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Henry VI

Two charts for a two sided ornament or needle book,
or combined as shown.

God Bless our Home - Polish

Several changes were made since the original posting of this chart.  My apologies.  I learned that the Ls need to have a slash, and I also changed the bottom.

Skinny Mini Sampler
color graph
b/w chart can be downloaded HERE.

Please click on the photo/graph to open in new window, then right click to print full page.

Note the eyelet row on the second page is one thread off from other stitches in order to be centered.  Start the row by centering the eyelet stitch beneath the last stitch of the border above it and work out from there.

The top of this page includes the last few rows from page one and begins with the eyelet row.



 Use a darker or unbleached linen, if not, change 1776 to the blue or 680 gold.

Miniature Sampler 2

 Stitched over two threads.

Miniature Sampler 1

Stitched over two threads.

Gold Star

Heart of Gold

 October Moon x 2

Sweet Liberty

 Had a request for the one with waves.  926 should be their color.

Bold Heart 

I you

Change the berries to red and the quilt star to your choice.

 Print full page

Needle keep or roll

Size will depend on linen count. Stitch count is 82 x 32.
I used 28 count (or something close) and finished size of the keep was 2 1/2" x 5 1/2".

Sampler Bag or Needle roll

Merry Christmas

Forgive Sampler


Sandy Hook

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