Feb 23, 2011

Toast, part 2

I purchased a bright yellow Escape years ago, for one reason.  When I went for groceries/errands, I was in such a hurry to get home that I did not have time to peruse the parking lots of gray, red, blue, black, and white SUV's.  I needed something to catch my eye as I was exiting the doors without any hesitation.   Just making a point about how rushed my life was at the time.  Its' only taken a few posts for me to clearly see why I wasn't stitching.  I guess writing about an issue is the best way to take a step back and understand.  So.  I stopped at the local nursery to get corn for the squirrels, seed for the birds, and suet for the peckers.  I got the goods, opened my hatch and loaded.  When I got in the car and started it, the door ajar light came on.  Leaving the car running, I got out and slammed the back hatch, got back in, still on.  Got out, slammed the hatch harder, jumped in the car.  Still on.  Got out, opened and shut every door, light still on.  Again, SLAMMED the other doors and the hatch again with a few choice words.  Light was still on.  Choice words became louder, slamming doors so hard my bracelet flew off, in a frenzy.   Back to the car, still running, light on, almost in tears.  I couldn't spare an extra 15 minutes of commotion.  Three old guys with tube socks, white belts, and pastel shorts (looking cute as heck) were conversing close to my car and observing the frustration of a menopausal maniac with wild hair, running around her car slamming doors and swearing, when one of the old farts said gently, "ma'am if you would shut the driver side door when you got in to check the light, the door ajar light would go out".  Toast.

Tomorrow, I am moving a chest of drawers from my 97 year old aunt's apartment, who passed away a few weeks ago.  This will give me the storage I need to get the rest of my stash in order so stitching is close.  How do I chose the chart?  Small for sure, but which one?  Maybe a medium sized sampler?  I guess I won't know until I get the charts in order which will confuse the heck out of me.  Hopefully, at this time tomorrow, I will be making that decision.  
But I still have an uneasy feeling that seems to be holding me back.   I was getting inpatient when stitching Notforgotten's Sewing Basket, and I think I might be afraid that what I enjoyed years ago, may be gone.  Do I love the look of the stitched pieces but won't enjoy the process? 

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