Apr 6, 2012


Menopause Induced Attention Deficit Disorder. 
Good day all.  As usual, this post will be all over the place.  First up, I want to wish a joyous Easter to everyone who honors this day.  It was Mom's favorite holiday, and I have her childhood rosary on my SIL's stitched bunny in memory of them both. 

The only other rabbit I own is my very old gourd that I painted depicting our first Lab pup.  The gourd is unusual because of the split and I thought a rabbit would do its form justice, but I just can't paint those ears properly.

I've been working on Lucy and started the right side after a bunch more errors.  Thank goodness nothing lines up on this or I would be really frustrated. 
And I received a fantastic package from Bertie.   Isn't her blog fabulous?  Such wonderful photos. (She also included two Cadbury with fruit and nut - guess why they aren't in the photo.) 
Thus, the MIADD.
She stitched a Stacy Nash and aged it perfectly, which started me on a path of total chaos.  I slipped into my muddy garden shoes to walk down for the mail and got so excited with the box that I forgot to take them off.  After opening, I started going from room to room, thinking of so many places to display my new treasures.   The huge Cadbury bar was going with me.  I would set it down, place the pinkeep, snap the camera, and move on. 
Next room.....where's my candy? 

Go look for it.  Ah.  Back to the other room to play.  Where's the camera?  Go look for it.  Wait!  What about displaying it here?  Where's my candy?  Wait a minute.  Where was I?  Did I leave the pinkeep in the other room?  With the camera?  Where's the camera?  Ah.  Here we go.  Wait! 
What about here?  Where's my chocolate?  Where's all this mud coming from?  OH!!!  What about HERE????   From room to room and back again, misplacing, searching, finding. This went on all afternoon until the entire bar was gone and the camera batteries died.  My husband came home and said "what are you cooking?  That's an odd smell."  Well.  In the oven were fabric pieces I tried drying after staining and forgot about in all the excitement, now burned.

Hmmmmm. "You're drying cloth in the oven, which is for cooking, instead of in the new dryer.  May I ask why?"    "Yes you may smart ass.  It's because your dinner is in the dryer."
 And look at this!  I've been searching for a place to hide my baby Rolodex with all my passwords and such while keeping it close to my laptop.  TA-DA!
It's a perfect fit.  I plan on doing a larger box for remotes.
The final project on a dizzying day was to age my little natural color beeswax pineapple.  Instead of searching the net for instructions, I just continued on in my chocolate induced stupor.  I held it over a flame to soften and then sprinkled the spices.  OK.  But not enough and it didn't stick very well.  So I covered it with more spice and used the flame again and it burned the spices.   It only took a second to blacken and if I messed up I just scraped it off and started over.  I like it!
Since Easter is a time for baskets, I thought I would show you my very first attempt at basket weaving some 20 years ago. 
That about wraps up what I am willing to share about my day of MIADD.   I'm embarrassed to say that I spotted a box during my frenzy and realized that I forgot about the new computer I purchased months ago.  That damn fish oil better kick in soon or I will be increasing the dose to a quarter cup. 
 If you made it this far, I want to thank you for enduring my ramblings.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend and joyous Easter.
Blessings to you all!


Krista said...

That Stacy Nash pinkeep is darling! It looks great everywhere! ;)
Very sweet bunny too. Happy Easter, Marly!

Deb said...

I love reading your moments about MIADD! It's makes me feel good that I'm not the only one that forgets things, sets them down, goes back for them leaving something behind and never finding things until the next day.

You are one talented lady. Love your painted gourd, your box and pineapple. You make my head spin for all you get done.

Plumruncreek ♥ said...

Happy Easter!!

Margaret said...

Well this was a fun, rambling post! And something it shows off is just how multi-talented you are. Wow! Gourd painting, basket weaving, fabric burning. lol! Just kidding on the last one. Very clever of you to have a file of your passwords like that -- and it fits the box so nicely too! lol about trying to find a place for Bertie's pinkeep and the mud and the camera and the chocolate, and etc. And the pineapple waxer -- very nice! As I said, a woman of many talents. I'm so impressed! But I always am. :D Happy Easter!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Oh my heck dear, dear, Marly!! Now I am getting a full taste of why you and your blog are so very beloved! Laughed so hard tears almost rolled down my leg. Mud and chocolate and misplaced camera - add in an aging (deaf and blind) Shih Tzu that you forgot you let outdoors hours ago, and it could have been a day in the life of The Cranky Crow you were describing! but what a talent you are - that painting is amazing! (Really - that' a gourd???) - and basket weaving? And stitching? And box making? And awesome decorator? So much for the "day in the life of...." series! Wishing you and yours a beautiful and blessed Easter tide....Thank you, again, for your sweet encouragement and understanding.....Hugs & Blessings ~ Robin

denise said...

this post was a hoot!!! Happy Easter to you and yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep on stitching! denise

Barb said...

You have done great projects!!!I know all about MIADD!Have a great week-end!

Shirlee said...

You deserve the happiest Easter ever my friend! Wait ... you deserve a lot more than that ... lol! However, your gifts, the bunny gourd, the basket, the box, the pineapple ... everything looks wonderful! And believe me, you are not alone in your MIADD! Many hugs to you!

Vickie said...

Wow are you talented!! I mean more than I already thought. I LOVE that gourd bunny. Have a Blessed Easter Marly.

Sherry said...

Gee Marly, that sounds like one of my days (forgetting everything I was doing and such). lol. The bunnies are adorable. I love how you aged the pineapple piece. How funny about dinner being in the dryer (good comeback!). lol. Have a wonderful weekend and Easter.

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Thanks for sharing the day with us... and the lovelies you've produced - Lucy is darling! The goodies from Bertie are so sweet (pun intended), burned linen looks more antique. My Rolodex has evolved into a stack of cards that tend to get scattered...great idea! Love the rusting of the pineapple... Do you still weave baskets? I had thought of trying fish oil...but on second thought... Just teasin'

Carol said...

Marly, I am so impressed with your painting ability--that gourd is just so beautifully done and so unique! Were you ever an art teacher--you are certainly talented enough to give lessons :)

Wishing you a wonderful Easter--your bunny memorial to your SIL and Mom is very special...

Judy said...

MIADD-how true!! I am a failry new follower..and enjoy your blog so much. Such talent--thank you for sharing. Happy Easter.

Judy heartland stitcher

Chris said...

Hey Marly!
Happy Easter to you too.
What a wonderful package. The Stacy Nash piece is wonderful and will look great wherever it lands or moves to.
The Beeswax pineapple looks perfect.
That is amazing basket. Are you still basket weaving?
I think I need some chocolate now...

Bertie said...

Marly I am schocked that you ate those choc bars as soon as they arrived, what are you like ROFLOL.
For a first attempt that basket looks amazing!! The pineapple is lovely and a good secret place to hide your Rolodex!!
Happy Easter:))

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

What an awesome post! I swear, I am the same way although I seem to wander around without getting a lot accomplished! Look at all you get done - wow! Love your basket; I wished I aged as nicely after 20 years!

Dinner in the dryer - love it!

Happy Easter!

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

Ohhh my ... you are a human whirlwind.
Yes, don't you just love walking into a room and then going back to from where you just came attempting to remember "what am I supposed to be doing"? Join the club!
Love with what you did with your mother's rosary and SIL's bunny.

Anyways have a very Happy Easter with much Peace, Barb

Ann said...

Marly, Ok, I'm laughing so hard at your post that I almost choked on my sandwich. Telling your husband where his dinner was did it to me. Thought I was going to have to perform the Heimlich on myself! I really thought I was too young to have MIADD, but apparently not as I'm leaving things behind all the time. Have a Happy Easter. Don't forget to set the timer on the Ham.....~Ann

Ann said...

Marly, Ok, I'm laughing so hard at your post that I almost choked on my sandwich. Telling your husband where his dinner was did it to me. Thought I was going to have to perform the Heimlich on myself! I really thought I was too young to have MIADD, but apparently not as I'm leaving things behind all the time. Have a Happy Easter. Don't forget to set the timer on the Ham.....~Ann

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

Hi, Marly:
I can't believe the Granny's Fanny basket was your first, it was my first basket too!
Do you recommend the way you blackened the cinnamon on the pineapple? It sounds good to me and your pineapple looks beautiful.
My sweetheart gets a kick out of it when I cook cloth in the oven. He's on the phone with his son in NY and he's telling him, "Sue's baking rabbit clothes in the oven".
I'm glad I amuse them.
Have a Happy,Blessed Easter.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Marly ~
I always know I will leave your blog with a big smile on my face. Thank you for brightening my day. Your talents are amazing and your accomplishments many. I am envious.
Hugs and Happy Easter :)

Nancy said...

MIADD...so that's what I have had for years.....thank you dear! I gave up many years ago trying to figure it all out.....why quit when I am having so much fun???!! Life is never dull around here!
Your projects are exquisite...so much talent...maybe it WAS the fish oil??? I will have to try it again. Thank you for sharing and giving hope to the rest of us. Keep up the beautiful work.Love reading your blog. Happy Easter! Nancy

Michelle said...

LOL - what a fun post. You had a day like one of mine! I wonder what his face looked like when you told him his dinner was in the dryer? I love the gourd bunny - soo cute!!!

Teresa S. said...

I laughed out loud at this post! Truly sorry to see the singed fabric but your reponse to hubby was delightful :)
Thanks for letting me know that I am not the only one who has days like this!

Solstitches said...

Oh my goodness Marly I'm behind on reading posts but so glad I didn't miss this one. You are too funny.
Lovely gifts you received from Bertie.
The fabric is beyond prim but I'm sure you'll do something with it.
Love the basket you made.

Jenny said...

What a great post - I enjoyed reading every word!
Love your painted rabbit and the basket looks perfect, You are very talented!
The package you got is lovely. I have been ogling the Sajou needle-book, but I had no idea that it is that huge! Still wonderful though.

Rhissanna said...

Goodness, but you're talented in a wide variety of things! I'm here for the bunny gourd (glorious) but wow, basket weaving? I've always been in awe of i. My Grandad was blind and a basket weaver of some considerable skill. He made my wicker cradle, which served my own babies forty years later. New follower!

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