Feb 28, 2019

The start

Hi.  THE SALE STARTS SATURDAY EVENING.  I just posted the grab bags and LBD pieces on the Linen Sale tab.  I thought you might like to browse the smaller pieces, see if anything is good for your stash.  I hope you find the prices reasonable, shipping is too hard to figure without knowing the zip and should be pretty low.  Priority envelopes are now over $7 and these envelopes will go first class.  I can estimate it for you if you send me your address beforehand. I will post again Saturday morning with the time of the sale.  No sales until then! 
The larger pieces will be a few days later.
What a mess I have here.

Feb 27, 2019

Petite Stitches

Free design from Pineberry Lane 2017
Double sided berry on 32 count, 1.5".

Previously stitched, finished by hand this evening after a half bottle of eye drops.
They aren't really helping so I'll need to get an Rx.
I listed the journals on a sale tab, Deborah I can't reply to your request.  Any other requests for info please use my email because 95% of comments are no-reply.  Google+ is ending this week, we'll see if that changes.
Have a good week.

Feb 26, 2019

Pear of a different stitch

Hi folks.  We're only a few days away from March.  So if I would have started eating properly in January, I would have been down over 10 pounds instead of up. 
 I received a note from Susan showing her version of one of my pears.  She isn't doing cross stitch right now and created her pear with a different form of needlework.  I never thought of this and I do like it!!
I will be back this weekend with the sale.  I am having some difficulty working out prices for the larger pieces, but the real reason is my preoccupation with two other medical problems.  Haven't mentioned it, very very upsetting, and no one has answers for me.  It's not dangerous at this point but greatly affecting my life and psyche, and continuing to worsen.  This has been going on for a while but recently took an extreme turn (not related at all to Sjogrens).  My anxiety level has increased tremendously since the escalation and as I said, doctors are baffled.  I will get this sale done though, and try to keep busy.
Be back this weekend.

Feb 25, 2019

Power of the pen

Greetings folks.  I want to share my joy with you!  Yesterday I received a hand written letter from Susan thanking me for her knob hanger (giveaway winner).  How wonderful it was to see hand writing and read about her life on her ranch.  Thank you Susan!  What a pleasure it was and I truly appreciate your taking the time out of your busy schedule to thank me and share a part of your life. 
Today I received a package from a reader that would have blown my socks off had it not been for the 40 compression stocking which seems to be permanently embedded in my leg.  The diet will wait.  There is no way I can limit myself to a small daily sampling.  Heck, I'm not sure if anything will be left for another day!  She also included a thoughtful hand written note expressing her reason for my gifts which totally brightened my week. 
 I immediately had to sample and OMG that dark chocolate is better than any piece of Dove.  Whoa!  I think I can find the Moser Roth around here and will do that tomorrow. 
The other is local for her and also outstanding.  I remember when Bertie sent me Cadbury fruit and nut bars which led me on a local search.  Found them at a Walgreen's in Ohio.  Such fun receiving new to me goodies!  So thoughtful!  Thank you so much.
I started listing the linen pieces under the new tab for fabric, haven't worked out the grab bags or prices.  Some of the linen was stored as a roll but many pieces are still folded as received and I am concerned about creases.  I will try Martha's suggestion that she left in the comments.  In case you didn't see it, here is her solution ..
"My mother was a seamstress and taught me a trick especially for linen and wool. She would keep a measuring cup of distilled water with about 1 teaspoon of white vinegar in it. She always used one of Dad's old white hankies. Dip it in the water and wring it out real well. Of course you are ironing from the back over soft cloth so the floss does not compact. Lay the hankie across the wrinkle and give it a press. This has always worked for me & makes quick work of a frustrating task."
I have no idea how to price some of the pieces and except for two of my projects, I would have to purchase linen anyway.  They're all short by two inches so I kept two half yard pieces for Elliot and Spence.  I would love to do Ballard and the others but do not see that in my future.  I need to purchase envelopes for mailing so I can estimate postage and can't believe what they want here for a padded envelope!  Won't be listing until I find some online and get an order in.  Until then I will try to update and show a few photos of the offers.  Next will be a ton of R&R repro charts.
Consider writing a letter or short note to a friend.  If you would like to correspond or thank a military member, here are some suggestions.  I know of two Vietnam vets that regularly write to service members, and find it therapeutic to correspond.  What a great family function to gather once a week or month to write letters to those that would love to receive a note.  Maybe a few jokes, local sports, your pet stories, so many things kids can share.  But with the majority of schools no longer teaching cursive, can they write a letter?





Have a good day everyone. 


Feb 24, 2019

Just in case....

As I check and mark the larger pieces of linen, I thought …. just maybe …. I would like to stitch a few large ones.  My favorites in the stash.  The big girls.  Not as big as some, but pretty darn big for me.  I need to make sure I have linen for them, just in case. 
I marked them with the highest and also the lowest count so I have an idea of required linen size without opening the chart.  Don't you hate it when the designer fails to list the stitch count?   Leaving a 2" margin around all sides tells me the minimum required for the sampler.
Elizabeth Clayton and Martha Logan are in the mix too, and by the time I am done setting aside the fabric for them, there won't be much left!!!  But I don't want the dark unbleached for all of them and that is what my inventory mainly consists of.
I saw a sweet magnifier that Sandra showed on her FB page, will order it.  Maybe with the 3.0 glasses plus the stand, I will be able to see.  I tried my Dazor which is wonderful, but it isn't something you can put away easily.  Was I able to see?  No.  The dryness is causing blurriness even when magnified.  I did not realize the drops are not to be used as needed, only a few times a day.  They aren't really helping so I will see my vision specialist for an Rx to try.  My PCP recommended diet changes (who wouldn't with what I eat), absolutely no to the low carbs I suggested.  Worse thing you can do for your body according to the docs in her practice.  Cutting out white flour and sugar is the key to reducing inflammation.  The reason people think low carb reduces inflammation is because that plan eliminates sugar, white flour, and processed foods!!  You can do that and still get the vitamins and nutrition from high carb foods like fruits and grains.  Low carb works for a lot of people, but I would rather eat more balanced and have my oatmeal.  I did low carb once, gained it back as soon as I slowly introduced them again.  Breast cancer is in my family and can be caused by high fat diets so that's another reason I reconsidered.  Willing to try her suggestion.  Tomorrow. 
We're having ferocious winds today and Mark is on the golf course, probably playing wind golf and getting drives longer than he ever has.
I had a request for the black silk (I can't reply to you- need your email) and if anyone else is interested, please let me know.  Deborah, cannot reply to your request either, please click my email at the top right.  And Martha, thank you for that tip!!  Will definitely try it!!  Thank you all!!

Feb 23, 2019

Some of the linens

Not sure how I will post all of the pieces I no longer want, may have to separate.  Maybe the unbleached pieces in one sale and the named or colors in another.  Most are from purchases in the last two years but I still want to check for creases.  The Belfast in Tumbleweed is a gorgeous greenish taupe, matches 3022, but there is a slight dye fade on the fold line on one side.  This stuff wrinkles like crazy.  So I want to check them first but the prices will reflect any issues, and low to begin with anyway.  Except for the Linens by Design!  There will be a few larger pieces of unbleached for big samplers.
Not sure if the sale will be tomorrow (Sunday) because there is too much to do first but I will start listing the items so you can browse before the sale and will let you know when that happens.  Also considering putting them all in grab bags, so much easier!!

A few things

First of all, hallelujah.  Carole took the envelope with the dentist money out of her purse when she removed the candy.  When she said the dentist's money was gone, she was referring to the $100 she had in the wallet for the down payment at the first visit.  The office told her it was not necessary to pay in advance and she planned to return it to the metal box, but didn't.  She was so shook up she forgot about removing the envelope until Friday afternoon and called to tell me.  It was HER money for the dentist that is gone.  Sort of a bright spot in all of this!
I have listed the large journal on the For SALE tab if anyone is interested.  I have two, the others I am not bothering with.  If anyone sews garments, I will be listing the 3 yards of gorgeous black silk shantung, 62" wide.  It was purchased over 40 years ago from a tailor in Milwaukee by my aunt and I have had it for many years.  We have no tailors, no dressmakers (mine retired), not even alterations around here and I have no intention to construct a garment.  What an elegant simple sheath dress it would make.  It's not going to Goodwill.  I have burned a corner, the flame is solid orange, fine black ash, she claimed it to be silk.  I sure hope someone can use it, if not here, maybe Ebay.  Priority mail medium box is $15, $30 total for the yardage and shipping.  If it can ship for less, I will do so.  I will list the LBD Sparrow linen here first on Sunday evening.  Not sure about the Meadowlark yet and hesitating on the gingham and dots!  Isn't that just like me?  I drive myself nuts but at least it keeps me busy.
This huge troublemaker has been hanging around for two months with another very large orange and white.  I don't know what to do with them and I know neighbors hate animals but someone must be feeding them.  They come to the deck at night and spray everything or beat the crap out of Nitzy during the day.
Saw the doc about the Sjogren's.  My assumption that the sinus issue started this was incorrect.  She told me a flu shot can trigger autoimmune diseases.  WHAT??  Rare but yes, it happens.  I had mine 1/11.  This started a few days later.  Never had an issue before.  The dentist would not work on me because of it, that day was so severe I had a hard time talking.  Trying again next week.  Learning to gesture profanities when I can't verbalize.
That's it folks.
Have a great weekend and lock your doors.
Thanks for your comments.

Feb 22, 2019


A few clarifications now that I am settled down.

My sister lives on a wooded road with few houses.  The state line is around the bend.  There are three houses, hers in the middle perched on a high hill.  Her steep drives leads behind the house, you don't know if there are cars or activity until you reach the end, and then you have no where to go without several back-ups to turn around.  The back of the house has much glass and there is no way to miss someone approaching.  She has left the sliding patio door unlocked many times and always felt safe because of her location.  The house next door which is somewhat visible when leaves are shed  (and was for sale), was broken into several months ago.  When they realized no one was home, they tore the back door off it's frame.  She started to lock her door but does not always do so when Chris leaves the house, which is many times throughout the day.  Sometimes he is running down the road for a short meeting, going next door to help, racing out to a fire call, or getting firewood from the lot. 

Her pacemaker has a house unit that monitors her and it was connected to a landline phone which she kept strictly for that purpose.  When Verizon raised their home rates to around $100 for a landline, she cancelled the service (two months ago) and the pacemaker company sent her a new device that is wireless.  Vince tried the landline which was disconnected so texted Chris not knowing if he was at the house.  Since Chris is a fireman and knows the police, Vince knew he would handle it.  Chris lives with Carole on the second floor of her cape cod and takes care of the house and yard, some of her bills, and since he has had so many close calls from his low glucose during sleep, needs her to call Mark or paramedics when he can't be awakened.

It was his girlfriend that was close with Carole and there almost every day, that stole her wallet, his coin collection, class ring, and other items that are missing. After a few days of her denial and crying, he broke up with her and hasn't spoken since.  When you are trustworthy, you don't feel others are not.  When you don't lie, you don't feel others aren't truthful.  When you don't steal, you don't think others would.  Honest people do not see the opportunity of others that are not. 

Carole does not remember if she locked the door when she came home, and if she checked to make sure it was unlocked for Chris, or if it needed to be unlocked.  Yes he has a key, but their Andersen patio door has already had three locks replaced.  That is their main entrance and those locks have not handled the continual use, I don't believe they are meant to.  The period of time between when she came home and when Chris called before coming home was maybe an hour, ninety minutes at most.  They could have walked the steep hill and looked in the front porch window and saw the purse hanging at the back door.  If they found the door to be locked, don't know what they would have done.  Her car was parked at the back porch, Chris's other truck was also there.  They didn't care.  No one knew I gave her money in advance of her appointment.  She stopped here on the way to the restaurant to pick up other things I had for her and I gave her the envelope. She has a metal box where she was to put it, but was tired when she came home and planned to do that later in the evening.  Her small purse is a cross body and never removed when out since she needs hands free for the walker.  The thieves would have taken whatever cash there was, even if it was only $10.

Her road, without lights and lots of places to hide, is no different than the other areas around here that are being vandalized.  In-town homes are also broken in to but not as much as the more isolated areas.  No one can watch her home for comings and goings because Chris has two red trucks and you cannot see their cars or much else from the road.  They walked from the bottom and took a chance.  This drug epidemic is becoming a nightmare.  We had a woman OD on heroin in a grocery store restroom to be found by an employee.  Can you imagine?  Others in their car with babies in the back seat.

Seeing the purse in the tree hit us so hard because it was like a blatant display of a personal violation.  That was not their intention when it was thrown, but it was not only eerie, it was the shock of realizing someone had actually taken it.  We all assumed she had put it somewhere in the house and it will eventually show up.  Amy was a very personal betrayal especially knowing Carole's financial situation, but that didn't make her untrusting of others, she is not like that at all.  But this did for all of us. 


Feb 21, 2019

Seething ...

definition … anger than can barely be contained.  My shock and flashback to The Blair Witch Project became seething rage, until I exploded with expletives that would make a rap star blush.  If that's possible. 
We know, have known, have friends with family members, that are addicts. Were any of them hooked because of a doctor, a pharmacy, or medical issues?  Not a freaking one.  I'm sure there are, but I do not believe that for the majority of young people.  Regardless.  Remember my nephew's girlfriend who stole my sister's wallet of several hundred dollars?  She knew my sister has a hard time financially and we need to help her.  Didn't matter. 
Carole went to dinner with friends Friday night, came home, changed clothes, and emptied the little Valentine gifts from her purse.  Following her routine, her keys and wallet went into their designated pockets and the purse was hung in its usual location. Saturday, Carole was in a panic thinking she left her purse at the restaurant, they said it was not turned in.  But how could she drive home, unlock the door, empty the candy and change, if her purse never made it home?  Impossible.  She has been tearing the house apart for five days, notified credit companies, bank, applied for replacement SS card, pacemaker ID, and AV node ablation cards, driver's license, registration, car insurance, new car key fob and house key.  What happened to her new purse?
Back up to a short period of time after she arrived home Friday evening.
Being hard of hearing, her TV is quite loud and sometimes, even with the noise, she will nod off for a minute or two.  Chris called to ask her if she wanted dinner from the club, he was coming home from the bocce court.  She unlocked the sliding patio door on the back porch for him.  He soon called again to tell her to lock the door because the neighbor texted him that a car was parked in her drive at the bottom of the hill.  So she did.  Vince (the neighbor) texted again to say that he went over to them in the darkness (with his gun) and approached the vehicle.  They had car problems and Vince being the good guy, helped them out and they went on their way. 
Today we installed a new kitchen faucet for her and as we drove down the steep drive and pulled away, Mark slammed on the brakes.  He looked at me in a strange way and said "I found her purse" as he pulled off the road and jumped out of the car.  What?  I got out and we stood in the middle of the road staring up into the trees, feeling like we were in a horror movie.  Can't explain the emotion, fear, shock, and uneasiness I felt.  There, hanging twenty feet in the air, was her purse.  Perfectly positioned with its long strap, hanging across from her house in the trees, the eeriest sight you can imagine.  Stunned, we drove back up the drive to tell her that those men came into her house while she was there, and stole her purse.  Mark needed a long pole and ladder to dislodge it. The wallet was emptied of the hundreds I gave her for the tooth extraction, all else intact.  Cash.  Cash.  No credit cards, no keys to steal the car, no bank cards, they only wanted cash.  Drugs.  Again.  I am sick and tired of making excuses, feeling sorry for, giving benefit of doubt, for people that steal from family, friends, strangers, elderly.
They were not having car trouble. They walked up the drive in the dark, on to her porch, found the door unlocked and entered.  Her purse was at that door and they would have been hidden behind the wall from where she was sitting IN THE NEXT ROOM.  As they left, they tossed the purse, how it got that high up I do not know.  It was visible from her window once Mark pointed it out, hanging so high among the limbs, it gave her shivers as if she saw a ghost.  I can't explain the ghastly unnerving feeling of seeing it there.
I've had it.  I will not trust a car broken down, I will no longer trust a person at my door, I will call police for anything I see. 
And my pistols are now loaded you sons of bitches.

Feb 18, 2019

Linens leaving

Hi.  What's happening?  Winter!  That's what's happening. 
I need to get rid of linens and so much of them are unknown.  Dyed by me?  30 count?  I have no idea except for the smaller purchases.  The yardage once cut lost its identity unless I marked the selvage edge.  I will probably be listing the Linens by Design (Birds of a Feather) on Ebay because I am not familiar with pricing for items that have been off market for a time.  Smaller piece of Meadowlark and two pieces of Sparrow, which is gorgeous.
It looks like very dark brown crushed velvet.
One piece is 28 and one is 32.
Meadowlark is 28.
It's a rather heavy but soft linen with thicker threads, tightly woven.
That wonky center piece is an interloper.  It is not blue, it is not purple, it's somewhere in between with some shading.  Is it mine?  Did I purchase this online?  I think it's both, I dyed a purchased mottled/shaded/variegated fabric to a color that was not accepted by my phobia.  An outcast poor thing.  And then there's the 32 count dot.  Not sure how many others will make the list but these for sure.

Went for blood work today after they scanned my leg for clots, all is well there.  The two week wearing after the treatment and the subsequent ones will have me in compression until May.  The stockings really do make a difference in how tired you feel from standing.  Once I found the secret to donning them, they are really not a problem.  Latex gloves that doc offices use grab the hosiery even from against the leg and allow control for pulling.  My favorite body glue (It Stays) keeps them up.  Because my legs are so long the thigh highs are too short, I get the ones with the hip panel and waist belt.  Kind of like chaps without a holster, without fringe, no studs, not leather, just old lady flesh colored stockings.  Oh baby.  An older woman in the waiting room was thrilled when I told her about the glue.  Her bra strap falls and she is having her son order from Amazon tonight.  Great stuff as I mentioned before, for keeping plunging necklines in place, sling backs on, bra/spaghetti straps in place, and compression hose from rolling.  Washes off with water, no staining. 
Steaks tonight!  Another pound tomorrow.
Thanks for visiting!

Feb 16, 2019

Oh Sally

Thanks for your help in locating a chart.  I found zilch when I searched for either, even when correcting Crafts to Cratis.  Following the given link to the Museum site I was smitten with Sally.   My last project was done from a photo, another attempt with Sally?  I love the colors and placements but do not care for pieces with more width than length.  Yes I'm weird but you already knew that.  The bluish grayish fabric is necessary for me to love this, I can't picture it on unbleached or light.  Maybe when I can see again!
I was going to call the needlework shop in Boardman to see if she would be willing to take my Dazor on a consignment.  It's over 30 years old I believe, the Circline model with the large weighted base and removable arm, plus a spare replacement bulb.  I used it maybe three times for stitching, four times for splinter removal.  I should really think about it though since they are quite expensive and I may one day wish I had it. 
Stopped at Pat Catan's for a few things and the parking lot was full.  Many items dwindling to a few remaining, paper mache boxes are almost gone.  They have the three heart set for 4.99 and I should have purchased just to have since HL and Michael's offer very few.  But I just got rid of boxes!  Also passed up a beautiful scarf of peacock feather design for Carole ($4.25!!).  Why didn't I buy it?
Left the store and traveled up the road to DD for another $2 cappuccino.  While waiting I see a monstrous SUV pull up with Impeach Trump stickers on it.  Oh no.  Please don't let me be in the middle of another uncivil and immature exchange, I just want my drink.  He comes in and orders two donut holes, one bag for each.  He pays for them and heads to the door.  I received my drink and needed a stir and napkin which are on the condiment display before exiting.  He's standing there, so I wait to the side of the table.  He asked for two bags for the donut holes because he emptied the trays into them.  Took all of the sugar packets, all of the syrups, all of the jellies, salts, peppers, Splenda, and every last creamer.  You son of a bitch.  You're driving a gas guzzling monster of a vehicle that cost upwards of $65000 and you bought two holes just for the bags so you could steal!!!  They are there for customers to use with their purchases, none of which are usable on your cheap ass donut hole, not to fill your cupboard!  
If I didn't have a 40 compression stocking to my waist hindering my Muhammad Ali dance, a brace on the other knee, chapped bleeding lips preventing me from shouting the marital art attack warning KIAI!, and both hands occupied with wallet and drink, I would have decked him. Sometimes I excuse people's behavior, sometimes I want to flatten them.  And sometimes I'm glad my body is unable to fulfill that wish, and my brain is smart enough to stop my mouth from spewing. 
Hope your weekend is going swell.

Request for info

Hi.  A reader asked for help in locating two samplers, neither of which I could help with so I thought maybe one of you could offer a source.  If anyone can, please let me know.  She checked with Scarlet Letter already.  Thanks.
First sampler, Sally Crafts dated 1808, supposedly held in PA Museum of Art.
Second sampler Sarah Maddock dated 1810 from The Pennsylvania Collection.


Added note - the B in the Henry VI (HB) chart is for his surname, Bolingbroke.  Took me a long time to locate that information!

Feb 15, 2019

Henry VI

Here ya go.  As with the other charts, click on chart to open in new window, then print, otherwise it will print very small.  Any problems or errors, please let me know.  Would love to see any finishes!!  I will move these to the FREE tab eventually.
I think attaching each of these to the end of a ribbon or braid would be a really nice display instead of doing the second one on the back.  These last three smalls are a good size for ornaments and along with the other two small samplers I listed would be a good start to a little sampler tree.  So I thought about doing seven more, one a month, as I did with the pears.  And then I thought ... nah.
Hope your Valentine Day was sweet!  Took Carole to the dentist for the pre-extraction visit and it will be a total of $521 to pull that damn tooth!  One tooth, nothing but a Novocaine shot, simple extraction, and I was floored.  Then she found out from the xray that the other tooth her dentist filled two months ago for $190 still has a large cavity and may break off.  That really ticked me off.  He is a wonderful guy and good to his patients but that's two fillings for lots of $$$.  One needs done again (IF it can be saved) and the other broke off two weeks ago.  Add them up and we're talking close to a thousand dollars for someone that can barely afford her utilities.  Mark treated us to cappuccinos at DD and Carole got the Girl Scout flavor Coconut Caramel.  OMG.  They also have Thin Mint and Shortbread.  I get the regular, no flavoring.  Came home to spaghetti and then Chris brought these...

Trying to get my daily fruit quota.

Feb 14, 2019

Happy Valentine's Day

Here's the alpha Crown for you.  Click on the chart to open in a new window, then right click to print.   If there are problems, please let me know.  It's been a while since I offered a free chart and I can't remember the sizing.  Feel free to change colors to your liking, not sure about the 3777 but since I can't stitch it, have no idea of the finish!!  I was thinking rubies, but using 502 instead in the body and the crown would be good too.  Emeralds!  Hope you like it.


Feb 13, 2019


Random scrambled 71 entries from comments and emails, someone ended up with #8, and it belonged to Susan Oatney.  I will reply to your email Susan to get your address and choice of gift.  Thanks everyone!
Also a big thank you to everyone that offered suggestions and hope for my problem.  I have Biotene, Act lozenges, drinking tons of water as I have before.  Aquaphor does not seem to help my shriveled lips as well as Carmex does.  I have the lip tube in every room. 
I'm working on posting the charts maybe tomorrow, changed the back.  I didn't get many comments as to preference of alpha or William, may post both.  What the hell.  And Kathi, I had no idea Henry was a Bolingbroke.  I Binged the internet and it took quite a while to find it!  I am totally ignorant of history, compared to husband that recites it with ease.
Taking Carole for an appointment tomorrow and Mark is treating us to cappuccino on the way home.  I am hoping my nephew does not show up with 2# of meltaways again.  Good grief.  I am wearing the waist high 40 compression stocking and will be (switching legs) for the next six weeks (Varithena).  You would think 40 would compress enough to get into jeans but that's not the case.  I don't know why.  I use my clothing steamer while stretching tops and bottoms to "block" them into having a little more room.
See ya tomorrow folks.  Have a good evening.


Not my cup of tea, in fact, I dreaded having to read or study his works.  I have to have things laid out in print, simple storytelling, don't care about symbolism.  I still believe The Old Man and The Sea was a tale of a fisherman and a marlin, Moby Dick of a man and a whale.  I want to enjoy a story not speculate the underlying meaning. 
Anyway …..  the chart started as my knob hanger which was just another alphabet.  As I searched for something to relate to the crown, I stumbled across words from Shakespeare's Henry VI.  Have I read it?  No.  Do I want to?  No.  This is the quote....
“My Crown is in my heart, not on my head:
Not deck'd with Diamonds, and Indian stones:
Nor to be seen: my Crown is call'd Content,
A Crown it is, that seldom Kings enjoy.”
The front is the beginning and good enough, but I continued on the back because I liked the verse. 
Not able to chart it all in the limited space so I chose what would fit and make sense, each section a different color.  Originally I wanted you to decide how many and which lines you wanted to stitch, or all.  But tomorrow I am changing the back to two options and the spacing will be better.  They can also be done separately and attached to each end of a single ribbon for hanging.  Something different.  Will correct and post with color codes in a day or two, unless you would prefer the alphabet one.  Thoughts?

Feb 12, 2019

Working on weird

Well, maybe not weird.  Different.  In the process of charting the knob hanger chart, the brain kept making left hand turns.  Which I never do in my car but my mind obviously felt like taking risks and being reckless.  Finally hit a red light and decided to let it idle for a while, and then turned off the motor.  Hopefully I won't start it up again and continue on this trip.  Ha!  Who am I kidding!  It would take days for me to find the keys.
I may try to stitch it, I may just give it to you to do first.  Kind of like my process, you can stop at the front, or continue on the back, choosing one of three sections, or doing it all.  Confused?  I'll post it in a few days and you can decide!!

Feb 10, 2019

So this is it

You choose.  The anniversary offer is for ….

#1  My own design little knob hanger stitched on a dark linen, 3" x 4 1/4".  Hemp hanger is glued to the backing.

#2  A large spiral bound notebook, Safrona Ager sampler label, 6 1/2" x 9 1/2".  Lined perforated pages with a pocket sheet.

#3 Plum Street Samplers Kringle & Woolard.  Darling design that I will never stitch.
Leave a comment with initials on this post, or email your entry to
You don't have to choose until you win!
Drawing will be on Wednesday at 8pm EST.
US only please.

Just crap

That's about all that's happening.  After the sinus inflammation and headaches, something started happening and two doctors did not have an answer.  So after doing my own research and then questioning my doctor, yes indeed I diagnosed myself.  And there isn't a damn thing that can be done about it.  I developed Sjogren's syndrome.  My lips became so chapped and shriveled I could barely open my mouth.  Then they started sticking to my teeth, my tongue is so dry it is cracking which is painful, my eyes are so dry I cannot see clearly.  Now the joints, specifically knees, require a wrap or brace.  Does it get better?  She said not really.  Does it ever go away?  She said not really.  I don't have the other diseases that usually accompany this but she said the severe inflammation triggered the autoimmune response.  I'm using dry mouth treatments and loading my lips with grease, eye drops can only be taken a few times a day, and I'm hoping I will be in the very low percentage of people that recover.  Since it's only been about a month but no change, she said to expect more symptoms.  Not being able to see clearly even with magnifiers is extremely frustrating.  And other people have to deal with so so much more than this, I will shut my pie hole.  But then my lips will stick to my teeth.

I was working up the little ornament/knob hanger/tuck chart but I can't see well enough to stitch it.  So if I complete it and post it, I would appreciate seeing your finish if you decide to stitch it.  I think the giveaway will be the knob hanger or large journal.  I purchased large eco friendly notebooks with perforated lined pages a long while ago, decided to finally label them.  But I deleted all the labels from box making so only have one design left.  The three sizes are 6.5 x 9.5 spiral, 6 x 8.5 and 5 x 7 paper mache.  I had 30 of the smaller ones and took them back to Pat Catan's for their kid's craft classes as a donation since a return wasn't possible.  They never used them, but someone did.  They were $3 a piece!
The only way to not have the cover warp from the glued label, one must also be glued on the inside of the cover to keep it flat.
And look what I found while purging.  Where did I get this $2.25 punch needle kit?
I am having a procedure AGAIN on the varicose veins Monday morning called Varithena, easier than the EVLA.  40 compression stocking for 2 weeks and then the other leg, another 2 weeks.  Treadmill walking several times a day to prevent a clot and I don't know how that's going to work with the knees.  As long as I'm moving, slow and steady should be good enough. 
On top of my crabassiness, our local headline was about a 3 year old little girl that was continually beaten by her EIGHTEEN year old father.  His girlfriend witnessed the blows to the head and broken bones but never reported it.  WHY IS SHE NOT CHARGED ALSO?  Always someone that gets away with allowing the abuse.
Hope your weekend is going well folks. 

Feb 7, 2019

Coming soon to a blog near you

A blogging anniversary giveaway.  What will it be?
Probably one of these, have not decided which.
Velvet heart, primitive journal, simple sampler tuck, knob hanger.
The last one is my own design, similar motifs taken from another design so I don't know if it's proper to chart it.  If I want to stitch again on lighter linen, I need to!
With all the charted motif books and alphabet books available, the more I think about it, this would not be an infringement.  Not only are they modified, the entire design is different. 

Saw this on FB, almost choked on my coffee.


Feb 3, 2019


Hello hello!  The snow is melting and I went an entire day without a piece of candy.  I did have several (more than several) cookies but no Doves, no M&Ms.  That's huge.  I weighed myself and could not believe what I saw.  Never ever have I been this heavy and I am very close to changing the first number of those three digits.  On the edge.  I am so ticked at myself.  It took me months to get down to a comfortable weight and I am now 40 pounds larger in less than a year.  Bending over, exercise, steps, bending over, cramped in a back seat, bending over, are more difficult and causing me discomfort.  How did I let this happen? 
Anyway, several readers have commented or emailed about following my finishing posts.  I just wanted to clarify that I had several, and changed the methods as I learned.  I do not use the very heavy fusible now although it did make a really nice firm finish, switched to a lighter Pellon P44F.  No longer do I fuse before sewing seams, or cut the interfacing to fit inside the seams.  I still pull out a linen thread to follow, or mark with a Frixion pen.  Stitch the seams first, and THEN square it and fuse the facing.  Press the seams open from front and also back before trimming and turning whether using the open end or the envelope method.  This post was my last one on finishing.
Fusing after seaming is so much easier!  And with the lighter Pellon, you can extend to the fabric edge so when trimming, it gives stability to the seam and also prevents fraying.  I usually do the backing fabric too and that can be fused before seaming.
Any of the methods are fine, used them all, but once my eyes opened and the brain engaged, I realized I was making it harder for myself.   But thinking back, that heavy fusible really made a crisp finish ornament.  Hmmm.  Damn.

Feb 2, 2019

Purging ...

is something I should do with my diet.  Cookies, Dove chocolate, M&M peanuts, Cheetos, chocolate covered pretzels, Rotel dip with Tostitos, Breyers Carb Smart ice cream with peanuts, and right now …. scalloped potatoes with smoked pork chops.  Because of all this, my entry closet purge is painful.  These pea coats that I never wore have me wondering how long ago it was that I was that thin.  So I have a choice.  Donate these wool lovelies that were never worn (along with several others) or try to accommodate them to my new normal.  I always purchased at seasonal clearance and by the time that season rolled around again, they no longer fit.  So I kept them thinking I would lose.  And every year that passed they became tighter.
This is how they were meant to be.
This is how they must be in order to fit.
And this is how I may correct that large discrepancy.
The gray Calvin Klein is not tall sized and I love the charcoal gray, the brown is a little longer.  The pockets are spaced properly when turning it into a single breasted big girl which surprised me.  Do I want to bother?  I altered the photos for a preview, they are still double breasted.  Not sure what I will do, but right now, as the scalloped potatoes fill my bucket, I think I will not bother.
I am ridding myself of fabrics too.  I rarely use this homespun and certainly don't need this amount to back a few smalls.  I tried the method of draping over hanging file dividers but I would need too many bins.  Decided to just roll and store in totes, yards of other items have no where to go.  I'm sending to the church, maybe someone sews.  I'm sure the Amish do not want an off white wool blend!!
In case you're wondering about the parlor turned inventory room, here's the second floor inventory room.
Such a lovely mess.  I plan to pack in totes and haul to the attic. This large tote holds pewter and the top is covered with a few framed but mostly unframed samplers.  Yes I know some of you just gasped but they can be pressed!
My stomach hurts from the potatoes.  I just planned to test them for doneness and ended up eating too many.  Story of my rear end.
Have a great weekend!
Thanks for the visit!

Feb 1, 2019

Another one bites the dust

For years, our only local craft store provided supplies for our valley, with choices for just about any and all crafts and art.  They expanded several years ago into an adjoining space and added framing, fabrics, bridal, home decorating and furniture, while increasing their paint and artist department.  Their prices were always low, no coupons needed, comparable to Michael's and Hobby Lobby when a coupon is used.  Everyone is very upset to see these headlines.  We have a small Jo-Ann's, not the super store, and it is very limited.  Glues, beads, craft paint, standard yarns, and sewing supplies.
I knew something would happen when Michael's purchased the Catan stores a few years ago.  They are closing all 36 stores and reopening a maximum of 12 as Michael's.  Damn.  Could go two ways.  Either corporate will realize we are lacking such a store (or anything close) in this area and it will be beneficial to them, or they will see that all the other local stores are closed and there is not much to draw people in.  They did a really good business here, and I hope the decision is made to continue in this location but with a Michael's about 40 minutes away and only keeping 12 Catan stores, I don't see much hope. We'll know late summer. 
My husband went for his six month dental cleaning and a front tooth veneer broke into two pieces and came off.  He ended up with close to a $1000 charge which was not what he expected.  Me either!  Isn't it terrible what it costs to maintain your mouth?  I mentioned a while back about Costco members having the option to join a dental plan for very little cost, but there are very few dentists locally that accept the plan, or any other individual plan.  My cousin joined and got 5 back teeth pulled, a partial bridge, plus follow up, xray and initial exam for $150 total.  TOTAL.  I paid $675 for Carole's partial with no other work and it was lower end!!  Her tooth that recently broke off at the gum line was filled two months prior for $185, and it will cost $325 for the extraction.

Around every corner ….. there he is ….. staring at me.

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