Mar 24, 2011

A year ago today.....

we lost our sweet girl.  She was 15, still in good health and playful, but her back legs could no longer hold her.  For a year we used a sling that I made to take her for walks and help her around.  She never lost her hearing, eyesight, or functions, just her back leg muscles.  It was so heartbreaking. Our first Lab knew when it was time for "dad " to come home and watched from the window for his car.  As soon as she saw it coming, she would whimper and run to the door.

This one also knew the time, which I still can't figure out, and she would keep looking at me until I opened the door so she could watch for him to pull into the garage. 

The daily ritual continued with her jumping on the sofa and resting her head on his shoulder while he tried to read the paper.
Her next move was to slide down onto his lap, as if she didn't weigh 95 pounds.  Both our Labs were from the same kennel and BJ's sire was a huge fox red from Scotland.   
She was lovable and affectionate and very attached to hub.  What joy they bring us, and what indescribable sadness when they leave.
We're so sorry we had to let you are loved and missed.

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