Sep 11, 2011

A little bit of stitching

Hello Ladies and Gents.  Just wanted to say that even though it has been a busy week, I have managed a little stitching on Santa and should finish him tonight.

We went to the Antiques in the Woods show at Shaker Woods Saturday and didn't find a lot of items but got a few bargains.  A pumpkin gourd, three others I can possibly use for painting,

some Indian corn, and two sweet little wood bowls.

We got out of there just before a deluge hit.  The rain didn't last very long but what fell in that short time was significant.  The grounds are all gravel in this wooded venue, and as always at this time of year, lots of yellow jackets and other bees swarming.  My husband is allergic and carries a kit....well, SHOULD be carrying his kit, but one is in his golf bag and the other at work.    It brought back an embarrassing incident.  Years ago, when I was giving his medical information to a nurse, she asked if he had ever been hospitalized. 
I replied "yes". 
"For what", she asked. 
"Prophylactic shock", I calmly offered.
......................?????? (insert long silence)
"Prophylactic shock", again.
More silence and pause, with a puzzled look on her face.
"So he's allergic to condoms????" she asked.
"What?  Condoms!  No - he's allergic to bees!"
After she picked herself off the floor and stopped laughing, 
she said  "That's anaphylaxis shock!"
"I know that.  Shock is shock".
I think I gave the nurses' at that station (and throughout the hospital) a good laugh.   Needless to say, husband was a little embarrassed.  Hey!  Neither word was common in my vocabulary and in my defense they do sound similar!

That about wraps it up for now.  You'll see which sampler I picked in a few days.  Although today is a sad day of remembrance, I wish you all a good week.  Thank you for stopping by.


Shirlee said...

Marly ... I always enjoy your posts but this one had me laughing out loud! Is there a support group for people who have prophylactic shock? Blessings, Shirlee

Christie said...

Love your stitching and gourds. I had a good laugh about your story also. Thanks for sharing.~~Christie

Margaret said...

Love your Santa and yourfinds from the antique show. Your story about prophylactic shock -- too too funny!!! LOL!

Lyn said...

That was a very funny story; thanks for sharing! I carry an epi-pen too, for food allergies. If you haven't picked your next sampler yet, have you seen the reproduction sampler that is starting up on You don't really have to know French to follow along, and there are lots of web page translation programs too. I'm thinking about resting my eyes and using 28 ct Meran instead of the higher counts I usually prefer.

Joy said...

ROTFL!!! Oh, and love your pumpkin gourd.

Tammy said...

I needed a laugh today, thank you for your story. Love your blog.

Penny said...

Pretty Indian corn. Love the gourds and the little wooden bowls too. Very funny story! I'm looking forward to seeing which sampler you pick.

Argante said...

WOW Marly, I really love everything you decide to stitch!!!! Thanks for sharing this funny story :-)))) I0m laughing, hihiihihi


Siobhan said...

Oh my gosh, that is HYSTERICAL!!! My daughter and I were rolling with laughter. We've been having problems with the sewer system in our neighborhood/estate, and my friend/neighbor was telling me that the last time it happened, she & the builders and another neighbor were hanging over the fence, looking at the overflow, and saw a ton of condoms floating in the water. She said that one of them was massive and she turned to her husband and said, "Well, that's not yours, anyway. I'm off to look around the estate and see what I'm missing!". ROFLOL

Oh--nice fnds, too!

Carol said...

What a great story, Marly!! Too funny :)

I discovered that my brother-in-law lives only 5 minutes from those Shaker Woods festivals--I really have to make a point to get to some of them next year.

Your little Santa is coming along nicely--love his colors...

Mindi said...

That's a cute story! I love your start on Green Santa, he's so cute. do you have any of the others in that series to stitch with him?

pat said...

congratulations ... you have a very nice blog

Viola di Nebbia said...

I really love your works! *.*

Solstitches said...

Love your headless Santa LOL.
I've just been catching up on your blog and, as ever, you never fail to make me smile:)
You found some lovely things at the antique show.


Johnsonljov said...

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