Nov 18, 2011

Fingers and food

Hello everyone!  Hope there is sunshine in your day.   It finally broke through the clouds today after days of wind and rain and it is cold!  The sun makes it a little easier to tolerate, but I still hate it. 
First of all, thank you thank you thank you to my followers.   I know I don't always show enough stitching and usually get off track, so I appreciate your sticking with me.   So what have I been up to?  Not much.  I tried fully opening a pair scissors to use one blade as a scraper, and it sliced right into my right thumb.   The slightest pressure caused it to bleed so I used surgical strips to keep it closed.  Trying to grab the needle was difficult to say the least, especially with a bandage.  In another brainless move, I removed the protection and although extremely sore, I managed to grab the needle, until the eye hit exactly in the cut and sunk in.  Yikes.  It is finally better and not throbbing so I started a small project.
I plan on doing both of these small samplers and trying to frame them myself.   Lydia is first, and I only made one color change.  The linen I chose is the SL 25 count that I bleached, dyed, and dried on high heat.  Here is the comparison of the before and after.  Look how that weave tightened.  It's very soft in hand but substantial and I like the results.   After starting the project, I checked stitch count and here it is - looks like it is now 28 which is great.

 So now, for the first time, I have three projects in the works.  Lucy, Red Santa, and Lydia.  It's not as bad as I thought it would be considering my difficulties with decisions. 

Next, I want to mention that I posted several new recipes.  Two are Thanksgiving standards that can be made ahead.  The first one is a better green bean casserole.  The second is sweet potato pie casserole.  Our other favorite for turkey day is the cranberry walnut salad.  I also added an odd sounding dish but believe me -it is good - corned beef with peaches.  I know - doesn't sound even remotely compatible but you'll be surprised.  And finally, a few new purchases.
I love drawers and purchased this locally with a 20% off coupon.  I hated to pay that much but it is really necessary to keep me organized with receipts.  How does that sound?   Justified?         It's on the kitchen counter and on top of it rests my new little tree...

It's 18" tall and in the crock, perfect for the kitchen.  I am getting away from the big trees and prefer something smaller but it's not easy finding one that I like.  Very few shops around here carry something different. 
And finally....are you ready for this?  I think I may trying dyeing/staining my sofa.  WHAT?  Woman are you crazy?  Of course. 

The sofa is like new (but too large) and I know I wouldn't get enough $$$ selling it, so I thought before I have it recovered, why not try changing it a little first.  The fabric is Waverly's cotton and has sizing or protection because water is beading up.  So I sprayed it with water that had a touch of Dawn in it and let it dry.  Then - black walnut stain.  Here's the sample of fabric I worked on.  Next will be the back of the piece to test a large area.  If it works, I have a matching wing chair so I better stock up on the walnut juice.  Wish me luck! 

Final note, to those of you who emailed about the Postman Santa - the wonderful people at Leisure Arts located the chart.  That design is from Christmas Portraits, a hardcover book from the Christmas Remembered series, published in 1991. It is discontinued and no longer available but EBay and Amazon have the book.  The little chubby guy on the box from my prior post is Mosey 'n Me's Hanging by a Star #34.
So ladies and gents, thank you for visiting with me, and I hope you have a great weekend.  Can you believe how late in the year it is already?  Closer to next summer is the way I look at it!  
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