Apr 26, 2011


Hope you all had a nice Easter and are still safe from the storms.   I tried using the push mower today for the really high grass areas and the little wheels were buried in mud.  I think all the work from last year on landscaping and shrubs will need to be redone.  We'll never be dried out enough to put in a garden, and may not be able to cut the grass for weeks. 

Fanny is finished!  Took a while - I made more pomanders, a day of stuffing cabbage, making cwikla (beet horseradish relish), kielbasa, and mom's rice pudding, but today I sat outside and stitched. 

I changed the colors of the bottom motifs and I like the way it looks.  Now the big question for me....do I want it framed?  My preference on displaying stitched items may be a little weird, but I prefer seeing the texture of the pieces which is some times lost behind glass.   Margaret's blog header has several gorgeous samplers just folded together and you see the character and weave of the linen, the thread, and that appeals to me.  I am drawn to Shaker and simplistic primitive decorating so having a sampler lying on a desk or in a basket, even hanging with frayed edges, is OK with me.  Perfectly pressed?  Or slightly wrinkled?  Like me, wrinkled.  Well, not THAT much, but some.  Some of you are probably cringing right now that a treasured work of time and talent would be lying around, free to collect dust or be handled by a guest.  Now, something like Deb's Ann Medd is a different story.  Something of that size needs framed and it looks magnificent.  They all do!  Being perfectly mounted behind glass doesn't detract at all from the beauty of the piece.  And all of mine from 25 years ago are framed behind glass.  Today, I may prefer hemmed edges showing, mounted to a backboard, rather than stretched under the frame's edge.  I really like the way Fanny looks hanging on her own on my cupboard door though.  I guess if you have one or two, it's OK to have them on display without the formality of framing, but with a collection, framing is a must.  Did I just have a hot flash?  Am I contradicting myself?  No.  I prefer to see Margaret's pieces "free", but I have to be reasonable about how many can be displayed in such a manner.  For now I will scrunch Fanny a bit, even up the fringe, and hang it with nicer pins.  My favorite (now closed) shop's models were almost exclusively samplers, very few framed, all on linens.  They were attached to valances, draped over small side tables and basket handles, pinned to walls.  Unrealistic for a family home with pets!  But I loved being able to hold them and closely examine the stitching.
*Chocolate break*

Yes, I went to the sale.  But I only bought a few 2 oz., perfect for a treat, which will go in the freezer.  Yeah, right. 
*Back to stitching*
I can't remember why, but I visited The Scarlet Letter's site.  Not a good idea.  Why do I want to keep purchasing charts I will probably never stitch?   I know that most stitchers do the same, but at least they have SOME desire to stitch them at some point.  I'm not in that groove baby and haven't been for years so it doesn't make sense.   Several have been drawing me back for another view.  One is Mary Jones.  The colors on that green linen are stunning and I still have a yard of that beautiful green with the teal tinge, but it's 25 count.  The others are Sarah Brown and Maria Theresa Wilkinson.  There are so many others on her site that are magnificent, and I spend a lot of time perusing, in addition to the catalog photos.  So what's my next project?  Not sure.  One more pear to go and I'm trying to plan a few projects for giveaways in June leading up to my 60th.  Maybe paint a Santa box?
No, not this complicated and big.  
 Maybe a gourd.  But that's another hobby I haven't kept up with and stitchers want stitchy stuff.

SIXTY.  A new decade.  Where has the time gone?  Well, a lot of it has gone to searching for Stacy.  Nope.  Not yet.  


Margaret said...

Yes, I love the look of the samplers all piled up together too, like a pile of quilts -- scrumptious! I still have a lot of those samplers still to frame -- and sadly they just wait in a mailing tube rolled up and put away. In my house, it's not safe to leave them out. Dust bunnies and kittens (well, one kitten) galore. lol!

Love your Fanny finish! The colors are marvelous! Chocolate -- yum! Glad you got a bit at the sale at least. :D As for Scarlet Letter -- yes, I have way too many of her charts and my wish list for more charts is a mile long. And you reminded me of MTW, so now I have to put her on the wish list too. lol! I think (hope!) I have Mary Jones. I should check! Loooove Scarlet Letter!

60th, huh? I'm coming up on 50 this year. Bleagh.

Joy said...

I'm not one to worry about having every sampler framed and behind glass...and I have framing experience and can frame my own.

Think about our ancestor's china, linens and such that was always put away for safe keeping, never used for fear of something happening. It doesn't bother me to have a sampler in a bowl, on the table...just where ever I can enjoy it. Who knows, some day they might end up in a thrift store, so why not see them now?!

No, I'm not saying SL samplers should just be here and there...they are so much more "works of art". Rachel Allen is a favorite and hangs in the living room for all to see.

Fanny is lovely and I know you will find the perfect way to display her.

samplerlover said...

Fanny looks really lovely. Congrats on finishing her.

All of my samplers are framed and under glass, but if I had the right house and decor I would display mine lying around as well. I once saw a sampler displayed on an emboidery frame such as this type from the RSN


and it look really looked wonderful. Maybe this idea might work.

Love your Santa box and I really love the Gourd ones. Did you paint those? You are really clever. - Sandra.

Andrea said...

Gosh,what a great post. It's nice to read that not everyone believes in framing their stitching under glass. My earliest pieces are framed that way, but for the past 10 years or so, everything I've had framed has been without glass. A LOT of stitchers frown on that. Oh well. For me, it's all about the texture and seeing the stitches and linen, and like you say, a lot of that, well, most of that even, is lost under glass. And oh yes, I have lots of pets and pet fur! OHNO,the horror, lol! I've found that the canned spray air (like one uses to clean keyboards,etc),works like a charm on getting those off, along with the dust. And what I cannot see does not bother me ;-)
Well, anyway, I love your stitching and your blog and am happy to have found you!
You're very prolific in your crafting abilities, and speaking for myself, it's fun to see what else you're working on, so please post those projects too :)

Sylvia said...

Fanny is a very pretty finish. Congrats

Yes, that Scarlet Letter site is a credit card train wreck waiting to happen. I love looking at her samplers, and imagining stitching them and displaying them. Interesting thoughts on how to display your samplers...I am currently piling mine into my closet unframed... not a good system.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your beautiful finish. I love your color changes and think Fanny would love them, too.

Scarlet Letter is my favorite place to browse. I do have several charts that I probably won't stitch but have more than a dozen finished and framed. Your post reminded me that Maria Theresa is in my stash basket so I should probably move her to the front of the line!! She would look perfect in my kitchen.

Sixty is a nice number - I will be there shortly!! My brain tells me I'm 25 but my arms tell me otherwise!! Hugs to you! kelley

Deb said...

Fanny looks wonderful. I really like the idea of samplers just displayed without glass, but I learned the hard way that over time they pick up everything that's floating through the air. I had to reframe something once before I used glass and it wasn't pretty. I do like the idea of putting a hemstitch around a piece and then framing it. I've always wanted to do that and haven't. I wonder why.

The Scarlett Letter is a bad place for me to go to. I always find something that I love. Maria Theresa is one of the pieces that my Sampler Build picked for a challenge for next year, so you'll probably be seeing in appear on my blog at some point.

And 60, uh? That's not to bad. I say that because I'm closing in on you and I feel like I'm 20.....okay.....maybe 30! :o)

Glenna said...

I think you should display beautiful Fanny any way that you'd like, whether that means framed or unframed. And stitchers DO want to see your painting too. And read about your recipes. Can you share the relish recipe? We also like seeing the chocolate.

Helen said...

I admire your finish of Fanny Erb - I also have the chart but have been stumped as to what color to use (it calls for 324 and I can not find that DMC color anywhere). How did you solve this problem? Also, what were the colors that you used in your changes at the bottom? In particular, what was used for the sun?

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

Your finish is gorgeous.
I have a dilemma, when I finish the sampler I'm working on it's for a giveaway and I took a little poll to see if the winner would want framed no glass or framed w/glass.
I'm like you in wanting to display them just "around" but I think a lot of people don't "get it". But there are so many awesome ways to finish them now, pinkeeps, purses, and I saw one mounted on a quilt today.

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