Mar 3, 2011

Love these bags

First of all, I have to say that although I did not know Lisa Roswell, I was saddened by the tragedy of her death.  My condolences to all who knew her.  From what I've read, she was a special lady.

I am almost done clearing my little parlor of the stash.  Now it's all upstairs in a chest waiting to be sorted further, but at least it's out of sight.  Some of the items were stuffed into the bottom of my cupboard which is where I am working right now.  Look what I found.....
I love this denim bag.  Here's what I found when I looked inside......

I don't use a frame, but this one looks like I could be persuaded to give it a try. 

Maybe we can adapt it somehow to become a sit-on frame.

This is another bag that I found and the fabric is a heavy but soft texture, really nice lining, with a velcro closure at the top.  Maybe my first give-away?  It's pretty long and I'm assuming it's for a large frame.   I probably had the one that fit,  but they're all gone now. 

And lastly, I have one bag of all floss up to 3821.  I don't know if I will offer all as one, or by number category.  I don't think I have enough of the newer numbers to make another set.  Didn't get that far yet, but I'm pleased with what I've accomplished and can finally see what I have and find what I need. 

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samplerlover said...

Hi Marly, thank you for your lovely comments on both Hannah and Harriet. They are both lovely samplers. I'm so glad to have them finished lol.
My goodness, it looks like you have been finding a lot of forgotten treasure there. All of which is wonderful - Sandra

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