May 7, 2011

I'm getting the MO in my MOJO

Hello people.  I'm a little more excited on this project than I was on the last, and quite a bit more than the two prior.  Does that mean I've got MO and am closing in on MOJO??  I think so, but believe me I'm making SO many errors.  I've never had this much trouble with counting threads - don't know if  I'm rusty - or because it's not my usual 28/30.  It's only 32, but my goodness!  I can't tell you how many times I redid a circle in the border.  The other errors on the stems I redid only if I caught them early.  I had to rip all the flower designs because the symbols (to me) were so close that I didn't notice one was an H and one was an X.  Obviously, I'm still not paying enough attention to the chart. 
Then I started the pear and found out I'm off on that too.  How did I end up with a wider pear?  The right side edge is where it cuts off to page 2, but it's only one-two stitches.  Well, that's what I'm off but I counted!!  Honest I did.  So whatever....I have a wide pear.  Matches my.....              So here's my progress....
I wasted time thinking the color 829 for the leaves and stems was not enough green for me, so I played around until I found a substitute..

But after all that, I starting seeing that once stitched, it showed differently.  Glad I wasted all that time once again.   Surprisingly, I didn't even think about throwing this out the window (the path my tree rocket took at Christmas during a nasty light string incident), deliberately scorching it under a hot iron (a sewing project too ugly to describe), or setting it on fire (my personal favorite).  I'm enjoying it!!!   Even with the frustration of the errors.  I might even finish this weekend!  
The sun is out - two days now.   The sargeant crab trees we planted last fall made it through winter and will be blooming in a day or two. 
I now have two sets of Baltimore Orioles, and a sad note.  These little eggs had their mother robin ripped right off the nest by a hawk. 
And to all you loving and caring moms out there, I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day.    To the others I've seen in the office or in public mistreating and talking trash to their babes, I hope one day to meet you in a dark alley. 

Edited to add - Just found out about a giveaway on Hamilton House blog.  Some of these giveaways are so loaded with goodies, I think mine will be wimpy!  Better amp it up.


Joy said...

Love the piece your stitching! I'm beginning to think all my pieces will have "errors". Happy Day and Happy Mother's Day!

Margaret said...

Oh wow, your pear piece is gorgeous!!!!! Bummer about the frogging though. As for changing colors, I swear I'm so afraid of doing such things. So often I think it will look bad as charted and then I stitch it and it looks great. lol! That's so sad about the robin. :( Nice that you have 2 sets of orioles though. I always see this cardinal around. Rarely see its mate. Happy Mother's Day!

samplerlover said...

Your Stacy Nash Pear piece is looking lovely. Maybe this can be your Amish moment with the mistake. I have a lot of Amish moments sometimes lol. That is sad about your Robin. They are pretty birds. We have them here. I take it that the Orioles are birds and not biscuits. Don't have any of those, although you can buy the biscuits down here. - Sandra.

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