Mar 21, 2017

The difference between crabby and snotty

Had to take Carole early this morning back to her doc, pain became much worse, traveled to the shoulder, he wanted to check her heart.  Carole talked to him personally and he left orders with the front desk to put her in a room as soon as she arrives.  We wait, we wait, until I blast the snotty bitch that handles the front desk.  I've had enough of her attitude for the last few years. 
 Snotty is being rude and disrespectful, crabby is a generalized nasty attitude.  Mostly I am a crab but there are times when I am a crabby snot.  I can relate to hassles in medical settings, but she is always rude and there is no place for that when dealing with the public.   
It happens that her meds were filled and sitting on a counter yesterday, but with inept and useless employees from office staff error to pharm techs laziness, no one took the time to actually check.  We didn't know this until today when I took the new written scripts in.  I wasn't snotty.  I wasn't crabby.  I was full on bitch slap.
She is feeling better already after two rounds of the meds, is still in terrible pain, but no longer nauseous and in tears.  After three nights of no sleep at all, she was able to take a nap.  And my three days of her appointments and errands are finished and I can concentrate on the guests coming.

So here's the stitching plan.  I doubt there will be any time for it but I'm trying to line up a few choices so I can start right back in.  You know I've been having a pretty long slump and smalls were my only desire.  I am considering a large sampler, working on it a little each week so as not to get discouraged.  (Mary Elliott at left)
I thought it would be a good idea to choose and kit the linen with many of these larger projects, but all my yardage is 28 and 30 and I am preferring the higher count and single thread.  But since I have the linen, I should use it.
(Ann Spence at right)

(Sarah Jacklin Goulsby below)

Another contender is Sarah Harvey.

Things change often with me, and the look of an entire wall of samplers that I aspire to, no longer tickles me.  I prefer seeing one or two which allows notice.   Too many to see at one time is striking and a great focal point, but their detail and verse is lost in the mass.  My view is contrary to most stitchers' displays, but it's my current view which may last anywhere from a month to two years.

Hopefully when I return in a few weeks, I'll have a project started and something to share.
Take care and enjoy the start of spring! 
Back in April.

Mar 20, 2017

Three days to houseguests

My torn up unfinished dusty house.  After spending all morning in Urgent Care yesterday, today I had to take Carole to her primary care doc because he would not prescribe meds without seeing her even though he had the records from the center.  She has a severe case of gout in her wrist and hand.  First time ever. Picked her up, got to the doc's, waited, waited.  Got in, got the RX's called in, then over to the center for blood work that Urgent Care failed to take, wait, wait.  By now it's 4:15.  Stopped to get her something to eat since she can't use her hand to prepare a meal.  Lots of time for the pharmacy to fill the order.  Got there at 4:50.  No orders.  Called the doc office.  They insist the orders were called in.  Verified the phone number and correct pharmacy.  Back to the pharmacist - he said he doesn't have it.  I asked him what we should do.  She is in tremendous pain, I'm here for the meds, she can't drive, the doc called them in and verified the time, why aren't they here?  That's between her and her doctor.  Really.  I asked him to call the doctor's office NOW and get the order.  It's 2 minutes to 5, the office closes at 5, and they turned off the phones except for voice mail.  He left a message that they did not return.  Now I have to go back to her doctor's tomorrow morning and get the written script, go to the pharmacy, wait for the drugs, and then do all her fricking shopping again because she hasn't done any in weeks.  Take the meds and items to her home after.  So three days of planned preparation shot in the ass and now she can't help me with having the guests over for a meal or two next week.  We'll manage to get the last few rooms cleaned and their linens fresh before they arrive, and stock the fridge after.
Carole's son is working overtime because of co-workers having the flu, and went directly from work to a fire in which an elderly woman on Hospice care was killed.  Her husband is inconsolable from her tragic death along with losing his lifelong possessions and home.  So I guess frustration and unforeseen diversions are just nuisances that don't amount to a hill of beans in real life. 
I have no pie that could shut my crabass pie hole, so instead I ate several slices of Italian bread smothered with cream cheese and a thin spread of jelly. Very very good, but it ain't elderberry pie.
Embrace tomorrow and all the crap that comes with it.

Mar 19, 2017

Mary on a shoestring

Hey all.  Spent the morning in Urgent Care with Carole, not heart related, and she will be fine in a week or two.  Came home and decided to finish Mary before I misplace her being that she is so tiny.  Size doesn't really matter because I've lost much larger pieces but it sounded like a good enough reason.  And it's always a brilliant move to tackle a potentially stressful project after a stressful morning.
I used a different method this time, without interfacing.  I still prefer the stability of it but this linen is substantial and I've wanted to try this for a while.  As always I counted out on all sides and removed a linen thread, further out than where the seam would be, and then ran the Frixion pen in that ditch to make sure I could see it at the sewing machine. 
Machine sewed on this line, right side of the linen, while attaching the muslin on the back, creating a visible guide to follow when sewing the backing on right sides together.  Just 1/8" in from this stitched line and I hoped it would line up the linen threads and be rather straight.  Bingo.  Not bad at all.  I wanted something thin and dark brown for the hanger, used a braided brown shoestring.  She fits nicely in the carrier, but with the longer hanger, she can visit more places. 
I have several samplers that hang from the front of a shelf, hanger attached to an object's base.  Nice way to display smaller stitcheries so they are easily seen. I think the pewter is too fussy for little Mary,
so I moved her to a small primitive cupboard.
This was stuffed before, but once we start cleaning walls and clutter, everything is minimized. 
Only half the items are returned to their former position. 
That's all folks!  Once again, loving the very small projects.
Thanks for visiting.
Have a great week.

Mar 18, 2017

Little finish

Wow.  This one was quick and easy.  Mary Little 1840 from Goode Huswife. I changed some floss shades to accommodate the darker linen and made the house a faded red.  Now I have to decide where she will live.  Filled and puffed in a compartment on a leather strapped carrier which happens to be a perfect fit,
puffed out over an old skinny box with a small side compartment for goodies,
or just sewn into a little knob hanger.  I'm thinking knob hanger right now.  I like the carrier best but as a hanger, she can be moved at will and still be nestled in when I want a change.
Good idea.  Twofer.

Just because she's perched on an old student chair doesn't mean she is willing to learn.
Hope your weekend is going well.  May be offline for a few weeks.  Stay well!!


with wall washing and getting some things in order before company arrives this week.  Decided it would be best to stitch something little.  Couldn't be more appropriate.

I've been having trouble with my printers not being recognized by the computer.  On March 8, Microsoft installed an incorrect driver in their update that affects some devices.  Nice. That's when I lost both printers and haven't been able to get them back, so I assume this is why. If you've been having issue with a linked phone or other devices in Windows 10, this may be the problem.  Their updates are automatic and your computer is turned on and they are installed during down times by Microsoft.  Not a thing you can do to stop it.  I understand that they will find new vulnerabilities and fixes that should be corrected, but it should be my choice to determine which I want installed and when.
Have a good weekend.
Crabass over and out.

Mar 15, 2017

Anyone interested?

Post is deleted.  Offer was for this completed piece and it has sold.


Mar 13, 2017


Little basket.  



Mar 12, 2017


I had a few unfinished heavy wooden heart boxes from decades ago, only kept the smallest.  Today I finally painted it, to match the little basket.
Used two shades of red over black, tried to get an old look to the smooth wood.
The other red was found on the bottom on my favorite brown 3 gallon crock.  Mark was doing some spring cleaning and loaded the kitchen with the brown crocks and jugs for me to wash.  When I turned it upside down to dry, I realized the bottom is red.  Hmm.  None of the others are and now I know why this piece is not the rich deep brown of all the others.
And while feeding the girls, we caught a glimpse of another red. 
Woody.  Good grief the Pileated is back.  Please stay away from the house Woody!!  You're within 25 feet and we have a Pecker Free zone of 50 so move back!
And the final red, another bag of grapes.  I used almost 2Tbsp of brown sugar in the Greek yogurt and oh my, I need to find my will power.
Have a great start to your week.

Mar 11, 2017

Ruby Slippers

Before I get to the threads, friends on Facebook are requests from stitchers or primitive decorators, the only reason I visit FB.  Once I accept a request, I see their posts and anything they share including family news of people I do not know.  These photos come up on their posts because they are appalled by what they have seen and are sharing the "news" of disgusting abuse and neglect.  This last one of those two posing over the bloody dog in shock was just too much.  I wanted to clarify that these horrors are not from sites I visit, they come up in friend posts as I review for needlework. 


Anonymous - you asked where I found the Ruby Slipper conversion.  The DMC is 3831 and GAST is Mulberry.  BUT, I found out that is incorrect.  Why?  Monroe's thread lists Ruby Slippers as GAST but it's listed here as Crescent Colours, because that color name is used by both.   I made the error of not reading the column titles and assumed the Ruby was from GAST.
But here's how to do a search by color name anyway (or for anything in a .pdf file) - enter the name of the color in the top search box (circled in yellow) and hit Enter.  It will say that no results were found, or scroll to the first instance of that word which will be highlighted as shown in the lower yellow circle.  Equivalents are shown on the same line, manufacturer at the top.  Unless the color was used by two companies.  Now we're in a pickle.  A Polish dill.  So I have no absolute answer on the correct conversion!  The GAST Ruby isn't listed on any of sites, and this is the case with a few other colors too, maybe the newest ones.

Note - If you ever want to search a document or page online, hit Ctrl and F at the same time and you will get the search box top left.  Saves looking through page after page.  You knew this, right?


Dear friends,

I ask you all to please, please, report these disgusting, vile, evil, photos on Facebook.  The most recent, which appeared on a stitcher's post, pictured two men with knives holding parts of a living Labrador chained at their feet.  I have been unable to think of anything else.  Why oh why would you post this and give these sick people more hits?  Report it to Facebook immediately and do not share the photo so others can try more horrendous acts to record on their fricking phones and get even more shares.  I heard that is exactly what happened.  Instead of just ears, the copycats did nose and ears.  This fills me with such hate that I actually want these people dead.  I know that is sick and I am upset with myself for such thoughts, but I am bombarded with these types of shared photos and I can't take it anymore.  It is truly affecting me.

I have once again changed what I plan to stitch next.  I have this Quaker Blackbird design on my needlebook and love it (even though I had to change it to fit since I cut the linen wrong).  I found the small piece of leftover linen and thought making my mini basket to match would be a nice set.  Using the midsection I will add the row (above the berries) beneath the berries making it a really good fit for the lid.  I reversed the chart so the bird will be on the right facing left.  For the round box I chose a circular quaker design and will use the same floss colors. 
I was directed to a shop's site, The Strawberry Sampler, and so happy to see large photos of all the designers from Nashville.  If you'd like to check out the new items without having to click on a small photo and go back and forth, and see just about every design, click on the link.  A lot to take in, but it looks like you get "nash cash" if you purchase more than $25 of those items.  I need to take my time viewing the offers and reading their notes, just can't concentrate enough right now so I may have misunderstood.
Have a great weekend everyone.
Thanks for visiting.

Mar 10, 2017


Hello people.  March is flying by isn't it?  This weekend marks 16 years that my Dad passed away after a few weeks of terror and panic caused by a clot in his lung they failed to diagnose.  I previously wrote the story and how the "specialist" punk saw me in Macy's parking lot and ran into the store.  Now, hardly any people in the lot or store since they are ready to close, so if I happen to see him, no crowd to save him.  I've seen people say they have forgiven the person that murdered their loved one.  I'm not that merciful.  People make mistakes, but for a specialist to watch someone with claustrophobia gasp in panic for weeks, no way.  I hope your weekend has happier thoughts than ours will.
Comments about overdyed and expensive silk thread coversion were left and while ordering the Animal Crackers, I found these.  Didn't look for the silk but I'm sure they are out there.


Weeks Dye Works to DMC

This site starts with the DMC number, but you can type the color name in the top search box (empty text box in the middle), hit enter, and it will highlight the name.  That's how I found Ruby Slipper that wasn't on the other sites, and found the DMC equivalent.

I hope this helps someone.  I didn't look any further because we are packing up the smart tv to exchange since the backlight slowly darkens the screen.  Over and over and over.  It was only smart for two days.

Possible next project for the little round box I bought with the picnic basket.  40 count is perfect.  Stitched it once on the fabric covered box for my cousin Pat, personalized.  Her mom's name was Jenny and I used Pat's initials and those of her sister with early dementia instead of the date.
We are covered in heavy wet snow and will have very cold temps for a while. 
Have a great weekend.


Mar 8, 2017

Over one, The End

This is it.  All other drawings, diagrams, videos, gone.  Except for Barbara's suggestion on the fine cloth beneath.  Still holding on to that and will give it a try too.  But this one absolutely makes sense to me.  My problem with over one is not only ugly twisted bumps of a stitch, it's the floss disappearing behind the linen weave.  Very hard to explain, but seeing this method in a diagram sunk in.  You must cross over two threads on the back.  Bingo.  But looking at my linen and trying to do it, just confused the heck out of me... because ....  I stitch from bottom to top, left to right.  That creates a straight line of floss on the back that doesn't cross over. Well you can't do that.  Left to right is done top to bottom, opposite of mine.  Of course.  By going over two threads on the back and following this sequence, my floss cannot slip behind.  The ugly twisted bumps will stand proudly. You can click on these photos, then right click to print if you want them for a reference.  I asked Joanie F's permission and since there is no credit printed on them, we don't know where they came from. 
And one other thing - the grapes.  Still sucking down sour grapes but I made a similar dish to the big grape salad recipe and it's just as good.  Use one single serve Oikos vanilla Triple Zero Greek yogurt ( you can make two or three servings from this), adding about 1Tbsp brown sugar (to your taste), and sprinkling with pecans (or walnuts), add the grapes and it tastes just as good as the larger higher fat recipe.  It's the brown sugar that gives that great flavor to the grapes.  We added bananas too.  Next time, apples or coconut flakes.  Wonderful!  And easy for small or single servings. 

Glad to say that I let go of my Basic Cloth packages to someone who loves that fabric.  
 The wind today is violent and I just heard something hit the house, probably another limb.  My husband is on the golf course.  I doubt he will make any pars, and the only birdies will be whizzing by in the wind.  Better duck!

Mar 7, 2017

What a difference a day makes

I went from wanting Monroe, a tiny picnic, miniature sampler, a filled cart at 123, to ..... eh.  I should have known better than to not have another project at the ready so there would be no slack time.  But I failed.  Slumping slacker I am.  Have no desire to even look through charts.  So instead I started another pile for reduction.  Another bag of floss, this time almost 400 skeins, shipped out yesterday to the next in line from the prior offer.  That will probably be all of it.  No one was interested in the Soie d'Alger I tried to sell a while ago so out it went along with the cards of Alpaca and remaining Whisper.  I just don't want to continue storing items I have not and never will use. 
For some reason, Basic Cloth is something I just keep putting back.  I won't stitch it but love the fabric so maybe I will find another use for it. 

Tons of small freebies and notes, instructions, hints, tips, take up several thick folders and I will go through them next.  In that group, is the detailed instruction for over one stitching from Joanie F that I will be holding on to.  It makes good sense to me and is different from what I've always done, so it may be the solution.

My extra wide LoRan magnetic board that I used to use is now hanging over my sewing machine to keep needles and dodads handy.  The large clips can hold instructions or pattern, and especially small pouches for rulers, pokes, and rippers.  Mark drilled slotted holes for hanging but I will use screws for securing it to the wall, otherwise, it moves outward when removing something from a strong magnet.  It will keep small items that I continually lose in one place and be smack in front of me. 

Another thing I don't need is a very nicely made tote, I believe for a frame of some sort.  It is heavy loop soft pile fabric lined with a very nice sort of silky material.  Gusseted bottom, 16" wide and 24" long.  Black twill straps and Velcro top strip for closing.  The lining is a grayish color and the outside a dark blue.

I will probably sell this for $20 including shipping (USA) because I have another that is short and wide for a frame that I don't even use.  That will be the next to go.
I've asked Mark to hide my Dove chocolate because I NEED to lose weight and have no will power.  Unfortunately, this is a task he doesn't excel in.  I have found them every time, so asked him to lock them in his car.  He's afraid he will need to replace a window so declined my request.
We set up a new TV today, ultra high def and in order to get a decent picture, we need to rent a cable box for another $15 a month.  The other HD TVs are sharp and clear without the box but not this one.  It's a "smart" tv that connects to my wireless internet service and offers everything everything, of which I know nothing nothing.  A smart phone before a smart tv would have helped.  Well... any smart would have.
Have a good one!
Thanks for visiting.

Mar 6, 2017

Have a picnic

Greetings folks.  Lots of emails regarding where to find the mini basket and do your own stitchery for the top.  So many places to list that I decided to post this.  Just Google or Bing search "mini picnic basket" and you will find lots of wedding and party sites that offer them, including Etsy and Amazon.  Most are sold in sets of 6 or 8, others require a minimum order of 250 (you don't need that!), so just search and check on prices and shipping, maybe split the order with stitching buds.  My local craft store had a few so I didn't have to order.

Mar 4, 2017

Samplers, santas, and ....


One of Stacy Nash's new releases from her Animal Crackers series.  The cats are adorable too but I fell in love with Monroe first.  In case you haven't seen them, this is Theodore.
And for those of you that didn't see the mini basket limited edition I was unable to order, this is it from Country Stitches.
The tiny basket is a mini picnic basket with lid (actually a party/wedding favor), sold in sets of 6 or 8 online. I saw the medium size also locally which is 6"x4". I don't think I would like a padded lid on a larger basket, this is just so small and sweet. From what I've read on FB, they are all sold but maybe your local shop will be bringing a few home so check if you're interested.  Have no idea on pricing.  
Patching ceiling drywall and measuring for crown moulding this weekend. 
Hope yours is just as exciting.
Thanks for visiting.

Mar 3, 2017

Do you feel left out?

Nashville.  Disneyland for stitchers.  There should be a live video for those of us stuck at home wondering what everyone is lucky enough to see, feel, purchase.  Maybe there is, and I'm left out of that too!  One thing in particular bugs me, and it shouldn't.  But it does.  The limited edition designs and kits.  I saw one on Facebook that I would love to have.  Don't even know if I could afford it or be willing to spend an inflated amount for it.  But it is very limited.  I saw a few shops posting that all kits are now spoken for.  Do I have a shop to notify and request one?  No.  Do you?  Does it bother you to be left out?
Well snotty crabass that I am went through a boatload of freebies and smalls, easily put together a similar design, bought the little basket, and will use the money I saved to pay for Carole's (my!!!) car repair.  Not the same as the real thing, but better than nothing at all.  
I have several very old Basketville buckets with lids.  I think they were called lunch totes.  Considered something for the lids years ago, changed my mind. I have various sizes with single and double handles. 
Made the Rootin Tootin Bean Salad today.  If you haven't tried it, hop over to the recipe blog and do so.  SO good.
Done for the day!
Have a great weekend.
Thanks for visiting.

Simple finish

Decided on a mini pillow.  Even though this is a primitive sampler in content and style, the colors are too light for a pouch.  Don't know what difference that makes, but my other sacks are darker and this looked too delicate.  From the beginning, I wanted to use a lighter linen for this project and it would have looked more primitive with either dark linen or much darker threads.  But for some reason, I just couldn't envision it. 
It looks good hanging with the drieds, but I may change the stair railing display from baskets to stitchery.
 In like a lion.....
can you hear me roar?

Edit -
Color changes requested shown in blue

Mar 2, 2017

A box for treasures

a journal for their secrets.

So glad I kept the paper.  Too bad I burned the small boxes.

1739 finish

Finished.  What to do now?  Maybe frame this one?  Stuff and smash?  Another pouch?  Depends on my mood at that time.  I did use darker shades of recommended floss and changed the very light ones to another color. 
You can see a light aging with a few spots.  I didn't want the overall light mist of dye that I most times do, preferred a more distinct mottling.  So I changed the spray to medium and then added a few larger drops of dye here and there.
R&R repro charts have every little detail of the original but as I mentioned before, I did full stitches everywhere.  I did add the knots and oddities including a few repair stitches.  Considered clipping the linen thread beneath to make it a true repair but didn't.

For now, it will hang by pins on the wall, but for its size, I am considering another pouch to hang with Rosanna.  An advantage of a pouch finish like that is the option to slip batting inside, close the top, maybe shorten the strap, and it can become a small hanging pillow.

I think my next project will be a tiny.  I missed the sale at Pineberry Lane so I decided to make my own boxes and tiny.  I have tons of paper that I thankfully did not toss with the other craft items, and still have very small boxes that I rescued from the burning pile yesterday.  For the first time in a long while, I am excited about doing something different and have a few ideas.

Hope March is a good month for all.
Thanks for visiting.


Mar 1, 2017

I forgot

to mention the change in product at JoAnn's.  Touch of Silk, our favorite bagged fill, is no longer available there or at any other place locally.  It's been replaced with Fairfield's Silky Soft.  I tested it this morning (I use steam and smash for density) and it did not melt.  Until Carol at Stitching Dreams informed us of this product, my standard fill would melt together when steamed.  This will become dense, requires more steaming, but does not harden.  So far, this tested about the same as Touch of Silk, except for having more loft.  I don't like it as well, but it's comparable.
Regarding the Magic Extra Crisp Sizing, cannot find it anywhere, only the Light Body.  Decided against actual starch, and tried Mary Ellen's Best Press again.  The first times I used it, I saw no difference in wrinkle removal or body.  None.  But I decided to try again with several coats and it did help with WDW linen.  Not as crisp as the starch but an improvement, and non sticky.  So I used my 60 off coupon at JoAnn's and got another bottle, also like the pump instead of aerosol.  It is an add-on item for only 5.49 on Amazon (here).  It comes in scents but I think with several coats, it would be overwhelming so I stick with the clear unscented.  If you try it, make sure you do several coats.
Finished with 1739, will show you tomorrow.
Have a good day.
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