Feather OOP) with some PS'ers. Country Sampler Stacy Nash club's Peacock Peacock hangs with the star.  On top the box is a gift from Shirlee (FOUR years ago!) stitched on osnaburg, but can't remember the design name.  I really like stitchery on that fabric and should use it more often.
Had enough?

Dec 6, 2017


Kogut's Primitive Santa is missing but I doubt if its in action, he is just sleeping somewhere.  This has happened with other pieces only to find out I had a giveaway and it's gone.  Did I?  Am I wasting my time searching because he has left home?  I doubt that I gave him up but have no idea what happened to him.

Santa cupboard.

 I moved a few of the guys around which may happen again.   Which will happen again.  Count on it.

 Teresa Kogut's Country Santa hangs on the cupboard's bottom door.  I love this finish.
Similar to the free from The Primitive Hare that is another favorite here.  I've seen quite a few of these with red over dyed threads, really really nice. 
It looks like the top left Santa is in a barrel but there is a wooden container of some sort in front of him.

Note to Deborah H. (Hi!) - sorry, you are no-reply and I can't contact you.
The boys at the top of the page are OOP from Birds of a Feather.  Individual 4x6 cards for each one, Red Santa, Green Santa, Black Santa, and Gold Santa.  

Let's see what I change tomorrow!  Hopefully I will still be able to move after therapy.


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