Feb 29, 2012

Sweet little Thread Catcher

Hiya!  I've been seeing these little quick stitch bags on several blogs and decided to make a few.  Here's mine.

Of course, mine is the version for those of us with the least patience,

too lazy to thread the machine with matching thread,
 and carrying a bottle of Liquid Stitch.

That's right. I glued it. 
And of course I had to use a lightweight fusible interfacing.  I'm really hooked on it.

 The tutorial can be found here and here
When I got to the part of topstitching the edges and sewing the sides, I realized my sage green thread was somewhere it shouldn't be. 
So I glued the area left open for turning with a tiny line of Liquid Stitch directly on the edge, and proceeded to glue the sides to form the shape.  The lazy lady's ort bag. 

On the green one, I used a tiny dab of glue at the base of the flaps so I could stick my seam ripper and tweezers in the roll.  I may add another drop of glue to make the flap's opening a little tighter for the tweezers.  I can never find them when I need them so this will work well for me. 
On the other, I used safety pins and would like to hang a few charms from them, when and if I find the tiny box they chose to hide in. These flaps aren't glued and the more I look at it, I think buttons would be nicer on them.

Quick and cute little project.

 If anyone is interested in Prairie Schooler Santa or Christmas charts, there is a nice lot coming up on Ebay here.
That's it.  Just wanted to show this project in case you haven't seen it.
Hope you're all having a good week - talk to you soon - thank you for reading!!!

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