Mar 30, 2019

I found a pony

Well, two ponies.  Found in my pile of finishing projects, once on a box, once on a book, now as a pouch.  Lining is a tan and blue stripe if I ever make it that far. 
After sewing back to front, I pictured the finish differently.  Instead of the wool back and straps,
I thought maybe a wooden back stained or painted very dark may be better,
but I really like the idea of a thick distressed dark leather as the back.  Maybe not this high.  I like this shape best and a few pink berries can hang from the nail.  So far, my favorite.
Options courtesy of Paint program!  I don't know if my piece of leather would be large enough, and keeping it flat may be a problem.  Hey!  Cover the wood with a thin brown leather?   
What say you? 
I'm asking because depending on my mood, it may be offered for sale.

Mar 29, 2019

For the bees

I read an article about making water available to bees during summer and it sounded like a good idea.  Whether it was another phony baloney story or not, who knows?  Since the little guys need to land in order to drink, using a shallow dish with stones works well.  If what I read is wrong, who cares?  I love the color and iridescence of these.
 I found stainless steel dishes and old pans at the now defunct flea market which will work great.  More easily cleaned than ceramic and unbreakable, they make a great water source for the deer and other wildlife. So I purchased these glass (not acrylic) beads to fill the pan with and I think it will also look pretty (was surprised at only $1.60 each!).  Something attractive to set their fuzzy butts on when taking a sip.  I wondered why some of the dishes were so thick, my brother explained that they are insulated stainless plates used by the hospital to keep patients' meal plates warm.  But when they hired a food service, all were thrown in a dumpster, not even metals and plastics are recycled.  He said he was shocked at what hospitals throw away (that would not be harmful or contaminated) that missions or clinics could use.  I am attending a fundraiser tomorrow for a friend's son that is going to Ghana with Medical 
Pat Catan's got new items in for Easter and spring, and the store is pretty well stocked except for some items that are depleted in their warehouse.  They had loads of the square sets of three paper mache boxes, and several bins of the heart shape and small talls.  If I can find the heart label of the blue ponies and it prints well, I may get a few more of the boxes before they are all gone.  I think the small talls would be nice with a pincushion top and I plan to cover them with paper or fabric.  The short rounds covered also, maybe a berry top.

Another one of my favorite samplers that you don't see very often, Mary Haslehurst from Scarlet Letter.  Different than any other I've stitched with its freehand side stitching and the flame stitched top which I really enjoyed.
Yesterday my nephew went to the dentist for a molar extraction, and was told to immediately visit his doctor.  His heart rate was going up and down like a yo-yo which was never caught before.  He is in a lot of pain with the tooth and can't have it pulled until the issue is diagnosed.  On April 8 he will have an echo and a monitor, two days later a stress test along with two others I never heard of.  Since he is Type 1 and 48 years old, they will give him a thorough work up.
Regarding the Medicare plans I previously mentioned, I chose the BC supplement that requires no co-pays for tests, hospitalization, ER, doctor visits, nothing.  It is more expensive and you forfeit any amount toward dental and a yearly eye exam with glasses, but since I'm not sure what else may develop this year, I thought it best to have full coverage.  I can change at year's end back to an advantage plan if I choose.  My thinking - I pay for full car and house insurance, why not myself?  More peace of mind than anything.  I also had to purchase a part D Rx plan and the only two drugs I take are quite expensive so I will fall into the dreaded donut hole in a few months.  Mark chose the advantage plan (which includes prescriptions)  from Aetna called Coventry and will pay $0 per month.  Excellent plan with low co-pays and you even get a $50 allowance per month from CVS for over the counter items!!  And $250 toward dental!  And glasses/contacts with exam!   I plan to join the same at year's end once all the tests and doctors are over.  Today is the last day to make a change so we made it! 
Hope your week went well.  April is upon us!  Rain today, my husband is golfing in it.
Thanks for visiting!

p.s.  Those cookies are melt in your mouth, more cakelike, and it may be hard to form a ball because of the soft batter and that's OK.  Very old recipe!  Original was a little different and rolled in cinnamon sugar, we love this recipe more.

Mar 28, 2019


Greetings folks.  I got a lot of emails about the flu shot post.  Yes the virus is dead in the injection, but live and very diluted in the nasal spray delivery.  There are many articles online, most I cannot discern because of terminology and medical jargon.  A study from France was easier to understand but I did not save the link.  From the National Center for Biotechnology Information, National Institute of Health, is a report with charts (you need to scroll each chart) for each vaccine.

They are finding correlations between auto immune diseases, or flare ups of autoimmune diseases, after various vaccinations (Hepatitis, Influenza and others).  My cousin's wife has a PhD in pharmacology and I consulted her on these articles.  It has to do with T cell/B cell something or other that can cause these disorders when the immune system processes the vaccines for antibodies.  Or something like that.  These are very small percentages overall, and should not be a valid reason for not taking the shot because the flu can be deadly to some.  But it is something I never knew.

Sjogren's rarely goes into remission, and once the salivary glands are damaged, especially in a case as severe as mine, they do not recover.  So no, the doctors do not believe my condition will ever change, and it may get worse.  I use Biotene gel which works better than the mouthwash, ACT lozenges every half hour, eye drops every half hour.  And as requested by a few of you, I won't mention it again.

If anyone is looking for a new cookie to try, these are one of my favorites.


2 stick butter or margarine
2 cups sugar
2 eggs
4 cups flour
1 cup sour cream
1 tsp lemon juice
1/2 tsp almond extract
1 tsp vanilla
2 tsp baking powder
1 1/2 tsp baking soda
pinch of salt

Mix together as you would a cake batter (beat sugar and margarine first). Batter will be loose. Chill in fridge at least several hours or overnight.  Make a ball about the size of a walnut, roll in powdered sugar, bake at 350 for 10 minutes.  Cookies will be light in color.

Mar 26, 2019

The boots, the eyes, the shot, the tree

Good news from across the pond!  A reader friend and collector of Sharon Cohen designs was searching for her Tree of Life Book Cover chart and I saw one on FB.  The seller didn't ship international so I purchased for her and mailed it after a postal mix up.  I got an email today that it arrived in excellent condition!  YAY.  I love it when a plan comes together. 
My eye doctor had the most fabulous boots I ever saw on a man.  Square toed with silver trim on the outsole, not much tooling, I wanted them.  My eyes are healthy he said, but extremely dry.  Trying a prescription he feels may help, but I need to continue with the OTC drops every hour also.  When discussing the symptoms, he nodded when I said my PCP feels the flu shot incited this riot in my glands.  Really?  Yes, he said.  He has a friend out west that is a vegetable after one of the minuscule  live viruses reacted with his system and settled in his brain.  It is extremely rare, and he does not recommend foregoing the vaccine.  Bull balls baby.  I will never get another.  He said most doctors do not believe it can happen, patients are not warned because the chance is so very slim, but I am one of the unlucky ones.  He believes this because the symptoms came on like gangbusters within days of the injection.  Sjogren's onset is slow and insidious, usually taking years before diagnosis.  Too quick, too intense, a definite reaction.  So there you have it!  And to top it off, my recent blood work is not showing any inflammation and the doctor feels it is because of how quickly this happened, and my body has not had time to process the change.  Whatever, boot man said it will never get any better.   And he recommended I continue my annual flu injection.   He said when I received it, my immune system was compromised because of the sinus inflammation, weakened by the antibiotics I had taken the week before, and the timing could not have been worse.  Makes sense I guess.  I'm still ticked.  Maybe soon I will be plucky about it all, but right now the only pluck in me is for the menowires on my lip.
Taking Carole to my dentist today for whatever she needs and at the same time I can ask him what I can use for my tongue.  The dryness has caused deep fissures and it's on fire like a stitched piece that caused me grief.  We'll stop at a sub shop on the way home, DD for an iced coffee, and I'm taking her into Walmart so she can get a few things.  Sun is out (which kills my eyes) snow is gone (which makes me happy) ass is bigger (which makes me angry). 
Have a great day!

Mar 25, 2019

New to me

Hello people.  I am slowly recovering from …. I don't know what.  Something grabbed me and shook me to the core and I woke this morning with steady gait and clear head, always a good thing!  Seeing the eye doc today and I'm very thankful that I will be able to get there.  Mark will drive in case the dilation and bright lights cause dizziness, not what I need right now.

The following designs are familiar to most of you with shops and many of you without, but maybe not to some like me that get frustrated trying to see everything online.
Anyway, I started browsing a little and found the Erica Michaels berries, some of which I viewed on Pinterest, did not realize how many designs were available.  I assumed they are over one but when trying to locate that info from several online sites, I could not find a definitive answer.  The 40 count on gauze would of course be, but how big are the 40 linen over two?  So I visited the Erica Michaels site and realized these berries over two are more like giant pears or avocados.  (Was planning to stop at Aldis for avocados this morning and the morning news said they are recalled.)   There are two designs, one for linen, one for silk gauze, so if I order I better pay attention!  The silk designs come with a piece of gauze but they can instead be stitched on linen over two.  You can check out all the berries here.  Just scroll down and click the Berry Collection.
Looking at the site further, I saw a booklet made with pages of specialty stiches, all are freebies on the Rainbow Gallery site.  Each page can be different linen colors as long as all are the same count.  Nice way to use up those scraps.
I you can't open this link, the Rainbow Gallery Free page has it, just click on the 2006 Surprise Series.  What a really nice project.  Different, free charts, and all small and easy to do.  You can also purchase the entire pack with finishing instructions and cover charts.  It's from 2006 but it was re-released, not sure when.
That's all I got! Will be choosing a sampler this week and for the first time, maybe a Santa to stitch also.  I am a one project stitcher but the size of these samplers will defeat me, so a small fun project to fall back on may help.
If I have links crossed and i's not dotted, it's because I'm seeing dots and eyes are crossed.
Have a good one!

Mar 23, 2019

An announcement

Calling all big girl samplers!  Come on down!

You're the next contestant on To Kill a Slump!

Each of you have a big ass dress to wear, the winner gets hers stitched.  Rules to follow.  And I get to spin the wheel!  As soon as I find one.  If not, the audience may get to vote.  Tell us more Johnny!

Mar 20, 2019

The berry

Finished!  Was it easier than the very small one?  Meh.  I machine sewed the red areas and hand stitched the top closed.  The 3/4 stitches that created a cleaner edge to sew made it easier but overall, not as frustrating.
So where will the berry be safe?  Certainly not loose and free, not with me.  So I'm thinking of pinning it to the top edge of a sampler.
One of my favorites, Eliz Laidman from Threads of Gold, who IS loose and free but harder to misplace.
I haven't gone through the samplers to show, I'm sure you are very familiar with most.  But maybe not this one.  Purchased from Ebay as a kit, Mary Spinney from The Examplarery.  The original linen was shiny and sheer green so I changed it.  I had to go back to the original post to see what linen was used and this is what I posted.....
This piece is a beautiful dark olive and I could probably use R&R Sea Glass, but I tend to hoard linen that I like.  Rather than use what I have and love, I will waste an afternoon messing around trying to dye another piece.  Why am I saving it when I don't even feel like stitching any more?  The new blues I bought will be hoarded too.  Such a silly girl woman old lady.  Took a customer service survey this morning and checked off the 55-64 bracket.  That 65 birthday is very close, but they won't know so I plan on staying in the 55-64 bracket.  It's like having to go up another size in panties.  Those big big girl panties that have screaming elastic threads breaking and hanging like fringe on a 60's hippie. 
Obviously I was having a slump then too and just turning 65.  I guess this darker linen is one that I dyed and I really love the way it accentuates the threads.  I adore these bright blues along with the other colors and the quirkiness of Miss Mary.
Thanks for the suggestions on the beater.  It's quite heavy for a whisk and the wire used is very thick, but you're probably right.   I don't know how they cleaned it without rusting!
That's it folks!  Still miserable and can't eat a damn thing without needing a mouthful of water, sun is shining but my eyes can't handle the light.  Such is life!! 
Thanks for visiting.

Mar 19, 2019

What is it?

This item, whatever it is, has piqued my curiosity.  I emailed an antique dealer hoping for an answer but she's never seen one. Thick wooden handle, flexible coils, and I thought a rug beater but it's under eleven inches in length.  I tried describing it to search engines and only found long handled beaters with a large single coil.  Before my brother has a friend take it to his booth, they would like to know what to tag it!  Does anyone know? 


Medicare health insurance

Greetings to those of you 65 and older!  Just came from the office where we purchase our Medicare Advantage Plan.  A few tidbits just in case it's pertinent to your situation.  Normally the open enrollment period for signing into a Medicare supplement or advantage plan is October - December.  For this year (and maybe the only year) the enrollment period was extended to March 31, 2019.  We are considering changing our plans and found out that Highmark is offering a supplement that is all inclusive such as the AARP United Health Care (they are not making this offer).  No co-pays, no drug plan, more expensive than advantage plans BUT for this period only, it is open to all.  You have heart problems, cancer, diabetes, kidney problems, they will still take you at the entry rate.  Otherwise, those conditions may exclude you from acceptance or the premium will be higher.  I am in western PA (Highmark is based in Pittsburgh) and it is not available everywhere, but if you need to go to a full coverage Medicare supplement, check with a fringe benefit/insurance specialist and see if there is any other company with this offer.

Main difference between the two types of plans...

Advantage plans

co-pay for doctors
co-pay for hospital stays and ER
co-pay for lab work
co-pay for CT and MRI (over $200)
20% co-pay for chemotherapy (yep)
no co-pay for diagnostic (mammo, colon)
Some routine dental exams
Vision allowance once a year
Rx plan included in cost
Cheaper than supplement
No health history required, no age differential

My Highmark Freedom Blue PPO plan's monthly cost is $78 as is Mark's. Advantage plans are the same price for everyone without restriction for joining.  Some like Coventry are highly rated and have $0 monthly cost.

Supplemental plans

no co-pays for anything
100% hospital coverage
100% chemotherapy coverage
No dental
No vision
Rx plan is separate
High cost, but complete medical coverage
Health history required, price based on age

My monthly fee at 67 would be $134, Mark at 70 would be $151, Rx plans $34 per month.  I am considering this move because I don't know where my diagnosis will lead and I will be accepted now.  Every year I will have the option to go back to the advantage plan if I choose.  Coventry plan is widely accepted and highly rated, what I would save in monthly cost would go towards drugs, which in either plan would still be high.  I would hit the "donut hole" in 6 months.  So I have a decision to make very soon and you know how poorly I do with that task.  Switching to a full supplement is like having car or house insurance.  You have to pay whether the coverage is used or not, but have the peace of mind knowing you're covered fully.  Who knows if a hospital stay or diagnosis is in the future?  Then again, the money saved in policy cost every month can be set aside and used for the extra expense incurred in advantage plans.  It's a dilemma I tell 'ya!

If you need to change to a cheaper, better, or more inclusive advantage plan or supplement, you still have until the end of March to do so.  Many of our friends did not know about the extended enrollment period so thought I would mention it.  And I did.

Mar 17, 2019

That's better

Who doesn't want bigger berries?
What a difference from 32 count to 25!  Was considering an ornament finish but decided to follow its shape since it needs a top to the berry. I had a problem with the very small ones when trying to sew the outline.  This one, I filled in the edges of decreasing rows with a 3/4 stitch.  Now it has a more uniform edge to follow.
Magazines are posted.  I know you must have them or the DVD and they are always on Ebay but thought I would offer before recycling.
Have a great St. Patrick's Day!
I plan to eat only the green M&Ms.
Corned beef tomorrow but with the peaches.  OMG.  So good!!
No wonder my berry is so big.

Mar 16, 2019


A few SANQ will be listed on the For SALE tab tomorrow.  With postage and Paypal fees, probably $6 each total.  Maybe $5.  Depends on how well my brain works when I post it.



FALL 2014 and WINTER 2014

Frances Swartz part 1 and part 2 in these two issues.
 SPRING 2015 and SUMMER 2015
Summer issue (1816 Vierlande) contains part 1, part 2 is in the Fall 2015



FALL 2015 

  A nice sampler included in this issue and part 2 of 1816 Vierlande.


Mar 14, 2019

Revisit part 3

These two should have been on the under 6" post but it was fairly photo heavy.
Stacy Nash Handwork Club 1820 Redwork Pinkeep, and Stacy Nash girl's club Peacock Peacock.
More of Stacy Nash, County Sampler Love is All Pinkeep.  This one shown was a giveaway won by Julie, the second one I stitched in the same linen but the backing fabric is different.  I think.  And Sheepish Design Rosanna Pinkham finished with a felted wool pouch and blanket stitching.

Threads of Gold Anna Eliza Abe sampler.  The pink house's stitching looked uneven and wonky in the original so I stitched blocks going horizontal and vertical trying to recreate the look.  Lightly aged using Ranger Archival ink pad in coffee and a very soft brush.  One of my absolute favorites, R&R's Dorothy Allen.  The photo on the chart features very light linen and light threads, completely different look with the dark Sea Glass linen.  I have many charts that are not appealing at all from their attached photos, you sometimes have to look beyond.  Glad I did.

Another Stacy Nash, Malabar Farm Pinkeep and Scarlet Letter's Frances Bliss, offered along with Lydia Hinckley in one chart.  I didn't change six to sex, it was Frances!
R&R 1739 is another that doesn't catch your eye from the original's photo on the chart.  Love love love it.  May stitch again to sell.  The hanger is a strip of odd green wool that matches the DMC thread.  The other is my latest completion that I copied from a photo on eBay, no chart.  Can't get the colors to show well in photos.
That's it for smaller samplers.  So many others were stitched and no longer here, these are staying with me.  I do love the simplicity of marking samplers like Bliss, Hinkley, Allen, Robina.  If you love samplers but don't want to attempt a larger piece with motifs and elaborate borders, there are quite a few small projects out there.  Most featured here are OOP and some are really old, but there's always new ones offered.  Searching online without a local shop is really time consuming!  The first shops here carried Merrily Beams and those were the only samplers I ever saw before finding an ad in a magazine for The Scarlet Letter.  Later, two in Ohio were fabulous shops of linens and reproductions, that eventually closed.
I think I'm done!!
 I doubt I will do a post of the larger ones.

Mar 13, 2019

Revisit part 2

How could I forget my favorite needlecase and little basket top?  Little by Little's Quaker Blackbird chart snippets.  The linen was too short to complete the entire design and ended up a padded book with felt pages for my needles.  This time when I looked back at the post, it started with the horrific mutilation story of what I saw on FB that caused me months of sleeplessness.  Today, I saw another of suffering dogs in a pesticide laboratory and I won't be sleeping for a while again.   

Hinzeit  Floral Boarder Sampler (yes it is spelled that way on the chart). Fits perfectly in the 5 x 7 sliding photo box at craft stores.  I love that it can stand.

 Scarlet Letter's Lydia Hinckley.  Barrick Samplers 1848 Reproduction Sampler abbreviated version on Charcoal Belfast.
Scarlet Letter's ABCD 1817 Miniature Sampler done over two threads.  Merry Wind Farm's Ellen Ford.   Needle Work Press Martha Hards on Copper Penny with red thread.  I wish I would have used the called for blue on lighter fabric.

Pineberry Lane's Rebecca Hall done on a darker linen with many color changes because of it.  And R&R's Hannah Way, abbreviated.

Not samplers, but noteworthy smalls.  Carriage House Samplings Pennsylvania Redware and Spot the Horse (abbreviated) lined pouch.  Old photo, I have no idea where it is.

Most of these are hung on the iron hooks we installed on the interior doors, cupboard knobs, and door knobs.  This group averages no larger than 6" x 6" with the exception of the Hinzeit box.  Tomorrow will be a little larger.  As will I.
I'm not sure what's going on but when I looked back at older posts, even going back to draft for editing, the photos are just black boxes or little Xs.

Mar 12, 2019


Some smalls.  I wish I would have kept track of what I gave away which would prevent current futile searches for what I thought I had.  There's a lot of I's in that sentence.
Found a bag of smalls, some I failed to remember having, and thought I would do a little revisit of these quick, easy, and simply finished samplers. 
The tiniest was the berry I just finished but that was sent off as a gift.  Two actually.  The next would be Pineberry Lane's Chums, stitched by a sweet buddy, and also by me several times.  Just adore this tiny design.  Next is the peacock from my pinkeep design, The Next Step Sampler by Needle's Prayse, stitched many times on various colors and counts, and The Scottish Initial Sampler by Chessie & Me.  When looking up the designer from previous posts, I found out I had a $50 anniversary giveaway a few years ago.  How could I forget that?  I did.
The two mini samplers on top are under the Free tab, my design (not bad huh?) and the heart is one of several I did from a real oldie, #13 Cricket Collection, Quilting Bee Hearts.
And of course, the design that started the Pear series, Historic Needlework Guild's Pears Two.  Look at all the over one for the alphabet and center motif!  I was brave when I was young, back when jawlines were tight and hormones were plentiful.
Then there were 12 more pears, all relinquished in giveaways except for two, and a few more very small pieces that are gone for one reason or another.
Going a little larger is everyone's love, Mary Little.  I don't know what it is about this simple small but it always makes me smile.
Next in size is Harriet Simpson and H. Kessel, both Chessie & Me.  I gave away both charts so I had to find a post about them for an ID.  And what did I find in that search?  The Peaches and Cream pie recipe (here).  Damn.  I have the cream cheese, need to get a large can of peaches!  But Robina Leadbetter, I remembered is from Needle Work Press.  She is done on 18th Century Seaglass from R&R.  All with color and other changes don't 'ya know.
I'll save some others for another day when I have nothing else to show.  I started another berry and wanted a little more size to it, so I thought 25 count would be a good idea.  Sold it.  But I kept all the linen banding of various counts, one being 25, and am using it.  Another will be stitched on 28 and hopefully a third on 30, all to be hung together.  This linen banding is heavier than my burlap.  DMC 3777 may be the red this time, the others were more dusty.  I will probably change it to 221.
That's all this Sjogren's crabass has for you.
Hope your week started well.

Mar 10, 2019


I've decided to paint the hinges on the new cupboards, just too much for me, especially if I start decorating the walls.   I erased them in the photo to get an idea of the look before I actually start.  As simple as the Paint program is, it sure comes in handy.  Whether making changes to the photo from a chart cover before I stitch, or changes to furniture or rooms, a great way to see ideas before executing them. 
I had some touch up to do on the ceiling and even though I stored the quart can upside down, the rim still had rust.  So I decided to try something else.  I store several glass and plastic containers for left overs in stain and paint.  I don't trust the plastic to keep it really airtight, so I lined it with an ordinary storage bag held on by a rubber band, and poured the quart in.  I use the cheap spatulas for removing all the paint from the can before recycling and then tied the bag.  This should keep it fresh, no rusty lids, stored in a dark closet.  If I no longer need it, I can add some HDX Waste Paint Hardener to the bag, smush it around, and it's ready for disposal.  My container stays clean and ready for the next left over.
See?  Minutia.  I do love that word.  Unfortunately, it's all I have right now.  When sorting all that linen, it steered my brain to stitching one of the large samplers.  No way.  I'm not seeing the specialist for my eyes for two weeks and the constant application of drops makes the blurriness much worse.  Maybe just 15 minutes at a time between drops?  I kept the large pieces of linen and I can pull the floss, just in case.  For the size of these girls, I think a frame would be better but I gave them all away.  For just a small section at a time, my little sit on hoop may be the ticket.  Usually I roll and clip but I need to get a feel for the size first, and I would be wise to start the smallest of the group.  Wise usually doesn't win though.
Have a great day!!
Thanks for visiting my minutia chronicles.

Mar 9, 2019

Box tonight

Hi buds.  Damn Walmart quit selling the small boxes so it took me a while of attic searching to find one.  The two faced box will be for sale tonight at 8pm if anyone is interested.

Box is 6" tall, 6" wide, round, double sided.  Price is $18 including US shipping.  Please email tonight at 8pm if you'd like to purchase.


Mar 7, 2019

Eye candy on floss tube

Greetings!  This morning a sweet friend sent me a link to a floss tube video that is absolutely wonderful.  Thought I would pass it along for you to see her fabulous sampler collection, glimpses of her decorating and tons of redware.  I enjoyed it!!  In case you can't open the video from here, this is the link...

 I can barely speak because my mouth is practically glued shut and no products are working.  Food turns into a cotton ball when eating and I have to take water with each bite creating a horrible texture with no taste.  My eyes are shut because they burn so bad, no products working there either.  Doc said all they can do is recommend products to try to control the symptoms and they aren't working.  Also told me that this severe of a case will not go into remission and I need to be monitored for lymphatic cancers and scleroderma.  Seeing an eye specialist in two weeks (Restasis is not for this syndrome) and they called yesterday with two other products to try, every 15 minutes.  I am so surprised that such an extreme situation arose so quickly in a healthy person.

I'll tell you what is bothering me even more next time.  Or not.

We get our car insurance, house insurance, property taxes, and income taxes at the same time (and Carole's tooth extraction, and the bridge work she now wants).  Our tax preparer stated that people are ticked off because they expected big returns.  She had to show them the difference in what they paid in previously.  The rates are lower and no one thought about the fact they are getting more in the paychecks.  She said even showing them how much less their total liability was, they are still mad.  Bottom line, the less taken out of your pay, the less your refund will be!
Have a good day! 

Mar 6, 2019

Double take

From out of the sewing/craft room came a plain box and four labels.  Two labels are without a home and I will offer them to you soon if you'd like to attach to a box.

I decided this final final final box can be two faced.  Set on a table that can be viewed from both sides, it's perfect.  Are you having an Eliza day?

Or a Mary day?

Or a snarky day and don't want to be bothered?

I need to buy a shipping box and will offer the girls this weekend.
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