Apr 28, 2012

My blue stems and tablecloth curtains

Hi everyone.  Hope you had a good week and will be enjoying this weekend.  Just wanted to boast a little ~ I haven't taken a match to Lucy.  That's right.  She is a royal pain (but it's my fault) but unlike the old days when she would have been burned in the barrel, she is intact and just fine.  Except for being in shock over the cuss words that her young ears aren't accustomed to.  Here is the latest screw up of mine.  I told you about the darker and lighter x's as color symbols, but of course, I forgot about them and just went along my merry way.  The large floral design's stems and leaves and outlines were x's, and I had just completed a tan x section and continued on.  It never occurred to me that the stems could be blue, until I finally looked at the color photo. 
Yikes.  Damn.  I surprised myself and removed the entire design and started over.   It was a lot of time wasted, but I am determined to finish this project before moving on and can't wait to get to the houses.   They should be much quicker than this section.  I'm starting to see the end of the tunnel!
 I also wanted to show you my stained tablecloths.   There are always a few small spots on my tablecloths that seem to defy removal.  These are the homespun 100% heavy woven cotton type with fringe.  I decided to cut them to size and fringe the cut edge.   Using a small nail, I just poke the fabric over it, and use jute to make a tie back.  The small stains aren't noticeable at all and being 100% cotton, they can easily be bleached out or dyed.  They are pretty reasonable to purchase new for a heavy curtain if you like this style, or put your old tablecloths to good use.  If you prefer just a valance, you could get several from one cloth.  For bathrooms, remove the tieback and the heavy fabric affords privacy.  You already know this, don't you.  Here's a beige that I bleached out, and a mustard/ivory pattern that is a 52x52 size and not cut down.

 Whenever I took Mom somewhere, right before we left she would ask "are you going to comb that hair?".  And when I would wash the curtains - I have others that are just hanging fringed fabric in a valance style - she would ask "are you ever going to buy real curtains and take down those rags?".  I didn't start stitching again until after she passed and I can just imagine what she would have said about the "aged" pieces!
Today I am turning my hoodies into regular collars.  I found a great deal in tall sizes so purchased several, but I hate hoodies.  The back pulls down, my shoulder bag always catches the hood, and I never use them anyway so I came up with a solution.  Next post, I'll show you the method, or a large fire.
Have a great weekend!  Stay safe ~ thank you for visiting!


Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Oh gosh, I hate frogging but sometimes you've just gotta do it, don't you! Lucy is lookikng beautiful and I can't wait to see her all finished.

Great use of tableclothes for curtains and I'm anxious to see what you do with the hoodies.

Christina said...

Marly your posts make me chuckle! Several times I have thought about torching my latest BAP. My fault entirely for not reading the chart properly, but frustrating nonetheless.

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Ugh! I dislike the reverse stitch, bit know it well.

Great re-purposing idea!

Looking forward to hoodie solution, I have the same problem

Lanie said...

Marly, I predict when "Lucy" is finally completed, she will be one of your favorites ... she is already one of mine! ;) Love your window treatment. I finally found a homespun woven fabric that I like and will be making drawbacks similar to yours sometime "soon"!
Enjoy your weekend!

Margaret said...

Bummer about the frogging, but you're getting to the good part now. Yum! Love what you did with the table cloths -- never would have thought of that. Looking forward to seeing what you do to get rid of the hoods. :D

Deb said...

Yikes on the frogging. It's got to be the worse thing to do. But now you're getting to the good parts!!

Love your curtains! And I'm interested to see what you do with the hoodies. I have a few that I'd like to repurpose in some way!

Faye said...

You made me laugh! Love that "fire" comment~~ And, the curtins look fine and dandy.... Now, about those hoodies...I can't wait to see! Take care, Faye

Penny said...

You and Lucy sure do seem to have a rocky relationship. :) But she is just beautiful and I'm glad you are sticking with her. I love your curtains - again not something I would have thought of. I love your creativity! I'm hoping to see the method next time and not a large fire. :D

TheCrankyCrow said...

I truly thought a bit (a good bit, mind you) of frogging was mandatory in any project.....Miss Lucy is getting a decent and well-rounded education me thinks.....and maturing quite lovely I might add. Love the window treatments....I need to get more ambitious - when we replaced our windows 2 years ago, I got creative and "washed" my curtains.....Half of them didn't survive. Since I have 5 or 6 windows in a small area, they all need coordinating treatment (in my OCD mind), and yet each are different shapes and sizes - so no ready-mades for me.....I'm trying to convince myself that "sans treatments" is the way to go there too - like the rest of my house, but no luck so far....they just need "something." Can't wait for the tutorial on de-hooding the hoodies....I'm not a huge fan either.....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Sherry said...

Love those curtains! What a great idea! How funny about the fire! You have my interest peaked about the hoodies! Be patient with Lucy. She's just a child! lol.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Marly ~
LOVE the story about your Mom. It brought a smile to my face and I can just imagine a mom saying that!
Happy Sunday to you. The weather is much improved over yesterday and that's great because I'm off to work the pug rescue booth at an outdoor event. I really should have left already but this da** computer just sucks me in.
Pug hugs :)

Carol said...

Marly, you always make me smile :) Turning hoodies into regular collared shirts? What will you tackle next--you never seem to be afraid to try anything. Wish I was more like you...

Your tablecloth curtains are perfect in your house. I actually have napkins as my family room valance--quick, inexpensive, and so easy.

Hang in there with Lucy--you'll end up very happy that you persevered!

Krista said...

Lucy is looking lovely. Hope the frog stay away for the rest of her!

Chelle said...

I have been frogging my charity quilt square for a week. It's driving me insane, but I have finally gotten the difficult part done (I think) and will hopefully make the June deadline.

I would have given up on this a long time ago, but I haven't this time because it's a charity quilt square and I want some little one to love it.

I think yours is beautiful, even with mistakes. My mother said the Amish always leave at least one mistake in a piece because no one is perfect except God. I like that.

Chris said...

Hey Marly!
Sorry you had to rip some of Lucy out. I was doing that last night too.
It looks like you are approaching the finish quickly.

The hoodie thing is cool.
Happy Monday!

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