Oct 30, 2017


That damn bird is now trying to nest in our mailbox!  We need to find a metal plate for the side, he is almost completely through.  But will that stop Woody Wood****er?  Probably not because he is tearing it up on all sides including the door. 
We have sun this morning, blustery winds, and wet leaves covering the yard.  I pounded a long piece of rebar well into the ground and slid the cornstalks over to secure them.  The high winds bent the tops on one but the stalks themselves stayed upright.
You may be growing weary of Mr. Blue by now, but Linda Mckenzie's finishing method for him is something I never thought of, and a great idea for holiday displays.  Hers is on 35/36 count, nice tight coverage.  I asked her if it was OK to share her finish and she gave permission.  The fabric colors are perfect!  I do prefer this darker blue as Lori intended but will continue on with my lighter version.  It will give me something more to crab about later and we must feed the crab.  But there is plenty of food right now and I really really like the darker blue.  Really.
I've already had some frogging on him because I don't pay attention to the chart when there is fill work.  So I stitched the outline which I should have done before, and now I don't have to worry about those errors.
Have a good day!
Thanks for visiting.

Oct 29, 2017

Continuing with one thread

Instead of 924, I moved to 930 and then tried one shade lighter.  The 931 is still strong enough in color yet not as sharp a contrast with the linen, and coverage looks much better.  Looks even better than the craptastic photo.  I am really surprised this worked because the other lighter shades did not, glad that I continued messing with it.

These mundane posts have been showing up because I am not able to do much other than bug you.  The good news - there is now air flowing through one nostril.  Progress!  The bad news - not much left for the trick-or-treaters.  Snickers peanut butter bars are much better than I expected.  Reese cups never make it to the treat hour so I do not buy them, but these won't either.  I'll put on my red rubber boots, the sunglasses with only one lens, my red paint stained sweatshirt, and with my bulbous red nose, 28# cold sore, and unwashed wild hair, they will forget all about a treat when the door opens. 

Oct 28, 2017

As the optician says

One?  Or two? 
One?  Or two? 
I have the same question.
Thirty count used to be my favorite and I do have some left, but followed the chart with thirty two count.  Those two threads per inch make quite a difference and cause me quite a dilemma regarding floss threads.  I do not like the sparse look of one thread on 32 count, but two threads are heavy and bulky.  At least mine are.  And I really don't like stitching with two strands any longer.  The stag is one, and it's OK I guess, not as large an area as his coat.  But the dark blue contrast on the lighter linen is too open for me.  I tried a lighter blue for less contrast but it wasn't enough color.  See the heavy thread over his back compared to the single thread below?  It's raised like a little sausage roll.  My SIL used two strands on 32 Belfast almost exclusively and her work was perfect, no sausages.
 Linen to thread contrast would not be as noticeable on a darker linen but neither would this design with its dark thread.  (sigh) (nose blow) (cough).  I need to order 35 count raw/unbleached linen which is perfect for one thread, but I don't think there are too many options for that, most are dyed.  I will stitch a larger area of the blue before deciding if I want to start over on my last piece of beige 35 count.  Hoping I can put on those big girl panties and continue on this piece because I'm sure when completed, it will be just fine.  And it's seasonal, not something I will look at every day.  There 'ya go.  I knew if I yakked about it, sensibility would prevail.
I'm not sure if I will order all 13 skeins of wool needed to stitch Ellen (unexpected car bill for Carole) but did find a decent sale price for them.  Most online shops had the GASWT thread for $3.20-3.35 and Stitching Bits 'n Bobs has them for $2.64.  Simply Wool Threads. That's a really good price.  Ellen calls for Buckeye Scarlet (4 skeins) Dried Thyme (3) Grecian Gold (2) and one each of Harvest Basket, Driftwood, Dark Chocolate, and Forest Glade.  I may use the GAST cotton, but who knows?
I'll leave you with another one of our visitors.

Enjoy the last few days of October.  I'm still in shock!

Oct 27, 2017

A slump slows you down

but doesn't prevent you from acquiring new projects.  Not when they are this great.  I haven't received a new sampler chart in a while and don't really need any, but when I saw this from Merry Wind Farm, I couldn't pass it up.  Different.  Small.  Not complicated.  Fits a standard frame but would make an excellent sack too.  Plus, wool threads.  I tried them once and my uncontrollable tension caused issues and breakage.  Being sick has made me weak so maybe now's the time to try again!
I pulled colors for Notforgotten's Blue Belsnickle and will start after meds kick in, followed by Melinda's Ellen Ford.  Click either title for their Etsy sites.  I will order the wool threads this afternoon.
I want to mention that several readers have told me that they are no longer getting post updates through email.  I have no idea why, but if you are having this problem, add your email again in the right side bar, or email me and I can add it to my settings so you will receive the posts.
Have a good day folks.

Oct 26, 2017


That's what a whitetail deer with black hair is called, and rare.  First one either of us has ever seen!  Some have black faces but this one was marked on the majority of his body and neck.  Not a very good photo, taken at dusk through a window.  He is quite skittish and when he came back for more corn, my movement scared him off again.  I hope not into the path of a hunter.
Remember the old cast iron sink with drainboards they took out of the woods?  That's the back of it you see leaning against the tree behind him.  No place for it and no ideas for a outdoor stand/display.  It's quite large and very heavy, Mark said once it's in place, it will never be moved again!   I have two words for that.  Locking casters.



and getting ready to pick a linen for Belsnickle.  You know I always change a few colors, haven't really decided if that will happen and I am fairly sure Mr. Blue will stay, but the border may end up green or brown.
I had a difficult time discerning the symbol patterns so I colored them, but then enlarged to make it easier yet.  With my stitching attitude still snarky, I need to avoid any little frustrations.  I've done this with many samplers and designs, always a huge help.
It's turned chilly, so that means I'll be hosting three flea ridden brats more often.  I want to buy a cat tree for them but haven't seen one that has removable/washable covers to the perches.  These cats are filthy and always leave a dirty spot wherever they lay.  And this gives new meaning to the term, face plant.
Starting to feel human again - thanks for your well wishes.
Have a good day!

Oct 24, 2017


I started stitching a few Christmas related words to sew into tiny hearts or squares for the small trees. Yule, Wish, Hope, Eve, Jolly, Star, Bells, Holy, Noel, Joy are some that I may use.  I should of course have the fabric cut first because I may be limiting the heart shape, but then again, I want them very small for a feather style tree so hearts may not work.  Whether I stitch a green sprig of holly or gold star will be determined later.  I didn't realize when ordering this linen online that the pattern was actually .... paint?  I wanted to age the fabric and darken the white but it won't take.  Anyone have a suggestion?   Maybe the Ranger ink pad will work, haven't tried that yet.
I should be getting Belsnickle in a day or two but I am still pretty sick and not in the mood for following a pattern.  I may have to go to the doctor again. 
Weather changed!  My warm days are over replaced by a blustery wind.  I like wind and after raining the sun appeared, leaves were blowing down against a dark sky but rays of sunshine were breaking through.  Sounds idyllic for a fall day.  Eh.  I'm just trying to talk myself into it.  A week from today will be November and I will need something sweet to get me through.
Hope your week is going well.

Oct 23, 2017

The robe

Thought I would share a vintage robe that my sister found in her downsizing attempt.  She dated a serviceman that was stationed in Japan late 50's (?) early 60's (?).  He bought her many items there, pearls, ivory, silk scarves, and this robe.  What exquisite workmanship.  There are no tags except for the Trademark Made in Japan but I believe it must be silk.  Fully lined to the edges throughout, even the sleeve seams are covered in tape. I tried finding something similar in online vintage shops, hoping to sell it for her, but haven't found anything close.  Most are kimonos. 
 Isn't it gorgeous?  The inside impressed me almost  as much and I wonder if it was handsewn.
Funny, I don't ever remember my sister being thin enough for this.  There isn't enough to wrap around me but oh so luxurious and light.  For now it will hang in the closet and I will look through the silk jammies and scarves for more treasures.  The ivory carved daisy necklace was a gift he sent to Carole's little sister (moi) and it is sized for a girl.  I have since removed the yellow ink from the centers.  It's real ivory from 50 years ago before they banned it.  So sad and disgusting that majestic animals are mutilated for profit including removing the shark's fins and putting it back into the waters to slowly suffer and die.  Uh oh.  SOOT!!!
This wasn't very interesting was it?  But I thought you might like to see a beautifully made article from over 50 years ago.  
I didn't start any stitching and probably won't until my right hand is without tissue held to my nose.  Don't worry Roann!  I used a Clorox wipe on the pillow, packaging, tape, and box!
Have a good day!

Oct 22, 2017


Greetings once again!  Bud and I are back in the house, showered, snotty nosed, and craving a Jamoca shake.  Just want to mention that the SOOT has come and gone before.  Doesn't happen when I'm mad, only for something that touches my emotions like a Hallmark moment.  I did try more soy, OTC herbals, and anti depressants.  When caring for mom years ago, one of those meds helped me deal with moods, and when doc ordered them for me again six years later, they had a completely different effect.  After a few weeks, I had a hard time managing anger.  A simple incident could set me off to over reacting.  I stopped them and haven't tried any others.  It will pass as always.
So.  Anonymous Roann's number was drawn for the red sampler.  Hey Roann!  Thanks for listing your email - I will contact you shortly.
Thanks everyone.  Have a great start to your week.
Just bought Lori's Blue Belsnickle.

Graphics, HRT, diets, and SOOT

Well that's a title ain't it?  My sinuses are exerting pressure on my brain so if this post rambles on, so sorry.  Trying not to take any meds of any kind while my kidneys are studying for their test.
I am tired of seeing the bracelet ads on Pinterest along with others, are you?  And I do not like the new format where the information of the photo is not always listed beneath.  But I happened to spot a few pins that piqued my interest of an Etsy site, Marys Montage.  Great digital graphics to download and print.  So many for Halloween but also items like these..
I found many for tags and cards and journal covers that I can print on cardstock including Christmas designs.  I don't browse Etsy so maybe there are others with such graphics but why search when I am thrilled with these?  I'm assuming once downloaded they can be opened in Paint and sized in page setup to my preference.
I wasn't going to bring this up, but I am.  Sitting outside enjoying the warmth, feeling chatty, and Bud doesn't want to listen so I'll tell you.  I've about had it with this menobullcrap after 15 years or so.  My friend from Nevada has been on hormone replacement patches for years.  So I asked my doctor if the hype about BC in the family really excludes patients from this and she said no.  The evidence does not support the claims after years of controlled groups, and was never a high enough dose to cause an issue.  Hmm.  PATCH SMACK ME!!  Nope.  I'm too late.  Seems you must start the therapy at the onset of meno, not years later.  Damn.  Fifteen years too late after believing the unfounded hype.  As with caffeine, bacon, butter, good carbs, eggs, and everything else.  Recent studies have found that the saturated fat causing breast cancer claim is also debunked.  But all of this depends on who did the study because there are some groups that still believe the incidence is higher with HRT, and others that claim studies done with groups taking nothing at all, showed the same rates of cancer.  None of my family or friends with the diagnosis ever took hormones.  My PCP insists that a plant based diet will stop menopause symptoms, prevent cancer and heart attacks, and keep you out of a nursing home from dementia.  Really?
My vegetarian cousin whose family had no incidences of any cancers, was diagnosed with it in her 50's, and then went on to a facility at 64 because of frontotemporal dementia.  My father ate everything, including high fat and non-healthy foods, had the heart of a 50 year old, the mind of a 30 year old, and at 89 a doctor killed him.  Two examples where diet cannot change your genetics.  A healthy diet is of course important, but everything in moderation sounds good to me.
What I really wanted to bring up and got off track about is that I have been once again experiencing SOOT.  Sudden Onset Of Tears.  From commercials, songs, cute babies, crying children, roadkill, stupid TV shows, cemeteries, military, patriotic verse, WWII (that's not new), dogs riding in cars, and those Cadbury fruit and nut bars that Bertie got me hooked on.  There's more but I don't want to get all soggy right now.  My nose is red and running enough without another meltdown, but the good news is that they don't last long at all.  I think the SOOT car became unhitched from the menocoaster and once the ride comes back around, it will reconnect and move on to its hills and valleys.  I never bought a ticket for this ride, but would sure like a refund.

Starting a little Christmas stitch this evening.  Be back with the winner later.

Thanks for listening!!
(and check out Marys Montage)


Oct 20, 2017

Short and sweet weekend giveaway

Yep.  October's end is coming near.  Damn winter better move as quickly.
I haven't mentioned that I am having difficulties with my arms.  The doctor thinks (and I fear) that my neck is worsening and causing this.  But I also have an impinged shoulder, whose pain is dwarfed by bicep tendinitis.  Wowee that's a strange thing.  The pain starts in the tendon, radiates through the bicep, intensifying during the two minutes in which you drop to your knees.  Sometimes it just makes you grab that flabby wing and doesn't get worse, but if it does, you have to wonder how that much pain could come from hanging skin and weak muscle.  I can't take the steroid pack until I get the kidney function test, which I failed to do when getting the mammogram.  I picked something up when I took Carole for tests, even though I foamed my hands at every dispenser in the place. The other pain in my ass is gone.  The one I've had for over two years of trying to get workers here.  The contractor's recommended framer that was to be here Wednesday did not show, nor did he call.  I'm done.  Minor issues compared to what others face.
So guess what?  I'm having a giveaway.  Again.  This sweet little pillow has not sold along with a few other items and I decided to offer it instead of the box I had planned.

It's a nice rustic linen in a medium tan, backed with the burgundy starred fabric.
6-3/4" wide x 4" tall adaptation of a sampler I can't remember.
Drawing will be Sunday evening 10/22 at 9 pm EST, US only please.
Leave your entry in the comments with your initials or name, or you can email me.  Keep in mind I can't contact you because of no-reply so please check back to see if you've won.
Enjoy your weekend.

Oct 18, 2017

Skinny mini board

As usual, not the best photo quality.



Oct 17, 2017

We have a finalist

After experimenting with various display options, I think my original idea will be the best.  At first the wood was narrower which also reduced the lollipop, and it just didn't balance well when the sampler was added.  I think once stained and aged, the larger piece will work out just fine.  And if not, it can always be cut down a little.  Right now it's only 4 1/2" wide.  Still a skinny mini!

I considered transferring this to a graph and offering the chart for sale, but it may end up like my first attempt at selling my design.  Crabasses don't handle rejection well so it's best to avoid it!
Carole's mammo was clear, my gyn visit was good, mammo and kidney test Thursday.
Have a good humpday!

Oct 16, 2017

Busy busy

Greetings!   Hope your weekend went well.  We had friends come in from Nevada and enjoyed some time with them.  The rest of the weekend was leaf blowing and painting. 
We finally heard back from the contractor, with apology, and he offered another name and phone number for the siding/windows.  So I called, he answered, and is coming out this week to take a look and offer suggestions.  I made clear that it will not be vinyl, silence on the phone.  We'll see.  But whether it be him or the contractor, spring will probably be the time frame. 
So I went to work with paint brush in hand, and did the doors back to the original color before they faded to a light gray.  What a difference.  At least the house is presentable until the work can be done. 
 You can't see how bad the cedar is from the road (except for one side) and with the doors and their trim a solid paint color it looks so much better.  The weathered cedar planks on the front door were weathered to a light beige and I didn't want them dark but it was all I had on hand.  I love it. 
The only color I have is the flag, rust, and a seasonal flower.
Mammo and doc week for my sister and I.  Hope you all get your boobies checked annually.
Have a sweet day!

Oct 13, 2017

Schoolers coming to Ebay and Mary Beale

Hopefully soon.  Way too complicated to do this on site and keep sales straight without a cart to show buyer's address.  If there are any here that you've been looking for, I will post the Ebay sale dates beforehand.  To see the charts you can image search online by title.

I'm selling all my Prairie Schoolers, in order...

#9    Johnny Appleseed
#10  Prairie Christmas
#13  Prairie Year
#14  Holiday Homestead
#16  Prairie Flowers
#17  Woodland Sampling
#19  Rabbit Folk
#20  St. Nicholas
#21  Doorstops
#23  Prairie Year II
#24  Prairie Birds  -  maybe
#25  Up on the Housetop
#28  Stockings & more
#29  Christmas miniatures
#31  Adam names the creatures
#32  Christmas ark
#35  Prairie Garden
#36  St. Nicholas II
#37  Holiday Harvest
#38  Prairie Lodge
#41  Still Life  -  maybe
#42  Angels
#43  Father Christmas
#44  Birds & Berries
#45  Garden Samplers
#47  Santa Rides
#48  A Christmas Visit
#51  Christmas Past
#53  Santa Moon
#56  Garden Birds
#58  Old St. Nick
#62  Kris Kringle
#73  Christmas Samplers II
#80  Old World Santas
#88  Old World Santas II

These charts have the original owner's name written in black marker, some have small address labels on the front, some have removed label, some have the original shop's inventory sticker.
  I have been going through charts for Christmas looking for a small Santa to stitch and came across the Mary Beale cards.  I have Family Christmas I and II, Merry Christmas III and IV and am offering them for postage.  I am very surprised at some of the prices on EBay when they can be downloaded for $5 on her site along with both Christmas wreaths for $5, angel stockings for $5, and sampler stockings for $7. 
Mine have worn edges and damage to the front where labels were removed (not on the photo or chart).  They are full size cards with charts on the back.  DMC threads.  If anyone would like one or all (Mary's only), please leave your request in a comment, make sure to include your email so I can contact you.  UPDATE - received an email to claim the charts.
 Photos from her website.
Family I
 Family II
Merry Christmas III

Merry Christmas IV

Oct 12, 2017

I like it!

We had an all day light rain for a change, and I got a haircut that I absolutely hate.   Bud has been enjoying the warm weather and it should continue though the weekend.
So what do you think?  Damn good looking I think, for only 3" wide and making it up as I went along.  It's only finger pressed right now and if it will hang on its own I would like the edges hemstitched.  But I'm also thinking that a long very thin hornbook style mount would be nice with a decorative top.
I'll show a few close-ups of the stitching when it's pressed and finished IF ..  the computer cooperates.  I've been getting the blue screen after downloading Windows updates.
I was looking through the papers that came with the new car and saw this - Mom would be proud!
Browsed birthday cards for a friend and saw one that hit my giggle button.  Isn't it embarrassing when you have a laughing fit in the card aisle?
"A fine wine gets better with age."
"Too bad you're not a grape."
Hope your week is going well.
Thanks for visiting.

Oct 9, 2017

The final border

After many trials and lots of errors I realized the bottom motifs needed to be large to balance with big bird.  Smaller vines, vases, and florals were not working and I could not understand why.  Finally have something agreeable and all I need is a bottom band.  Nothing has worked so far, and I think for the same reason.  Needs a little heft for balance so I charted one and hope to finish this tomorrow.  Three inches wide and almost ten long.  Skinny mini.
Have a good week!

Oct 8, 2017

What a difference ...

a dye makes.  Love the design, could not get used to the Tin Roof linen with my chosen floss colors.   Too drab and odd looking, not gray, not green, and the muted floss does nothing for it.  Red will tone green to brown but is really tricky and may leave it pinkish.  I wanted to brighten so I tried orange.  Just a touch.
Ahhhh.  Much better.  I can live with this .  The other two smalls were requested for purchase and are gone but no one wanted this drab one.  It's probably a keeper now!
And before you ask, no I did not disassemble the pillow.  I used a misting sprayer with the weak dye, then just water, dabbed to remove excess moisture, stuck in the dryer on a stationary rack.  The only thing that changed was the glue.  My other glue is waterproof, Tacky is not, so the bottom came open.  Heating with an iron softens all glues (including fusibles) but they stay in the fabric.  Tacky seems to have come out almost completely with the water. Who knew? 

I'm sure many of you wonder how I could take a chance on ruining a finished piece. The answer is easy.  If I don't like it, the color bothers me, or I tire of the design, it does not bother me at all.  Yes I put time into it and I enjoyed doing it, but I could say the same about blowing leaves.  It's the end result that's important and if I'm not happy with that, get a match.  So I make an attempt to correct what bothers me and if it works out as this did, great!  If not, that's OK too.
Yours truly,
the Reckless Stitcher

Oct 6, 2017

Getting close

to a finish on skinny mini. 
Used a verse from Proverbs 31 that I thought may be something found in a sampler.  Not sure if I will finish this off with motifs, A&E, a wide border.  But I do have a layout in mind and will chart it first, maybe a few others, and then decide.  This piece has had enough frogging and I would prefer following a chart to prevent more.
Have a great weekend.

Oct 5, 2017

A little Aida

UPDATE - fabric has been claimed.

Greetings folks.  Houston, we have ignition.  It's in a white gold 2018 Escape that has more dingers and buzzers and chimes to tell me I am doing something wrong than Microsoft's annoying Windows 10.
I am going through unwanted fabrics again and if anyone would like these pieces of 18 count Aida, do not know the color name, I will be happy to mail them (in US). 
All the same and a really nice dark shade, the closest being DMC 640.  Sizes are 17 x 18 ... 8 x 10 1/2 .... 10 1/2 x 12 1/2.   If you would like them, click the email link at top right or this - samplersandsantas@gmail.com to let me know along with your address for mailing.
My sister is pretty anxious today.  The house next door to her has sold, for $200,000 cash, without the buyer even viewing it.  There are very few homes on this long road, secluded, within a half mile of the Ohio border.  Quick escape from PA police and with our local drug problem, naturally this transaction seems unnerving.  Who buys a home for that amount without seeing it? 

Oct 4, 2017

How do I like the new car?

I don't know.  Why you ask?  Because I sat across the desk from the young frazzled Ford-Man, and with check in hand, frown on face, said ....  can I change my mind?  At this point, my husband's ball cap brim was covering most of his face, and he was so slumped in the chair one would have thought he was sleeping.  He was fully awake, just looking for a hole in the floor to crawl in to.  My newest new car will be in tomorrow.  I had already served them a coconut cherry zucchini bread and the chocolate zucchini bundt cake the day before, hoping it would compensate for the time and ream of paper expended on me.  What could possibly soothe the mood of having your employee drive 4 hours to get a vehicle, wash and detail, remove stickers and protective covers, only to have some wacky woman say ..... nah, changed my mind?  A Kobe steak and Jack Daniels?  Poor man.  He kept saying it was OK but I knew that as soon as I walked out, there would be some fighting words behind that door.  Was it all my fault?  Of course not.  Weeks earlier I had asked another dealer if the forward collision protection/blind spot and cross traffic warnings were to be offered in 2018 models.  He checked and said only the Titanium package (too rich for my plasma).  I also kept complaining that I was buying last years model because the 2018s would be out soon.  Nothing said.  The morning I was getting the car, the Ford website showed the 2018, with the safe and smart package, ON THE LOTS.  My new car will be the latest model and have the safety features and warnings that I wanted.  Same color, same car, just newer and smarter.  This cost me $5000 more but I didn't care at this point. With those features I won't worry about trading it in a few years to upgrade.  So as long as it's not a lemon, I will keep it for 10 years.  And frazzled Anthony will have a nice meal.

I needed a vehicle today so took my sister's (my old yellow Escape) and I did not want to give it back.  Can't tell you how I love that old car and the different feel driving it.  Such zippity-do, full length windows for excellent vision, more space without all the technology features, and my yellow and black queen bee hanging from the mirror. 

I stopped to get a pumpkin, holding off as long as I could to acknowledge the fall season.

But I am still clinging to summer also.

Won't be long until Christmas!  I happened to see this darling offer on Etsy (already sold) and searched until I found the designer.

Primitive Stitchin by Shelly Auen on her Etsy page, here.  Offered as an e-chart, instant gratification!  Why did I not see this before?
 Two of the brats, Bud and Missy, were de-flea'd yesterday along with yours truly.  Nitzy is just too wild and I lost hold of him just as I squeezed that fricking tube. 
We're all feeling the sadness this week.  I hope something has given you a reason to smile and brought some joy.
Thanks for visiting.

Oct 2, 2017


When I read "two birds", I agreed.  Then I would read "one bird", and that was the plan.  Until another comment changed my mind.  This went on and on until I started the second bird, and thought it was too much.  So I tried a vine.  For now, it will stay.  I appreciated your help!

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