Oct 9, 2011

Lots of boring pics

Hi everyone.  It's been a while.  One of the reasons I hate Fall has become perfectly clear.  My procrastination causes a flurry of rushed jobs that need to be done before cold weather sets in.  The other reason is because of it being a precursor to that "W" word.  I can't believe it's October, and when I said that about September, I should have realized that chores are piling up. 

I haven't done much stitching.  Here's my measly wimpy Lucy progress..

and my goofy little Santa finished....

 Now for the reason.   Take a look at this driveway.. it's a little long and had to be cleaned before sealing next week.

This is how bad it was -


That dirty part was already washed once which didn't clean it, so I had to hold that pressure wand directly over the  concrete and go inch by inch.  It took the better part of four days.  All that time holding that nozzle really did a job on my hand.  I can barely close it.  Holding a needle wasn't easy or pleasant.  But it's DONE!!!  The other job this week was laying the stone, adding the dirt, and spreading the grass seed around the front door that no one ever uses so why the hell did I bother..

DONE!!!  The third major project was scraping, sanding, and painting the peeling garage door...
DONE!!!  You see those pumpkins?  I'm acknowledging fall, but that's as far as I'm going.  The bottom panel of the door is really deteriorating and after all the caulking and filling, it hit me.  Why not move the bottom panel to the top and vice versa?  The top is in perfect condition, all four panels are the same, and I can put the bottom one upside down at the top so the bad edge will be unseen and also protected from further damage!  I'll call someone for that.

One more...scrubbing and sealing the deck, which will be finished today.  All that's left is the step.  We have had gorgeous warm weather and instead of sitting in that swing and enjoying it, I've been working my ass off which unfortunately, is nothing more than a figure of speech. Wish I could figure out how to get rid of my hysterectobelly.   Oops!  Another yellow box.  Obviously, the person controlling Spell-check has never had a hysterectomy.

And take a lot at this photo..
One idiot woodpecker is tearing up my house big time!  I have these holes on every side and I don't know what to do.  He's not looking for bugs, he's making holes trying to get through.  I need to check online and see if there is a house we can build for peckers.  It is against the law in PA to kill a woodpecker.  Good news for him!! 
And take a look at this rock...

Look closely in front of the tub.  Doesn't it look like a head lying there?  They moved the stones when installing the concrete and I just about dropped when I saw this out the kitchen window!   It's just a rock but it was never in this position before!   I've seen too many horror movies.   
And finally, here's my little Halloween tree.  Every year I plan on aging the bright orange, but can you spell procrastination?         
The little hang tags were a freebie several years ago from ewe-n-me printables.   They have some cute items but I didn't see these so I'm not sure if they're still available. 
Wow.  Were there enough photos about everything BUT stitching?  Sorry.  Just wanted to give visual proof that I really have been busy, tired, and suffering from nozzle-hand.  Good news - I went an entire day without a hot flash.  Maybe it's the start of the end!!  So the major chores are ending today.  All I have left is moving irises, planting 6 little shrubs, and moving two hydrangea trees.  Problem with that is our soil - I need to use a pick or maddock and dig the holes the size of Oklahoma or the trees will die.  But that creates neck/back pain, not the hand, so I should be OK to stitch.  Have a great week everyone, thank you for visiting, sorry for the lack of stitching talk!
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