Jul 2, 2011

Thank you all & kittens

Hello and Happy 4th!   Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend.  I wanted to thank you for the helpful emails and comments.  Your advice is greatly appreciated and necessary!  I did not know about using tent stitches for thread jams.  Stitching on 28-30 mostly, this was never a problem and your guidance taught me what the chart and my books did not.  I tried it for a few letters and it was much better, but because they are so tiny and the color was light, the thread was barely noticeable as a design.  So I continued on with the full cross, and then realized the entire design is over one. 

I always loved this design and assumed the center flower and such were over two.  I'm not happy.  But I will complete this and then never ever ever again NOT read the chart before starting, do anything that has more than letters over one, or take whipped cream icing out of the freezer a day early and expect there to be enough left to frost the cake.

This is the full design with satin stitch on the bottom border. 
 Not a stitch I do well.  I'm not happy with the wonky look of what I've completed so far because they are not uniform at all.   I must spend too much time at Glenna's and Margaret's and all the other fabulous advanced 40 count silky perfect stitchers' blogs.  It looks like 2 threads were used on the ABC, but the chart states one. I've heard of the happy dance, and I'll be doing one when this is over till the varicose veins pop.

 So now on to the kitty pics I'm posting at local pet shops...Take a look at these calicos. The really dark one is much like the mother, mostly dark brown, black, and orange splashes, including that sweet tail tip.  Does this count as a calico?  Brother is able to pet two babies now and they seem to be coming around, so hopefully, we can find homes.  Yeah, right.  Every agency here is overloaded.  Wish me luck.  Have a great weekend and listen for the popping veins.


Chris said...

I am so glad your stitching has worked out. It is looking great.
The kittens are so sweet. I would have more but 2 are plenty.
I love your St. Clare post too.
Have a great 4th!

Margaret said...

Your pear is looking so pretty! Glad you fixed your problems. Love what the finish will look like too! As for those kittens -- OMG, they are so adorable!!! I want a tortoiseshell kitten! :D I don't think Mia would appreciate it though. Not a bit!

Joanie said...

Oh, your kitty pics are adorable! I'd love one but I've got 5 already. Sigh. I'm a sucker for kitties. Especially calicos.

Your stitching looks terrific. I'm glad that you found a way to get around the problems that you were having. Me, I have finishing problems. Today, I made a lumpy pin pillow. Time to get the iron out and smash the sucker. Cures all sorts of ills. LOL!

Bobbie said...

I love your stitching! It is disheartening when you "misread" instructions. I stitched two lines of the alphabet in the wrong color....I used black instead of dark green..but I refuse to take it out...I'll just have to live with it!

Love those kitties! We have 7 two week old kittens in my old cupboard on the back porch..so sweet!

Mouse said...

glad you got your stitching sorted to how you like it :0 and such adorable kittens too .. hope you can find somewhere for them real soon :) love mouse xxx

Siobhan said...

Your pear turned out SO nicely! Very pretty.

The kittens are adorable!

Kaisievic said...

Marly, the kittens are adorable. The dark all over tortoiseshell is called a cameo. So, the two types of tortoiseshell are calicos and cameoes, how cute is that? Are beloved Coco was a gorgeous cameo.

hugs, Kaye

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