Jun 13, 2011

Sampler bag freebie

Please bear with me!  I have no idea how to do this correctly so if this doesn't work - I'll try to find the correct procedure and post again.  There is a chart with color only, and one with symbols.  I don't think this program shows the symbols clearly so I wanted to post both.  I'm editing here to add that I checked the blog once this was posted and the symbols for the vase are not correct.  I can't get them to be all the same but they should be - the color is 844 and the vase is solid.  Same with the bird - the legs have two symbols but they should be all 844.  The program is very user friendly, but I can see now that it saves differently than the original file.  Yikes.  Using the color chart, it may be hard to tell the browns apart, so 898 is the middle border line and the entire small alphabet.  The other brown areas are 829.  The page with floss colors is separate.  Why?  Because I can't get them on one page!!!  WHY???  You should be able to click on them to enlarge, save, and then print.  Please email and let me know if this isn't working.   I hope this works and hope you enjoy the chart!!  Feel free to email me with problems or comments.  I'm new!!!  Help!!

I also forgot to mention in the prior post that I kept the selvage edge showing on the bag because it has a little fuzz looking like chenille trim and I liked that. 

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