Apr 8, 2011

48 what?

Guess what?  I learned something else about linen. There is a FORTY EIGHT count!  What?  When Bonnie first wrote to me about her 48 count stitching, I thought ...... what?   WHAT?  That's 18 more threads to that little inch than I use!  Say it ain't so!   Did she make a typing error?   Hit a 4 instead of 2, or maybe an 8 instead of a 0?   I feel like a stitch wimp trying to catch up to you 40 counters and here is a girl using 48!   And this was the real shocker - she likes to stitch over one.  The color drained from my floss and my linen went limp.  And then I remembered what a friend recently told me ...."you must remember to stay true to yourself and what you like".  And she is absolutely right. I will never be a 40 or 48 counter, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate and enjoy looking at the amazing pieces of work done by stitchers who are.   I have to do what makes me enjoy stitching, relax, and be comfortable with chosen projects.   I shouldn't feel inadequate because I can't keep up with the experienced and proficient stitchers whose blogs I visit almost daily, or the amazing .....
Bonnie The XLVIII.  
I am Marly The XXX!!!  
My projects will be a little larger and my background will show a little more, but I will not fret about pushing myself, or get frustrated enough to give it up.   I'm starting over, and maybe one day I will test myself with something more difficult but it should be when I am ready, if ever!   When I see these projects on your blogs,  it should be and is inspiring.   But not to choose the same fabric or count, or cotton or silk, but to stitch something just as beautiful, and be just as content doing so.   
I am Marly The XXX!! 
Give me chocolate!!!

This is Bonnie's Pine Tree Farm pinkeeps from Stacy Nash, on 48 count linen, walnut aged.  Below is Bonnie's Jane Thomas 1822 from Cardan on 48.
Thank you Bonnie for sharing your photos,  thank you all for inspiring me, and thank you Carol for your wisdom. 


Siobhan said...

LOL! You crack me up. I think we all have our own unique talents, and the size of the linen or what we stitch doesn't matter. What matters is the enjoyment and satisfaction that we get from our needlework.

Thanks for showing some of Bonnie's work--it's beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I am a 28/30 count girl myself! I love, love, love to stitch, but feel like I should be progressing to a higher count. But I just can't see well enough.
I appreciate your comments-now I know I am not alone.
Thank you for reminding me that this is a hobby to be enjoyed and that we are all individuals.
Oh, and pass the chocolates!
Susan in CA

Deb said...

You know that there is even 50+ count fabric. I can't even imagine working on something like that. I'd be babbling in the corner. I have enough time with 40 count.

Bonnie does some beautiful work. I've wanted to see that Cardan sampler in progress.

Margaret said...

Anything higher than 40 is tough for me. I've done 45ct, but that's tough. lol! We all have to stick to what we enjoy! I think you're right on that. And your stitching is wonderful, so why change what you're doing? Your blog posts are so much fun to read! You're a treasure! Thanks for sharing Bonnie's pictures. Very nice! (Over one? Ack!)

Bonnie said...

I just want to mention that my Jane Thomas sampler is 48 ct. over 2 threads. I do like stitching over 1 thread on 32 and 36 ct. linens.
I'm hoping to have Jane finished by this weekend.

samplerlover said...

What a wonderful post and how true it is. We all have to do things that we are comfortable doing. I have a few pieces that were done on 50ct a long, long time ago, but there is no way that I could do them today. I enjoy working on 40ct and using one strand of thread. But I also will work on 32ct if I want to do a sampler all over one. I personally think for me 45ct would be pushing my luck lol.
Ok where is the chocolate. Ahhh chocolate. - Sandra.

Justflo said...

I haven't got above 32 ct. and to honest don't think I ever will. Be happy with what you feel comfortable with that's my moto.
Bonnie's stitching is lovely.

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