Feb 19, 2011


I should have picked something a little smaller.  I didn't have patience with the pattern of the bowl, so I did what I wanted instead of following the chart.  Not a good sign.  But that's OK.  Baby steps.
I always remove a linen thread when mounting for framing or sewing on a back. I sew 2 or 3 threads in from that line which positions the piece perfectly.  
When I line the linen, I sew the backing on first with the linen facing up (right sides together), turn the piece over so the backing is up, lay on top of pressed lining, and sew directly next to and outside (not inside) of the stitched seam on the backing.  It's an extra step but I would rather stitch the edges straight, where I can see the threads rather than over a lining.  I also have better luck stitching separate straight seams that cross each other, than one continuous with corner turns.  You already know all of this, but I didn't have anything else to say.

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