May 3, 2012

Collar your hoodie - the end!

Good day to you.  This is the last episode of "Get this fricking thing off my neck" in the series "Things I can't wear since menopause".  This was my first attempt at a zippered front and I will make some changes for the others.  First off, each one of the four I plan on changing is different.  One will need to have the back seam of the hood taken in slightly in order to achieve an even front.  Regardless, I will wear them now.  They aren't wool blazers, they are sweatshirts, so I wasn't too concerned about the finishing, but I think they are pretty neat looking for former hoodies.
Start off with folding the hood down inside, leaving several inches for the collar, and pin the back center seam of the hood to the neck. 

Then keep smoothing and pinning as you go along toward the front, working only one side. 

When it looks good, use a fabric marker and run it along the neck seam, remove the pins, and do the same to the other side.

After marking, lay the hood on its side, lining up the neck seam, and pin your mark.  Look at the other side and see if the pins are close to that line.

Mine wasn't, so I moved the pins to be between the two side's lines, splitting the difference, which was even enough for me.  If you need to do this, erase the old mark and make a new one along the moved pins. 

 Take the pins out and open the hood, measuring (or eyeballing) the lines from that top center seam to see if they appear even.  They did!! 

I should have done this inside out so the marks would be on the inside, making it easy to sew on the double fold bias tape before cutting, but I didn't,

so I just cut off the hood at the line, and encased the raw edge into the tape.  Cut the bias tape longer than needed, fold over on the edges, and this is what it looks like with that step completed.

Now I folded over the collar, pinned the tape just below the neck seam, and sewed on the outside just below the neck seam. 
Done.  I don't know if it will be this large on the next one, and I am thinking of doing a stand up collar instead.   I'm not too happy with the seam binding showing at the front edge and may line the top front corner with the fabric from the hood's top, or angle those front inside corners slightly. 

The ties are still working so here it is gathered a little and also the back.


Looky here - two baskets I grabbed at Pat Catan's for $6 each.  LOVE them.  I'm a Gemini and usually buy two when I find something I like.  I also got 3 galvanized tubs at the flea market for $15 total.

Perfect for hanging from the stair railing.

What a test of my patience.  Really putting me into a slump.  I was so excited about doing the smalls I have waiting, but I'm really getting discouraged.  I know that if I put her down, she will never be finished.  The vase had to be removed and redone because I messed up the right handle and counted over from it, making everything way off.  I quit the stems for a while and decided to run the bottom border so I can line up a house and start mindless stitching for a while.  When I see all the gorgeous samplers with lots of motifs and such, I am more convinced now that they will not be in my future.  I have many plus sized girls kitted and waiting, but they will need a second look.  Maybe the problem is just with Lucy, who had many many misaligned stitches.   Usually I follow a repetitive stitch or border without checking the chart and that was not a good idea with this design. I really love it and the colors ~ the errors have been my fault.  I'm sure I will attempt another after doing a bunch of smalls, but I also have many medium sized charts that I will enjoy. 
That's all I have! 
Thanks for visiting and have a great weekend.


Bertie said...

A marvellous job Marly, looks professional!! I will let my sister look at your blog so she can do my coat LOL.
The baskets are adorable!! Such lucky finds.
Lucy is lovely, I had a look at the pattern which I have and there is a lot to stitch!
Have a sunny weekend:))

Margaret said...

Love how this collar looks! Thanks again for your tips and cleverness. Lucy is so pretty! I'm sorry she's causing so much frustration. It really is hard to keep to one piece, isn't it? That's why audiobooks help me -- they keep me focussed. :D

Vickie said...

Ooooo! That vase of flowers is so pretty. :)

pj said...

I love the sampler and your frustrations are even fun to read as we have all been there. I have just finished a sampler that was a handwritten chart and hated it! Love the finished product but there were alot of erros in the charting, changes, color issues, etc. but it is a repro so went with it and made changes that I felt made it better and mine. pj

Jan - Life on Buttermilk Hill said...

Marly, I can almost hear you growling at poor Lucy. Keep plugging away at her--she IS turning out beautiful. Your hoodie redo looks great--very neat--but I do love a hoodie in the winter. I guess menopause affects each of us differently....I'm just crankier!!---Jan

Ann said...

I've enjoyed your sweatshirt makeovers. I'm laughing only because my kids have to make over their hoodies too, but it only ever involves scissors and ripping!! ~Ann

Penny said...

Your collars look wonderful! Oh Marly, I am so sorry you are feeling discouraged over Lucy. She will be so pretty when finished.

Sherry said...

Great lessons on the hoodies! I went looking for some new baskets a few days ago. I can't find any that I really like anymore. What happened to the good ole baskets? They are all too taylored and fancy now.

Joy said...

Great work on the collars...I don't like sewing with knit. Hoping you stay with won't be sorry. She is looking good!

Barbi said...

Hi Marly! I simply love your blog! I am never disappointed when I come to "visit" There is one question that I have been dying to ask you though...That gorgeous Santa delivering mail that you stitched. Can you tell me some information on him...designer? Chart? I am in love with him.
Thanks so much.

Cottonwood Lane Primitives said...

Hi Marly: I found your blog through the Cranky Crow's blog. Your big sampler is beautiful. I had to rip out stitches on my current project, too, so I certainly sympathize! ~Roberta

Patty C. said...

Roflol - love your title

TheCrankyCrow said...

Ok...I've read - and re-read - your tutorials on the hoodie redos....I used to sew A LOT - I did hand-tailoring for crying out loud - but, alterations - nah....never got it. Can I just send you my hoodies??? ;o) You are a mad kind of genius. Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin (BTW - very cute pic of you.....)

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