Apr 2, 2011

Working on Fanny

Not much to show.  But having anything to show is progress for me.  I haven't started any other projects yet but I'm taking your advice and digging through the linen drawer. 
I've been spending more time exercising instead of stitching because of those little pastel colored foil kisses.  Damn.  You would think getting up and down twenty times to get more would be enough movement but it's not.  Trying to stop eating chocolate is like trying to get the pink off a pig. 

I received my gift from Beth..... Christmas note cards!

Something looked familiar in the photo - one of my favorite samplers!
 Thank you again Beth!  She has a video of the puppies (who are a little mouthy to say the least) which brought back memories of picking out our labs. 
Thank you all for your encouragement, it is certainly making a big difference.  So is the chocolate but in a completely different way.
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