Feb 14, 2012

Happy Anniversary to me

and Happy Valentine's Day to you all!  I want to thank everyone for participating in the Prairie Schooler offer and Shar seems happy to be the winner.  She doesn't have any Schooler Santas so I hope she enjoys stitching these designs.
You know those lovely sweet women that call you honey and hug frequently, laughing and joyous, warm and open, caring to all, a joy to be around?   That's not me.   I wish it were, but it's not.   I admire and envy them.  So if I don't say it enough, please forgive me.  But when I say that I am touched by all of you, taking your time to visit here, to offer help, or just a hello, I mean it sincerely.  This last year, as I mentioned before, has tremendously helped me to move on, has motivated me, and continues to do so.  I'm amazed and very appreciative as followers continue to join.  I mentioned before about disturbing happenings, and my mind isn't focused right now.  There have been many dogs stolen (bait for dog fights), some horrific dog abuse in a neighboring area, and an unexpected botched surgery that is taking my sister's dear friend very quickly.   So you will be making the decision for me, by choosing the shop for the offer.   I will purchase a $30 gift certificate at one of the following online shops in your name if you win.  I chose these because of the accessories offered, linens, thread variety, and dookies (little goodies).  You can browse and decide which shop has what you would like, offers the best discount, and let me know your choice.   Just in case my fogged mind is not stating this clearly enough - the winner will receive a $30 gift from ONE shop of their choice.   I plan on adding a few other items also, and will hopefully have them ready soon.    Here are the options.....
The Silver Needle
Down Sunshine Lane
Anita's Little Stitches
ABC Stitch Therapy
Elegant Stitch
The Cottage Lane
123 Stitch
Blogger is not allowing me to preview this post, and all my pages are blank, including your blogs.  So hopefully it will appear at some point.  This is the post where you need to leave a comment to be included in the anniversary offer.  If there is a problem with it,  I will redo tomorrow or whenever Google cooperates.  The drawing will be held next Wednesday the 22nd, and I will post before then with a reminder and anything else that I add.  Do not leave your shop choice in the comments - if you win, you can make the decision then.
Have a great week - thank you so much for visiting - and good luck!
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