Mar 28, 2011

Decisions, decisions

I went through my stash looking for another small project and came across a few mediums that I would consider.
I've always loved Elizabeth Moor and she has no border (big plus), but after some reading I found that the first letter in all the verse is over two, the other letters are over one.  Nah.

Moving on, Fanny Erb is promising.  Only four colors of floss and each line is one color.  That's an easy stitch!  The stitches are running, 4-sided, Algerian Eye, and cross.  Not too bad. 

Next is a tiny one from Hinzeit.  Sweet, easy, and quick.  A contender for sure.
And finally, Stacy Nash, 28 count, done in DMC.  Yeah Stacy!!  So today I'll decide  but Elizabeth is definitely 3rd runner up.
I'm still not feeling the love though.  I look at all these charts and ..... as much as I love them .... I don't feel the love enough to get excited about starting.  I wondered what I'm doing with all these, especially the monsters.   I don't know.  The menopause moods may be rearing their heads again.   These three finalists shouldn't be any trouble at all so I'll keep on keeping on!   I didn't stitch Gathering Basket into a pincushion yet but I did redo the Beehive.  I used the same steam 'n smash method to flatten it and I like it, even though it's hanging crooked. 

The sun is out but it's bitter cold, and I'm going for groceries and coffee this morning.   I've been craving a nut twisty so I need to steer that buggy away from the good smells section.   It seems I always get a buggy that has wheel problems and those have a mind of their own and are really hard to control. 
Thank you for reading!


Margaret said...

I love all the possible next stitches! All are very pretty! I'm looking forward to seeing what you choose. Love your finish too -- very pretty! lol on the carts with the problem wheels. I often get those too! I'm going grocery shopping tomorrow -- already have my list made for a change.

Glenna said...

I like how the finish turned out! Very nicely done! Just my opinion, although you haven't asked--LOL--but I'd do Fanny first, then Elizabeth, then the Stacy Nash, and the Hinzeit last. There you go!

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