Apr 18, 2011

Changing insults?

Hi!  Are any of you losing your mind today?  Is it life....or is it menopause?  Not only have I not found my Pears and Strawberries yet, but I was changing my header photo to this
until I realized the current photo is gone from my files.  What?   If I change it I'm afraid I won't get the header back since menobrain lost it.   How could I lose it?   So until I find it there will be no changes - just look at this one and pretend it's at the top.  Now....here's Fanny.  Another error.  I said we should just keep our errors and call it "personalization" and I planned on doing that until the star crashed into the border.   See the star to the right of the birds in the chart's photo?

Well mine doesn't fit.  My birds are missing are few feathers being one row shy of their true height.  Both of them - because instead of looking at the chart, I looked at the completed first bird for stitch count since they are the same.  Trying to take the easy way out again has cost me. 

 So I'm two rows up and had to rip out the star.  I decided to stitch the outside border and start from the bottom up now.  It'll give me time to decide on ripping the birds or changing placement - right now it's changing - by moving the star and circle over.  Hey - there's room - and Fanny has been planted for many years so she doesn't care.  I also think I may add some color in the motif flowers.  I wonder how the current designers feel about someone changing their designs, even slightly.  I mean, a counting or minor error aside, would it bother them if you moved something or really changed the colors?  They put so much time into making it a work of art, and then some woman with red boots and a bad attitude thinks she can improve it.  Well, Fanny's dead so it doesn't matter here, but would I be insulting the artist if I changed their layout?   It's like getting a good haircut, going home and seeing a flip so you cut it off, but now there's a hole, so you trim around the hole and before you know it - it's butchered.  Like pulling a loose thread that ends up unraveling the entire seam, once you start messing around, it never ends well.  My stylist is insulted and gets a little snarky when I mess up her work and I don't blame her.   She is afraid friends will think that butcher job was done by her.  If we changed a design creating a not-so-pleasing result, would the designer be upset since it's her name on the chart?  I doubt if any of us ever change anything other than a variation in color, but what if we did?  Would some feel insulted?
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