Nov 29, 2011

It's been awhile!

Hi everyone.  Aren't the weeks flying by?  I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.  We're having ours next Sunday because my brother wasn't able to attend.   I already ate two pumpkin pies so apple and elderberry will be dessert with the turkey.  My thumb finally healed and I completed the little sampler along with a few more sewing projects.  Husband was sweet enough to wash the walls for me and while we were moving everything around, I kind of misplaced it.   The fabric and chart for the second sampler in the set is with it and I'm sure I will locate it soon. 
I'll be decorating my little trees with lights tomorrow and am hoping there are no incidents.  I have no patience with light strings.  None.  Last year, a six foot pencil tree (the skinny ones) became a tree rocket.  I tried so hard to be patient and calm, but after so many tries, I slid open the window next to the tree, and threw it like a javelin.  It didn't go very far but far enough to clear the window frame and have the squirrels scatter.  Felt good. 
I bought teeny lights this year and they work really well on primitive trees.  The bulbs I use on the window candles are silicone coated.  They sell string lights with the coating but they are pricey so ..... I make my own.  It works on the teeny bulbs or the regular miniatures.  You can purchase clear 100% silicone caulk, or use white or ivory.  The clear allows more sparkle and light and the solid gives more of a glow.  It has to be silicone, not the acrylic blends. 

If you have a basement or garage to hang them, it makes it easier since they will be drying out of your way.  Secure each end so the string hangs high enough to be accessible for dipping.  Make sure it can't fall or you'll have a real mess. They really should be hanging down so the long swirl tip won't bend over.   I squeezed the caulk out in a little pile into a cut off styrofoam cup but it works better on something flat.  Dip or roll the bulb until it's covered and either leave the top swirl or just pat it into a ball.  Move on to the next one hanging from the string.  It takes several hours to dry and you can go over them again for a really thick coating if you'd like.  Mistake?  Just peel it off and re-do.  It's best to wear a pair of exam (latex) gloves because the silicone is completely waterproof and very hard to remove.  The caulk starts drying quickly and becomes thicker and more difficult to dip, so squeeze out small amounts at a time.  I may try one with ivory/beige this year too.  It lasts forever.
I had a few emails about the nut garland that I mentioned.  All you have to do is drill any nut and string with fishing line or wire.  I hold each one with channel locks or large pliers because they can roll while you're drilling.  For my small trees, I use the hazelnut garland which I display all year hanging over a window.

I haven't found the bins of nuts this year so I resorted to buying the bag which is more expensive.  Almonds do not string well and pecan shells crack more easily so I stick with walnuts and hazelnuts.  I make large garlands with pomegranates, walnuts, and dried oranges, but for small trees, only hazelnuts. 
 I've been checking EBay for santa charts among others and they aren't even selling for $1.  After Ebay fees and especially Paypal, if you charge .$50, you end up with $.15 so it's really not worth the massive amount of time to scan and list each one, then pack and mail.    You can list up to 50 items free every month and those fees are only if the item sells.   But it's so much time to scan and list and I see many of the same charts not selling so I plan on donating or recycling.  I did list and sell the Shepherd's Bush stockings, mainly because the Cork linen was included.  I have a few things on now, and will be listing the large Cinnamon Stick santas with fabric next week.  At least I got rid of all the 19 count and am hoping these charts w/fabric will also go, along with a full yard of Klostern.   If you are interested, my Ebay ID is early-works and you can find me here.
That's about all I have for 'ya.  Hope you have a great week and nice weather.  The "s" word is in our forecast.   Drat. 
I welcome and appreciate my new followers.  Thank you thank you thank you.  I hope I won't disappoint you and plan on showing more needle to fabric.   Till then, thank you for visiting, stay safe and warm!

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